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Bitch in Heat

Submissive Whore Every slut loves to have her tight pussy stretched with a hard pounding cock but my little cunny has been empty for a while and was aching for a long sweaty fuck session!

So I went down to the local dive bar in my shortest little white trash outfit and waited for a horny drunk to give me his best line!

We were fucking fast and furious in the back seat of his car when I felt a hand grab the back of my hair and yank me off his yummy meat!

I looked up and saw the look on my daddy’s face while I laid there like a quivering mutt on the ground!

His giant boot was in my ass the entire time my naked body was scrambling to get in his truck!

And he wasted no time dealing out my punishment!

He told me that he was going to treat me like the mongrel whore that I am and pulled his belt off!

His strong hands were holding my head down deep on his oversized cock as the lashes from his leather belt stung my tender ass!

Then he was holding my head with both hands as he skulled fucked me, closing my throat with the girth of his cock!

Just when I thought I was going to pass out, he yanked that hard punishing fuck stick out of my mouth and began filling the dog bowl with his piss!

He ordered me to lap it up like the bitch in heat I am!

And when I refused, he shoved my face in the steel bowl and while forcing his meat deep into my cunt!

When he was done draining his sack in my torn wet cum hole, he just stood and turned to go, leaving my bruised naked body on the floor.

I knew he would not let me out until I finished what he left in the bowl.

If I was going to behave like a stray whore hound, he was going to treat me like one!


Cum slut phone sex mommy gets used

cum slut phone sexI’ve spent the last week letting my stretched pussy and prolapsed asshole recover from my son’s wild New Years Eve party. As always, my son used his cum slut phone sex whore mommy as a fuck toy for all of his guests. I was tied up, gagged and positioned so that everyone had access to me. He let everyone there use my holes however they wanted. He even brought out a massive dildo and rammed it into my asshole. He held it and let everyone take turns fucking me with it. Fucking me and using my holes was the main event of the night. I stayed on my knees all night long like a good submissive. I was getting soaked in piss, spit and cum by all of his drunk friends. At the end of the night, he made me stand by the door, still soaked and thank every one of his guests for fucking me and using me like a urinal slut. Humiliating me and letting his friends use my holes gets his cock so hard. When he finally had me alone, he forced his hard cock down my throat while he made me bounce on that giant dildo. I was gagging and crying while that big fuck toy ripped my shit hole wide open. My son shot his hot cum all in my mouth and told me what a good mommy slut I was for him. I’ll be healing for a while but my pussy still gets so wet thinking of how hard his cock was, watching mommy get used.



Lessons to be Learned

Submissive WhoreThe word has gotten out that I am a submissive whore.

The entire town knows that my young wet cunt is open for fucking anytime, anywhere.

All a man has to do is tell me to get on my knees and swallow his  throbbing meat or bend over and take his massive cock, balls deep in my tight shaved pussy and I do it willingly!

It is not because I am easy. It is because I know my place as a woman is to serve a man and that means all his wishes are my command!

And if I fail…I get the treatment I received last night!

I was lucky enough to be giving head to a hot guy with a scrumptious 9 inch cock! It was so delicious that I got carried away licking and sucking his bulging meat and devouring every inch!

Before I knew it, he had dumped a huge load of hot and creamy dick spit in my mouth!

Of course I loved it but that cock was soooo perfect, I wanted to feel it deep inside my tight cunt!

I should have known better because at that point he tied my wrists and ankles to a spreader bar, gagged my big mouth and strapped me to a fucking machine that drilled my cunt long and deep!!

I was getting pounded so hard, my head was popping like a pez dispenser!

He explained that it was not his job to serve me and I needed to learn my place!

It was hours before he came back and my once tight pussy was swollen, sore and burning red!

But nothing could have prepared me for what he did next!

(to be continued)


Submissive Whore Cum Dumpster Celeste

Early on in my life I was subjected to becoming a submissive whore by my big brother, first. He may have been the first to make me do nasty stuff for him, but it didn’t take long for my mom and dad to find out. I was teased by my brothers though before my parents found out. You know how you boys got in your teens. And you surely enjoyed tormenting a little brat sister too. I was always being nosey. Like when my big brother was in the bathroom, I stood by the door listening. So one day he decided to make me lick his butthole after he took a poo. I was standing by the door asking what he was doing. I wanted to smell the shit that came out of him. I loved the smell of his farts and how it got in the bathroom after he went. I was obsessed by my big brother’s butt smells. I know, this is ridiculous. I can’t help it. I was made to lick his ass and he got hard. So I was forced to suck his cock and swallow all of his cum.

Submissive Whore

Eventually my brothers were teasing me so much and my parents caught them one time. I was on my knees in the middle of the three while my oldest brother directed them all to show me their buttholes. I was told to lick them and my mommy was watching. She laughed at how pathetic I was and told my father. The two of them started to make me lick their asses also. It soon became a thing where my mouth was for pleasure. One time though, my pussy and asshole started to get attention too. I became a cum dump for them.

I Once Was Lost…But Now I’m Found

Submissive Phone Sex I have not always been a submissive whore…needing to be owned by a dominant man….living only to please hi…aching to fulfill all of his desires!

No, there was a time when I was the sweetest young girl you would ever see…singing in the church choir, volunteering at the nursing home…baking pies for the luncheon after Sunday worship.

Yes, I once was lost…But now I’m found!

Because now I know my purpose in life is to be the property of my master…to serve him and deny him nothing!

When he spoke, my pussy would twitch and my panties would get moist!

When he touched me, I would get hot and my heart would race!

And when he slide that strong throbbing cock in my sweet virgin pussy for the first time, I knew I would belong to him forever!

