I am a Bondage Whore

bondage whoreI am a bondage whore. I do not have regular dates like most single women. I am submissive. I do not want to be wined and dined or spoiled like a princess. That is because I know my place. My father and ex-husband drilled it into me that I was nothing but a worthless whore born to be a cum dumpster. I have a master now and he is into bondage. He punishes me with bondage too. He found out about some of my quarantine activities and was not happy. He sent a much younger and stronger man to punish me. I thought Master was coming over, but it was not him. He sent a surrogate who he paid to film my punishment. At first, I thought I had won the lottery. I mean this man was buff. Been a long time since I was with a younger guy as buff as that for some bondage games. I flirted and he smacked me. That made my cunt drip. I know. I am not right in the head. He told me I needed slave training and that he was hired to adjust my attitude. His voice was emotionless. The more he was in my presence, the scarier he became. He could have snapped my neck in a heartbeat. I felt confident that Master wanted me alive, but I knew this guy could beat me into submission too. He tied me up and tossed me on the bed like a dirty whore. With a ball gag in my mouth, I could barely scream as he penetrated my ass. The biggest and thickest cock to ever penetrate my ass. It was like someone shoved a wine bottle up my ass. I was crying. Legit crying. I felt like I was broken again. My ass felt like it needed medical attention. Master is not a violent man. I guess that is why he sent in a surrogate to remind me that I am a nothing but a submissive whore.

BDSM chat Mom Trick


I think I do pretty well for a young slave who was forced into an arranged marriage and slave ownership. My subby heart excels at BDSM chat because I have had years of experience in many different Sub/Dom Settings. Roleplay is a great way to enhance any scene my master and I do. Now I am not out here sucking cock on the streets in public, but if he asked I wouldn’t be able to say no, although I suppose that would have to be a carefully evaluated scene! But There have been many times over the years that my costumes for roleplay have worked into the public eye without causing too much trouble. Full body fishnets covered in only a slinky dress as I walked the neighborhood with the stroller. I have had a weight inserted into my pussy as I am always in training mode. I have been the sexy FBI agent in Halloween’s past that walked my brats from door to door, and my master followed in the car to see how many men and teenage boys I turned on. All to be used against me for our BDSM play time later that evening. If I am lucky he has had a few men that are coming to use my pussy and other holes, placed for me to interact with.  This year I have been entered in a scavenger hunt for objects pertaining to a bondage scene and I will be wearing the most slutty Little Red Riding Hood outfit. I cant wait to see how he has this SubSlut Milf phone sex whore obey! My Cunt is throbbing behind my chastity belt just thinking of the delicious ways to be used by him and you! Milf Phone sex

Come pee with me

pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex really gets me going if you know what I mean. I was introduced to pissing on someone by an ex-boyfriend and once we started it was hard for me to stop. There is something very basic about pissing on or in someone. I have found in my time that most men enjoy the feeling of putting their dick in a hot girls’ mouth and pissing down their throat. However in my case turnabout is fair play. I enjoy having a man beneath me in the bathtub with their mouths open ready for me to piss and for them to clean me up with their tongues. The men that are the quietest actually turn out to be the nastiest. Many of a geeky man has grabbed my head while pissing and some will cum right after. There is something both exciting and degrading about someone using you as their personal toilet. As long as there are men who are happy to use my mouth as a urinal I will continue to be on my knees enjoying it.    

Caitlin’s Cum Walk Competition

Submissive phone sexI finally had the chance to redeem myself with my new owner!

He told me he was taking me to a very special party and that I needed to be perfect!

He had to prove to everyone that he had the best submissive whore in town!

He had the servants bath me. It was the first time my cunt had been cleaned since I got there. The slippery soap felt so soothing as it lathered up my used cunt!

I was dressed in the fanciest lingerie and fitted with a collar and lead that attached to the cuffs that pulled my hands behind my back.

Finally something that made me feel like he was proud to own me!

We arrived at the party and there were several man standing in circles around whores that were kneeling and crying, each man stroking his hard dick and forcing it in her unwilling mouth!

He yanked my chain and pulled me closer, angrily whispering that I was to be the best Bukkake whore here, or else!

I took my place in my own circle with 6 or 7 cocks at eye level.

I looked up at each with a smile as they fucked my face and played with my tits.

My owner was so impressed with my eager compliance and soon men were leaving their circle to come to mine!

Then several of them splattered that dick spit all over my face and tits! I was completely drenched and it just kept coming!

I held my tongue out, begging for their cream like I was catching snowflakes!

As the men finished draining their balls, my owner came over and removed my cuffs and held out his hand to help me up!

I smiled at him through my cum blinded eyes and turned, holding my head high as I proudly walked through the room!

As cock cream dripped from my face to my tits and I saw the beaming face of my owner

I knew…


Would always be

The Cum Walk


Submissive whore needs to be punished

submissive whore

I thought that I could get away for a little while today without my son finding out. I was invited out for brunch with the girls and I really wanted to go. I know the rules of being owned by him and being his submissive whore. I know that I am supposed to ask him for permission before I do anything at all. I thought a little punishment would be worth getting to go out for a little while. When my friend dropped me back off at my house, he was there waiting for me. I could tell that he was angry with me. He walked right up to her car as I was getting out and grabbed me by the arm. He slapped me hard across the mouth, busting my lip. He yelled at me and called me a stupid bitch for not asking to go out. Before he forced me to my knees, he made me tell my friend that I was his property and that I deserved to be punished. The car door was still open with my friend staring in shock as he pulled his dick out and shoved it into my mouth and down my throat. I could hear strands of my hair being ripped out as he held a fistful of it and force fucked my face. Blood, drool and tears ran down my chin and neck as he told me to get ready to take his cum. He pulled out and shot his hot, creamy load all over my face. I’ve never been more embarrassed and humiliated. My face was burning with shame as I walked into the house to take the rest of my punishment.

