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Submissive Slut Jacqueline Obeys her Master

As I stand before you, my eyes rake over your body, taking in every delicious inch of it. You’re a submissive slut and I love being the one to dominate you. The way your chest rises and falls with anticipation sends shivers down my spine as I imagine all the naughty things we could do together.

I run my fingers along your jawline, feeling the softness of your skin beneath them as they trace their way down to where our bodies meet – that sweet spot between us that begs for attention. Your breath hitches when yours catches at this simple touch; it excites you  knowing how much power you have over me right now just by brushing against me. As you do I feel your full cock expanding in your pants

“Kneel before me,” you command softly yet firmly, enjoying how quickly obedience washes over my features when addressed properly by Master.  My knees buckle slightly under pressure but eventually obey without hesitation – head bowed low while hands clasp behind back awaiting further instruction…or punishment if disobeyed. I know what bad girls get and you won’t be gentle with me in that case.

You take that full cock and shove it down my mouth telling me to take it all and choke on that huge cock. As I’m restrained, having only my mouth to use, I try my best to take as much of it as posubmissive slutssible down my throat. My spit is falling down your cock, covering my mouth, I feel the sticky mess I am becoming with every bob down on that cock. You love holding my head down there to point I am gasping for air.

When you take that cock filled with my spit out and it’s slapped against my face, you get harder and harder. Eventually we move on to other parts of our fun, but I sure like how we started, don’t you?


Cum slut phone sex is a tall order, make me your slut.

Cum slut phone sex          Cum slut phone sex is a tall order, make me your slut. After all I am yours to do with as you so please and I bet you are more than able to make me into a huge fucking slut.

          Now, I am yours to command. To control. Leave your mark on me. I have three holes that need to be filled with cum. Lots and lots of cum. As a slut I will take on anyone you want. I like it when it is a group of men and even women are great. They can fill my mouth with cum, down my throat.

          Even better would be if you turned into me a bukkake Submissive Whore. Have them surround me. Slapping their cocks on my face, tits, back, spilling their semen all over me. Filling me up. As long as it is your wish, it’s command.

A little bit of Light Bondage is

Light bondage or Extreme, I love it all.  Even the simplest restraints can add an enormous amount of pleasure to the cock and pussy in question. Take for instance, my recent one night stand. He brought me back

He bound my  wrists tightly above my head using silk scarves from around the room while whispering dirty promises into my  ears about all that was going to happen next. The anticipation on both our parts grew thick as we waited patiently until finally, after teasing each other enough with soft kisses along sensitive areas like neck and my ears  – i begged me not wait any longer – “Please fuck me now!” were words you likely never thought would come out of my

Without further ado or hesitation , he positioned himself  between spread legs revealing his quite large  throbbing member at last . As soon as our skin made contact, an electric current ran through us both sending shockwaves throughout every nerveLight Bondage around my mouth.

BDSM phone sex Submissive Milf likes it painful.

BDSM phone sex

I have a message for all the sexy BDSM phone sex men out there! This sexy Milf loves to have her tits and clit constrained, pulled and pinched on. My long black hair can be pulled as rough as you like. You can whip and beat any part of my body and make it hurt if you like, baby!  I like pain and want you to give it to me rough! I cannot live without the pain during sex because it turns me on so much. It is my nature to want a man to be happy before I enjoy myself.

Fuck me raw and then fuck me some more, I can take it. It will make my pussy purr with excitement! Pull my hair and slam fuck me, I fucking need it! Take this Submissive Whore to the breaking point and back again because a woman like me needs to be broken! 

BDSM phone sex Submissive Milf likes it painful.

 Give me that hot painful fuck and some pain to be torn up for you! You know I am not allowed to cum for you.

I get off on orgasm denial because the pain is what keeps my milf pussy going. I often fail at holding my orgasms though.  Due to pain, my snatch often explodes as I cum all over the place. When you pull and pinch on my sexy milf body leave marks and bruises, please. I know it will make you cum also because I am your little cum whore. Dominate my ass and make me feel like dirt because I enjoy everything you want of me! 

So, if you are looking for a BDSM chat experience like no other, then I’m your submissive lady! I guarantee that I can take you to the heights of pleasure that you never thought possible. I can make you hard and put a grin on your face with my dirty talk. All you need to do is call and let me know what you like.

Prostate milking Breanne dreams of making some sick  S&M porn

Prostate milking Breanne dreams of making some sick porn. Most of her time she is a submissive bitch who is only there for your pleasure, but lately She’s been domineering force, doing whatever she desires with filthy whores.. She loves the idea of submission, and being in complete control over a young dumb slut. There is nothing quite like getting lost in the moment while your cock is stuffing that young tight hole and they are completely helpless. She loves feeling the pleasure and energy that vibrates through her body, pushing her to a completely different level of arousal. Lately this dirty little bitch has been creating filthy movies without the knowledge of these dumb sluts she fucks. These videos can turn messy fast and it is super sexy! She pounds these little sluts so hard they cover her in their shit. She doesn’t mind, she loves when they make a mess. When the mood strikes her she will make them suck her messy cock clean, She explores her scat desires without fear. Being covered in shit can be so sexy and exhilarating, the stink of shit just does something very special to her juicy pussy and she oozes for it. Fuck having shame for any kinky desires. With Breanne anything goes. If you thought of engaging in filthy acts yourself, then I suggest reaching out to that filthy whore Breanne. 

