He Forced Me To My Knees

Submissive Slut

I was roughly pinned against the wall, the grit of the bricks scraping against my bare back. He had cut the shirt and bra off of me mere moments ago, determined that he needed better access to me. His strong had was crushing my windpipe, and with every squeeze my cunt was dripping more and more. I was terrified, but my body was betraying me. It knew better than anyone what it was that I wanted; or more, what I needed. Getting used like this, forced to pleasure a stranger in a dirty, downtown alleyway was so close to the sick fantasies I actually craved.

He lifted me off of the needle littered asphalt. “Let me ask you one more time, bitch. Are you going to be a good girl for Master?” The submissive slut in me screamed “YES!” but my type A personality managed to choke out a “No.” He wasn’t pleased. He dropped me, letting me crumple to the concrete. It tore up my legs, and ripped away my pantyhose. My back scraped down the wall. I screamed, I bled, and my pussy leaked. He was pulling out his thick cock, throbbing and dripping. Grabbing me by the back of my head, he forced my mouth open. I stared up at him with pleading eyes.

Please, use me.

I Was In Trouble

submissive whoreHe caught me with my vibrator again and I knew that I was in even more trouble than I had been in before. He had told me that if he caught me again that the punishment would not be pleasant. I walked down the stairs to the basement where he was waiting for me. He told me to kneel with my hands in front of me. I did as I was told, and he bound my hands in gloves and lifted me up. He walked me over to where hooks hung from the ceiling and bars leaned up against the wall. He took my hands and attached them to the hook above my head. He then placed my legs in a spreader bar and attached a rod between my legs leading to my pussy. He then removed a paddle from his box, ripped open my shirt and proceeded to paddle my tits until they were bright red and my nipples were swollen. As tears rolled down my face and I tried to catch my breath he attached a wand to the bar between my legs, pushed it close to my clit and turned it on. I immediately felt my body begin to orgasm. He sat there watching me and when he could see my clit becoming engorged, he would flick it with a stick. The pain was enormous. Who would have though that orgasms could bring such unpleasantness? As I sobbed from the torture he just laughed as he turned off the lights leaving me in a dark room with only the sound of the wand and my cries.

Erotic Submissive Stories

Erotic Submissive Stories

I bet you enjoy all kinds of erotic submissive stories. I had this dream the other night that I was at a bar. I was getting really intoxicated and being naughty. I was flirty with a guy right in front of his girlfriend. She was getting so pissed off and I was enjoying it. It seems this something a guy brought up to me one day started to seed into my brain. He had asked if I had ever had a girl brought in for me to take my pent up revenge on. It seems I never thought about that before, but it fueled a pretty hot dream.

I was flirting with this chicks boyfriend, and was doing so pretty obnoxiously. He was eating it up. I saw they were having some words earlier in the night and decided to move in on him. I even offered to buy him a drink. I found him attractive. I was getting wet at how enraged she was getting. It didn’t take too long before she got between us. I slapped her in the face and told her she was rude. She pulled my hair and I topped the bitch. I had her on the floor and we were going at it in such a cat fight we gained an audience. I loved it. I would love to have taken this bitch with a big strap on and fucking fantasy rape the cunt. All kinds of sexy things went through my head.

Submissive Sex Office Whore

submissive sexDo you need submissive sex in your office? Your wife is never at your place of work, so it is the perfect time to get naughty. Although my master and boss is not back to the office yet, he gave me permission to temp for a friend of his who needs a paralegal for a few weeks while his normal woman is on Covid lock down. I was happy to take this gig too because Todd is so handsome. I was not sure what to expect. Master never admitted if Todd was a master type or just a normal boring lawyer. Either way, I was hoping he would fuck me. Yesterday was the end of my first week with Todd. I may never go back to my Master. Not only does he fuck me bent over his desk, but he also gets rough with me. He treats me like his property, like his submissive whore. He slaps my ass, pulls my hair, pinches my nipples, shoves office supplies in my fuck holes. He skull fucks me whenever he wants, even if I am on the phone. If he is on the phone and must pee, he snaps his fingers and I crawl under his desk and act as his porta-potty. It has been invigorating after being separated from my master for months. I need to be put in my place often. A whore like me does not thrive without male ownership and supervision. My ass hurts. My jaw hurts. My tits are black and blue. I have rope burns on my ankles, wrists and tits. I have a pretty purple ring around my neck too. Some girl in the office building asked me why I stayed with an abusive men. She had no clue that I was not a battered wife but a willing submissive slut.

Cock worshiping is what I do!

cock worshiping

As a mommy slave cock worshiping that’s what I do! A Milf  body that just won’t quit. I know how to enjoy all of you. From tip to base of that glorious cock, I give praise to every inch! My master and My son both know how to use me like a dime store Barbie bimbo. Why last week I was tied to my bed for endless hours with a raccoon tail butt plug shoved in my ass. All I wanted when I got loose was to gather both cocks of my men and kiss and slobber all over them. I was thanking them for the opportunity to be a tied up slave whore!

