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Bad Maids Get Spanked!


Bare Bottom Spankings

To make ends meet during the holidays, I’ve been taking on a few cleaning gigs. It’s a lot of fun because I get to dress up in skimpy maids’ outfits and generally get away with light cleaning around big beautiful homes. There’s one gentleman, however, whose very particular about the way his home is cleaned. Everything has to be immaculately spotless! Well, I absentmindedly left a streak on one of the glass doors leading out to the deck from the kitchen and when I was on my hands and knees scrubbing his bathroom with a toothbrush—just the way he likes it—he proceeded to pull down my panties and give me a bare bottom spanking! He didn’t hold anything back as he spanked my bare ass with his hand, and the more I protested, the harder he spanked me. At first he used his hand, and then he used a hard wooden hairbrush and a paddle. I felt a gust of wind on my bare backside as his arm came down hard and fast on my ass. By the time he was done, my skin was red and each cheek was covered in welts. After he spanked me, he saw to it that I go into the kitchen and immediately clean the streak off the window and he supervised me while I did it. No sooner had my rag touched the glass, he was on me again, firmly gripping my sore ass in his hands, spreading my cheeks apart. He pressed me into the cool glass and whispered, “This is how bad maids get punished,” and zipped down his pants and shoved his cock in my ass. He pulled down the top of my uniform and exposed me tits, pressing cheek and nipples against he cold glass as he drilled into my asshole. He used one hand to grab my pussy and finger it rapidly as pounded away. I was sore, but it felt so good and the louder I moaned the harder he went at me. He grabbed me by the hips, lifted me off the ground and made me sit in his lap, his big white dick splitting my ass down the middle. He made me bounced on his dick while he continued to spank me, thrusting harder into me the harder he spanked. He gave me one good final whack as he busted his nut inside me, cumming deep in my rectum. I’ll never forget the consequences of my actions going forward!

Master’s Thanksgiving Kindness…

Bondage Whore I thought I’d spend thanksgiving with my girls, cooking all day and then watching tv after but I had no idea that Master had his own plans for us! We were all in the kitchen cooking when I heard the front door slam, I hurried to the living room to see what that noise was when I saw 10 strange homeless men walking in followed by Master. I was in awe of their stench and a little scared to have them in my freshly clean home. Master came forward and commanded me and my girls to see to his guest, he told us to drain their balls while he watched us. I was afraid to disappoint master so I hopped right to action, dropping to my knees and taking off my clothes. My two well trained daughters followed my lead and we started sucking cock, no matter how filthy or foul their hygiene was. My cunt throbbed knowing I was making Master proud, surely this was his kindness to me and my girls this thanksgiving.

Daddy really stepped up his spanking phone sex game.

Spanking phone sex

Daddy really stepped up his spanking phone sex game on our last call. I was laying there in bed rubbing myself when all of a sudden the phone rang! He said he wanted to do a session and that he’d be nice this time, and come to find out he had anything but being nice in mind! You see, I was laying there minding my own business when he told me to go grab my hairbrush! Now, I have a huge rectangle hair brush that really really hurts when I get spanked with it! So, I tried to play it off like I had it and use my hand instead! He was so so so mad, he yelled at me and told me I was “A bad little whore” and then made me prove I had my hairbrush by rubbing the bristles against my fingers and making noise with it. You should have seen how red my ass was after the session! It was terrible, and it hurt for days to sit on it, it still stings just thinking about it.

If you send me an email and request to see the photo I may just send you one of my pretty red ass!

Bondage whore love Bare bottom spankings from Master every night

I love being a Bondage whore for my master.

Bondage whore


The rope he uses really burns me and leaves marks but i don’t care i call them my love marks. When he tied me up my cunt started dripping and when he notices he laughs at what a dirty slut i am. My master pulls his cock out and slaps me with it. I am just happy to be able to feel his cock, that I open my mouth right away. He shoves his cock so far down my throat that it makes me choke. I can feel his cock starting to leak his pre-cum and that is when he bends me over his knee. His cock pokes up at my belly as my master gives me Bare bottom spankings with his hand until my ass is red and swollen and my pussy is dripping. Cock worshiping is what I will do for my master and his spankings only motivate me even more. He will rub his cock all over my face making it drip with his pre-cum. As my master face fucks me the rope just burns me and even makes me bleed in some areas. But I won’t stop sucking his cock and making sure I will milk him for every drop of cum that he has in his big balls. When he finally fills my mouth up, I make sure to swallow every drop like a good slut.

I’ll be the best submissive slut you’ve ever seen just tell me what to do, baby.

Submissive SlutI’ll wait on my knees for you like a good submissive slut, Sir. Living to please you in every way possible, my body a temple for you to use to please yourself. I worship you and would let you do anything you wanted to me. I need you, Sir. Please fuck me and use me like your own personal dirty little whore.

Do you think you have what it takes to really work me over and make me submit to you? Causing me to get the sub-drop state of obsession? That’s what I want, I want to be so obsessed with my Dominant that he’s all I can think about every moment of every day. My pussy just dripping, with the thoughts of pleasing him and making him want me so much.

Let me show you I’ll do anything you want, come play with me… Please, Sir.

Submissive Slut Willing to Make All Your Submissive Whore Phone Sex Fantasies A Reality!

