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Submissive Whore Gets What She Deserves!

Submissive Whore

Submissive whore phone sex can be some of the best phone sex around. Having as big strong man, or woman, take charge is just tops. It makes my submissive cunt drip in excitement just hearing someone take charge. That stern voice mmm, my obedient slut takes over and I am instantly yours.

I know exactly how to be the perfect submissive whore for you too. I will do anything and everything you ask of me, without question. I will cum when told to and not cum unless instructed to. I can be a good girl for you, I promise. Please, don’t put me in the cage master! I simply want to please you!

I will do anything to please you, I am your whore after all, I live to serve you. I live to please you; I am simply your toy to use whenever you see fit. I even love it when master ties me up and whips me. Oh god, do I love the whip and ice you use on my body to pleasure me. The cool sensation makes my nipples so hard. My pussy drips simply hearing your voice, so it is especially wet when you pleasure me master.

When you fuck me after all of that excitement, I can’t help but gush. Your cock is so pleasant and pleasurable that I just explode with excitement and joy when you enter me master. Your rock-hard cock is always a wonderful sign that I am pleasing you in all the right ways. I love you so much, you treat your submissive whore so well!

Pissing phone sex Punishments

Pissing phone sexPissing phone sex has been used as punishment for mommy a time or two. My oldest is strong in his Master training and has subjected me to piss blasts more than I care to admit. It is really demeaning to know that my son who I raised only wants to humiliate me. I have begged my master (who is my husband) to put a stop to all this. But instead, I am constantly reminded of my age and mom body. My husband says it is natural for a young man to want to abuse his mother. Perhaps I should have been more lenient with my son as he was growing up.

I was a loving, involved mother. But I know years of me being a subby Milf phone sex whore and seeing me submit to my husband has put this in my son’s head. Now he gets to use my pussy, ass and mouth whenever he wants. It is so humiliating to serve my son’s friends and take a piss to my face and tits. But I do enjoy the young cock pounding my throat and mommy cunt. I hate that now as good as a slave I have been to my husband and other masters, I have to endure this abuse from my own offspring! But we all know I will take the cum and piss like a champ. I mean it is very hot for me to take bare bottom spankings from my teen son after he has practiced his rope work on momma! 

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Submissive Whore Reeducation With Spanking

Spanking chat


I moan, I cry out, I beg for mercy but my Master is relentless when he is punishing me. My Master says that I have become a bit too wild. I stay out all night, unable to be reached, and shirk my duties to him. He has had enough of my foolishness and decides he needs to give me a spanking to teach me a lesson. As the cool metal hits my ass, I feel a stinging that I have never felt before. My Master has never used a metal spatula to spank me before. It is more painful than his hand but less painful than a whip, so he can go for longer and harder than he normally would. According to my Master, I deserve every second of it. I fight hard against my programming, but I fall back under his influence. I beg for his forgiveness and promise to be his submissive whore. When he sees that I am sufficiently trained, he orders me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I am happy to do it and would suck it for hours if he wanted me to. He is my Master after all. 

Submissive Whore Ready to Be Owned

As a submissive whore I am eager to please my new Master’s. Currently I am owned by one that is extremely stern with me. The other day he tested me and I completely failed to follow his directions appropriately. My bottom got sore and that turned me on.

Essentially a problem for me is how much I actually enjoy being punished. It’s true, I mess up on simple tasks so that I will be administered with floggings, spankings, or paddling. Sometimes, even though I pretend to not want it, my nipples will be the punished element of my body. My of which is all completely owned by my Master.

Whimpering and begging to stop is only going to fuel Master’s need to punish me further. In turn this reaction from me turns him on. Honestly, a little secret… pain and humiliation really turns me on too.

Submissive Whore

Pimped Out to Be a Submissive Maid Whore

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My Master loves to pimp me out to other men. It is his way of giving back to the community. I was asked to go to a house where I was to be a maid. I came there with my French maid outfit, the man’s jaw dropping. He tells me that I am such a well-trained slut and that most women would not understand what it meant to be his maid. I got to work scrubbing and wiping, bending over to reveal my lack of panties. All I wanted to do is finish my work so that I can go back to my Master. As I was cleaning the sink, I could feel him coming up behind me. He lifted my skirt up and started playing with my clit. I couldn’t stop him, he owned me for the hour. He fucked my ass, grabbing my tits as he hammered his cock into me. I had to be a good girl for him and did not resist him. He is my Master now!

Cum Sluts Love Cum and Know How to Get It!

Cum slut phone sex

All it takes to be good at cum slut phone sex is a true love for thick and sticky dick cream!  That’s totally me!  I love getting hosed down with hot hog snot, filled up with slimy semen and swallowing load after load of creamy cock juice!  Being covered in jizz shows me that I’ve done a great job as your submissive and that you’ll probably want to come back for more.

Any skanky slut can make a guy cum, it’s not that difficult.  Get him hard, apply pressure to his penis, preferably warm and wet, and move back and forth at varying speeds.  Simple formula for getting a guy off.  If you really want to make him explode and spray you down with more dick sauce than he even knew he had in him then you have to make sure you make the sub sexing session go as long as possible before he blows.

