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Slave training for Submissive Whore and a mouth full of golden nectar

Slave training is part of my daily routine with my master. I know I must do anything he commands me to do and take anything he has to give me.

Slave training

Even if it leaves my body sore, bruised up and welted. It is what he likes and needs. I knew he had a long day because he didn’t say much and just commanded me to get in position. That is when I am naked on all fours like a dog bitch just waiting for him to give me anything he wants. He started by giving me some Bare bottom spankings with his paddle. He didn’t stop until I had tears coming down my face, but I never made a sound even when my ass hurt and welled up. It made him happy, and his cock was poking at my face. I always get excited when I know I please my master, through the pain my cunt was dripping and excited. I just wanted him to fuck me, any hole. He poked his hard meat at my mouth and like a good Submissive Whore i just opened my mouth and let my master face fuck me. He fucked my throat hard just like he likes, didn’t care if I couldn’t breathe. I could then feel him cumming in my mouth and I made sure to swallow every drop of his hot gooey cum. When I finished, he smiled and then I felt a rush of warm salty piss filling up my mouth. Gulp after gulp i swallowed his golden nectar, making my master proud. He led me to my cage and told me to get rest, his friends were coming over and I was going to need it.

Daddy really stepped up his spanking phone sex game.

Spanking phone sex

Daddy really stepped up his spanking phone sex game on our last call. I was laying there in bed rubbing myself when all of a sudden the phone rang! He said he wanted to do a session and that he’d be nice this time, and come to find out he had anything but being nice in mind! You see, I was laying there minding my own business when he told me to go grab my hairbrush! Now, I have a huge rectangle hair brush that really really hurts when I get spanked with it! So, I tried to play it off like I had it and use my hand instead! He was so so so mad, he yelled at me and told me I was “A bad little whore” and then made me prove I had my hairbrush by rubbing the bristles against my fingers and making noise with it. You should have seen how red my ass was after the session! It was terrible, and it hurt for days to sit on it, it still stings just thinking about it.

If you send me an email and request to see the photo I may just send you one of my pretty red ass!

Turning Her Into Your Cock-Hungry Slut

Submissive Slut


She is beautiful and the perfect addition to your harem. My job is to get her from her job working as a barista in a coffee shop to your home. I befriend her and tell her she can come pick up something she wanted at my house. I drive her over to your house like a good accomplice, chloroforming her and dragging her to the bed. You tie her to the bed with the bed restraints, making them tight so that she can’t escape. When she becomes conscious again, it is time for the beginning of the training ritual that turns all of us spirited women into your obedient sluts. You get on the bed and grab her tits, playing with them and rubbing her nipples. She is getting so wet and her clit is getting so hard. You finish with her tits and your cock is hard and ready to enter her pussy. You shove your cock inside of her, making her scream. I cover her mouth with my hands while you fuck her, your magic cock turning her screams into moans. When you come inside her, her nipples are erect and desperate for your tongue. She begs for you to fill her pussy with your cum again. You tell me to lick her beautiful, erect nipples and I trace my tongue across them. You fuck her pussy, making her scream in ecstasy. She is yours now.

I’m Master’s Mommy Whore!


I love being a bondage slave for Master, the more he uses me and abuses me the harder I cum! Master has a very special relationship with me and my girls; I satisfy his every desire with my slippery wet mommy pussy and he trains my girls with his cock. I love seeing my girls take to his instructions, his strong demeanor makes my cunt throb. Master makes me take his cock while my little girls watch, I tell them every night that one day it will be their turn to be used by Master. My little loves make me so proud when they submit just like Master tells them to, I know Master will use them well one day just like their mommy! I can’t wait to see what Master has planned for my sweet little angels.

Submissive Slut Willing to Make All Your Submissive Whore Phone Sex Fantasies A Reality!

Submissive slut

A submissive slut like me will do anything to fulfill your most secret, taboo desires. I am down for whatever and I love pleasing and satisfying my men by knowing when to keep my mouth slut, I mean shut and to do as I am told. I love being docile servile and submissive and expect to be rewarded with some nice , hard cock. Wanna humiliate me? Please do. Wanna spank me? Oh yes, if you think I have been  bad or deceitful, please, punish me. Make me crawl around on all fours and eat off the floor. Spank my ass cheeks ’til they burn and welts raise on ’em. Make me swallow your cock whole and choke on your jizz! Make me fuck all your friends and watch them degrade and berate me. That’s gonna make me go nuts (no pun intended) on all your hot stiff cocks! I am a good submissive slut. Let me prove it to you Daddy, let me show you how good and wet I am to be your submissive slut. Let me serve you. I wont let you down Daddy.

