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Cock Worshiping Cum dump

cock worshiping

I am a cock worshiping cum dump Mommy. I have no regrets about the life that was chosen for me. Very few people from my past know that I live a domesticated slave life. My pops does and I had an impromptu visit from him. My master thought that I should get back to my roots and remember my roots from being a brat slave. 

I was instructed to dress in my sexiest slave wear, the thigh highs and six inch heels and garters and have my hair down. I had no idea my father was going to be the mysterious visitor to use me last night. Imagine my surprise as I was head down on my knees and saw the boots of a man and heard my fathers voice. “Robyn, It’s been a long time my slut.” My heart skipped a beat and The flashbacks rocked my head. I was suddenly that little girl tied to a kitchen chair gagging on his cock. I instantly went to grab his pants and get high socks out. He might have aged but his dick was still strong and long! I looked to my master and was instantly slapped and told I was still a disobedient whore. My dad might have sold me to my master But I always take cock that is presented to me! “Robyn take my cum and get me hard again, and bring me back to my youth with your precious slaves in training!” my pops commanded. Master chuckled and called my girls for a lesson in mommy training with her own dad!

Got A Stuffing For Thanksgiving

Cock worshiping

Master gave me a nice stuffing for Thanksgiving. I walked in with nothing but a coat on just as he ordered. He was there with two his best friends’, he signaled for me to come to him. I took my coat off and kneeled in front of him. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it deep down my throat like he likes. I was doing it just how he likes I didn’t notice his friend’s cock were coming towards my holes. I felt a hard dick shoved deep in me and start pounding me. Master told me to sit on his dick so I did and then his friend resumed fucking me but he had shoved his cock in my ass. His friend who had only been watching rubbed his cock on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and let him drip his precum on it. He then grabbed my head and pounded my mouth as my others holes were getting fucked. I was getting stuffed and filled with cum. When they were done filling me up master told me to get cleaned up and get my leash on that we were going for a walk. 

Best Slut is a Spanked Slut

My subby slut needs are always leading my desire for spankings. Bare bottom spanking are really the best kind of spankings. I get excited and it really addresses the situation at hand. In a literal case usually. I’m disobedient and some good old fashioned open hand spanks on my bare tushy are exactly what it takes. Make me whimper and moan. I can’t help it Master, but it turns me on. I will be disobedient just to feel the punishment you administer to me. Make my hole big by a good hard fucking. Spank me until my ass is red. Use a paddle on me and make my cunt gush.

My apologies Master, I did not mean to cum at the administering of my obedience training. It’s just something that happens when I do wrong and you have to punish me. I am the worst bad girl and I will only beg for more.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Ass Worship For Master

Submissive Sex Chat

Master loves some hot ass to mouth rimming ass worship! It makes his cock harder than just about anything else. I was laying under him as he sat on my face and my tongue was buried up inside his shit chute. Master’s ass is always filthy and he loves to make me clean it up.

Though I’m always happy to do anything for Master! I’m his slutty little fat pig who’s not good for anything except sucking shit from his asshole and piss from his cock.

Sometimes I get graced with a load of cum in my mouth or even my cunt, but mostly Master just loves it when I lick his ass and rub his taint. And I’ll do anything to be a good slut for Master.

Settling Masters Debt

The Submissive Whore in me knows I must do what master asks for even if it means I’m getting gangbanged. Master liked playing poker but now he had some debt accumulated due to his poker hobby. He told he would be lending me off to the man he owes money to and that it would wipe hi debt clean.

Bukkake phone sex

I was picked up by a car and driven to a very nice big house I was given instructions to walk in and go straight to the back room. I did as I was instructed and when I saw what I was going to be dealing with it gave me chills down my body. I took my clothes of and like vultures they pounced me. One by one stick their throbbing cocks inside my holes ripping them and gapping them open. If I tried to scream, they stuck a cock down my throat. There was nothing I could do I had to pay for master’s debt or I knew it would be a worst punishment if I disappointed master. So I took every load, they even sprayed me bukkake style, i was drenched in cum. 

Phone Sex Specials


Phone Sex SpecialsPhone sex specials will surely satisfy that throbbing erection that has been growing in your pants. I know you love the thought of your obedient little cumslut all tied up and ready to perform for you. Use me however you want, Sir. I exist solely to please you. Let your little bondage slut work your cock in her mouth. Does the thought of me being bound and gagged make you grow harder? How about you humiliate me a little and really put me in my place? Write in lipstick across my tiny titties. Make me your bondage slut that lives to worship your cock! My favorite part is when it hits the back of my throat and you can hear me start to gag. Make me yours.

im your whore

cum slut phone sex

I love older men they get me off so good I want to be your little young cum slut I love all kinds of dicks I’m such a whore for cock.
I’m a young submissive little whore I love being owed by men it gets me off so much them being in control and slapping my tight ass and face I love being hit, it turns me on so much.
Daddy was my master I did what he said and his big fat cock turned me on so much.
I will take every inch of that cock I’m a whore for you baby and I’m doing what I do best and that’s being a cum-guzzling whore.
My pussy feels so nice and tight, just the way you love it it should be impossible how tight this pussy is.
you love my pretty body and face and my tight holes.


Master Uses Submissive Whore To Close Deals


Cum slut phone sex

My master benefited from having me as his Submissive Whore. He was a big-time business man and whenever he needed to close a deal, he brought me along. All the men always stared at me like I was a piece of meat and master knew he could use my holes to get him what he wanted. He set up a meeting with all the top guys. Master told me to be the good slut he trained and do take whatever came my way. I was blindfolded and tied up, since I was naked you could see that my nipples were hard and pussy was already leaking. The next thing I know I felt cocks rubbing me all over in my face shoulders tits everywhere as I was being pushed onto my knees. I knew these business men had rape fantasies by the way they shoved their cocks in my holes just ripping them as their cocks poked deep inside me. They slapped me with their cocks as they shoved them so far down my throat I gaged and chocked that made them cum and they made sure to make me swallow every drop. They did the same thing with my asshole and cunt they wanted to rip them open and pound their hard cocks deep in me, they didn’t stop until both my holes dripped with all their nut. Master closed his deals and got a bonus by using me. 

Bukkake Phone Sex

Bukkake Phone Sex

Bukkake phone sex is erotic and hot. My Master has trained me how to be a good girl and take lots of cock at one time. He told me he loves watching me be used by other men. During our last training session, I was tied to the bed in our playroom and my mouth was stuffed with a rag and I was blindfolded. Master’s friends were surrounding the bed and jerking their cocks around me. I was working two or three at a time while Master stood at the entrance and stroked his dick. I knew he loved watching me be used like this. I am his plaything and nothing more. I live to serve him. Feeling the hot cum spray across my body sent me to orgasmic heights I had never experienced before. Care to join us?

i wanna be your dirty slut

cum slut phone sex

I want to be your little cum slut shoot your big fat load into me, daddy.
I love that big fat cock baby it makes me feel so good I love to be your submissive whore who takes every inch of that cock it feels so good while I’m moaning so loud you love my sexy young voice.
Slap my face and choke me while you’re fucking me, it makes me so hot and turned on.
I want you to fuck both holes baby ram that fat cock up this tight asshole I want you so bad every inch cum in this tight ass and perky ass you love how good it looks from the doggy style you love how it looks when I’m in that position.
That feels so good, I could fuck you every day I want you to fuck me all the time and I will squirt on that cock every time we fuck and we will make a mess on the bed will be so wet.


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