Submissive Phone Chat Makes Me Your Phone Slave

submissive phone chatI enjoy submissive phone chat with alpha men like you. A few years ago, my master found me this job. At that time, he knew he would be fully retired soon and wanted me to still have money coming in weekly. He set me up for a bright future with or without a job. But since I am much younger than he is, he knew I would still want a consistent paycheck.

My house, he paid for. And he set me up with a nice 401K but I cannot touch that for another 20 years. So, this is a nice option for me. But it scares me too. Makes me realize I hit the jackpot with my current master. The younger alpha men have grown sadistic over the years. Although I like to think I am a seasoned submissive whore, I think I am not seasoned enough for some of the more extreme and humiliating men in the world.

I am Compelled to Obey on and Off The Phone

But just like in person, on the phone I am compelled to obey. I got on a long call last night with a man more into humiliating me than anything. He had me drink out of my toilet bowl and clean it with my tongue. When a man forces you to do that, you suddenly realize how not clean your bathroom really is. He had me paddle my bald pussy with a hairbrush too. I had to spank my worthless pussy 50 times with each side of the hairbrush. And the bristle side hurt more, which surprised me.

My caller ordered me fuck my ass with that hairbrush and clean the handle off afterwards too. You may think your ass is clean, but until you suck your ass juice off the handle of a brush that you inserted into your asshole, you realize it is not so clean after all. For hours this man humiliated me and subjected me to grueling and humiliating tasks. This submissive sex slave fears what the world of masters looks like now.

Submissive whore Jessica needs to be owned

submissive whore

Master called again to remind his favorite submissive whore that I’m an owned piece of fuck meat. He jerked his dick and made me tell him the story of our last encounter where he punished me for being a bad girl. I had talked back to him and smarted off when he told me to do something. That was against the rules and I knew better. Sometimes I push Daddy just to see what he will do to me when I’m naughty. I get so horny when he gets stern and starts to discipline me. This time, he made me stand in front of him and strip off all of my clothes. It was so embarrassing being completely naked and having to stand there waiting on him to decide how he wanted to punish me. He made me walk to the closest and choose which belt I was going to get my whipping with. Normally, Daddy would bend me over his lap and spank me across my ass with his bare hand but this time, I had pushed him to the point of him being very angry with me. I know that Daddy is the best Daddy ever and that he deserves the best girl but, I’m a naughty slut and I can’t help but to tease him. I deserve everything that he did to me and more. He made me stand with my back turned to him and my hands up on the wall in front of me. Even though my pussy was soaked and I wanted so badly to reach down and rub my wet cunnie, I knew that would only cause Daddy to whip me harder. I bit my lip and choked back tears as Daddy reared back and brought the thick leather strap across my ass with a loud, stinging smack.  I could feel the heat from the welts rising on my buttcheeks and could tell that Daddy was getting more and more angry with every strike. Daddy whipped my ass until it was bright red and burning. Then he bent me over and rubbed the head of his stiff cock up against my soaked cunnie. Daddy got so excited when he felt how wet my cunnie was for him and he gave me special permission to tell all of my callers about how he held me down and used me like the dirty pair of fuck holes that I am!

Submissive sex with the best slave cunt is what you need!

Submissive sex My master was craving some filthy Submissive sex lastnight and needed me. I am the best slut he has so when he is feeling dirty and aggressive I am his go to whore. So he called me in the slave room and tied me up like usual. He shoved his nice cock down my wet throat while I struggled. He jammed it down and held my head down while spitting on me and calling names. He told me he didn’t care if I passed out. He needed to get his nut off and he wanted my holes to do the job correctly.

When you are the mood for some Cum slut phone sex with a skank who can work your cock properly; I am the one who can do the job. My master jack hammered my wet throat hole open for like 30 minutes while I struggled to breathe. My arms were behind me and I was feeling very numb. I was aching and wanted it to end but he kept saying “Good slaves keep their mouth shut and do whatever their superiors want”. I cried and he said “Good bitches cry for their daddy; that means they want it up the ass hole next”. 

