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BDSM chat tell me what you all like as will I.

BDSM chat

            BDSM chat tell me what you all like as will I. Tell me do you like to spank? Into tying me up. Perhaps you want me to be begging you for even more. Before long you will have me squirming and wet.

            Among other things, I want you to tie me up. Some cuffs. A whip. Second, you need to use those toys on me. Sucking on your cock while I am shacked to the wall. Have a gag ball? Choose between hardcore or softcore. There are so many options and when you chat with me.

            Another key point to remember is I am a submissive and need to be controlled. Calling you master, daddy, or anything else you so wish. I will ask even beg you to spank me. Put me in the stocks.

            That is to say you are the one in charge. You have the control. In summary when we chat it will be the same as on the phone and you may let your imagination run wild. Looking forward to spending some quality time with you.

Beta babes

sexy phone chat

A little sexy phone chat goes a long way with my master. He enjoys it when I take the initiative and prioritize him. Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to keep him happy. Whenever I do, I’m able to move up on the roster.

Oh no, what I want to become is his name, Beta Babe, basically like his slave girlfriend, the main one, who gets to sleep in his bed and gets less harsh treatment but also gets to run the coop.

It would be so hot if I could manipulate women for him and torture girls. I know how much it gets him nice and erect want. Two females are battling out for his attention. I am pretty jealous, and I want all the attention. Even if it’s terrible attention, I want it all on me. My main focus is becoming the head slave slut in charge, ruining other girls for my master.

You bet I will get them all bruised up and bloody like he likes women to be.

Bare bottom spankings have this submissive cunt dripping!

            Bare bottom spankings have this submissive cunt dripping! Master, I will beg you to spank me harder. Please master, use the paddle on this behind. Bend me over your knees. Immediately baring my ass to you.

            The most compelling evidence of my desire to have you paddle me is already running down the inside of my thigh. Squirming slightly on your knees. A knot tying in my stomach as you bring down the paddle.

            “Oh my fucking GOD!”

            Feeling your hard length pressing up into my stomach. That’s it, let that paddle go between my legs. Smack those thighs a little. Let it drop down to the floor.

            Use your hand on my naked behind instead. Really make this pussy gush and as long as you get off, I will be completely satisfied and finally with your permission have my orgasm.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings from my master make me feel worthy

-I’m a worthless whore and sometimes Bare bottom spankings aren’t enough for my master. Sometimes he needs to beat me until i piss myself like a worthless dogbitch. He used his thick wooden paddle on my bare ass until it was red and swollen but that wasn’t enough. You clamped my nipples and pussy lips really hard. Next was your whip, you love whipping my nipples and making me beg for more. “Please master give me more, I love being worthy of your torture”.

That is what you need to hear to whip me over and over until my whole body is marked up. “Thank you master for giving me such a good beating”. Is how I plied as my body trembled. When my master notches my body trembling, I can tell he is very pleased by the tent in his pants. That gives me hope that I can be useful to my master. “Master, could I please show you how worthy I am to be your pet?” I whisper and then just open my mouth.

Bare bottom spankings

When my master pulls his cock out my pussy gets excited. Even when he slaps my mouth with his rod, I thank him. After a few more slaps master finally rewards me by hate fucking my mouth. It is his way of showing me I have some use. With tears running down my face I try my best not to pass out when his dick meat is balls deep in my throat. Then I feel my master squeeze my neck as his cock starts pumping semen into my belly. As he pulls his cock out and I start to pass out I whisper, “thank you master”. 

Submissive Whore is what I am for my master

My master is a great slut keeper. He makes sure his Submissive Whore keeps her cage clean and his cock. My mouth is used as a stubby toilet. All he has to do is pull his cock out and my mouth is his to use in any way. When I get a mouth full of his warm stream I drink as much as I can to stay hydrated. I know you forget about feeding and giving water to your worthless whore. That is why I feel so lucky to have to use my mouth however you want.

Submissive Whore

You then pull your cock out and let out a warm stream. “Thank you master for such a sweet gift” is all I say after you feed me your piss. Then he bent me and gave me the spanking of my life. He spanked my ass until it was red and welted, making sure I no longer felt hunger pains. “Please master, could you feed me today”? Then I opened my mouth hoping he would feed me his semen load. Today was my lucky day.

His cock was rammed down my throat so hard I choked. “Yes, choke bitch just like that”. “Your mouth was made to milk me, so do your job” is all I heard as my head was being rammed by his cock. Finally, his cock started splashing semen down my throat. I ate it all like a hungry bitch. “Thank you for the feeding master” are the words that came out my mouth as you locked my cage.

Spanking Phone Sex- Hit me Baby One More Time

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex, what is it about the feeling of that slap on your ass as a cock is entering your pussy? Or in the middle of having amazing sex, screaming “spank me daddy!” and feeling the cock inside you get rock hard as that hand slaps your naked body?  Why does my pussy get creamy wet and tingly when a man gets aggressive with me? The rougher he gets, the more I want his cock to fuck me deeper and harder.  The more I have his cock inside me, the better I feel about him using his hands to do things that normally I would never want a man to do.

The sound of a slap on the phone, hot damnnn! I love being naked on a call where I am being a submissive whore and a caller tells me to give my ass a nice hard slap.  Of course, I am a good little whore and listen to my master making sure I spank myself nice and hard and loud so he can hear me.  Hitting myself as if it is the guy on the other line spanking me with his big tough hands as he bangs the crap out of my dripping wet pussy, oh boy.  It’s like an instant orgasm for me.