Make Me Your Slave

submissive whore Ball gags, titty clamps, whips and rope are what my dreams are made of. My pussy gets so wet just thinking of being used. I want to be used. Be rough, be firm but most off all make me your slave. Don’t allow me to tell you no ever. If I hesitate, I want you to punish me. Whip my pussy and my ass until the skin is broken and welts appear. Make me thank you after every strike. Then pour salt on my cuts and fuck my raw pussy. Hard and deep and pull out and squirt your cum all over me. Make it hurt if I disobey you. Take all of my will away. Make me your complete and submissive whore. I will please you and your friends and even your sons if you so desire. I will even take care of the women you bring to me. Just humiliate me like the piece of trash that I am. I want you to make me beg you to allow me to cum as you tie the vibrator to my clit. Punish me if I cum without permission. Slap my face and my tits. I want you to totally control me.

Submissive whore

Submissive whore

Submissive whore is what my master calls me. He came over last night and I could tell that he was in a dark mood. He reminded me that I am his submissive little whore and that he could do whatever he wanted to my body. He tied me down tight to the table and then brought out his knives. He started slowly tracing the ropes with the smallest one and then brought out the big boy. Normally the big knife doesn’t make an appearance but tonight was a no holds barred kind of night. He cut off the bra and panties that I was wearing and slowly traced my nipples and clit with the sharp end of the knife. I was scared and crying but that just turned him on more. He removed the gag that I had in and shoved his cock in my mouth and down my throat. As I was choking and crying more he started rubbing my clit with his fingers. As I got close to orgasm he told me that I could cum but he was going to leave a mark on my pretty body while I did. As I came he sliced just above my left nipple. He was really turned on by then and finished down my throat a few strokes later. Now I will always have a reminder of who I belong to.

Submissive Slut at a Halloween Party!

submissive slut

Yes, Master. I’ll get down on my knees for you and wait for you to tell me what to do. I love being a good little submissive slut for you. I am really looking forward to serving you and all of your friends at your Halloween party next weekend. I wonder what you’ll dress me as, if you even dress me up at all. I know you prefer it when I’m naked and ready for you to take any of my holes at any given time. I hope that you’ll be instructing your friends to do whatever they want to me. I’m only here in this world to please you and do what you tell me to.

I know that you’ve been thinking about putting a collar on me and leading me around like a dog on a leash. Maybe, if you will allow it, that’s what my Halloween costume should be. The men at your party can lead me around and fuck me anywhere they want. Of course, I hope they do it doggy style because that would be perfect for the theme. But I know that ultimately it’s up to you to choose. Sir, I am begging of you – please call me and let me serve you.

Roles Reversed

My pussy won’t stop getting wet with thinking about what I did to you. I loved how I was able to strip you naked and tie you to the bed. I wanted you so badly but you needed to see, you needed to feel just like I do. I wanted you to feel the sensations you make me feel. I made you watch me strip down naked. I rubbed my pussy a little bit so you could see just how wet I was from seeing laying there all helpless like that. I crawled on your face and started riding it. I was smothering you with my pussy and there was nothing you could do about it. I rode your tongue letting it fuck me, making me cum all over your face and mouth. You could see my juices running down your face. It was making me so wet. You tried to fight it and pretend like you don’t like it but I can see your cock getting hard. I know you love when I make you eat this pussy of mine. Be a good boy and make me cum again and maybe next time I will let you fuck me.

bondage whore

Submissive Whore Brutalized

submissive whoreEven a good submissive whore like me forgets her place sometimes. I will admit I have been doing things I am not supposed to do as an owned bitch. I have been playing with my pussy and making myself cum without permission. I enjoy making myself cum. I have been chatting with men online and omitting the fact that I am an owned woman.  I was on good behavior for the first few months of quarantine. I did not think that this would last long, certainly not this long. As the months passed, I started feeling like an independent woman. I know that is wrong. I have never been my own woman. I met Carlos online in a fetish room on Reddit. We just flirted and talked dirty. After a few weeks of daily talking, he pushed to meet. I figured Master would never find out. I would have a booty call. I got my booty call, but it did not go as planned. Not as I wanted. He fucked me, but only after he tied me up and abused me for a couple hours. He said dirty old whores like me do not deserve to have pleasure. He had no interest in eating me for hours or spooning me after sex like we talked about. He saw me as a dirty old whore and nothing else. When he fucked me, he did so without lube. He just crammed his cock up my ass raw, tearing my sphincter. I was bleeding. He was laughing and choking me. This was not just rough sex. He was brutalizing me. He could have killed me. He seemed so hateful, I thought I might not see tomorrow. As he made me suck his dirty cock clean, he told me he would be back for more. I do not want more of him. It was a painful lesson to learn. I may never shit right again. I have been trying to avoid him online, but he made a point of telling me he knows where I live and I better be a good submissive sex slave fore him if I want to stay alive.

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