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Female Bondage Porn For my son

Female bondage


Yes, I make female bondage porn for my son. He is training to be my new master.  Eventually he will be the master of a young submissive. My husband is away a lot and I am allowed to use cocaine and film with my son some bondage material. I get wild when I am high and my body is so easy to manipulate! Did you know that my husband can dominate me from far away He purchased me from my abusive father and has made me the Milf whore I am today. I have a past and I use it to bring his Dominance and my sons new Master training to a head! Pun intended!  My teen son learning how to handle a well behaved submissive whore  like me makes me gush down my thighs as he practices his rope work.

Now, I do have a few problems letting go of the mother/son relationship, but he does his best. I don’t often misbehave but that part of me that wants to still be his mother makes me a fucking brat whore. I have had more spankings this year than the last five years combined. But I do have to say it makes for some great videos for my traveling husband! I am proud to be owned by two men and hope I am becoming a good slave example for my daughters!

submissive whore

Slave training Mommy

Slave training

Every man should have a mom or even a hot Milf at their disposal for slave training. Just look at how proud I am of my son training me. I have my medium cage all set up. I feel at ease as I know my place with him. I can barely move when I am in there but my son knows that I can be rewarded for being a good pet. If I get his porn Magazine with my mouth he even throws me a few dollar bills. He treats me well and helps me go through all my positions and tasks. I never knew something so dominant could come out of my womb. I have always had a submissive heart. Needing a strong hand on my back side or around my throat.

I know the only way a true naughty mommy submissive whore can be tamed is buy complete dominance over my body. My heart is all for my boy as he inspects my ass and pussy to make sure it is trimmed and clean for him. I only want to be good for him. He even uses forced rape fantasy situations so that I can feel like I am being made to fuck my own son. He says it may take the guilt off the things I do with my offspring. For now he is happy to have me in my cage while he is here, and show me off to a few close friends. I am his prized possession and I will let him and his friends do whatever they want to me.

Office Party Fuck Doll

Submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore is more than just being tied up, dominated, and fucked!
I have duties, responsibilities. I must make sure that my master is pleased and perform what ever tasks he asks, Even if it hurts
Most recently, he was up for a promotion and he wanted to make a good impression to his boss at the company picnic.
He dressed me in the sexiest little sun dress and high heals and attached my leash and collar.
He always tells everyone that I am a hot piece of ass and today was no different. He loves watching other men drool and salivate as he plays with my tits and squeezes my tight ass.
His boss watches as he fondles me in front of him, paying close attention to his hands sliding up my dress.
He hands my leash to his boss and orders me to suck his cock!
I instantly obey and drop to my knees and unzip his pants. The man looks surprised as I pull his thick cock out and start deep throating him right there in front of everyone but I feel him slowly start thrusting as his meat hardens. Soon he is pulling my face hard against him as he unloads a healthy dose of thick cum deep in my throat!
Suddenly there was a line forming and men started to circle around taking turns pounding my tight ass and stuffing my sloppy wet cunt! I was the star of my own little gangbang!
By the end of the party, my owner had been given a substantial raise and both my ass and cunt are dripping with enough cum to impregnate every nun in a convent!
When we got home, he told me how pretty I looked being torn apart by all those big fat cocks, and then it was his turn and I was so thankful for the familiar feel of his thick meat  as he fucked me long hard like the filthy little whore I am!

Mommy Is Your Submissive Slut Lover

submissive slut

Your Dominance is showing through for this submissive slut mommy. You have grown into a man almost overnight. You have always had control in this house and now you seek to control me. It started with a slap to my face and you calling me a bitch. Before You knew it,  it just happened, you were shocked by your own actions and looked at me for some discipline as I was your mother. But I flushed red and you saw me squeeze my legs together. Your father had left me because I let you run the house and He said I was nothing but a stupid cunt who he couldn’t get hard for. He needed to be younger and couldn’t Be the Master to get me under control, I suppose. But that night you charged me and had your hands around my neck and spit in my face. Your instincts to take full control and make me your slave took over you. My body reacts as you ripped my tank top and told me I had been teasing you for so long. My nipple in your teeth made me cry out. You grip tighten on my throat as you bit my round bouncy Milf tits. I sank to the ground to receive my son’s cock. But you wanted to inspect me first. I stripped slowly as per orders and showed you my pussy and ass. They were clean and ready for you. It was only then that you gave me that cock to worship with my mouth. I was well on my way to becoming your slut slave and mommy lover.

BDSM phone sex


A Submissive Slut in Stockings

submissive slutThis submissive slut has a pantyhose and stocking fetish. Ever since I was a little girl, I was keenly aware that men love a woman in stockings, pantyhose, or thigh highs. My mother wore stockings and garter belts. She looked so beautiful and sexy in them. I would watch her pull the stockings up each leg, affix the snaps, then adjust the seams. She always slipped on a pair of sexy high heels afterwards and walked around the house teasing my father. My dad was an asshole, however. A mean and dominant man who enjoyed abusing his wife, especially in front of his daughter. He would rip her stockings off and tie her to the bed with her own stockings. He would humiliate her, saying things like sexy lingerie will never class up a gutter slut like you. When she left us, she took all her pretty things with her. I was sad. When I got older and my legs got longer, I purchased my own stockings and garter belts. Now, my fetish for nylons is appreciated by my master. My master is old school. When I am wearing black stockings and high heels, he is on his knees caressing my feet, smelling them, even kissing them. Something erotic to him about a slave in stockings. He loves the way my ass looks framed by the garter belt too. He starts to realize he is showing a weak side of himself and he throws me over his knee for some bare bottom spankings on my perfectly framed ass. Often, he will tie me up with my stockings too. He will rub his cock against my silky legs, or maybe make me give him a foot job in my sexy stockings. He loves seeing his slave in black stockings, but he will never let me get the upper hand, even though he is weak for women in stockings, pantyhose and thigh highs.


