Being a Submissive Whore is Hard Work

submissve whore

Being a submissive whore is hard work. There is never a dull moment either. Currently, I am in between masters. With Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, it has been hard to meet men. BDSM clubs are closed. No one seems to want to meet in person either. Men are turning down free pussy on Tinder. I am not the kind of girl who does well on her own. I need to be owned. I am not good with making decisions. I finally found a guy willing to meet me. I should have known it was too good to be true. I wanted some rough sex, maybe a hardcore ass fucking. He wanted to use me as a toilet. He said he was not putting his cock inside a dirty whore so desperate for dick she would fuck a man she just met online. He tied me up in my own house and used me as his human toilet. He pissed on my face. He pissed in my mouth. He even pissed on my pussy and ass. That was not enough degradation for me he told me, so he shit on the floor and rubbed my face in it like a puppy who had an accident. He left me bound and covered in shit and piss. It was not what I wanted at all, but a submissive slut rarely gets what she wants.

Please Let Me Cum!

Extreme Fetish Phone SexHow much more can I take? You’ve been at it for hours, swinging between giving me the most succulent tickle torture of my life, and the cruelest orgasm denial ever wrought. My cunt is dripping for you, Master. I have to piss so badly; I’m trying so hard to hold it. Your cock is harder than diamond; I can see it throbbing through your jeans, huge and ready for me. You edge me again, assaulting my poor overstimulated pussy with a high vibration Hitatchi wand. I’m begging and screaming before twenty seconds has even passed. I’m on the edge of cumming, my cunt is pleading for just a tiny push over the edge. And like that, the vibrator is gone, replaced with still air. Then, my assailants are feathers; all over my soles, across my belly, under my arms. You flick and tease my dusky nipples, my clit is begging for release. I can’t stop laughing; I can’t breathe. I don’t know if I’m going to pass out or piss myself first. “PLEASE MASTER I HAVE TO GO S-S-SO BADLY!” I scream, cackling from your tickles the entire time. Then, you pose the impossible question as you flick a feather across my clitty. “Do you want to cum, or piss?” I always choose piss. Your punishments are too harsh. And this is how I haven’t cum since Christmas; all I know is this torture, day in and day out. Please, Master, let me cum!

A Submissive whore Belongs on the Kitchen Floor

submissive whore

Where does a submissive whore mommy belong? On the kitchen floor enduring pain after she has been subjected to a wild gang bang organized by my son. My Husband and Master of my body and soul is away for work and I am completely in the hands of my son for the duration of his absence. I am required daily to video blog to my One True master how I am being used by my teenage son. I am nothing but a BSDM plaything and I know that!  I got pretty for my sons and his friends and made them dinner and served like a good slave is supposed too. But they wanted nothing but me, and to give me pain. I swear my son was selling tickets to my mommy whore cunt as they tied me up and pulled down my hose and panties. Using my tits and ass and even my cunt for all those cocks to be driven in and out of! I had lost my mind and was enjoying the fucking and cum gushing a little to much! I began to be spanked by the broom and the belts they had all found. My thighs ,tits and ass lit up like the forth of July!  And then because my son had a sick and twisted side no doubt from his father! He grabbed the chili peppers of the cabinet and stuck them up my ass and cunt and pulled my hose and panties back up leaving me in searing pain! The more I cried and screamed the more they laughed at me. My holes were on fire and the cum inside me just seemed to make the burning sensation intensify! I begged to be untied, but all my son did was pull out his cock and piss all over me. He had his buddies join in to drown my worthless mommy ass in piss as I lay crying in pain for hours. I blacked out and woke up in a tub full of ice with my husband standing over me smiling!

Spanking Phone Sex With Submissive Bo

spanking phone sex

I’ve been a bad girl, Sir. I know you told me to not masturbate unless I get permission from you, but today I got so horny that I just had to. I was thinking about the last time you whored me out to your friends at that BBQ you had and it made my pussy so wet. Before I knew what was happening, I had my hand in my panties and I was fucking my pussy with two fingers. I came so hard and then I felt bad immediately. I knew you would be so ashamed of me and disappointed in me.

So, here I am, ready for my spanking phone sex punishment. I brought my ball gag because I know you’re going to really light me up and you won’t want to hear me scream because it annoys you. You prefer me to be quiet and I respect that, Sir. I should have respected your orders to not masturbate, but since I failed, my bare ass is all yours. Will you put me over your lap? Will you make me lie down on the bed so you can stand over me? Whatever my punishment is, I know I deserve it and I’m ready to take it.

Bondage Whore and Daughter

bondage whoreI am a seasoned bondage whore girl, but my daughter is not. She thinks she is a princess and has always demonized me for being submissive. She is not used to being stuck at home. School was canceled early last semester and she will be doing her senior year online. She is not a happy camper. She has been reading more and watching movies.  She discovered the “Fifty Shades of Gray,” movies and books. Now, she thinks she can snag a rich man playing bondage games. She got on this fetish lifestyle site and started messaging men she thought looked rich. I told her it was dangerous. She did not want to listen to my experience or my advice. I told her Christian Gray looks like Snow White compared to many men out there. I know because my master is mild compared to guys I have met online and in clubs. She thought I was just being jealous.

