Bondage and Submission is the name of the game, whip me.

            Bondage and submission is the name of the game, whip me. You know you want to me whip me. Chain me to the wall. There is nothing that I like more than being bound both physically and mentally to my master. As long as you chain me I am yours. I bow to you and need you to use your whip on me.

            Stretching my cunt, using all sorts of toys on me. Vaginal balls, shoved up into my cunt. Connecting a chain from my clitoris piercing up to my nipple piecing, allowing you to tug on them at will. Make me watch as you get harder, not entering me until you have tortured me to your satisfaction.  

            Finally, fucking every orifice of my body, using me, before throwing me out to go back to my husband who is none the wise until you shatter that and make me tell him. Making me your bondage whore.

Bondage and submission

Bondage Whore Bernice Loves to be Bound and Gagged

bondage whoreI love being a bondage whore. No matter how hard I may try, bondage creeps back into my life. Awhile ago, I just embraced it. I realized that bondage needs the right man tying the ropes. My master is an experienced rope guy. Older than me, but he grew up in a generation where no one talked about BDSM. He discovered some bondage pictures of Betty Page, and those pics became his jack off material for years.

Often, he binds me in the exact poses he looked at when he was just a teenage boy. However last night, my master did not tie me up. I met a guy online in a bondage and submission forum. We have been chatting for some time now. Maybe close to two years. Although he does not live in my state, he found himself traveling for work. Wealthy guy. White man, suit and tie kind of guy. Married with rugrats and drives a BMW. Like my master, he has one image for clients, and another for women like me.

Born to Be Bound and Gagged

His wife knows about his kinks, but she does not want any part of the BDSM world. So, they have a don’t ask don’t tell policy marriage. Not my place to question. But I was happy to have him tie me up last night. I kind of hoped he might fuck me. Kind of sweet that he did not, I guess. He told me he loves his wife but has his dark needs.

Dark needs a woman like me can full fill. While he had me bound and gagged, he whipped my ass raw. I still have welts on my ass! Ouch. Hurts when I sit on the toilet. He hurled insults at me too. He wanted to make me cry, but I do not think anything makes this submissive whore cry anymore.

I’ve been seasoned before. I did enjoy my time with this guy. He jacked off on my face and tits while he looked at me bound and gagged. So, I knew I aroused him.  Maybe next time some one ties me up, they can fuck me like I deserve. Will it be you?

Extreme Bondage Porn Turned Me Into a Submissive Slut

Extreme Bondage Porn Turned Me Into a Submissive Slut

I became a sub slut after Master caught me watching extreme bondage porn. I was fucking my pussy with a dildo and cumming all over it, wishing I could be tied up and punished too. My mouth was gagged, and I was trying to be quiet, but he could hear me moaning and begging from the other room. He caught me and then asked if I wanted to be just like that girl, and I pumped my pussy and nodded. He grabbed a belt and two ties from his dresser and told me to hold my hands out together.

Master tied up my wrists and ankles and laid me on my stomach. He grabbed me by my hair and guided my head to the end of the bed, where his hard cock was waiting. My hands were tied up underneath me and I couldn’t stop his cock from force fucking my throat. All I could do was try not to choke and take his cock like a good little submissive slut. Tears were running down my cheeks and his spit coated cock was making a mess of my face.

extreme bondageMaster’s Cock Made Me Addicted to Bondage and Submission Sex

Master could see how needy my cunt was. I was rubbing my thighs together and trying my best to reach down and rub my clit. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was gasping for air when he got behind me. I couldn’t even catch my breathe. He forced my ass in the air, and my head back down into the bed. He gave my soaking cunt a few hard slaps.

Fuck. I needed to be fucked so bad. And Master made sure to give me everything that I needed. His cock rammed into me hard. My pussy sucked his cock inside immediately. My pussy was drenched and he fucked me so deep. I wanted to cum, but he made me beg for permission. My entire body shook when I was allowed to cum. I’ve been addicted to bondage submission ever since, and can’t cum unless I’m being tied up and treated like property.

Bondage whore gets used by big bro

I am the Bondage whore master needs. I was raised being tied up and used since a young age. My brother used to use my jump rope to tie my hands behind my back. Then he would pinch and twist my little nipples. “It hurts please no more,” I whimpered but my brother didn’t care. ” Shut up, baby’s mom is at work, and we are here alone” he responds, and he slips my panties off.

