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Submissive Whore Training with Donatella

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’ll do anything to please my Master’s cock, and he knows it too! He gets so much pleasure out of making me do new things that he’s never done with any of his whores. The other night, he said that I had been being a naughty little brat and spent the whole day training me on the perfect way to suck on his fat dick. He pulled back my hair and held my head as he used his hips to pump his monster cock deep into my tight throat. He fucked my mouth until he was ready to fuck my tight little pussy. I stayed on my knees as he placed a gag inside of my mouth, he said there was no more use for my mouth. He then bent me over and proceeded to use my other holes however he deemed fit. He pounded my pussy and my asshole so hard, I thought that my eyes would permanently be stuck in the back of my head. My screams were muffled by the gag in my mouth, but he knew that I felt pleasure nonetheless.

Maybe he felt like I was enjoying it too much because he decided that I needed to be punished. He placed me on all fours in a small doggie cage, stuck his cock through the bars, and proceeded to fuck me like the little bitch I am. He was using my slutty little body like the dirty fuck doll I am.

Baptized in Cum

I lived to be your cum dumpster slut and now that my sweet soft skin has not been baptized in your cum, I am an empty void of a whore.Submissive phone sex


My master had been gone for quite some time.

Everyday, I shaved my wet young pussy so that is was velvety smooth, in hopes to feel his hard throbbing cock punish me just once more.

And everyday, I slipped out of my clothes and crawled to my cage and curled up and wept on the floor.

I thought if I was a good little submissive whore, he would come back and own my cunt like before.

I know I am a worthless whore without him.

I laid there on the cold hard cement floor, reaching between my legs, feeling the softness of the inside of my thigh… I did not dare touch my wet pussy!

Never without permission!

But I ached for him, for the sting of his hand across my bare ass, and for the bruised cunt the morning after getting fucked so hard that I could not walk!

What could I have done to be so unworthy?

Please Master! Please come back to me and fuck my tight hungry cunt!

Remind me who I belong to!

I am pleading, naked, kneeling, shivering on the floor, clinging so tightly to an old pair of dirty boots that you left behind…nuzzling and licking your old boxers…just to smell you one last time!

Cum eating phone sex slave Jessica

cum eating phone sex

I had the hottest call last night that I can’t get off of my mind. My used up, cum dumpster pussy gets wet every time I think about what he made me do for him. My panties are soaked just thinking about the way he had me moaning and going crazy for him. He made me his very own nasty, cum eating phone sex slut. He knew that I had just been fucked by my son’s young hard cock and still had his hot cum oozing out of my stretched, used pussy. When I answered the phone, I told him how I had just been used by my son, as his fuck toy. He made me scoop all of the warm, sticky jizz out and eat it out of my hand. I licked it off of the end of my fingers for him, while he stroked his cock. He had me lick the frothy cream from my panties as I fingered my cunnie and made my mommy whore pussy cum for him. I love when callers catch me right after I’ve been fucked and let me lick up the leftover cum for them!

Melt in your mouth

cum eating phone sex

Do you remember the M&M’s motto about melting in your mouth and not in your hand? Well that’s my motto as well when it comes to cum eating phone sex. I would rather you explode my mouth rather than my hand. That doesn’t mean that I won’t use my hand to help you explode however. I like to feel when you tickle my tonsils with your man meat and coat my throat with a helping of your personal protein shake. My favorite flavor is you. There is something about the sticky sweetness that comes from in your pants when you are waiting to be sucked in and down. My man has a serious sweet tooth and his cum is like candy to me. He will take a hold of my head and use it as his own pocket pussy until he has sent everything he can down into my stomach. I will help him morning, noon and night and any other time that I can get my hands and mouth on that swizzle stick, in fact I am craving some cum now- wanna cum help? 

My cock, my god

cock worshiping

One of my favorite things to do is cock worshiping. I will lay my man down and proceed to treat his cock as if it is a god. I will slowly lick and taste every inch of his masterful manhood while watching his face to see his expressions. I will slowly move down to his testicles and will bring each one into my mouth and lovingly suck each one for a bit. Then I will move back up and concentrate on the head of his cock and will french kiss his piss hole before licking my way around the helmet. I will bob up and down taking him further in my mouth each time until I can swallow him into my throat. I will continue my duties until he explodes down my throat and into my stomach. I will then clean anything up that I have missed and bring a nice warm washcloth to the bed and give his cock a nice warm cleaning while he relaxes. What a way to spend an evening.