If you want some rough and nasty Hardcore bondage you should connect with me. I am here to be your jerk off slave whore; I am craving your load. Please pump your cock in all my holes and cum wherever you please. I am here and ready to submit to you; I am so needy and ready for a good fuck session!




Erotic submissive stories With Rosalie

Erotic submissive stories

Good Afternoon Sexy men! Im looking for some erotic submissive stories to make me cum over and over again. Ive always been a little Submissive Whore. I need to be controlled By the right dominant man And to submitting to his will. I will do any and everything I’m told Nothing is too taboo for me to say no too.

Something about being tied up and bound makes my tight little fuckbox throb. Being vulnerable and waiting for my Daddy to give his next demand. I love being surprised by spontaneous request, Blindfold me and take me to your sex dungeon. Put a collar and leash on me and parade me around in the street.

We can have so many wild and exciting adventures  Once you make me yours! I want you to get as dark and twisty as you can get not one fantasy is off limits I want to know your most crazy and seductive stories you got.  I want to get nasty with you. You can even use toys with me. Im yours to play with daddy!


Cum Whore Loves Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is Oh, I love cum! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warm sticky jizz filling me up – especially when it’s all over my tits or in my mouth. Especially when a guy is trying to get it in every hole? Bring it on baby! I love that you tie me up, gag me and then you without hesitation, take that big fat cock and wherever you want to put it, shove it in that hole!

Whether it’s up my ass, down my throat, or even both at once if that’s what gets you off. Just promise me one thing: keep fucking me until I can’t walk straight tomorrow morning because this dirty girl needs her fix!  I want round 2, 3, 4, 5.  I want you to tie those ropes so tight around my wrists that I have marks for days. I want to have my legs to where I cant even move or walk when you are done with me.

And when you finally untied me and let me collapse onto the bed in a heap of sweaty, satisfied bliss, all I could think about was how amazing it felt to be used by someone who truly understood my filthy desires. You were everything I’d ever wanted in a partner – dominant yet caring; rough around the edges but with enough tenderness to make this dirty little escapade feel like more than just sex.

Are you ready to make this little submissive whore your own personal cum rag whore? Use these holes baby and use them good. I am here to please and pleasing is what I do best!  Give this squirting little bondage bitch a call soon!


Join Me In Submissive Sex Chat For a Hot Time

Join me in some submissive sex chat. This I can promise I will be a good slut for you in any form of session we may have. My eagerness to please you and drain your balls is profound.

Obviously I can take some massive cocks. After all I am an Amazon at nearly 6 feet tall. I can indulge you in some vore and be the proper dominant for you as well.

And did you read about foot licking, toe sucking and ball washing? Well as a matter of fact you read that correctly. I take great pleasure in doing all of those things. But one of my favorites is giving rim jobs. I will rim that anus and suck the juices from it.

Finally if you just really need a kinky toilet with a long tongue, that’s me.

Submissive sex chat

Submissive Whore Embarrassed in Front of Other Woman

Submissive Whore Has to Submit in Front of Stranger

A submissive whore is always well behaved. Even in front of strangers. You’ve invited a woman over in a tight black dress and stiletto heels. She makes me so nervous that I spill a bit of wine while serving you. I know that I’m supposed to get down on to the floor to clean it, but her legs are spread right there. If I got on my hands and knees I would be staring at her panties. I look at you for guidance. “Clean it.” I do as I’m told and get down on my knees with a rag. “With your tongue.”

submissive whore

Bare Bottom Spankings Teach Her a Lesson

I feel her eyes watching me. I’m suddenly aware of being completely naked in front of this complete stranger. My tongue touches the pool of wine and she laughs. My face turns red and I try to dab it up with a rag instead. But Master catches me. First, you grab the rag from my hand and put it on the table. Next, you lift me to my feet and gently bend me over the table. Then you brush my hair away from my face and whisper in my ear what I am to do.

