Wax On Slut, Wax Off Hair

Submissive Whore

I hate being waxed; that’s one pain I don’t enjoy. Though my slutty submissive cunt can’t differentiate, and seems to think all painful things are a reason to get wet. I knew I needed to go and get waxed if I wanted to attend the play party this weekend, but it was a fucking mistake. When I went in, this hot fucking Dominant man greeted me, and directed me to the back. I was quickly restrained. When this new place had been suggested to me, I had never fucking anticipated this.

Strapped down, he quickly brought out several candles and took his time lighting the wicks. As he lit one by one, my trembling, naked body was cast in soft little lights. One by one, he raised them up and drizzled wax down all over every hairy part of my body. He started with my navel, working his way up. My big tits don’t need waxed, but he coated my nipples in molten gold anyway. I was whimpering and trying not to scream, but when that hot wax pressed against my cunt, he made sure to drip it in my ass.

Then I begged him to stop. And when he ripped it all away, I screamed so hard I lost my voice. And still, my pussy dripped.

Submissive Phone Sex

I want to be your submissive slut slave till my very last breath

submissive slut

You adore the fact that I can and will say yes to everything you ask of me. I’m not going to put up a fight. I’m a submissive slut that knows the rules of the game. You won’t hear me protest at all, so believe me when I say this I want to be your punching bag. My pleasure is pain, and when you make me the target of all your anger, I am fulfilled. It is sickening and gross, but I love it so much. I can’t wait till you leave me for dead. I often play with my pussy thinking about the possible reality of dying from one of your fits of rage. The idea that you can end my life at any moment gets me so wet. I do need intensive therapy and help psychologically, but I don’t care. I want to be your slave till my very last breath

Omorashi – Pissing My Panties

Pissing Phone Sex
I had to go so fucking badly. I was bouncing around in the back seat of the taxi, trying to hold my bladder from exploding all through my pretty little panties. The cabbie glanced back again, asking me if I was alright. I was humiliated, and I tried to smile through it. ‘I just really need the bathroom, could we stop somewhere?” I was damn near begging. “I have to charge you for the stop, Ma’am.”

Was all he said, grinning beneath a midnight mustache. I knew I couldn’t afford the stop. Fuck. I had no choice but to hold it. It became apparent to me that wouldn’t be possible as we hit our next speed bump, and slowed down as we entered the construction zone. Bumper to bumper brake light traffic greeted my watering eyes as the smallest spurt of pee burst out.

“Don’t wet my back seat, ma’am.” The cabbie warned me, watching me desperately grab myself. There was no pretending now. I tried to open the door; I wold have to piss beside the cab. But the door was locked! We started to move again, inching painfully forward towards my impending omorashii doom. We hit another pot hole, and the spurting started again. I was in for it, badly.
Golden Showers Phone Sex

Cock Worshiping Slut Bernice

cock worshipingI am good at cock worshiping. I may not always enjoy sucking cock, but I am a good whore. When I went to work on Friday, master was waiting for me with a special task. He had a bunch of his old cronies waiting to blow bang me. He rarely shares me, but when he does, it is never pleasant. He can be a mean old man sometimes. None of these men were under 60. Gray pubes. Old dicks. Not my ideal blow bang, but what I want never matters, right? Master tied me to my office chair My ankles were bound. My wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair. Master’s old lawyer buddies lined up to skull fuck me. Some of these legal eagles are retired. No one took a Viagra, so my jaw got sore quickly. Master told me that since I am a submissive whore, I should make a dead man cum. It felt like I was raising the dead sucking those old limp dicks. I knew if I could not get them off, it would be my fault. I channeled my best porn star moves. I felt humiliated licking on gray haired shriveled dicks. I felt like a miracle worker. I was pumping life back into those broke down dicks. I had to swallow all the old spunk too. These old dudes would hold my head down on their broke down dicks until I could not breathe. I did the best I could. I swallowed a ton of old jizz like a good cum whore. I made each old dude cum a few times. One guy I had to massage his prostate to get him hard because his dick would not get hard for anything. As a good slave, I do whatever I must do to please men.

Submissive Slut Mistress

submissive slut

When I first met Master, I wasn’t exactly sold on being a submissive slut. But it didn’t take him long to train me and make me realize that it was what I was meant for. Now, I absolutely love being used and abused in every single way. Over the weekend, Master brought in a bunch of guys to gang fuck me and shoot their loads all over me. He loves when I look like a glazed donut. He said it really makes me look like the whore he knows I am. And who am I to disagree? Master knows best.

But he told them to go even further than gang raping me and shooting loads on me. He told them to spit and piss on my face after they were done with me. I was a fucking mess and there was cum, spit, and piss all over the carpet when they were done with me. Of course, I had to clean that up too because Master uses me as his personal maid, too. But I was happy to be able to make him happy, as always. I’m his to use and there will never be a day when I say no to him.

