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Extreme Fetish Phone Sex, Delight Me?

You know what would delight me the most, it’s Extreme fetish phone sex sessions with a strong Master. Let me be your cum guzzling phone sex whore that enjoys a good tie-up and clamping.

Clamp my nips, and my clit.

Tease me with your big beautiful dick.

Make me suck and lick.

I promise to love it even if your sick. 

Just don’t try to be slick.

Be a little bitch that thinks being a Master’s servant means I am a dumb cunt and let you do whatever you wish to me.

Well I will prove you wrong and switch it up in a flick.

With the Click click clack of my high heels on the slick of your dick the flickering of a whip will make your prick hard as a brick.

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

Obedient Submissive Slut

submissive slut

Last week, Master Tomas told me that he had a surprise for me. When he says that, I always know he’s talking about something that’s going to be extremely humiliating for me. Well, this time he decided to take me to a casino and offer to take men in the bathroom for blow jobs to relieve the tension from gambling. I was instructed to just walk up to whatever man Master told me to and make the offer to them. Of course, I didn’t really want to do it. But I know by now that I am not allowed to say no to Master. 

So, we walked around and played some slots while Master looked for the perfect guys for me to please. When he found one, I was to walk up to him and ask him if he was getting stressed out from the tension of gambling. If he said yes, that’s when I’d offer him the cock sucking experience of a lifetime. Master would always buy the guy a drink after I sucked them off in the bathroom. Do you want to hear about that or some of my other experiences as a submissive slut, Sir?

Bondage Chat with Bernice

bondage chatBondage chat, anyone? It is no secret that I like to be tied up. My master offered me to another friend of his for the weekend. My master got duped. He was told by his close associate that he just wanted to rent his whore for a few hours for some bondage pictures. The guy is a BDSM photographer too. It is a hobby of his. He likes to tie women up and take pictures of them. My master saw no harm in that. When Eddie showed up at my place, I knew something was off about this guy. He did not give me photographer vibes. I was not in the position to question him. I am just a bondage and submission whore. I cannot stop a man from doing anything. He did tie me up and took photos, but he brought in a friend once I was tied up. I tried to question what was going on and got slapped so hard, I bit my lip and it bled. This stranger walked into my house and paid my master’s associate a lot of money. For what, I was about to find out. The guy looked scary. He was much younger than my master or his associate. The younger the man is, the meaner he usually is, has been my experience. He walked over to me tied up on the floor and pissed in my mouth. He kicked me when I let a little of his piss run out of my mouth. I was scared. This guy was mean and ready to break me. I am a submissive sex whore. I do not need to be broken in, but this guy just wanted to abuse me. He spit on me, kicked me some more. He eventually fucked my ass and pussy, but he made sure to let me know that an old whore like me does not deserve to cum. In fact, if I orgasmed, he would beat me senseless. When my master found out his prized bitch was beaten up and used in such a humiliating way, he was livid. But nothing he could do. The damage was done.

i know the rules now i get bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

My ass needs some bare bottom spankings. I have gone against daddy and have had a one-night stand without his approval. I know the rules, and I know the repercussions. I’m about to get fucked like a dumb cum slut in my asshole. Daddy will slap my ass with a giant paddle, and that’s only the beginning. I’m going to have to endure so much pain. It is no surprise daddy has his rules and his punishments for me. Im well aware that my ass needs to be destroyed in every way. That’s the way it is, and if I’m going to be hurt, I will enjoy it now I know the trick. My pussy gets so wet whenever I see that belt and paddles. Each time I take things to the next level, my payback is even more excruciating.

Prostate Milking Pet

prostate milking When Master Tomas first took me under his wing and showed me what it was really like to be a submissive slut, there was one thing he insisted on. Well, besides expecting complete submission, that is. He told me that if I didn’t know anything about prostate milking, I’d better learn. Apparently, the orgasms from that are incredible and that’s what he likes almost every time unless he’s in a hurry and just wants a quickie from me. So, I made it my mission to learn exactly how to do it because I just wanted to please him all of the time.

Do you also like having your prostrate milked? Master says that it just feels so good. And I love the way the cum seems to just explode from his cock when I’m milking him. It turns me on so much, but of course, I don’t do anything about that because I don’t want to upset Master. He doesn’t let me touch myself in front of him unless he tells me that I can. If you’re looking for a submissive little whore, I would like to offer myself up to you. I’ll be ready and waiting for you, Sir.

Slave Training Toilet Whore

I’m a naughty subby slut and I need punishment, daddy. Slave training me as a toilet whore is exactly my place. I am your submissive that will be here for your use. You can treat me like you would any little slave slut. I am your slave slut. My mouth is for your use. I will suck your cock, drain your balls and drink your pee. My tongue can be your toilet paper, your bidet, or even your personal ass licker. I will use it to your desires. I am often forced to lick buttholes and have been since I was young. My sole being is to be your slave. Fuck my holes and sell them to the biggest cock owners that you wih to see destroy me. This is my pleasure, sir.

