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Bukkake Phone Sex Toilet Slave

Bukkake phone sex toilet slave Eliana is at your service. I am ready for duty as a good subby slut for a nasty Master. Let me be the humiliated whore that you greatly enjoy using.

Your personal toilet paper as well as toilet. My tongue will clean your anus, balls, cock and where ever else you choose my mouth to be.

Oh, wait what? You wish to use my gaped out, post gangbanged vagina as your toilet? Seriously, You want to squat on my gaped cunt hole spread with a speculum and take a crap in me?

Well, I am a submissive to you, sir. Please use me and take a crap in my gaped open and stretched post gangbang of 20 big black cocks used up cunt hole.

I am your toilet.

Bukkake Phone Sex

Ursa Craves Your Bare bottom spankings


Bare Bottom spankings



Always the naughty one,

I have always been known as a troublemaker and Sometimes I am naughty on purpose, deep down inside my soul is crying out for your Bare bottom spankings.

Give it to me good.

Pull me over your knee and slide my panties down. You can feel the heat from my greedy little pussy, pulsating and craving what is sure to come. My bare ass tingles in anticipation of that first whack. I need those Bare bottom spankings.

MMMM I begin to wiggle as you take turns spanking each of my cheeks, they begin to slowly turn a deep shade of pink. I cry out and you laugh telling me I have been a very naughty whore and I need your discipline. My body is begging for those Bare bottom spankings.

Make my pussy erupt!

You begin to slide your big, thick fingers in and out of my hot little cunt, slowly screwing me with your fingers while you discipline me. My legs begin to shake, and I suddenly squirt my sweet love nectar all over those expensive pants. You will discipline me again for that another day.

Bare bottom spankings and a piss face from master daddy

Master daddy beat me harder after giving me Bare bottom spankings. See daddy was raising me to take anything he has for me, because I was made so he could use me. That is how I was raised and I should have only thanked daddy for every moment the paddle hit my ass. But after my ass was red and swollen I cried and begged him to stop. What a mistake, daddy turned me around and slapped my face and mouth. He was not just daddy but my master too, so he had to put me in my place and teach me. He pulled his cock out and started spraying my face with his piss. He needed me to no longer be dripping with tears. I would be dripping with piss. After that he bent over right in front of me and spread his ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking. I want to make my master daddy happy and proud of me even though I cried like a weak slut, so I stuck my tongue out and lapped his asshole. I was trying my best but my master daddy grabbed my hair, pushed his ass on my face more and started grinding harder on my mouth. Finally he was ready to explode and that is when he shoved his cock down my throat. I choked and daddy master yelled for me to just swallow his nut like a good bitch. I did as he asked and when he finished feeding me his semen, he made it clear I was to never cry. I haven’t since then it doesn’t matter what my master gives me. 

Bare bottom spankings

Cum eating phone sex orgy

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex is all I can think about. I’m a good slut who always does what her master asks. Today I am going to engage in a cum eating orgy/glory whole. The guys are going to stick their cocks in through a hole in the wall, I am going to take it and suck their huge cocks as deep as I can into my mouth and deepthroat them. My master will tie my wrists with a zip tie behind my back and restrict me from using my hands while deep throating their cocks. Some of the men come to my side of the wall and while I’m tied up in some sexy bondage, they ram their cocks deep into my cunt. I am fucked hard and used like a dirty whore. I am getting them off so good while my master watches. He sits down in a chair across from us and takes out his cock and starts stroking it. I know my place. My place is to please my master and I’ll do anything to get his hard cock off. I am being double pounded now. One cock is in my soaking wet pussy, another in my ass, and the other throat fucking me. The guy who is throat fucking me thrusts into my submissive whore mouth until he busts all over me and into my mouth. I hold my mouth open catching all of their cum like a good slut for master.

