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This Submissive Whore Needs to Make Money

submissive whore

I started out as daddy’s submissive whore. Honestly, I thought I had escaped his clutches, but I don’t think that is ever possible. He made me stop being a phone whore for the past year because he didn’t want to share me with you. He found out what I was doing and was not happy at all. He said he owned my pussy and ass. No one could make money off me but him. But guess what? Daddy got arrested. He is in jail now, so I am back to work! I hope you missed me. I have a master who I am working for, but he is way nicer than daddy. Not nearly as smart either. I must give him a percentage of my phone earnings, but he just puts it up his nose. Essentially, I support his drug addiction. Last night, I didn’t bring him enough money, so he traded my fuck holes for coke with this dealer he knows. I thought I was in the good with this guy, but he traded me like a bad stock the moment he needed coke. The guy he rented me out to was a big mean black guy with a monster cock. He sodomized my tiny pink asshole for hours. My butthole was sore and prolapsed when he finally couldn’t cum anymore. He took a Viagra even though he was a young guy. There was no reason he needed a blue pill; he just wanted to last hours for my fuck holes. He told my master that he might as well get his money’s worth. He sure as fuck did. I am sitting on an ice pack today. I sure do hope you guys missed me because I need to make a lot of money to keep my coke addict master happy.

Torture phone sex

torture phone sex

 My master abuses my stupid whore ass all the time. He loves to tie me up and use me like the little ragged fuck doll that I am. He took me just now and bounded me up. He made sure my arms were behind my band and my legs where tied up under me. He spread my legs open and took out a paddle and started smacking my cunt lips. I was gushing my pussy juice all over the paddle. I could feel myself almost cumming each time. He turned me over on my back and grabbed my nipples and started pinching them and twisting them making them purple and swollen.

He was absolutely torturing me. I was aching to have his cock inside of me. For hours he kept pushing the limits with me and making me ache more and more. He took his dick out and waved it in front of my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, begging for him to slide his shaft down my throat. He waved his cock all around my face and dangled it in between my eyes. I begged him so much, asking for him to please let me have his cock and to fill me up and let me take all of his hot sperm inside of me.

He finally gave in and gave me every bit of that big fat cock. He stuffed his cock inside of my pussy and rammed himself hard in me as he smacked my ass. I love having his cock inside of me. I worship that big fat master cock.


Cum slut phone sex showing the world

cum slut phone sex

I am such a dumb submissive bitch. I just want to take care of my sweet daddy that owns me. He brought his friend over to share my holes. I was already naked and waiting for him to come home like a piece of shit bitch. When he and his friend saw me naked they demanded that I strip them of their clothes and get ready to get on my hands and knees and be double skull fucked.

I tried really hard to stretch my cheeks and and throat around those thick cock. I could barely do it since they were so big. Those cocks are so fucking heavy! I straddled my master and took his cock in my pussy while his friend wedged his cock in my ass hole. They started beating away at my dumb fuck holes.

I begged for them to keep fucking me and thanked them for stretching my holes open. They kept on pound my holes and treating my like a fucking dumb whore. My twat and ass were getting so gaped open. When they told me they were going to cum, they both took their cocks out of my holes and had me get on my hands and knees and hole my eyes open.

They pointed their cocks at my face and started to shoot their fat loads all over me, soaking my face in sticky cum. All that cum went on my forehead, in my eye balls, and down my mouth. After they were done they said they were hungry and told me to go get them food with their cum still all over my face like a dumb bitch.

I look so stupid walking around with this hot cum drying up on my face. Thank you daddy master.

Submissive sex

submissive sex

 I am a nasty little submissive bitch that craves to worship a big fat cock. I know what my master likes all the time and I like to cater to him making sure I please his cock and make it fill up with as much cum as I can. Since I have been a good little fuck whore he is letting me get my pussy stuffed with his big fat master cock. He take me by my hair and leads me to the bedroom where the bed is. I crawl on my hands and knees the hole time as he uses my hair as a leash. I get up on the bed like he tells me, already all naked cause that is how I am meant to be.

He tied up my body so that I am in the figure x. It is like I am offering up every hole and every part of my body to my master. He takes his cock out and lets it slap right into my face. I hold my tongue out and I begin to lick up and down his cock like a little cock sucking whore that I am. That cock is swelling up against my taste buds already. He makes me open my mouth wider so that he can skull fuck me and force his cock as deep as it wants to go in my throat. He beats that fat cock into my mouth making me gag and spit up all over it. I love and worship that cock that feels stuck in my throat.

