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Sub Girl needs Punishing

submissive whore

Master, I’m sorry I didn’t listen but I can’t help but want to force myself onto your cock when I see the way you move. The way you take off your shirt and how those magical fingers move and twist and bend! I love when you fuck me with those fingers,-Now it’s time you punished me with those fingers! Master. I love how you make me ride out my orgasm on them when you touch all the right place with the right amount of pressure my submissive cunt need to be screaming for you! You make me ride your fingers again and again until I beg to cum and then you stop, tie me up by my hands. Then repeat the process all day and take pleasure in my please and my begs!

Rope Bunny Loves To Play

submissive whoreI love when Master gets to experiment with me! He uses new toys, new techniques, and new names on me all of the time. It feels good as fuck too! He wraps me up in all of his favorite rope until I’m dangling like his prized trophy before shoving his tongue, or his cock, or a toy deep into my tight little, wet cunt! He will always have me cumming for him. I could be screaming his name and he won’t let me cum without his permission, he likes to make me and watch me suffer, just for him as he plays with my slutty body! Cum and join him baby, be my Daddy with my Master! Do whatever you want to me!

Sub Slut Takes Master’s Cock

Submissive Whore

I gave my master a wonderful surprise when he came home from work today! I dressed in his favorite lingerie after doing all my chores. I licked everything clean and made his snacks while I waited at the door on my knees. He saw how pleasantly happy I was needing him. He ordered me to head to the playroom and I did so. Still waiting on my knees, he came in and began playing with my body. We used a few new tools and toys for some practice and to really get him hard! Then I took his cock down my throat and acted as his little useless whore! What would Master do without his little cock sucker!? Cum and try me out too!

Getting Fucked By Master

Submissive Whore

Master came home in a good mood which meant fucking and cumming for the both of us! he walked over to my cage and uncaged me! Pulled me by my caller and laid me down to get ready. I took me only clothe off which was just a string thong and spread my legs. He licked my clit as he stared up at me and watched my face change in pleasure! He got his hard cock near my cunt and saw how wet I was for him already! I screamed in pleasure as he pushed hard into my cunt I found myself needing to cum already. He made me beg and hold on until he blew his load into me. I finally squirted and licked my mess off the sheets! 

I’m A Slave For You

Submissive Whore

That’s my favorite song! Saying I am your slave is the hottest thing I can do for you right? That is what I am, just a naughty little slave for you and your cock to play with! I love being a toy to be used up and played with. Pretty girls like me are toys and slaves for you, daddy! Bend me over and tie me down pretty please! I will beg for anything and everything from you, including to get fucked in my ass by you. I can be your rope bunny, submissive slut, or a young victim for you to take all forcefully! I need it, master, don’t you? I know you want it just like I do!

Bondage and Submission Slut At Your Service

Submissive Sex

I always dreamed of being a bound up, fuck slut of a slave who lives in her own filth as a punishment for not pleasing my master in time for dinner! I want to be the one and only slave for you, no one else! I promise to be all you need when I serve you and will take my punishments graciously! I do not care how tough or dirty or nasty, and kinky you are! I promise to serve you and I will most likely match your energy while you whip my pussy red with your whips. My ass turning black and blue with every whip of your cane and, every throat grab and mind fucking experience I think about now makes me wet! I will always respect it and you!  

Submissive Ass and Pussy Holes

Bondage Whore

My whole life I have always been known to be a good girl. I always listened to my superiors and I am so shy. So while becoming a submissive little slave, it was always so easy for me to fall into a small state of mind where I became a little. That is why when Master opens the door, I kneel down and prepare myself to take whatever he wants. I am stripped down with my hair up and I open my mouth. I start sucking my Masters’s cock and I’m all ready to be tied up and played with! To have my nipples play and pinched with and my pussy to be fucked hard! Cum play with the submissive princess!

Submissive pain slut

As a submissive whore, I have been taught to be a tool or a toy when my master needs me and even when I don’t need or deserve a punishment, my master will still give me one but I love it! The hot pain and pinching of my nipples will make me wet enough for him to poke and prod my cunt with the different kinds of new toys he finds and loves. Now here he has me all bonded tight and with all parts of my naked body exposed. he flicks punishment toys such as whips against my wet pussy and makes me scream for him! The best part is when he lets his friends in to use me up too! Won’t you?

Submissive Whores New Punishment

Submissive Whore

I was a super bad girl today! I was tied up for it, now my master has brought you in to take care of me! What did you have in mind? What are you going to do to my young body that is completely accessible to you for the entire night? You spread my legs wide after untying them and begin to whip my naughty girl pussy! I’m screaming it pain as you pinch my freshly shaved pussy lips! they are nice and bare and ready to be used up by you and your huge cock that is about to stretch me all out when you’re done abusing me in my punishment. You don’t let me cum even when I am right on the edge and screaming your name! What will you do with me next?

Pain Slut Needs a Punishment

Submissive Whore

As a submissive whore, I aim to please just you my Master, no matter how humiliating or torturing it is. I will let you sting me up, bound me, and play with my body until you decide I have had enough of your torment as my punishment for playing with myself while you were away. See, I was a good girl and told you! But I know you need to choke me with your huge and hard cock. Place me on my knees and take my had privileges away as I have a huge dildo rammed into my fucking ass the side of a coke can! I won’t misbehave anymore I promise! I’ll write it a hundred times across my slutty tits along with your name Master, I’m your property!

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