Submissive Whore is worthless slave

Being a worthless Submissive Whore is easy for me to be. It was what my daddy raised me to be when he would use as his slave and cum bucket. I know I must clean any mess and milk every drop of cum from my master. He came home drunk last night and threw up on me u just washed off and got ready for more abuse. He pulled his cock out and forced it down my throat, making me choke and puke on it.  I had to clean up my mess too and I did. Finally his cock was hard and throbbing and I bent over and spread my legs for him. He didn’t want my worthless pussy, so he forced his cock into my ass. Since he was intoxicated he fuck me like a jack rabbit and punted my into the ground making my asshole stretch. When I felt his cock Start pumping semen I knew I had use my Slave training properly.He stood up over me and pissed all over my face, he had to release his bladder before  I put him in bed as the cum dripped out my asshole.

Submissive Whore

A mouthy Submissive slut deserves to be bound

Submissive slut He ruthlessly pounded my cunt like I was a silicone sex doll! Daddy has trained me to be the perfect Submissive slut he desires.. I am to greet daddy at the door bent over with my ass tooted up, so he can check off the list! Daddy writes my daily duties on my derriere, numbered!

Every number indicates how many spankings I will be getting if my chore was not completed! I hate to upset daddy.. If I ever do, he humiliates me by making me pick and shine the leather belt he will be using to whip my ass.. I know better than to get mouthy with daddy.. He is my superior, I am well aware I am inferior to man.

Daddy loves when I am bent over in front of the mirror with my tits hanging, while he is giving me Bare bottom spankings.. He holds his cock in his other hand and strokes while watching my ass welt and turn beet red from the intense whips as I helplessly plead with daddy; making him aware I have learned my lesson and I will never make the same mistake again.

Daddy knows exactly how to get to me, he knows after my spankings if he leaves me to sleep alone without his warm arms wrapped around me I will suffer.. So, that’s what he does! He is very stern with me, that’s not because he is an asshole.. It’s because he wants to teach me how to be the best I can be.

He wants me to be aware of my position! I thank daddy for the abuse I am to endure if ever, I disrespect him.. I know that it was well deserved! It teaches me manners.. I listen intently to daddy without interruption, I am his peace.. I live to satisfy every and all of daddies hottest desires. It is on me to do as daddy pleases, this determines whether I will be receiving soft or Extreme bondage! 

Submissive Whore on the Phone and Off the Phone Too

submissive whoreI am a submissive whore on the phone but in the real world too. Even though phone sex is fantasy, some of my callers can make it seem so real that I forget I am on the phone. I spoke with a new phone master last night. He wanted a submissive mommy. I have a son and daughter who hate me, but I would love to be their sex slaves, especially for my son. This caller wanted a mommy who tended to his every need on his terms. When he wants served and where he wants served. He was in the right place. This mommy took care of his cock before school, after school and as much as I could in between. This was one horny boy indeed of cock worshiping. I was a good mommy whore for him. Sucking his cock was not enough. He wanted to drop a load in my pussy. The problem was that mommy has a used cunt. I birthed two brats; men fist me; they also ravage my cunt sometimes two at a time. Stands to reason that mommy’s cunt is just not very tight anymore. So, he fucked my ass. He did a lot more to mommy’s whore ass too. This phone son was just as brutal on my fuck holes as my own son has been sometimes. Only difference is my phone son wants to fuck mommy. My son, however, only fucks me as punishment or when he is in a foul mood and I am readily available to be his punching bag. I do not mind being anyone’s punching bag. On or off the phone I know my place. My phone son fucked my ass with such force he prolapsed it. My asshole was on the outside. It hurt. Especially when he put hot sauce on the prolapse to add some extra pain.  Luckily this was just submissive phone sex. I have been brutally fucked in the ass before. I have suffered a few anal prolapses too. But this caller was brutal. I guess whoever is next has to up his game. Hopefully, I can handle it.

