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Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings

You know what one of my favorite sexual past times is? I love bare bottom spankings. When I’m such a bad, naughty girl, you love to bend me over your big strong knee and just let me have it. You have some strong knees and strong hands as well. With every single spank and hand slap that you give me, I let out a whimper and a jolt.

                After you are done spanking me over your knee, you take me to the basement where you hook me up to chains on the wall, with me facing the wall. You cut my panties off, leaving me bare and vulnerable. My legs are spread apart as well. I can feel my pussy start to tingle as I await your hand on my nice, round, plump ass. I feel that first hand smack and my ass jiggle with the force.

                You spank me over and over, using your hands, paddles, and floggers. After I count ten good, hard spanks, I lose count. The pain feels so good that I can’t help but to cum. After two amazing orgasms, you unchain me from the wall and I fall to the ground from being weak at the knees.

Prostate milking is what we do every Friday

At the end of the week my master had trained me to give him a Prostate milking. First, I must greet him by kissing his feet. Therefore, as soon as I crawl out of my cage I start kissing his feet. “Thank you master for letting me out of my cage” I say over and over as I kiss him. “Since it is Friday, you know what that means” he says with a smirk. The next part of my training is that I must bend over his lap and get my ass spanked.

Prostate milking

I love it because I can feel his cock poking up at me. The way it feels when his hand hits my bare ass sends shivers to my cunty. “Thank you master may I have more” I say as he spanks. I can feel my ass get red and swollen.  It was time for me lick his ass. My master stood up and dropped his pants. “Get to work slut” he demands of me. Therefore, I start slobbering on his hard cock meat. “Make it sloppy bitch” my master moans out while smacking the back of my neck.

After that you lift your balls up. “Eat my bitch, milk my master cock”. That’s when I dive into his asshole with my tongue. Just like he trained me I stroke his cock and lick his ass. I can tell he loves it by the way he puts his feet on me to be able to fuck my tongue harder. My tongue was starting to numb up, but I didn’t stop. I wanted to milk my master like he needs. Finally, he moans “Eat my load” and his cock starts pumping right on my face and mouth. “What a good milking you gave me my Submissive Whore” my master says pleased.

Bare bottom spanking leaves me red like roses for Valentines

For Valentine’s Day my master left my red and blue with Bare bottom spankings. After he pulled me out of my cage and tied me up in position, he pulled out his biggest paddle. “Your ass will be red like roses and blue like violets, that is my gift to you” he said as he positioned himself to beat my bare ass. “Every time my paddle hits your ass, I want you to thank me” he demanded of me. After the first time the paddle hit my ass it sent shivers all through my body.

Bare bottom spankings

But just like my master commanded of me I said, “thank you master, may I have more”. Therefore, he gave me more paddles and didn’t stop until my ass was red. Then he pulled his cock out and as my body trembled from the beating he said, “bitch show me you are hungry for this dick”. Right away I took his cock in my mouth. I made sure to choke in it like he likes. Once again, his paddle hit my ass. It was either too hard or my ass was already too welted that I almost bit down but if I did that it would be horrible.

So, I took it and kept sucking my masters dick like the Slave training I have gotten. Finally, his balls tightened up and he started spraying his thick hot cum in my mouth. Like I have been taught I swallowed every drop. “Thank you master” I said to him as he untied me and showed me my ass in the mirror. “Now you are red and blue like roses and violets” is what he said, and I got for Valentine’s Day.  

Bare Bottom Spankings for a Submissive Slave on Valentine’s Day

bare bottom spankingsI got bare bottom spankings for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, I would have preferred flowers and candy, but I don’t get romance. Not as a submissive slave. But my ass got whooped. And since I am a pain slut, I did not mind. Even though today I cannot sit still for long. If you call me today, you may hear me walking around my house as it hurts to sit for long.

I showed up at the office yesterday because my master summoned me to help with a legal brief. But it was all a ruse. He summoned me for some Valentine’s romance. Well, less romance, more pain and humiliation. However, my master was not alone. He invited a few friends from his dom group. For decades, he has been in this circle of older men who enjoy whipping and tying up women. They even went in together to buy a bondage club for which I have a small stake in too thanks to my master.

Bent Over for You Sir, Ready to Take My Ass Whooping

None of his cronies have a dedicated submissive whore of their own this Valentine’s Day, so master suggested they share me. Most of them are far crueler than my master. Which is why they cannot keep a slave. But luckily, they are just as old as my master, so I can usually handle whatever they toss at me. But I guess they have all caught on to the fact that I often feign pain, so instead of using their hands, they brought paddles.

