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Submissive Whore Ready to Be Owned

As a submissive whore I am eager to please my new Master’s. Currently I am owned by one that is extremely stern with me. The other day he tested me and I completely failed to follow his directions appropriately. My bottom got sore and that turned me on.

Essentially a problem for me is how much I actually enjoy being punished. It’s true, I mess up on simple tasks so that I will be administered with floggings, spankings, or paddling. Sometimes, even though I pretend to not want it, my nipples will be the punished element of my body. My of which is all completely owned by my Master.

Whimpering and begging to stop is only going to fuel Master’s need to punish me further. In turn this reaction from me turns him on. Honestly, a little secret… pain and humiliation really turns me on too.

Submissive Whore

Sex Slave in Training

Slave Training

I love sex slave training! I’m a cum hungry submissive whore that wants nothing more than to be a complete slut for you. Help me realize my rape phone sex fantasies and take my pussy any time you want it. I want you to force me down, choke me and fuck me hard and deep. I would love to have your white cock fill my coon pussy and get me pregnant with a little nigglet. I’ll always keep my pussy hot, wet and ready for you, greeting you at the door with my legs spread eagle while I lie on the floor ready to be humped on sight. I want to be your bottom bitch sex slave, training all your other sex slaves on how to take your dick like a champ. I want you to fuck my asshole until the hole is gaping wide for your cock, stretching it open so you can fist me. 

Give me a call so you can hear how wet this pussy gets and how loud I moan while imagining you pounding my slut hole. Don’t forget to ask about our phone sex specials so you can get some cheap phone sex from me, your personal cheap ebony submissive whore sex slave. 

Pimped Out to Be a Submissive Maid Whore

Erotic submissive stories


My Master loves to pimp me out to other men. It is his way of giving back to the community. I was asked to go to a house where I was to be a maid. I came there with my French maid outfit, the man’s jaw dropping. He tells me that I am such a well-trained slut and that most women would not understand what it meant to be his maid. I got to work scrubbing and wiping, bending over to reveal my lack of panties. All I wanted to do is finish my work so that I can go back to my Master. As I was cleaning the sink, I could feel him coming up behind me. He lifted my skirt up and started playing with my clit. I couldn’t stop him, he owned me for the hour. He fucked my ass, grabbing my tits as he hammered his cock into me. I had to be a good girl for him and did not resist him. He is my Master now!

I Want to Be Your Perfect Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sex


I love being your little cum slut. Use me how you want. Fuck me over the sink, on the couch, in the stocks, you name it. I need your cock all the time, it’s a bit of an addiction. I especially need that cum inside my pussy, covering my face and splattered all over my body. I am such a big whore that you don’t even have to ask to use my mouth to face fuck me until you cum deep in my throat. Your perfect cock pumping in and out of my throat, shooting a big load inside of my mouth is what I love most. My body is ready for you to use to your pleasure. I will spread my legs open for you so you can fuck my ass or fuck my pussy, your choice. I am just a cum dumpster for you to empty your balls into. Please, Master, give me every drop. I need it so bad. 

All his friends will use me

Bdsm chat should be something you feel free to talk about with me. I’m all for having a master and getting piss all over me. Whenever you enjoy yourself beating me, know that you are doing the right thing.

A girl like me belongs to be behind men and willing to please them at all costs. Whenever you get to enjoy yourself with a girl ready to be a bottom bitch licking and eating all the cum  you give her, know that you have mastered being a slave pet master.

Spit all over me and watch me cry, and tell all your friends to gather around me and fuck my face till I’m blue. There’s no need to take it easy on me.

Hardcore Sexy Phone Sex

Sexy phone sex

Some sexy phone sex freaks just want to jam their dicks deep inside of me and fuck me furiously until they blow a thick, foamy load.  When I get a dom like that, pretty much all I can do is hold on for the ride and take the seemingly never ending pounding.  No matter what position they put me into, I grit my teeth, grab a bit of bed sheet or couch cushion and let them cram their cock as far inside of me as they can.  What else is a sexy, slutty sub to do?