After that he started rubbing my cunty. If I tried to move the rope would burn my wrists. That is when I learned to stay in my place and let him use me like he wanted. After a bit my brother pulled his big peepee out and slammed it in my mouth. He didn’t care when I could barely breathe. All he cared about was using my mouth to make his cock meat bust.

Bondage whore

“Swallow my load sis” is all he said as he started pumping his semen inside my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could into my tummy. “Can you untie me now bro?” “No, not until you agree to be my Submissive Whore”. Since I was tied up with a tummy full of cum, I knew I wasn’t going to get out unless I agreed. “Okay, I will be your subby sis”. Finally, he smiled and untied me, “go clean up before mom gets home”. He ordered me to do, and I did it, I belong to him now. 

Torture phone sex at The BDSM club has me squirting

Torture phone sex

Torture Phone sex is one of the most erotic forms of sexual pleasure. I am known for stuffing extra large dildos inside of my holes and being stretched out until I am a useless slave. I tend to show off my pain slut skills when I get invited to a Bondage swingers club. Who am I kidding, I show off my sub-slut side whenever I get the chance to. My master brought me to The Raging Raw Club a few weeks ago and got some hellacious shots of me doing what I do bestMaster loves sitting back and having other whores suck on his cock as His toy gets her holes alienated. I normally would get so jealous as he shouts out how good his cock is being made to feel by another slave.

Torture phone sex at The BDSM club has me squirting

But tonight as I am blindfolded and hung up, My mind is only on my own sensations. Look at my tist tied so painfully. I thought I was coming here for the usual pet play. But I was so wrong as Master found a floor boy to hurt me. But pain is pleasure, right? So as I am being fucked with the drill dildo and my legs and ass are whipped I slip into subspace. All I feel is pleasure and pain at once. I take the Bondage and submission life very well. I love being a rag doll hung up and tortured sexually! And when I let go of my body and my squirt rains on the crowd, that is when I know I have done my job well! 


Cheap Phone Sex But Quality Experience

cheap phone sex“Cheap Phone Sex equated a quality experience” was how one of my recent reviews started. This review left me with my pussy wet so thought it was worth sharing.  Here is how the reivew went from a caller.

I got off the phone with Jacqueline, covered in my own cum sitting here holding my cock in a hotel room feeling like I just had the best sex with the sexiest girl alive.  My cock was aching to cum when I got done with this business dinner tonight. I am out of town from the wife and fam needing a little blue ball relief from the recent turn downs from wifey being so tired.

Jacqueline was the perfect answer.  She was a good little bondage whore for daddy tonight. Even when I forced her down to her knees and smacked her around calling her a bad little slut.  She was obedient as hell calling me “Yes sir daddy” in her sweet little innocent voice.  She sounds young but defitenily very obedient to whatever command I asked her to do. She was focused on making my already hard cock stay rock hard the entire call.

The sound of her slurping on my big fat cock, paying attention to details like licking my heavy balls and holding them in her mouth.  Watching her spit on my cock to get it nice and wet, I felt like I was there watching my aching cock push into that small little mouth of hers.  Choking the back of her throat with my head until she gagged from it getting so deep.  Instant turn on hearing her about to throw up from taking so much of this cock in her tiny little mouth.

Don’t even get me started when I finally stuck my hard dick into that nice shaved pussy.  I truly felt the same euphoric feeling I feel when I’m fucking someone and it first enters a pussy.  I knew with our connection she would be creaming all over my cock and she knew she would too.  I don’t know how I ended up blowing my load all over myself and this bed because it was all so damn hot.  And cheaper than any other major site.  Win win for Jacqueline!

Cock worshiping slut forced to orgasm as my pucker prolapsed

Cock worshipingI am ready for my weekly Squirt Slave training, Master. It feels amazing when you fuck me so long and hard to the point I am unable to squirt anymore… My clitoris is always left in a knot for hours after the multiple orgasm tortures. He makes me beg for every forced orgasm until his precum is pouring down his massive cock. Sir, only lets me swallow his cum in my ass and pussy if I am deserving.

