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Bare spanking spankings turn me on

bare bottom spankings

As a brat growing up I never enjoyed getting a good whack on the bottom but as I grew up I learned that they can be a sweet turn on. For me there is nothing better than a bare bottom spanking. Either being thrown over a lap and then have your ass warmed by a soft hand or seeing the hand prints of a much larger man who uses your cheeks for a canvas. Wooden spoons and spatulas not only hurt but they also tend to leave welts. A whip or flogger can leave stripes that last for days. I will however always melt under the touch of a firm hand on my tender backside. Some light spanks for warm up before moving on to the main event of ensuring that no skin is untouched. The skin turning a nice shade of pink and warm to the touch soon to be replaced by red and hot rushes. That crack as a hand reaches out and corrects you followed by them rubbing and soothing the area. I have been tied down as I like to squirm to be ensured that I don’t wiggle away from my erotic punishments. My pussy starts running down my legs when I have a strong man remind me where my place is.

Slave Training A Submissive Toilet Slut

I have been undergoing Slave Training with a Master that I’ve played with on and off. He wants me to be his faithful little toilet slave and foot worshiper. I am an very obedient little whore for my Master, and hope to please him well enough. I want his dedication to me being his sole slave. I want to be his one and only. I love to lick the soles of his feet and scrape my teeth on them and lick them as a personal foot exfoliator with my mouth. I want to suck his sweaty toes after his runs and his work outs. It’s my passion to serve him as best as I can.

Slave Training

I am a submissive slut and I deserve to be humiliated and have my face sat on. I am his toilet. I am his toilet bowl cleaner. Ass licking and eating Master’s shit out of his bum hole is my sole purpose if that is what pleases Master. I know I can be the Best little submissive for him. I wonder if you feel I could be of use for you too? I promise, if you were my Master, I would serve you in any way you felt suiting.

Just another gangbang Saturday night

gangbang phone sex

I love the nights when my master sets up some gangbang phone sex. He loves being able to use his whore for his pleasure. I love being able to take as many cocks as I can until I am full of cum from both ends. Master loves to watch as I take a hard cock in my mouth and then another in my pussy. Or stroke himself as I take a hard meat missile in my tight asshole, in my cunt and in my mouth at the same time. I love the absolute feeling of control when I can milk them and have them spray their cum into my throat, bowels or twat. Using the previous guys load as lube to help the next set of guys slide in to add to the milky goo that I leak out of every hole. My mouth waters at the thought of getting another load or two spilled into my stomach and it’s even better when that load is coming from a cock that was in my cunt and I can swallow some of that creamy lube with it. We are always looking for more cocks to come to our next gangbang nights and would love if you wanted to cum too?


Mud bath

scat phone sex

I got a call for scat phone sex last night and I am still thinking about it. He placed me in a bathtub and then started filling it with shit like a mud bath. I was instructed to sit up and start rubbing it all over my face, arms, legs and everywhere else. Then he told me to lay back and relax while he brought me a drink and snack. When he came back he had a warm glass of urine and a bowl of hot shit with some crackers. He then would dip the crackers in and feed them to me like it was a dip. I was then instructed to drink the urine while it was still warm. When I felt full I let him know and he took what was left in the bowl and rubbed it into my face as a facial. He then slid into the bathtub with me and rubbed some of the turds into his skin as well. He then pulled me over on top of him and he slid his cock into me and fucked me in that shitty tub until he came deep inside me. We went to bed without rinsing off and fucked again in the middle of the night. What an experience!

Submissive Slut Phone Whore

submissive slut

Being your submissive slut is the most amazing feeling in this world, Sir.  Your holiday party this year was exceptional. I don’t know if I have ever felt more used in my life. When you said that you wanted to give me a holiday gift that I’d never forget, that was quite the understatement. Even though I’m just a lowly whore, you always know just exactly how to make me feel special. When I walked into your party and there were all those men just lined up with their cocks out and hard, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. You told me to follow their orders exactly and that if I didn’t, there would be hell to pay. I didn’t want to ruin your holiday, so I didn’t act up on purpose just to get you to spank me. I don’t know if you know that, but I do it sometimes because I crave the feeling of your big, strong hands on my ass. Yet you’re still good enough to me to that you give me the gift of ten cocks all at once. I did as they told me, and I think I pleased all of them perfectly sir. Thank you for being the best Master ever.

Mine now

slave training

I had a guy over last night who was interested in slave training. He had been with someone before who had trained him to take a cock but not much else. So I had my work cut out for me. I brought out my strap ons, dildos of varying sizes and some gags. I then also brought out some cuffs and paddles. I started my night with putting a gag in and turning his ass to a nice shade of red. He had some tears coming down and when I removed the gag he begged for me to stop. I put in a cock shaped gag and then smacked his ass and balls until they started to swell. I removed the gag and had him come over to a spot on the floor where I inserted a ring gag and got my strap-on harness ready. When I was happy with the placement I brought the dildo over for him to suck and get nice and wet, I slid it inside the gag and got wet listening to him choke and drool. I poured some cold lube onto his asshole as well and then slid in. He was trying to get away when he felt my thighs meet his ass cheeks. I help on and started pumping him hard and fast. He was only able to hold out for about 2 mins this time and he did not ask to cum so I guess we will have many more training sessions to go. I am willing to train you as well.