I’m not complaining, that’s what whores are for.  I get paid to take so many pricks that I lost track of my body count years ago.  I have to be over two thousand by now.  It’s always a shock when a guy shoves his hog inside of me really hard from the word go.  No matter which hole he chooses, getting bashed in right at the beginning of the bang session is surprising, to say the least.  It takes a couple of powerful pumps for my pussy to even start adjusting to the size of his pole, even for my extra experienced cum purse.  

It doesn’t matter the position, a hardcore hole humper always wants to hold me down and drill his dick into me however he can.  On my back, they’ll spread my legs, throw them up over their shoulders, maybe pin me by the backs of my knees and do his worst like that.  From behind, they hold me up by my hips, push my face down into the floor or mattress or whatever then reach a leg over and stand on my head with one of their feet.  Every time.  The real weirdos like to step on your face and see how many strokes they can get in within a second or so.  The real fast fuckers can get up to five or six, I swear! 

They usually go too fast to pull out of me when they cum so I can almost count on a forceful fuck session ending in a creampie.  It’s all good, I’ve had so many loads blasted up in my horny hole that now it kind of feels weird when I don’t take the shot in my slot.  That’s kind of how cum slut phone sex goes when you’ve been doing it for a while.  It doesn’t make it not hurt when my cunt or assholes get bashed in, though.


Gangbang Phone Sex Bukkake Festivities

Master wanted to get Festive with his Subby Whore. I am always eager to please my master and was even more so when it came to the Gangbang Phone Sex bukkake party. I love being a dirty little cum suckling slut. Taking as any cocks as I could in my mouth and sucking them dry.

My cunt and ass were also up for grabs… but the truth is these titties were grabbed, pinched, nipple twisted and slapped. My ass, well yes it was as red as Rudolphs lit up nose. I could say that my ass could really guide Santa’s sleigh and in a way it sure did. They say I pulled the train well as I took all that dick. Splattered in cum is my kind of XXX-Mas Cheer.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Sexy bondage and forced female orgasms

Sexy BondageSexy bondage and forced female orgasms make him cum. It all started when I let my Master know that my sister was a BDSM whore. I guess it runs in the family lines. I told her to dress appropriately to meet a new master. We were going to vet her! My sister arrived wearing her short micro skirt and pair of suntan pantyhose. That corset and bustier set was beautiful and sexy! We were due for some public humiliation, and the outfit I chose was not the best for that. I had to cover up my latex gear with a cute little robe as we went to the toy store. Master had me pick out a new sexy latex outfit for my sister. A nice big remote butt plug and egg for her pussy. With him completely in control I redressed her and inserted her toys. When he picked up that cane I knew we were both in trouble for some bare bottom spankings and canning! Forcing my sister to cum in public has never been so hot! Pussy lips swollen as a cane whacked up through them. Nipple clamps jingling from both of our tits as humans submission in the middle of the toy store. What a perfect way to show my master that my sister can please him as well.
We are sex toys We belong public masturbating in the sex toy aisle!

Submissive slut goes on a binge


submissive slut

After my breakup with my ex-boyfriend, I ended up going nowhere. I met my master due to partying and going places no young lady should be. There were so many days I would go on alcohol binges and would end up stumbling and getting myself into scary situations. One of my friends ended up doing coke and told me it would stop me from being drunk but would keep me high as hell and would have me wanting to party. As a result, I began doing some questionable things and went places I never would. Submissive slut goes to the glory hole should be the name of porn that id star in because after my party phase went into full effect, I began to go to sex dungeons and glory holes. Master sought me out and made me his property when he scoped me out.

Cock Worshiping 101 Pray to the Cock

This is Cock Worshiping 101, knowing my place as a cock whore is the greatest start. Understanding that I need to make dick cum is where it is all at. Embracing the role that cum has in my life is an essential service of a slut. My mouth wrapped around your cock as my gaze is looking to your eyes. Taking every inch is of no surprise, because master understands that I am a skilled cock sucking cum slut.

Tied in bondage and laying with my head over the edge of the bed is my place. My mouth is available, and my legs they are spread. The place for that cock is where ever Master wishes to put it. My mouth will worship every inch, and when it cums that cum is the milk nectar of a thousand gods and I will drink it, rub it into my breasts or hold every drop in my fuck hole of masters wish.

Cock worshiping