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Cock worshiping memories

Cock worshipingI participate in a healthy dose of Cock worshiping for money, it’s a thing, it’s perhaps my favorite thing. I spend all day contemplating the dicks I could suck, I constantly fantasize about all the dicks, sometimes I touch myself just to the thought of it. You have a dick right? I’d like to suck it, for money. I used to suck it for free but I found out that it doesn’t really pay the bills, so now it’s exclusively for money, which is sad but sometimes you have to give yourself standards.  I remember, back when I was sucking dick for free, there was this one party I went to where I had to suck two dicks at once. They were both so girthy that I had a really hard time fitting them in my Submissive phone sex mouth, but swirling my tongue in between them got me the moans I desired, and bobbing my head, well, that got a reaction. Suddenly they were stretching out my jaw enough I had to pull back and start bobbing down one, only to pull back and bob down the other, individually working two cocks off at once like some kind of professional – I guess I am one now – cock sucker! It was so hot, being used like that. I love getting into weird situations, they don’t always work out but they’re always fun and make a great story! And yes, before you ask, I did get two full heaping loads in my mouth to slurp down and warm my belly. I sometimes think about that while jilling hard, and it gets me so wet every time. To think they wanted me so much they were willing to wait between bobs, my fingers fondling their sacks with glee while I was at it. Cum eating phone sex is where it’s at.

I Love Eating Cum

Cum eating phone sex


Every submissive worth her salt is a pro at cum eating phone sex.  I’ll take it however you want to give it: in a cup, on a saucer, I even love it as an ice cream topping!  I prefer to get it right from the source, though, so when I get asked to sit in on a blowbang orgy and sub the fuck out, I happily agree.

The only thing that can beat a chunky, creamy mouthful of hot cock juice is multiple mouthfuls of that pearly, pussy plastering nut sauce.  I can even fit a couple of cum slingers in my gob at once to make sure I don’t have to settle for swallowing single loads.  So what if I have to keep my mouth open really wide for so long that my jaw cramps up and my lips start to sting?  After a little bit, I don’t even notice that the corners of my mouth feel like they’re about to rip apart.  When I get that double blast of bone juice I’ll be on cock cloud nine!

I can chug down a pint or so of sperm filled semen in a single blowbang session, no problem.  When you get that yummy fuck yogurt straight from the tap you can swill down a hell of a lot more than you can when you’re gulping down cups of cold, gelatinous jizz.  Maybe it’s having a cock shoved in your mouth to push it all down that really helps!


Cock Worshiping Is What This Submissive Whore Is Good At

When my master has a bad day, I know it will be doing some Cock worshiping and he will be giving me Bare bottom spanking until my ass is welted. I get myself ready as a Submissive Whore who knows to take whatever her master has for her with a smile.

Cock worshiping

I got on all fours like a dog bitch slut. I wiggled my ass in the air letting my master know that I was ready. When the paddle hit my bare ass, it made my body shake and it let me know how bad of a day he had. The harder the hit is the level of a bad day he had. He kept going until I fell on my tummy. That is when he just mounted me and spread my legs. He forced his cock in my asshole and hate fucked my ass. I didn’t say a peep as he rough fucked my asshole open while choking me. I just wanted to be a good Submissive Whore for my master and take all the Bare bottom spankings he wanted to give me. Plus, every inch of his cock in my asshole. As he choked me, I could barely breathe and that is when I felt his cock pump his nut inside me. He got up and told me to go to my cage. I crawled over to it knowing I had made master’s day better by being a good Submissive Whore.

Submissive Slut Treated As A Pet

Submissive slut

One of my current Master’s likes to keep me all week, I stay by his side at all times. Whether he makes me stand, or sit on the floor. I’m like his pet with my leather collar tight around my neck, and silent unless spoken to. Like a good submissive slut waiting and obeying. Fucked whenever he wants, however, he wants it and if I dare complain or respond in a way he deems negative I get crated like an animal. My only meal during this week is his cum, nothing is allowed to be swallowed by me that whole week unless it comes from his balls. Sometimes he will choose to starve me for a few days, watching me grow weaker over the passing time. He says it’s cause I give very eager blowjobs the hungrier I get. In fact, a part of me really loves the starvation it makes his cum taste like ambrosia. A real treat for me to savory pining away for my next meal.

Erotic Submissive Stories: Company Whore

erotic submissive stories
I literally suck at administrative duties. Being a stupid black bitch makes it very hard for me to be successful in corporate America. I just got fired from my last job but luckily Mr. S had another position for me in mind for me. My boss eyeballed my long black legs all the way up to my pink and black snatch as he let me know that I forgot to submit yet another contract. I was so pissed off because I thought that writing it on my calendar would help but it didn’t. Mr. S was not amused. After firing me from my administrative position he grabbed by the back of the head and tossed me to the ground. He stood over me and was so close that my glossed lips could feel his thumping white cock pulsing in front of it. Being a submissive slut I knew to not overstep my boundaries and only suck when given the command. He looked down at me with a grin as if he was noticing how well-trained I was. “Suck” he said like the Domme in one of those erotic submissive stories. That command prompted my ape brain to immediately latch onto his swollen meat. I sucked and slobbered all over his cock until he coated me white with cum. I wanted to hate being the new company whore but feeling his big dick ramming inside of me while my face was dripping cum made me cream all over my boss’s cock.

