Being the best little submissive slut in the town!

submissive slut

There’s something amazing about being public and open about being a submissive slut. Just the looks I get from Dominant men as I wear my collar to the stores or the ones that can tell that my tits are all bound up under the shirts I wear. There’s something intriguing about it.

The other day when I was out getting groceries at the market, I was approached by this tall dark handsome man. “Hello dear, my name is Mark” he whispered into my ear. I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck as I whimpered like a dirty little slut right there in the middle of the store.

“I want you to finish shopping, and put your groceries away. Then stand by the side of your car patiently waiting for me,” he said without a second thought before walking away.

I quickly finished my shopping and hurried out to my car. Standing there after putting everything in the trunk, my hands together behind my back as I waited. Thinking to myself if this was really a situation I wanted to put myself in.

“Hello, my little slut.” He said, my heart beginning to race. At this point, I knew I was fucked. “Strip,” he said, and I quickly obliged, my face becoming a deep red color as I knew anyone walking by could see.

“Good girl,” he said softly, my heart racing as I looked up at him biting my lip. His hand reached out to toy with my nipple. “Impressive work, do it yourself?” he asked admiring the ropes tied firmly around my breasts and chest. Nodding I whimpered feeling him pinching my swollen achy nipple.

“Bend over the hood, I’m going to take you now,” he said motioning in the direction he wanted me to move. Shakily I moved, bending over my ass in the air as I anxiously waited for his touch. Looking up, I noticed he was gone. He left.

Will I ever see him again, I’ve thought of him non stop since the last time.

Bondage Whore Bernice Likes To be Tied Up and Snuggle During the Winter Months

bondage whore

It is winter and that is cuddling season even for a bondage whore like me. My master is on this new arthritis drug, and he is suddenly like one of those old men in the movie Cocoon. He can tie a knot better than a 20 something year old sailor.  He rarely comes to my house. That is because he is married, and his wife has never discovered our real relationship in the almost 20 years that we have been master and slave. Now that he is feeling spry again, he told his wife he was going out of town to golf with his buddies. It was just an excuse to spend the night with his slave.

bondage whoreI was happy to have him over, but I was nervous. We have not spent a night together in over a decade. Last time was when he was still traveling for cases, and we had to go to New York City for a deposition. I remember it though like it was yesterday. We got snowed in and did a lot of cuddling by the fire in the hotel room. We had to stay a few extra days because the airport was shut down from the snow. I may be my master’s bondage whore and sex slave, but he is a romantic with real feelings for his subby whore. He loves to cuddle. He loves to spoon. I am here for him. Whatever he wants to do to me from the abusive to the romantic, I will always obey my master.

bondage whoreThe first thing he did when he arrived was tie me up. He has been making up for lost time now that his hands are not all shriveled up. He tied me up in blue BDSM rope. It was a pretty color, but he had me so tight I could barely move. He made me suck his old dick while I was bound like a side of beef. Once he dumped his old seed in my mouth, he got nostalgic for that time when we cuddled in NYC during a snowstorm. I love that memory. We live in California, so we do not get snow, but I do have a fireplace. He started up the fireplace while I was still bound like a good bondage whore. I could not cuddle back. He snuggled up to me on the couch while we pretended to be snowbound again. He made me worship is old ass and cock some more while we snuggled on the couch. I spent the entire night tied up next to him. I have ligature marks and some broken skin from the tight knots. My master is definitely back in action.

Bad Maids Get Spanked!


Bare Bottom Spankings

To make ends meet during the holidays, I’ve been taking on a few cleaning gigs. It’s a lot of fun because I get to dress up in skimpy maids’ outfits and generally get away with light cleaning around big beautiful homes. There’s one gentleman, however, whose very particular about the way his home is cleaned. Everything has to be immaculately spotless! Well, I absentmindedly left a streak on one of the glass doors leading out to the deck from the kitchen and when I was on my hands and knees scrubbing his bathroom with a toothbrush—just the way he likes it—he proceeded to pull down my panties and give me a bare bottom spanking! He didn’t hold anything back as he spanked my bare ass with his hand, and the more I protested, the harder he spanked me. At first he used his hand, and then he used a hard wooden hairbrush and a paddle. I felt a gust of wind on my bare backside as his arm came down hard and fast on my ass. By the time he was done, my skin was red and each cheek was covered in welts. After he spanked me, he saw to it that I go into the kitchen and immediately clean the streak off the window and he supervised me while I did it. No sooner had my rag touched the glass, he was on me again, firmly gripping my sore ass in his hands, spreading my cheeks apart. He pressed me into the cool glass and whispered, “This is how bad maids get punished,” and zipped down his pants and shoved his cock in my ass. He pulled down the top of my uniform and exposed me tits, pressing cheek and nipples against he cold glass as he drilled into my asshole. He used one hand to grab my pussy and finger it rapidly as pounded away. I was sore, but it felt so good and the louder I moaned the harder he went at me. He grabbed me by the hips, lifted me off the ground and made me sit in his lap, his big white dick splitting my ass down the middle. He made me bounced on his dick while he continued to spank me, thrusting harder into me the harder he spanked. He gave me one good final whack as he busted his nut inside me, cumming deep in my rectum. I’ll never forget the consequences of my actions going forward!

Master’s Thanksgiving Kindness…

Bondage Whore I thought I’d spend thanksgiving with my girls, cooking all day and then watching tv after but I had no idea that Master had his own plans for us! We were all in the kitchen cooking when I heard the front door slam, I hurried to the living room to see what that noise was when I saw 10 strange homeless men walking in followed by Master. I was in awe of their stench and a little scared to have them in my freshly clean home. Master came forward and commanded me and my girls to see to his guest, he told us to drain their balls while he watched us. I was afraid to disappoint master so I hopped right to action, dropping to my knees and taking off my clothes. My two well trained daughters followed my lead and we started sucking cock, no matter how filthy or foul their hygiene was. My cunt throbbed knowing I was making Master proud, surely this was his kindness to me and my girls this thanksgiving.

