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What’s better than one subby slut? Two two subby sluts of course.  Let me show you what makes me your slave inevitably. Whenever you have a group of girls or one other girl it doesn’t matter just another female around my inner Instinct of being territorial emits.  It’s so hard for me to keep a chill mood.  At first I am threatened and I need you to have the BDSM chat where you berate me and tell me that I don’t have any Authority. In my mind I like to think that I’m your number one but in reality you will never give me that satisfaction. So I have to learn how to play nice and get comfortable with other girls.  Whatever you want you always claim. When I had Clara around she told me that I would be eating her cunt and submitting to her. In some ways I couldnt stop myself from being so wet by being dominated by a subby slut. Clearly it was a battle of the babes and you enjoyed the show.

submissive sex for life

submissive sex

All the pain of him spanking me and using me and giving me submissive sex that’s all that has me in a doozy. The pain radiates through my body but I still need him I want him I’m obsessed I can’t help it I’m only for him. As he takes over my body and mind and soul and shoves his dick and me with no remorse he calls up on all his friends to use me up. The spanking the choking the abuse will never stop.  I am his and only has and I belong to him for life so he’s going to always let me know with his actions that I have no say so. Now I know that I was born to be a submissive girl

I make Cock worshiping look like art

Cock worshipingAs a cock worshiping slut, I’m very lucky that my name is Zella, it makes writing my name on your cock with thick lipstick and kisses a lot easier. Lots of simple straight lines. The “a” gets a little tricky at the end, but you could say I’m used to pulling tricks. That may have been a dirty pun but I promise you it’s going to be the least dirty part of any time you spend with me. I will worship your cock like it is a god and the only way I can eat is by swallowing your load. I promise I’m a good girl that likes to drink all her milk and I’d never be so wasteful as to let a drop hit the floor, no matter which pair of lips I’m using at the moment, and I promise it will be both as I milk you dry and show you cum eating phone sex all night long. 

I know what I am, as a cheap whore I belong on my knees until the rug burn leaves them bright red, matching my lipstick all over your cock and balls. It will be a fitting compliment to my brightly colored mascara running down my face from the tears, my body trying to work past just how huge you are as I choke on you. I love a dick so big I have to struggle, it makes the cum so much sweeter, it really drills into any man that his cum is more important to me than air. It’s a simple decision to force you as far down in my throat as I can manage, always struggling to get just another inch down my airway so I can properly take in its magnitude and greatness. As a cum slut phone sex whore,I’ll suck for hours if it means even one more thick load of cum to drink down from your swollen cock.

Submissive whore like me need to be played with

Submissive whoreToday I, a submissive whore, couldn’t recognize a cock that was already inside of me. Normally as I get used, even if it’s dark and I’m waking up to it by the feel, the size, the speed it’s moving. Not today though, today was a different new cock and I loved not knowing. I loved that someone just got tired of my short little skirt and decided to do something about it. I came so hard my entire body spasmed as I realized the monster inside of me was totally unrecognizable to my poor abused little pussy stretching around it. Maybe it was a habit but I found myself grabbing my ankles and staring at my thong that had been ripped off and thrown on the ground. A stranger was using me for their pleasure and all I could think was that I was grateful for the surprise, for the welcome waves of pleasure washing over me. All I wanted in that moment was to milk that fat cock dry, to be as pleasurable for him as I could be. To make him cum a half dozen times inside of me. I am a free-use whore and I have always been proud of it. However, I rarely enjoy it half as much as when a stranger uses me for the first time, as I’m made a man’s toy and he chooses when and how to play with me.

Hurt me with your slave training

Slave training“Ow! Oh fuck!” The slap of my titties bouncing against each-other after his palm landed firmly to the side was enough to scramble my expression and wet my loins for his effective slave training. I’m a glutton for a little agony every once in a while, and that means when a man gets in his head that I’m a toy to be played with I respect him more if he’s willing to hurt me. I cried out his name, I cried a little in general, and my titties shined a little red. My breaths were heavy, while I moaned and twitched. He had created a rhythm for me, one that had my body in sync with my heart beat. “Harder~” I gasped, begging him to give me all of his passion in a way that I couldn’t ever forget. “Make me bleed.” A lot of men are into a woman who knows her place, I’m one of them, and I get a lot of appreciation. There’s nothing better than a woman that you can smack, hit, abuse and torture, who’ll beg for more with a teary smile and a dripping cunt. “Cum.” I heard him order, and I couldn’t stop myself from giving in and giving him the treat he requested.

Pissed On and Degraded on Public Train

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I was sitting on the train when a man came up to me. He had a trench coat on, which was suspicious to me but not enough to strike up a conversation. He asked me sexy personal questions such as “Had I ever had a golden shower?” and “Do I love being degraded?”. Of course, I told him that I have had a golden shower and that being degraded is my purpose in life. I am a submissive whore whose place is to be used. He then got up and opened his coat to reveal he wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear. He grabbed his cock and started spraying me with his piss right in front of everyone in the train. I tried to pretend that I had more self-respect than I actually had, but it was obvious to everyone that I loved being covered in his piss. I got to my stop and got off the train, my pussy so wet from being publicly degraded by that stranger.

