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Showed A Submissive Whore What She Will Always Be

Master’s new partner was tall, dark and handsome. Master was starting to notice how I would blush whenever he was around. That is why he was welting my ass every time he gave me bare bottom spankings. One night they were drinking, and my master laughed and told his partner how I would cream myself whenever he was around. He slapped my face and told me how I was just a dumb slut thinking his partner would ever care about a whore like me. He then ordered me to undress.

Cum eating phone sex

I did as my master demanded because I know to never talk back or disobey him. He looked at his partner and told him to show me what he does to whores. Then he got close to me, grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock deep in my throat until I had tears flowing down my face and could barely breathe. He then bent over and shoved my face in his ass using my mouth to milk his prostate. He laughed as he stuck my tongue deeper in his asshole. When he was about to cum, he shoved his cock back down my throat filling it up with his cum. After he dumped his load down my throat. He pulled his dick out and pissed all over me. Master only laughed the whole time telling me I will always be treated like a dumb whore, that is what I am, and I agreed taking the golden shower like a good submissive whore. 

Slave Training is What I Need

slave trainingHe said I needed slave training. I told him I was already trained.  I should not have said that. This guy was not my master. Just some associate of my master’s who borrowed me for a day. As master gets older, he loans me out more than ever. It used to be just when he lost a bet or owed a guy a favor. Now,  it is pretty much whenever a guy asks about his red-headed slave. He just offers me up without consulting me. I know I am a submissive slave and my opinion does not matter. I know this, but we have never had a typical master and servant relationship. He is the most benevolent man I have ever met. He treats me like his prized pony, or he used too. I think he knows he can no longer treat his submissive whore like the dirty slave he once did. He is too old to abuse me like our first decade together. He is older now and he cannot tie knots like he once could. He cannot spank me the same either. He thinks I still crave pain. Dominant men today are a different breed, his associates included. This guy whipped me for hours. Drew blood and everything. His thing was tying my boobs up better than a scout. But he did not just tie them up. He whipped them with his leather belt. And when my tits were bleeding, turning black and blue and covered with welts, he switched to my ass. Today, I cannot sit right. I cannot wear a bra either. I had to meet my master in the office for a meeting and I told him that his associate was brutal with me. As in too brutal even for a BDSM phone sex slut. He did not want to hear me complain. He thinks I have become to whiny as a slave. Maybe he is right. I guess I have been spoiled.

Punishment from Master

bare bottom spankingsI was a bad girl for you today master, one of your guards offered me their thick cocks and I just couldn’t say no. You caught us in the act just as he was giving me his salty sweet cum and you grabbed me by the hair right off of his cock. I couldn’t say anything because of how terrified I was so I just stayed quiet while you laid me face down on the bed strapping both my feet and arms together. You positioned me with my ass in the air and told me not to move. I dare not disobey you again master so I stayed in that same position until you were ready. My pussy was already wet from thinking about all of the ways you were going to punish me but I really wasn’t ready to the smack of a whip stinging my right ass cheek. I fell a little and you told me that was going to be 10 more but you switched to different whips every 10 spanks. If I faltered or screamed at all you added more on so I tried to be a good girl until I couldn’t take anymore. You ended by spreading your sweet cum all over my ass cheeks marking me as yours once again.

Submissive Whore Left Alone With Furry Friend

Master you left me in my cage after you and your friends took turns giving me lashings with your new whip and giving me a drowning golden shower. I was happy to please you master so much it made my cunt wet and i was so horny. I know i belong to you and i cannot fuck anyone unless.  But you left your furry friend home with me. I just pushed my bare ass and pussy onto the cage and called him over. His nose was cold and wet, it tickled as he sniffed my cunt and asshole. It sent a shock up my body and I started rubbing my clit. My cunt started getting even wetter and that is when I felt mans best friend’s rough wide  tongue lap me from my pussy hole to my asshole. I just rubbed my pussy against the cage more, that is when our furry friend stuck his tongue in between the bars and licked my cunt like he was hungry. Maybe you forgot to feed him before you left just like you did with me, it was a good thing now i could use his mouth to make me cum.

Bare bottom spankings

I wiggled my ass against his tongue every time he licked me and finally he pushed his wide rough tongue in my cunt hole and wiggled back and forth while I rubbed on my clit over and over until I finally came so hard. Thank goodness mans best friend was there to get me off.

Submissive Bondage Whore Knows Who She Belongs to

Bondage is part of my slave training routine. I must be naked and kneeling waiting for him to tie me up using anything he wants.

Bondage whore

Last night he tied me up to the best post and gave me the pleasure of picking what I wanted him to use for my spankings. I hated this studded leather belt he has so I picked the wooden paddle. He smiled and then pulled out the studded belt, my body tensed up. He pointed for me to look straight ahead, before I could turn my face forward, he wacked my ass with his monster belt. My body trembled as the thought of more coming my way. This pleased master, I could tell by the print of his cock popping out. He used his belt a few more times on me before I started begging him to let me suck his cock off. He stood on the bed. He laughed, he slapped my face with his cock, I was relieved he was giving my ass a break. Sucking my master’s cock always gets my cunt wet. I was hoping he would fuck me, but he pulled out and sprayed my face with all his cum. He didn’t stop there he pissed all over me giving me a warm golden shower. He left me wet, dripping with piss and with a welted ass. That’s how I know I belong to him.