Whenever Daddy is ready to shoot his biggest cum shot he sends me down to my knees and strokes his big dick over my face. I am to keep my jaw dropped no matter how long it takes. I am his Cock worshiping slave slut, I sit there like a good girl with my jaw locked in place. Daddy doesn’t want to hear much coming from me besides cryouts for help and begging him for more, instead of mercy.

As you wish Master, I do as I am told! My purpose as a woman is to make sure you never grow impatient, hungry, or angry..

If I ever push you to that point I am deserving of an ass-whooping. A leather whip is what he uses to leave lacerations across my ass. I would never want to upset my Master, which is why I am always on all fours. I keep my ass hole plugged and fully lubed for Daddy ready for him if ever he is in the mood, he can just unplug me and stuff me with ease. Your personal Submissive Whore is just one call away ready to serve you as my superior, I am not a feminist, men are superior and I enjoy relieving you after a long stressful day at work.

Submissive whore Jessica needs to be owned

submissive whore

I deserve to be used as a submissive whore, cock sleeve and turned into your cum filled fuck toy. That is my sole purpose in life. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a broken bitch who only feels complete when I’m being used. That’s how it was so easy for my son to take over the position of my Master when my husband left us. Even at such a young age, he could see that I was a weak bitch that needed to be controlled. He wasn’t afraid to slap me around in front of his friends and tell everyone what a worthless whore I am. He would tie me up in all positions and take pictures of me. Then he would go to school and show the pictures off to all of his friends. Word got around that he was fucking his mommy and had full control of her holes and he suddenly became the most popular guy in his friend group. They would come over and take turns making me do the most humiliating and degrading things for them. I’ve been made to eat their shit, my own shit and even shit from their pets. I’ve shoved my fist up my ripped and prolapsed asshole just because my son’s friend wanted me to. Any and everything nasty, humiliating and degrading that they could think of, they forced me to do. These days, my son views me only as his slave. I’m only here for his pleasure and perverted entertainment. He brings home groups of men that pay him to fuck and humiliate me. He forces me to suck their dicks and lick their assholes while he jerks off and shoots loads all over my face. He makes sure that they leave me covered in spit, shit, piss and cum. I’m in over my head now that I’ve become addicted to the abuse and degradation. I need to hear what a nasty, filthy bitch I am in order to cum. Please help a worthless cock sleeve out!

Prostate milking from worthless whore

Being a Prostate milking whore for my master is normally very easy. But last night it was hard on my mouth since had beat my mouth with his cock really hard. My whole body was sore from his abuse. I got paddled and whipped, which had my skin red and welted. First my master wants me to know my body belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants to me. Then you pulled your cock out and I got excited.

Prostate milking

“Get to work bitch, suck my cock” you grabbed my head and i fuck my throat so hard. I even had tears coming down my face from the hate fuck my mouth was getting. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t breathe, worship my cock slut” That is what i needed to try and please my master. Therefore i started sucking his cock like it was my last meal. From time to time he would smack my face and mouth with his hard meat. After a while my mouth was getting numb, I even bit my tongue a few times.

By the time he was going to cum he stopped and spread his ass on my face. Since my tongue was hurting and bloody from me biting it, I almost cried as I had to push it into my master’s ass. As a worthless slut I know I have to please him in any way he needs. My master started fucking my mouth with his ass hard almost like he was punching my mouth with his ass. Finally he started moaning hard and I knew he was close to bursting. As my master turned around his thick gooey nut started to spray my face. “Good job whore you aren’t all that useless” is all I could hear as my face dripped with semen. 

Pain Slut Craver

Rape phone sex fantasies
A pain and bondage slut is one for the books! Nothing is better than debasing yourself and allowing someone to hurt you for their pleasure. I get off on hurting for a man as he force fucks all my holes! I want his cock to throb as I cry, beg and LOVE every second of the abuse he inflicts on my slutty holes. I have been in this position for 2 hours now and that is an electrocuting clasp that is controlled by a remote. Whenever I whine or complain my dom zaps my clit and it hurts so much! I love to hurt though; it makes my fuckhole drip! If I am a good bitch he will use my cunt and ass hole until he blows his load in each of my holes. Call me so I can make you nut like a good pain slut.