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Female Bondage With Quinlynn Is So Fucking Yummy!

Female bondage

When I say I am addicted to female bondage, I don’t mean it in any form of a joking manner. I mean I am addicted to being tied up and used and abused by my captor. No, I won’t try to run away and no I won’t scream unless you want me to. I will follow and obey your orders for as long as you wish me to. I simply love being held captive and tied up. It’s just that simple.

Tie me up, bound me, gag me, and do with me as you please. My body is your body to do with as you wish. I will not fight you as you insert your cock into my sopping wet cunt. I will not cry as you whip me and degrade me. I will beg when you tell me to and I will be as good as in the movies, we could turn it into a movie if you wish, master.

So please, do to me what you wish, and I will pay you back in any way I can. I will always be there for when you need someone to tie up and I will always be there to serve and please you, master. So, let me take up your stress and burdens and let me take it all away, because this fucking piece of meat will do anything for you master, and I mean anything.

Come and tease me and please me and hurt me as you wish. I will always be here when you need me, master, always!

Bondage Whore Will Have You Begging For More!

Bondage Whore Quinlynn

Let me tell you, I am one big bandage whore.  Here’s a story I just have to tell you all about! The night that led to me being held captive, for real, when I thought it was all just a game. Only did I notice it wasn’t a game after I was free and had no clue where the hell I was. I was out shopping when they grabbed me from behind, put a blind fold on me, then tossed me into the back of their car.

I don’t know how long we were in the car for or where wed were going, but it was my birthday, so I assumed my man had set this up for me. I was laughing and smiling, thinking my man had finally followed through on my plan I had been begging him to for all these years. Finally, he set up a stranger/ forced sex scenario, I thought.

So, after a while we stop, they unblindfold me and I see a cabin and we are in the woods. Im just thinking oh this is so cliché. He could have done so much better than a cabin in the woods. Anyways they get me in and tie up the rest of my body. They tear off my clothes and put a knife to my throat and say if I scream, they’ll kill me.

I play along and am like “oh no, don’t do that” and kind of laugh and they just look at each other kind of confused. They fuck me in any and every position until my cunt is raw and red. They fill me up and cum deep inside of my pussy and tell me to beg for their cum so I do and it feels so fucking good I’m really begging them for more. But they cum then stop, cut the ties then throw me outside. I’m like really? They said I’m free to go and I’m like I wanted more fellas.

They give each other a weird look then slam the door closed. I end up asking my man why he wasn’t involved and why he had gotten his friends to do it instead. He had no clue what I was talking about.

Bondage and Submission Is What This Whore Does Best!

Bondage and Submission Quinlynn

Bondage and submission is what I am best at.  I absolutely love being tied up and being told what to do. I will do whatever it is that your heart desires, my master. I know my place and I know that I am just a piece of meat for you to please and tease. All of my holes are yours and it will always remain that way. I am a total slut who deserves whatever she gets, and I know that because you taught me that, master.

Being bound and gagged is so fucking hot to me. Just having my master take control and do to me whatever he wants is so fucking delicious and I crave it every second of everyday. I love being manhandled and being told what to do, it makes my pussy drip in anticipation of what’s to come. I can’t help but whimper as you stick your fingers into my sopping wet cunt while I’m blindfolded and gagged so you can’t hear a word I say.

I know you love to tease me master, and I love it when you do so feel free to do it whenever you wish. I will always let you tie me up and tie me to things with my legs spread wide open as you play with my clit with an ice cube. I love it when you clamp my nipples together with nipple clamps and a chain, then when you pull on that chain oh god I cum and squirt all over!

Extreme Bondage Play with Bondage Whore Quinlynn!

Bondage Chat Quinlynn

I have loved bondage ever since I can remember. I am such a bondage slut that no one else compares. I am also extremely submissive, so there’s that. The combination of the two makes for one pleasurable session, if you know what I mean. Yes, I am talking sex. I am always talking sex because I am a bondage whore!

I know my place and that place is to always obey you. To take you to places of pleasure that you have never been before. Now, whether that is you making me cum first or if it is making you cum first is the big question. I am always willing to give more than receive if it is for you, my master. I will always cherish our bond and I will always wish for your happiness and pleasure before my own. So, please feel free to do with my body whatever it is that you want!

Tie me up, bound me, gag me, do whatever you want to me, and I will not complain. On the contrary, I’ll love every minute of it. But don’t just think I get to have all of the fun, no, no, no. I want you to enjoy yourself as well. So, I can be a switch as well. I am a very submissive switch, but a switch who ties you up, nonetheless. So please feel free to tell me what it is that you like master, and I will do my very best to accommodate you.

Submissive Slut Quinlynn Will Please You In Every Way!

Submissive Slut

I love being a slut, but the absolute best thing in the world is getting to be a super submissive slut! When I find that one guy who knows how to take care of women and knows exactly where to touch and what to say, he will be my master and I will be his slut.

I will be bound to him, soul and all, because he is without a doubt the last piece of me that I have been missing. I long to please him in every way that I possibly can. Even staying up at night touching myself to the thought of him drives me closer to him.

I want him to tie me us and use my body as he pleases. Use a candle to melt hot wax onto my tits and on my clit. Then use an ice cube to sooth the other parts of my body longing for pleasure. I don’t even mind if you use a bit of pain and pleasure combo.

Put nipple clamps on my nipples and clit, tie them together so I cant move without pain. I need it, I need you to control me. I want you to have your way with me master. I have longed for it for so long. I have waited for this moment for years, to finally find you.

