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God, it feels so good to be bad!

I’m bend over this table arms chained to the legs so I cannot stand up and you are ramming me hard and fast from behind. I try to squeal as I take every inch of your rock-hard cock, but you are choking me and me screams sound like muffled moans. God, I love when you punish me master!

I know that I should always me on my knees ready to suck your rock-hard cock as soon as you walk in, but today I was feeling daring. I wanted you to punish me and force fuck me for the blatant disrespect and punishing me you are! My ass is slamming back on you as you force yourself in fucking me like a jack hammer. You are drilling away at this tight pink pussy, and I love the speed and force. “Oh god, I’m going to cum!” I manage to choke out as I squirt all over that massive cock.

Extreme bondage“Yeah, slut take this alpha dick! You know you are only good for fucking and sucking! Not shut the fuck up and take all of this dick” You roar, and you pound me harder demanding more.  I am nothing but a dirty little pain whore! Use me baby! This pretty pink push is yours to demolish! Pond me out and show me that I’m yours! Your cum dumpster! Your fuck toy! master I know I’m not worth but thank you for stretching me out and allowing your pussy to cum!

You walk around the table and pull me forward so my head is hanging over the edge. You force that dirty cock deep down my throat and I gag as you force fuck my face hard. “You like to clean daddy’s dick don’t you you little slut? You like the taste of your cunt dripping down this massive cock don’t you whore?! You hiss as tears run down my face! God, it feels so good to be bad!

Reminded With A Golden shower

Golden shower phone sex

After my master has had a long day at work, I know that I must be on his beck and call and always respond with “yes master”. I could see he was on edge, so I made sure to make his drink just like he likes it, but I forgot to respond the way he had asked of me. I was reminded when he backhanded me. The side of my face heated up and felt swollen right away, it was so hard I fell to the ground. He got on top of me and pulled his cock out, slapping my face with it. He rubbed his fat cock on my lips, I opened my mouth wide for his cock. He mounted my face and fucked my head to the ground reminding me I’m his property. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, but he stopped. He pulled his cock out and told me that tonight I wasn’t worthy of his semen. That is when he started pissing all over my face, giving me a golden shower before he went to his room. I do not want to ever disappoint my master, but I got a well-deserved golden shower.

Bondage Chat Vixen

bondage chat

If you’re looking for the perfect submissive slut for bondage chat, then I can assure you that you’re in the right place, Sir. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy pleasuring strong, handsome men just like you. I will do anything it takes to please you, so please don’t ever worry about asking me to do something for you. A man like you shouldn’t ever worry about things like that. I was put on this earth to make you happy, and that’s what I will always do. So, since you’re still reading this, I’m just going to assume that bondage is your thing.

How far do you like to go with your bondage? Do you want to just tie me up, gag me, and have your way with me? Or do you like to be a little more sinister with things? Maybe you want to cause me pain. I love being made to hurt for your pleasure, Sir. My Master Tomas has always made it known that I am to take whatever an alpha male dishes out to me. I can never say no. Are you looking for a bondage slut like that? I will be here waiting to make you happy, Sir.

Fuck Doll

cum slut phone sexI love being a fucking whore for any and all men that will treat me like the little fuck doll that I am. You found me on the corner of the street in just my panties and a bra and asked if I needed a ride. I told you yes but only if it’s to your house and got in. You looked at me and pulled out your cock and said that I need to be a good little whore and do what I’m made to do. I smiled and got down and started sucking his cock like it was my favorite flavor of lollipop, which it is. He grabbed my head and started bobbing it up and down as hard as he fucking could making me choke and gag on his fucking cock. We pulled up to his house and he dragged me inside like the useless piece of trash I am. We got inside and he threw me down onto my knees making me suck his cock while he slapped me in the face like I fucking deserve for being a useless whore. He filled my mouth up with cum and let me drink every last drop.

Showed A Submissive Whore What She Will Always Be

Master’s new partner was tall, dark and handsome. Master was starting to notice how I would blush whenever he was around. That is why he was welting my ass every time he gave me bare bottom spankings. One night they were drinking, and my master laughed and told his partner how I would cream myself whenever he was around. He slapped my face and told me how I was just a dumb slut thinking his partner would ever care about a whore like me. He then ordered me to undress.

Cum eating phone sex

I did as my master demanded because I know to never talk back or disobey him. He looked at his partner and told him to show me what he does to whores. Then he got close to me, grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock deep in my throat until I had tears flowing down my face and could barely breathe. He then bent over and shoved my face in his ass using my mouth to milk his prostate. He laughed as he stuck my tongue deeper in his asshole. When he was about to cum, he shoved his cock back down my throat filling it up with his cum. After he dumped his load down my throat. He pulled his dick out and pissed all over me. Master only laughed the whole time telling me I will always be treated like a dumb whore, that is what I am, and I agreed taking the golden shower like a good submissive whore. 

