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XXX Bondage – Tracy’s NSFW Fucking

XXX Bondage

Freaky perverts seem so interested in my sex trafficking tales! I remember the first time I got left for dead with a sloppy cream pie cunt and a cigarette smoking from my used hole after a massive gangbang. Those men had paid for me in cold, hard cash and after fucking me senseless for what felt like days, they saw I wasn’t breathing and was getting cold to the touch. I think I just over dosed for a minute before bouncing the fuck back, because even though I’m a worthless fuck whore, I’m fucking resilient as Hell.

When I woke up, the cleaning people had found me in the hotel. I had a toilet scrub brush shoved up my ass, a cigarette butt pooled in a dried ocean of cum under my ass, and I looked like I’d been through some intense torture phone sex.

But it was just another gangbang. They called the police, and the cops were hard in their uniforms as they loaded me into the back of the car to take me to the hospital. I was all over the one who rode in the back with me, so desperate to get just one more cum load. He was finding it pretty hard to resist me, and even let me slip my hand into his pants so I could jack him off. What can I say? I was born and raised into a sexy, horny, cock hungry bitch. I can’t help but be a submissive slut.
Torture Phone Sex

I Know I’m Just A Cum dump

Cun slut phone sex

He loves that I am his Submissive whore. Being his cum dump is all I want. I am made for a master. Now that he is gone, I need a new master. I want you to use me in every way and fill me up making me you sexy cum bucket. I know I don’t deserve anything so whatever you give me I will take. If you had a long day, take it out on me. You can use anything, a paddle or just you hand and give all the bare bottom spankings you want. You can slap my face after as you shove your cock down my throat making me gag on it. I’ll take even when I can’t breathe. You can hate my pussy and asshole. I’ll just beg for more. If I’m lucky you will pound me hard over and over until you fill me yup with your hot gooey nut. It is all I want, for you to make me yours and show me who I belong to.  

I Did Not Always Enjoy Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings now, but I did not always enjoy them. My dad was a fan of corporal punishment. He would punish me when I had not done anything wrong. He just liked beating on me. His favorite thing to use on my ass was his hands. My bare ass and his bare hands. He enjoyed looking at his hand print on my bare bottom. I would cry. The harder I cried, the harder he would spank me. Sometimes, he would use his leather belt. He preferred his hand, because he would slip a finger in my ass or cunt while spanking me. Daddy enjoyed using my tiny, young body. He was my first master. He was less a master and more just a mean son of a bitch who looked at me as a burden not his daughter. Honestly, if he could have killed me or sold me into slavery without raising eyebrows, he would have done it without remorse. He turned me out to his friends. They would pay him $50 to fuck my jailbait holes. If his friends had not been a bunch of drunk working-class Joes, he could have made more off me. We did not have a traditional father daughter relationship. I eventually ran away. Initially, I ran away so I could not be a fuck slave or a punching bag anymore. I wanted a chance to be a normal girl, but I was a high school drop out and that was not in the cards for me. I met a man as bad as my dad and I married him. I eventually ran away from him too. I ran away with a much older man and became his submissive slut. I am still with him too. I may still be a sub, but I am no longer unwilling. I have a good master who takes care of me. Sure, he spanks me, ties me up, flogs me, pimps me out sometimes and makes me drink his piss and lick his ass. But it is so much better than my life before I met my master.

Submissive Whore Forced To Squirt

He forced me to squirt all over. Master knows I am his Submissive whore and that he controls everything about me even when I cum. He tied me up. Having my hands tied over my head hanging from the ceiling. Making sure I dangled, he whipped me because he loves making me squirm. I could feel the sting all over my body and it just made my pussy drip from excitement.

Submissive Whore

He stuck his fingers in my ass before he rubbed the vibrator on my clit. He turned the vibrator on full blast as he fingered my tight asshole. Then I felt it he started shoving his thick throbbing cock in my asshole as he kept using the toy on my clit. It was making me week and I tried to hold it until master allowed me to cum but I couldn’t. Him pounding my ass and the vibrator on high on my clit forced and pushed me over the edge I started squirting all over. The sight of my juices splashing all over the placed caused him to dump his load deep in my asshole. He left me there with my holes dripping in our juices until he would be ready for more.  

