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Extreme Bondage Porn Turned Me Into a Submissive Slut

Extreme Bondage Porn Turned Me Into a Submissive Slut

I became a sub slut after Master caught me watching extreme bondage porn. I was fucking my pussy with a dildo and cumming all over it, wishing I could be tied up and punished too. My mouth was gagged, and I was trying to be quiet, but he could hear me moaning and begging from the other room. He caught me and then asked if I wanted to be just like that girl, and I pumped my pussy and nodded. He grabbed a belt and two ties from his dresser and told me to hold my hands out together.

Master tied up my wrists and ankles and laid me on my stomach. He grabbed me by my hair and guided my head to the end of the bed, where his hard cock was waiting. My hands were tied up underneath me and I couldn’t stop his cock from force fucking my throat. All I could do was try not to choke and take his cock like a good little submissive slut. Tears were running down my cheeks and his spit coated cock was making a mess of my face.

extreme bondageMaster’s Cock Made Me Addicted to Bondage and Submission Sex

Master could see how needy my cunt was. I was rubbing my thighs together and trying my best to reach down and rub my clit. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was gasping for air when he got behind me. I couldn’t even catch my breathe. He forced my ass in the air, and my head back down into the bed. He gave my soaking cunt a few hard slaps.

Fuck. I needed to be fucked so bad. And Master made sure to give me everything that I needed. His cock rammed into me hard. My pussy sucked his cock inside immediately. My pussy was drenched and he fucked me so deep. I wanted to cum, but he made me beg for permission. My entire body shook when I was allowed to cum. I’ve been addicted to bondage submission ever since, and can’t cum unless I’m being tied up and treated like property.

Cock Worshiping Whore Gets Her Slut Mouth Punished

I have a filthy fucking mouth. It should be used for cock worshiping, but sometimes I forget my place. I can be a disrespectful whore. And disrespectful whores deserve to be punished. Daddy punished my mouth tonight. After patiently punishing me for my slip ups, he finally got fed up with my back talk.

He dragged me from the kitchen to the bathroom and told me to open my mouth. He slid the soap into my mouth like a gag and made me look at myself in the mirror. I felt humiliated and it made my pussy so fucking wet. I know it makes Daddy hard too. He bent me over in the mirror. My ass was so ready for hard bare bottom spankings.

cock worshipingBare Bottom Spankings For Cock Worshiping Whore

I could see him stroking his cock in the mirror. He took the spatula he grabbed from the kitchen and cracked it against my ass. I bit down into the soap trying not to scream. There would be a lot more punishment if the soap slipped out of my mouth. I could see how pathetic I looked in the mirror receiving my punishment. Trying not to cry while he beat my ass red and raw. I deserved every stroke. He forced me onto my knees and ripped the soap from my teeth. Then, he unzipped his pants and I opened my mouth for him. He took out his cock.

Then he pulled my head back by my hair and gave me a golden shower. He pissed all over my face and mouth. I swallowed like a greedy slut to wash out the taste of the soap. “Good girl.” He held my head there and slid his hard piss covered dick into my mouth. I could feel his cock ramming into the back of my throat. He force fucked my face. Another punishment for the way I spoke to him. I took his cock down my throat, trying hard not to choke. His dick throbbed and I could feel it exploding directly into my esophagus. He came down my throat and asked me if I learned my lesson.

Submissive Slut Naomi Tied Up and Fucked

You need a hot submissive slut to tie up and tame. That’s what phonesex whores like me are for. The girls you meet up with irl say they are into bondage and kinky bdsm play, but their limits are always lower than yours. They simply can’t keep up. You don’t have to force them too. You can call a girl like me. I love to be tied up. I’m the perfect ropebunny slut. I want to be tied up and hit like a slutty pinata. 

I feel best when I’m at my Master’s mercy. The fear that he can do anything he wants to me and I’m completely vulnerable to his sick mind. I know that he is in full control. I want him to control me. Every hit of his paddle against my skin reminds me I am nothing but his fuck meat. I am to be beaten and fucked as he sees fit. My holes are always available to him. As they should be. His cock could ram into me at anytime. I want to beg for it, but I know his superior cock is for good whores who earn it.