Slave training

Erotic Submissive Stories

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are something I am full of to share. I have been a sub most of my life. I was daddy’s slave first. I had a caller who wanted to talk about when my father first abused me. It was hard to remember the details because I was that young. I think I remember most of it but my younger days were filled with traumatic experiences, so I am not sure how well I remember them. My mom left my father and me for another man. I guess the new beau did not want a brat. And she did not think my father would turn me into his sex slave because of my age or maybe she just did not care because she was free. Never saw her again. That first night dad was without my mother, he put me in her place. He came into my bedroom. I could smell the whiskey on his breath. I was scared. My father never wanted much to do with me. I always felt like I was more of an annoyance to him than a daughter. He pulled back my bed covers. I woke up and asked what was wrong. I was scared. I did not know what was going to happen. I never thought my father was about to give me my first slave training session. He told me I was the woman of the house now and that meant taking care of the man of the house. I did not know what that mean really until he was on top of me pushing his dick into my little bald cunt. I screamed because it hurt. He left me not long after that first thrust. I was I immobilized by fear and pain. I had blood between my legs. I peed the bed too. That first night was the beginning of my nightmare. I am full of submissive stories throughout my life.

Submissive slut and the stranger

submissive slutThere comes a time when being a submissive slut emcompasses your every being. I was grocery shopping today and at the check out I was lost in my phone missing the move up cue. The very burly man behind me had enough of frustrating women like me. He called me a stupid bitch! When I tell you my whole body reacted, and I was almost a puddle in the checkout line, I mean it! I turned around and stared at him for what must have been the most crazy two minutes. Now my tits were out just the way my master likes them. I was wearing my pink dress and thigh highs. I always show off for my master when I go anywhere. For a moment i was in the back of his car, I was on my knees in that grocery store with a mouth full of cock. But reality dawned on me. I finally sputtered the words, “I am a bitch, A very good one, obedient too. But, sir, I’m not stupid.” I checked out and flirted hard with the grocery boy. 

I knew this man behind me was not a real dominant, because he didn’t take control of that minute that had a heartbeat of desire between us. I thanked my lucky stars to have such a strong hand at home. I would ask for extra bare bottom spankings tonight. Maybe role play how this should have went down for a subby Milf and a stranger. After I made my famous meatloaf and got our brats to bed of course.

Oh, that man doesn’t know he could have had a willing cum whore submissive blowing him in his F 1-50. I saw him pull away as I was putting groceries in the trunk. I made sure to kneel real low putting the waters in so my Milf ass gave him something to jack off his dick later. Lesson, always be prepared to back your ass up, or shut up! I know my place ,do you?bare bottom spankings

Rape phone sex fantasies

He was supposed to protect me and keep me safe, but instead he was choking me out and telling me not to fucking speak! I was terrified, but the way he was handling me turned me on more than I wanted to admit. We were inside a closet down at the porn studio, surrounded by cleaning supplies and clean mop heads. He pulled his cock out, forced me to my knees, and spit on it. “Put it in your mouth you fucking whore!” He snapped, slapping me hard in the back of the head. I gasped as he pushed me forward, and his cock got shoved all the way to the back of my throat. I tried to push away even though I liked it, but there was nowhere to go. I was trapped, his more willing than resistant victim. He started molesting my tits, pulling them out. “You owe me this.” He growled in my ear as I cried over it, quietly. Before I knew what was happening he pulled my mouth off of his cock, bent me over, and started pounding into me so fucking hard I knew they must have heard us all the way in the studio! I was moaning out, even though his hand was clamped tighter than my cunt over my mouth. I wanted it now, and he was going to fucking give it to me.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

Weekend Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are so erotic when a true submissive woman is under your hands. My ass bouncing with the added padding of delivering three beautiful offspring and the softness of age gives you a nice show. It could be as simple as the brats are in bed and you are pushing up behind me as I step from the shower. You dangle my rope gear and bite my neck. I’m down on the bathroom floor crawling after you into the bedroom. I know what you require. I put my arms behind my back and bask in the sight of your shadow as you make quick work of your BDSM wife. A smack reverberates through the wood floors. My ass becomes awake and the messages in my brain say this is good. My pussy is soaked in one bare handed paddle. All the stress of the day… the week seeps out of me as I become fully yours by the 3rd hit on my round cheeks. Now pulled up onto the bed you lay on top of me and slide your hands around my throat.

Slut, bitch, whore…your words are music to my slave wife ears. 
On my belly I feel your fingers tighten and my ass slit widen. I feel my master’s cock dripping with pre-cum and know where he is headed. A gasp is short lived when penetration occurs finally. The precipice of anal fucking your wife has me almost cum instantly with your cock in my ass. 

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