Sub Spanking Torture

Bondage Chat

Master was upset with me this weekend and I could hardly stand the punishment he had planned for my holes. When I arrived to Masters torture chamber I was stripped naked and bent over onto the fucking bench with ropes around my ankles and wrists. I was completely exposed and vulnerable just the way Master likes me, when he blindfolded and ball gaged me I knew I was in for a brutal fucking. I was wrong… I felt the paddle hit my bare ass roughly and It hurt so bad I nearly teared up. Again and again he slapped my ass, I couldn’t help that my pussy started getting wet with the spanking. The more he spanked me the more I got wet and the harder he slapped my ass the more I wanted a cock inside me, it was such cruel punishment. He left my ass red and my pussy untouched driving me mad with desire.

He Made Sure To Show Me I’m Just For Using

Golden shower phone sex

He ripped my panties off as my whimpers were muffled by the gag he tied into my mouth. He spanked my bare bottom as he told me I’m his property and I will soon be getting a warm surprise. That is when he unzipped his pants and started pissing all over me, giving me a warm golden shower. Seeing me drenched in his piss turned him on because he shoved his hard pissy cock in my mouth. He continued fucking my throat until I gaged and couldn’t breathe. After his cock was slippery from the throat fucking he gave me, he shoved it deep in my cunt. He made sure to fuck me into the ground pounding my face on the floor with every stroke. His big cock was starting to feel good when he pulled it out and shoved it in my ass. I yelped out and he just laughed telling me I am just a slut to be fucked in every hole and I must take it. That is when I felt his cock filling me up with his thick creamy nut. When he finished, he got up and told me I was to stay that way until he was ready for more 

Submissive Whore Knows She Is Just A Cum Dumpster

I was tied up and gaged as he paddled me with his big wooden paddle, I could feel the welts forming on my skin. He loves hearing my muffled whimpers as he hits me over and over it makes his cock hard knowing I am his property, and he can do as he wants with me.

Cum slut phone sex

He rips my panties off and gives me one good paddle on my ass and pussy, making my skin burn. That makes his cock twitch, he shoves his cock deep in my cunt. He pounds me hard and fast making my cunt sorer after the paddle he gave me, he loves watching my body twitch. As he continues to fuck my cunt, he sticks his fingers in my ass making sure to use my holes hard. I’m just his cum dumpster and that is all I will ever be. Something for him to use and fuck until he dumps his cum all over me or all in me. He pounds me hard and finally he erupts deep inside my cunt filling me up with his gooey nit showing me all I am made for. He enjoys using his Submissive Whore cum dumpster.  

Best Slut is a Spanked Slut

My subby slut needs are always leading my desire for spankings. Bare bottom spanking are really the best kind of spankings. I get excited and it really addresses the situation at hand. In a literal case usually. I’m disobedient and some good old fashioned open hand spanks on my bare tushy are exactly what it takes. Make me whimper and moan. I can’t help it Master, but it turns me on. I will be disobedient just to feel the punishment you administer to me. Make my hole big by a good hard fucking. Spank me until my ass is red. Use a paddle on me and make my cunt gush.

My apologies Master, I did not mean to cum at the administering of my obedience training. It’s just something that happens when I do wrong and you have to punish me. I am the worst bad girl and I will only beg for more.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Spank This Milf Whore!

milf phone sex

Milf  phone sex with a subby mommy can be very erotic. Sometimes public humiliation is used to punish me. Don’t get me wrong, when I say punished that’s just my Master’s favorite word. For me each and every time is a thrill even if other people are seeing my bare ass turned into a cherry red landscape. It’s not always about the violence it’s about the rush that I get from the lash of a flogger or bare hands’ anger slaps across my rump and thighs. I might be able to hide the pain but I will never be able to hide the wetness that creeps between my mommy pussy lips. Spanking turns me on. I’m an ass whore while you are stroking and watching. Stroking your cock, while my ass is upturned and the lashes are going out against my skin almost causing it to break! I won’t be able to sit tomorrow but my butt cheeks are nice to open and there’s been a couple of lashes between them as well. It’s so sensitive! Now I moan and cry because I can’t help it. But that’s what you want isn’t it? All I know is nothing makes me more vulnerable than a nice flesh ripping open ass lashing that you deliver to this spanking phone sex Mommy! spanking phone sex

Soft Bondage

Soft Bondage

Christmas is cumming early for this little ho, ho, ho that craves soft bondage. Master loves training me in his dirty world of BDSM and beating my pussy up like the obedient cumslut I am. I had been patiently waiting for him to come use me all day long. He surprised me by showing up in a Santa outfit and tied me up as his little slutty elf. I felt my pussy begin to grow wetter and quiver as he edged me with our magic wand. I give my body up to him entirely as he uses me as his own personal fuck toy. That wasn’t enough pain for Master so he began flogging my ass until it was as red as his Santa Clause costume.

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