Extreme Bondage is what I need

Extreme Bondage

Extreme Bondage is what I need from a sexy master who has rope skills. Oh, how I love being a sexy rope bunny on display during scenes. I have always loved ropes and knots, even as a girl. I would practice on myself and my sisters with cords I found around the house. And yes, I do think that rope bondage is very underrated. Some bitches just need to be tied up and vulnerable. 

Nothing compares to the feel of a braided cord being wrapped around your skin until you are just about immobile. One master of mine believes that there should be a category just for submissives right below human.

That some people, including myself, are naturally born to be slaves should be declassified from regular dominant folks. In his mind, women and other submissives shouldn’t have to be bound and gagged, but I explained it’s a great training tool. Not to mention how my cunt and body come alive under heavy restraints!

I realize that not all dominants want a slave to be so restricted in her movements while serving. But I do know that when I’m trussed up like a cornish hen I have no say in what happens to me. The tighter the leash, the better behaved Submissive! Plus don’t you just love a sexy slut all tied up and with nowhere to go but to serve you and take all those bare bottom spankings during impact play?

Bondage Phone Sex in a BDSM Club is Perfect for a Bondage Slut

bondage phone sexBondage phone sex makes my cunt wet. Are you good with knots? My caller asked me why I liked being tied up and defenseless last night and I had no good answer for him. Sure daddy tied me up, but I hated it. I think my only real answer is that I am submissive and I enjoy not knowing what might happen next. Plus, I like being under your control. Last night, my master sent me to the bondage club. He could not go because he had no good excuse for his wife to explain why he was going out on a Friday night. It is funny. My master is dominant with me, but not his wife. I think I am the wife he wished he had married. I know I am. He just loves being a sensual dom. He loves that I am a bondage whore. In his prime, no one could tie a bitch up better. Recently, he has enjoyed a rejuvenation of bondage thanks to modern medicine. This BDSM club in our city is a newer club. It emerged in the post Covid world after a few other clubs were forced to close because of mandatory shutdowns. This is a swank club. I must dress up and men cannot get in without a woman, but women can get in the club solo. I dressed up in a nice black dress and slipped on some high heels. I am always the oldest woman in the club, but that is okay. I like showing up the other whores. When I arrived, I was paired with Michael. Master had it planned out, but he failed to tell me the details. Michael could tie a knot better than a trained sailor. Of course, he was much younger than master. I was put on display like a prized pony. I was contorted in so many awkward poses and left for 30 mins or more in every pose so guys could fuck me. This club was supposed to be no sexual contact. Turns out Michael owns the club, and he is friends with master. Michael has seen me in the club and decided he wanted me, at least for a night, and master just handed me over on a sliver platter. Michael fucked master’s submissive whore for hours, and so did other men. I could not fight. I was too contorted to even move. I might have two masters now, oh joy.

Bukkake Phone Sex Toilet Slave

Bukkake phone sex toilet slave Eliana is at your service. I am ready for duty as a good subby slut for a nasty Master. Let me be the humiliated whore that you greatly enjoy using.

Your personal toilet paper as well as toilet. My tongue will clean your anus, balls, cock and where ever else you choose my mouth to be.

Oh, wait what? You wish to use my gaped out, post gangbanged vagina as your toilet? Seriously, You want to squat on my gaped cunt hole spread with a speculum and take a crap in me?

Well, I am a submissive to you, sir. Please use me and take a crap in my gaped open and stretched post gangbang of 20 big black cocks used up cunt hole.

I am your toilet.

Bukkake Phone Sex

Ursa Craves Your Bare bottom spankings


Bare Bottom spankings



Always the naughty one,

I have always been known as a troublemaker and Sometimes I am naughty on purpose, deep down inside my soul is crying out for your Bare bottom spankings.

Give it to me good.

Pull me over your knee and slide my panties down. You can feel the heat from my greedy little pussy, pulsating and craving what is sure to come. My bare ass tingles in anticipation of that first whack. I need those Bare bottom spankings.

MMMM I begin to wiggle as you take turns spanking each of my cheeks, they begin to slowly turn a deep shade of pink. I cry out and you laugh telling me I have been a very naughty whore and I need your discipline. My body is begging for those Bare bottom spankings.

Make my pussy erupt!

You begin to slide your big, thick fingers in and out of my hot little cunt, slowly screwing me with your fingers while you discipline me. My legs begin to shake, and I suddenly squirt my sweet love nectar all over those expensive pants. You will discipline me again for that another day.

Suspension Whore Gets Branded by Master

Sexy bondage


My Master has left me hanging, literally. 

I am suspended by a series of ropes hooked to the ceiling by my Master. I am high enough that I can seriously be injured if I fall, but not too high for my Master. He loves seeing me scared and helpless. I am all tied up with no way to escape. He can use me in any way he wants to now, and that is what he does. He shoves his cock inside my ass, making me scream as I can barely take his entire cock inside of me. He pulled out and started slapping me, calling me his property and said that I was his breeding cow. He could fuck me in any way he wants to and doesn’t need my consent to do so. I am a fuck doll for him. I am crying at this point, agreeing with every word. He is right: I am just his property. So, it is no surprise to me when he gets the hot branding iron and places it on my ass. I screamed from the pain as I knew I could not fight him. Now I belong to him forever. No one will ever fuck me with his mark on my body. My Master can play his painful games with me as he pleases. He pushes me, knowing the swinging motion in addition to my tight restraints will only add more pain. 

