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Bare bottom spankings with my juicy ass

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings will convince anyone to be a drooling cum slut begging for a massive plugging. I’m a big believer in being punished, degraded, and pushed around if it gets me a paycheck. I’m a slutty whore ready to ride, grind, and be tied down by a guy and all his friends. In fact, just the other night I found every hole I had filled up by delicious, weighty dick that ruined me for more than a few hours. I was so stretched out that I couldn’t believe it, and yet the ropes around my hands and feet stopped me from even checking to make sure I wasn’t torn. Lust will make you miss things, you could easily get hurt and not know till a lot later if you’re being fucked in your tight cunt at the time. I’m a Cum slut phone sex professional and even I have a hard time noticing sometimes when a honking prick is just too damn big and dripping too thick a precum for my pretty pussy. I have firm limits and take great joy in having them wrecked and broken, in the moment nothing makes me cum harder than knowing I might have regrets later from too damn much hot and ready pumping fun. Back in that gangbang I could barely see because I was too into it and my tunnel vision had kicked in hard, focused on the massive cock in my face slipping between my lips and filling my cheeks with hot sweaty man meat. I’d have been feeling and fondling his balls if I wasn’t tied down, but as was, all I could do was admire it with my tongue and lap around it while squeezing it with my lips and throat. There’s no greater joy than losing yourself in a sensual, sexy moment and forgetting you’re restrained. You try to move and do your normal thing only to realize yet again that you’re restricted, and panic all over again! That’s the kind of time all Erotic bondage stories are made of!

Spanking Chat

Spanking ChatSpanking chat turns me on. I lay on the bed with my ass in the air, with my cute little pink tight pussy wide open for you to see all. I want you to spank me spank me hard spank me rough. Spank me till I’m really red. I know I misbehaved make sure you hold that stick up high and bring it down hard. Make sure I listen next time oh, it feels so good to hurt so bad spanking with me will give you so much pleasure feels so bad. This nice round little ass deserves a good spanking from her big old daddy. I swear daddy I’m gonna listen to every word you say next time. I might not, I like our spanking time.

Bukkake Party

Bukkake phone sex

Having my face plastered in cum is a good reminder of what a slut I am. With no thought, I stayed all night on my knees like a good whore opening my mouth to cock, and stroking off more until they blast thick loads of cum all over my face. I wasn’t the only whore in attendance but there were so many big dicks surrounding me. I felt like the only submissive bitch there, with nothing to see but throbbing cock, and the cream that leaked from them. Even now hours later I can still feel the sticky hot feel of cum dripping on my face. Still taste the salty, thick cream lingering and teasing my taste buds. I want to be a good cum eating slut, that bukkake party left a real craving for it in me.

S&m porn addict

s&m porn


I dated an S&m porn addict. It was a complete shock to be put under that type of scrutiny. All I ever did wasn’t good enough, and it always left him feeling a surge of rage throughout his body. One day I was trying to spice things up between us. I took a little longer in the bathroom, trying lingerie and different undies. My purpose was to be the hottest slut for him. Instead, it backed fired because he grew suspicious and began knocking down the door. He didn’t even let me have e the decency to answer him. Instead, he barged into the bathroom and began to beat me bloody and use me up while I begged him not to kill me.

Cock Worshiping is Not Always Enough to Drain Old Balls

cock worshipingAt my age, I know all about cock worshiping. I have been sucking cock since I was wearing little nylon panties in pastel colors with days of the week on them. I know how to polish a nob. I took care of my father’s cock, then my husband’s cock and now my master’s cock. His cock does not work like it once did, however. I had to go into the office yesterday to help him. I thought I was helping him type up some legal documents. I am his part-time help now that he is semi-retired. But he needed help cumming. He took a Viagra so he could masturbate, but when he could not cum after an hour of trying, he summoned his submissive whore to the office. I never minded his cock when I was younger. I still do not really mind it, but with age comes erection issues. I have sucked his cock for hours before to get maybe a couple drops of spooge out of his old penis. Most days, he smells musky like he has old moth balls or something, LOL. I was not ready to hurt my jaws again trying to find water in the desert. But I am still an owned bitch, and I need to do what I am told to do. I brought lube and muscle relaxers in case this was a marathon cock sucking event. With an old dick, that is usually the case. I could tell master was backed up. His balls were heavy and felt as if they could burst at any moment. I knew what was required of me to drain his balls. Cock sucking alone would not be enough. I needed to combine cock sucking with prostate milking. Not something I love, but an expectation when you have a much older master. I slipped my finger into his ass and found his love button. Before long, he was exploding like a volcano. I may not always enjoy the things I do, but I make sure my master is always happy.

