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Submissive slut Jenn

submissive slutI am an obedient slut if nothing else. Soon, I will be standing in a room naked and surrounded by more men and women than I can imagine. There will be other sluts like me there too, all of us are sex slaves. I know that I can be the best submissive slut. All I want to do is be very obedient to do whatever they request of my tight body. My Holes are a free for all. I just want to be treated the way I deserve and will eagerly accept any order and punishment given to me. I encourage you to share me with your friends, nothing is better than being fucked by more cocks than I could ever count, and tasting all of their cum. I love to show them all what a nasty enthusiastic slave I am. Look at me sucking two huge cocks at a time till they cum all over my sexy face. Now it’s time to start the bidding, I wonder who my new master or mistress will be? I’m not allowed to cum yet, but I’m so horny to be used the way I was meant to be used the way I was meant to be.

Daddy Loves My Pissy Pussy

Being the perfect slut it’s what daddy taught me. He loved my little wet tight cunny. He would tell me to sit on his lap as he played with my clitty and rubbed his big daddy meat on my tight asshole. One night he came into my bedroom when I was sleeping and I woke up to him kissing and kicking my little bald cunt. I was embarrassed because I had peed on the bed, but daddy loved it and it made his daddy meat so hard he asked for me to help him. He wanted me to milk his daddy cock with my wet pissy pussy.

Extreme fetish phone sex

I’m a good dirty slut for daddy so I did as he said. I squatted over his thick daddy cock and slammed my pussy hole right on it. I bounced up and down even though it hurt me and made me feel like I was being ripped open. He grabs my hips and bounces me on his cock hard and fast. Daddy love how my pussy hole milks him and he told me how good I was doing it. He asked me to go pee pee on his cock and wet it all up. I did as daddy asked and as my warm pee was dripping all down his cock daddy started filling me up with his man milk until it leaked out of me. 

Begging For Master’s Cock

Erotic BDSM stories

I know how much you love to punish me and use my body. It gets me excited when I see the look you get from tying my body up. I know you enjoy seeing the rope rub and burn my skin. My pussy drips and I can’t help but beg for master to fuck me. I want the feeling of your throbbing cock to pound me and use my pussy hard. I’ll get on my hands and knees and beg until you take pity on me, and stick your cock in my mouth. If you have freed my hands, I will ask for permission to finger fuck my cunt while I suck your cock. I know you love how I suck your cock so I hope you will end up bending me over and just shoving it deep in one of my holes. I love when you fuck my ass and pussy all I want is your nut filling me up. If you pick my asshole, I will finger my pussy because it will drive me crazy and make me squirt all over. I will make sure I clean up my mess as usual master.  

Submissive Slut On the 4th

submissive slut

For a submissive slut like me, summertime means that I will be wearing a tiny bikini all summer while I serve Master and his friends out by the pool. Well, if he even permits me to wear anything at all. Sometimes he likes me to be naked at all times in case he or one of his friends gets in the mood to fuck me. I just never know when someone is going to come up behind me and bend me over or grab me and push me down onto my knees. I used to resist, but they would just fuck my holes anyway. Since I knew it was going to happen anyway, I just learned to enjoy it.

Today is the 4th, but Master had his party yesterday. It was an all day event and by the end of it, all of my holes were sore. Even the back of my throat was sore from all of the throat fucking that went on. Do you want to know all the dirty stuff that they did to me yesterday? You should call me while it’s fresh in my mind so I can tell you everything. I’m ready and waiting for you, Sir.

Played In The Dark

Submissive slut

It was a long travel and there were not many people on the greyhound. As a matter of fact, I was the only woman on the bus full of all men going to different places. I was sitting in the back alone and I was horny. My pussy was wet already from not being touched and played with in 2 days. It was dark on the bus I figured I was safe from anyone noticing.  I was playing with my pussy when I felt someone close to me.  When I looked, he was sitting next to me and put his hand under my blanket he felt my fingers right on my wet pussy. As I tried to speak but he put his hands over my mouth and started fingering my pussy. It felt so good but I couldn’t even see who he was. He pulled his cock out and shoved my face right down on it. I sucked it and just let him finger me and fuck my mouth. He stuck his other fingers in my ass and was just going into all my holes. It felt so good I started cumming all over his fingers. He then took them out my pussy and I could hear him licking them as he started filling me up. After he just got up and left. The bus was so dark I just wondered who it could have been.  