Bare bottom spankings and a piss face from master daddy

Master daddy beat me harder after giving me Bare bottom spankings. See daddy was raising me to take anything he has for me, because I was made so he could use me. That is how I was raised and I should have only thanked daddy for every moment the paddle hit my ass. But after my ass was red and swollen I cried and begged him to stop. What a mistake, daddy turned me around and slapped my face and mouth. He was not just daddy but my master too, so he had to put me in my place and teach me. He pulled his cock out and started spraying my face with his piss. He needed me to no longer be dripping with tears. I would be dripping with piss. After that he bent over right in front of me and spread his ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking. I want to make my master daddy happy and proud of me even though I cried like a weak slut, so I stuck my tongue out and lapped his asshole. I was trying my best but my master daddy grabbed my hair, pushed his ass on my face more and started grinding harder on my mouth. Finally he was ready to explode and that is when he shoved his cock down my throat. I choked and daddy master yelled for me to just swallow his nut like a good bitch. I did as he asked and when he finished feeding me his semen, he made it clear I was to never cry. I haven’t since then it doesn’t matter what my master gives me. 

Bare bottom spankings

Cum eating phone sex orgy

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex is all I can think about. I’m a good slut who always does what her master asks. Today I am going to engage in a cum eating orgy/glory whole. The guys are going to stick their cocks in through a hole in the wall, I am going to take it and suck their huge cocks as deep as I can into my mouth and deepthroat them. My master will tie my wrists with a zip tie behind my back and restrict me from using my hands while deep throating their cocks. Some of the men come to my side of the wall and while I’m tied up in some sexy bondage, they ram their cocks deep into my cunt. I am fucked hard and used like a dirty whore. I am getting them off so good while my master watches. He sits down in a chair across from us and takes out his cock and starts stroking it. I know my place. My place is to please my master and I’ll do anything to get his hard cock off. I am being double pounded now. One cock is in my soaking wet pussy, another in my ass, and the other throat fucking me. The guy who is throat fucking me thrusts into my submissive whore mouth until he busts all over me and into my mouth. I hold my mouth open catching all of their cum like a good slut for master.

Submissive Whore is worthless slave

Being a worthless Submissive Whore is easy for me to be. It was what my daddy raised me to be when he would use as his slave and cum bucket. I know I must clean any mess and milk every drop of cum from my master. He came home drunk last night and threw up on me u just washed off and got ready for more abuse. He pulled his cock out and forced it down my throat, making me choke and puke on it.  I had to clean up my mess too and I did. Finally his cock was hard and throbbing and I bent over and spread my legs for him. He didn’t want my worthless pussy, so he forced his cock into my ass. Since he was intoxicated he fuck me like a jack rabbit and punted my into the ground making my asshole stretch. When I felt his cock Start pumping semen I knew I had use my Slave training properly.He stood up over me and pissed all over my face, he had to release his bladder before  I put him in bed as the cum dripped out my asshole.

Submissive Whore

Bare bottom spankings while tied to a tree and fucked!

Bare bottom spankingsWaking up tied to a tree, my head pounding, my lower lips dripping while some guy shoves his cock so deep I can feel it in my core, and bare bottom spankings loud and proud to top it off? Not how I expected my morning to start. To be fair, I’d gotten so drunk the night before I’m pretty sure I bet the bartender I could suck dick faster than he could serve drinks, so, it makes sense that my memory was fuzzy. My head pounding from a crazy hangover the likes of which only legends hear about wasn’t helping my disposition, but I’ll admit the sturdy dick wrecking my insides did make me a lot happier. There’s something special about morning wood. Thing is, with my hands tied to the other side of the tree, and my whole body largely wrapped around it, it’s hard to get a good idea of who exactly was fucking my bondage whore body. I knew it wasn’t the guy I was with last night, his cock was longer but not nearly as thick, and he was gentle. This man had me rubbing right against the bark in front of me, scratching my tits and uncaringly leaving his dick so deep inside me that the pulsing I could feel deep left me no doubt he intended to cum inside me. The guy from last night was too nervous to do that, this guy, no qualms at all. He didn’t hesitate, with a final grunt at the end of a series of hardcore thrusts, I felt my insides get very, very warm, and that warmth flow up and fill me.

“Haah-what the hell.” I couldn’t help but groan, feeling him soften as he pulled out, leaving the slop to glide down my thighs towards the dirt below. Some men aren’t very gentle, others aren’t very considerate, some men are just plain both. Knowing he was both would have left me soaked if I wasn’t already drenched in cum, so another man lining up and taking his place couldn’t have had better timing for my cum slut phone sex pussy.

Milf phone sex for young men

Milf phone sex

Young guys just love to have milf phone sex with a voluptuous mommy like myself. My big fat jugs were made for little young ones to play with. I couldn’t help but be the church candy lady on Sunday. You should see them all run up and ask for candy with their hands out. It didn’t happen just a time or two I’d find a hand where it wasn’t meant to be. Did you know my cunt squirts when I get enough titty fucking and playing. So I found myself with a young one one Sunday afternoon. So eager for something sweet and me so eager to please. The hungry are always the most aggressive and I am always the most submissive even when grooming.