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Good Accomplice

cum slut phone sexYou were forcing me to help you fuck this girl. She is screaming and kicking, trying to get you off of her but I can’t let that happen. Truth, is you didn’t have to force me to do any of it, I would do anything just as nasty and dirty as you. But I won’t tell you, I want to hold her legs open while you force your hard thick cock into her tight little cunt. I take her titties and pinch her nipples hard, making her scream and making you go harder. God, it feels so good to be a accomplice to you. I bend down to see your thick long fucking cock going in and out of her tight little pussy and so I take her little clit and suck on it watching as she gets wetter. I love looking at her terrified expression while you tell her that we are going to keep her down here to be our little breeding whore for as long as we need. She fights even harder when she hears that and that makes you pound into her harder cumming in her tight little cunt, just like she deserves.

Surprise Hog Tie Me!

Bondage Whore

I love being surprised hog tied while my master fucks my slutty young daughter! Just this morning I woke up to master dragging me out of bed to hog tie me and put a ball gag in my mouth. He blind folded me and I heard my daughter moaning after a while, when he took off my blindfold I saw that he had my young daughter’s legs spread and was licking her little wet pussy! He was tasting her and making her cum all over his mouth before he drove his cock into her tight young cunny right in front of me. She was screaming as he pounded her into the mattress, fucking her silly right in front of me! Eventually he made her cum all over his cock before he pulled out and came all over my face!

Master’s Gang Rape Fantasy


gangbang phone sex

Someone broke into my house last night and force fucked  my pussy right in front of my master! I was laying at his feet when we heard a loud boom at the door. Master immediately ran and left me there alone! The intruders immediately snatched me up and started slapping my tits and cunt. I started screaming and begging for the 3 intruders to not to take my slut holes me but my all the noise I was making really starting to piss them off so they shove their cocks down my throat. I had three dicks in my mouth, and I could not fucking breathe! Even though I should have been scared my fucking cut was soaking and one of the intruders noticed my slit dripping down my legs. They had me pinned down with their faces covered so it all felt like a gangbang phone sex fantasy! How could my slutty cunt not be soaking wet?  “We’re about to assault her cunt, boss” he says as he pulls his cock out of my mouth. Who the fuck is boss? When I look up, I see Master standing there stroking his dick as the intruder pounds my black snatch. He set me up! I soon came to realize that Master wanted to watch his nigger slut get violated! I kept my eyes on my master as the gang rape fantasy continued. When they shot their loads all over my tits and face they simply left. Master patted my head and told me i was a good subbie whore. I was so happy master was proud of me!

Dad gives Bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are wonderful after a nice long roleplay scene.
My dad popped over for a visit unexpectedly. I was minding my business and took a nap after masturbating in between picking my offspring up from school and cleaning the house. A rare day all to myself as Master was in meetings and I had already done my chores and thought I was going to have a great relaxing afternoon. But I woke up as my pops was tying my hands to the headboard and calling me a lazy bitch! He pulled out the viberator from under my pillow and told me that I really should have changed the locks on my house! He teased me as I was bound and gagged and wouldn’t let me cum. But he did get on top of me and put his old daddy dick in my mouth while he laughed at what a stupid bitch I was! ANd as he released his jizz and smacked my face, he turned me over and spanked the hell out of my daughter ass. I still had bruises when my master came home and I had to explain everything to be gagged with his cock and spanked all over again!

pissing phone sex whore tonight

pissing phone sex

Let me be you pissing phone sex whore tonight. The act of giving a girl like me a golden shower is the ultimate domination. I’m so in lust with the idea of getting that golden shower all over me while you use me as your toilet princess. I’m going to allow you to whatever it is that you want to do to me. Show me how I’m going to make you use me. The best way is by teasing when a daddy is teased to the brink of domination it brings out the monster within and I love seeing that side. Whenever i make you horny and tease you so much that you can’t get yourself together so you have to lash out on my body it makes me want you more. It also makes you want to punish me more for you pleasure. Use me and gape me in every which way you please.

