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Submissive Whore Sweet Princess Pussy

Submissive Whore

I was a bad girl and these four men are punishing me. I know a hard spanking is cumming my way when I am forcefully bent over one of their cars in the dark garage they have brought me to. They demand me to lift up my skirt and I do as they say. It wasn’t long before their taunting and mockery started to tease me as slaps are delivered to my ass. They enjoy the sounds of my screams echoing in the dark and damp room. I felt a hard cock pressed up against my ass, delivering more smacks as I begged and pleaded for mercy and for them to accept my apology but I was only greeted with more hard slaps and a cock in my ass!

Submissive Whore Needs You

Submissive Whore

.I love to be the best submissive whore! I made extra sure to be naked and cleaned up, waiting in Master’s bed tonight when he got home from work. He showered and came straight to me for the use and assistance of my mouth to help out his cock which was painfully hard for me! I opened my mouth and his fast Master dick went right down my throat! I moaned when he let me play with my bare pussy for him. I slipped my fingers into my cunt and rubbed my clit vibrating with arousla! I swallowed him further down my slave throat! He got bored fast and flipped me onto my hands and knees where he brought out a pair of handcuffs for my wrists before he used my body the rest of the night!

Submissive Whore Fucked With Blades

Submissive WhoreI have a stalker and he knows what a submissive whore I am. He showed up the first night, telling me to answer his questions correctly and everyone I got wrong he removed a piece of my clothing but I was in bed, already not wearing enough for his sick game, My tits and cunt were out after just a few questions and I was embarrassed at how wet I was at this. The next night he demanded a game of hide and seek and if he found me then I would be punished for not being naked when he showed up. He hid his face every time he came over behind horror characters. He found me in my closet and cut all of my clothes off with a knife with a smooth handle. He held the knife by the blade and pressed it up into me. He had me screaming for him, humiliating me by being a stranger and making me cum all over a thick knife!

Submissive Whore’s Knife Punishment

Submissive WhoreI promised Master I would be a good girl but brats like me do not always keep their promises. I wore a skirt just a little too short in front of his friends and I paid for that when we got home. He grabbed his knife from his drawer and demanded me onto his bed. He scared me when I’m in trouble but it’s so fucking hot. He holds the blade in his hand and the handle sticks up before he tells me I’m going to cum on his knife and if I am not careful enough I might just bleed more for him than he intended tonight. I let him slip off my black panties and spread my legs to prepare my wet cunt to take it!

Submissive Whore Naomi Loves Scared

Submissive whore

Being the submissive whore my master needs is so hot! He loves to scare me. But, him scaring me turns my cunt on. It drips for him. He set me loose one day in these woods and told me to rub while completely naked! He was soon to follow after a 20-second head start and quickly found me too. but the thrill and fear of running naked knowing he can smell my pussy dripping with need. He found me, wrapped an arm around my waist, and threw me down to the ground. My head hit the ground and I saw stars in my vision as he thrust deeply into me! My screams of pleasure could be heard through the woods, likely scaring off anything around us as he pumped me full

Submissive Whore, Brat

Submissive WhoreI can’t help when I am a bad girl for my master/ I love when I get in trouble and he needs to punish me! I came in my panties without his permission tonight so now I’m tied down to his table in his basement while his wife sleeps upstairs. She can never hear me scream in the pain or pleasure he gives me. He has a machine with a dildo strapped to it pumping in and out of my pussy relentlessly! He won’t make it stop! I think I cam at least five times before my pussy began to squirt for him next! When he made me suffer like this for three hours he unchained me to shove me into the floor and clean up my mess! 

Punishment For Answers

Submissive Whore

My master has me locked away. He has been torturing me for days with his crazy ideas that I have lied to him. He began with my feet. He smacked them, cut them, and made them bleed with tiny cuts. I screamed for him but it wouldn’t make him stop. He just shoved my panties into my mouth as a gag to keep me from waking his neighbors. He had enough of that and unlocked me only to tie me up by my arms and placed metal, studded high heels for me to stand in, with small studs on the inside for my fresh cuts. I was whining and crying for him now but, nothing stopped him as he began wailing strikes to my bare back with a studded whip. He has much more in store for me.

Sexy Cum Slut

Bdam Phone SexCome and fuck your naughty little whore who loved fat master cock! I was misbehaving yesterday ad ket master punish me by tying me up like a naughty pretzel! He took belt loops and wrapped it around my wrist and hog tied me! He invited his naughty friend to take their cocks and all have their way with me. I stuck out my tongue and licked every single one for good measure after they had all cum down my throat  I promised not to waste a single drop and I never did! I swallowed every single one like a good cumslut being punished so I could get a reward of daddy’s cock right after they were done using up my body!

I Eat Cum For Breakfast!

Submissive Whore

I let my master push me onto the floor this morning and take his cock out. I open it immediately and take his cock down my throat. He is so hard all of the time to use me and my sisters! He has so many of us. He tells me I am his good little girl, his good, sweet pet that loves to use so much. I spread my legs beneath the table I was sucking his cock off under and used my finger to fuck my cunt. He lets me cum in the morning as a reward for being a good girl! As a punishment, sometimes he makes me hold it. I can hold it for hours if I need to until I am begging and screaming! What do you want from me this morning?

Cum With Me Daddy

Submissive Whore

I love helping out my Master’s friends! I can be a useful cum dumpster when they come over to watch a game! I make them a few drinks and stay on my knees and wait for a cock to come in front of my face! Well, you are a favorite friend of my Master, why don’t you come with me to my room! I have some ropes and toys! You join me in my room and hook me up against a wall! You rip off my bra for my tits to be in full view and my skirt to begin sucking on my sensitive skin. You gag me to keep me quiet from the others and lift my legs to wrap them around your waist! You push your cock into my cunt and fuck me at a punishing force against the wall. I drool for you and want your white seed to be spilled inside of me! I beg through my gag and wait for you to finish me off!