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Bdam Phone SexCome and fuck your naughty little whore who loved fat master cock! I was misbehaving yesterday ad ket master punish me by tying me up like a naughty pretzel! He took belt loops and wrapped it around my wrist and hog tied me! He invited his naughty friend to take their cocks and all have their way with me. I stuck out my tongue and licked every single one for good measure after they had all cum down my throat  I promised not to waste a single drop and I never did! I swallowed every single one like a good cumslut being punished so I could get a reward of daddy’s cock right after they were done using up my body!

Golden showers phone sex

Bondage whore

I became a Submissive whore when I was in my teens. I was a babysitter! One evening while his wife was working overnight at the hospital he asked me if I could stay a little later for some extra cash. Suddenly he became hostile and demanded me down to my knees! He told me this was going to be the first day of my slut training. That I would soon become his submissive teen whore! I was scared, I was a virgin… I had no idea what was going to happen to me. He bent me over his knee and whipped my ass with a slut engraved paddle. He ripped my panties off and tied them around my mouth.. I remember I was crying hysterically! He used his belt to mend my hands together behind my back. He spat in the palm of his hand and massaged my pussy. My ass was stinging! He told me from this day forward to address him as My Master and if I were to ever tell he would kill me. It was gruesome! A few days later he recorded an interview of me talking about being a virgin and wanting to give it to someone special. That’s when suddenly a white cotton bag went over my head and I was being gang raped by a group of men. I was covered in cum and piss! Till this day I have no idea who those men were. When the bag was removed from my head he was tied to a chair, beaten! I have no idea if it were a coverup or if he had raped me with his friends!

Life As A Submissive Mommy!

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

My life as a submissive mommy is full of so much joy! I’ve been watching porn with my daughters to train them to serve Master and it brings me such happiness to see them become submissive whores just like me! My very young daughters have become addicted to watching porn and cumming with me. The best part of my day is when the girls come home from school and we strip naked to watch some filthy perverted movies on the TV. We get naked and try out all my toys, my oldest is just learning how to fuck her tight little cunt with a dildo. My little angels get so wet that I just have to invite Master over for a fun night of probing their holes with his hard cock. The girls love it when I take Master’s cock in my ass and bury my tongue deep inside their sweet little cunts! Master loves tying me up and making me watch him violate my girls, he knows just how to make me submit to him!

Submissive Whore Eliana For Your Use

Hi, I hope you are looking to use a tall slut like a ragdoll of a Submissive Whore! I’m Eliana and I am loving the idea of you taking me with a few of your friends for a good fuck party. Fuck my holes together and gape me the fuck out. Face fuck me like you can’t get enough of my cock sucking lips around that fuck stick. Pound out my pussy and asshole with as many cocks as you can get together to share me with. Cover me in bukkake and torture my slut body to the extreme. You can dish it out and I can surely handle it all. I’m a good sturdy nearing 6 feet tall of hot strong fuckable whore.

Submissive Whore

Spanking Phone Sex Needed

spanking phone sexI am down for some spanking phone sex. I have been a naughty whore and need punishment. Sometimes, I think I am bad just so I can get punished. I have a nice big ass perfect for your hand. If Master knew what I did last night, he would paddle my ass raw. This is my confession, I guess. He has a bunch of rules for his slave. One of the big ones is no fucking anyone not legal age. That is hard to do with a horny teenage boy in the house who has horny teenage friends. I let my son have a party yesterday. It is Fourth of July weekend. He wanted to grill out and have friends over to use the pool. I have a nice home thanks to my Master and my boss. I do not pay a cent for the house. I just pay the utilities but between my submissive whore paralegal job and my phone sex sub job, I make enough money for that. My son has been trying to be nicer to me lately. I wanted to let him have the party. One of his friends, however, snuck in booze and Molly. When I realized the boys were drunk and high it was too late to escape. My son is a different boy when drunk and high. He gets violent just like his daddy did. And just like daddy, he gets violent with me. My boy and his horny friends gang banged me. I was trying to be good and not fuck my teen son or his friends. But when my son is like this, if I do not comply, I could die. It is that simple. He has his daddy’s temper and inability to control his raging hormones.  The boys explored their rape phone sex fantasies with me. I have concrete burns because they tossed me on all fours by the pool and fucked my ass and my pussy. My fuck holes were raw and so were my knees. My sons and his friends used me like a $2 whore on the street. My master would be so upset with me, but somehow, I think you would be proud.

God, it feels so good to be bad!