I have to earn it. And my favorite way is when he ties me up in a back bend. Then he can slide his cock straight down my throat and fuck my face. I love breathplay. It’s even sexier that his cock is what determines whether or not I’m allowed to breathe. He will fuck my face until I’m drowning in spit amd precum. And then, and only then do I deserve to be fucked. Fucked hard. Spanking me and hitting my thighs and tits while he is using my pussy for his pleasure. My whimpers and moans making his cock even harder. His cock twitching when he gives me his seed. I love hearing him call me a good little whore.

submissive slut

Submissive Whore Forced Cock

Submissive Whore

I love being the submissive whore that daddy cocks need, but they have so much more fun when it’s taken form me and not given to them. Like the other night when I had friends over for dinner. One of the guys I didn’t know too well but was other friends wouldn’t keep his eyes or hands to himself. He even stayed longer than usual to help with the clean-up and by the time everyone left it was just him and I. That was when he forced me over my own kitchen island with a steak knife to my back, threatening me as the cut off my clothes. I felt his cock pushing into my ass as I whipped it out and forced himself into my pussy. He wouldn’t stop, he kept taking and taking until he was done with a promise to cum back for more!

Captured For Fun

Submissive Whore

He found his way back into my house even after changing my houses locks for the eighth time! He caught me in the shower, and I felt his wet arms around my body. I relaxed and tried to act fine but I panicked and wet to run. He obviously did not feel like chasing me tonight as his arms flexed around me, holding me tightly in his arms. He dragged our naked bodies out of the warm shower pounding hot water onto the tiles. I screamed the whole way to my bed, but he only shoved my panties into my mouth and dragged his rope he must have brought with him over to my naked and shivering body. I could feel my pussy betraying me, getting wet from the fear he instills in me as he wrapped and bonded my wrists together tight! I know what’s to come next and I’m hungry for it…

Stalked Slut Needs A Cock

Submissive Whore

He just can’t seem to get enough of me! He was in my house just the other night fucking me into my sheets as I was blindfolded and gagged with no way of getting out or getting away from him. He had his tongue all over my pussy telling me how hot I am and how sexy he found me and tonight he’s in my shower with me. No matter how many times I change my locks he always finds a way in and a way to me. He doesn’t want me with other men. He has hurt other men who even try to breath near me. He brushes my hair back out of the way as his hair drips to me should from the hot water steaming up my bathroom. I wonder what he will do to me tonight.

Stalked Whore Punished

Submissive Whore

I saw him again and this time he came for me…

It was late and I had just left my shift at the club. I was only bartending that night, I was too tired to be dancing and I wanted to drink. Our job has a dumb rule of no drinking while dancing. He came to my counter. I recognized his eyes from the last time he was in my house when he literally fucked my cunt with the handle of one of the knives I have under my pillow for self-defense, but of course he found it first. He bought drinks from me, tipped me and even offered help. The audacity of my stalker. Only for him to follow me home tonight. I see him now outside of my window. Wonder what he has planned for me this time.

Master’s Little Cum Slut

Submissive Whore

My Master always takes such good care of me! Tonight, is such a fun night because tonight I get to cum! He’s going to make me cum over and over until my legs are shaking, until I cannot take it any longer. Then, he is going to fuck me. I love it on these kinds of nights! I got all dolled up and even have a little make up on so he can watch it run down my face. He thinks it’s so hot when my tears make my mascara run by his fucking. He started me off with slow and sensual touching while pulling off my red tight dress. He laid me on the bed and took of the lacy red panties and spread my pussy. He dips his tongue into my cunt and my long night starts!

Submissive Whore with Bondage

Submissive Whore

Master surprised me tonight by sneaking into my house as I showered and readied myself for our long night of fun! He hid in the shadows while the steam fogged up the glass in the bathroom. I wrapped a towel around my body as I stepped out and went to my room. I thought I heard a noise but it is an old house that creaks. That was when he jumped out of the closet and grabbed me and gagged me! He wrapped my arms tightly to my body and twisted me onto my hands and knees. My towel was ripped away from my body and I felt a rock-hard cock pussy into my pussy! Master loves his games of hot bandage and scaring me to make me cum!

Submissive Whore Is a Cock Sucking Whore

Submissive Whore

Your little submissive whore is waiting for you in the very next room.

I was taken straight off of the street, tied up, and thrown into the back of a car where a man put out his cigarette too close to my pussy. I was then put back to sleep and woke up in this dark room. I had to wait for my eyes to adjust to being met with a monster cock being shoved down my throat. I don’t want these men to hurt me so I did as they said and choked down the fat cock with my hands tied behind my back. I was a drooling mess when they ripped off my panties to get a look at my pussy. They spit on it and told me to prepare for what was next.