So, do as you please with my pussy, gill it with ice or your delicious cock, I don’t mind. I simply want to please you in every way possible.

Erotic Bandage Stories With Whore Quinlynn!

Erotic Bondage Stories

You know what I love? Erotic bondage stories, I simply cannot get enough of them! Simply because I myself love to be bound and gaged and tortured. Pain excites me. To say I’m a masochist is not doing it justice.  I am so much more than a lover of pain. Its exhilarating really.

Pain is only part of the pleasure. Feeling those ropes bind my arms to my back or feet is always what makes me soaking wet, but then my master decides to put laundry clips on my pussy lips, clit, and nipples. Then he squeezes them and twists them until I squeal and start to drip with excitement.

Oh god, when he gets a cold ice cube or a candle the heat and cold just give me goosebumps and make me drip even more, until I’m a gushing waterfall. My master loves to play with me and I love him for that, which is why I am so willing to give myself to him 100%.

I trust him with my life, and if he were to decide he wanted to take my life, then so be it. At least I would go in a pleasurable way and die in bliss. But I know him and my master would never kill me, after all his favorite play toy would be lost.

Still, all the pain and pleasure that he causes me really gets me going and he loves to slide his rock-hard dick inside of my slippery, tight little cunt.

Cum Slut Phone Sex With Quinlynn Will Make You Weak!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Hi, I’m Quinlynn, but you can simply call me Quin. I am all about bondage and submission and being the biggest cum slut phone sex girl around. I love making you cum, and I love when you make me cum. So, let me be your brand-new shiny toy that you can’t put down. Let me be your good little whore.

Tie me up and use me as you please, because I will do absolutely anything to cum and so will you! I know you love seeing me tied up and tortured a bit. Putting clips on my clit and pussy lips is all just a game to you, but it really makes me so hot. The pain is something else when you do it to me, its so much more than pain. In fact, its bliss.

So, go ahead and put that clip right on my puckered little nipples. I promise to moan and grunt in pleasure. After all, what gets me off the most is watching you get off. So, go ahead master, do as you please. I will be a good girl and obey your every wish. I will struggle if you want me to and cum when you command me to.

So, what are you waiting for master? My go ahead? Well you always have it so do whatever you want to your little sex slave and I promised to enjoy every moment and every minute with you. I love you, forever and always I will make you cum.

Bondage Whore Finally Gets What She Craves!

Bondage Whore

Ok, so it’s not to say that I did not deserve what happened to me. I mean here I am dressed like a complete whore walking around New York at night. So, one could only guess what I was, a prostitute? Maybe, but a woman? Definitely. So, I was easy prey.

He grabbed me in the middle of the night while I was out getting some fresh air after fucking some dude I just met in the club down the road. When suddenly someone grabbed me from behind. They told me not to make any sudden movements and were rather stern, so I obeyed.

Then he blindfolded and gagged me and bound me. Then he carried me in car, I could only tell it was a car by the sounds I was hearing. It was only a few minutes before we stopped and he dragged me to the camp site he was obviously staying at.

He tore my clothes off along with the blindfold then began to ravage my body. I was tied and bound, I could hardly move and I couldn’t speak. So, I let him have his way with me. After all I am just a simple whore, right?

I work as a phone sex operator but I am also a stripper on the side. So, I was bound to have one of the creeps that stalk me follow me and have their way with me, wasn’t I? I believe so, and you know what the worst part about all of this is? I loved every minute of being defiled.

Bondage Phone Sex Is So Fucking Hot!

Bondage phone sex

Bondage phone sex is some of the best sex around. I cant get enough of being a subby woman who is tied up by a dominant man who wants nothing more than to please me and be pleased. Being tied up can be some of the most fun, and it’s the most thrilling time ever.

I want nothing more than to please my master. He loves to tie me up then leave me to sulk and soak in the alone time. Then he comes back and tortures me relentlessly. I love him so much and I wouldn’t want any other master. He is the best master I could have ever asked for. He treats me so well.

Will you tie me up and be my master too? I will adore you and do whatever you say because I am nothing but a subby whore who aims to please even when I myself don’t get to be pleased. My pleasure is when you are pleased, that turns me on the most. Knowing you are satisfied is what makes me happy and makes me know I am doing well in life.

As long as you are happy master, I will be your tied up little whore for the rest of my subby life. I love it when you pull my hair and slap me around a bit for being a whore. This slut will do whatever pleases master no matter how bad it may be. I will be your accomplice in crime and your life partner for ads long as I live.

Submissive Whore Gets What She Deserves!

Submissive Whore

Submissive whore phone sex can be some of the best phone sex around. Having as big strong man, or woman, take charge is just tops. It makes my submissive cunt drip in excitement just hearing someone take charge. That stern voice mmm, my obedient slut takes over and I am instantly yours.

I know exactly how to be the perfect little subby whore for you too. I will do anything and everything you ask of me, without question. I will cum when told to and not cum unless instructed to. I can be a good girl for you, I promise. Please, don’t put me in the cage master! I simply want to please you!

I will do anything to please you, I am your whore after all, I live to serve you. I live to please you; I am simply your toy to use whenever you see fit. I even love it when master ties me up and whips me. Oh god, do I love the whip and ice you use on my body to pleasure me. The cool sensation makes my nipples so hard. My pussy drips simply hearing your voice, so it is especially wet when you pleasure me master.

When you fuck me after all of that excitement, I can’t help but gush. Your cock is so pleasant and pleasurable that I just explode with excitement and joy when you enter me master. Your rock-hard cock is always a wonderful sign that I am pleasing you in all the right ways. I love you so much, you treat your little whore so well!