You won’t find me getting off any other time with a guy hitting me but when it comes to sex, I love a good spanking.  A small part of the bondage and submission life that I enjoy so much.  I hope you can come give me a good swipe on the ass soon, I will surely be waiting.

Naughty Ursa craves the feel of Daddy’s hand!

Spanking chat

I know you crave a good little submissive whore, but I am a full on brat. Such a brat that I am going to instigate a naughty little Spanking chat. I am going to push all of your buttons on our paid chat. 

I need to test to see what kind of man you are. Are you man enough to tame this bratty little sub. I want to push you until you have no choice to grab me and bend me over your lap. Lift my little dress up exposing my pink little g- string hugging my cute little ass. Let’s see if you can make me squirm. 

Pull that hand all the way back and whack that ass. Make it count. I want to feel the sting from your hand long after it leaves my plump little backside. See I love to be spanked. This is nowhere near a punishment for me. You gave me exactly what I wanted all along

Cock worshiping and Slave training to please master

If you want to please your master it is all about Cock worshiping. You have to worship everything about your master. I know I do, even when he pisses all over me. His golden showers feel heavenly. Anything from my master I cherish. Ever since I was young, I knew I was a worthless whore. My first master abused me and beat me so much that I learned my place in the world. When my master is happy, he will let me out of my cage and sit on his favorite chair.

That is all the opportunity I need; I crawl over to him and rub my body against his leg. Like a horny animal I wiggle my tail in your face master. Will you to notice me and let me worship your cock? It is the only thing I am good for, besides you taking your frustrations out on me and spanking my bare ass. You pull your big master cock out and right away I rub my face all over it.

Cock worshiping

I sniff you too, just like a horny dog bitch would and I love what I smell. It starts making my cunt drip. That is when you grab me by the hair and ram your cock in my mouth. You push my head so far down your cock I choke. Once you hear me choking you grab my throat and squeeze my throat, feeling around to see how far deep I took your cock.

It excited you to feel how deep I was taking your cock master, that you pumped my throat and filled it up with your cum load. I tried not to pass out. Seeing stars had me barely able to see my master stand up over me and start to spray me with his warm smelly piss. He finished off with a golden shower and I taking it is part of my Slave training. When I woke up, I was back in my cage drenched and smelling like piss. But I could taste my master’s cum in my mouth, so I felt happy that I pleased him like a good Submissive slave.

Bare bottom spankings make my master hard, and I wet.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings make my master hard, and I wet. I have erotic submissive stories to tell; master receiving some cock worshiping from his favorite whore. I don’t bother to hide my excitement when I am getting my spankings. Lifting my ass, body quivering in anticipation of his hand coming down hard on my bare bottom. Turning my ass red, the tingling sensation moving from my bottom to my pussy. It is getting wetter. I can feel my pussy pulsating with need.

His hand pats my bare bottom. Not nearly as hard as his cock pressing into my stomach. My master is in need of some attention. I crawl on my knees between his legs. Keeping my gaze focused on his cock. Lifting it, rubbing it along my cheek, over my lips, letting my breath blow softly watching it quiver. Swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock. Letting his pre-cum rest on my tongue. Savoring it. Massaging his cock, cupping his balls. Running my tongue down the length of his cock. His velvety thickness, warm and hard. The perfect crevice on his well-formed cock head. Lips pulling that mushroom head into my mouth. Cupping his balls, big perfect hairy balls. Full of cum. Firm. Raising my eyes to look at him as I take him deeper into my mouth. Feeling his cum pour down my throat.

Pulling his cock from my mouth, I tilt my head back to look up at him. Our eyes meet. He quirks an eyebrow and I drop my gaze to his lips. “You are my favorite submissive whore. Next time, I will treat you with a golden shower.”

I stop myself from smiling. My master pleased me with a bare bottom spanking. I showed my gratitude by worshiping his cock. I even got the promise of a golden shower.

Submissive Whore pet like me need our cum feedings!

Submissive WhoreA submissive whore pet like me needs to be pet and fluffed and fucked all hours of the day and night. I’m a needy slut and my master spends a great amount of his time forcing me onto all fours before diving into my pussy cock first and leaving an explosive amount of cum right where it belongs. I need it too, I need every drop of my master’s overflowing jizz. His heat is what I live for, it’s what keeps my heart beating, without it I’m not even sure how to think or feel. Master tells me how to function from moment to moment, and master told me to listen to you and all your carnal cravings. Not just yours though, everyone around my slave training honed body. Just before you called a man was balls deep in my pussy and pumping away like it was his real home away from home. His family a secondary thought to the one he could make with my drenched cunt if he shot enough seed into my belly and waited long enough. A man really only wants one thing and that’s to turn every sex pet around into a breeding whore for their pleasure. If we’re not left dripping cum and dirtying the carpet so we have something to lick clean the moment it starts to dry, what are we doing with our day? Sex pet have to know their place or they get uppity. Punish me, force me, breed me, treat me like the whore I am and never let me out of your sight or I’ll find another guy to please for master’s whims. He doesn’t really care who’s cumming as long as the explosive cum flows from every cock around me and my sexy phone sex pussy. I’m a regular drenched slut looking for a feeding.