Bound Submissive Whore Begs Master to Fuck Her

Your Submissive Whore Loves Bondage and Submitting

Your submissive whore would be lost with out your discipline. But I love the days where you cater to my perverted little kinks.  love to be tied up and submit all control to my Master. Today is one of those days. My wrists are bonded behind my back and my calves are tied to the back of my thighs. You tied the ropes tight today. The rope cuts into my skin whenever I try to move. One length of rope runs across my clit and then up between my tits. Then you place the blindfold over my eyes.

submissive whore

I’m completely at your mercy. Nothing makes me feel more pathetic and helpless than extreme bondage. You take complete advantage of that. Hard slaps on my tits and thighs. I hard hit to my cunt catches my clit and I moan loudly. You laugh at the way I desperately rub my cunt against the rope between my pussy lips. I start begging quitely for you to touch my pussy. You smack my tits hard and ask me to repeat myself. I beg for you to fuck me. I’m desperately nee your cock inside of me. I want to cum on your cock, please. 

Fuck Your Sexy Bondage Slut!

You’re proud of your rope bunny slut and give me what I asked for. I feel my body falling foreward until I’m face down, ass up. My legs are still tied up. You inspect that pink cunt. I know I’ve soaked through the rope. You pull it over to the side and line your cock up with my pussy. Then your cock is inside of me. Long, slow strokes in and out of my cunt. I feel like I can’t breathe. I beg you to hurt me. You smack my ass hard. Then grab onto the ropes on either side of my hips. You can’t resist a sexy bondage whore begging.

Cum Slut Phone Sex, Priscilla Gets all of her Holes Filled

I’m nothing but a little cum slut phone sex whore. My husband likes to use and abuse me like the pathetic little piece of shit that I am. He likes to invite his druggy friends over and let them use my holes to pay for his shit. I haven’t been allowed to leave the house in days. I haven’t showered in days, and I feel like a pile of shit.

It’s Friday night so I know he’s going to be bringing over more of his friends. They’ll likely fuck me like the pathetic little bitch that I am. At least once the weekends over he’ll go back to work. Then I’ll be left alone for a few days to finally get a break from all the cock worshiping I’ve been doing. I can’t even remember how many cocks were here last night.

cum slut phone sex

Young Dumb and Full of Cum!

All I remember is him handing me something to drink and I woke up with a huge cock shoved up my ass. Then I noticed someone had a fist full of my hair, he was trying to shove his cock down my throat. I could barely move as they were filling my holes with their hot sticky cum. But at least my husband wasn’t going to have to pay them anything for whatever it was he bought. 

I had to try and fight falling back asleep once they were all done with me. But now it was my husband’s, I mean half-brothers turn to do whatever he wanted with me. See, he gets off on seeing me pounded. Just like our dad did. I’ve always been their little submissive whore. I can’t even count how many cocks I’ve had to suck or fuck in the last month; all I know is that if I end up knocked up there’s no way of telling who the babies dad would be. 

Bondage and submission for daughters who cheat on daddy

Bondage and submissionBondage and submission for daughters who cheat on daddy! Oh God, the first time my papa found out I was being a whore at school with my sister was fucking torture. Not only had I cheated, but I brought my little sister to a party and she cheated on daddy cock too!  He tied us up and made us both watch him torture and humiliate each other. To date it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

I had failed papa and not for the reasons I thought. He wasn’t mad that his submissive girlies had gotten cock. Our daddy was upset that he wasn’t there to watch as we served like good Subslut girlies! Daddy wants to watch he says! 

Although, that didnt stop him from dressing us in our sluttiest outfits and inviting no less than four other dommes over to use his daughters. A lesson in whoredom was to be learned, and we were not going to have any free movement. Not only that but we were restrained face to face and had to suck cock while looking at daddy.

Bondage and submission for daughters who cheat on daddy!

And take cocks in our bound asses and whore cunnies all while trying to keep eye contact with our true King, our own Papa! Bare bottom spankings were give with floggers and hands when we fucked up. 

We were made to take turns licking each other’s asses and cunnies. We had to submit to our own father and get his cum splattered all over our young subby daughter’s faces. Daughters who beg for daddy cum can fuck all his friends as long. We were born to fuck and to be degraded. Do, you need a couple little subby daughters to run through for your enjoyment?

