I’m Annalise. I whisper in my little girl voice, asking Master if it is Ok for me to open my fuckhole. I know my place in this world. My stepdad imprisoned me as a girl and I have been under his control ever since Mommy left. I don’t even mind it anymore, Don’t even want to escape this hell that I live in. My dog crate makes me feel safe. Master lets me out to potty and even throws me leftover food. It’s not such a bad life. He provides for all of my needs.

I always know when Daddy has a party planned. He pulls me out of my confines, throws me in the shower to wash my hair and clean out all of my filthy holes. He dresses me up in something pretty and lacy. I know his rules well. I am to service all of his friends. They can kick me, fuck me, use me as an ashtray, or degrade me as they please. If I so much as whimper, I know my punishment will be fierce and swift. I know he is keeping track of every mistake I make tonight. After the party is over, his personal party begins.

Out come the restraints and the ball gag, the whips that make my flesh bleed, and the contents of a very special S&M tool box, guaranteed to strike fear in the heart of every submissive whore out there. Daddy’s playroom of horrors invites you to join us. Learn to train women to be your slaves. Break a disobedient slut. Make even the strongest woman fall at your feet. Let me be your accomplice or let me be your learning tool. My pussy juices at the thought of a good hard whipping.

Are you man enough to handle a true submissive slut? Come show me you have what it takes to inflict pain on a willing body.

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