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Bare Bottom Spankings I Rarely Want but I Always Get

bare bottom spankingsSome days I need bare bottom spankings. However, I do not always think I need them. When master paddled me Friday in the office, he told me I had been a bad girl. But honestly, I did not know what I did this time. Usually, I am late, or I fucked up a task or he caught me on Grinder. But I have been good lately. So, perhaps he just wanted to spank his slave. When we first hooked up, all he wanted to do was spank me and tie me up.

Bondage and spanking games he enjoys the most. As his slave, I just must submit and do as I am told. But this time, he employed a spanking machine. And I knew I might be in trouble. Those things use a wooden paddle to spank bare asses at warp speed. So, I did not know what speed he intended to use. And I have heard horror stories about women getting raw and blistered from these things. Master has blistered my ass before. However, he goes much softer now that he is an old man.

As a Submissive Slave, I Take My Punishments with a Smile

Modern technology did this submissive whore no favors Friday. I have a love-hate relationship with modern technology. No machine could spank my ass harder than my father when I was a schoolgirl. However, the spanking machines did not exist back then, thankfully. Simpler times to be a slave, LOL. I sucked it up and bent over the desk in the position to take my wallops. And master did put it on warp speed. Ouch. He started slow but increased the intensity quickly.

I grabbed a pencil on his desk and used it as a bite grip. But I broke the pencil with the first round of paddles. That machine hurt my butt. Although it has been a few days, my ass still resembles raw hamburger meat. I have not been able to sit. I still do not know what I did to deserve that sort of pain. But as a submissive slut, I take my punishments like a good bitch.

Bare bottom spankings from unc made a subby slut

When I first was introduced to what I was made for, it came from my uncle. With hard Bare bottom spankings. I was a naughty little tease. If he was around, I would dance and do flips in my dress. My panties would be exposed. “Come here little brat” he demanded of me. Then my uncle bent me over his knee. “You will now learn what your place is and what happens to little sluts like you” he said sternly. After that my dress was lifted and my panties were lowered.

Bare bottom spankings

I could feel the air hitting my bald cunty.  Then I felt his hands smack my bare ass hard. My uncle didn’t stop even when my cunty was spanked. “Don’t cry little pathetic slut, you earned this” he said as he kept spanking me. Even after my ass cheeks were red and welted, he didn’t stop. I had tears streaming down my face. Therefore, my unc lubed his fingers with my tears. Soon after that his finger was deep in my bottom. Soon he had multiple fingers in my butt, stretching me open.

“From now on you will submit to me and be a perfect slave slut” my uncle said. Then he made sure to get me ready for my Slave training. “You will learn your place in the world as a pathetic slut slave” he said as he started to drench me in his yellow stinky piss. It was the perfect way to humiliate and make me submit. After being raised this way, I now need a master to give me the training I need to keep me in my place. Now I love when my master gives me a special golden shower. 

Cock worshiping whore becomes a pawn and paid in punishment

Cock worshiping

I serve as a Cock worshiping slave for a  Master who has a few connections in the government. He likes to say he’s their garbage man, taking out the trash and dealing with the problems that they can’t handle. 

I’ve been to a few of these parties in the past, and they are always over the top. Huge mansions, lots of drugs and whores, all kinds of depraved debauchery. But this last party I attended was different. This time, I was on a special mission.

My Master needed me to seduce a senator who was ‘causing issues’ and get him to do the nastiest things to me. I was to be his undercover Submissive slut, suffering for the greater good. It didn’t take a great deal of effort to get him to play but he went overboard!

I let him do things to me that would make most people cringe. He hung me up and tortured my pussy with all kinds of objects, each one more painful than the last. I truly thought at one point when he was fucking my ass that I was going to die. 

He pushed his fat cock deep into me and wrapped his hands around my neck. He squeezed so hard that my eyes watered and I begged for mercy. But the senator didn’t give it to me. He just kept going, using my body for his own sick pleasure.

Thankfully, my Master eventually stepped in and put an end to the senator’s cruel games. But the things he did to me still give me nightmares. It’s like I can still hear him yelling that I am a pathetic whore and I can feel his hands are around my neck.