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him, even when he asks me to fuck his friends, I am happy to do it just to make him proud!

And when he calls me a filthy slut after I am dripping with their cum, I know it is because he is proud of me!

When he has parties and orders me to suck every cock there, I do it with a smile!

I don’t even mind when he comes home and rips my ass wide open with his massive cock and then forc es me to sleep on the floor at his feet while my bloody ass drips with cock spit! I know he needs his sleep.

And when I walk down the street and all the church ladies whisper and point and call me a filthy cum slut…I just smile, because that is all I ever want to be…is his dirty cum dumpster whore!


Kneeling Before Master For Slave Training

Kneeling before my New Master for my slave training sessions is expected of me. I am very lucky to have my Master owning me now and will be very responsive and submissive to his needs. I crave to serve all my Masters well. Sometimes, though… I act up and get into trouble. This happens when I am not really owned and tend to be left to myself. I just can’t get on well when I am not in service as a Slave. I get into drugs, drinking and hook-ups with worthless guys that slap me around and beat me. They aren’t good Masters, they are just abusive losers. This cheapens me to my Master and he just gives up on me.

I am the type of slave that needs constant supervision or to be kept like a pet, in a cage. I was kept in a barred up room with a bathroom and managed to get into trouble sexting with guys. I was sharing myself with unworthy guys my age and with no careers. Nothing pisses my Master’s and my daddy off more. I need to be caged or shackled. I am a cock worshiping cum slut and I wish I had a new Master before I get into more trouble this weekend.

Cock worshiping

I am Your Submissive Slut

submissive slut

I am a submissive slut. Vanilla calls do nothing for me. I was not always this way. I used to think I was a princess. I was popular in high school. I was even a cheerleader and prom queen. I got into BDSM as a joke. I went to a fetish club because I had a crush on an older man. I was 19 and never thought things out. In order to be with him, I had to let him tie me up. He called me all sorts of names. He shamed me for thinking I was special. He knocked me off my high horse. No one had ever talked to me like that before. No one spanked me or tied me up. He owned me from that day on. I needed lots of slave training because I struggled with thinking I deserved to be treated like a whore. I struggled with pain too. He was my master for years. I lived with him. I slept in a dog cage. I had a collar and ate out of bowls on the floor. I miss him. I got too old for him and too obedient. He likes breaking in new bitches, but that loses its thrill after the bitch no long fights. Maybe you will not grow tired of me?

Submissive Whore

Submissive whoreI was a stubborn little whore when we met.

I needed a lot of training!

I needed a lot of pussy pounding, A lot of punishment.

But he was worth it. I will never submit to another!

To be dominated by his powerful cock is the only way for me to feel pleasure. 

I could finger fuck myself for hours at a time and never cum with out the sting of his hands against my skin!

I could never worship another the way I worship him.

There is nothing I would not do, no humiliation I would not withstand.

To sleep with my face buried in his cock would be a dream come true and if I told you that I love feeling it pressed against my face, covered in cum, that would not even describe how much I worship it!

My body belongs to him, for him to do with as he pleases!

My cunt is his property to fuck and violate in every possible way! 

He knows that I can not control my orgasms when I feel his thick hard cock slamming my fuck hole!

I live for him and for our anniversary, I got a very special tattoo!

What do ya think?Submissive slut


My Dark Stranger Returns

Submissive whoreI had a long hard day at my new job as a sexy Mrs. Santa, (what can I say, I am a giver).

All I wanted to do is slip out of this naughty dress and step into the shower and wash all the men’s grubby paw marks off me.

I let the hot water run all over my naked body and as I was soaping my self up, I let my fingers explore my body, sliding down my perky tis, over firm flat stomach, and down to my tight wet pussy.

I at least deserved a happy ending!

Then I saw him! But this time, he was completely naked!

He ripped open the curtain and I saw him holding his cock in his hand!

It was intimidatingly enormous and red hot!

In his powerful commanding voice, he ordered me to continue to finger my swollen pussy!

I was shaking and my knees felt weak as he grabbed me and forced me down on my knees!

His thick cock was right in my face and he ordered me to  open my mouth.

I remember how he felt as he fucked my face and did as he asked willingly!

Then he unleashed a never ending flood of piss all over my face and tongue!

I choked and tried to move my face but he held my head in position as he drained his bladder in my face and down my throat!

Just as I thought I would drown, he shoved that thick hard cock down my throat, forcing me to swallow his salty piss!

Before he dragged me to my bedroom, he told me there was no point in continuing my shower because I will always be nothing but a filthy whore!

Cock worshiping slave Jessica

cock worshiping

I answered a personal ad looking for a cock worshiping slut. The details said he was looking for a whore to be degraded and owned as a piece of property. It has been so long since anyone has owned and used me the way I crave. When I arrived at my new master’s house, he instructed me to go change into the uniform that he provided. The uniform was tall, slutty heels with thigh high fishnets, a black thong and a ball gag. Once I was changed, he called me into the living room where he was entertaining a few guests. I was instructed not to look at or speak to any of the people there. He told me to get down on my knees. I did as I was told. My new master let his guests use me however they wanted. They put cigarettes out on my bare ass cheeks and took turns fucking my mouth. They shoved beer bottles in my holes and took pictures of all of the fucked up shit they were doing to me.  All of this had my new master so turned on. His dick got rock hard watching me be such an obedient slut and taking the abuse like a good slave. I could feel my whore cunt get wet when I saw how big and hard his fat dick was. He held onto my hair and force fucked my mouth until I puked from gagging on his cock. Cum and slobber dripped out of my mouth around his hard cock as he held my head in place while he pumped his cum shot into my mouth! I hope he calls me to serve him again!

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