Master and His Machine!

BDSM Phone Sex

Master loves torturing my cunt in so many delicious ways! Being the perfect submissive whore for my dominant Master daddy is what really gives my whole life purpose, I love making my Master cum hard. Master loves training me and pushing me to the brink of insanity with his punishments. My only reason to live is to be Masters hot little cum dump who services all his desires and fucks anyone he tells me to. When I’m a good little submissive whore, Master sometimes rewards me with a hard fucking on his machine, he straps me down, places the dildo head against my ass and a vibrator on my clit before he slowly turns up the settings. Master loves watching me go wild, seeing me squirt helplessly and cum so violently I nearly pass out!

Bondage Whore

Worthless, Bad Mommy


I was rubbing my pussy furiously as tears poured down my face. My cunt was sloppy, and it was slurping along all nasty and wet as I played in it. He was in front of me, holding my daughter. “Say it.” He ordered. There was no way to say no. “Please show my daughter your rape fantasies. Please abuse her and force your cock into her.” I sobbed as my cunt got wetter and wetter. “Mommy please no!” My girl screamed. But, I’m a worthless, bad Mommy, and this was the shit that turned me on. He and I both knew I was going to cum while I watched him breed my little girl, and we both knew it wasn’t going to be the last time he called me for something like this.

When he’s done using my girl, he’ll stuff his cock down my throat until I’m gagging and choking. Like I can’t breathe! That’s just to make sure his fuck meat is all lubed up so he can really pound my worthless Mommy pussy. What sort of Mommy loves seeing rape fantasies and forced breeding on their brats? The masochistic whore with a deep non consensual kink. And that’s me, baby. Tracy.

Bondage Phone Sex

Submissive whore in pain

submissive whore

Christmas was about a month ago, and I’m still in so much fucking pain. Both of us are so sore from my master fucking me and my best friend. When my master asked me to dress up, I agreed I  had to get into the Xmas spirit for him. On Christmas, I had to bring my friend Bethany, and we had to please his cock so good that he would give us some mercy. It would be a Christmas miracle if he didn’t dismember our bodies. We both knew it could be worse for us. We were lucky enough to please him so much that all he did was beat the shit out of us. I had to endure every single painful task he asked of me. I had to fist Bethany till she was bleeding down my arm. Next, Bethany had to yank my hair and fuck me with a massive strap-on with any mercy. It was endless hours of fucking that left us all bruised up, and we still are in pain from last month’s past deputies.


Torture Fuck And Golden Shower From Master

Erotic BDSM stories

Master loves watching me squirm that is why he ties my hands behind my back so he could do anything to me. When he pulled out metal alligator clips, I knew he was going to be torturing my body. He started by putting a clip on each of my nipples. It was a shock to my body, and he knew it but just kept going. My breast were pinned all around. As he worked his way down my body I trembled, and it excited him more. I could see his cock was hard which only made my pussy drip more. Then he made bend over and he started with clip on each of my wet pussy lips. Then one right on my clit. To continue the torture, he would flick and pull on the clips ripping my skin. He finally gave me what my cunt was yearning for, he stuck his hard throbbing meat in me. As he pumped my cunt he pulled on the clips on my nipples. The pain felt good, and I came all over master’s cock, he pulled out and sprayed my face. His gooey nut dripped from my face on to my tits followed by a golden shower. He likes seeing me filthy with his juices. 

Tortured Tits

Bdsm Phone SexMaster has me tied down on his table today! It seems that I have royally fucked up and have now earned myself a torturous punishment! He has my tits already tied up in ropes, I know his plan is to cut their circulation off as he loves to do before taking out his frustration on my nipples, and my breasts altogether! He already has his name brand into my left tit but I see a knife on the table so I expect some more to cum! He takes those fancy, horridly sharp nipple clamps and puts them on! My screams earn me a slap to my bare pussy. He then takes the table when holds me secure and flips it, so I am hanging down, facing the floor, with my purple tits hanging for more of his fun!

