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Shocked A Submissive Whore

Cum eating phone sex

A submissive whore is a good slut who knows her place is sent to the world to please her master. Whatever his desire I must fulfill. It reminds of when my master bought a taser. He tied me up naked and splashed water on me. He took the taser and tasted my tits. The shock went all through my body since I was wet it gave me a bigger shock. Every time he tased me, his cock grew in his pants. My pussy started getting wet knowing my master was really enjoying himself. He then took the taser and shocked my wet cunt. It sent the biggest shock up my body and into my cunt it made it squirt uncontrollably. Master really liked it so he shoved his cock in my mouth and started face fucking me hard. As he face fucked me, he shocked me with the taser. Watching as my cunt squirted all over due to the taser turned him on so much he started filling my mouth up with his cum and as a good submissive whore I drank every drop.  

Hot Sub Whore With A Mistress

Bondage Whore

As a submissive slut it’s my job to make sure I am used at least twice a week as a cum whore for the right dominant partner! I have a Mistress who loves to play wicked games with me, she is cruel at heart and loves nothing more than to see me tied up and taking any pain or pleasure she decides to dole out to me when I am under her complete control. This time I am laid out exposed in her sex swing with a ball gag in my mouth, she invited a stud with a big black cock over to use my cunt while she watches. When he shoved his big dick in my tight pussy I heard her laughing as my pussy started to tear and bleed a little, as I’d never had a big cock like that before and I was not used to the size. I know my pain and my tears make my Mistress so horny, If I’m lucky she will let me lick her sweet pussy later.

Submissive slut Jenn

submissive slutI am an obedient slut if nothing else. Soon, I will be standing in a room naked and surrounded by more men and women than I can imagine. There will be other sluts like me there too, all of us are sex slaves. I know that I can be the best submissive slut. All I want to do is be very obedient to do whatever they request of my tight body. My Holes are a free for all. I just want to be treated the way I deserve and will eagerly accept any order and punishment given to me. I encourage you to share me with your friends, nothing is better than being fucked by more cocks than I could ever count, and tasting all of their cum. I love to show them all what a nasty enthusiastic slave I am. Look at me sucking two huge cocks at a time till they cum all over my sexy face. Now it’s time to start the bidding, I wonder who my new master or mistress will be? I’m not allowed to cum yet, but I’m so horny to be used the way I was meant to be used the way I was meant to be.

Submissive Sex Slut

submissive sex

As you know, my greatest joy in life is being a submissive sex slave. I know for a fact that if I didn’t have my Master to guide me in every aspect of my life, I would just be the shell of a woman. I was lost in my life and then when I met Master, he really helped me see the ways that I could be most useful to the world. He said that men would love having a submissive whore like me who would do everything they wanted without ever even thinking about questioning things. I was immediately in.

He told me that if men were kept happy sexually, that the world would slowly start to become a better place. Men would be less angry, there would be less violence, and things would just be peaceful. I am honored to be the kind of subbie slut who can help keep the world happy. Do you have a fantasy that you need someone like me for? Just give me a call and I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Master can always tell when I’m lying, so he’ll know if I didn’t do a good job for my calls. Anything you wish is your desire.

His Collard Whore

Slave training

Any time master says we are going out it gets my pussy excited, I know he will dress me up or have me naked depending on his mood. Most importantly I will have my leash and collar on. I love how master tugs on it when he wants me to go a certain direction and if I don’t move fast enough, he burns me with his cigarette to remind me I am his whore and I was sent to this world to submit to him and do as he pleases. My cunt starts dripping when I know he is ready to use my mouth. I open wide so he can stick his big cock deep in my throat, master uses my mouth in every way. He loves when I shove my tongue into his ass and stroke his cock milking him on my face. Seeing his cum dripping down my face makes master happy. I know I am his cum bucket and I am a perfect submissive whore for him.  