I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if my Master hadn’t been there to save me. Would I have died that night, strung up and tortured by a man who saw me as nothing more than a disposable whore?

So if you want to hear more about my experiences as a submissive slut, come find me in XXX bondage chat. I’m always up for sharing my stories with anyone who is willing to listen. 


Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking.

Spanking chat     Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking. I like having my ass paddled, whether it is bare assed, clothed, hand, whip, willow switch, among other items, just to chat about it gets my pussy throbbing right along with my ass. It tingles with expectations. Just knowing that you are going to tie me up and give me a spanking has me thrilled to obey you.

     Use the paddle, tie me up. Give your fucking slut everything that she deserves to have. A good had spanking followed by an even harder fucking. Need the cock. Like the cock. Love the cock. Cock sucking fucking slut that will obey they master. Be your slave. Pain is pleasure and this fucking Submissive slut is going to beg you to give it to her.

     Hardcore is just the way I like it. Give it to me. Now! Demanding submissive sometimes. Just means that I need to be punished. Come and punish me. Bind me to the wall. Hang up upside to give me the spanking. Given these points you can be sure that I will be ready, willing, and begging for more.

     In summary, give the spanking, lets chat, bind me and make me yours.  

Bare Bottom Spankings for a Dirty Old Whore

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings. I find spanking an erotic form of foreplay. Do you enjoy slap and tickle games? I have a master who loves spanking me. He provides a firm and hard hand for my nice round ass. Although I am not a fat woman, I do have plenty of tits and ass. And I like to accentuate the positive, which draws attention to my backside.

Master summoned me to the club for some spanking fun. He wanted other men with their slaves to watch him spank his slave. And it turns me on to get spanked hard while others watch. I love being called dirty names while taking my punishment too. And Master found out I hooked up with a guy from the BDSM club without permission. So, this turned into a public flogging as punishment.

This submissive slut stripped down to her garter belt which framed my ass. Master bent me over the wooden sawhorse with my arms restrained behind my back. My big, beautiful ass looked like it was on display. But I guess it was on display for other slaves and their masters. Master slapped my ass so hard that I pissed myself a little.

Master Loves To Spank His Slave in Front of an Audience

He groped my ass for a while before pulling out his cock and dick slapping me. He pulled my hair and whipped my back with the flogger too. However, my pussy dripped with every slap no matter how soft or hard he went. When he showed me his new paddle for my ass, I felt scared. This paddle appeared heavy with grooves that would leave a mark.

As master whacked my fat ass, I heard other slaves gasp. It felt like they had sympathy pains for me. I quivered in anticipation, wanting more whacks. It was the hardest smack he ever gave my ass. But when he invited other men to spank my ass too, fear overcame me. The men watching me get my 50 whacks, looked younger and stronger than master. And they were.

Today, after a long spanking phone sex punishment session, my ass appears red and blistered. And I cannot even sit properly. But I suppose I deserved it since I cheated without permission. Perhaps you need to punish me too.

Bondage Whore gets pissed on and more

Being a Bondage whore means you are at the mercy if your master or whomever has tied you up. First my master likes to paddle my ass. “Bitch you are mine and I love to see you squirm” he laughs as the paddle hits my bare ass. The sting from the hits to my ass were rushing through my body and hits my cunty. My master knows I am his property and anything he does to me, brings me pleasure. That is how worthless and submissive I am to him. Last night he decided to use his big metal song in my ass. The harder he fucked me the weaker I got.

Bondage whore

“Thank you master I am not worthy of your attention” I whimpered as he rammed me. Hearing me thank you for the abuse I was getting made your cock stiffen. Knowing I can please you makes me feel so proud. Even if it means you letting your frustrations out on my worthless body. “Open up and worship your master’s cock” he said to me. Of course I opened my mouth wide. Just to know I will get to taste my master makes me very happy and my pussy too. I suck his cock just like he trained me to do all while dangling from my rope restraint. My master loved to feel how deep his cock is down my throat and that is why he wraps his hands around my neck.

