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Submissive Slut Sucks Cock For Cum

submissive sexBeing a daddy’s girl is under rated these days! When I want daddy to pleasure me I do every thing I can to please his hard cock! It is huge so I have to be careful not to choke on it or daddy will not be please enough to give me the squirting and screaming orgasm that I have been craving for so long while he was away! I take his hard dick into my submissive hands and lick the pre cum off his tip before licking all around and start to suck it down. I lick all around and give him the best my mouth can do. Being daddy’s submissive bitch makes me wet and ready to take him in my tight teen cunt!

Preseley Punishes Me With You

submissive slutI love being a naughty little brat but in the end I have to be punished for it! This is done when you Master and Mistress Presley decides to put me in my place by dragging me down to her room of naughty toys and devices that make any submissive slut like me whimper and tremble and start to beg for forgiveness! She makes me get down on the floor and grovel while tying me up in some kinky and tight bondage! She tells me I am going to get the punishment that a little whore like me deserves. She takes my slutty body and starts torturing me slowly by spanking me bare bottom with just her hands to using a flogger against my back, ass and pussy! Miss Presley knows what she is doing and tells you to come fuck my ass as she spread my ass cheeks apart. You slam and force fuck my shit hole as hard as you can to make me scream that gets us both wet! She gets under me with different toys to torture my clit, edging my dripping wet cunt for hours telling me how I am such a good cum dumpster for her and my master!submissive slut

Your Naughty Slave Needs Cock

bdsm phone sexYour naughty princess has been begging to be fucked after you punished me all day. Now I lay in the dark with a dripping pussy that needs a hard daddy cock in it! Please sir fuck me! I’ll beg and cry as long as you want or need me to. You took toy after toy and edged me until I couldn’t take it anymore and you stopped leaving me a hot and horny mess, crying and and so needy, I promise to be your good girl from now on. I won’t play or go to the bathroom without permission and more and I’ll stay naked around the house at all times! When you are coming to bed and waking up I’ll be a good slut with daddy’s cock in my throat!

Becoming Your Dirty Submissive

I have always been daddy’s perfect girl or just a daddy’s girl in general. Now I’m ready to take it a step farther and become my masters good girl! But lately I’m in a dire need of a new master. I just don’t seem to be getting the correct training that stays consistent to keep me from being a little brat. I need a big master daddy cock to take me away and lock me up for a while! Telling me that I can’t even go to the bathroom without his permission and may wet my pussy while I’m locked in his cage! When he finally comes back after hours he hands me a toy and says to play with myself for him and his friends! I feel nothing but humiliation and embaressment as he steps on my head, forcing my face into the ground but it makes me to wet that I am so happy for the toy so I can start fucking myself while they watch!

erotic bdsm storiesBut Master takes the toy away just as I am about to feel my body convulse in waves of pleasure of the hottest orgasm, “No master please!” They all laugh and tease while pointing at my quivering body. I’m left alone again this time, I’m tied to a bed still haven’t gone to the bathroom. While Master is away with his friends I can’t help it and finally release my mess that had been building up in my bladder! I whimper and squirm around while I want to cry out for Maser but I don’t want to be in trouble! But soon I hear him coming in, this time all alone. I apoligize over and over but that doesn’t stop him from grabbing my hair and cutting the ropes from my wrist and forcing me over his knee. He whips and spanking until I’m a nice shade of red. He pulled my head up by my hair and whispered “The next time you make such a mess without my permission, your ass will be black and blue.” I know that was a promise Master.

Torture My Body


Submissive Slut

Being your nasty submissive slut gets this cunt nice and dripping wet. You’ve finally taken me to the secret room that I’ve been so excited to see and play in there with you sir! Being your slut is the perfect role for my slutty body. Get me all chained down and start punishing me daddy. I really deserve it after making myself cum in private without your permission. You start making my ass nice and red with your floggers and spank my pussy. My cunt wet and red wanting to be fucked hard and squirt. You attach the tight nipple clamps and tie up my tits so tight that they are changing colors! You torture my feet and the rest of my body. I need the punishment that you know you want too give me! I’ve been a naughty fucking slut that deserves that forced fucking after having my tight body fucked up and played with by you only to be told to hold my next orgasm until you play with me again to give you that hard squirting sex!