Obsessed with me

submissive sex

I created a site on one of those famous platforms where you can garner fans, and they can subscribe to what you post, and sometimes you may also hear about some nudes and explicit content. At first, I wasn’t going to go down the road of showing my body off, and I gathered quite the audience with only peep shows. One of my adoring fans became super aggressive when I began to post nudes. He was infuriated and said that I ended up disrespecting him as my number one fan. I had to delete my account or post that I am his and delete all the nude photos. At first, I didn’t want to listen to his pleads, but I realized how much money he contributed to me, so I began bargaining with him, let me be, and I wouldn’t post anymore. If I deleted the album, id lose out on so much money.

I didn’t hear from him for days. I thought I could finally be free and breathe. At this point, I didn’t even want his money. It was utterly storming out on a Sunday night, and I was getting ready for bed when I heard someone in my apartment. It was my subscriber. I began to scream to my roommate for help, but I came to the clear answer that she was still not home from work.

My obsessed fan began to corner me and told me I would learn my lesson and give him the submissive sex he deserved. I was trapped and would be his submissive cunt for the night.

In Trouble

bare bottom spankingsI was laying down touching my pretty pink pussy rubbing my little clit trying to make myself cum before master finds me. Just when I bring myself close enough and am almost squirting the door swings open and master walks in furious. I sit up and watch as master walks toward me, grabs my wrist, and pulled me up. I immediately knew what was going to happen and my pussy got even more wet which was going to make him even more mad. Master knows I love spankings. I love the way he only spanks my bare ass and if I’ve been a really bad girl, he smacks my pussy too. Daddy bends me over his lap and asks if I’ve been a bad girl. I told him I have, and he gave me a hard smack on my ass he asked if I was wet right now and I lied and told him no so he took his finger and shoved it deep inside of me. I moaned loud which earned me a slap across the face. Daddy took his finger out of me and shoved it in my mouth and asked if I was wet again. I said yes and daddy said that earned me 10 spankings for lying. But daddy wasn’t done there.

Master And Neighbors Jizz And Piss Shower

Master loves to make me squirm and make my ass red and swollen. His business partner and him went hard on my bare ass with their wooden paddles. My ass and pussy were swollen and red. I could feel the welts forming on my ass cheeks as they started pulling their cocks out. They took turns fucking my mouth. They didn’t stop there, master called the neighbors over to join and they face fucked me in a circle. One by one they started blasting their loads all over me. They bukkaked me and had me dripping with thick gooey jizz. I thought the torture was going to finally be over but master started pissing on me.

Bukkake phone sex

They watched as my master gave me a golden shower trying to wash their cum off me. Master made sure I would really squirm and ask them to join him in washing me. The piss started flowing from their cocks and splashing me all over, I squirmed as it got in my mouth and eyes even dripped down my body. When they were done master told me to exercise my slave training and clean up all the mess.

Perfect Ass for Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sexI have the perfect bottom for spanking phone sex. I hear that a lot. Not just from callers either. Master and all his cronies love my round bottom for spanking parties. It has been since before Covid that I attended a spanking party. That is because most of master’s cronies are as old as him, if not older. They do not pop a wallop like they once did. Their arms just are not as strong as they once were. So, when I was summoned to a spanking party, I was not too concerned. Neither were any of the other slaves. I mean how much damage could a posse of old men do to our asses anymore. I love bare bottom spankings, especially when it is a soft blow to my ass like master delivers. Well, the joke was on me and the other submissive whores. One of the men in master’s club bought a $4,000 spanking machine off Etsy. It has a Stanley motor and a 19’’ wood paddle but the attachments can be switched out. This machine canes and flogs too. A battery-operated corporal punishment machine could go faster and harder than all the men in this BDSM club combined. Now, my ass was hurting big time, and no one had touched me yet. Me and the other slaves were worried we would not be sitting for a while. We were right to worry too. We were forced to strip naked and put on nothing but a garter belt and stockings to frame our asses. I went first. I am always made to go first because I am the oldest of the slaves. Not just in actual age, but I have been the longest owned submissive whore out of the other slaves. That damn machine knew how to pop a wallop better than anyone ever has. My ass was bright pink and raw after only 20 minutes. Today, master told me to stay home and work my phone sex slave job. I am, but I am sitting on an ice pack.

Make It Hurt, Make Me Scream

bare bottom spankings

So many men call me and tell me that they want to bend me over their knee for a bare bottom spanking. I have to admit that at first, I didn’t like being spanked. I wasn’t used to the idea that it didn’t matter how I felt about it, so I would scream, and cry and it would just make Master Tomas incredibly mad. I tried to do better, but it wasn’t a change that happened overnight. Eventually, Master told me that I was the good little pet, and I was taking the spankings very well.

Once I started behaving, I thought that he’d give me less spankings, but that is not what happened at all. He told me that since I was able to take them so well, he could start spanking me with more force. I wasn’t happy to hear that, but of course, I didn’t tell Master what I was thinking. I knew that would only result in more pain for me, and even though I like it, I didn’t want to push my luck. Do you have spanking fantasies like my Master does? Perhaps I need the touch of another Dom to train me better for my Master.

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