I’m bend over this table arms chained to the legs so I cannot stand up and you are ramming me hard and fast from behind. I try to squeal as I take every inch of your rock-hard cock, but you are choking me and me screams sound like muffled moans. God, I love when you punish me master!

I know that I should always me on my knees ready to suck your rock-hard cock as soon as you walk in, but today I was feeling daring. I wanted you to punish me and force fuck me for the blatant disrespect and punishing me you are! My ass is slamming back on you as you force yourself in fucking me like a jack hammer. You are drilling away at this tight pink pussy, and I love the speed and force. “Oh god, I’m going to cum!” I manage to choke out as I squirt all over that massive cock.

Extreme bondage“Yeah, slut take this alpha dick! You know you are only good for fucking and sucking! Not shut the fuck up and take all of this dick” You roar, and you pound me harder demanding more.  I am nothing but a dirty little pain whore! Use me baby! This pretty pink push is yours to demolish! Pond me out and show me that I’m yours! Your cum dumpster! Your fuck toy! master I know I’m not worth but thank you for stretching me out and allowing your pussy to cum!

You walk around the table and pull me forward so my head is hanging over the edge. You force that dirty cock deep down my throat and I gag as you force fuck my face hard. “You like to clean daddy’s dick don’t you you little slut? You like the taste of your cunt dripping down this massive cock don’t you whore?! You hiss as tears run down my face! God, it feels so good to be bad!

Reminded With A Golden shower

Golden shower phone sex

After my master has had a long day at work, I know that I must be on his beck and call and always respond with “yes master”. I could see he was on edge, so I made sure to make his drink just like he likes it, but I forgot to respond the way he had asked of me. I was reminded when he backhanded me. The side of my face heated up and felt swollen right away, it was so hard I fell to the ground. He got on top of me and pulled his cock out, slapping my face with it. He rubbed his fat cock on my lips, I opened my mouth wide for his cock. He mounted my face and fucked my head to the ground reminding me I’m his property. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, but he stopped. He pulled his cock out and told me that tonight I wasn’t worthy of his semen. That is when he started pissing all over my face, giving me a golden shower before he went to his room. I do not want to ever disappoint my master, but I got a well-deserved golden shower.

Bondage Chat Vixen

bondage chat

If you’re looking for the perfect submissive slut for bondage chat, then I can assure you that you’re in the right place, Sir. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy pleasuring strong, handsome men just like you. I will do anything it takes to please you, so please don’t ever worry about asking me to do something for you. A man like you shouldn’t ever worry about things like that. I was put on this earth to make you happy, and that’s what I will always do. So, since you’re still reading this, I’m just going to assume that bondage is your thing.

How far do you like to go with your bondage? Do you want to just tie me up, gag me, and have your way with me? Or do you like to be a little more sinister with things? Maybe you want to cause me pain. I love being made to hurt for your pleasure, Sir. My Master Tomas has always made it known that I am to take whatever an alpha male dishes out to me. I can never say no. Are you looking for a bondage slut like that? I will be here waiting to make you happy, Sir.

Extreme bondage

Bondage whore

Daddy sent me a text requesting I be kneeled down on raw rice with blind folds and a set of handcuffs right beside me when he gets home. He told me he would be home in 5 mins but he left me there for hours! I knew if I weren’t in position when he got home the torture would be much worse. So, I stayed in place! As soon as daddy walked through the door he kicked my right in my stomach and told me I should have been sitting up straighter. Daddy doesn’t play any games… He grabbed the handcuffs and locked my hands in place behind my back. He kicked my head forward; my head bounced off the floor so hard it left a knot on my head. He whipped his cock out and with no lubricant he forced his cock into my ass. I screamed and that is exactly what made things worse. He lifted me up and shoved his cock down my throat; fucking my throat so hard until I vomited! Daddy dragged me across the floor like a mop to clean up my mess. He didn’t let me shower until all of my vomit was dried!

Fuck Doll

cum slut phone sexI love being a fucking whore for any and all men that will treat me like the little fuck doll that I am. You found me on the corner of the street in just my panties and a bra and asked if I needed a ride. I told you yes but only if it’s to your house and got in. You looked at me and pulled out your cock and said that I need to be a good little whore and do what I’m made to do. I smiled and got down and started sucking his cock like it was my favorite flavor of lollipop, which it is. He grabbed my head and started bobbing it up and down as hard as he fucking could making me choke and gag on his fucking cock. We pulled up to his house and he dragged me inside like the useless piece of trash I am. We got inside and he threw me down onto my knees making me suck his cock while he slapped me in the face like I fucking deserve for being a useless whore. He filled my mouth up with cum and let me drink every last drop.

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