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Bondage Whore is Left Hanging at her Master’s Mercy

Bondage Whore Hanging at her Master’s Mercy

You prefer your bondage whore hanging from the ceiling. This time I’m upside down dangling from my ankles. My arms are bound with my hands between my shoulder blades. The ropes are digging tight into my thighs and hips. All the blood is rushing to my head and I’m feeling faint. But my cunt is still throbbing when I feel your hands on me. And you don’t plan on showing me any mercy. You smack my ass hard. Then your cock is rock hard in my face. 

bondage whore

You slap your cock against my right cheek. I open my slut mouth wide for you. But you prefer to embarace me. Tapping your cock against my cheek and lips until i’m begging for it. You spit on your slut punisher. And then push tha sloppy cock into my waitng mouth. The bondage submission leaves me swinging backwards when you force your cock inside my mouth. You grab fist fulls of my hair and slam your cock in deeper. I feel my throat constricting around your cock. I’ll gag around your cock and you’ll hold your fuck stick deep in my gullet and watch me spasm. 

Throat Fucked Slut Loves Cock Worshiping

Every part of my body is panicking. I’m trying my best to swing away from my suffocation torture. Spit is spilling from my mouth and into my eyes and nose. I can’t see. I can’t breathe. The only thing I know is that your dick is abusing my throat. You don’t stop until my face starts to turn purple. My face is covered in slop and I’m gasping for air when you finally pull your dick out from my sloppiest fuck hole. You stroke your dick and cover my face in a sticky web of cum. The perfect mask for a cock worshiping slut.

Hardcore Bondage for Naomi’s Forced Anal Punishment

Master uses hardcore bondage when he wants to abuse his sluts holes. No matter how badly I want to serve Daddy’s cock, my body resists when he gives me well deserved pain. He ties up my arms above me. The rope gets looped around each of my tits and creates a harness for you to hold on to. You latch the ankle spreader around my legs and clip it to the floor. Then you loop some rope around my wrist restraints and hoist me up to the ceiling. My arms are being stretched against my body weight and I’m completely stuck in place. I’m Master’s bondage whore to conquer. hardcore bondage

Hardcore Bondage So You Can Punish Your Whore

When I’m hanging like this I know I’m in for a painful ride. It’s torture wondering what the punishment will be. My pussy starts to leak wondering. Today, it’s a small paddle with holes. You put the cold paddle up to my face and tell me to ask for the punishment. I whimper out for you to please spank me. Then you slap the paddle down on my tit. You watch the pig meat bounce  and start turning red. Then the paddle comes down again. The loud slap is followed by one of my screams. You keep slapping my tit, aiming for my sensitive nipples, until they start to bruise.

Your paddle smack every sensitive spot I have. Striking my stomach, arm pits, and thigh and watching them turning purple. Every slap sends a shooting pain in my skin and a throb to my cunt. But then you get behind me and see that soft ass. Your paddle slaps get so much harder. I’m trying my best not to scream out in pain but the bare bottom spankings hurt so bad! When every inch of my ass is aching, you kneel down and spread those tender ass cheeks apart. You spit on that filthy asshole. Then take the paddle and push it inside of your whore’s asshole. 

bondage whore

Bondage Whore Has to Take Every Inch!

I feel the hard wood in my ass and let out a loud moan. I’ve been desperate to be filled sense you started tying me up. You show that ass no mercy. Slapping your fist against my beated ass cheeks every time you sink that handle deep in my asshole. I hear you unzip your pants and I know you’re just warming up your bondage whore for a rough anal drilling. You pull out the paddle and replace it with your slut tamer cock. My knees buckle. You grab me by my hips and arch me foreward then start ripping apart my asshole. 

The stretching you did with the paddle was no where as close to the brutal ass fucking you give me. You slam your dick inside my ass. Your hips and balls slap into my sore ass cheeks. I must not be screaming loud enough for master likings. Your hand slaps against those purple tits and then wrap around my neck. I would be running away from your cock if it wasn’t for the hardcore bondage. Your cock is way too much for my holes. All the pain and the pleasures makes my knees shake. And that’s just what Master needed to fill his whore with cum.

