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Bondage whore gets used by big bro

I am the Bondage whore master needs. I was raised being tied up and used since a young age. My brother used to use my jump rope to tie my hands behind my back. Then he would pinch and twist my little nipples. “It hurts please no more,” I whimpered but my brother didn’t care. ” Shut up, baby’s mom is at work, and we are here alone” he responds, and he slips my panties off.

After that he started rubbing my cunty. If I tried to move the rope would burn my wrists. That is when I learned to stay in my place and let him use me like he wanted. After a bit my brother pulled his big peepee out and slammed it in my mouth. He didn’t care when I could barely breathe. All he cared about was using my mouth to make his cock meat bust.

Bondage whore

“Swallow my load sis” is all he said as he started pumping his semen inside my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could into my tummy. “Can you untie me now bro?” “No, not until you agree to be my Submissive Whore”. Since I was tied up with a tummy full of cum, I knew I wasn’t going to get out unless I agreed. “Okay, I will be your subby sis”. Finally, he smiled and untied me, “go clean up before mom gets home”. He ordered me to do, and I did it, I belong to him now. 

Cock worshiping slut forced to orgasm as my pucker prolapsed

Cock worshipingI am ready for my weekly Squirt Slave training, Master. It feels amazing when you fuck me so long and hard to the point I am unable to squirt anymore… My clitoris is always left in a knot for hours after the multiple orgasm tortures. He makes me beg for every forced orgasm until his precum is pouring down his massive cock. Sir, only lets me swallow his cum in my ass and pussy if I am deserving.

Whenever Daddy is ready to shoot his biggest cum shot he sends me down to my knees and strokes his big dick over my face. I am to keep my jaw dropped no matter how long it takes. I am his Cock worshiping slave slut, I sit there like a good girl with my jaw locked in place. Daddy doesn’t want to hear much coming from me besides cryouts for help and begging him for more, instead of mercy.

As you wish Master, I do as I am told! My purpose as a woman is to make sure you never grow impatient, hungry, or angry..

If I ever push you to that point I am deserving of an ass-whooping. A leather whip is what he uses to leave lacerations across my ass. I would never want to upset my Master, which is why I am always on all fours. I keep my ass hole plugged and fully lubed for Daddy ready for him if ever he is in the mood, he can just unplug me and stuff me with ease. Your personal Submissive Whore is just one call away ready to serve you as my superior, I am not a feminist, men are superior and I enjoy relieving you after a long stressful day at work.

Prostate milking from worthless whore

Being a Prostate milking whore for my master is normally very easy. But last night it was hard on my mouth since had beat my mouth with his cock really hard. My whole body was sore from his abuse. I got paddled and whipped, which had my skin red and welted. First my master wants me to know my body belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants to me. Then you pulled your cock out and I got excited.

Prostate milking

“Get to work bitch, suck my cock” you grabbed my head and i fuck my throat so hard. I even had tears coming down my face from the hate fuck my mouth was getting. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t breathe, worship my cock slut” That is what i needed to try and please my master. Therefore i started sucking his cock like it was my last meal. From time to time he would smack my face and mouth with his hard meat. After a while my mouth was getting numb, I even bit my tongue a few times.

By the time he was going to cum he stopped and spread his ass on my face. Since my tongue was hurting and bloody from me biting it, I almost cried as I had to push it into my master’s ass. As a worthless slut I know I have to please him in any way he needs. My master started fucking my mouth with his ass hard almost like he was punching my mouth with his ass. Finally he started moaning hard and I knew he was close to bursting. As my master turned around his thick gooey nut started to spray my face. “Good job whore you aren’t all that useless” is all I could hear as my face dripped with semen. 

Pain Slut Craver

Rape phone sex fantasies
A pain and bondage slut is one for the books! Nothing is better than debasing yourself and allowing someone to hurt you for their pleasure. I get off on hurting for a man as he force fucks all my holes! I want his cock to throb as I cry, beg and LOVE every second of the abuse he inflicts on my slutty holes. I have been in this position for 2 hours now and that is an electrocuting clasp that is controlled by a remote. Whenever I whine or complain my dom zaps my clit and it hurts so much! I love to hurt though; it makes my fuckhole drip! If I am a good bitch he will use my cunt and ass hole until he blows his load in each of my holes. Call me so I can make you nut like a good pain slut.