Erotic BDSM Stories Of A Wife Slave

Erotic BDSM stories

Club Risque is where all my erotic BDSM stories of a wife slave originate. The best slaves are made, step by step. They are subject to gross humiliation from an early start. I am not a brat, a top from the bottom or a demure woman by any means. Submissiveness lies in my nature but I too had to be trained. I know that my loyalty lies in a good Masters’ hands. Now how my master and husband trained me is the subject that many a cock of a dominant man wants to know. I would be exposed to places like Club Risque where I would mingle in a crowd of other slaves and masters. My eyes wide at all the goings on. A blow job performed by two slaves, one male and one female at the same time. I admired the chain leashes and the easy way the owner was drinking his drink and talking to another woman while this was happening. One to many times I had to be jerked by the cuffs my husband held on to as we were walking. I had better keep my head down and go straight to the stage. I was clad in nothing but a neon suit that went up between my ass and in between my pussy lips. My nipples barely covered. Forced to perform and dance my way out of a spanking I so deserved. I lost myself in the music and smoke. Strange hands found my body and I was beginning to feel the confidence soar through me. My stripper heels tugged at until I fell down. I could feel fingers probing into my ass and between my pussy lips.  My body clawed at and dragged off my little podium. I began slave training all in. I was the toy for owners and slaves to fuck me in every hole.

Submissive Sex Pissing Slut

I’m a submissive sex slut. I was raised as such with 3 brothers that also used me. I am dominated and controlled by my father. He owns me until or unless I have a suitable Master. I’m a stupid pathetic female and I know I have no say in what happens to me. I get rebellious and it always leads to me being humiliated and exposed for the pathetic life form I am. I’m a useless whore and I know it. Yes, my daddy knows what I do for a living and sometimes makes me post these humiliating things about myself. He believes that I will one day find the right Master that is severe enough to put up with me and train me right. Daddy has given up on me in some ways because when I get rebellious I do the dumbest things. I have to expose the fact that I still wet my panties sometimes because I can’t seem to control my bladder after daddy makes me drink a ton of water.

Submissive sex

Spanking Phone Sex With Submissive Bo

spanking phone sex

I’ve been a bad girl, Sir. I know you told me to not masturbate unless I get permission from you, but today I got so horny that I just had to. I was thinking about the last time you whored me out to your friends at that BBQ you had and it made my pussy so wet. Before I knew what was happening, I had my hand in my panties and I was fucking my pussy with two fingers. I came so hard and then I felt bad immediately. I knew you would be so ashamed of me and disappointed in me.

So, here I am, ready for my spanking phone sex punishment. I brought my ball gag because I know you’re going to really light me up and you won’t want to hear me scream because it annoys you. You prefer me to be quiet and I respect that, Sir. I should have respected your orders to not masturbate, but since I failed, my bare ass is all yours. Will you put me over your lap? Will you make me lie down on the bed so you can stand over me? Whatever my punishment is, I know I deserve it and I’m ready to take it.

Pissing Phone Sex Urinal

I’m my new Master’s submissive toilet slave and he loves pissing phone sex with his new Urinal. I will take his piss and lick his penis dry and suck him clean of all his urin. When it is needed I will lick his asshole and put my fingers in that tight shitter of his and work out the compacted shit inside. I will use my fingers and tongue to clean his ass. I was his bad student before I became his dirty little urinal. I would piss my panties in class and be made to remove my panties and suck the piss from them. He found out I was misbehaving in the bathroom when I was asked for a hall pass to be excused to use the bathroom to potty. Instead I was caught in the locker room and sniffing jock straps while touching myself. My fingers smelled of my dirty pussy and so I was humiliated and all the Football team pissed on me. I since am not allowed to be dismissed from class to potty and have been made to spread my legs and pee my panties if I needed to go so bad. I am a filthy little slut. You can use me too.

Pissing phone sex

Sexy bondage whore wants cock

sexy bondageMaster hasn’t been over to visit me in a few weeks. I knew he was coming over today and that I should have everything ready for him to treat me like his whore.. When I don’t have everything ready, just the way he likes it, he punishes me. I’ve always been his soft bondage whore but he takes it so far by tying me up and whipping my pussy and asshole with a riding crop. He loves to crack it makes, as it slaps against my wet, gushing cunt. After the first few smacks, my juicy cunt starts to burn and sting. He keeps whipping me over and over until it rips into the skin and makes my cunt and asshole bright red and raw. Then, he pulls out his giant, cock and forces it into my raw cunnie. I get fucked by him like this any time I disobey him. From the outside looking in, you would think we have a normal mother and son relationship. No one ever expects that he owns all of my fuck hole and used them whenver he wants.


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