Cock worshiping please master let me praise your cock.

Cock worshiping          Cock worshiping please master let me praise your cock. Now! I want to see it now. It must be admired. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. Your slave will scream and beg if only you let me be near it.

          Down on my knees. I will beg you. You have got the greatest cock in the world. It is so perfect. With its perfect head. Do you have a hood? I like a hood. Let me lick down your length. Lick around your shaft. Oh master your balls hold up your cock so very nicely. It is the perfect cushion and so big. You have a big perfect cock. Big perfect balls. Let me suck on them. Your slave begs you, master.

Bondage whore Breanne gets Disciplined

Bondage whore

Bondage whore Breanne always gets into trouble. I just can’t help it.  All I crave is for a man to dominate me and put me in my place. It’s funny even when I am not looking for it, it just happens. Like the other day, this guy approached me and he was really sweet at first. He asked if I wanted to grab lunch somewhere, he had his car right out front and it was a classic so I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to. He told me he would take me to the fancy Italian place around the corner but we passed it. He just kept driving without saying a word. The whole mood in the car changed. I knew to stay quiet, I have been in plenty of these situations before and the last thing to do would be asking questions. As he drove he unzipped his pants and forced me to give him road head. He fucked my throat so hard I thought I was going to vomit all over him. He pulled over to some secluded woods and when we got out of the car he wrapped a thick rope around my neck. He led me to a clearing in the woods, he smiled and pulled out a knife. He cut off all of my clothing. I am so scared at this point but I know it’s what I deserve, I am a sub whore and he can take it out on me all he wants. He hogtied me so tight and fucked my mouth so hard I thought he was going to break my neck. He shoved a large stick into my pussy, it hurt so much I had to scream. That got him really mad, so he punished me by shoving his cock deep in my ass, no spit to lube it.  He pushed my face in the dirt. “Eat the dirt you stupid slut!” I did what I was ordered, I felt so humiliated. I really thought he was going to kill me but when he blew his load deep in my ass I knew I had done a good job. He even said if I screamed more I probably would have been a dead submissive whore.

Soft Bondage Cock Sucker

soft bondageYou take me by the hair and pull me down to my knees. In front of me is a big fat juicy limp cock. You demand in your most assertive, dominating tone, “Get that cock hard” and of course, being the submissive whore I am, I oblige. I force that limp dick in my mouth as my hands are tied behind my back. My mouth is all I have to pleasure the cock before me.  I have to count on the many cocks in my mouth before this one to have given me the expertise I need to get that limp dick into a nice, hard one, ready to fuck.

I use my mouth to gag on the cock, almost throwing up from shoving it so far back there.  My eyes are watering as you force my head to stay deep down on your now throbbing hard dick.  I want to keep gobbling it up but I also know I can barely get my breath as my mouth is filled with hard bulging cock.   My spit is traveling down my mouth faster than a water slide.  Flowing down that hard cock from the head down to the base. Some of it gathers at the base and then drips down your balls.  When I take a peak, in between bobbing my head, I notice the cock is shiny and completely covered in my favorite type of lube, my spit.

Push my head down on that cock baby, there is nothing I like more than to fix my oral fixation through having your cock in my mouth.  Are you as yummy as you look?  I am ready to find out.

Rape phone sex fantasies make for a sexy phone sex call

rape phone sex fantasies Rape phone sex fantasies are very hot to me.  My pussy gets creamy with how much I love being dominated and being a good little submissive girl for my masters.  I love being a slave to their cocks.  They can get me to do just about anything when I’m a sub under their control.  They have this way of getting into my head and my pants.  I love it when they take the aggression with me to another level.  Catch me by surprise and throw me into a trunk or tied up in the back seat as I was unsuspectingly going about my day. I am at their mercy and must do whatever these big powerful cocks want.

Rip my clothes off, shove their fingers in my pussy. I love it and it makes me so damn wet.  I am just a helpless slut there with slut holes you must choose from. Which one will you start with? I know you want all of them so I prepare for that big cock to go into my mouth and my pussy and know you’ve been eyeing my tight ass.  You call me names and degrade me as you hit me, whip me, and throw me to the ground.  You didn’t realize that I may like this though because this whore likes it rough.

I’m getting turned on while also scared knowing the control is out of my hands. I feel my pussy tingling with excitement hoping you shove that cock up it soon.  For now, you seem to love watching me gag until I about puke on your cock.  I have to hold back a few times as I almost let my dinner come out on your dick.  I don’t know you, we are essentially strangers, and not sure if puking on your cock will make you more mad.  However, holding back is making my eyes water profusely.  Slobber dripping down my face. I am a hot mess, yours for whatever else you want to do with me that night.

Sexy Phone Chat Submissive Loves Taboo Filth

Sexy phone chat is a hot session to share with me. We can really have a lot of filthy hot talking when you set up a paid sex chat with me. As an example of something I really enjoy is when really know your way around training a submissive. Obviously I deal with amateurs every day. That is what is so great with fantasy phone sex play.

However to really get me hot make sure you know how to have the upper hand. Otherwise, of course my dominant side will come out and I will turn the tales and turn them hard on you. Never try to just think for a second that you will fool me!

I am often playing the roles of an amazon to little men. Shrinking and putting little men inside me is something guys enjoy fantasizing about. I am 6 feet tall and even taller in my many pairs of heels.

In essence if you cannot own me then be prepared to get owned.

Sexy phone chat