I needed relief from my aching ass and the only way I would get it was if they fucked me ass to mouth and let me swallow my ass flavored dicks and eat both of their cum loads! As soon as they were done with me they showed me my online presence and the money I was drawing in for them. Licking every last drop of cum with my fingers from my ass hole, I viewed me tied up helpless screaming. I never knew I was being recorded! Oh, They enjoy me being on the phone as well. Cocks get hard for a pimped out slave whore, do they not? They love to know even when they are sleeping or at work r school, I am always serving and worshiping a true Masters cock! 

cum slut phone sex

Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sexMaster caught me on the phone again tonight. He said that I was his cum slut phone sex whore and I wasn’t supposed to be talking to anyone else. He hates that I sneak and take calls to please my subby slut pussy when he’s not here. I can’t control the constant urge to be a submissive cum slut. He was pissed off and said that I had to be put in my place. He forced me into a small wire kennel and clicked a padlock around the door. I was stuck on my hands and knees and had just enough room to move my head. He called a few of his other sluts over and had them torture me while he watched and stroked his cock. They poured hot wax all over me, and laughed at me in the kennell. They pissed and spit all over me and even shoved a broom handle in my asshole. Daddy’s cock was rock hard watching and hearing me cry and beg them to stop. He fucked each one of them on my bed and then made me suck his cock clean once he was finished. Before they left, he made me apologize to each of them for being such a dirty, worthless whore. I think they felt bad for me but little did they know, serving Master like this and being punished makes my pussy drip! I love being his subby slut and being used for his pleasure. I’m on the phone again now. I hope he catches me.


Eternal Whore

Submissive WhoreMost men will never know what it is like to have a submissive whore….to be able to fuck a girl like a whore because she desires nothing more than to submit to him!

They don’t know how to control a woman or how to own her so that she gets pleasure out of being used by you!

There is nothing I love more than worshipping my man’s cock!

It gets me so wet knowing that he is using me as a little fuck doll when he slams his cock deep into my tight ass!

When he is holding my head down on his meat and face fucking me until I choke, I know I am the luckiest little slut in town just to be the one who gets to gag on his dick!

Last night, when he tied me up, and told me he wanted to watch as all his friends used me as their cum dumpster whore, I gladly spread my legs (and cheeks) for each one of their hard punishing cocks!

My ass had been fucked and filled with cum and my torn cunt had been stretched by several thick hard docks at a time!

My hair, face, and tits were drenched in cum of all flavors and as I laid there naked, fuck torn and covered in spunk…I knew I would be his eternal whore!

Bare spanking spankings turn me on

bare bottom spankings

As a brat growing up I never enjoyed getting a good whack on the bottom but as I grew up I learned that they can be a sweet turn on. For me there is nothing better than a bare bottom spanking. Either being thrown over a lap and then have your ass warmed by a soft hand or seeing the hand prints of a much larger man who uses your cheeks for a canvas. Wooden spoons and spatulas not only hurt but they also tend to leave welts. A whip or flogger can leave stripes that last for days. I will however always melt under the touch of a firm hand on my tender backside. Some light spanks for warm up before moving on to the main event of ensuring that no skin is untouched. The skin turning a nice shade of pink and warm to the touch soon to be replaced by red and hot rushes. That crack as a hand reaches out and corrects you followed by them rubbing and soothing the area. I have been tied down as I like to squirm to be ensured that I don’t wiggle away from my erotic punishments. My pussy starts running down my legs when I have a strong man remind me where my place is.

Submissive Whore Humiliation

submissive whore

The last time I got into trouble with my Master, he really went out of his way to humiliate me. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to go shopping and buy any shoes that he didn’t approve of, but when I passed by a store window, I saw a pair that I had to have. He caught me walking around my bedroom in them and he got really mad at me when he realized I’d disobeyed him. He put me over his knee and spanked me for my immediate punishment, but then he told me that there would be more.

He took me back to the shoe store where I’d purchased the shoes to return the shoes. But he made me crawl into the store on my hands and knees and I was on a leash. He made me tell the sales lady, from the floor, that I was a submissive whore who had made a huge mistake by disobeying my Master and that I had to return the shoes. Everyone was staring at me and I felt more humiliated than I ever had in my life. Master took me home and put me in my cage in the basement.

Submissive Whores Work Hard

Submissive Whore

Being a submissive whore is not as easy as you might think. I have to constantly do everything in my power to submit, so serve, and to please the men that use my body. It isn’t a mindless job; I have to obey every single whim and command, under fear of punishment. I say fear, but if you wake a look at my sopping wet cunt, we both know I’m not afraid. I’m desirous of being  demolished the way that a real, nasty little fucking slut would be. I need to be used like a little pain pig, showed the ropes and how they’re used, whipped, bruised, and abused until I’m leaking juice and oozing cum from my nasty little fuck holes.

The true submissive bitch can’t cum without serving, or having it done to her. I can’t masturbate my own dripping cunt anymore; it brings me absolutely no pleasure. I need to be on my knees, mouth wide open as cocks pump loads and loads of hot cum all over me. This is what I need. I need to be used like the masochistic whore I am. Are you up for the job?

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