I think I’m going to enjoy this new position.

Sneaking In

teen phone sexYou snuck into my room again tonight and I knew exactly what you wanted. I was laying in bed and I knew better than to put any clothes on and I could already feel my pussy getting wet. You came in behind me and I could feel just how hard you were as you pressed your big fucking cock against my ass. He reached your arm around and started playing little clit making me feel so fucking good. I moaned as you pushed a finger right in my soaking wet kind and started pumping it in and out making me even more wet than I already was. I could feel you start to position your cock in between my round ass cheeks. You started to push your cock into my asshole and then shoved all the way in. You were so deep in my ass hole and I screamed as you started fucking me harder and harder with each fucking thrust while you played with my pussy. You were going as fast as you fucking could and I was cumming all over your fucking hands. I could feel that you were about to cum so I reached around and started massaging your balls making you feel my tiny little asshole all the way up with your big cum load.

Cock Worshiping And Secret Furry Friend Play By Submissive Whore Casey

Cock worshiping is what I do every day with my master.

Cock worshiping I know I am his Submissive Whore you must be shown what she is. He bends me over his lap and gives me bare bottom spankings until my ass is red and swollen. Making my knees weak is what he loves; it gets his cock hard. When I rub his cock all over my face it starts leaking pre-cum. It makes my face glossy, and I know I look like a good whore. I just open my mouth and let my master use it. I let him use all my holes and last night his cock was throbbing. I knew it meant he was going to fuck one of my holes until he filled it up and make me a cum slut. He tied my legs apart and slammed his cock in my cunt. He fucks my pussy hole like if he was jacking off hard and fast because all I am a cum dumpster for him. I am his property and that is how he shows me. My holes are for his pleasure not for me to be pleased. Once he fills my cunt hole up, he leaves. What he doesn’t know is that I found a way to always get off. Our furry friend loves the taste of master’s semen just like I do. So, when my master puts me in my cage, I wiggle my ass on it and right away our furry friend comes to my cunt, smells it and licks my pussy until i cum. When I have my orgasm, it pushes all of my master’s semen into our furry friend’s mouth.

Submissive Whores Don’t Have A Choice

Submissive whore

It was chilly that night after work I decided to head on down to a little local bookstore. I had a craving to be lost inside a fantasy novel, it didn’t occur to me that I would be tempting fate by doing something just for me. As I was leaving the store a man grabbed me and dragged me around a corner. I went with little fight and when he thrust me against the cold brick wall I realized it was one of my old masters. He sneered at me as he started to undo his belt and pants. “Who let the whore out of her cage” he hissed shoving his hand up my skirt, pushing my panties to the side. 

“It’s been too long, little whore” his hot breath blew in my face and despite being startled I couldn’t help but get wet with excitement. “Yea submissive whores don’t have a choice to say no” he teased me as he shoved his hot thick cock up inside my wet hairy pussy. Thrusting up inside me over and over causing my backside to be scratched up by the bricks. The stinging of each scrap and continued burning only added to the intensity of my orgasms as he continued to fuck me. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and blew his thick white load of cum into my cunt. After a moment to catch his breath, he pulled out of me and started shoving his cock back into his pants as he spat at my feet. “Don’t be surprised if I make a house call soon little whore” he teased eyeing his cum dripping down my thighs from under my skirt. Smirking as he left me there. 

Bright and Red

Bare bottom spankings

I remember my first bare bottom spanking well, it was part of my original training. My father had decided it was time for me to feel real pain with my everyday humiliation. He called all the men into my room and he began to undress me. Exposing my flat chest and tiny hard nipples, I turned bright red all over as their eyes seemed to burn into me. Daddy pulled down my pants and panties, swatting at my little bald cunt as they fell to my ankles. I remember being scared, that fear is something that excites me now though. Because now I know what followed. 

He pulled me down across his legs making sure my ass was prominent and the rest of me just hung upside down. Before I knew it his hand was smacking, again and again across my bare little ass. It went on for a long time no matter how much I cried and begged. Promising to be a good girl. The stinging became sharper each and every firm smack across my little butt. Every time I tried to look up at my brother and uncles watching they would only snicker at me. Complimenting my father on teaching me my place while I was young. I remember once it was over I couldn’t sit still it hurt so much, the marks became bruises over time. Daddy spent weeks making sure those bruises didn’t fade, not until he was satisfied I had learned to understand pain was part of my life now.

The Overhead Center Piece

Bondage and submission

Being a bondage and submission whore I should be used to chains, and ropes but sometimes I’m just outright treated like a wild animal. Something about it actually makes me feel beastly, it’s arousing. He slipped that metal chain around my neck, it was heavy but I kept my eyes on his showing little discomfort. As he pulled me forward with a yank, it sent a surge down my spine leaving tingling in my legs as I felt my clit swell as my pussy grew moist. Pulling the chain harder until he position my naked body where he wanted. 

He hooked the chain onto the wall, and I had to balance on a thin wooden rail as the cool air caused my body to tremble. I watched him walk down the stairs to the poker table below. I looked on as he played with his buddies all night, as they would look up and taunt me on and off. My cunt juices dripped down onto their table as they ordered me to cum repeatedly for their entertainment.