Sexy bondage is what I look forward to

My master uses Sexy bondage pictures he takes of me to show off how a pathetic owned pet i am. “Time for new material,” he tells me as I crawl out of my cage. Therefore, I get in the position I have been trained to be in. Then my master pulls his favorite thick rope out and goes in. first my hands and then around my body. By the time he is done, the rope has burned me and my cunty leaks. Just to have my master spare me and keep a worthless whore like me as a pet makes me happy. Plus knowing he is showing me off gets me ready to fuck with any hole.

Sexy bondage

After a few pictures in positions my master wants me in, he pulls his rod out. Just like a water hose, he starts spraying me. Without being able to move I watch as his yellow streams starts to hit my face and rest of my body. “I want more than just your cunt dripping in these pictures” he says proudly. Once he took more pictures, his cock was being shoved down my throat. “ I need some of you choking on my cock like a pathetic hungry bitch” he moans as the camera clicks.

His cock is deep in my throat. I feel like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. “Keep going, let’s get to the money shot quick” he demands of me. Since I know my masters time is precious I do not want to disappoint him. Therefore I started milking him by squeezing my throat muscles. It was feeling so good he let off enough for me to breathe and be able to bob my head. “Milk me bitch” he moans as the camera continues to click.

Finally I felt his balls tighten up and my master’s cock started to splash nut into my mouth. My holes were starving for his sperm, so I drank every drop. There was so much of his jizz that some was dripped on my chin. Perfect for his collection and there I was a tied up Submissive Whore dripping in his golden shower and sperm on my face, just like he likes it.

Cock worshiping whore becomes a pawn and paid in punishment

Cock worshiping

I serve as a Cock worshiping slave for a  Master who has a few connections in the government. He likes to say he’s their garbage man, taking out the trash and dealing with the problems that they can’t handle. 

I’ve been to a few of these parties in the past, and they are always over the top. Huge mansions, lots of drugs and whores, all kinds of depraved debauchery. But this last party I attended was different. This time, I was on a special mission.

My Master needed me to seduce a senator who was ‘causing issues’ and get him to do the nastiest things to me. I was to be his undercover Submissive slut, suffering for the greater good. It didn’t take a great deal of effort to get him to play but he went overboard!

I let him do things to me that would make most people cringe. He hung me up and tortured my pussy with all kinds of objects, each one more painful than the last. I truly thought at one point when he was fucking my ass that I was going to die. 

He pushed his fat cock deep into me and wrapped his hands around my neck. He squeezed so hard that my eyes watered and I begged for mercy. But the senator didn’t give it to me. He just kept going, using my body for his own sick pleasure.

Thankfully, my Master eventually stepped in and put an end to the senator’s cruel games. But the things he did to me still give me nightmares. It’s like I can still hear him yelling that I am a pathetic whore and I can feel his hands are around my neck.

I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if my Master hadn’t been there to save me. Would I have died that night, strung up and tortured by a man who saw me as nothing more than a disposable whore?

So if you want to hear more about my experiences as a submissive slut, come find me in XXX bondage chat. I’m always up for sharing my stories with anyone who is willing to listen. 


I Share All My Erotic Submissive Stories with Men Like You

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. And some not so erotic. Well not erotic to me, LOL. My first master I guess you could say was my father. He introduced me to the submissive lifestyle. However, back then I was not a willing submissive. Now, I am. I guess you could consider me part nature and part nurture.

My mother abandoned us when I was a very young girl. And I do not know if she knew what my dad would do to me and did not care. Or if she thought he would only abuse adult women. He never touched me until she left. At least I have no memories of him abusing me until my mother left the picture.

I Have Years of Submissive Stories to Share With You

But soon I became his submissive sex slave. Although I did not fight him, I did not like it. I wanted to play with friends and watch cartoons. And I wanted to go to school. But he quickly pulled me from school because he feared a nosey teacher would notice my bruises and rope burns. Or he thought I might say something about him forcing his cock in my tiny holes. But I would never have said anything because I had no family. I would have ended up in foster care and who knows what would have happened to me then.

When I became a teenager, he put me on the pill. He did not want me pregnant. And he pimped me out to his drunk poker buddies. I assume they were all P men and they traded favors for access to my tiny young holes. And if my dad owed them money from poker, well my little holes settled the debt.

Eventually, I ran away. But before I learned to drive, men used me worse than any adult submissive whore. Although I never wanted to be some one’s bitch, here I am owned again. I’ve got decades of submissive stories to share. And I create new ones daily. Life is never dull for me.submissive sex

Submissive Slut Jacqueline Back To Basics Aims To Please

submissive slutAs a submissive slut, I live to please my partner in every way possible. My body is theirs for the taking – any hole they want, any time they want it. I’m always ready and willing to be used for their pleasure. I love being told what to do and how to act; it turns me on knowing that someone else has control over my actions.