Submissive Phone Sex Whore

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is what I was born to do. Despite not enjoying my youth or my first marriage, I am still a subby whore. The decades of being someone’s bitch has grown on me. I embrace being submissive now. When guys ask me to dominant them, I truly struggle with it because it is not who I am as a person. That does not mean I embrace every aspect of being submissive, because I am made to do many things I hate. I do them anyway, however, because I am truly submissive. Master sometimes lends me to one of his younger master lawyer friends. It is a way of repaying a debt or saying thank you for a favor that was granted. Pete is a 40-year-old tax attorney who my master owed for a favor that helped land a big client. It is not ethical to pay for referrals in this business because the exchange of money looks like a case is being bought for personal gain. A fruit basket or the use of one’s personal submissive whore, however, is not unethical. So, Pete was granted access to me for a night. A night that he enjoyed, and I hated. But I am only telling you I hated it. To my master and Pete, it was another great night spent as a submissive slave. I am sure you want to know why I hated the night. It was because I was Pete’s toilet whore. My master rarely makes me participate in bathroom games. That is all I did with Pete. He tied me up and pissed on me for hours. Why, I am not sure. He could have fucked me. He could have flogged me. He could have pimped me to his friends. Instead, it was a night filled of pissing phone sex stories. I drank his piss. He pissed in my cunt. He pissed in my ass. He made me drink his piss from the toilet. I even puked up his piss and had to lick it up. I am not sure Pete even sexually enjoyed using me as his private toilet. I do know, however, he enjoyed degrading and humiliating me. That was his end game. I love my master. I am loyal to him, but I do hate when he pimps me out. His friends and colleagues always treat me worse.

Red Rocket for a Submissive Slut

I’m Celeste and I am a dirty Submissive slut. My full time job is being the perfectly naughty slutty submissive for my daddy. I get naughty and act out. Daddy has to punish me. Last punishment was in the backyard with our neighbors furry friend. First I had to put a show on for the boy I was being naughty with and trying to flirt with when daddy caught me. Daddy made me lift my school girl skirt up and pee my panties.

I was so humiliated. This boy saw me in my most subby slut ways and then daddy had him pull his cock out and fuck my butt hole. I was devastated. I whimpered and it made daddy take me out to the neighbors kennel. I had to crawl around smelling of pee. You know what that does to the furry boys. Yep, they humped me. I was so embarrassed as I came on the beasty cock.

Submissive slut

Cum eating phone sex slave

Cum eating phone sexMy master loves to humiliate me during cum eating phone sex. Taking pictures of me as I am tied up and recording me as I spurt self degrading shit about myself. It’s so shameful, when all I want is his cock in my mouth, pussy and ass! Sometimes he shares them to his friends to show what a dirty whore of a wife slave he has! I have to suck his toes and oink like a fucking pig. I am a piggy whore, so he says it fits my image. He puts me in a collar and forces me to prance around like a bitch in heat. I am a stupid fat bitch piggy whore who is in heat for his cock and cum! I just want to eat cum is that too much to ask for? I even have ass cleaning duty and toilet play for his piss and dirty hairy ass hole! I Am his submissive whore wife and I will do all these things for him to make him and his master cock happy! Last night he had a man over who thought I didn’t listen well. He grabbed me by the choke collar and dragged me to the bathroom. Shoving my face in the toilet he commanded me to be a commode as he pissed all over my face!

Submissive whore for my p.e teacher

submissive whore

My PE teacher was the first woman who could take me to do anything she wanted. I was a little worried that I would get in trouble whenever I was not doing my task in class. One day she invited me over to her house and told me she needed to talk about my attendance. I was skipping class, and she knew that very well. It was very convenient that she was living in my neighborhood. I went over all alone without my parents because she said it would be a one-on-one situation. Never did I think my teacher would make me her submissive whore. I had to get on my hands and knees for her, and I had to let her with me. She began to use a paddle one and started to spank the living daylights out of me. I was so confused because I knocked on her door, and she told me to go upstairs to her room. My teacher wasn’t wasting any time. I’ve heard rumors that she loved the lady pond, but I wasn’t certain. All I got my answer I sure dad

Cheap phone sex sub Jessica

cheap phone sex

It’s been another hot night of being a worthless, submissive cum slut. I’ve been getting my dirty holes pumped full of cum by multiple, different men, just like always. I’m back home now to rub my cummy cunt and have nasty, cheap phone sex fun with sexy guys like you. My holes are so full that they’re dripping cum in my panties and down my legs. My nasty, sub slut cunt is worn out, but I can always take another hot load from a thick, throbbing rod! You own me now Daddy! I’m your freaky submissive bitch, and I have no choice but to do whatever you demand of me. If you’ll allow me to, I’ll finger fuck my sticky, cummy cunnie while you degrade me and use my dirty ass and pussy!


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