Slave Training A Girl When She’s Super Young Builds a Good Whore

slave trainingSome men think I need slave training, but I do not think I do. Sure, like any submissive woman, we might need to learn a new master’s way of doing things, but I am a seasoned submissive woman. Someone has owned me since I was a little girl. My father owned me first. I never had a father. I had a master. Even though I ran away from him and never came back, he made me the way I am today. A good whore who does what a guy tells her to do. Honestly, I do not know if my father is still alive.

My master and I discussed my old man recently. He wanted to know if I had looked him up at all. Perhaps, I am curious about what happened to him, but never curious enough to really look for him. He could very much be alive. He would be younger than my master, LOL. Master never pushes the subject much. He knows I am a submissive sex slut because of my father, but that I also endured years of severe abuse at the hands of the man who gave me life.

Although master would never do most of the things my father did to me, my master thought I should let him find out what happened to dear old dad for closure. Or even to learn if I have siblings out there, I know nothing about. I finally caved, and let master do some DNA matching and searching. What he discovered shocked us both. The man and woman I believed to be my parents, were not my biological parents. In fact, I appear to be a kidnapped girl from 1980. Mind blown.

submissive sexMaster thinks the woman I thought abandoned me likely kidnapped me for him and might have been a victim herself. Since it does appear my biological parents died sometime ago in a car accident, I will never know the answers to so many questions. I am a submissive woman because of this man, but I have no desire to go to the cops or anything. Honestly, my life turned out okay despite its rocky beginning. I’ve made a good life out of being an owned woman.

Plus, it’s kind of ingenious of a man to want a little girl to abuse so badly, he gets a woman to kidnap him one. Maybe, if I had not run away, I would have aged out for him and kidnapped him a newer, younger model than me. Although I am overwhelmed by this new knowledge, it explains why the man I believed to be my father never wanted me in public school and never came looking for me once I ran way. Perhaps, he got a new me, but with DNA advancements and modern technology got caught with subsequent girls. I might never know.

Oddly enough, the man I believed for decades to be my biological father and who I have feared most of my life, now is like a folk hero in my mind. Wow. I really am a good submissive whore. What lengths would you go through to have the perfect victim?

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex Human Toilet Piss Slave

Extreme fetish phone sex is truly something that has no limits nor boundaries. But that is my ideal, as I am the same. In essence I have no boundaries nor limits. My body is yours to use and degrade.

Obviously my greatest pleasure is to degrade myself for your pleasure, pervert. It’s a honest das work as a filthy little subby slut that I am. Use my mouth for your pleasure. If it means making me your urinal then by all means. Piss on me, and in me.

Coincidently I have found my life’s pleasure in being a tall giantess whore of degradation. Degrade me. Make me your bukkake covered whore that needs a shower. Well obviously the only shower your interested in giving me is a golden shower of piss.

Extreme fetish phone sex

Slave training for my master is what he showed his friends

Part of my Slave training consists of having to clean all of my master’s mess. Last night his friends and him were partying so much they started using me as their urinal. My master started calling me their golden shower whore. First my master would spread my legs and show my slut pussy to his friends. While he slapped me all over and even my cunt, he wanted them to see how wet it gets me.

Slave training

He can feel that I am embarrassed, but he doesn’t care. His friends laugh every time he abuses me because my cunt starts twitching. “You filthy bitch get on your knees”, I always do what my master commands of me. Once on my knees my master took his pants off and bent over in front of me and spread your ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking,”lick my ass you worthless whore”. My tongue was wiggling on his ass hard as he laughed with his friends.

Master always likes to show me what my place in the world is. “Come on bitch show my friends how good you can make me cum. Finally, I had the energy to encourage me to lick his asshole harder that is all my master needed. As he stood up and sprayed my face with his thick load of semen, he moaned out “good job whore, now you have my friend’s ass to lick”. They all cheered, and I knew by morning time my tongue would be numb. 