Submissive Whores Don’t Have A Choice

Submissive whore

It was chilly that night after work I decided to head on down to a little local bookstore. I had a craving to be lost inside a fantasy novel, it didn’t occur to me that I would be tempting fate by doing something just for me. As I was leaving the store a man grabbed me and dragged me around a corner. I went with little fight and when he thrust me against the cold brick wall I realized it was one of my old masters. He sneered at me as he started to undo his belt and pants. “Who let the whore out of her cage” he hissed shoving his hand up my skirt, pushing my panties to the side. 

“It’s been too long, little whore” his hot breath blew in my face and despite being startled I couldn’t help but get wet with excitement. “Yea submissive whores don’t have a choice to say no” he teased me as he shoved his hot thick cock up inside my wet hairy pussy. Thrusting up inside me over and over causing my backside to be scratched up by the bricks. The stinging of each scrap and continued burning only added to the intensity of my orgasms as he continued to fuck me. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and blew his thick white load of cum into my cunt. After a moment to catch his breath, he pulled out of me and started shoving his cock back into his pants as he spat at my feet. “Don’t be surprised if I make a house call soon little whore” he teased eyeing his cum dripping down my thighs from under my skirt. Smirking as he left me there. 

Extreme fetish phone sex with slutty whore

Today I found myself flooded with cum and then tossed aside to another group of guys, it was Extreme fetish phone sex and I was ready to have a use for the evening that didn’t involve being abused by my daddy. Jerking and slurping and having my everything stuffed with thick dick so hard and filling I could still feel them even when they pulled out from how far I was stretched. It was more like a song of lust orchestrated on my pretty young body than any normal sex. Afterwards I was told to stay and blow the whole band and their massive cocks. As a slave I’d never be able to say no to such a set of Erotic submissive stories, in fact, I liked that image so much I closed my eyes to pretend that’s what was happening, that these studs were grateful musicians or artists or maybe even football players and not some trailer trash my master took some cash from to use me as a fuck toy for the evening, only proficient in the instrument of my body and my moans. My fantasies were not very long-lived, a slap to my cheek woke me from them almost instantly, only for my eyes to widen when I saw that what hit me wasn’t a hand at all but a cock so enormous, so powerful, that I knew whatever sperm it managed to shoot – if I even survived the fuck that was about to happen – would be strong enough to give an infertile slut triplets. I’d have to be careful and try to satisfy him with my lips. The first struggle was going to be figuring out a way to fit that thing in my mouth to begin with, and the second was going to be having space left on my face after his cum overflowed out my nose for the rest of this group to add to the massive facial I was about to receive. I opened wide and got ready for some super slutty, fucked up and fantastic Bukkake phone sex with a dick so wide my sopping cunt hurt just thinking about it.

submissive sex for the both of us

submissive sex

My friend Cameron couldn’t afford her rent. The pandemic has left many individuals without a good source of income. I knew she needed help, and I wanted to give her some. My master wanted to help only if she would pay him back in submissive sex. When I told Cam all about the proposition at first, she was so weary and didn’t want to take part in any submissive deed. She’s a proud Latina with a loud mouth. She wanted no part of it, but I gave her insight into how pleasurable it could be. When I told her my climaxes were so intense that I ended up passing out, she was intrigued, and that alone drove her to say yes to master using both of us all weekend long. Hog tieing us and fucking both of us till e passed out.

Hang Me Up

bondage submission

My tiny frame makes me perfect for submissive phone sex! You can pick me up and throw me in whatever position that you want me to. Most guys hang nigger sluts like me and suspend them with ropes. White men love watching their slut monkey swinging as they force fuck her mouth and throat. I want to feel the tension of the ropes burning my skin as you abuse my pink fuck holes. The momentum from being hanged makes it easier to plow the shit out of each hole as I scream. It hurts so good when you rip open my backend department with your huge cock. I know I probably don’t deserve it but I want to praise your steel pipe! Please skull fuck me until my tits are covered in puke and spit! I promise I’ll clean up my disgusting mess right out of my doggy bowl. I just want to worship your superior white cock. I know my place as make a black slut, master. I’ll do anything to be used by you.

Life As A Submissive Mommy!

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

My life as a submissive mommy is full of so much joy! I’ve been watching porn with my daughters to train them to serve Master and it brings me such happiness to see them become submissive whores just like me! My very young daughters have become addicted to watching porn and cumming with me. The best part of my day is when the girls come home from school and we strip naked to watch some filthy perverted movies on the TV. We get naked and try out all my toys, my oldest is just learning how to fuck her tight little cunt with a dildo. My little angels get so wet that I just have to invite Master over for a fun night of probing their holes with his hard cock. The girls love it when I take Master’s cock in my ass and bury my tongue deep inside their sweet little cunts! Master loves tying me up and making me watch him violate my girls, he knows just how to make me submit to him!