Bondage S&M Means Figging Naomi’s Asshole as Punishment

bondage s&m

You like your little fuck pigs in bondage S&M. And I like being that hogtied little piggy. You have the rope tied around my ankles and my arms bound behind my back at the elbows. I’m standing on little grains of rice that are cutting into my feet the longer I stand. You’d normally have me gagged, but you want to hear the way I scream when you punish me today. I’ve been a naughty little slut and you have to remind me of my place. I know what punishment awaits me. I’m scared an nervous.

I Didn’t Know Bondage S&M Could Be This Painful

You see the fear in my eyes, and you love it. All of this is apart of my bondage slave training routine. You take the whip and trace it up my shivering, naked body. The whip cracks on my bare stomach. There is a hard red flash and the pain makes me scream. Such a pretty scream. Then another hard crack of the whip on my right tit. You caught my nipple in your hard smack and I bite my lip hard enough to make it bleed. But this isn’t the real punishment. You pull the small piece of ginger out and tease my asshole with it.

I want to beg you not to force it inside of me. If you push it inside of my ass it will burn so fucking bad. But a bondage whore doesn’t get to pick her punishment and I’m all tied up and under your control. The peeled ginger root pushes into my asshole. At first all I feel is the stretching of my tight shit hole. And then the burning pain. The searing, burning pain making my ass turn painfully red. I beg. I cry. Anything I can do to make you take it out. But the suffering is just starting.

Ice Makes Your Submissive Slut Hot for Master

A Little Sensual Fun with Your Submissive Slut

You have put your submissive slut through a lot of naughty torture. But today you want to enjoy your whore in a new way. You have me sitting in bed blind folded next to a container of ice. I’m waiting patiently for you to have your way wit me, but today is about savoring every inch of my sexy body. You tilt my chin up and I part my lips. Then I feel that cold ice you place there. That ice cube slowly melts on my hot lips. You drag it down my lips to my chin and then down to my collar bone. 

This slow torture is enough to make my cunny wet. I want to beg for submissive sex, but I know you’re not done with me yet. You place ice on my nipples. Teasing them until they are rock solid for you. Then I feel a sharp pain on my left nipple. You bit me! And again on my neck. Another on the meaty part of my left breast. I can’t see it, but I know there is a bite print there. I can’t wait to see it. The anticipation is too much. I beg for you to take me. 

Submissive slut

Cum Inside My Cunt from Submissive Sex

You laugh at how pathetically desperate I am. Your cold fingers rub my cunt and I am soaked. You gently lay me down on my back and spread my legs. When the ice hits my clit I arch my back hard and moan for you. Every inch of me is aching. It’s like the ice is setting me on fire. You force the ice cubes inside of my pussy. Then I feel the heat of your cock spearing into my cunt. I scream in pleasure. The ice melts inside of my cunt while you fuck me. Stretching me so fucking wide.

Your sadistic side starts to shine. You wrap your hands around my throat and start to choke me while you fuck me. I’m gasping for air and still begging for your dick inside of me. The water in my pussy is mixing with my tasty cunt juices and leaking to my asshole. There is a wet slapping sound every time you bottom out inside my cunt. The ice is completely melted. So, you fill me with a load of cum instead.

Bondage Whore Tied to the Bed for Hours of Pounding

Bondage Whore Gets Pushed to Her Limits

I’m a bondage whore who likes to be tied down to the bed and forced to suffer. That’s because I want you to own me. I live to serve my master and his cock, but I still love when I don’t have any choice. And you do too. You force me to take your cock until I can’t anymore. You leave me tied up to your bed for hours and fuck my slut holes until you get bored. My pussy is red, throbbing, and swollen. And it’s so fucking sensitive. Just blowing on my clit can make me scream and plead for mercy. And that’s when the real submissive sex starts.

That’s when I have tears running down my cheeks and I have to bite down on my lip to stop myself from screaming. As much as I want to say no more, I can’t. I know my place as your sex slave. My swollen cunt belongs to you and not me. You slide your fingers inside of my pussy, just to watch me fight the need to scream. Your fingers curl inside of my cunt and hit my g-spot and another round of shock waves electrocute me.

bondage whore

Naomi Learns Bondage and Submission the Hard Way

Then I see that look in your eyes and start to panic. Your cock is rock hard. I beg to suck and swallow you instead, but Masters don’t listen to slut slaves. You push your cock inside of my swollen cunt and I let out a scream. The walls of my pussy are so swollen and fucking sensitive. I cum for your cock on command all the time, but this is almost instantaneous. As soon as I feel my owner filling me the cock hungry whore inside me takes over.

