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Submissive Whore in an Uber

submissive whore

I am even a submissive whore for an Uber driver. I was in the middle of a ride when he told me my card declined. I figured it was bullshit because they authorize you before you even get picked up. I think he was hoping I would play along, and I did. I guess I just give off the subby bitch vibe. I was horny. This stupid pandemic has hurt my sex life. I have a few married masters and they struggle to get away from their lame wives to punish me properly. If this young stud wanted to skull fuck my mouth, why would I say no. I am down with cock worshiping. He pulled over into an empty parking lot, pulled his cock out and said, “Suck it bitch. No one rides for free.” I did as I was told. He had no idea what a subby whore I really am. I crawled into the front of the car, got in the driver’s seat and sucked him dry as he stood outside the car. He called me all sorts of names and my pussy got wet. He pulled my hair and slapped my tits and I came. It was an Uber ride I will never forget. I don’t think he will either because no one sucks dick like a subby bitch.

Fucked at the club

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The Cool Liquid in the Yellow bottle sent me on a trip so nice. I bumped and grinded against the master. The Beat of the song pulsed through my bottle at the swingers club. I could feel the hardness of his cock rubbing against me. I know that he was close to his limit of me teasing him. I bit my bottom lip and rubbed my ass harder against him. The Alcohol had made me even more of a tease. He grabbed me by the arm and twisted it behind my back. I let out a soft moan as he leads me off the dance floor to a nearby couch. He pushed me down on the leather-covered couch and ripped my dress up and pulled my panties down. He Stabbed his cock deep in my pussy hole and fucked me to the beat of the song until his body shuddered and unloaded in my pussy. I love it when he fucks me in public!

Slave training with my new Master

slave training

I waited by the door, on my knees all day long. Just like Master told me to. This morning, after he force fucked my throat and gapped my holes, he told me to sit by the door and wait for him to get home from work. I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told. I knew that he would punish me again. Last time I didn’t do as I was told, he invited a bunch of strange guys over to run a train on me and destroy my holes. As soon as he got home from work, he pulled his cock out. I knew what to do. He takes his slave training very seriously. If I don’t do exactly as I am supposed to, I will be punished again and again. I wrapped my lips around his fat cock as he forced me down on it, making me take it all in my throat. He force fucked my throat and then pulled out to shoot his load all over my face. Master loves to cover my face and tits in his cum and then tell me what a nasty cum slut I am, as I lick it all up. I will do anything my master tells me to because I am the ultimate submissive cum slut.

She Loved Submitting To Cock Also

It’s not every day I get a call from a crossdresser, sissy or just transitioning t-girls. I’m usually just getting men that want to be my Master. That’s what I have been used to, after all I am a sub slut. I am a humiliation princess always ready to take what you have for me. I deserve this because I am just a dumb useless cunt. I am ok with that. I admit my pussy gets wet even from anticipating what you are going to have for me. I love to serve master, worship that cock and suck those balls. I have great joy to act out and hear the erotic submissive stories you bring me. I love the roleplay’s and the complete submission I have for you. But I have had a couple special callers that just wanted to share how much they love to serve and submit to cock also. They dress for the cock. They are more girlier than I will ever dream to be. I have to admit that yeah, I could feel threatened by something as hot as these gals. They put so much into being beautiful. I am just almost a bit tomboyish. It’s so much fun though to hear their excitement. I think it would be great to share a big hard cock with one of these sissies I get to share experiences with. I want to know how much you sissies love cock. I want to worship cock with you sissies and share the first time stories you have for me. It’s exciting to talk to other submissives, almost as exciting as being commanded and dominated by my masters.

Erotic Submissive Stories

Submissive Phone sex is all I Got

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is all I have right now. I can’t see my master. I can’t go to my fetish clubs. Hell, I can’t even find a guy on Tinder to come over and fuck me. Since I am not working my other job right now, I am on the phone a lot more. Some of my callers are really sadistic too. That is not a complaint, however. I am doing my best to be an obedient phone sex submissive. It is all I have, and I need to be a slave. I need to be abused. I had a new caller last week that honestly made me glad we had only met on the phone. He was the kind of sadistic man a submissive slut hopes she never meets in person. He had me beat my tits. Nonstop smacking of my big fake boobs. He wanted no excuses like they are fake so don’t bounce as much. He wanted to hear my hand against my tits. He wanted me jumping up and down too so they would smack me in the face. I had a headset on because I didn’t want to drop the phone, but he made me take it off because it muffled the sound of my tits smacking against my body. I dropped the phone a few times and that just pissed him off. I had to smack my face a few times to make amends. He was like a drill sergeant. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I figured he was a one and done kind of caller, but he called me back two days later and made me do the same shit just with more intensity. My tits have never hurt that much from a call. I have never been out of breath from a call either. I’m not complaining though. Submissive sex on the phone is all I got. 