Personally, I do not think anything hurts more on my ass than a heavy wooden fraternity paddle. And all 6 old farts had one. My master was nice enough to put a bridle in my mouth to bite down on as each man gave me 14 whacks on my ass for Valentine’s Day. Spanking phone sex will sting today because my ass is red and blistering. Ouch. I guess I need to get better at faking pain, because I do not want the wooden paddle treatment again anytime soon.

Submissive sex with Shiloh will have you cumming hard!

Submissive sex Submissive sex is the best when you have a dominant man ready to take control and do whatever he wants to you. So David is the perfect fuck for me; he is aggressive and knows how to please me. Usually we set up a hot scenario where I meet him back at his place and wait for him. Lots of times I will be half naked in the kitchen so when he walks in he could just slip his cock inside any hole he wants. Most times he picks my ass hole so I scream and yelp like a whore; he loves to watch me in pain. 

David gives the best Bare bottom spankings while he rails out my hot holes from behind. I am usually begging for him to stop because my ass hurts so bad. He keeps going until my cheeks are beat red; sometimes he even uses a paddle on me. By the end of our sessions I am begging for mercy and can’t take the slapping anymore. This time he used his hand the whole time while I bent over and bucked my hips back onto his cock. He was plowing out my cunt hole because he said he needed to feel how sloppy I got while he abused me. 

Your cock will explode with the best Cum slut phone sex! You need a bitch like me who will satisfy all your needs; that includes your darkest fantasies and kinks. I know you need a slave who craves violation and abuse; there is nothing that makes me cum harder than degrading men. Being used makes me feel like I am living up to my true life purpose. Let me make you cum deep in my hot wet hole just like David does when he slams his big fat rod in me.

Submissive Sex Whore Bernice Understands Her Purpose

submissive sexSubmissive sex whore. Pain slut. Fuck slave. Cock sucker. Bondage slut. Whore. Bitch. Bernice. These are all names I answer to. My father raised me in a more traditional way. After my mother left us for another man, daddy raised me to be the woman of the house. I took care of his needs more like a wife than a daughter. He instilled in me that women take care of men.

This sort of thinking feels archaic nowadays. But I still adhere to the principal that women walk in the shadow of men. We exist to take care of them. Girls nowadays do not understand why I would put a man’s life above my own. My daughter does not understand my lifestyle. But she is part of that generation who thinks a woman has her own autonomy outside of a man.

Men should never come home to an empty house. If I married my master, I would never leave the house. He would come home to a clean house, a warm meal and a willing pussy. As a submissive whore, I would have a beer ready for him and his slippers too. But alas, my master is married. So, I take care of his every need at work. And Friday morning, his needs appeared to be my ass.

A Woman is Here to Serve Men

My master feels extra stressed lately. Tax season creates a lot of legal paperwork when you manage estates and wills. We have worked nonstop for the past few days. But master knows he can take his frustration out on me. My pussy and ass belong to him. And they are both great stress releasers. In the office is treasure chest with a wide array of objects he can use on my ass ranging from wire coat hangers to his old fraternity paddle. When he feels frustrated or angry, I think it is a privilege to offer up my holes.

However, I can handle bare bottom spankings with any object. This day he spanked my ass raw with his fraternity paddle. Although my ass hurt like hell, he felt so much better afterwards. So, that made me feel good. And when a man is happy, I am happy because I know I did all I could to make him feel better. How can I make you feel better, sir?

Bare bottom spankings are part of what I get

When you are a worthless whore, you are happy to get Bare bottom spankings for your master. It means he thinks you are worthy of his time and energy. Therefore, I feel very lucky when he has had a long day and decides to take his frustrations out on me. “Get out that cage now and assume the position” my master demands of me. As I crawl out my cage, I think about I think a out the pleasure I will be providing for my master. Once I bend over on my master’s lap, he starts paddling my ass hard.

Bare bottom spankings

Time after time the paddle beats my bare ass. It sends a shock through my body every time, but I don’t cry or flinch. It is what a pathetic slut like me is lucky to get. I could feel my ass cheeks swelling up. Part of my Slave training is to take anything my master has even when my body is in pain. After my body starts shaking, my master stands up. While pulling his cock meat out he looks down on me and says, “I hope you are hungry hoe?”. I know that meals I will be sucking his cock until he feeds me his load of nut.

My mouth wasn’t working fast enough so my master grabbed me by the hair and started rough fucking my mouth hole. “That’s better bitch suck that cock like you are starving” he moans put. There for I try my hardest to milk my master with my mouth. “Ready for your feeding” my master says as his balls tighten up. Then his cock starts pumping lots of semen in my mouth and down my throat. I made sure to eat it all and not waste any of it. “Now crawl back into your cage bitch” my master said as he popped his cock out my mouth. 