When we fuck, I’ll take whatever position they desiredoggy style, missionary, even standing up against a wall if that’s what gets them off. And when we use those bondage tools like ball gags or nipple clamps? Oh man…the more restricted and helpless I feel, the hotter it gets! So yeah – basically your submissive slut here will do anything you say as long as there’s plenty of dirty talk involved too 😉

Getting fucked and dominated is like an out-of-body experience for me. I love the feeling of being taken completely by surprise, with my partner grabbing me roughly and throwing me onto the bed before tearing off my clothes. They pinch my nipples hard while their rough hands explore every inch of my body, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

Then they push inside – either with fingers or a cock – filling up every hole until I’m begging for more. As they pound away at me from behind (or above or below), all I can think about is how much I belong to them now; how there’s no going back once we cross this line together. The pain mixed with pleasure makes each thrust feel even better than the last as we both get closer to our climaxes…and then finally release into one another’s sticky messes! It truly feels like heaven on earth when someone takes complete control over your body like that…

Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking.

Spanking chat     Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking. I like having my ass paddled, whether it is bare assed, clothed, hand, whip, willow switch, among other items, just to chat about it gets my pussy throbbing right along with my ass. It tingles with expectations. Just knowing that you are going to tie me up and give me a spanking has me thrilled to obey you.

     Use the paddle, tie me up. Give your fucking slut everything that she deserves to have. A good had spanking followed by an even harder fucking. Need the cock. Like the cock. Love the cock. Cock sucking fucking slut that will obey they master. Be your slave. Pain is pleasure and this fucking Submissive slut is going to beg you to give it to her.

     Hardcore is just the way I like it. Give it to me. Now! Demanding submissive sometimes. Just means that I need to be punished. Come and punish me. Bind me to the wall. Hang up upside to give me the spanking. Given these points you can be sure that I will be ready, willing, and begging for more.

     In summary, give the spanking, lets chat, bind me and make me yours.  

BDSM chat with a pain slave!

BDSM chatI had a great BDSM chat with my friend Tyler here and he just couldn’t control himself. Once he knew about all my fun encounters and how happy I make my master he needed a piece. We talked for a few weeks and he finally was ready to book a day with me. He spoke to my owner and they set up a meet right away. We met and I could tell he was nervous; he has been craving a slut who likes it rough for a very long time. My master gave him a price and told him how long he had with me. Tyler was so excited to be able to take out his fantasies on a bitch who will never say no!

While I was bouncing on his cock he told me how much he loved some Sexy bondage with a inferior fuck slut. He knew I was submissive and with his cock up my ass he would never question how much I can take. He knew he could push my limits without hearing me complain, etc. I screamed as he butt fucked me harder and harder as he degrades me and told me how badly he wanted to hurt me. I was in pain and I loved feeling him force fuck my ass hole open on his cock. After a while he made me begin begging him for his cum load. He wanted me to basically tell him how much I needed my ass filled with his seed in order to live. It was so hot watching him get so close to the edge of nutting!

Prostate Play & Bukkake: My Kinky Phone Sex Tale


 Prostate milking

Prostate milking? Hell yeah, I’m your girl. Lube, toys, and kinky fun—that’s what I live for. And phone sex? Even better.

I get off on being told what to do, plain and simple. Master, dominate me, tie me up, and strap me down. I’m yours to use as you please—a sexual punching bag, if you will.

Picture this: me, spread eagle, with your cock stretching my pussy wide. My hands are helpless, bound above my head, as you ravage my body. Spanks across my ass only make it better. Hard and rough is how I like it.

But the real kink starts when you milk that prostate. I’m down on my knees, sucking your cock while you’re deep inside my ass. I’ve got a vibrator buzzing against my clit, and my body’s going wild. Cum runs down my chin as you force me to orgasm after orgasm. My ass is on fire, in the best way possible.

Then comes the bukkake show. I’m on my knees, taking your load like a champion. But it doesn’t end there. I’m milking your cock with my fingers, ensuring not a drop goes to waste. Cum drips down my face, and I’m loving the sticky mess.

It’s a kinky circle of pleasure—me pleasing you, you using my body, and then switching roles. I’m in charge of making you cum, milking you dry with my mouth and fingers. That’s the ultimate turn-on.

So, if you want a phone sex session that’ll leave you dripping, look no further. I’m your kinky cum bucket, ready to be used.