Submissive Slut Gets Disciplined


submissive slutI was suspended from the ceiling by my tits, ankles, and wrists like the submissive slut I am. My fucking titties were dark purple, tied off and swollen. My poor little nipples looked like they belonged on a baby bottle, and oh fuck did it hurt. Every time he swung the flogger, and I screamed, I swear my cunt would squirt a little bit more. He’d been at this for hours, in fact I couldn’t tell you how long it had been. All I know is that it absolutely drove me wild the way he was beating the fuck out of my poor submissive slutty ass. I know I had gotten mouthy with him, but I didn’t think I deserved all this.

This had been several hours in the making. I was so ridiculously bruised and battered, and my pussy was just running down my legs. Anytime I thought he would bring me sweet relief from the throbbing in my clit, he would just hit me extra hard with the flogger. I suppose I’ll just keep screaming, and keep hoping that at some point he’s going to decide to let me cum. I can see how hard his cock is, I know that he wants desperately to fuck me. But I think both he and I are loving hurting me too much, after all it isn’t that common for someone to have their own personal little pains slut is it?

Slave Training Needed

slave training

Even though I’ve been owned by my Master for quite some time, the slave training is always ongoing. Sometimes Master likes to change up his ways of controlling me and to be honest, it’s always exciting to me when he does that. He’s been trying to decide what he wants me to dress up as for his annual Halloween party. Usually, I don’t get to dress up and instead have to walk around naked offering everyone snacks and drinks. He hasn’t told me about his ideas for my costume yet, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be something really degrading.

Do you have any ideas about what I should be? It could probably be anything and still turn all the guests on since women always dress like sluts on Halloween. Maybe I could be every man’s fantasy – a naughty nurse. Just think of all the medical exams I could give. I bet I would end up squeezing a lot of balls while sucking dick. You know, just to make sure there isn’t a hernia. I hope that you’re as turned on as I am right now because I’m hoping you’ll call me and let me make you cum!

Spanking Chat

Santa came early this year for his little hoe, hoe, hoe. Master loves to dress me up in little outfits for him and show off my tight ass body. I love being Master’s cocksucking fucking whore. Sometimes he’ll lock me up in our special fuck room and order me not to touch myself until he arrives. I spent all day dressed up like a little elf trying to avoid toying with my wet little slit. I was so cock hungry by the time I heard him arrive home. I couldn’t help but finger my tight pussy just a little bit… I had waited as long as I could but I was just so fucking horny! My fingers were deep inside my pussy when Master came in. He was dressed as Santa Claus with a bag of presents (vibrators) in tow. I knew I was in trouble right away. Master bent me over his lap and started beating my ass. I felt the sting of his hand as he brought it down on me relentlessly. I’m a good girl for Master and I live to follow his commands. Spanking Chat

Rape Fantasy Whore

Hardcore Bondage

Being a submissive slut is all I know, I live to be tied up and spread out like a fuck toy! Torture me like I am your own personal fuck slave. I want so badly to submit to my domination, when you own me my twat tingles and gets so wet for you. My favorite way of being tortured is being tied with my legs over my head so my holes are completely vulnerable and exposed. I like to have my mouth filled with a dildo or even a ball gag. I want you to tickle me until I scream, I want to be prodded with a vibrator against my clit, forcing me to cum until I go limp. I am the perfect submissive whore to use and violate.

Submissive Whore Fucked In Her Sleep

Erotic submissive stories

Being the submissive whore that I am, didn’t happen overnight my training started long ago when I was a young slutty thing.  Daddy taught me that I was raised to be a pair of holes to be fucked and used and I love it. My last boyfriend would use my holes whenever he wanted, if he wanted me to suck his cock while we were out, I better do it and do it good. I was so tired from the pounding he had given me that I was passed out until I felt my cunt hole being fucked, I could feel him using me and he didn’t care if I was up or not. He fucked my pussy while choking me from behind, I didn’t move a bit.  As he pounded me, he kept squeezing my neck tighter as his cock slid in and out of me. He was whispering in my ear how he was going to fuck me to death. I could feel the air leaving my body and I was going limp as his cock was filling me up, that is when I passed out. 

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