Cock Whore Ready To Please

Submissive whoreHi I am Shiloh! I am stupid little cock whore who loves to be degraded and used. Here I am latched into this machine with a big 9 inch dildo using my whore mouth. My master has had me in this for over 8 hours and I can’t even feel my tits anymore because of how tight I am latched in. Every hole has been used all day I can’t keep track of how many loads I have taken. My master says he wants to make sure I am a used up slut by the end of the night so that I know the only use I have is to please men. He made sure every guy was satisfied after using my filthy slut body and he made sure I said thank you after they pissed all over my whore face and down my throat. I could not be more thankful that I am so useful for men. You should call me so I can be a useful cock sleeve for you too!

Submissive Whore Gets a Hardcore Ass Fucking in the Office

submissive whoreMost days I enjoy being an office submissive whore. Master retired this year, but I still go into the office on Thursdays, and sometimes Friday. He does some pro bono work and some wills and estates for friends. Plus, it gives him an excuse to see his favorite slave. I like being his whore. However, today, I was not just his whore. He invited a friend to meet him in the office. But it surprised me. I did not expect any others.

Office Whore Bernice Takes it Dry in the Ass

Master does that sometimes. He surprises me with another man. He likes to watch. Although he can still get erections thanks to modern medicine, watching another man fuck my ass or pussy does the trick too. This bonus master appeared much younger than both of us. That always spells trouble for me. Although I am no spring chicken in my early 40s, my master is in his late 60s. Men his age rarely fuck me past my breaking point. However, this guy? Yeah, his slave training broke me.

slave trainingMaster watched as his friend destroyed my asshole. Even though I begged him to use lube, he refused. He thinks a dry ass feels better because he can feel the tightness of the anus. His words not mine. Good thing I had the desk to brace myself because a dry ass fucking hurts so much. I bit down on a bottle of glue to prevent myself from crying. Honestly, I fought back the tears.

I do not know what got into master. Normally, he draws the line at blood. But his old dick looked more erect than I have seen it in 15 years. My ass was bleeding from the hardcore anal sex with no lube. The younger guy joked that now I had my lube. At this point, tears came. Master came on my ass, so his cum acted as lube as his pal finished in my ass. A small blessing, I guess.

Now, as I take submissive phone sex calls, I sit on a bag of frozen peas to dull the pain. My asshole appears partially prolapsed. Tomorrow will be fun in the office. Maybe I will call in sick.

Cock Worshiping Whore Gets Her Slut Mouth Punished

I have a filthy fucking mouth. It should be used for cock worshiping, but sometimes I forget my place. I can be a disrespectful whore. And disrespectful whores deserve to be punished. Daddy punished my mouth tonight. After patiently punishing me for my slip ups, he finally got fed up with my back talk.

He dragged me from the kitchen to the bathroom and told me to open my mouth. He slid the soap into my mouth like a gag and made me look at myself in the mirror. I felt humiliated and it made my pussy so fucking wet. I know it makes Daddy hard too. He bent me over in the mirror. My ass was so ready for hard bare bottom spankings.

cock worshipingBare Bottom Spankings For Cock Worshiping Whore

I could see him stroking his cock in the mirror. He took the spatula he grabbed from the kitchen and cracked it against my ass. I bit down into the soap trying not to scream. There would be a lot more punishment if the soap slipped out of my mouth. I could see how pathetic I looked in the mirror receiving my punishment. Trying not to cry while he beat my ass red and raw. I deserved every stroke. He forced me onto my knees and ripped the soap from my teeth. Then, he unzipped his pants and I opened my mouth for him. He took out his cock.

Then he pulled my head back by my hair and gave me a golden shower. He pissed all over my face and mouth. I swallowed like a greedy slut to wash out the taste of the soap. “Good girl.” He held my head there and slid his hard piss covered dick into my mouth. I could feel his cock ramming into the back of my throat. He force fucked my face. Another punishment for the way I spoke to him. I took his cock down my throat, trying hard not to choke. His dick throbbed and I could feel it exploding directly into my esophagus. He came down my throat and asked me if I learned my lesson.