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Punished By Daddy

Slave training I was being a mischievous child not listening in class or playing nice during recess. I knew daddy was going to be upset with me, I just had no idea how we would be punishing me. When he got home, he went in my room and right away smacked me on my face and laid me on his lap. He pulled my dress up and pulled my panties down, he spanked me hard over and over until my ass was sore and red. As I cried, he spread my legs and told me he wasn’t done with me that I was going to learn to be a good girl. He stuck his finger in my ass and started pumping it in and out of me. As I squirmed, he spanked me hard again. I learned not to move and just let him punish me. He grabbed me by my hair and put me on my knees. As he pulled his cock out, he slapped me and made it clear I better open my mouth and let him use it. He pumped his cock in and out my mouth chocking me as it went deep. He picked me up and spit on his hand rubbing it on my little cunt hole. With one hard push he shoved me down on his throbbing cock. I couldn’t scream or cry he was covering my mouth. As he ripped me open, he told me I would be a good girl and listen from now on. I knew that I had to do as he said, before I knew it his cock was pumping juices in me. Now I love when daddy or any other man punishes me and uses me.  

little piggy

submissive whore

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that it goes a little easier on me when I don’t fight back.
That doesn’t mean it’s easy!
I was just done with cheerleader practice, and I felt pretty good but when I got home, my foster daddy
took one look at me in my little outfit and decided it was time to make some money. He had four friends
over and told them for twenty bucks each, they could do whatever they wanted to me.
Well, these guys knew exactly what to do with a little teen slave.
They didn’t even take my clothes off. They just ripped away my panties and tore away my bra! Before I
knew it, I was bent over the arm of the couch with a massive nine or ten-inch cock barreling into my tiny
asshole. You can imagine how much I cried while the other three enjoyed watching the teen rape right
in front of them!
They got sick of my wailing, though, and while that thick cock kept abusing my ass, one of them got in
front of me and shut me up with his eight-inch cock. I choked and gagged and tears ran down my cheeks
but these guys didn’t know anything about mercy.
I almost drowned when the guy in my throat forced me to take all his cum, and then the guy behind me
yanked me around to swallow his cum, too. The other two guys came in and fucked my ass and pussy at
the same time while I screamed from the pain!
I didn’t scream for long, though, because the two guys who already came filled my mouth with piss. I
had to swallow that, too. When the men were done, I’d swallowed four loads of cum and a half-gallon of
piss. I lay there on the floor crying but not for long because my foster daddy offered them seconds for
just ten dollars more.

Sometimes a Whore Needs More Slave Training

slave training

He told me I needed slave training. I thought he just meant I needed to go back to slut school. He sent me to be a slave / maid for this man I had never met. My master has been disappointed with me since I returned to the office. He says I am lazy and not appreciative of what he gives me. He also does not think I am appreciative of servicing his cock and his ass. I spent a week in this guy’s house dressed as a slutty French maid. I was humiliated daily. One of the more humiliating things I had to do daily was clean his toilet with my tongue. I had to clean his ass and cock too. He used no toilet paper. My tongue was all the toilet paper he needed. Everyday, he left his toilet a mess. Skid marks on the porcelain. Pubic hair and piss drops on the rim of the toilet. My master has never humiliated me like that. He is not into bathroom play thankfully. I was beginning to understand why I was here. As a submissive whore, I needed to realize how lucky I was to have a master who is just into bondage and other BDSM games. This guy I was lent to for the week made me see how good I have it as a whore. I do not ever want to have to lick a nasty ass toilet again. I never want to swallow piss or be pissed on like I am a piece of turf. I was smacked around and whipped too on top of being a human toilet. When I was returned to my master, I was a new whore. I was more appreciative of what my master does and does not do to me. Sometimes, I you must be reminded that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Slave training In The Sex shops!

slave training I never had real slave training to worship cock until my master had a hold of me. I would be subject to specialty sex shops that let you Try before you buy. The day I was used so  whatever the customers are buying they get to try out on my body. No matter if it was nipple clamps, floggers, Painful whips huge toys anal toys. I was the display doll used to help others find what Toys would best suit their sexual needs! WOmen would come up to me and ask me to see how a huge dldo fit inside me. I knew I was beginning to be looked at as a play thing and experiment. A few flogs across my tits  as I stood like a sex mannequin to be gawked at and touched to see how well I would let men and women I didn’t know use me. Every day is a chance for bare bottom spankings and I found that men loved walking behind me and spanking my ass and thighs as other customers used me to find their next toy purchase! The night ended with em tied in leather restraints and face buried in the shop owners Daughters cunt! But that is a story for another time, wink wink! 

Sunday Golden Showers

Golden shower phone sexEvery Sunday my master gives me a goldenshower, he drinks liquids all day. I love as he ties me up, the feeling of the rope burning my skin gets my pussy wet he teases my pussy. He paddles my ass until it is nice and red. With every lash my pussy creams up, he loves abusing my ass so he will use all kinds of big dildos or even anything he found around he wants. When it is opened wide, he will pound his dick me hard and fast while playing and fingering my cunt. I enjoy that so much I move back shoving my ass on his cock more and slamming his fingers in me. As soon as I cum and my body shakes, I feel him cumming and shaking he even sometimes bites me body cutting my skin and making me bleed. It only excites me more and gets me ready for the big golden finish, he pulls his cock out and starts pissing all over my face and body! I love our Sunday goldenshower fun.