Slave training whore is in need of a good trainer

Slave training

I’m sitting at the bus stop waiting for my boyfriend to arrive, he’s thirty minutes late and I continue to wait like a good slut. You see me and think that I would be a good whore from some slave training. You approach me and begin to play with my hair and feel all over me while asking what I’m doing there all alone. I tell you I’m waiting for someone… “Oh sweetie, no one’s coming to get you. Do you really think he’s going to come pick up a whore after he has already gotten what he wanted from you?” You speak. You offer to take me home with since I’ve got nowhere to go while touching all over my responding breasts. I agree and go home with you. You tell me I’m your new slave and that from now on I’ll be your new bondage and submission whore. When we get to your home you make me bark like a dog and get on all fours while walking me around the house in a leash and collar. You tell me to spread my legs and show you everything I have to offer. I do. I spread my legs and rub my tight twat, going faster and faster. Oh! That feels so good. I feel myself on the edge as I start to look at my master in desperation. I beg you for permission to come. “Please master, please! I need it!” You cruelly laugh and tell me that good whores don’t beg to cum, they cum only when their master tells them too. You introduce me into cock worshiping, I suck and lick and deepthroat your huge cock. I’m your shiny brand new toy that will never say no to anything you have me do. I’m then forced to lick your ass whole. I give you a deep rim job and think about how humiliated and what a slut I am. I like being your tied up whore and I want more.

Submissive Phone Sex with Me Means You are in Charge

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex means you are in charge. I may have a master in my real life, but on the phone you are King. My master was the one who found me this job. He was worried about me having a job once he retires completely. He has me set up with a 401 K and he also bought my house, but I am in my early 40s and master is in his early 70s. I still need to work. This has been the perfect job. I was hesitant at first. I did not know what to expect. I have not had many jobs in my life. But all of them have required me to be a submissive whore. I met master in a BDSM club where I was cocktail waitressing. That was my first job. I was not even 21 yet serving drinks. I was a busty, young, red-head slave and the owner of the club only saw dollar signs so he got me a fake ID so I could be in his club. Once I met master, he moved me from NYC to LA and I became his full-time slave and paralegal. Phone sex is only my third job, but it pays well and keeps my skills as a subby bitch honed.

Last night, I did a long call with a guy who put me through the ringer. I did not even try faking anything because he was a seasoned master. He would have known. It started with me describing my body to him. Then it went into punishment. I fucked my cunt with all sorts of things I had in the house, including a rolling pen and a hair brush. I even had to spank my bare ass a few times with my hand and my hair brush. My ass is still sore. Most days, I am grateful that I have a submissive sex phone job, but days like today, when I can barely sit, I regret it, LOL.

Daddy’s first bred Bondage whore

Submissive slut I am always so eager to please and swallow every droplet of cum that your deviant cock can blow.. I didn’t just one day wake up and decide I was going to be a Submissive slut, its sort of something that I grew to naturally accept.. I’ve watched my dad throughout the years humiliate mom in public places and her surrender time after time!

As I grew older daddy started to groom me into the perfect cum guzzling slut I could be.. The first time daddy snatched my hairless slit of its innocence, mom was bound and gagged, forced to listen to my screams and couldn’t do a thing! She’s always been so helpless and aware that men are superior to women..

Whenever I would misbehave daddy would strangle me with his belt until I was deprived of oxygen and nearly knocked unconscious.. He would then snap me back into reality by pumping my pussy with loads of cum.. When my younger brother came into the picture things got more gruesome.

Daddy was teaching him to be the man he had always wanted to be.. My brother was taught to treat the women of the house as they deserved.. If me and mom were not on our best behavior we deserved what he had in store for us.. He would cover for dad whenever dad was at work! It seemed my brother would take advantage of his power, me and mom were constantly being used as human toilets..

He would piss down our throats and force us to swallow his warm lemonade.. If we dared gag or vomit, our putrid throw-up would be dinner! Don’t feel bad for a worthless whore like me and know that I do not deserve any sort of remorse.. Pain is pleasure and I love every moment of it.. When I log online I prepare the tools needed for any sort of torture, I am to endure for your satisfaction… Bondage and submission is my fate, abuse was written for me!