I was made to be a submissive little tramp. I always have been. I was taught to cater to my daddy and listen to every word he told me. If I didn’t obey him, I would get into a lot of trouble. I only want to please him. I will do whatever he says and do my best to follow instructions. If I turn out to be a stupid bitch and not follow instructions, I will accept all of my punishments. I was made to be a kinky little cum bitch that lives to serve and cater to her master. I’ll do anything for you. If you want to humiliate me, do it. If you want me to get on my knees while you piss in my face making me your slave, I’ll gladly do so. If you want me to open my mouth and beg for your cum, done. If you want to torture my little hot body, I’ll try not to cry too much. Make me your little submissive whore, pound my pussy, show me how pathetic I am, and treat me like the little pet that I am. I need to be taught how to have respect for you master, I crave your approval and acceptance. I give myself to you for your pleasure.

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