Bondage and Submission Whore

bondage and submissionBondage and submission are what I do best. I know how to submit to men. I have been doing it all my life. I look forward to serving too. Master has me on a fetish dating site. His newest thing is watching me get used by other men. His dick is just not what it used to be. Viagra gets him hard, but it takes a few hours to kick in. He can get hard without it, but normally that only happens when he is watching me. Like most of my callers, however, he needs something more extreme to watch if he wants to get off. He put an ad out on this fetish website for a bull to fuck his busty slave and he got an outpouring of inquiries. He really wanted to find the best one. He settled on Damon. He is a 32-year-old black lawyer. Master never showed much interest in race play, but my callers love imaging me as a dirty nigger slave. Master will not talk like that, but I know he enjoys the idea of white women paying reparations for crimes against black men. I had no idea this was even a male fantasy until I started my phone sex gig. So, this submissive whore had to bow to the big black cock and offer up her fuck holes as compensation. Damon had a huge black cock. I measured him at 13-inches. He was officially the biggest cock I had ever had. My master got an erection the moment he whipped that nigger dick out and slapped me in the face with it. Damon was rough on my fuck holes. Tied me up too. He made some strong knots on my flesh and split my pussy in two with rope. He fucked my ass so hard with the rope between my cunt lips that I now have rope burns. Being his bondage whore and nigger worshiping slave made master so happy. He even came. I think I will be doing more race play role plays for master, because it clearly worked quicker than Viagra.

Shit Eating Monkey

scat phone sex

I thought he just wanted me to suck his cock but he had every intention of making me a shit eating monkey whore. When Austin came to my house his deep raspy voice made my cunt quiver. I knew instantly to drop to my knees and submit to my superior white daddy. I made sure to not make eye contact as I pulled out his big cock and started jerking him off with both hands. It was so big and thick I could barely get my fingers around it. As I stroked his thick manhood pre-cum dripped all over my face making me beg and yearn for just a taste of the tip of his cock. He only let me get a few sucks before he slapped me across the face and said, “that’s enough nigger!”. He tossed me over the edge of the sofa making it’s so that my ass was pointing straight up in the air. I felt three fingers plunge into the tightness of my asshole. I moaned with pleasure because my black ass loves to be stretched anally. What I wasn’t prepared for was for him to insert a spacer into my ass until my shit box was essentially a big gaping hole. He kept opening up my ass wider and wider until he saw shit. He took my feces and smeared it all over my fucking monkey face! He told me I better eat my stinky brown mess while he fucked my open stinker. I felt like he was scrambling my guts! Haha. He was so deep inside me that When he busted his nut it felt like I just had a four course meal. My tummy was full as fuck after being Austin’s dung gobbling ass whore.

Gangbang Punishment For Submissive Whore Dorthy

I strayed from my master and found a new fuck buddy. He had a big black cock and pounded me hard until I couldn’t walk right. The next day my master came to visit me, I did as I usually do and greeted him naked on my hands and knees. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it like a good whore. He bent me over and with a bit of hesitation, he stuck his cock in me and I yelped out in pain. I was sore from a hard pounding I got the night before. As he fucked me, he got close to my ear and told me how he knew I had been getting fucked. My heart jumped and I knew I would be punished. He choked me as he shoved his cock in and out of my sore cunt hole.

Gangbang phone sex

He then turned me around and slapped my face saying he was about to show me what a whore gets. Three black men walked in with hard cocks in their hands. They took turns pounding my asshole and pussy as my master made me suck his cock. They fucked my cunt so hard I bled and that is when master filled my mouth up with his load. He reminded me of who I belong to and what would happen if I gave his property away. I will be a good Submissive Whore from now on. Before he left, he emptied his bladder and pissed all over my face. 

Slave Training is What I Need

slave trainingHe said I needed slave training. I told him I was already trained.  I should not have said that. This guy was not my master. Just some associate of my master’s who borrowed me for a day. As master gets older, he loans me out more than ever. It used to be just when he lost a bet or owed a guy a favor. Now,  it is pretty much whenever a guy asks about his red-headed slave. He just offers me up without consulting me. I know I am a submissive slave and my opinion does not matter. I know this, but we have never had a typical master and servant relationship. He is the most benevolent man I have ever met. He treats me like his prized pony, or he used too. I think he knows he can no longer treat his submissive whore like the dirty slave he once did. He is too old to abuse me like our first decade together. He is older now and he cannot tie knots like he once could. He cannot spank me the same either. He thinks I still crave pain. Dominant men today are a different breed, his associates included. This guy whipped me for hours. Drew blood and everything. His thing was tying my boobs up better than a scout. But he did not just tie them up. He whipped them with his leather belt. And when my tits were bleeding, turning black and blue and covered with welts, he switched to my ass. Today, I cannot sit right. I cannot wear a bra either. I had to meet my master in the office for a meeting and I told him that his associate was brutal with me. As in too brutal even for a BDSM phone sex slut. He did not want to hear me complain. He thinks I have become to whiny as a slave. Maybe he is right. I guess I have been spoiled.

Punishment from Master

bare bottom spankingsI was a bad girl for you today master, one of your guards offered me their thick cocks and I just couldn’t say no. You caught us in the act just as he was giving me his salty sweet cum and you grabbed me by the hair right off of his cock. I couldn’t say anything because of how terrified I was so I just stayed quiet while you laid me face down on the bed strapping both my feet and arms together. You positioned me with my ass in the air and told me not to move. I dare not disobey you again master so I stayed in that same position until you were ready. My pussy was already wet from thinking about all of the ways you were going to punish me but I really wasn’t ready to the smack of a whip stinging my right ass cheek. I fell a little and you told me that was going to be 10 more but you switched to different whips every 10 spanks. If I faltered or screamed at all you added more on so I tried to be a good girl until I couldn’t take anymore. You ended by spreading your sweet cum all over my ass cheeks marking me as yours once again.

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