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Pain Slut Needs a Punishment

Submissive Whore

As a submissive whore, I aim to please just you my Master, no matter how humiliating or torturing it is. I will let you sting me up, bound me, and play with my body until you decide I have had enough of your torment as my punishment for playing with myself while you were away. See, I was a good girl and told you! But I know you need to choke me with your huge and hard cock. Place me on my knees and take my had privileges away as I have a huge dildo rammed into my fucking ass the side of a coke can! I won’t misbehave anymore I promise! I’ll write it a hundred times across my slutty tits along with your name Master, I’m your property!

Trained Whore Shows Her Skills

Submissive Whore

My past masters taught me and my cunt so well. But, it’s time for me to be passed on and sold to another master as I’m dressed like a slutty angel. I’ve pushed been around and taken somewhere new to immediately be tied up and punished! My hands are chained above my head as the torture begins on my tits. My nipples feel like they’re being burned and stabbed as they pinch and pull on them! They told me their marking will be to pierce my nipples! But I have to be a good girl for that. He wants me to show him how well I am at sucking cock with no hands so I do. I wrap my lips tightly around his hard and huge cock! At least nine inches and swirl my tongue all around it. My pussy drips as he plays with it. He sounds so hot moaning while I get him off with my mouth. We both reach orgasm at the same time, I impress my new Master with my squirting and swallowing skills! I’m so happy and excited to get my new marking! Haven’t I been trained so well?

Whore Naomi Loves Ropes

I knew you couldn’t get enough of me master! Here you are, back again just like I knew you would be. You know slutty whores like me have no limits and that is why I enjoy letting you do whatever you want to me because no matter what, it makes me drip in cum and it makes me crave your cocm to dominate me. My favorite part of playtime though is when you tie me up or tie me down, leaving me unable to move at all for you to have your way with me and fuck my body until I am begging you to stop. Keep fucking me while I’m tied up in every which way until you’re all finished using me up!submissive whore

Submissive Whore Loves Master

submissive whoreBeing a submissive slut is supposed to be my job that’s why whenever master comes home I’m already down ready on my knees to suck his big cock. Master likes to take me into the next room and handcuff me to the chains on the bed. Then make me his own nasty little slave! Being a slave for the master isn’t a very hard job even though he likes to make it tough on me I always learn how to suck his dick the right way just how he likes, to drain those big, full balls heavy with hot loads of baby batter.
Would you like to come and help my master? you can be the second master that helps me achieve getting fucked in my ass over and over again leaving my ass hole licking of your come!

Submissive Bitches Training Day

I love being a slutty and submissive whore for any master that wants to take control of my tight body. I can be bent over in any and every direction and be tied up with ease. So here Master, take me now and train me to be yours. I want you to teach me every way that I can be your best sex slave.

Submissive Whore

I’m here to be your total slut. You have trained me to let anyone you approve of to force fuck my holes anytime, and anywhere. That’s why when you walk me around on my collar in the bar, all of those hard daddy cocks are forcing themselves deep into my asshole and dripping wet cunt and we don’t leave until I clean up all of the mess!

Must Submit To Master

Being a good girl is hard sometimes for this slutty slave. I just want to misbehave and do my chores wrong so Master has no choice but to whip my tight bottom until he can’t resist sticking his hard cock into my dripping pussy. I get hot and horny just thinking about dropping something in his drink to make it taste funny for a naughty punishment, making me submit my whole body to Master…With no safeword at all. That’s exactly what I did too!

When he returns from the bar I have on my regular clothes, already putting a displeasing look on his face. As soon as he takes a sip of his coke and rum he stares at me with an annoyed look. I can’t help but cover my mouth in a giggle. I strip off the tight denim jeans and my blue blouse to reveal the red lingerie underneath along with my stockings.

Master grabs me by my throat and shoves me against the wall. He tells me how much of a bratty, naughty girl I’m being and how he won’t just give me what I want but he’s going to give me what I deserve.Submissive Whore

Before I knew it I was tied up on my hands and knees on our dark leather couch surrounded by scary tools and toys. He tells me that there’s no backing out of what I have started and begins to whip me with a tight crop, turning my ass into a deep red shade. I just know there will be beautiful bruising on my soft ass skin. He then places clamps, so tightly on my nipples that I scream in genuine pain. I can’t stop it now as he rips them off several times! I cry out only to be gagged by my wet and balled-up dirty panties.

He leaves the clamps on and inserts the toy machine that will go for hours. He controls it with a remote and makes it go fast, plunging a dildo as deep as it can go into me and sweet bunny ears ramming against my clit, making it swell. He rips the panties out and demands me to suck but with the distraction of the machine, I suck hard and fast until my mouth is full of cum.

Master leaves me there for hours until he decides to let you in for your punishment on me! What will it be?

Submissive Whores Spanking

Bare Bottom SpankingsI have been masters fuck slut for so long and I am always on my best behavior! I think it’s time for me to be a little naughty. I have made myself cum, took bath room breaks, wore normal clothes and all the other rules master has I broke. I can only imagine what his punishment will be! When he comes home and I’m not wearing my collar or naked he has a sneaky smirk on his face. I can’t help but giggle but he quickly shoves me over the bench in the room with my hands bound to the wooden legs and takes a thin cane to my bare bottom. I start to whine at first, the cane on my ass is sharp and stings. I start to beg for daddy to stop but he doesn’t until I count all the way to thrity strong spanks! Master doesn’t even put cooling cream on it after and put in in my cage for hours until he decides my time out is over. At the end of the night he fucks me nice and hard and tells me to stop misbehaving but you know I have much more slutty behavior in store don’t you hehe!

Masters Dirty Whore

All I have ever known was how to be a good and submissive whore. It is what I was known for when ever my masters would pass or sell me arounf before one master settled for me completely. He had me either stark naked or dressed in the dirtiest and slutties of clothing that he could find and wanted to see on my tight body. He prepared me nearly every night to take his dick while being tied or hung up like his prey ot trophy that he won and he is going to play with me untile he breaks me. It makes my submissve pussy hot and wet with excitment and I’m ready to take all of him in to all of my holes!Bondage Phone Sex

A Slave Needs Masters Cum

Submissive whore

Here’s your sexy little slut once again tied up and ready to be used at your disposal. I need you to tie me down and bend me over every way possible that my body can bend and move for you. Master I want you so bad to finally give me what I need. To take your hard and huge dick into my pussy, my throat and my ass. This shit hole is your favorite Master I have it all ready just for you to force fuck once I have completely swallowed. Your semen is so tasty master give it all to me and I promise to lick it all up off my fingers and your hard bulging and pulsing cock.

Submissive Slut Sucks Cock For Cum

submissive sexBeing a daddy’s girl is under rated these days! When I want daddy to pleasure me I do every thing I can to please his hard cock! It is huge so I have to be careful not to choke on it or daddy will not be please enough to give me the squirting and screaming orgasm that I have been craving for so long while he was away! I take his hard dick into my submissive hands and lick the pre cum off his tip before licking all around and start to suck it down. I lick all around and give him the best my mouth can do. Being daddy’s submissive bitch makes me wet and ready to take him in my tight teen cunt!

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