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Milf phone sex robyn

Milf phone sex A milf phone sex slave can worship your cock like no other! Master had me on foot duty this weekend. I was slathering his feet with my tongue and cleaning in between his toes as he jacked off his cock over my head. I love some hot foot worship of my master. His big cock smacking me in the face as he tells me what a good nasty whore I am. Sometimes he makes our daughters watch so they know what mommy is. And other times my son watches so he may learn the art of dealing with an older slave such as myself. As I am slathering slobber all over his feet, his cock invades my lips and I go to town sucking and slurping as fast as I can. I want to show my offspring how to suck cock properly and how much I enjoy serving Daddy! A true submissive whore wants to teach the younger generations all about being a slave to cock and men! Without a woman to show them how would they ever know that is the slave life for females and Master life for my son, all destined for them!?

I Know I’m Just A Cum dump

Cun slut phone sex

He loves that I am his Submissive whore. Being his cum dump is all I want. I am made for a master. Now that he is gone, I need a new master. I want you to use me in every way and fill me up making me you sexy cum bucket. I know I don’t deserve anything so whatever you give me I will take. If you had a long day, take it out on me. You can use anything, a paddle or just you hand and give all the bare bottom spankings you want. You can slap my face after as you shove your cock down my throat making me gag on it. I’ll take even when I can’t breathe. You can hate my pussy and asshole. I’ll just beg for more. If I’m lucky you will pound me hard over and over until you fill me yup with your hot gooey nut. It is all I want, for you to make me yours and show me who I belong to.  

Bukkake Phone Sex Slave

bukkake phone sex

Master knows how hard it is to get dried cum off my face and out of my hair afterward loves setting me up for bukkake parties with his horny friends. I don’t get to wipe each load from my body as we go, so by the time they’re all done with me, I look like a road that’s got an inch-thick layer of ice on it or something. He knows that the act of a man cumming on my face is already something I find humiliating, and when he adds in the fact that I have to let it build up over the course of the night, it’s really bad.

He usually saves this for when I have been extra bad and ask him if I can have a night off from swallowing multiple loads of his cum. I really should know better than that, but somehow, I keep messing up. I guess that is what happens when you’re nothing more than three wet holes for Master to fuck. I think that just since you had to read my miserable thoughts, you should call me for some kinky bukkake phone sex and let me make it all up to you!

Serving Master Is My Purpose!

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I’m a submissive whore who needs tons of cock and cum to feel like my life has a purpose! There is no higher calling than to take all my Master’s cum loads in whatever holes he decides to destroy for the night. My Master is an amazing dominant fuck who uses me like I was born to take his cock, he fills my throat with his shaft and relentlessly fucks my face until I’m a mess of spit and snot. His favorite thing to do is spank me hard until my ass cheeks are a violent red color and I can barely sit down. As I lay here tied up to Master’s bed, I wonder what delicious torture he has planned for me next, my exposed cunny is throbbing in anticipation no matter what because I live to serve!

I Did Not Always Enjoy Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings now, but I did not always enjoy them. My dad was a fan of corporal punishment. He would punish me when I had not done anything wrong. He just liked beating on me. His favorite thing to use on my ass was his hands. My bare ass and his bare hands. He enjoyed looking at his hand print on my bare bottom. I would cry. The harder I cried, the harder he would spank me. Sometimes, he would use his leather belt. He preferred his hand, because he would slip a finger in my ass or cunt while spanking me. Daddy enjoyed using my tiny, young body. He was my first master. He was less a master and more just a mean son of a bitch who looked at me as a burden not his daughter. Honestly, if he could have killed me or sold me into slavery without raising eyebrows, he would have done it without remorse. He turned me out to his friends. They would pay him $50 to fuck my jailbait holes. If his friends had not been a bunch of drunk working-class Joes, he could have made more off me. We did not have a traditional father daughter relationship. I eventually ran away. Initially, I ran away so I could not be a fuck slave or a punching bag anymore. I wanted a chance to be a normal girl, but I was a high school drop out and that was not in the cards for me. I met a man as bad as my dad and I married him. I eventually ran away from him too. I ran away with a much older man and became his submissive slut. I am still with him too. I may still be a sub, but I am no longer unwilling. I have a good master who takes care of me. Sure, he spanks me, ties me up, flogs me, pimps me out sometimes and makes me drink his piss and lick his ass. But it is so much better than my life before I met my master.

Submissive Whore Forced To Squirt

He forced me to squirt all over. Master knows I am his Submissive whore and that he controls everything about me even when I cum. He tied me up. Having my hands tied over my head hanging from the ceiling. Making sure I dangled, he whipped me because he loves making me squirm. I could feel the sting all over my body and it just made my pussy drip from excitement.

