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Sexy phone sex your slut likes to switch it up.

     Sexy phone sex Sexy phone sex you slut likes to switch it up. All things considered do like a good spanking. With this in mind make the ass bare. Now this means it could turn into a finger going in the ass, in the cunt. Your sexy slut would also love to chat with you to keep you from trouble. Claim me.

     On the positive side when you claim me then the sky is the limit. You get to listen to my sexy voice gagging on your cock as I am sucking on it. Moaning in pleasure as you are spanking me. Groaning as you cock enters my sloppy wet cunt hole.

     That’s it, claim your Submissive slut for yourself. Make me yours. Driving in deep. Moans grow louder as you hold my breasts using them as handlebars. Twisting them. Binding me to you as much as any restraints would do.

     For this reason, when I belong to you, I get out of line. Which you can be sure that I will, then a punishment is in order. A spanking on the ass, a willow switch, feel like being a gentle punishment then use a feather tickler, among so many other choices.

     In summary I belong to you when you call me yours. I will please you as long as you give me that cock. I am a cock loving slut.

Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be!

Submissive slut

Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be! I crave the pain, the humiliation, the degradation from the moment I am awake, to well into my dreams. I want to be used, abused, and treated like the worthless piece of trash that I am. And so, I find those who could fulfill my lustful black hole of desire.

My pussy salviates for pleasure that only a true Master can provide. I need a Master who will take control of me, who will dominate me, who will make me his. A Master who will give me the torture I so desperately crave. The man who will push me to my limits, who will make me bleed, who will make me his.

I’ve always known that I was different, that I wasn’t like the other girls. While they dreamed of love and romance, I fantasized about being tied up, gagged, and used like the dirty little slut I am. I wanted to be dominated, to be taken, to be owned. And so, I embraced my true nature, and I became the submissive whore I was always meant to be.

In fact, My body is a temple of pleasure, a vessel for the desires of my Master. I want him to use every inch of me, to take me in ways that make me scream and beg for my Mommy. I want him to push me to my limits, to make me bleed. Use your thickest whip on me, followed by the spiked paddle. When I say I want to beg, I really mean it. Make me beg for my pathetic life.

I crave the Submissive sex that will leave me sore and aching, the kind of sex that will make me bleed and leave me begging for more. Please let me be your plaything, your toy, your property, and forever be your willing slave. And when I’m not being used, I want to be tied up, gagged and hung from your meat for hours. I want to be your prisoner, with all the pain and punishment that comes with that title.

Above all, I am here to serve you, to please you, to be your willing slave. I am here to submit every inch of my body to your hard throbbing cock. You can give me the kind of Slave training that will make me suffer every second and I will forever be your willing slave. So, come and take me, Master. Use me, abuse me, make me your own. I am yours to command, yours to control, yours to own.


Sexy phone chat whisper soft, just like a feather.

     Sexy phone chat whisper soft, just like a feather. Tickle me with the feather. Use some bondage. A chat is whispering. No one can hear. For this reason, it is a good idea over a call to ensure my newest Dom doesn’t get in trouble.

     Now my Dom asked me to write about how my hair is down to the middle of my back. He also ordered me to fuck someone for six hours and to not get caught. As soon as I did this I complied. I do like having a great big dick up in my cunt. Getting me dripping wet.

     Tickling me with the feather. Sexy phone sex does run the risk of getting caught a hence my Dom prefers to chat. That is to say hands free, naked but for the Soma bra and panties he requires me to wear. Hair down. Flowing free. Sexy phone chat

     A little bondage. A butt plugs. Anal sex. On the positive side these are all the things I really like. On the negative side only one is allowed to do it to me.

     For the most part I do listen. However, there are times would I listen to my other Dom, and he has me being so much naughtier. Fucking everyone not just my poor Cuck of a husband.

     By all means my wonderful Dom come and punish me for having more than one Dom. I have my hair long; I have the soma bra and panties. I fucked for 6 hours. Just have more than one Dom now.

Extreme fetish phone sex gets me soaking, choking & out!

Extreme fetish phone sex Extreme fetish phone sex gets me soaking, choking & out! In the depths of my mind harbors my dirty secrets, I, Breanne, want to be choked until lights out. From a tender age, I have craved a Master that would squeeze my neck as tight as possible, watching as my eyes roll back in my head, and when I begin to twitch, Master lets go, and wakes me up with a fat cock in my cunt. I  honed my ability to go with out oxygen for a while. silence my lungs, plunging into a realm where oxygen becomes an elusive mistress. It is a world where time stands still and the voice of my Master fades in the dream world.

For me, breath-holding is not merely a sexy sport but an obsession—a dark and consuming force that propels me to the brink of asphyxiation. I strive for perfection, for my Master. He deserves my  ultimate surrender to erotic submission and I wouldn’t want it any other way. With each descent, I feel the weight of my Master’s hands wrapped around my throat, it becomes so much hotter when I am gagging on a thick cock while his hands are there. I am his whore and he can share me with whoever he pleases. When we play he always is sure I cock constantly on cock.  It is like a  claustrophobic caress that whispers promises of oblivion.

