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There Can Only Be One Sir

Submissive phone sex

My Sir showed me how much demented in the head he really is. See I have been kidnapped, locked in a cage and held against my own will more times than I can count. My sir knows about my father locking me away for so long, making me submit to all of his dirty desires. I know my sir is the alpha king and I think him knowing about my past with my father is making him feel inferior. I has made comments in the past to me about my father when he was upset with me the other day. Telling me if I think my father fucked my submissive head up I have no idea what my sir is capable of. When I heard those words coming out of my Sirs’ mouth I knew he felt weak. I guess that is why my sir woke me up yesterday morning to a big surprise. He put a blindfold over my eyes and ordered me down to the basement. When we reached the bottom step I could hear a muffled cry coming from the corner of the basement. The sounds of the muffled cries started getting louder the closer I walked to the back corner. Sir then quickly stopped me from walking. He asked me if I could recognize the cry at all. I never heard my father cry, the only tone I have ever heard my father use was his tone of yelling when I did wrong and his sadistic laugh when he was punishing me. That is why I could not believe what I was seeing when Sir lifted my blindfold over my eyes, exposing me to my father locked away in a cage like I once was. My father was stripped naked and put into a slutty maids outfit. He already had a plug pushed deep into his bruised asshole. Sir pulled up a chair and told me I am going to watch him turn my once dominant dad into a little submissive slave bitch. My Sir Chained my father’s hands to the cage bars, making his back arch exposing his asshole. My sir whipped out the but plug that was deep into his asshole. Then I see a 13 Inch thick hard dildo in my sir’s hands. He gave me an evil smile then looked down at my father. Before my father got his ass drilled like a submissive sissy slut my Sir told my father, you’re my bitch now. I have never seen my father cry like a little bitch. My submissive cunt was and still is so fucking hot for my sir. I am trying hard to submit, but all I want is for Sir to punish me in the same way he punished my father.

Turned Into A Gangbang Fuckwhore

Submissive phone sex

My Sir turned me into a Gangbang submissive fuck whore. He told me when he saw another side of me, he knew then he was going to need a backup for my punishment. I tried telling my Sir that I only acted that way because of the situation. I was a dumb submissive slut for talking out of turn. Sir backhanded me like I was his prostitute who did not have his money. He told me to shut my dumb slut ass the fuck up. For the first time, I saw my sir get angry. I have seen my Sir be stern and dominant but I have never seen him upset. I sat there quiet, waiting for him to give me my orders. Then, all I see is Sir fist coming straight at my face and that was the last thing I remember happening. When I woke from being knocked the hell out, I could feel my eye and head pounding from Sir’s blow to the face. I looked around as much as I could but quickly realized I was tied up with duck tape over my mouth. I was hanging a couple of feet off the ground with straps holding my body up. I had a leash around my neck and it felt like someone had the leash in there hands behind me lightly tugging on it. Then I see sir kneel down in front of my face. I could hear men in the background laughing as if there was a party going on. Everyone sounded like they were drunk and drugged out. Sir was kneeling down looking into my eyes mocking me. He gave me a sad puppy dog look as if he felt sorry for what was about to happen to me. His face quickly turned serious and his voice lowered into a demonic whisper. Sir told me since I want to act out like a wild fucking whore, he is going to show me what happens to wild, stupid, fucking whores. He also said since I do not want to submit to him maybe I will submit to five men doing whatever they please to me. I could not speak and there was no point in making sounds with a thick strap of tape around my lips. I was restricted to move from the straps and a leash around my neck. All I could do was take the pain of these five men using me as a sex slave, a stupid fuck whore slave as sir was calling me when the men were fucking me with there giant sized cocks, making a game to see who could stretch my holes our the furthest. I was a cum filled mess in and out of my body when these men were done with me. I passed out when I felt three cocks digging deep into my asshole. When I woke, I was laying on the floor next to my restraints in a pile of cum and blood. It has been two days and my Sir is nowhere to be found.