Cum play with me

scat phone sex

I had a call for Scat phone sex today that was very exciting. He asked if I minded scat play and I said that I have no limits. So he went into describing how he would like to lay me down on the bed, take off any clothes that I had on and then squat over my chest. He would like me to lick and suck on his cock while he took a long, steamy shit right on my tits. He wanted to make sure that he was getting taken care of while he took care of me. He described it as a long, slightly coiled hot, brown pile of semi-soft poo. It would lay right in between my breasts and sit there while I finished his blowjob. If I was a good girl then he would rub it in all over my nipples and boobs. He then said after a bit that he could feel some more knocking and so this time he squatted over my torso/belly and let loose another semi-soft round. He rubbed it in all over my belly and made sure to get it into my belly button. He then came up and ha me lick his hands clean. He made the experience very sensual and I enjoyed all of it!

The gold standard

golden showers phone sex

As a young girl I was always fascinated with the toilet. As I got older I enjoyed golden showers phone sex. There is something therapeutic about a hot stream of yellow goodness splashing over my face and body. I relax as a man or woman stands over me and lets the river flow. I rub all of it in and have drank it straight from the source at times. After they finish I always clean them as a thank you. Either a quick suck on a purple head or a lingering lick on a tight pussy. The taste of urine on an already turned on cock or pussy is something to be savored and tasted as often as possible.  I really hope that you will come over and share your pee with me too!

Who wants to chat?

I have always been open about my bondage habits and so I get a lot of people interested in bondage chat. Many are curious as to what extremes I will go to, some want to know the pain levels involved and my least favorites are the ones who want to tell me that I am a whore and that sex and bondage are wrong. The chats that I enjoy the most however are the ones who are interested in getting their partner involved ad what they need to do. I usually recommend so research online and a simple under the mattress bondage kit that you can buy at any local adult store. I do explain that this is not everyone’s cup of tea and to not be upset if their partner is not into it. I also recommend that they try the bondage themselves so that they also have an understanding of how it feels and the loss of control. I also recommend videos to watch together and if they want to go further then to try classes and seminars put on by the local kink groups to help with their levels of experience. Most are very thankful and will be more open-minded to trying new things with their partners. I am really glad that I can help these people feel more at ease and to help the kink community grow.

Red Riding Whore

Submissive whoreMy body froze when I saw the stranger in the black cape and mask on my front porch.

His eyes pierced through me, sending shivers through my entire body! I could not see his mouth but I could tell there was not a smile on his face! I couldn’t speak and was glad to see him walk away with his young one after getting her candy.

I was done for the night and decided to turn off the porch light and get out of my little red riding hood costume.

As I locked the door and turned, I saw him in my living room. This time no mask and definitely no smile!

Erotic submissive storiesI began to shake as he came at me and grabbed me by the throat, forcing me to my knees!

He pulled his cape open to reveal his throbbing hard cock and I began to piss myself!

I was to scared to move as he tied my hands and feet behind my back

I could feel how hard his cock was as he bent me over the back of the couch and slide his thick meet from my pussy to my ass!

Then with one hard fuck, he slammed that cock so deep in my cunt, forcing the air out of my lungs!

He had his belt wrapped around my neck and with each punishing thrust of his meat, the grip of his belt got tighter and tighter!

I was so scared and it hurt so bad but my pussy was wet and cumming!

I realized that I was just a little cum whore that loved getting her pussy destroyed by strangers hard fuck sticks!

When he forced his dripping meat inside my mouth, making me clean my cunt of it, I knew I wanted him to own me!




Master says cum

submissive phone sex

I love submissive phone sex. You see I have always had a submissive side to me but never really knew what it was until I met the right master. He has taken the time and energy to allow me to see what I really am which is a submissive whore. I love when master uses my body as he sees fit. He doesn’t care if it hurts or if I don’t like it. I am there for his use and pleasure. When he runs the vibrator up and down my folds and then commands me to cum it’s like heaven has opened. My master own my body and soul and I love being able to be there for his pleasure. He likes to tie my arms and legs to the bed and put a gag in so I don’t bother the neighbors and then he hits me, or squeezes my tits hard or bites and sucks all over my body- then when he decides he will mount me and fuck me hard until he cums. It’s always a pleasure serving my master!

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