Good Submissive Whore

Knowing how to be a good submissive whore came easy to me. It turns me on when you call me your filthy whore or dirty slut turn me on and gets me wet. Slapping me around and taking your frustrations out on me is what my body needs sometimes. My holes are yours so doing whatever you ask for only excites me more. My master ever loans me out to anyone who pays the top dollar. He even watches to make sure I’m being the perfect submissive slut he trained. Since I know he is watching I’ll make sure I suck your cock deep down my throat and make sure I swallow every drop of cum you want me to. Master loves it when you abuse my holes.

Cum slut phone sex

I love pleasing master and when you shove your cock in me, I make sure to take it even if it hurts. Like when you shove it hard and deep in my ass, the pain that shoots through my body gives me the energy to fuck you cock hard. As I fuck your throbbing cock with my ass, I look at master to see how pleased he is. Since he looks so happy it makes me cum hard and fast. That is when I go harder and the moment, I feel you filling my ass up I know I did a good job for my master.  

Breeding a Submissive Whore

I’m a Submissive Whore and I am meant to be bred. That is what one of my daddy Master’s has decided of me. I am a little nervous and excited. I mean yeah it’s hot to think of being impregnated and bred. I have no real say in the matter when I am being owned by a Master. This Master is really kinky in wanting me to have a little one. The exciting thing is to train the offspring to be just like me. I want this too.

I sometimes think about what it would be like to get a breeders bump in my belly. I wonder what it feels like to have sex when I get my belly really big. It’s a hot thought. But I need to be bred and I have not taken and of the sperm yet to make a successful breeding. I think the Master’s might be too old to feed this fertile submissive sex slut right. I need a bull cock that can pump me full of real swimmers that will meet up with my womb makers.

So I am going to try my hand at prostituting my womb space to make a baby for this older daddy Master. He doesn’t care if it’s his or not he just cares to have a bred sub slut that he can use and train the breeding reward to be a good submissive too.

Submissive Whore

Daddy is Back!

He called me from the plane and warned me to be ready!

He told me to be very hydrated and to drink a gallon of water per hour until he arrived!Submissive Whore

I thought he was going to use my tight pussy until I squirted over and over! But when he told me that I could not piss until he told me too, I knew he had other plans!

It was torture but the pain from my bladder almost rupturing just reminded me how much I missed him!

I couldn’t wait to start sucking on that nine and a half inch cock.

There is nothing better than his hands on the back of my head while he is skull fucking the life out of me!

I was looking forward to gagging in his hard meat all night long!

I was hoping to be used, nipples clamped, giant dildos forced into my unused cunt, and maybe even a hard bare ass thrashing!

Oh I love the sting of those strong hands on my juicy ass!

I can hear his foot steps now!

Oh I am so excited I could piss right here on the floor!



my domme daddy



Phone sex specials

My domme daddy loves when I show him all my holes. He loves to fuck and use me whenever the mood strikes. I love that he likes to get naughty with me, and together we have some phone bones with other girls and enjoy some phone sex specials together. We pop a molly and get drunk and end up turning into party animals.

I like to get slapped across my face and love when he’s hurting me. I can feel my asshole bleed whenever he puts his rod in me. Whenever he dominant me in front of other girls, I get extra wet. I’m his total little cum rag and won’t ever say no to him.

I want him to beat me and fuck me. Take out all your frustrations on me.

little piggy

submissive whore

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that it goes a little easier on me when I don’t fight back.
That doesn’t mean it’s easy!
I was just done with cheerleader practice, and I felt pretty good but when I got home, my foster daddy
took one look at me in my little outfit and decided it was time to make some money. He had four friends
over and told them for twenty bucks each, they could do whatever they wanted to me.
Well, these guys knew exactly what to do with a little teen slave.
They didn’t even take my clothes off. They just ripped away my panties and tore away my bra! Before I
knew it, I was bent over the arm of the couch with a massive nine or ten-inch cock barreling into my tiny
asshole. You can imagine how much I cried while the other three enjoyed watching the teen rape right
in front of them!
They got sick of my wailing, though, and while that thick cock kept abusing my ass, one of them got in
front of me and shut me up with his eight-inch cock. I choked and gagged and tears ran down my cheeks
but these guys didn’t know anything about mercy.
I almost drowned when the guy in my throat forced me to take all his cum, and then the guy behind me
yanked me around to swallow his cum, too. The other two guys came in and fucked my ass and pussy at
the same time while I screamed from the pain!
I didn’t scream for long, though, because the two guys who already came filled my mouth with piss. I
had to swallow that, too. When the men were done, I’d swallowed four loads of cum and a half-gallon of
piss. I lay there on the floor crying but not for long because my foster daddy offered them seconds for
just ten dollars more.

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