Cock-Hungry Slut Agrees to Anal in Exchange for Pussy Pounding

Submissive Sex


My pussy is so hungry for your cock. I want you deep inside me, fucking me until I come. You know this. You know how much of a whore I am and how I would do anything for you to fuck my pussy. So, you suggest that I take your cock in my ass before I can have it in my pussy. My asshole is so tight but I am so desperate for your cock that you have complete control over me. You bend me over and slide your cock in my ass. It is so big and fills my ass up completely. You pound me so hard, using me like a fuck toy. I love being used by you and that turns me on, making my pussy wet. I love having your cock deep inside me, and I can’t wait for you to fill my pussy with your cum, branding me as your eternal cum whore. I’m going to keep taking this cock in my ass, giving you pleasure until you cum, waiting for you as my body trembles in anticipation.

Cock worshiping is my natural state

Cock worshiping
Cock worshiping is my natural state of being. Everything I do is centered on pleasing cock. This subby slut is well aware that men deserve my obedience. If you find me misbehaving that only means that I need worked up more. The hormone surges that a bitch goes through during pregnancy and her period are my worse enemies. I’m not that bitch of a wife that nags you and cusses you out. My disobedience is in not getting into position fast enough or forgetting to put the timer on the turkey. And sexually? You are my world inside and out of the bedroom or playroom. My soul only longs to drain your balls and milk your prostate. I’m a destined slut. From youth into motherhood. I have always been willing and waiting ion your cock. Gag me, choke me and fuck me like a rag doll. I will still get up make breakfast and help you get ready for work. My life is yours to control. Having an excellent pussy and body are a bonus a man like you deserves. For all Submission and Taboo roleplay Robyn is your submissive slut!

Sodomy at Sunset

Erotic submissive stories


My favorite setting for erotic submissive stories is definitely a lovely, outdoor, golden hour scene.  One of my favorite dommes always does it up right and has me over to his place for some sexy sodomy at sundown.  He loves aesthetically pleasing ass plowing as much as, if not more than, I do and is thrilled that I like the backdoor pumping ambience of his amazing backyard at sunset.  It really is a sight to behold, even when he’s not buried balls deep in my butt.

I’m not a plant person, I don’t know what from what, but there’s every color of flower in his yard that you could imagine.  They look so beautiful in the late evening and smell so sweet, it provides perfect cover from any musky funk that come from a hardcore round of ass pounding.  Not gonna lie, it can get dirty sometimes.  If you’re afraid of getting a little shit on your dick then do yourself, and every woman you’re ever with, a favor and just keep it out of asses.  My dapper domme doesn’t give a fuck, he’ll drill my dumper as the sun goes down every night, if I let him.  Even if he stuffs me full of food and booze first!

I love feeling like I’m making the prettiest porn scene ever when I’m taking it up the ass.  Riding a rock hard rod into the sunset is like getting sodomized in a dream or a really cool cowboy movie where the girl lives at the end.  My hard craphole fucking domme knows how much I enjoy the time I spend with him and keeps inviting me back because of how much I genuinely appreciate all of the beauty and wonder he has to share with me.  That, and my sphincter stays really tight no matter what, but we won’t talk about that, right now.   


My Master Likes To Sign Me Up For Gangbangs

Gangbang phone sexMy Master loves Gangbang phone sex and loves it when I get gangbanged. He is always inviting guys over for a gangbang and guess who gets ran through until cum starts leaking out of her pussy, asshole and mouth. Yeah, who else, me! My Master says he loves the look on my face when I am taking a cock in my asshole, pussy and mouth at the same time. He loves to watch these guys cum on my face and titties and smack me across the face if I start to pass out. He loves to watch me scream while I am orgasming from getting fucked by ten guys in a row, He loves to watch me cry when they tear my asshole apart. He loves getting me all dressed and made up just to watch these guys rip my clothes off and smear my makeup by wiping their cocks and cumming all over my face and  titties. I’m a good little submissive whore so I do it to make my Master happy. And I love getting fucked by all those cocks too. 

I’m such a lucky little slut.

Master’s Little Cum Slut

Submissive Whore

My Master always takes such good care of me! Tonight, is such a fun night because tonight I get to cum! He’s going to make me cum over and over until my legs are shaking, until I cannot take it any longer. Then, he is going to fuck me. I love it on these kinds of nights! I got all dolled up and even have a little make up on so he can watch it run down my face. He thinks it’s so hot when my tears make my mascara run by his fucking. He started me off with slow and sensual touching while pulling off my red tight dress. He laid me on the bed and took of the lacy red panties and spread my pussy. He dips his tongue into my cunt and my long night starts!

Submissive Cumslut Learns How to Obey Her Master

Female Bondage


You have me on the X-shaped cross. My hands and legs are tightly bound and I am too weak to get out of them. You have complete control over me. You put nipple clamps over my tiny, sensitive nipples. They are so tight! Then you get out a vibrator and rub my clit. It feels so good to have that vibration on my skin. You tell me to say that I’m a nasty little slut and I am too caught up in pleasure to notice what you said. You stop vibrating my clit and slap my face, hard. Your hand leaves a print on my face. You tell me to say it again and I do. This goes on like this for hours. You tell me what to say and I comply. When I don’t, you slap me or pull on my nipple clamps tightly, making me yelp. When I am properly trained, you let me off the cross and slap me multiple times. I cum hard and know it is now time to please my master by giving you a nice sloppy blowjob since I’m a nasty little slut who is only good for sucking cock.