BDSM Phone Sex for a Pain Slut

bdsm phone sexDo you like BDSM phone sex? I am a submissive woman and a pain slut. For over a year, my BDSM clubs have been closed. Finally, I got an email that one was open again, just half capacity and I had to wear a mask. No problem, I told myself. I had an itch that had to be scratched. Women can show up alone, but men must be accompanied by a woman. I know that seems weird because who are the men supposed to play games with if they are coupled up. The men usually juggle a few women. The one they came with and a singleton like me. I am not single in the traditional sense. I am an owned bitch. It is just that my master is old and getting feeble. He cannot whip and flog me like he once could. He wants me to experience pain beyond what he can give me, so he allows me to go to clubs 2-3 times a week. I have been going through withdrawal during the pandemic.

submissive whoreI arrived at the club in a sexy outfit. For the regs there, my mask did not hide my identity. I am known as the red headed submissive whore. A guy immediately requested me to be a part of a threesome. Not the fun sex kind either. Well, fun for me I guess as a pain slut. He wanted to whip two whores at once. He wanted to fuck two whores at once too. I did not think that was possible, but he was creative. While he fucked my ass, he fisted his slave’s ass. When he came in her cunt, he was sodomizing me with his beer bottle. He could multitask two whores better than anyone I had met yet. After an hour, my ass was gaped and my tits and ass bright red. I was begging for mercy, yet my cunt was dripping wet. That is because when I am pushed past my comfort zone, I shine.

Bukkake Phone Sex Addict

bukkake phone sex

The first time I was a bukakke slut, it was by accident. I was at a holiday party thrown by my Master. He put me in a back bedroom naked so that if anyone got horny they could just come back and do whatever they wanted to me. Well, after one guy came on my face and tits, everyone just kept blowing their loads all over me. By the time the night was over, I was covered in cum from head to toe. I hated to wash it off, so while I was in the shower, I started thinking about how I’d get my next cum bath. 

I’m so glad that I get bukakke phone sex calls and you guys want to tell me how you’d cover me in cum. If the thought of my face and body being covered in cum while you fuck my mouth or cunt, call me. I’m on this earth so serve men, so I’m willing to submit and let you have your way with me – as if I have any say in the matter. Cover me in your hot and gooey jizz right now and make me your whore. I’ll be waiting for you.

Obedient Submissive Whore

My master knows that sometimes, the worst punishment is having my tight cunt pounded by other men!

I belong to him and want to please him in every way but the thought of another mans cock stuffing my pussy is, well, it just isn’t what I want.

Submissive WhoreSo when we are out on the street and I am crawling behind my master on my lead, I know I am in trouble!

He has the servants bathe me and shave my tight cunt until I am slippery smooth!

He dresses me in the sluttiest outfits so there is no question that I am a whore that is meant to be fucked!

He attaches my lead and walks me down the street.

I am walking upright only because he feels it adds to the humiliation when he orders me to my knees and then laughs as another man mounts me like I am a pathetic bitch in heat!

I want to cry as that thick filthy cock is fucking my freshly cleaned cunt.

I know I am a worthless whore and I know my place is to do as my master orders…and I know that means, if he orders me to drop to my knees at anytime, anywhere, and fuck a strangers dripping hard cock….

I will do as I am told!

If he orders me to drain the piss from a massive bursting cock, I will swallow every drop.

If he snaps his fingers and commands me to hold my pretty ass cheeks apart so my tight juicy rosebud can be ripped apart by a meaty hard fuck stick…

I will obey.

I will always obey.


This Submissive Slut is Back to Work

submissive slutBeing a submissive slut is not always easy. This was my first week back in the office after a year apart from my master. We had a few face time sessions. He sent a few surrogate masters over to see me. But basically, I became a spoiled bitch away from the daily BDSM grind. I am not the kind of woman who does well on her own. I need to be controlled. I need to be trained. I need a master to dominate me. Master is a year older now and he was old before the pandemic hit. He most have conserved some energy and built up some strength this past year because he was brutal on me this week. He reintroduced me to slave training. He was not dumb to my naughty excursions when he was not watching. The first two days we were together, he punished me for my insubordination. Day one, I walked around the office naked and in shackles. I had to answer phones and type up legal briefs naked. He would smack my ass and my tits when ever he wanted. He would bend me over my desk and fuck my ass. Master’s dick was never hard enough for my ass. At least not hard enough in the past decade. He told me he started taking Viagra. He wanted to punish me like he used to, with his cock. After the first day, I could barely sit the rest of the week. I mean he beat my ass, fucked my ass and I was not used to such anal attention. I am still sore because every day of our first week back together he reminded me what a submissive whore I was. My tits are black and blue. I have rope burns on my extremities. And I cannot shit or piss right. It is all deserved though. I know I got too big for my britches on lock down. The party is officially over though.

Not So Surprise Home Invasion

My master let me out of my cage this morning and told me to take a shower while he was gone!

This was such a treat since most of the time, I am chained to the floor kneeling on concrete, my naked body shivering in the dark until he uses me for his pleasure!Submissive Whore

So I took full advantage of my limited new freedom and hopped in the shower!

I was enjoying the feeling of the warm water trickling down my soft skin when a man burst into the bathroom and yanked me out of the shower!

He through me down on the floor and zip tied my hands behind my back!

I knew my master would be furious if I allowed another man to use my cunt as his cum dumpster fuck hole with out my masters consent!

I tried to fight back but it was no use!

He completely dominated me as he forced his hard cock in my freshly cleaned cunt!

He held my tied wrist as a handle as he plowed his massive nine inch cock inside me over and over!

I cried and begged him to stop even though I could feel myself about to squirt buckets!

But he emptied his entire load, covering me inside and out with hot chunky cum!

My master had come back soon after the stranger had left and was furious!

He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my filthy cum covered body from the floor!

And as he spanked my bare ass, he scolded me saying that the next time he sends a man to be serviced, I had better not put up such a fight!



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