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Bondage and submission are how any good cheating date should end.

Bondage and submissionMy latest cheating date was going so well, up until it ended up going so much better with Bondage and submission. We went back to his apartment and he immediately ambushed me with enough bondage gear to make my whole body quiver. Chained up against his reinforced wall, I couldn’t do anything but anticipate exactly what kind of torture he was going to bring down upon me. I was soaked just thinking about it. The anticipation is half of what makes moments like this so precious. I can’t get things like this from my husband, even if I wish I could. That cutie whipping me would be the best orgasm I ever had. It seemed like I was about to get that from this man instead and his erotic bondage stories, when he came back with clamps and a battery. It didn’t look dangerous, but he did. He was tall and burly, his shirt off showing off rippling muscles. Somehow I felt like the riding crop at his waist was going to hurt a lot more than whatever he had in store for those clamps. The torture addict in me was wide-eyed and salivating, only not playing with my wet pussy because I was chained up and unable to use my hands. I rubbed my legs together what little I could, I focused on his hands as they got close. He was silent, stoic, it was actually really creepy as he got ready to unleash his pent-up desires on me. For a moment I wondered if I was leaving this apartment or if this was going to be my permanent future. They’d look for me sure, but they’d never figure it out. They’d probably blame my husband, they always blame the spouse. I’d ruin our both lives just like that… At least I’d be cumming forever, and that massive dick I could see him packing would surely help with that, if not the extreme bondage I was about to face.

Dad Uses BDSM to Dominate Daughter

Soft bondage

I like hardcore fucking in soft, fluffy handcuffs. I don’t care what is done to me as long as I have those handcuffs on me. The first person who fucked me like this was my father. He was a kinky motherfucker who loved to make me his bitch. Since I was a teen, he got me hooked on BDSM and worshiping him as my Master. He fucked me into submission every night, putting me in these fluffy, pink handcuffs that he got from the sex store. He whipped me, choked me and even tried to waterboard me with his piss. It got to the point that he could control me at any time. I didn’t even try to tell my Mom about what we were doing (not that she would be able to believe her daughter could be such a nasty whore). When he wanted me, he could get me with the snap of his finger, putting me in those pink handcuffs that I always loved.

Cum slut phone sex Whore needs more

Cum slut phone sex

Being a cum slut phone sex whore leads me open to so much good stuff. Like being a submissive slut and having men use me at their pleasure. There is nothing better than knowing a man want to use me for my purpose of serving his pleasures. Last week I was I was out shopping and I saw this guy following me. I understand why men feel they need to keep a distances these days since the whole women’s complaining movement but I was cutting my eyes at him in the most inviting way. I’m sure more bitches wouldn’t be snuffed if they realized how our only purpose is to serve the man. The good book says so. Well after following me around a few clothes racks I started to head to the changing rooms, knowing he would follow. When he came around the corner and saw me on my knees his rod instantly came alive. Maybe there way a hole in his pants or maybe he actually unzipped them but that stiff prick seemed to pop out automatically like a jack in the box. And I, just being a whole in the wall was drawn to that dick like a bee to honey. Before I knew it he had zipped up and walked away, leaving my belly full of the creamy white cum I so desired.

Cum slut phone sex whores lure you in to take advantage of them

Cum slutI knew he was there well before he even knew what he was doing. My allure drawing him into my room well into the night to take advantage of my cum slut phone sex body. I’d left my door slightly ajar, so that his big dick would draw him in like a sniffer might great food. I’d slept nude, my blanket slightly off of me so I showed off in just the right way. He’d started feeling my tits, really squeezing them in his palms and rolling them with his wrists. I had to hold back a giggle at knowing I’d had him in my trap. He was mine, always had been, and now I knew I’d get everything I wanted out of him. He’d climbed up onto the bed to straddle my soft waist before long. He couldn’t help himself much when he looked at my luscious body laid out for him like I was, ready to be abused to light bondage. He’d released himself and was rubbing his big cock against my hard nipples with relish, playing with them while trying to figure out exactly what cute move he’d do next with free reign and access to one of his favorite girls in the whole world. I was so vulnerable it made me a soaked mess aching for dick deep and ready to go off at a moment’s notice. I had to hold back from reaching up, grabbing his hair, and pulling him in for a kiss. I had to lay there and let him begin to fuck my massive tits instead, a dangerous game working itself out right on top of me. His every buck came with a groan, his balls slapping against my bouncing titties. I’d have his cum soon. I’d drag it from his youthful body and take it in until I was more than satisfied, my rape phone sex fantasies would get their fill.

You Find a Bondage Slave in the Basement…

Light bondageHelp me!

I can’t believe you’ve found me! I’ve been down here for hours. My Master upstairs has kidnapped me and wants to use me as his BDSM slave. I have been trapped down here ever since. Can you help me get out? Oh, you’ll only help me if you get to use me? I can’t believe you want to violate me before you let me free, but I have no choice. Use me as you wish. Force me on my knees and shove your cock down my throat, make me tell you how much I love to suck it. Turn me around and pound my pussy hard while slapping my ass. Treat me like a dirty slut. Force me to hold in my cum as you tease me with a vibrator, and then titty fuck me until you cum in my face. Now, are you satisfied?

