After Slave training phone sex with you Master I am your slave. I will do what ever you tell me to do. I love it when you tie me up and make me your sex slave. My pussy juice drips down my thigh as you call me a stupid whore. The fear of being spanked, choked and tortured makes my body shake. You have trained me to be a good whore for you master. I Love sex, I love having sex with you master. I worship your cock and your body. I need you to punish me and make me your cum dumpster. Master all of my holes are yours to do with what you want. My entire body is your toilet, and punching bag. I am your Sexy slave. I am your submissive phone sex whore. After these lessons I crave you more and more. I want you to make sure I am treated like a piece of trash that I am. Tie me up, spank me, Gag me. I am yours until you are done with me. Pleasuring you is my life’s duty. I need to be your slave. I need to be your trashy toilet slave. What ever makes you happy master I will do it.

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  1. aliasghar

    hi i like u sexy

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