Arranged BDSM Marriages

bare bottom spankings Arranged BDSM marriages involve a lot of bare bottom spankings through the years. My ass has been turned up and beaten up by the most powerful hands. And I was given to this man by my father knowing full well what he was and what he was going to do to me as long as he laid claim to me. But there is something in my soul that speaks of being tamed in ways no one can understand.

You reading this are hard wondering if I can submit like I say I can. Dick hard in your hand, jerking to my bondage gear and my dirty tales.

In fact I love my collection of sexual oddies laid out beside my office chaise lounge. My husband has made me in tune with what you want. And always has what i need on hand to punish myself for you. I know when to be naked and when to have my fishnets on and my pretty panties for certain callers. I hear your voice and I know you require the flogger or belt to whip myself as you tell me to insert the biggest toy up my ass and be a good girl for you.submissive whore

I am your submissive whore and I cater to every master’s varied needs. I was put in this life because my father saw something that only a dominant man like you could explore. ANd now a proud wife and mother in the streets I am decidedly a Dirty freak in the discreet!spanking phone sex

Preseley Punishes Me With You

submissive slutI love being a naughty little brat but in the end I have to be punished for it! This is done when you Master and Mistress Presley decides to put me in my place by dragging me down to her room of naughty toys and devices that make any submissive slut like me whimper and tremble and start to beg for forgiveness! She makes me get down on the floor and grovel while tying me up in some kinky and tight bondage! She tells me I am going to get the punishment that a little whore like me deserves. She takes my slutty body and starts torturing me slowly by spanking me bare bottom with just her hands to using a flogger against my back, ass and pussy! Miss Presley knows what she is doing and tells you to come fuck my ass as she spread my ass cheeks apart. You slam and force fuck my shit hole as hard as you can to make me scream that gets us both wet! She gets under me with different toys to torture my clit, edging my dripping wet cunt for hours telling me how I am such a good cum dumpster for her and my master!submissive slut

Bound And Degraded

Submissive Slut
He’d held me there for weeks; bound up and naked, his new little fuck toy. It was useless to try and escape him. I’d tried once, but I was trapped and there was no way out of my new found, forced sexual slavery. I quickly fell into the world of being used and owned like nothing more than a piece of property. There were constantly men to be serviced, occasionally women, and from time to time a four legged fido friend someone brought to torment me with.

I was expected to put on a show and entertain. This was easier done than said, as they pretty much would just direct and command me to perform such fucked up shit I can barely stand to speak about it. My holes were used as rotten cum dumps and there was nothing I could do to ward off the electrostatics torment they repeatedly put me through. The last thing I remember is getting double penetrated with woofy fuzz cocks and choking down loads of knotty cum.

Prostate Milking Whore

prostate milking

Have you ever been with a woman who was excellent at prostate milking? I’m very good at it because my Master insisted that I learn to do it in order to make his orgasms more powerful. He also told me that they last longer when his prostate is being stimulated. I bet you didn’t know that. Most guys think that any kind of “butt stuff” is off limits because they assume it means you’re gay if you like it. What a waste of fun! I guarantee you that if you find someone like me who is good at it, you’ll never go back.

You can even milk your prostate yourself and when you call me, I’d be more than happy to help you learn. I enjoy making Master cum really hard and I just know that I’ll love making you have explosive orgasms, too. You will probably keep calling me back, too, because you’ll be wondering what other tricks I have up my sleeve. So when you’re ready to give up the idea that someone playing with your butt means you’re gay (as if that’s a bad thing), just get on the phone and call me so I can show you what your prostate is really for!

I Remained His Perfect Slave

submissive whoreSmack my ass and make me your slave. That thought rings in my head as I watch him hand me a hot little maid’s outfit. He had rented me from my master for the night. I obediently changed into the slutty outfit and followed him to the family room. Kneel he told me. I did as I was told. He walked around me, observing his purchase. The bulge in his pants led me to believe that he liked what he had bought. Now climb up on this table slut, on all fours. I climbed on the table as he instructed. He pulled my skit apart and grabbed a whip. My tits already hanging he started smacking them hard. Going from my nipples to my ass and to my exposed pussy. Hard and fast and firm. I thanked him after every strike. My ass on fire and my pussy throbbing he unbuckled his pants, pushed me on my back, my legs bent with my arms around my knees. Holding them apart so he could view both my holes. Then he smacked me a few times so the marks were fresh. Then he pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. I yelped in pain. For the next what seems like forever, he took turns ramming his throbbing hard cock inside my ass and pussy until he pulled out and squirted his warm cum all over my tender nipples. Although in pain and tears ran from my face, I remained his perfect slave.

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