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Fucked at the club

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The Cool Liquid in the Yellow bottle sent me on a trip so nice. I bumped and grinded against the master. The Beat of the song pulsed through my bottle at the swingers club. I could feel the hardness of his cock rubbing against me. I know that he was close to his limit of me teasing him. I bit my bottom lip and rubbed my ass harder against him. The Alcohol had made me even more of a tease. He grabbed me by the arm and twisted it behind my back. I let out a soft moan as he leads me off the dance floor to a nearby couch. He pushed me down on the leather-covered couch and ripped my dress up and pulled my panties down. He Stabbed his cock deep in my pussy hole and fucked me to the beat of the song until his body shuddered and unloaded in my pussy. I love it when he fucks me in public!



I was on my knees taking a big fat throbbing purple-headed black cock in my slutty mouth. Three more cocks surround my face. Rubbing their precum all over me. All that salty clear gooey man juice dragging across my face as they all stroked there fat cocks waiting. Waiting on their turn with my slut holes. I already was being pounded hard in my cunt and i had another throbbing meat stick in my tight little asshole! Hands and cocks just rubbing all over my body my holes being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Line after line of cum dripped out of my pussy, my abused little asshole and my sore throat. I was coated with cum all over my face and perky tits! My body was built to handle all these cocks!

Submissive whore is tormented

bondage whore

I can’t think straight I squirm around as i am held down. Master pinched my nipple with some clamps. I scream out in a little of pain it was muffled by the gag ball! His full weight was on top of me as i squirm and wiggled about. Masters’ hand came down and slapped me across the face. I felt my pussy get wet i love when he is rough with me. The clamps were on tight my nipples tingled in pain and pleasure. He reached between my legs and smacked my pussy, Once twice and then three times really hard and quick. I felt my pussy lips swell up as he pushed in and toyed with my clit.  Soon he pushed his cock in me and Fucked my little sore pussy silly!

Little whore is taught endurance

bondage whore

The ball gag pressed hard into my mouth as it was tightened. My master lifted me by the chin and looked deep in my eyes and played with my swollen pussy lips. He had been teasing me for hours bringing me right to the edge and pulling back over and over. My whole body ached with need. I needed the master to let me off. I looked at him and moaned desperately ” Not Tonight my Little slut, we are building your endurance your not allowed to cum tonight!” He chuckled pressing his fingers in my cunt and making me shiver. Pushing in and out so deep it felt so good and hurt so bad because his touch brings me closer to cumming every time he plays with me!

Master’s pleaser

submissive whore

Master loves when I am a good slut, today master wanted me to eat his asshole while I stroked him off. I love worshiping him, I massaged his firm bums gripping and groping and laying soft kisses on each cheek. I spread them open and ran just the tip of my tongue over the start of his crack. Flicking my tongue back and forth teasing for a while I licked all the way down finding his asshole. I licked all around it as I wrapped my hand around his cock. Stroking nice and steady. Master groaned and reached behind pushing my head in deeper suffocating me with his ass signaling for me to quicking my pass and tongue fuck his brown eye. I stroked even harder and tongue fucked his asshole with skill. He let go turned around and came all over my face. I love when he showers me with his cum

Gangbang whore

gangbang phone sex

Another fat cock pressed into my well-used pussy. I was already at my limit cum was dripping out of my cunt and ass. My thighs sticky from all the love juices unloaded in me.The blindfold prevented me from seeing anything. Hands touched me everywhere kneading and groping my soft tired body. Cocks being dragged across my face and pushed in my mouth. I sucked so much cock i lost count after fifteen. I could have been the same group or multiple I just know that I was flipped around and fucked hard in all my holes. All i could taste was all the salty cum being pumped down my throat till i felt like a balloon just bursting at the seams. Master’s breeding parties are not for the faint of heart and this one almost pushed me to far. I loved every second of it though because i am masters best whore!

Bondage whores breeding session

bondage whore

The Drool ball was bigger today, I could feel my mouth struggling to accommodate it! The belts around my ankles tightened enough that I could still have circulation but I couldn’t wiggle. My arms were already strapped behind me and my thighs strapped together. I Was to get his attention by screaming then blinking 3 times if I reached my limits. He rocked me back on the bed proper up with pillows and began to play with my cunt lips. Sliding his strong fingers up and down slightly parting them. He got me nice and wet and then he rolled me to my side pulled out his thick throbbing cock and slammed it so hard in me he bottomed out in an instant! He pounded away gripping onto my legs so tight I felt his fingers start to bruise me. With one last hard thrust he emptied his load directly into my fertile unprotected womb.


Rope Bunny for master.

submissive whore

The rope pressed into my creamy bare thighs damp from my juices. I stood there as master expertly was binding me up. The silk rope weaved around my legs as he pushed me over to the bed. pulling the rope through he made a line. I was commanded to hold out my wrist and he tied me up nice and tight. I knew what was next and opened up my mouth as master push the gag ball in and praised me for being a good slut. He grabbed some more rope and bound my ankles and feet together so I couldn’t wiggle away, His hand smacked my ass nice and hard. A firm slapping is always his favorite. Once i was red enough and wet enough he pressed his cock head into my dripping wet cunt lips. teasing me by sliding it up and down and getting it nice and wet. once his cock head was dripping he pushed it against my asshole a pressed in firmly. He slid his cock into my tight little starfish over and over as my body shook from pleasure and pain. He filled my well-used asshole up with his cum and cut me free.

Spanking The Little Bondage Whore

bondage whore

My little cunt was soaking wet! Leg’s shaking while I fought to stay still on masters lap knowing I was taking my punishment. If I dare move again it was more bare bottom spankings with a harder toy than masters new wooden paddle. My bare ass was red sporting different shapes from handprints to his paddle. My skin stung but my sluttly sloppy cunt showed I loved every fucking minute of this punishment for not listening to masters word. A hard hit right between my legs with master’s hands made me almost jump out of my skin as he smacks my swollen pussy lips dripping with desire. He starts to grope and rub and lightly tap before bringing his strong hand down again and again until my cunt is even more swollen and dripping down my tender thighs. He pushes to fingers in my little needy hole and i let out a moan and he stops and slaps my face ushering me to be quiet. He goes back and assaults my cunt with more smacks and then finger fucks me hard as i bite my lip not letting out a sound. I get closer and closer to cumming and he pulls out and starts it all over again! This is going to be a long-ass night!

Blindfold Gangbang fun

gangbang phone sex

There I was once again masters good girl. Master had fancied a good gangbang phone sex fantasy, but tonight was the night he was going to fulfill his deep desire to see my cunt take as many cocks as he would feed it. I had my arm’s tied above my head, a spreader bar between my legs, gag ball in my whore mouth and a blindfold on. I was completely naked and alone the hum of the AC unit and my thoughts are all that kept me company. Then, at last, the door opened and I heard footsteps, multiple ones. I felt big hands touching me all over my naked body. Three pairs of hands gripped and caressed my cool flesh leaving heat marks. I felt a hand wrap around my throat and gently squeeze as a finger was rubbing and toying with my exposed cunt. It wasn’t long until my body sub came to my first orgasm. then I felt the cool drip of lube down my ass and it worked it into my tight hole. The spreader bar unlocked and my legs were free. The two men that were playing with me lifted my legs and pushed their cocks into my cunt hole and my asshole at the same time causing me to cry out in pain and pleasure. I felt that third hand on my shoulder and heard my master whisper what a good whore I was as his friends blew their loads in me and let it drip out. Finally, the rope was cut free and I sat on the ground feeling like a well-used fuck toy I was. This was my place to please him, for I am his toy to use and to share with whomever he chooses to.

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