Submissive Sex Slut For Master Daddy

My daddy is always good to me, when he wants to be. I’m just a little on the frisky side in life right now and am always acting out. Daddy gets so upset with me. I’m his princess and my brothers and him have really trained me well. It’s just, well, I crave to get their attention. I need them to feel desire for me. I want to be their fuck doll because I have really grew to enjoy how they treat me. Sometimes my brother will bring his wife over and let her really have her way with me. She has to submit to him all the time, and really enjoys using me. I was forced to eat her ass out after she took a big cock that left her a gooey load of cum. It was juicy and brown and I was forced to slurp the juicy shit cream from her ass. She sat her ass on my face and pushed it all into my mouth and told me to get my whore tongue up there and eat that hole clean. She had a gaping hole and my daddy and brother both fucked me while I cleaned her ass. I’m a dirty little cunt and ass eater and if there is cum involved it should go in one of my filthy whore holes. Please use me like they do and I promise I will be a good dirty slut for you.

Submissive sex

I really hope I find a new master in you, and my new Daddy owner. You can own me and even enjoy a phone sex special to get acquainted with your new little subby sugar daughter. I do whatever my daddy tells me to and my brothers as well. If you have sons that you want to teach to treat a sub slut right then I am the perfect mostly obedient one for you.

Phone Sex Specials

Submissive Whore In Quarantine

submissive whore

Don’t you think mandatory quarantine would be a lot more exciting if you were stuck inside with a dedicated submissive whore like myself? I would be ever so eager to tend to all of your wants and needs. With nothing on, besides a smile on my face. Unless of course there was something, in particular, you wanted me to wear, then naturally I would do so. I would be your live-in cock sucker and maid. Do you think you would get sick of lockdown if you had a cum dumpster at your beck and call? You could even take your frustrations out on my ass. I love paddles and spankings and I wouldn’t think twice before bending over that knee to feel that stinging sensation from your big, strong hands smacking it nice and firm! All the fun we could have together is limitless and I’d just want to make sure you were completely happy and satisfied 24-7. I must keep your balls drained and your environment happy. Call your favorite little slut today.

Scat phone sex

Scat phone sexScat phone sex Dorthy is who I am today. I am whatever I am told to be, and this is what my Master told me that I am to do today. I am scared, this man is huge and he has lots of devices that look very hardcore and extreme. He has me at his house, but apparently, we are going to a different room. There is something downstairs and soon I see it. There is nothing but a room made for sex and torture. This room is made with cages included, there are women in these cages and they are bound in all different ways. Some of them are blindfolded, some of them can’t speak at all. They are all very very very skinny. I start to panic, what is this place and what does he want from me? Soon I know, he puts me on a table and straps me down spread eagle. He gets himself over me and begins to shit all over my face. He has huge loads of shit that just keeps coming and coming out. He starts to rub it all over my face and my body, talking about what a fucking piece of literal shit I am. I am trying not to breathe or taste it but he makes sure I do by rubbing his cock in it and then putting it all the way down my throat over and over as he laughs and creams in the shitty mess he’s made on me. That was only the start though.

Master’s Submissive Whore And Personal Cum Dumpster

Submissive whore

Another night in the Dungeon with Master for this Submissive whore! Master had been playing too many games with me lately and I was craving his cock like no other! I hope tonight was the night I got rewarded and fucked by master’s mighty cock hard! I sat in position legs open arms behind my back and sat still for inspection. Master ran his hands over me and cupped my chin “Open” He commanded as I popped my mouth open wide. He gripped my hair and pushed my head down and had me engulf his cock. I swirled my tongue around and caressed every inch of his love stick as he made good use of my mouth.” To the bed” I again followed orders and crawled over and up onto the bed. I put myself in master’s favorite position, Ass up face down ankles hanging over the bottom of the mattress. He came up behind me and wrapped one hand around my ankle and used his free hand to tease my dripping slit with his rod. His cock pulsing against my lips I felt a sharp pain as he brought his open hand and spanked my ass. He smacked my ass a few times then he was pushing his hard dick in suddenly I moaned in delight. His cock fit perfect in my fuckholes. He had trained me to be a good girl and his girth made me cum almost instantly to his long slow strokes. ” I’m going to fill you up so deep my little cum dumpster” He growled. I felt his cock twitch in me and start to spurt out. Like any well trained submissive whore, I pushed back letting his cum pump deep in me. If master wants my fuckhole to be a cumdumpster I won’t spill one single drop!

Bo the Torture Phone Sex Queen

torture phone sex

The exciting thing about torture phone sex calls is that we get to explore extreme fetishes and scenarios that we’d never get a chance to do in real life. My subservient nature and kinky imagination truly take over on these types of phone calls, and I delve into a full character. I am fully equipped with personal torture devices and I love to feel the sting and the pain while you tell me exactly how you want me to use them. Just last weekend I had a Master of mine over and he did a real number on my body, but again, it hurts in an amazing way for a masochist like myself. He had me tied up for a few hours at the very least, while he poked, prodded and humiliated me both verbally as well as physically. I love the look he gets in his eye when I am completely at his mercy and there’s nothing I can do to escape his power and control. I learned a long time ago that embracing it is the only way and once I did that, I was hooked on this lifestyle as a compliant little whore. I wonder what you have in store for me, tonight.

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