Your Obedient Submissive whore Milf

submissive whore As long I can remember I’ve been a submissive whore inside! Even young I always ready to serve cock. It began with watching slave porn, with my Dom Father. He was already training me as a sex slave only I didn’t know it. On the screen we saw slaves beaten, gagged, and tied up while taking cock. My little bald pussy was instantly wet. Everything from gangbangs to toilet games while being pounded made me want to be a slave like these! I knew one day I would be just like these slave sluts! And the thought soaked my panties. Daddy would roleplay each scene a hundred times before he sold me to my now Master! I was his young cum whore. I loved being used, even while pregnant! . As I took so much cock, you would have thought I would have grown sick of it but the more I took, the more I craved abuse, I am a real slave sex addict! When I was younger I would beg my husbands friends for sex and they would give me what I asked for, and I would keep it our little secret forever. Or so I thought. I would be beaten black and blue, but still encouraged to be a gang bang submissive mommy! Cock hungry and producing brats for my master is all I knew those first few years! And now my daughters are ready for slave training right alongside mommy. And I feel like a young nympho again! I am your obedient subslut Milf!slave training

Submissive Sex Christmas Party

submissive sexI was invited to a submissive sex Christmas Party. I was not the only sub there. Everyone had to wear a mask but us, so I was not sure what was going on. A holiday party or a sex party? I was ready for either. Of course, I should know better. I was not going to be invited to a real party. Me and the other submissives were there for the guests. We had to service the male partygoers in anyway they wanted. Some guys wanted to be sucked off. Some wanted their assholes cleaned. Some wanted to relieve themselves in or on us. Most guys just wanted to smack us around, and force fuck a submissive whore. I did not know these men. Even Santa Claus was there to fuck us bitches. We spent the first few hours serving as cum guzzlers and piss whores. The men were drinking so much, and they did not want to wait for the bathroom. Why would a man wait when he has a skank like me who will open her mouth like a toilet?  I did not mind it as much as the other Santa’s helpers did. I do not mind being degraded. I was born for this world. When they got drunker, they became more violent. Suddenly, they were wanting more than to piss in a bitch’s mouth. They wanted to make us into anal sex whores. I got down on all fours with no problem. The other bitches had to be forced on their knees. I was going for the queen sub at this party. I need to get back in master’s good graces. I let Santa and his friends force fuck my asshole. I was Santa and his friends’ favorite whore. The other girls did not act like they enjoyed it. I am a good whore. No matter how rough you treat me. No matter how hard you degrade me. No matter how hard you fuck me, I will say thank you sir, and ask you to give me more.

Kneeling Before Master For Slave Training

Kneeling before my New Master for my slave training sessions is expected of me. I am very lucky to have my Master owning me now and will be very responsive and submissive to his needs. I crave to serve all my Masters well. Sometimes, though… I act up and get into trouble. This happens when I am not really owned and tend to be left to myself. I just can’t get on well when I am not in service as a Slave. I get into drugs, drinking and hook-ups with worthless guys that slap me around and beat me. They aren’t good Masters, they are just abusive losers. This cheapens me to my Master and he just gives up on me.

I am the type of slave that needs constant supervision or to be kept like a pet, in a cage. I was kept in a barred up room with a bathroom and managed to get into trouble sexting with guys. I was sharing myself with unworthy guys my age and with no careers. Nothing pisses my Master’s and my daddy off more. I need to be caged or shackled. I am a cock worshiping cum slut and I wish I had a new Master before I get into more trouble this weekend.

Cock worshiping

Submissive Whore Training with Donatella

Erotic Submissive Stories

I’ll do anything to please my Master’s cock, and he knows it too! He gets so much pleasure out of making me do new things that he’s never done with any of his whores. The other night, he said that I had been being a naughty little brat and spent the whole day training me on the perfect way to suck on his fat dick. He pulled back my hair and held my head as he used his hips to pump his monster cock deep into my tight throat. He fucked my mouth until he was ready to fuck my tight little pussy. I stayed on my knees as he placed a gag inside of my mouth, he said there was no more use for my mouth. He then bent me over and proceeded to use my other holes however he deemed fit. He pounded my pussy and my asshole so hard, I thought that my eyes would permanently be stuck in the back of my head. My screams were muffled by the gag in my mouth, but he knew that I felt pleasure nonetheless.

Maybe he felt like I was enjoying it too much because he decided that I needed to be punished. He placed me on all fours in a small doggie cage, stuck his cock through the bars, and proceeded to fuck me like the little bitch I am. He was using my slutty little body like the dirty fuck doll I am.

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