Submissive Slut Went Overboard Part Two

Submissive phone sex

It does not happen often but when the green-eyed monster takes over me physically and mentally everything I know about submitting goes out the window. I try my best not to get jealous. I know once jealousy takes over my mind and body there is no coming back anytime soon. once I have calmed down and that ugly green-eyed monster goes back into the dark cave hidden in my soul, I would be facing severe consequences for my actions. Those handcuffs sir had me put on before going into his office, yea…I broke those cheap shits as soon as I heard that cunt of slut speak. Once my hands were free from each other, in a blink of an eye, I was standing right next to the stupid bitch. Either my Sir was shocked that his Submissive little fuck whore was no longer in his presence or he has a secret thing for a crazy woman. Either way, my Sir did not stop me. I grabbed a big fucking chunk of that whore’s hair and used my other hand to grasp her neck tight, cutting off her air supply. I yanked on that whore’s head, bringing her closer to my face. While white foam was running out of her mouth from my hand forcefully gripping around her neck. I let this bitch know I will never submit to a cunt slut fucking whore like her. The only person I am to submit to is my Sir and that is how it will always be. I let go of the whore’s neck and used that hand to grab another chunk of her hair. As soon as she started gasping for air I through her head down on the corner of sirs wooden desk. The bitch passed out on the floor immediately. That is when I looked at my Sir, still raging with jealousy.  I told my sir to do what he wants with me but he lost his damn mind if he thinks I will ever let another stupid cunt whore dominate me. My Sir was still frozen standing there. I was not used to seeing him like this and I honestly did not care for it. I gave him one last death look and walked away. As I was walking to my room I could feel sirs eyes on me. Ohhh I just knew there was going to be a big fucking punishment coming my way.

Submissive Slut Went Overboard Part One

Submissive phone sex

I went too far. My jealousy took over my submissive brain and I snapped. I want to say caught but that is not the correct word. I did not catch my Sir with another woman, I was forced to watch my Sir with another woman. Somehow Sir knew that was the one thing that would make me turn from a submissive little slut to a raging fucking psycho. Sir called me into his office, I had just got done cleaning the entire house for him. I knew I was in for a new submissive training with sir any day. I am always excited when Sir spends time to train me. When I walked into my Sirs office, he was standing behind his desk. He had clothes folded up neatly in his hand. He told me to get dressed and come back to his office once I was done. Once I got upstairs I saw the clothes I was holding was a maids costume. It was not the sexy kind that you have erotic roleplays in. This outfit looked like I was really going to be cleaning someone’s house that day. The costume also came with handcuffs and a note from Sir with instructions to put the handcuffs on me before returning. I did as Sir commanded. As soon as I walked back into Sir’s office I knew exactly why he had me put the handcuffs on before returning to him. While I was upstairs being a good Submissive slut to my sir, another Submissive Whore was entering his fucking office. She was just sitting there with a smirk on her face, staring at me. I was trying to hold my composure. Remain calm and remember everything my sir taught me. I kept my eyes on Sir, standing straight at attention, waiting for his next order. Then, instead of hearing the order from my Sir, this fucking whore stands up and tries to order me to sit down in the chair that is beside me. I looked at her with rage in my eyes, then I gave Sir a look that made him wonder where I just went. I was no longer the submissive fuck whore my sir knows me to be. Once that fucking piece of shit whore thought she was going to speak to me with authority, my Green-eyed monster took over, physically and mentally.

Fuckwhore Training

Submissive phone sex

I woke up with my nylons binding my arms and legs together behind my back. I was not in my bed, I was on the floor in the basement, helplessly laying on the cold cement. I could hear footsteps walking closer to me. It was pitch black in the basement and I could not see a thing. I knew I was in the basement by the smell of all the training sessions I have had with Sir. I could only suspect I was in for another training session. I knew this was going to be intense training, the intense training is always done in the basement. All of a sudden I was being lifted up off of the ground. I was confused, there must have been people down in the basement already there without me knowing. I felt strong hands gripping tightly around my arms, holding me up in the air. Then I heard my Sir, he told me that I was in for a very special training session. This session is going to show him if I have learned anything from the time I have spent with him. Then I heard Sir telling a group of men to take a seat. The basement was still pitch black, I then realized I must have a blindfold over my eyes. When the two men started lowering me down, I felt my cunt spread open. My Sir was about to let these men watch me get my Submissive cunt fucked raw by his 10-inch dildo fucking machine. Since I was still tied up, the other two men were holding on to me, to keep me lifted. My sir walked over to me and took my blindfold off. I saw 10 men staring at me, about to watch me get fucked raw and hard by this fucking machine. Sir told me he wants to see how good of a submissive fuck whore I can be. He put a ball gag around my face and told me if I make one noise he will punish me in ways I have not yet seen. I nodded my head letting him know that I was listening to everything he was telling me. For two hours straight I had the big 10-inch dildo being inserted into my ass and fuck whore cunt. I made it my mission not to make one noise no matter how bad it hurts or how good it felt. I could tell Sir was trying his best to get me to squeal by changing the speeds of the machine. In the end, I succeeded. I took that big ass dildo in my ass and pussy like a real submissive fuckwhore that I am. My Sir will know that I want to be his fuckwhore for the rest of my life.