What? You won’t let me go? You want to be able to use me again?

Submissive Whore for Spreading Her Holes for Perverts

Guys need a Submissive Whore in their lives. I’m in need of a dirty pervert who craves to control and use a slut. We have a true calling to be together. Use me as you feel fit. Just don’t be too scared of me because of my height and dirty perversions.

I’m a switch, for sure. My love of CBT and ball busting is great. Guys love me in their giantess fetish roleplays, due to my height, and perverted fucked up mind. My love of submissiveness is counter acted by how much I enjoy dominating and torturing men.

Maybe your need is to have a giantess bust your balls and sit on your face? I am 5`11, strong and slender. Extreme calls are my greatest love. Having a knack for the more extreme fun really brings out the inner kinks of perverts. We start to get quite filthy once they realize I am true to my word, anything goes, extreme fetishism is perfect fun for me.

Let me trample your balls and stick rods in that pee hole. I want to anally violate that ass and you can use extreme sized toys to violate and gape me out. Piss on me or I will stand over you and piss on you. Fuck it, let me bust your balls as I turn the tables on your lack of being able to really serve me as a good master.

Submissive Whore

Cock worshiping is my new natural state as a cheating whore

Cock worshipingSucking a dick and Cock worshiping is something I think most people could do with improvement on. There’s something special about running my tongue along his glands, and sucking him into my mouth with a nice long stroke. I sucked him hard, rubbed him against each of my cheeks, sucked them in and started pumping my head all along his thick fuck meat.  Love a good cock in between my lips. I can’t stand life without dick, my average time in between fucks is a painful occurrence I only manage because I know it’s coming, just like he will be. I wouldn’t be going behind my husband’s back if he’d give me more, but I understand his limits, and sad as it might be, that means to stay with him I have to accommodate. I have to cheat, I have to play with cocks like these, because if I don’t I can’t stay. I’ll have to leave and go become some cum swapping gutter slut or whore house needy bitch. I worship what’s given to me, I love him and I love this cock too. My thoughts are scrambled, always are these days, ever since I got wrecked by a strange man for the first time. Maybe I could spice things up at home, and I will, but it’ll never feel as good as sucking the cum out of this random guy like he’s a straw for my desires.

Submissive Whore Bernice Caters to Shoe, Foot and Pantyhose Fetishes Too

submissive whoreA submissive whore with a foot and shoe fetish is my master’s favorite thing. I am his slave. I always will be, but sometimes we switch roles. It is not that I am bringing out the whips and chains on him or even tying him up like he does me. He just has a fetish for high heels, feet and pantyhose. Can you relate? It does not make you submissive or weak to love seeing a woman in pantyhose and heels. My master is old school. He grew up in the era where women always wore pantyhose and classic pumps. I was raised in that era too. It was not until I became an adult that the bare legged look became the new style for women. At work, I am required to wear a skirt with pantyhose and high heels. I am never in front of my master in anything else, unless he has stripped me naked.

On Friday, he wanted to feel my legs in the silky pantyhose. He wanted to rub his cock against my legs too. As his submissive sex slave, I cater to his fetishes and his every need too. I gave him a foot job with my pantyhose clad feet. He took a Viagra, so he had no problem cumming on my feet. I sometimes think I can make him cum quicker with my feet than I can with my pussy or ass. I had to clean up the mess he made on my feet. I fed each foot to my mouth so I could clean up every last drop of his cum. Once the cum was gone, I slipped a heel in my cunt, tearing my pantyhose in the crotch, for master’s pleasure. He watched me toy with my cunt and got hard again. This time his old dick was hard enough for my pussy. He rarely fucks me anymore because of his age. He loves to watch me though. Watch me fuck other men and items like shoes. This submissive slut does what ever it takes to please her master. I will do whatever it takes to please you too.

Pissed On and Degraded on Public Train

Golden showers phone sex


I was sitting on the train when a man came up to me. He had a trench coat on, which was suspicious to me but not enough to strike up a conversation. He asked me sexy personal questions such as “Had I ever had a golden shower?” and “Do I love being degraded?”. Of course, I told him that I have had a golden shower and that being degraded is my purpose in life. I am a submissive whore whose place is to be used. He then got up and opened his coat to reveal he wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear. He grabbed his cock and started spraying me with his piss right in front of everyone in the train. I tried to pretend that I had more self-respect than I actually had, but it was obvious to everyone that I loved being covered in his piss. I got to my stop and got off the train, my pussy so wet from being publicly degraded by that stranger.

Maid Slave Gangbanged and Bred By Master and His Friends

Gangbang phone sexIt’s no wonder a whore like me is always in situations like this. One minute, you make me serve drinks in a French maid’s outfit to each of your friends. They’re pinching my ass since you refuse to let me wear panties. The pinching becomes rubbing my pussy. The next minute, each of you are trying to see how far you can stick your cocks down my throat. You tell them that I’m your toy, but that they can borrow me for the night. One of them got a hold of me and lifted my skirt while another came and rubbed my clit. I begged for you to make them stop, but you said that it was my fault for enticing them. You all decide to see who can breed me first, creaming inside of me and pounding my delicate pussy until I can’t even feel my legs anymore. If I am not pregnant in the next month, you give them permission to come ravage me again.