Submissive Sex School Girl Once Upon a Time

submissive sexI was raised to be a submissive sex slut. When my mother left, I was just a little schoolgirl too. My dad was a mean SOB to her. I was aware that their marriage was far from conventional, but I did not understand the dynamics until she left, and I took her place. I was never a daughter to my father. I was a fuck doll, prisoner, and slave. The very night my mother left, my drunk mean old daddy crawled into bed with me and took my virginity. He fucked me every day after that until I ran away. I did not enjoy my younger days. Daddy made me service him and that included things like licking his ass and giving him head when he was shitting on the toilet. I became his wife and maid. I cleaned the house. I cooked his meals. I learned how to make his favorite cocktails. He pulled me from school saying they were moving out of state. He was afraid of me telling a schoolteacher or counselor about the abuse. I became a prisoner. He tied me to the bed while he went to work. He would leave a TV on for me, but I had to hold my urine or piss my bed. If I pissed my bed, I stayed in it all day. He would fuck my ass, my pussy and my mouth at all times of the day. Sometimes, just to humiliate me, he would wake me up in the middle of the night to piss in my mouth. My holes were gaped and well-used before I could legally vote. With my youth, it should be no surprise that I am a submissive whore. Daddy trained me well. I may not see my father anymore, but a girl never forgets her roots.

Branded Like A Bovine Bitch

Submissive Whore

My skin was searing faster than a fat slab of bacon on the griddle, not that there was much difference. My little submissive pussy was dripping out down my legs as Master pressed the brand into my skin one more time. I was a cow, not a heifer since I was a Mommy Whore, and the white hot metal brand being pressed into my skin on repeat said one thing: Slut. It’s what I was, what I was born to do. Sucking cock was second nature to me from such a young age that even now I could do it in my sleep. He pressed it into me again, and I screamed out with every ounce in my body, but there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop the pain.

Choke the submissive slut

submissive slut

Want to know how you can tell if a girl will make a good submissive slut? Simple, grab that bitch by the neck and show her you’re the boss. There is no argument in this scenario. If you genuinely have a sub bitch on your hands, you will see totally why you have the best cum slut. There will be no argument in the situation.

A real cum slut knows her way and will understand her place. Instead of giving you shit, she will make sure you fuck her up and take out all your frustrations on her. the dead giveaway is when you choke her and check those panties. You can bet they will be soaking wet, and they will make you want to conquer her whole life.

Shocked A Submissive Whore

Cum eating phone sex

A submissive whore is a good slut who knows her place is sent to the world to please her master. Whatever his desire I must fulfill. It reminds of when my master bought a taser. He tied me up naked and splashed water on me. He took the taser and tasted my tits. The shock went all through my body since I was wet it gave me a bigger shock. Every time he tased me, his cock grew in his pants. My pussy started getting wet knowing my master was really enjoying himself. He then took the taser and shocked my wet cunt. It sent the biggest shock up my body and into my cunt it made it squirt uncontrollably. Master really liked it so he shoved his cock in my mouth and started face fucking me hard. As he face fucked me, he shocked me with the taser. Watching as my cunt squirted all over due to the taser turned him on so much he started filling my mouth up with his cum and as a good submissive whore I drank every drop.  

Hot Sub Whore With A Mistress

Bondage Whore

As a submissive slut it’s my job to make sure I am used at least twice a week as a cum whore for the right dominant partner! I have a Mistress who loves to play wicked games with me, she is cruel at heart and loves nothing more than to see me tied up and taking any pain or pleasure she decides to dole out to me when I am under her complete control. This time I am laid out exposed in her sex swing with a ball gag in my mouth, she invited a stud with a big black cock over to use my cunt while she watches. When he shoved his big dick in my tight pussy I heard her laughing as my pussy started to tear and bleed a little, as I’d never had a big cock like that before and I was not used to the size. I know my pain and my tears make my Mistress so horny, If I’m lucky she will let me lick her sweet pussy later.