Spanking Phone Sex

Spanking Phone Sex RosalieI love to be spanked. I’m such a naughty girl and men love to spank me. I mean I practically beg for it; I love when men spank my perky little ass hard enough to make my it sore but good enough to make me cum from it. I was getting fucked by my boss in his office like usual. He makes me fuck him so that I can make more money, but I would do it for free because of how good he is. He loves fucking my tight little pussy hard and fast. He loves to make me cum first by spanking my ass so hard that everyone outside can hear. He spanked my perky little ass so hard that I was crying and screaming. He loves when I scream out in pain and pleasure from him smacking my tight ass. I screamed out and he smacked my ass harder then ever and shoved his hard dick inside of my tight little asshole. I love when he fucks my tight holes so hard that I can’t help but cum repeatedly. He loves to cum in my ass so he can watch his cum drip out of my while I pull my skirt up over my sore ass. He always leaves my pretty little ass sore that I can’t sit for days.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Gangbang Phone Sex


My new friend Shannon invited me to a party on Saturday.  As I got a look at what the center of attention in the room, I started to get really scared.  I was deep into the room by now and I couldn’t fight my way back to the door.   I was forced on the bed and my panties were ripped off.  The first man shoved himself into me while the other men watched and cheered him on.

The next few hours were a blur and they literally screwed me until I was unconscious.  I woke up bruised and bloody with a few twenties on the bed.  The gang bang was over, and people were getting ready to go. Shannon knew she would get top dollar for my virginity so she had been grooming me all week so that she could turn me out that weekend at the gang bang. 

I’m Sexy And I Know It

Sexy phone sex


Every woman wants to feel like the sexiest woman alive but it doesn’t just happen, a girl has to make sure she’s doing her part to escalate the sexy in her life.  Take my idol, Paris Hilton, for example.  Sure, she was born into wealth and stature but she could’ve just left it at that and enjoyed her lavish lifestyle like her lackluster sister.  No, that bitch brings the sexy everywhere she goes!  Everyone wants to either be around her or inside of her and that’s the exact aesthetic I strive for each and every day.  Do you think anyone dreams about fucking Nikki Hilton?  Yuck, just gag me!

I like to primp and make myself look like a divine, fun loving little fuck slut.  My look, mixed with a bit of a devil may care attitude, grabs the attention of everyone around me no matter where I go.  I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, I want every person I come across to know that I’m ready for whatever kind of kinky fun and sweaty fuck action they can dream up.

It usually starts with a flirty flick of my hair and a grope or two on the dance floor, but it always ends with me getting my sweet pussy pleased.  There’s always someone who appreciates my level of sexy.  Guys, girls, they all love my alluringly slutty aesthetic!


Slave Training a Submissive

slave trainingEvery now and then I get to assist in the slave training of another sub. My master is not replacing me or adding another submissive to our family. He is part of a club. This club is for old rich guys who have submissives. One of the club members goes through subs quickly. He is not a nice man. I was in his charge for 8 hours once and it was the worse 8 hours of my life. He has a few subs at any one time and part of what he likes is for his subs to play together. This new sub was pretty adamant that she did not worship women. He asked my master what he should do, and he suggested that he let his submissive whore train her. I looked at it as an honor if I did not have to interact with her new master much. She was a pretty thing. Lifetime submissive like me but needed breaking into the wishes of her new master. He acquired her in a poker game. This was not for an hour or two. This was for life. My Master has assured me he would never bet me for life because he would be lost without me. I felt for this girl I was training because life was not going to be good for her. I may have told he to just do as she was told and never tell him no because he scares even me. I also may have told her that girl on girl action would be the best thing he would make her do. I taught her to toss my salad and eat and finger my cunt. I even showed her some sexy wrestling moves that guys love to see two women do. I like training women to be submissive sex slaves like me. I also like preparing them for how to survive. Some masters would like to pit two submissives against each other, but I will always have another sub’s back.

torture me

submissive slut

I want you to show me im not any other slut. I am your submissive slut, and what you say goes, and I should follow or reap the consequences. Show me the way to be the perfect cum slut who also obeys every command and makes sure I am in the best behavior possible. I enjoy being a slut like no other. You can guess I will always be a little fuckslut who will do whatever is likely to make her master happy. I’m going to let you tie me up and mark your territory. Don’t worry, and I won’t say no if you bring other elements to the party. If you get more brutal with me, it will be more than acceptable.

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