With Extreme bondage I can I sink deeper and deeper into darkness. I love going out of my body and being used as a cum toy for Master and his friends. Wrap a cord around my throat and pull it tighter and tighter while you pound your hard cock deep into me. Master loves to make me cum over and over again until it starts to hurt because I deserve it. I need to feel the pain to remember why I exist, to be stuffed, fucked and filled will Master’s cum!

Over-indulge me in my fear, in my obsession, suffocating on your cock Master. Turn my surroundings into a psychedelic blur. I don’t care how you do it, as long as my neck is squeezed tight and my pussy is filled with cock. Push me to the edge and keep going, I want my Master to get dangerous with me. I want to be the best cock choking slave that has ever served you. Make your Sexy bondage slut black out, and take that limp tight body as yours, Master!


Rape phone sex fantasies with your favorite cum bucket!

Rape phone sex fantasiesRape phone sex fantasies always gets me going like a little bitch in heat. My master loves watching me be a helpless little piece of fuck meat for him. He always sets up some nasty little fantasies for me when he finds nasty men. His cock gets so hard when he sees me being used like a dumb whore. This particular guy is a long time friend of my owner and he has always paid top dollar to play out some dirty fantasies. He loves to make it seem like I am taken against my will and desperate to get out. He likes to watch me suffer and beg for my last breath!

He says the best Slave training is by making a bitch do the most vile shit for a mans pleasure. His friend Logan picked me up from my house and ripped off my clothes before putting me in the back seat. He took pictures of me in  nothing but a slutty pair of leather heels. He made me pose and show off my holes for the camera. He taunted me as he roughed me up and made me beg him to stop. He said he wanted it to sound more real so he went harder and rougher so I would scream. Once I started crying he recorded me and came all over my face before he even put his cock in me.

When he finished his first load he said my master would be very proud of me for being the proper Cock worshiping whore I was trained to be! When he was done using me for the night he threw money at me, pushed me out of the car and told me he would see me next time if my holes weren’t worn the fuck out yet!

Sexy bondage, scarves, feathers, and silk covered in cum.

   Sexy bondage  Sexy bondage, scarves, feathers, and silk covered in cum. So sexy, naughty, fun, erotic to name a few among many others. Use scarves, tie me up. Tie me down. Cover me cocks all full of cum. Tickle me with a feather. Use the feather whip. It will tick and arouse at the same time.

     Cock down my throat you a mouth separator. Feel my throat closing around your cock. Squeezing it tight. With this in mind every pulse tightens even more on your cock.

     Pulling gently on the scarves. Already covered in cum. In fact, bring in some more cocks to cover me from head to toe in cum. Besides the scarves, use some rope, next add in furry cuffs. Let the fur tickle me.

     You will see just what a Bondage whore I am. Pulling on the bonds. Obviously, trying to reach those thick, hard, throbbing, tumescent members.

     Without delay I will be squirting all over the room. The cocks, being covered as they cum on me. In my hair, on all the bonds. Leave me bound. This way I will be right where you left me when you come back for more.

     Love bondage. Need more. Sexy ass slut will do anything for her master. Tie me up master. Please.

A Submissive Whore Begs to Serve Her Master’s Cock

A Submissive Whore Has to Beg

A submissive whore has to submit to her superior Master’s cock in every way. And if she can’t do it on her own, then she needs to be tied up and forced to take it. My Daddy knows my cunt is so sensitive. The slightest touch will make me scream with a violent orgasm. That’s why you wrap the ropes around my wrist, thighs and ankles. When I’m incapacitated like this, I can’t deny you, what is rightfully yours. 

Every single one of these slutty holes belongs to you. You just have to pick one to start with. A ball gag might look pretty, but you know a submissive whore should be gagged with a cock instead. Your dick is rock solid in your pants. You pull it out infront of your cock hungry little whore and tap it against my face. I open my mouth wide to take it, but you tease me more. You tell me to beg for the privilege of servicing your cock. I moan like a pathetic little slut and beg you to fuck my face. 

submissive whore

Light Bondage is Enough to Make My Cunt Leak

You place both hands on the back of my head and force your cock down my throat. Your dick is stretching out my slut gullet and leaving a slick rope of spit dribbling from my chin. The sounds of me gagging and moaning around your dick only makes your cock harder. I wiggle against the light bondage around my wrists when your cock suffocates me. When you pull that Master cock out of my sloppy mouth I beg you to put it back in. Please use my mouth to make you cum. But Master knows best. You push me face forward into the bed. My ass is up on the air. My pussy is soaked. 

You slap that horny cunt and ask me what a submissive whore does. They beg. Please fuck me, Master. My pussy is so desperate to be ruined by your thick dick. I tell you what a dirty little whore I am. And you reward your obedient slut by splitting my cunny open with your cock. Yes, please sir. You grab ahold of my bondage and force your cock deeper inside me. My pussy swallows you whole. I beg for you to flood my cunt with cum. My pussy is addicted to your thick nut. Please Daddy, fill me. 