“I’m a filthy slut. Please my master use my body as your play toy. I belong to you.” I can barely get the words out. “Please mark me as your bitch with a load of cum. Please Master!” When I feel that cum flooding into my womb again I scream as I cum all over your cock all over again.

Hardcore Bondage Torture Makes Naomi Piss Herself


Hardcore Bondage Means Torture for Slutty Naomi

Hardcore bondage makes my cunt soaking wet. You have trained me to be a bondage slut. I will feel the ropes rubbing into my wrists and the clasps on my ankles. I know that I can’t run away. I’m forced to let you do anything you want to me and I just have to take it. You won’t even let me beg with dignity. You force a bridle in my mouth. The longer you leaved me tied up, the more spit starts running down my chin. I look like a weak, pathetic little slut. And you are going to torture me like one. hardcore bondage

I used to think the worst thing you could do to your bondage whore was leave me alone. It made me so horny when you would tease me and make me beg to be touched and fucked. I would feel so useless. Like pussy in your hands. But now I know that the real torture is when you give me everything I say I want. Like when you tie me up and hang me from the ceiling. When you start padding my ass and pushing your fingers inside of my cunt. You make me say the dirtiest things when I’m screaming for you.

Bondage Whore Can’t Even Control Her Bladder!

You love watching me cum all over those feelings. But then you don’t stop. My pussy is throbbing and sensitive, and you just push your fingers in deeper and pump me harder. When I start to beg for you to stop, you remind me whose in charge. You grab a vibrator and push it to my swollen cunt. I thrash against the hardcore bondage and try my best to beg you. I can’t even control my own body. I warn you that I can’t control my bladder. But you force me to take the pleasure until I’m a panting, sweating mess.

My clit throbs and my bladder erupts. I can feel the piss running down my legs, but I still cum. The warmth running down my legs and my embarrassment making me cum even harder. Then you finally force your cock into me. When you finally let me down and bend me over, my brain is blank. I’m your bondage and submission obbsessed cum dump. Completely submissive to you and all your desires.

Submissive Whore Embarrassed in Front of Other Woman

Submissive Whore Has to Submit in Front of Stranger

A submissive whore is always well behaved. Even in front of strangers. You’ve invited a woman over in a tight black dress and stiletto heels. She makes me so nervous that I spill a bit of wine while serving you. I know that I’m supposed to get down on to the floor to clean it, but her legs are spread right there. If I got on my hands and knees I would be staring at her panties. I look at you for guidance. “Clean it.” I do as I’m told and get down on my knees with a rag. “With your tongue.”

submissive whore

Bare Bottom Spankings Teach Her a Lesson

I feel her eyes watching me. I’m suddenly aware of being completely naked in front of this complete stranger. My tongue touches the pool of wine and she laughs. My face turns red and I try to dab it up with a rag instead. But Master catches me. First, you grab the rag from my hand and put it on the table. Next, you lift me to my feet and gently bend me over the table. Then you brush my hair away from my face and whisper in my ear what I am to do.

I bend over the table and place my hands flat. I hear you taking off your belt. The woman sits back in her chair ready to watch the bare bottom spankings I will receive as my punishment. The belt slashes against my ass. I apologize for my disrespect. You smack me again. And I’m sorry for my ineptitude. My ass cheeks are burning red. Then I look over to the woman and she slaps my ass too and laughs. I am to apologize to her too. I look down at the table and beg for her to forgive me, or punish me until I earn forgiveness. My master smiles.

Bondage Whore Begs to Cum in Front of a Crowd


Bondage Whore On Public Display

Master wanted to show off his filthy bondage whore. So now I’m tied down to a bondage horse with a crowd of horny cocks watching and laughing at me. I had a blind fold wrapped around my eyes and Master was torturing me with anticipation. He had a riding whip tracing every sensitive inch of my body. Master loves making me so horny and wet that I beg for it. I was already so horny knowing that so many people were watching me. But then he slapped his whip on my pussy and I screamed. I couldn’t take it!