Submissive Whore

He stuck his fingers in my ass before he rubbed the vibrator on my clit. He turned the vibrator on full blast as he fingered my tight asshole. Then I felt it he started shoving his thick throbbing cock in my asshole as he kept using the toy on my clit. It was making me week and I tried to hold it until master allowed me to cum but I couldn’t. Him pounding my ass and the vibrator on high on my clit forced and pushed me over the edge I started squirting all over. The sight of my juices splashing all over the placed caused him to dump his load deep in my asshole. He left me there with my holes dripping in our juices until he would be ready for more.  

Panty Pissing Phone Sex

I’m just a petty pissing phone sex  little fucking whore. My subby slut holes belong to daddy. And when I’m a bad girl daddy makes me piss my panties in front of everybody. The most humiliating thing is when I have to piss my panties in school. I am forced to play at my butt hole 🕳 and my sloppy little pussy.

I was once forced to suck all the boys cocks in my class. That wasn’t the worst of it. My teacher made me suck his big hairy cock to in front of everybody. Then the most humiliating part was having all the girl classmates pissing on me. Squatting over my face and pissing in my mouth. And I had to lick their cunts clean.
this is what happens when I go to school dressed inappropriately. Especially when it comes to English class. The teacher is a friend of daddy‘s, and I am always supposed to remove my panties before his class and spread my legs. When I didn’t that’s when I had to piss my panties in front of the whole class. It was embarrassing.


Pissing phone sex


Pussy Torture Erotic BDSM stories

Erotic BDSM stories Milf pussy torture is the best way a master can control a subby slut like me. Erotic BDSM stories of a older slave who loves to be pushed as far as she can. Clit pumps and fuck machines and precision electrictrical stimulation make me weak. I deserve and relish all the havoc he is wrecking on my Milf cunt. I need that intensity to bring me to that wonderful of sub-space. A place where I am free to do as I need, my thoughts are only of serving and giving my body to my master. Being enslaved for as long as I have, I need a little extra help getting there. The ass fucking was a masterpiece to bring me gushing over and over, I must say! 
I always want my master to feel pleasure from me. His pleasure is drive from pushing me to and over all sexual extremes. He knows I will suck him in a fantastical thankful blow job when he is finished with me. Side note: my teen son is learning alongside Master, and that makes for more extreme situations as he gets the full lessons on how to become a DOM. I only hope my son is as good of a master as my Husband is to me.

Christmas Gifts Play Time

Erotic BDSM stories

I finally got to use my Christmas gifts from master. He knows I’m the perfect submissive whore and that I would and do anything to please him and his cock. He tied me down on a spanking bench and I just watched as he pulled out a paddle and long thick vibrator. He shoved the vibrator in my ass and turned it on full blast. Moaning into the ball gag is all I could do. I could feel my cunt dripping as my asshole was being stimulated. Then I felt the paddle hard on my ass, making me jump and then again seeing the joy in his face and his bulging cock excited me. He pulled his cock out and I sucked his dick deep just like master likes it. Once I felt his cock leaking, he went behind me and stuck his thick cock in my pussy. After he was pounding me for a while, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I squirted all over him and his dick. Squeezing him made his dick explode and he pumped his gooey nut in me. Master gabbed me a few more paddles and left me to relax before he gave me more.  

MILF Phone Sex Submissives

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts can be submissive too. I have always been submissive, but the older I get, the more submissive I have become. When I was my father’s whore, I was not willing. I did not fight my father, but that was because I feared he would kill me if I did. He had no love or paternal instincts for me. He just saw me as a burden who had to give back for a roof over my head and clothes on my back. Now, I chose to be a submissive. I have grown to like the life. When you are owned, someone takes care of you. I know some women think the price is too high to be a kept or owned woman, but I love being a submissive whore. I was born for this life. I lucked out when I met my master. He was the most benevolent man I had ever met. He was so different than my daddy or ex-husband. He was older, sophisticated and benevolent. He takes care of me. I never wonder where my next meal is coming from. I never live in fear that I will be killed either. He is an old school master. I must suck on his old hairy balls and occasionally drink his piss, but that is the worst of it. Sure, he spanks my ass so hard it leaves a mark, and he ties me up in positions that make me hurt the next day, but I am a submissive. That is par for the course. I will be any man’s submissive bitch, even those less than benevolent masters like you. I know my place, sir. I do not need slave training unless you want to train me to your ways. I am loyal and I am obedient too. How can I serve you, sir?

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