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Bitch in Heat

Submissive Whore Every slut loves to have her tight pussy stretched with a hard pounding cock but my little cunny has been empty for a while and was aching for a long sweaty fuck session!

So I went down to the local dive bar in my shortest little white trash outfit and waited for a horny drunk to give me his best line!

We were fucking fast and furious in the back seat of his car when I felt a hand grab the back of my hair and yank me off his yummy meat!

I looked up and saw the look on my daddy’s face while I laid there like a quivering mutt on the ground!

His giant boot was in my ass the entire time my naked body was scrambling to get in his truck!

And he wasted no time dealing out my punishment!

He told me that he was going to treat me like the mongrel whore that I am and pulled his belt off!

His strong hands were holding my head down deep on his oversized cock as the lashes from his leather belt stung my tender ass!

Then he was holding my head with both hands as he skulled fucked me, closing my throat with the girth of his cock!

Just when I thought I was going to pass out, he yanked that hard punishing fuck stick out of my mouth and began filling the dog bowl with his piss!

He ordered me to lap it up like the bitch in heat I am!

And when I refused, he shoved my face in the steel bowl and while forcing his meat deep into my cunt!

When he was done draining his sack in my torn wet cum hole, he just stood and turned to go, leaving my bruised naked body on the floor.

I knew he would not let me out until I finished what he left in the bowl.

If I was going to behave like a stray whore hound, he was going to treat me like one!


Bare Bottom Spankings for a Naughty Girl

bare bottom spankingsI was naughty and I got bare bottom spankings because of it too. I had no idea that my master was going to make a surprise house call to check up on me. I have not shared the same physical space with him in months. We text and talk on the phone with some facetime calls too, but we have been isolated apart for months. He has had a few eyes on me, so I have been trying to be a good whore. But I need abused. I need to serve. So, I have had a few Tinder dates on the DL. Not like going out to dinner dates. Those are damn near impossible lately. I am talking hook ups at my place. I advertise myself as a submissive whore needing an alpha man. I had just finished getting anally tortured when Master arrived for his surprise visit. He had to have passed my lover in the driveway. When I heard the door, I assumed it was my Tinder date. I almost pissed myself when I saw my master for the first time in far too long, the longest we have ever been apart in almost 20 years. He told me I had been a naughty girl. I had cum leaking out my ass to prove it. There was no trying to deny it. I would have just made my punishment worse. Master took off his leather belt and I assumed the position. I knew I was in for a beating. With every whack, I bit down on the pillow I stuffed in my mouth. He made me count each whack, which I did. I cried because for an old man, he had some strength I had not seen before. My ass was mincemeat. I was bleeding, raw, swollen and black and blue. He jacked off on my ass, then pissed to make it burn. He told me if he caught me being naughty with someone else without permission again, he would disown me. I have been branded by master’s belt. No one would even want me again.

Baptized in Cum

I lived to be your cum dumpster slut and now that my sweet soft skin has not been baptized in your cum, I am an empty void of a whore.Submissive phone sex


My master had been gone for quite some time.

Everyday, I shaved my wet young pussy so that is was velvety smooth, in hopes to feel his hard throbbing cock punish me just once more.

And everyday, I slipped out of my clothes and crawled to my cage and curled up and wept on the floor.

I thought if I was a good little submissive whore, he would come back and own my cunt like before.

I know I am a worthless whore without him.

I laid there on the cold hard cement floor, reaching between my legs, feeling the softness of the inside of my thigh… I did not dare touch my wet pussy!

Never without permission!

But I ached for him, for the sting of his hand across my bare ass, and for the bruised cunt the morning after getting fucked so hard that I could not walk!

What could I have done to be so unworthy?

Please Master! Please come back to me and fuck my tight hungry cunt!

Remind me who I belong to!

I am pleading, naked, kneeling, shivering on the floor, clinging so tightly to an old pair of dirty boots that you left behind…nuzzling and licking your old boxers…just to smell you one last time!

Whore Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

I think you know by now that of all the submissive whores on the internet, I’m the one who loves spanking phone sex the most. While I admit that having your firm hands come down on my ass cheeks turns me on, that’s not the reason I want you to call me for spanking fun. I want you to call me because I know that spanking your whore is what makes you the happiest. I know that it’s only a bonus that I also enjoy spankings from you. I actually have a confession to make… I wonder if you’ll be mad at me? Sir, the last time you spanked me, I got so turned on that I had an orgasm. I stayed quiet and didn’t let you know because I knew that I’d only get in trouble and get spanked more. You’d already worn my tender ass out, so I didn’t think I could take more. But now that I’ve had time to think about it, I feel guilty. I didn’t deserve that orgasm because I didn’t ask you if I could have one. Are you going to spank me harder this time? If you do, I understand. It’s what I deserve.