Bondage and submission is for Slave training and Prostate milking

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission is part of my Slave training. I know my master loves making sure the rope he tied me up with is really tight against my skin so that if I move, I get rope burn. He told me to be a good submissive Whore and lay back. That is when he climbed on top of me and started riding my face. He spread her ass and I knew I was going to be doing some Prostate milking. I stuck my tongue out and started licking my master’s asshole. I could feel the rope starting to grind against my skin. The more I licked him the harder he rode my face, the more the rope started burning me. I could tell that my master was jacking off as he was getting prostate milking from my tongue. It had my cunt wet and dripping, wishing my master would just fuck me. But he kept riding my face and I licked him hard until I felt his balls tighten up and I knew he was going to bust a big nut. He turned around and started choking me as he sprayed my face with his cum. He called a good cum slut and left me there tied up in bondage to use me again when he is ready for more Prostate milking. 


Punishing Your Bad Little Whore


Submissive Whore

You love punishing your submissive whore whenever I’m naughty. You always make sure to bend me over your knee and spank my ass until it’s red. With each hard, heavy slap I scream out and each time I scream you say you’ll add 10 more spankings. My ass is so bruised, but my punishment isn’t over yet. You tie my hands up with rope and suspend my hands over my head onto a hook jutting from the ceiling. You bring out a leather paddle and spank me all over, on my tits, my ass, and my clit. You tell me to lift my leg so you can spank my pussy. I do, and you spank my pussy hard and quick. I moan every time you spank my pussy, my cunt getting with each slap. When you stop, my pussy is throbbing and burning. I’m ready to be your good little whore.

Torture Phone Sex Is The Quickest Way To Get Me Soaked!


Torture Phone Sex

Torture phone sex is something I’ve always had quite a soft spot for. I love the idea of being used like a worthless little whore while I get used and abused by a hot older man and his friends. I love the marks and bruises being abused leaves behind, looking at them throughout the day literally makes my pussy drip every time I see them on my milky white skin. The red welts of love left behind after being whipped, or the deep purple bruises after I’ve been bit, a little too hard. That’s what I crave, what I spend tons of time just daydreaming about.

Would you like to come to show me what you’ve got, see if you have what it takes to really make my pussy wet and achy for you? It takes a true Dominant to really get me going. Someone who just has that Dominant air about them, the one that makes me crave them like a needy little whore.

Tonight I had an amazing phone call with a guy who actually kinda took me by surprise. At first, I didn’t think he had it in him, but them it got really dark and amazing as the call went on. He talked about pinching my nipples until they bled with vice grips, and using a car battery to shock my pussy. Now that’s fucking hot.

After that call my pussy was so wet I just had to go rub one out again, moaning like a slut while I replayed the whole conversation in my head. That’s the kinda Dominant I need, one that really leaves a lasting impression.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Make the Best Sex Slaves

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts are the kinkiest women. That is why we are popular in fetish clubs and among dominant men. There is something about maturing that makes us hornier. Now, some women get more dominant as they age. They think that they have paid their dues and are owed the right to be dominant as they age. Not me. I only get more submissive as I age. I thought once I was legal age and had run away from home, things would be different, but they were not. I just hooked up with one dominant man after another. I have a master now. He is the most benevolent master I have ever had. He is much older than me, so know he mostly has surrogates tie me up and use me for his amusement. I hated it at first. I am his submissive whore, not anyone else’s whore. But I also crave abuse and my master is not as strong as he once was.  When I went to the office yesterday, master was there with a younger man. I was older than this guy, so he was late 20s, or maybe early 30s.  I was nervous. I mean I had no clue what he could be up too. Turns out master wanted to see his whore tied up and helpless. Because of his arthritis he can no longer tie knots that can keep me down. No doubt though that this young buck could do it.  That guy was in shape. He picked me up like a sack of cement, put me on his shoulders and bench pressed me while turning me around. I got disoriented and light-headed. He threw me down on the ground and turned me into his bondage whore. Tied me up in several places, so I could not get away. Once I was subdued, he skull fucked me. Master pissed on me, and they took turns abusing me for hours tied up like a side of beef. This was one of best days I have had in a while. Master still finds ways to enjoy his sex slave.

Gift From Master Turned To a Fun Punishment With Bare Bottom Spankings

Bare bottom spankings

My master rewarded me for the gangbang I did for him and his friends and got me a new toy. He tied me up to my favorite spanking table. Like our normal routine he gave me Bare bottom spankings until my ass was red and swollen and I had tears streaming down my face. That is when he pulled out a big metal dildo. He told me he was going to use Mr. Tinmans cock to fuck my pussy hole open. He rammed that metal dildo inside me while pulling on the rope tied around my neck. It felt like I had a metal bat inside my cunt. My master laughed out loud as he heard me gasping for air while he was ripping my pussy hole open. He was trying to force me to cum before I passed out. I really wanted to, but I passed out. He woke me up by showing my new friend Mr. Tinmans cock in my asshole. Now he was going to punish me for not cumming when he wanted me to. He ripped my asshole open until I could smell the scent of blood. Then he pulled it out, shoved it in my cunt and pushed cock in my ass using my blood as lube. He fucked my holes until I squirted on my new toy he got me. Once I came, I felt his cock pumping semen inside my bloody asshole. I have had enough Slave training to know I was going to spend the rest of the night cleaning his cock and balls before he puts me back in my cage. I am a good Submissive Whore for master.