Punish Your Slut

Torture Phone SexYou’ve kept my naked body caged up for so long daddy! I’m ready to be let out and played with. I put on my sexy black outfit and do my chores and serve daddy’s dick by sucking it off until I swallow at least three busts of daddy’s yummy cum. If I didn’t do a good job of licking the toilet clean and getting daddy off then you take me into our special room and get me all tied up and pinned down. Get that fuck machine and clit vibrator on and leave it on while I whine and moan and squirm at first but you leave the room for a very long time and come back to a screaming and crying slut! My pussy has cum over and over and squirted all over my toys and the floor. You leave again for a longer punishment and once you’ve finally come back for the last time I’m nearly passed out and a little quaking and shaking mess. Daddy does not stop there though. He takes my nearly limp body and bends me over our fuck bed to spank my ass with his strong cane leaving all those hot marks and welts. Finally daddy uses up my pussy and forces me to lick all the cum after digging it out of my pussy with my fingers. Such a naughty little slut for you daddy!

Your Sex Slave

Erotic Submissive StoriesI’ve always wanted to be a little sex slave! I spend a lot of my time looking for a dominant man  to put my slutty cunt in it’s place and reminding me who I belong to! I used to be grabbed by my throat and shoved against a wall before being forced to kneel down and start sucking on full hot ball sacks and being surrounded by a bunch of dominant cocks! I immediately start to suck and jerk off all of them while playing with my horny pussy. I’d make myself squirt and cum multiple times for them to watch me drown in my own juices! Then they’d used my juices and my mouth to lube up their big dicks and force as many as they could into my ass. I’d scream and moan while they continues to push cocks down my throat and swallow up the finishing cocks! They tied me down and played with my body, torturing every part up me from my tits to my clit! I was a good sex slave and would cum on demand! They finished me off by releasing their loads onto my body and watched as I cleaned it all up!

I’m your bdsm doll

Bare Bottom Spankings

Ever since I was a little one I had always dreamed and imagined what it would be like to be someones forever sex slave. I’ve been touching myself for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a wet and horny pussy ready for anything to be shoved inside of it. I started by sending slutty pictures to older guys online to becoming their little online submissive slave. I follow all my rules and take my punishments like a good whore. Need me to wait in position all day while I stay completely naked for you? I’ll keep my butt plug deep in my ass and nipple clamps down tight and when you finally come home my pussy will be dripping and ready for you to yank these clamps off my whore tits and to fill me up with that sweet load I’ve been craving to taste! Need to shut me up because I scream too loud while your force yourself into my ass I have the perfect pretty purple gag to keep in my mouth while you do! It’s your turn to have me as your perfect sex slave!

Fucked at the club

.Bondage Chat

The Cool Liquid in the Yellow bottle sent me on a trip so nice. I bumped and grinded against the master. The Beat of the song pulsed through my bottle at the swingers club. I could feel the hardness of his cock rubbing against me. I know that he was close to his limit of me teasing him. I bit my bottom lip and rubbed my ass harder against him. The Alcohol had made me even more of a tease. He grabbed me by the arm and twisted it behind my back. I let out a soft moan as he leads me off the dance floor to a nearby couch. He pushed me down on the leather-covered couch and ripped my dress up and pulled my panties down. He Stabbed his cock deep in my pussy hole and fucked me to the beat of the song until his body shuddered and unloaded in my pussy. I love it when he fucks me in public!



I was on my knees taking a big fat throbbing purple-headed black cock in my slutty mouth. Three more cocks surround my face. Rubbing their precum all over me. All that salty clear gooey man juice dragging across my face as they all stroked there fat cocks waiting. Waiting on their turn with my slut holes. I already was being pounded hard in my cunt and i had another throbbing meat stick in my tight little asshole! Hands and cocks just rubbing all over my body my holes being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Line after line of cum dripped out of my pussy, my abused little asshole and my sore throat. I was coated with cum all over my face and perky tits! My body was built to handle all these cocks!

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