Hot piece of ass

bare bottom spankings

You came over last night with the intention of some fucking and sucking but I was being rude and so you needed to hand down some bare bottom spankings instead. I realized way too late what I had done wrong when you pulled me over your lap and grabbed my hands. You then used the other hand to pull up my skirt and pull my panties down. You wasted no time in turning my pretty ass a bright shade of red. Each smack feeling worse as you whaled on my petite posterior. I felt my eyes well up with tears somewhere around the tenth skin slap. I knew that I had deserved this punishment and tried not to squirm too much. I was crying so hard that the shaking was moving my body around too much and I ended up with a few handprints on my thighs as well. I hurt so badly when you finally let me up that I knew sitting tomorrow would be almost impossible. You asked if I had learned my lesson and I replied quickly with “yes sir!” You grinned at me rather evilly and said that you have decided to fuck my ass tonight. My eyes widened at the thought and the pain that would come with it and knew that I was not in any shape to fight you off. I was in tears again as you shoved your now lubed cock into my rear end and slapped your hips into my sore cheeks. You fucked me hard and fast until I felt your last thrust as you emptied your balls into my bowels. You gave me a kiss and then went home, I tried to soak in the tub but I was too raw to sit for long. I climbed out and dried off knowing that it was my own fault. Off to bed I went knowing that I was in for a long, uncomfortable sleepless night but I sure learned my lesson.

Submissive Sex Pissing Slut

I’m a submissive sex slut. I was raised as such with 3 brothers that also used me. I am dominated and controlled by my father. He owns me until or unless I have a suitable Master. I’m a stupid pathetic female and I know I have no say in what happens to me. I get rebellious and it always leads to me being humiliated and exposed for the pathetic life form I am. I’m a useless whore and I know it. Yes, my daddy knows what I do for a living and sometimes makes me post these humiliating things about myself. He believes that I will one day find the right Master that is severe enough to put up with me and train me right. Daddy has given up on me in some ways because when I get rebellious I do the dumbest things. I have to expose the fact that I still wet my panties sometimes because I can’t seem to control my bladder after daddy makes me drink a ton of water.

Submissive sex

Spanking Phone Sex With Submissive Bo

spanking phone sex

I’ve been a bad girl, Sir. I know you told me to not masturbate unless I get permission from you, but today I got so horny that I just had to. I was thinking about the last time you whored me out to your friends at that BBQ you had and it made my pussy so wet. Before I knew what was happening, I had my hand in my panties and I was fucking my pussy with two fingers. I came so hard and then I felt bad immediately. I knew you would be so ashamed of me and disappointed in me.

So, here I am, ready for my spanking phone sex punishment. I brought my ball gag because I know you’re going to really light me up and you won’t want to hear me scream because it annoys you. You prefer me to be quiet and I respect that, Sir. I should have respected your orders to not masturbate, but since I failed, my bare ass is all yours. Will you put me over your lap? Will you make me lie down on the bed so you can stand over me? Whatever my punishment is, I know I deserve it and I’m ready to take it.

I Live For BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM phone sex

Do you want to hear about the first BDSM phone sex experience I had? I had been seeing this guy who was old enough to be my father and the sex was kind of boring. So, one day I asked him if he had any fantasies that he hadn’t told me about so we could spice things up a bit. That’s when he told me that he’s heavily into BDSM. I didn’t have any experience, so I asked him to ease me into it very slowly. And he kind of did, I guess. He tied me up, but it was for an entire weekend.
When he first tied me to his bed, I thought he was kidding when he said it was going to be from Friday night till Monday morning. But as it turns out, he was absolutely serious about it. He teased me for the entire time, only stopping when he slept. He only let me get off the bed when I had to shower (and he stayed there with me) or use the bathroom. It only got more hardcore after that experience. If you want to hear more, I’m ready and waiting to serve you. I’ve become quite a good little pet.

submissive whore phone sex

bondage whoreWe all love a kinky fantasy phone sex session. After all, isn’t that why we are here? Call me and let both of our imagination take us off to anywhere we want to go. Like the time I was a nurse scantly dresses in my white nurse uniform and red fishnet stocking when you came in for your prostate check-up. Or when you being a horny soldier walked into and came into the dealership to purchase that Camaro, but we fucked in the car on the test drive. That is just a couple but there are so many fantasies we can think of to play. Of course, as always the dirtier, the better. Call me names because I love that and give me all the spanking, all the submissive things you can think of. If you’re really into ass worshiping, I can be the one for sure. Many of you guys cum in just to get something Many of you guys cum in just to get something to tide you over before you have to go home to your wife. Start thinking of where you want to go in your head and call me for fantasy phone sex.

Submissive Whore in an Uber

submissive whore

I am even a submissive whore for an Uber driver. I was in the middle of a ride when he told me my card declined. I figured it was bullshit because they authorize you before you even get picked up. I think he was hoping I would play along, and I did. I guess I just give off the subby bitch vibe. I was horny. This stupid pandemic has hurt my sex life. I have a few married masters and they struggle to get away from their lame wives to punish me properly. If this young stud wanted to skull fuck my mouth, why would I say no. I am down with cock worshiping. He pulled over into an empty parking lot, pulled his cock out and said, “Suck it bitch. No one rides for free.” I did as I was told. He had no idea what a subby whore I really am. I crawled into the front of the car, got in the driver’s seat and sucked him dry as he stood outside the car. He called me all sorts of names and my pussy got wet. He pulled my hair and slapped my tits and I came. It was an Uber ride I will never forget. I don’t think he will either because no one sucks dick like a subby bitch.

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