I went out to run some errands on Saturday. I came home and there was a BMW in the driveway. I knew my daughter had some strange man over. I rushed inside to see if she was okay. I walked in and saw my daughter strapped to a St. John’s Cross with a ball gag in her mouth. She looked scared. I tried to warn her. She did not want to listen to her submissive whore mother. This guy was polite to me. I told him her real age, but I think that made him harder. I gave him permission to torture her jailbait pussy with an industrial massager. That is one of those huge back massager vibrators that can go so fast it leaves skid marks on a clit, LOL. She needed taught a lesson for thinking she knew more than the seasoned BDSM whore. She started convulsing from cumming so many times. She passed out. We used a cattle prod to force her back awake. I enjoyed watching this stranger abuse my girl. Little bitch thought she could run with the big dogs. She got some serious slave training that day. And I gained a new friend who will be happy to put the little bitch in her place again.

They Tied Me Up And Used Me

Submissive WhoreWhen my master called and told me that he had an incredibly fun weekend planned for us with some of his friends. I immediately started rubbing my pussy. It had been a while since we had one of those and I knew that I would be the entertainment. I closed my eyes and stroked my clit and fingered my soaking wet hole just envisioning the pain and torture me and my holes would endure. I love that. I want to be humiliated, fucked hard in all of my holes until my ass, mouth and pussy are filled with cum. I want them to all become creampies. Anything to please him as I am nothing but his submissive whore. I made my body perfect for the weekend, a full wax and bleaching just like I know e expects from me. We drove to his cabin and when we walked in, I saw he had already installed all of the devices for the weekend. Lots of hooks, whips, saddles, dildos, strap ons and tables. I was so wet just looking at them all. He laughed as he watched my eyes get wide trying to take it all in. He sent me to shower and change into the outfit he would lie on the bed. It was a hot latex body suit with all my holes and tits fully exposed and a pair of thigh highs. I put them on and walked downstairs to a room of horny men wearing absolutely nothing. I nearly creamed as they tightened the rope between my cunt lips. They used and abused me for hours at a time all weekend, can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

Every night, I take orders from my callers. I have plenty of hot and erotic calls and they always have my slutty cunt soaked afterwards. I still have yet to find anyone to own me the way that my son did. He loved his submissive whore mommy. He was my owner and I would do anything for him. Now that he moved away, I need someone strong enough to control me the way he did. He would just walk into the room and I would get wet instantly, waiting for his command. I loved being owned by him and spent every day serving him. He would fuck me and rip my holes open and then force his fist up into my worn out cunt. He loved to make my asshole bleed by ripping me open with his hands and shoving anything he could find inside of me. I was there for his amusement. Sometimes, he just wanted to see how much I could handle. I loved being in his complete control. I have fun being submissive to my callers but I need the one who can rule me like my master could.

S&M Porn Star Loves Cock

S&M PormFilming S&M porn is what I do when I’m not running my own business. My biggest fetishes are bondage and submission! I love to be immobilized, bound, and tied up by a strong handed Dominant. I’m a true bondage whore, and will let a man in black rubber gloves do absolutely anything to me. Sometimes, when I’m really craving some pussy action, I’ll hop on the lines for some bukkake phone sex. The idea of being covered in a bucket full of cum makes my cunt drip! I will worship any cock put in front of me; I love slurping and sucking a nice, fat cock. Even the smaller ones make my mouth water. When I’m hungry like that, I always eat any cum these rock hard cocks shoot at me. The whole time, my whore cunt is sopping wet. I need to be used, yes, just like the fuck toy I am. Let me fulfill your extreme fetishes for you; I’m the ultimate submissive whore.

Mature BDSM Phone Sex Whores Do It Better

BDSM phone sex

He said I would be perfect for his plans. I continue this BSDM phone sex story of the Master I didn’t know I needed. The trunk slammed shit as he whispered that milfs are always so fun to play with. I was bound tightly and my blood pulsed in my ears. I didn’t know what his plans were or what was going to happen to me. After many turns and bumps and the heat starting to make me pass out he opened the truck and yanked me out by the hair. We were in another garage and he told me to crawl into the door leading inside. (Very hard to do, bound as I was, but I made it into the kitchen before falling.) A collar and leash was next as he cut my hands free but not my legs. I was led to a water dish and told to drink. I lapped up every drop as he told me I was his slutty pet! There was no living space, just a wall of bondage and a few tables. I was yanked and called a stupid whore as I couldn’t keep up. I was so groggy and scared as his knife cut me free and my collar dug into my neck. This submissive whore was made to lay on a table and spread her legs for the stirrups as pictures were being taken of my breast and pussy. I was on display and so confused, that didn’t stop my cunt from getting noticeably wet. After he put away his phone he came between my legs and began pushing his cock into my ass. “Tell me that you will be my personal slave whore Robyn!”

I stuttered a yes sir as he penetrated my ass and brought a flogger to my breast. I knew this was just the beginning!

Submissive Whore Fuck Slut

submissive whore

There is nothing in this world that I could ever enjoy as much as I love being a submissive whore. I’m so thankful that I was trained as a subby because now I am truly the person I was meant to be. Serving and pleasing is what I was meant to do and if it hadn’t been shown to me, who knows where I would have ended up. But I’m thankful to be in my proper place – on my knees and waiting for my Master to let me know what I’m to do for him.

Yesterday, I had so much to do. Despite how it took its toll on me physically, I did everything my Master asked me to do. He had his poker buddies over and he told me that it wasn’t because they were going to play poker. I had to let them do anything they wanted to me and most of them wanted to pound my asshole. Some of them shoved their cocks down my throat and gagged me while my asshole got reamed. Not one of them fucked my pussy but that’s okay, it’s not ever about my pleasure. As long as they were happy, it didn’t matter that I was worn out and sore. Do you want to hear more? I’ll be right here on my knees, waiting.

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