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve!


Submissive slut

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve! I love being stripped down, my clothes torn off of me as I am left standing in just my collar. That collar is a constant reminder of my place, my purpose, to serve and pleasure my Master in every way possible.

I crave the feeling of being restrained, tied up and completely at my Master’s mercy. The anticipation of what he will do to me leaves me dripping wet and begging for more. My body is ready, willing to submit to his every command, I am to be bound and gagged for his pleasure.

I live for the moments when my Master takes control, when he tells me what to do and how to do it. Being submissive is not just a role for me, it’s a way of life. I long to be dominated, to be treated like a slut and to be fucked hard until I am left a trembling mess.

My mouth and throat are at your disposal, Master. Use me, gag me, make me choke on your cock. I want to hear you moan and groan as you use my mouth for your own pleasure. And when you’re done, I’ll eagerly swallow every drop of your cum like a good little whore.

But my talents don’t just stop there. My ass is ready and waiting for your punishment. Spank it, slap it, fuck it. I am aching for you to take me from behind and make me scream in pleasure. Use me as your personal fuck toy and I will gladly moan and scream until you are satisfied.

I offer myself to be bound and whipped. The stinging pain is what I deserve Master. Spoil me by beating my sweet little ass black and blue, then it will be ready for your cock to fuck my tight ass! Pound it hard and when you are ready to cum, I want to feel it shooting into my, I mean your pussy. Everything I have is for you, sir, so call me for hot Submissive sex chat!


Ice Makes Your Submissive Slut Hot for Master

A Little Sensual Fun with Your Submissive Slut

You have put your submissive slut through a lot of naughty torture. But today you want to enjoy your whore in a new way. You have me sitting in bed blind folded next to a container of ice. I’m waiting patiently for you to have your way wit me, but today is about savoring every inch of my sexy body. You tilt my chin up and I part my lips. Then I feel that cold ice you place there. That ice cube slowly melts on my hot lips. You drag it down my lips to my chin and then down to my collar bone. 

This slow torture is enough to make my cunny wet. I want to beg for submissive sex, but I know you’re not done with me yet. You place ice on my nipples. Teasing them until they are rock solid for you. Then I feel a sharp pain on my left nipple. You bit me! And again on my neck. Another on the meaty part of my left breast. I can’t see it, but I know there is a bite print there. I can’t wait to see it. The anticipation is too much. I beg for you to take me. 

Submissive slut

Cum Inside My Cunt from Submissive Sex

You laugh at how pathetically desperate I am. Your cold fingers rub my cunt and I am soaked. You gently lay me down on my back and spread my legs. When the ice hits my clit I arch my back hard and moan for you. Every inch of me is aching. It’s like the ice is setting me on fire. You force the ice cubes inside of my pussy. Then I feel the heat of your cock spearing into my cunt. I scream in pleasure. The ice melts inside of my cunt while you fuck me. Stretching me so fucking wide.

Your sadistic side starts to shine. You wrap your hands around my throat and start to choke me while you fuck me. I’m gasping for air and still begging for your dick inside of me. The water in my pussy is mixing with my tasty cunt juices and leaking to my asshole. There is a wet slapping sound every time you bottom out inside my cunt. The ice is completely melted. So, you fill me with a load of cum instead.

Torture phone sex will turn my climax into suffering!

Torture phone sex

Torture phone sex will turn my climax into suffering! That’s all I am to my Master, just a lowly fuck toy for his sadistic pleasure. And you know what? I love it. I crave it. I need it. I am nothing without his torture, his control over my body and my mind.

My Master takes delight in torturing me, in pushing me to my limits and beyond. And my limit? That’s when my climax turns into suffering. When my pleasure becomes pain. When my moans turn to screams. That’s when he knows he’s breaking me, and that’s when he gets off the most.

He loves to make me cum over and over again, until my whole body starts to ache. But he won’t stop there. He’ll keep going, pushing me to cum another 20 times. And let me tell you, by that point, I’m a trembling mess. My pussy is swollen and sensitive, stinging with every touch. But he doesn’t care, he just adds on more torture.

He’ll use clamps on my nipples, hooks on my back, and restraints that leave marks on my skin. He’ll whip me until my skin is raw and my body is covered in bruises. And he won’t stop for hours, sometimes it feels like days. And just when I think I can’t take it anymore, he’ll plow me with his hard cock, making me feel every inch of him, snapping me out of my daze.

But it’s not just the physical pain that he inflicts on me. He also plays with my mind, making me question my own desires and needs. He’s trained me to want his torture, to beg for it, to need it to feel alive. And I do, I feel alive when he’s breaking me down, when he’s making me scream and cry and beg for mercy.

I am a Submissive whore, and I deserve to suffer. That’s what my Master tells me, and I believe him. I am his to use and abuse, to be his plaything, his slave. My reward is his pleasure, and I’ll do anything to please him, even if it means enduring hours of torture and pain. So go ahead, call me. Call me and hear my moans turn to screams, my pleasure turn to suffering. But know that deep down, I’m loving every moment of it.