My Ass and I Love Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings. Personally, I think I have a perfect ass for spankings too. I find spankings erotic. My father used to spank my ass. But I hated it because I hated him. He abused his daughter for years until I ran away. And it all started with my ass. Master loved to spank me when we first united. But age and arthritis make his spankings hurt less, even with new meds.

However, master often uses surrogates to spank my ass because he enjoys the show. You would think after the experience I had growing up; I would not let anyone near my bare bottom. But that is not the case. I bend over for anyone. Master has a pal who has no submissive whore of his own. He often comes into the same BDSM club that master and some of cronies own. And Troy came into the club Friday night, so master lent him my ass.

Troy wanted to spank me in the center of the club so everyone could watch my bottom turn bright red. Master wanted to watch too. It arouses me to get spanked while others watch. Troy used several spanking devices on my bottom. I stripped down to my bra, panties and garter belt and took center stage for my punishment. My garter belt framed my ass perfectly. Troy gave my ass a few slaps before pulling out his cock. I did not know if he intended to fuck me, or dick slap my ass. He did both.

Bend Me Over and Spank My Ass, Sir

The men in the club all pulled out their dicks and started masturbating as Troy spanked my ass with his cock, his hands and his belt. My pussy dripped with every touch, no matter how soft or hard. When he showed me his paddle I gasped. It was huge. It looked like one of those fraternity paddles. Thick and wooden and very hard. Although, I quivered waiting for the first whack, I knew it would hurt. Suddenly the men watching us started tossing money on the floor. One guy yelled out a whack for every dollar on the floor. That provoked the men to toss more money at me.

My master counted the money and reported $201. So, I got 201 whacks. I know I love spanking phone sex, but that was too many whacks with such a mighty looking paddle. Needless to say, Troy blistered my ass raw. I hobbled out of the club and sat on an inner tube for the ride home. My ass is all shades of pink, red, blue and purple two days later. And it still hurts to sit.

Spanking phone sex is what I deserve and I know you love it!

Spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex is what I deserve and I know you love it! I can’t stop thinking about how badly I want you to fuck me. I am a lowly submissive slut named Breanne, and I am yearning for your touch, your dominance, and your roughness. I want to be completely at your mercy, knowing that you hold all the power over me.

I can feel the fire in my body, igniting with every thought of you. The anticipation of what’s to come is almost unbearable. I am craving for you to spank me in your own violent and painful ways. I know it may sound twisted to others, but to me, it is the ultimate form of love and pleasure.

I long for your strong hands to come down hard on my bare skin, leaving bright, red marks as a reminder of your control. I want to feel the sting and the burn, knowing that I have pleased you and fulfilled my duties as your submissive slut.

And as you spank me, I want you to fuck my throat with your hard cock. I want to feel your length push down into my throat, choking me and making me gasp for air. I know you enjoy hearing the sounds of my gagging and moaning as I take you deeper and deeper.

I want you to make me suffer, Daddy. Ram your hard big cock fast and deep in my little cunt. Cum in my tight, wet pussy. I want to submit to you completely, surrendering my body to your every desire. Use me, ravage me, and dominate me until you fill me with your hot, creamy cum.

A good hard beating is what I deserve, and I know how much you love it. I am here, waiting for your command, ready to please you in any way you desire. I am your Submissive whore, and I will do anything to serve you, to make you cum, to make you happy.

So come to me, Daddy. Show me your dominance and take me to heights of ecstasy that I can only reach with you. I am yours, completely and unequivocally, and I am ready to be used and abused for your pleasure.


Gangbang phone sex oh please line them up for me.

Gangbang phone sex           Gangbang phone sex oh please line them up for me. Now master. Not that I am ordering you. However, you know how much I love those huge fucking cocks. In fact I am wet just looking at them. Knowing that they are going to be fucking me raw and hardcore. Taking me in unspeakable ways. Ooo perchance it is speak-able.

       First they get fuck the cunt. At the same time two in the mouth, two in the pie hole. Now it is going to be a stretch for them but at as long as you save the biggest cock for the asshole then he will reach and I am able to have all my holes filled. This fucking Submissive Whore will take them all on at once.

       Next we get to have a line that as soon as one is done in a hole, immediately a second will fill that hole. Give me the entire dirty dozen of fucking huge dom cocks for me.

       It is important to remember that you should be first for you are the master of me and wouldn’t want you to have to all the sloppy remains unless of course that is what you want. Me covered in cum, have been fucked by every member of the club.

       In conclusion when you are ready to have this Cum slut phone sex just give me a ring. I will bow down to you.