Bare bottom Spankings Torture My Pussy

“Please Master, again!” I screamed out. The crowd laughed at my pathetic begging. Master did to. Tickling my clit with the tip of the whip before slapping my pussy again. And then again. It hurt so bad, but this is the only way he would give me the friction I needed. That final slap made me scream so loud and beg him to stop. “It’s too sore. My pussy. Please Master!” He laughed and I heard his belt coming undone. My pussy was ready to be rewarded for taking those bare bottom spankings.

I felt his hot cock on my pussy. I wiggled against my ropes to try and get my pussy closer to his cock. Then I felt the spit. “No please, Master!” Then I felt his cock slam into my asshole. “I thought your pussy was too sore.” The crowed laughed. I screamed. Master fucked my asshole brutally. But every time he slammed his dick into me, I could feel him hitting my g-spot from inside my ass. My screams turned into pathetic moans. Then I was mindlessly begging Master, for permission to cum. He laughed and told me to cum for him. I did. Panting and screaming for submissive sex in front of his friends like a dog.

Submissive Whore Gets Fucked in New Lingerie

submissive whoreA good submissive whore always does what she is told. Sometimes that means bending over to take a hard spanking across her bare ass. Sometimes that means swallowing her Master’s cock even if she’s suffocating while doing it. But sometimes it’s as simple as wear what he tells you to wear. My Master likes to see me dressed just for him. It shows that I really am his property. I’ve gotten specialty bras and panties that are just to his liking. And I think I deserve a reward for my obedience. I want my new master to use his slut while I’m wearing the lingerie he likes.

Submissive Whore Begs for Sex all Tied Up in Sexy Bondage

I want to be tied up for him. My arms pinned at the wrist and rigged up to the ceiling. That way he has full access to his submissive’s body. I want him to pull my tits out of the bra and give them a few hard slaps. Then to repeat the same thing on my ass. Bondage and submission means I smile while he plays with my body. And beg for him to touch my pussy too. My cunt is soaking through my panties, but that’s how he wants me. He wants his little fuckmutt to be in heat.

When he finally touches my cunt I feel like I’m going to explode. I’m begging do much he has to gag me. Not with a ball but with my master’s cock. I swallow him and give him a mouth dripping blow job. Maybe letting him fuck my face will earn his cock inside my sexy bondage slut pussy. I choke on his dick until he pulls me off by my hair. Then he buries his dick into my pussy and pushes a vibrator to my clit. I cum all over his cock. Over and over again. Until my body is shaking and my cunt can’t take it. But I got what I asked for.

Bondage Whore Becomes Golden Shower Phone Sex Slut

I Just Had My First Golden Shower Phone Sex Experience

I had never had golden shower phone sex until now! We were having a filthy phone call. I was tied up and getting my mouth filled by my Master’s thick cock. He was humiliating me and making me gag and throw up on his cock. My hands were tied behind my back and I couldn’t stop myself from spewing all over his cock and myself. My eyes were watering and I was filthy. Master punished me for making a mess by taking his whip to my back and tits. Then he told me he would have to clean me off.

golden showers phone sex

Bondage Whore Gets Drenched in Hot Piss

I was going to get up to get towels to clean with and he told me to stop. I got back down on my knees and looked down at the ground. Then I felt the warm liquid on my head and in my hair. I looked up to a golden shower drenching my filthy bondage whore body. He told me to open my mouth. I shook my head at first. I didn’t want to swallow the piss. He hit me hard with his whip across my back and grabbed my chin. He put his cock directly into my mouth. Then he told me to gargle.

His piss was warm. And salty. I thought I was going to be sick again. I felt his warm piss swishing around in my cheeks. “Swallow it for me.” I looked up at my master with a mouth full of cum. My eyes stung. I knew I didn’t have a choice. I took a big gulp and felt all of his piss sliding down my throat. He laughed at me and told me I smelled and looked as pathetic and disgusting ass I was. His cock was rock hard. I think I will be taking a lot more golden showers in the future.