“That’s it bitch, take it deep” my master moans as he pushes his cock deeper down my throat. I couldn’t even breathe but I kept taking it. Since I am tied up I must take all my master had for me and hope that he will let me down right after. Finally, my master moans out “Eat every drop”. Then I feel his sperm splash down into my belly. Just in time, since I felt like I was going to pass out. After I swallowed every drop of thick sperm, I was trying to catch my breath when I felt a warm stream start to hit my face. My master was starting to piss all over me. “Thank you master for blessing me with your golden shower” I said like a pathetic Submissive Whore.

The Submissive Slut: My Dirty Desire

I’m your little slut, aren’t I? Let me remind you just how much of a slut I can be. It’s like my entire body is yearning for your control, your every desire becomes mine. I live to serve you, Daddy.

I love being your good girl, taking direction from you. When you tell me what to do, it sends a shiver down my spine. I’m wet even thinking about being on my knees for you, waiting for your every command. Biting my lip as you tell me how you’re gonna fuck me.

I want to feel dominated, owned by your every touch. Grab my hair and push me down on your cock, I won’t resist. Thrust into me roughly, show me what a real man does. I love it when you take charge, order me around, and remind me how powerless I am against your will.

But you also know how to tease, don’t you? Keep me begging for more, pleading for your touch. I’m your little plaything, and the thought of being at your mercy gets me so damn wet. Licking your fingers as you snap them in front of my face, reminding me who’s in control.

You own my body, and I fucking love it. Make me your sex slave for the night, leave me soaked and breathless. I want nothing more than to be your submissive slut, taking whatever you can give. And trust me, I can take it all.

Light Bondage -Tie Me Up and Tease Me

Light Bondage Priscilla


I really enjoy light bondage. Being tied up, my legs and wrists bound. I find it extremely pleasing to be tied up, that way you can literally do anything you want to me and there’s nothing that I can do about it. I get so wet when someone starts to tie me to the bed, or a chair. Knowing that I can’t stop you from doing anything you want to my body.

I like it when you sink your face between my legs and taste my juicy pussy. Getting me so close to cumming, and then pulling back. Take my toys, especially my vibrator, and stick it to the center of my slippery wet clit, and let it vibrate me. Making me move all over the bed, wiggling and begging you to stop. But don’t stop, keep going.

I just can’t get enough of it. I love submissing to you, and letting you do whatever you want with my body. Getting me so close to climax, then stopping. I know that as soon as you finally let me cu, that I’m going to cum so hard I squirt all over you. For now, though, you untie my legs from the bed. I’m still soaking wet form you teasing me. 

I can’t wait to feel you plunge your hard cock deep inside my soaking wet cunt. The feeling of your hard cock plummeting so deep inside of me is so fucking erotic. You slide in and out of me, hearing my wet pussy smacking up against you every time you thrust back inside of me. I can’t help but wrap my legs around you and pull you deeper inside me every time you try and pull back. I don’t want you to stop. Keep fucking me until I cum.

Then right before I do, you pull out. Laughing. Telling me that I can’t cum yet, sill teasing me. That I can only cum when you want me to. I love being teased, and I know you love teasing me; But it can’t last forever, right? You won’t just leave me here without cumming, will you?

Bare Bottom Spankings – Submissive Whore Gets Red Ass

Bare bottom spankings were how I paid for my naughtiness. This is a story about when I was a little one with a flat little chest and a hairless pussy. I somehow in my mind decided it was a great idea to draw on the wall. I knew what was going to happen. Did I maybe do it on purpose cause I liked it a little? Who knows. As soon as my mom saw it she sent me to my room to prepare for my stepfather to get home. That meant having to take all my clothes off and be waiting for him in the corner with my little ass exposed ready to be punished soundly. My little pussy was tingly. The routine was always the same. My stepfather walked into the room and took off his pants. I could see his hard cock through his underwear as soon as he saw my little naked body. He sat on the bed and positioned me over his knee. He positioned me in a way where my little pussy was on top of his cock. I could feel how hard it was through his underwear. As soon as the smacks began to rain down on my tiny defenseless ass I would start to wiggle and squirm on his cock. I could feel it pulsing underneath me. He spanked me until my ass was a nice shade of red. Now it was time for my little chubby cunt to pay for my misdeeds. He would make me lay on the bed and open up my little legs as far as I could. He had a great view of every fold of my little tender pussy and rosebud. My stepfather would set a timer on his phone for five minutes and say the same thing each time  “if you close your legs I will start it over”.  Having to hold my legs open and accept the blows was a great way for me to practice being submissive.