Bare bottom spankings for worthless whore until welts show up

When you are a worthless whore, your master will use you to let out his daily frustrations. When my master has a bad day, he comes home and lets me out of my cage for Bare bottom spankings. His spankings are always hard but when he has had a bad day, they leave my bare red and swollen. Depending on what he uses I might get some blisters and will bleed. Since I am just his whore to use. It doesn’t matter how much pain I feel, as long as he feels happy and relaxed. I should feel happy that he uses me because I am nothing special, just a cum dumpster slut. That is why he dumps his load in any hole of his choosing. I know I am his favorite cum slut because I take all the Slave training I can get. Any chance I have to get used I want it. Sometimes if I am lucky, he will use my asshole and I will sneakily rub my clitty. That makes me cum so hard when my master fills my asshole up. If my master catches me, I know I have to be ready for more punishment. but it is worth it to cum with my master sometimes.  

Bare bottom spankings

Submissive Phone Chat is All I am Qualified to Do as a Whore

submissive phone chatI love having submissive phone chat. It was my master who led me to this site. Who knew there was a word of phone slaves? He is the reason I have a submissive phone bone career. I have few skills other than being a slave. Master did send me to paralegal school, but finding a new job in that field in my 40s and only having one job ever on my resume makes it challenging to find work. My master has set me up for life, but I still need money coming in regularly. I have a 401K, but I cannot touch that for about 30 years. I did not think I would love phone slave training, but I do. It is safer than the real world. I think that is what my master thought too. He wanted me to have a job where I could keep my submissive skills honed and make money. I have been his whore more than half of my life. I am a paralegal with some extra skills like cock sucking, ass eating and prostate draining. I just cannot list those skills on a typical resume. So, here I am being submissive on the phone for men like you.

Most days, I am a good phone whore, other times I am a great phone whore because I really get into a role play like last night. I talked with a man who use to abuse his own mother. She was a single mother raising a horny teen boy alone in the 80s. She would party and occasionally pass out. Her son started taking advantage of her while she was incapacitated. That was just his warmup. By the time he was in high school, he was exploring his rape phone sex fantasies on his mommy while she was awake. He broke his own mother. Made her his whore before he could drive. Something so hot about that. I masturbated all night long wishing he was my son.

Snuff on easter and Cum eating phone sex

cum eating phone sexGood Girl Robyn loves giving Cum eating phone sex to men who enjoy the freaky side of life. As a teen trailer park prostitute with big tits, I run into men who have a little darkness in them. Drew Loves to show us girls snuff films and make us stroke him while we watch. The little whore who can make him splatter in time to the head exploding on the snuff movie gets a big bonus. We all want to make him happy, but so far I’m the only nasty little bitch out of all the girls to really get excited when I see all the brains and blood everywhere. On easter Drew, Baby told me that if I really wanted out of the hood I would have to start doing more dark things like this. Me asking him if it felt good to cum to blood and gore really impressed him. I asked why, My subby heart really does just want to make cock feel good. And then He told me of men who love young sluts and snuff and that I would be perfect. Could I make men feel good while they are looking at hardcore violence and murder? But first, he needed to test me. He says it’s not just about liking and getting off to the gory side of existence. I have to be able to clean up well and present myself as a house girl.

I have to enjoy eating loads of deviant men!   I had no idea the world I was about to enter, but I would do anything to be able to stop doing cheap tricks with sweaty bald men who cruise our side of town. My test for the night to get me into this snuff sex cult was insane. He had seven black men each with pastel sprayed afros designed to look like easter eggs buried the thor neck in a field. I and Drew sat in a Bobcat loader and My job was to drive over each man’s head while I jacked Drew off! Sounds simple right killing while Jacking! I made a good compression by splattering heads and making Drew splatter my young prostitute tits! And you know I made a wonderful show of eating all of his cum from killing on Easter day!   It doesn’t take long for Him to pull a Submissive Whore out of the trailer park lifestyle to become his cum slut.

Maid Slave Gangbanged and Bred By Master and His Friends

Gangbang phone sexIt’s no wonder a whore like me is always in situations like this. One minute, you make me serve drinks in a French maid’s outfit to each of your friends. They’re pinching my ass since you refuse to let me wear panties. The pinching becomes rubbing my pussy. The next minute, each of you are trying to see how far you can stick your cocks down my throat. You tell them that I’m your toy, but that they can borrow me for the night. One of them got a hold of me and lifted my skirt while another came and rubbed my clit. I begged for you to make them stop, but you said that it was my fault for enticing them. You all decide to see who can breed me first, creaming inside of me and pounding my delicate pussy until I can’t even feel my legs anymore. If I am not pregnant in the next month, you give them permission to come ravage me again.