Everyone knows what edging is but you can’t let your dom know you’re doing it to him otherwise he doesn’t feel like he’s really in control.  It’s a tricky game to play but when we’re done, we’re both big fucking winners!  He gets to power pump out pearly white rope after arcing rope of sperm filled jizz and I get plenty of chunky spunk to choke down during our dirty, ejaculate filled, creampie creating, sticky and steamy cum eating phone sex freak fuck session.  I know you have a slime shot brewing for me in those balls of yours.  Let’s see how big we can make before you shoot it all over me.  Whadaya say?


I Want to Be Your Perfect Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sex


I love being your little cum slut. Use me how you want. Fuck me over the sink, on the couch, in the stocks, you name it. I need your cock all the time, it’s a bit of an addiction. I especially need that cum inside my pussy, covering my face and splattered all over my body. I am such a big whore that you don’t even have to ask to use my mouth to face fuck me until you cum deep in my throat. Your perfect cock pumping in and out of my throat, shooting a big load inside of my mouth is what I love most. My body is ready for you to use to your pleasure. I will spread my legs open for you so you can fuck my ass or fuck my pussy, your choice. I am just a cum dumpster for you to empty your balls into. Please, Master, give me every drop. I need it so bad. 

Slave training and Prostate milking for period whore

Slave training is what I get every night from my master. It doesn’t matter if I am tired or on my period, I am here to serve my master no matter what.

Slave training

I was on my period and had made a mess all over. My master gave my ass spankings until my ass was red and swollen before making me clean my mess up. The mess must be cleaned up with my tongue. Master watches over me as i lick all the mess up, whipping me with his favorite whip whenever he feels like it. My master was very pleased at how well I cleaned my cage and he wanted to reward me. He laid on the couch naked and spread his legs for me and I knew it was time for me to use my mouth on my master. I opened my mouth wide for his cock to fuck my mouth. My master grabbed my head and made me suck his hard cock all the way down my throat until I choked and couldn’t breathe. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, but he wanted some Prostate milking. He grabbed my head and pushed it down to his asshole. I knew to lick him good and fast and to shove my tongue as deep as I could in his asshole. I wiggled my tongue on my master’s ass until he came all over my face. He made me wear an adult diaper so i wouldn’t bleed all over my cage again, he likes me to keep it clean.

Hardcore Sexy Phone Sex

Sexy phone sex

Some sexy phone sex freaks just want to jam their dicks deep inside of me and fuck me furiously until they blow a thick, foamy load.  When I get a dom like that, pretty much all I can do is hold on for the ride and take the seemingly never ending pounding.  No matter what position they put me into, I grit my teeth, grab a bit of bed sheet or couch cushion and let them cram their cock as far inside of me as they can.  What else is a sexy, slutty sub to do?

I’m not complaining, that’s what whores are for.  I get paid to take so many pricks that I lost track of my body count years ago.  I have to be over two thousand by now.  It’s always a shock when a guy shoves his hog inside of me really hard from the word go.  No matter which hole he chooses, getting bashed in right at the beginning of the bang session is surprising, to say the least.  It takes a couple of powerful pumps for my pussy to even start adjusting to the size of his pole, even for my extra experienced cum purse.  

It doesn’t matter the position, a hardcore hole humper always wants to hold me down and drill his dick into me however he can.  On my back, they’ll spread my legs, throw them up over their shoulders, maybe pin me by the backs of my knees and do his worst like that.  From behind, they hold me up by my hips, push my face down into the floor or mattress or whatever then reach a leg over and stand on my head with one of their feet.  Every time.  The real weirdos like to step on your face and see how many strokes they can get in within a second or so.  The real fast fuckers can get up to five or six, I swear! 

They usually go too fast to pull out of me when they cum so I can almost count on a forceful fuck session ending in a creampie.  It’s all good, I’ve had so many loads blasted up in my horny hole that now it kind of feels weird when I don’t take the shot in my slot.  That’s kind of how cum slut phone sex goes when you’ve been doing it for a while.  It doesn’t make it not hurt when my cunt or assholes get bashed in, though.


Pleasing me is not your job, let me serve you and be your Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreThe beginning of the year brings so much work and stress to hard-working businesswomen. I need a release from all the stress and I absolutely knew this. I didn’t want to go down my usual avenues so I put out a discreet ad looking for a Master to release me from the stresses of the everyday world. Sure there were loads of answers to my pleading, but it was one short reply that really grabbed my interest. “It is not my job to satisfy you, your stress is of no concern to me little useless brat.” My pussy began to flood itself with excitement just reading the words. He truly did not give a fuck about my bad day, week, or year, he just wanted to toy with me. Treat me like what worthless whore I was. 

I leaned back in my office chair thinking of my reply. One hand on the mouse the other my panties I fantasized about the torments that would be available from this enraged Stud should I reply with the wrong answer. Whips and floggers leaving beautiful rosey welts across my milky white skin made my clit stiffen between my eager fingers. I closed my eyes and bit my lips envisioning myself tied to a rack and receiving anal punishment as a vibrator was tied to my dripping cunt forcing me to cum over and over again. I couldn’t help but blow my own load thinking of his forceful punishment. Some I may have never experienced before. I simply replied with “Yes Sir” as I licked my creamy cum from my fingers. Arranging this meeting would be the start of the release I needed. Not that it mattered at all.