After it is wet he lets my pussy that has been aching take him. His cock stretches me open and goes as deep and far as it can go in me. He owns me and my holes.

Prostate milking all night long

prostate milking

I am going to milk my masters cock all night and day long. I go ahead and lick his ass hole. I spread his ass cheeks and rub my face along the inside of his ass. I want him to give me skid marks on my stupid little dip shitted whore face. I stick out my tongue and beg for him to let my twirl my tongue around his ass hole. I worship his ass. I crave to be a dirty little fuck doll for him. I suck on his taint and slide my fingers inside his ass hole and press against the master man g stop.

I ask permission to fuck his cock into my throat. I spread my lips around his cock and start beating him down my throat. I start tearing up as his big fat cock triggers my gag reflex. His pre cum is starting to fill my mouth and it is running and pouring so much hot ropy cum inside of my cheeks. He starts really getting into it, letting me fuck his cock in my throat. He pulls on my head and starts taking huge thrust into my face. I need to milk every drop of that hot cum load out of him.

I want to drink his jizz juice. His balls are going to empty inside of my tummy. I take my fingers out of his ass and beg for his cock to explode all in my stupid little cock sucking mouth. I love pleasing my master and being a good little stupid whore for him.

Cock worshiping my well hung master

cock worshiping

 I know better then to ever disobey my master. He tied me up and hung me from the ceiling like I was a pinata. I had a ball gag in my mouth as he rammed his cock into my cunt. He took turns going from my twat to my ass hole. After he was down slamming his cock into my holes, fucking them like the little fuck hole toy that I am, he dropped my tied up body down to the ground.

He took my gag out of my mouth and demanded I praise and worship him like I am trained to do. I could feel hot cum drooling down my thighs as I cleaned up my ass and pussy juice off of his cock. In between fucking his cock down my throat and telling him how much I worship that fat cock I was so soaked.

Prostate milking

prostate milking

I waited all day for my master to get home so that I could please him. He walked through the door and immediately slid into my mouth with his cock. I did not even give him a chance to put down his things. No worries though, I will do it with his cock hanging out of my mouth. I slid my finger in his ass and started massaging that prostate. I taste every drop of that pre cum over flowing my mouth.

I kept drinking that cum down. His cock was literally pouring out hot jizz. My master dragged my by my hair to another room and tied me up. He said I was a good whore and he was proud of me so I was going to get his cock. He gave me the roughest fuck ever. His cock beat inside of me as he slapped me across my face. I am such a whore for him.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

I was catering to my master and I wanted to make him happy. He was getting high and feeling good. I dropped down to my hands and knees so that he could take control of me the way that he likes to. I held my mouth open and began to suck his cock all the way down my throat like it was a breathing tube. I sucked on his long rod, trying to make sure that I make his cock swell up, just the way that he likes. His balls clapped against my chin as I jerked him harder down my throat. He held the back of  my head down made my throat spasm on his cock. I felt his cock head about to squirt out every drop of his seed inside of my mouth. I can not wait to play with it. I am going to blow cum bubbles and spit his cum onto my fingers only to suck them back in my mouth.

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

 I love being shackled to the ground and taking a great big pounding from my master whenever he feels like inserting his cock into me. I am a worthless whore. My holes are completely exposed awaiting his punishment. I stay in the position with my ass up in the air and my face smooshed to the ground. He teases me and taunts my aching body.

He spits in my face and smacks my ass. I am eager to have his cock fill up one of my holes. He comes up behind me and whips my ass with his hand, leaving my ass blotchy red. I feel his cock slide into my ass hole. He starts ramming his cock in and out of me harder and faster while he calls me names. I am such a sack of shit and at his mercy.


Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

 My master brought all of his friends over today. I was waiting at home from him, and did not expect him so early. I was on my bed playing with my cum filled pussy that he put in me before he left today. He barged into my room with some of his friends and they all saw me ass naked on the bed with my cum filled pink pussy completely exposed.

He got the ropes that he loves to use on me and tied me up. He laid me flat on my tummy with my legs spread wide open. All of his friends took turns beating my body in with their fists and dicks. I was black and blue by the time they got done with me. They rubbed their cocks all over my naked bruised body.

I got face fucked and fucked in all of my holes. They laughed as each of them gave me their cum loads.

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