Pain Slut Needs a Punishment

Submissive Whore

As a submissive whore, I aim to please just you my Master, no matter how humiliating or torturing it is. I will let you sting me up, bound me, and play with my body until you decide I have had enough of your torment as my punishment for playing with myself while you were away. See, I was a good girl and told you! But I know you need to choke me with your huge and hard cock. Place me on my knees and take my had privileges away as I have a huge dildo rammed into my fucking ass the side of a coke can! I won’t misbehave anymore I promise! I’ll write it a hundred times across my slutty tits along with your name Master, I’m your property!

Erotic Bondage Stories

Erotic bondage stories always make my panties soaked with cum. Master has turned me into his completely obedient and submissive cumslut sex slave and I can’t ever get enough of his cock. Before him, I was nothing. Throughout the day, Master keeps me tied up and bound in our special playroom. He doesn’t allow me to play with my juicy pussy at all and I am dying to cum by the time he comes home. Master starts our session by only untying my hands from the bedpost while keeping my feet bound together. He begins moaning while I start worshiping his perfect cock. I take the mouth in and out of my mouth, popping it carefully and massaging the balls. I can tell he fucking loves it when he starts going harder and hitting the back of my throat. He pulls my hair and spanks my ass until it’s throbbing and red when I begin to gag. I live to please Master and don’t stop until he is completely satisfied. Erotic Bondage Stories

Your Bare bottom spankings Subslut

bare bottom spankings

He only wanted to know about my bare bottoms spankings I received as a sub slut over the years. He quizzed me on implements of destruction to my bare ass! I first said the bare hand of my master is best, but that was wrong. I took out my plexiglass paddle and gave myself three hard paddles for him right on my ass. I was wearing a t-back thong and the sounds were marvelous as I wailed on myself for him! Not that he was wrong, no man is wrong in my opinion, but a nice big masculine hand makes beautiful marks on a bare derriere! Next we discussed cane poles, and flogging devices. I described each that was in my possession and I knew I couldn’t cane myself, so we talked about how it felt and what marks the can left on my body. When he asked me to spread my legs and give my pussy lips a nice twack in time with his voice… I was busted. “You’re wet, I can hear it!’ He almost laughed and told me to get on all fours and with one hand take my favorite thin leather strap and lash myself for him! I came almost instantly! God, I love spanking phone sex!

Female Bondage

female bondageAre you into female bondage?  I love to be tied up. It is why I am with my master still. He is the best bondage man I have ever met. Well, that was until I met Sam on Tinder. I am not supposed to be meeting men off Tinder. I am not supposed to do a lot of things, but my master and I only see each other twice a week. I need more than that. I am in my sexual prime. I am hornier now then I was in my 20s or 30s. Sam’s profile said he was a rope expert. He is only 26, so I was doubtful that he had what I needed as far as experience. I told myself that at the very least he would have a big hard cock and plenty of energy to fuck me all night. He had both experience and stamina. He tied me up on my bed. He used some complex ties I did not know existed. So complex that my master would not have the dexterity to do with his arthritis. He told me he grew up dominating his mother and sister. He had a father much like my dad. If I had siblings and my mother had stayed around, I imagine my youth would have been like his. It made me wish I had him as my brother. It also made me wish my son was like him. My son hates me. He will fuck me when high or pissed off but it is never consistent. My son is more of a misogynist than he is a master.  This boy tied me up like I was a pig he was about to roast. And he fucked me. Ass fucked me, skull fucked me and dumped his seed in my milf phone sex pussy. He left me tied up when he left, so my son came home with some friends and took advantage of the situation. Good for me.

Submissive slut Jenn

submissive slutI am an obedient slut if nothing else. Soon, I will be standing in a room naked and surrounded by more men and women than I can imagine. There will be other sluts like me there too, all of us are sex slaves. I know that I can be the best submissive slut. All I want to do is be very obedient to do whatever they request of my tight body. My Holes are a free for all. I just want to be treated the way I deserve and will eagerly accept any order and punishment given to me. I encourage you to share me with your friends, nothing is better than being fucked by more cocks than I could ever count, and tasting all of their cum. I love to show them all what a nasty enthusiastic slave I am. Look at me sucking two huge cocks at a time till they cum all over my sexy face. Now it’s time to start the bidding, I wonder who my new master or mistress will be? I’m not allowed to cum yet, but I’m so horny to be used the way I was meant to be used the way I was meant to be.

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