I am a Hardcore bondage victim who got caught up in having a fun night and ignored the warning signs until I was tied up in the back of a van. I will admit I thought it was sexy as fuck at first, I am not a vanilla slut I’m a very hardcore woman with kinks that go well beyond when most girls would realize something is wrong. I thought we were playing hard! I didn’t even realize I wasn’t going home until we’d already been driving for an hour! So maybe I can be a little ditsy, but I’m a blonde. What do you expect? What was important to me was being tied up and cumming, and I was being given that so I wasn’t about to go thinking hard and screwing things up when Sexy bondage was on the line. Now I’m a fuck hole for anyone who has enough money for my master. I don’t know where my room is but it’s nice, I can’t complain about my new quality of life, just that I can’t leave. I get the finest wine, some great cock, and enough rope to make me a dripping cunt all hours of the night. I just wish I could call my family and tell them I’m fine… What matters is that you paid my master something right? You’re here to pull out my gag and replace it with your cock? You’re going to tighten my bonds and tease me until I beg? Tell me your name so I can scream it when I cum, because I’m going to if you keep it up and treat me like I deserve. I can’t tell if they broke me, or if I wasn’t very stable to begin with, but this one time they offered me Bare bottom spankings or freedom and well, I’m still here!