I bend over the table and place my hands flat. I hear you taking off your belt. The woman sits back in her chair ready to watch the bare bottom spankings I will receive as my punishment. The belt slashes against my ass. I apologize for my disrespect. You smack me again. And I’m sorry for my ineptitude. My ass cheeks are burning red. Then I look over to the woman and she slaps my ass too and laughs. I am to apologize to her too. I look down at the table and beg for her to forgive me, or punish me until I earn forgiveness. My master smiles.

2 girl phone sex with Breanne & Bernice will serve you!

2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex with Breanne & Bernice will serve you! I live to serve and please my Master in any way he desires. I am his property, his plaything, his slut. I am nothing without his commands and guidance.

From the moment I wake up, my thoughts are consumed by Master and how I can fulfill his every desire. As I kneel before him, naked and vulnerable, I feel an intense thrill of excitement and fear. I know that I will do anything he says, no matter how degrading or humiliating it may be.

My body is his to use and abuse as he pleases. He controls every aspect of my life, from what I wear to who I talk to. I am nothing but a puppet in his hands, ready to be used for his pleasure.

Master loves to see me on my knees, begging for his attention. He knows that I am nothing but a worthless whore, and he takes great pleasure in reminding me of that. He forces me to lick and worship his body, leaving me dripping with his sweat and cum. But I am grateful for the opportunity to please him in any way I can.

One of Master’s favorite things to do is to make me serve alongside my fellow submissive, Bernice. She and I are like two sides of the same coin, both eager to serve Master and fulfill his every desire. We are his personal sex service, ready to serve his every whim. He loves to humiliate me and shove my face deep in her pussy so I can suffocate on her pussy juices.

Master’s favorite game is to tie us up and use us as his bondage sluts. He loves to give us Bare bottom spankings and watch us squirm while we beg for more punishment. He will use any tools he desires, from his bare hands to whips and paddles, leaving us bruised and sore for days. But it is all worth it to see the pleasure on his face.

Breanne and Bernice are here to fulfill your every fantasy and desire. We are at your beck and call, ready to be used and abused by our Master and anyone else he chooses. We are nothing but lowly submissive whores, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pissing phone sex, you don’t need to bind me, but you can.

     Pissing phone sex, you don’t need to bind me, but you can. As soon as you tell me what you have in store for me. I will bend over backwards for you to piss all over my face, hair, and body. As I said you don’t have to tie me up. At the same time, you know how much I like it when you do.

     Tilting my head back to allow your piss to soak into my hair. Dripping down onto the ground. Over and into my mouth. Past my lips, down my throat. Watch it bead on my tits. Forming droplets to rub into me. Covering me in my Dom’s scent. Mark me as yours.

     Your cunt is getting all wet. Waiting for you to fuck me hard. Feel your warm piss all over me as I feel your throbbing cock fucking me harder and harder.

     Finally make me beg you to give me your cum and a then a golden shower claiming me evermore as yours. Please sir. Will you cover me in your urine? You know I am your Sub, and I will do anything you ask me to do. Please sir.

Pissing phone sex

Golden showers and Wife writing for my humiliations!

Golden showers phone sexGolden showers phone sex has always been one of my favorites. Something about being a hot piss whore that humiliates me and thrills me at same time. A hot steaming load of piss covering my face after a good choke fuck is the fucking best!  Do you want to hear me gulp down pint after pint of piss out of my beer stein? Of course, you fucking do! As a MILF sub I know how to be a good toilet Sub! Subby whore Robyn spends her time crawling and begs to lick my master’s ass and drink his pungent pee! Consider me your toilet tissue as I clean my ass and every drop of piss out of your cock! 

Golden showers phone sex for Milf Robyns Humiliations

Lets not forget how much I love a good hard piss in pussy! My master wife writes humiliating things on me when I am for public use during a gangbang scene! Cheap Piss slut and piss all over me are my favorites, really!  Master, love to be degraded in public and to be used by everyone. Milf Robyn wants to be the dirty little sub that will do anything for you. I want to be your toilet sub.