bare bottom spankings





I thank my stepfather, because of him I am the great submissive slave I am today. Then he would take a little strap and spank the hell out of my little pussy. Now that I am older I realized why as soon as I started to get hair it was a rule I had to be clean-shaven at all times, he did not want the hair cushioning the blows and he wanted to see my red pussy as he whipped it. I tried hard not to move and make my little cunt accept the punishment, but most times it was impossible. I normally ended up with a little red ass and a little red cunt to match after the timer was started over again and again. Next came, the part of the punishment that I think my stepfather liked best, I was forced to bend over the bed and take his huge cock in my little rosebud. He would fuck my ass very hard! When he finally came into my tiny little red ass, he would tell me he was going to make me feel all better after one more punishment. He would take his cock and ravage my little hairless pussy. He would cum so much in it and my pussy was so tiny that by the end cum was just flowing out of my pussy. Next, he would carry me into the bathroom and bathe me. He was extra rough washing my sore little ass and cunt. He would slip a finger in my little pussy as he washed. He wrapped me in a fluffy towel and put me on my bed. He would say “Princess I am sorry I had to do that but now Daddy is going to make your little pussy feel better”. He would take his tongue and lick my little sweet pussy till I fell asleep.


Slave training reminds me how utterly inferior I am to you

Slave training

Oh, my beloved Master, how I revel in the exquisite agony of my subjugation to your every whim and Slave training reminds me how utterly inferior I am to you! The sweet embrace of bondage, the delicious sting of your disciplinary measures, all serve to remind me of my place as your fuck toy.

I crave the power you wield over me, the ability to completely dominate my body and mind. From the moment you first took control of me, I knew I was forever changed. The thrill of kneeling before you, crawling to your feet to beg for even the smallest of indulgences, is indescribable. Every moment spent in your presence makes my pussy desperate for your cock!

Let me start by saying that there is nothing more thrilling to me than getting on my hands and knees and crawling to your feet. The mere sight of your shiny boots makes my whore pussy tingle with excitement. I beg for the chance to serve you, to fulfill your every desire and whim. And when you finally grant me that privilege, I am in heaven.

I am beneath you, inferior to you in every way. I am here to please you, to make you happy, to cater to your every need. The moment I forget that, the moment I start to think that I am equal to you, is the moment I must be punished. And oh, how I love to be punished.

Being your Sexy bondage slave means that I am at your mercy. You can do whatever you want to me, and I will happily oblige. Whether it’s binding my wrists and ankles with rope or chains, or gagging me with a ball or a bit, I am yours to do with as you please. My body is a temple, and you are the god that I worship.

When I am in bondage, I am completely at your mercy. I can’t move, I can’t speak, I can’t even think. All I can do is feel. And what I feel is an overwhelming sense of submission, of devotion, of cock worship! Force your cock into my mouth and make me gag. As you command me to choke on your cock, you know my pussy will throb and squirt, so hungry for you to fill me with cum! I can’t get enough of your rough hands as they bend me over, the dominant way you take whip me with your belt, you make me melt Master! 

I am your Submissive whore and live for the moments when you take control of my body, binding me in intricate, painful knots, leaving me helpless and at your mercy. The pain, the discomfort, the utter vulnerability of my situation only serves to heighten my pleasure, to remind me of my place at your feet.

I beg of you to continue to train me, to shape me, to mold me into the perfect submissive bondage slave whore that you desire. I will always be your willing slave, your eager-to-please plaything, your loyal and devoted property!