Submissive slut

A submissive slut like me will do anything to fulfill your most secret, taboo desires. I am down for whatever and I love pleasing and satisfying my men by knowing when to keep my mouth slut, I mean shut and to do as I am told. I love being docile servile and submissive and expect to be rewarded with some nice , hard cock. Wanna humiliate me? Please do. Wanna spank me? Oh yes, if you think I have been  bad or deceitful, please, punish me. Make me crawl around on all fours and eat off the floor. Spank my ass cheeks ’til they burn and welts raise on ’em. Make me swallow your cock whole and choke on your jizz! Make me fuck all your friends and watch them degrade and berate me. That’s gonna make me go nuts (no pun intended) on all your hot stiff cocks! I am a good submissive slut. Let me prove it to you Daddy, let me show you how good and wet I am to be your submissive slut. Let me serve you. I wont let you down Daddy.

Punishing Your Bad Little Whore


Submissive Whore

You love punishing your submissive whore whenever I’m naughty. You always make sure to bend me over your knee and spank my ass until it’s red. With each hard, heavy slap I scream out and each time I scream you say you’ll add 10 more spankings. My ass is so bruised, but my punishment isn’t over yet. You tie my hands up with rope and suspend my hands over my head onto a hook jutting from the ceiling. You bring out a leather paddle and spank me all over, on my tits, my ass, and my clit. You tell me to lift my leg so you can spank my pussy. I do, and you spank my pussy hard and quick. I moan every time you spank my pussy, my cunt getting with each slap. When you stop, my pussy is throbbing and burning. I’m ready to be your good little whore.

Gift From Master Turned To a Fun Punishment With Bare Bottom Spankings

Bare bottom spankings

My master rewarded me for the gangbang I did for him and his friends and got me a new toy. He tied me up to my favorite spanking table. Like our normal routine he gave me Bare bottom spankings until my ass was red and swollen and I had tears streaming down my face. That is when he pulled out a big metal dildo. He told me he was going to use Mr. Tinmans cock to fuck my pussy hole open. He rammed that metal dildo inside me while pulling on the rope tied around my neck. It felt like I had a metal bat inside my cunt. My master laughed out loud as he heard me gasping for air while he was ripping my pussy hole open. He was trying to force me to cum before I passed out. I really wanted to, but I passed out. He woke me up by showing my new friend Mr. Tinmans cock in my asshole. Now he was going to punish me for not cumming when he wanted me to. He ripped my asshole open until I could smell the scent of blood. Then he pulled it out, shoved it in my cunt and pushed cock in my ass using my blood as lube. He fucked my holes until I squirted on my new toy he got me. Once I came, I felt his cock pumping semen inside my bloody asshole. I have had enough Slave training to know I was going to spend the rest of the night cleaning his cock and balls before he puts me back in my cage. I am a good Submissive Whore for master. 

There’s no better thing, than Bare Bottom Spanking to punish a slut!

Bare Bottom SpankingBare bottom spankings are amazing, there’s something about the connection with a Dominant’s bare hand to my ass that just makes my whole body come alive. I like the close bond it creates giving someone power over you, submitting to them fully, and giving yourself to another human being.

I have a Dominant I serve here in my daily life, it’s something that I have enjoyed for quite some time. He has this specific set of rules I’m supposed to be following. When he gets home from work, I’m supposed to be totally naked kneeling by the door as I wait for him, my hair in a high tight ponytail. He sets a specific pair of shoes out for me every single day that I have to wear, no matter how uncomfortable.

However, my favorite rule is probably the most painful. Whenever I do something that doesn’t please my Sir, I have to stripSubmissive slut

totally naked. He then bends me over his lap, where he proceeds to spank me as I whimper like a submissive slut for him. After each spanking, I have to thank him and ask for another until he’s had his fill. Sometimes he leaves my ass just a light hint of red, while others he makes sure that the welts are turning into deep purple bruises.

There’s something really special about walking around with my ass aching him. The fabric of my clothing rubs against my round ass, as I’m in public with anyone to hear the faint whimpers that escape my lips. Sometimes, I think he purposefully leaves the welts to I have something to remember our time together with. There have been many times when I’m going through my day and he actually messages me to see how my butt is feeling, asking if it’s making his sweet little cunny wet. It’s amusing that he knows just how much I adore pleasing him. I can’t wait for the next chance I get to let him spend some time pleasing himself at my expense.


Extreme bondage is not for the faint of heart

Extreme bondageExtreme bondage is not for the faint of heart. I am a true-blue pain whore who loves to be tortured and punished. You are my new master and you are so rough with me. I can’t lie, that’s what turns me on the most. You bind my tits so tight that they lose circulation. You then add nipple clamps that you yank and twist to cause extreme pain.

I would cry out with your devious torture, but you have a ball gag to stifle the sound. My legs and arms are stretched out wide, and I can’t even put up a fight if I wanted to. Good thing I don’t. I want you to take out all your frustrations with me. I am nothing but a fuck toy, used for your pleasure.

Take the whip and smack my cunt. Make me dipping wet. You already have the massive dillo ready to rip though my tight little whore holes. You know that’s all I was made for, to be a fuck toy for you to stretch and take to my limits.

I want to see how far I can go past my pain thresholds. There is a thin line between pain and pleasure and boy do I like to straddle it. punish me and show me who is the boss and try your best to tame the whore within. You know I like to test you that’s one of this sex slave’s biggest sins. So, punish me right all-night daddy make me your good obedient slut. I know you are not done with me master you always finish with torturing and stretching my ass.