Degraded By My Sir

Submissive phone sex

I love to have Submissive sex with my Sir. I have to listen to everything he tells me to do. He will tell me to get on my hands and knees, crawling over to him like the little submissive bitch that I am. He lets his cock hang softly, degrading me. He tells me I am a sorry submissive slut and starts yelling at me, telling me to get his cock hard. I put his soft meat in my mouth, the satisfaction of feeling his soft cock grow into a rock hard piece of meat gives my submissive pussy satisfaction like no other. Once his cock is fully hard he will shove it down my throat, fucking my face, telling me I am a good submissive slut. He will make me take his cock balls deep. Once he has had enough of that, he usually gets up, puts a mask over my face. He uses the mask as a form of humiliation, telling me I am too ugly to be looked at. Then he will tie my hands behind my back and tie my ankles together. My Sir likes to inflict pain on me, usually without any warning. His favorite thing to use is nipple clamps. He likes to put the clamps at the very top of my nipples. Then he will insert a butt plug into my asshole, he has all different shapes and sizes. Lately, he has been pretty aggressive with me and has been going for the bigger sizes. I have to earn Sir’s cock and by earning his cock I have to take the pain. If I flinch or move the wrong way and my Sir disapproves of it, not only will he punish me he will threaten to bring another submissive woman in the household and fuck her the way he knows I want to desperately be fucked by him. This will only make me try harder to please my Sir in any way possible.

Bringing Out My Other Side

Submissive phone sex

Taking me to another level of submission is what I crave. I love to see how far I can be pushed until I break. I strive on being the best submissive I can be. I remember my old master wanted to see how crazy I was inside. He called it my inner demon. He would do things to me to try to get all of my anger out of me. I am good at submitting and I love doing it. It is easy not to get mad when you love doing something so much. I am territorial though. I get jealous easily. I want to be the only submissive in my master’s life. One day my master brought home another woman. I tried my best to keep my cool and submit to what he wanted. When my master had this fake submissive slut doing things to him that I normally do and then acting as his accomplice, I had enough. I grabbed the fake slut my her head and tossed her out. I looked at my master and told him to never bring another woman around. As far as I know, I am and will be the only submissive slut in his life. He punished me for a long time that night and the next two remaining days. A part of him liked the fact that I was so jealous. He is as of right now the only master who knows that side of me.

My Punishment Box

Submissive phone sex

Do you know what a punishment box is? I have never seen one until yesterday. Let me tell you, it scares me and turns me on at the same time. My Sir told me this is his way of keeping me in line. He uses the punishment box when he feels it is needed. Inside the box are tiny pieces of paper with different punishments on them. Sir has three boxes ranging from Easy, mild and severe punishments. The third box is kept in sirs safe. If I misbehave or do something in a way my Sir does not approve of, Sir will blindfold me and have me choose a paper out of one of the boxes. Sir told me he has only had to use the third box one time with a sub girl. He told me what the punishment was, I guess it was so he could give me an idea of what kind of punishment the third box had inside. When he told me I knew the third box would make even the worst submissive slut act like a good little submissive bitch. He made her go to a place in our area where there is nothing but poor perverted men who will scope out a woman in minutes, take her, use her and abuse her in any way he wants. These men know who my Sir is and they wait for him to return with another one of his submissive sluts. Once they are done, they throw her bruised and used body in an alleyway and sir comes back a day later to pick her up. My sir does not play when it comes to making sure his woman submits to him.

Worshiping My Dominator

My new sir hinted to me a while back that he really liked my pantyhose. I was wearing them one night. He looked at me and said he would love to use my pantyhose as my restraints one day. I could see the excitement rise in his eyes and in his pants. My new sir has been the best master I could have ever asked for. I have learned more from him in this past month than I ever learned from any other master. I knew sir didn’t have any training planned for the next couple of days. He has been to busy with work. This was the perfect time for me to show him how much I enjoy being his submissive fuck whore. This was a tricky plan and it could go good or bad. I knew I was not supposed to do things without sirs permission but I wanted to worship my master. I kept everything simple. I lit 6 long candles for a little kinky play and the only other things I needed were my pantyhose, three pairs to be exact. When my sir got home later that night he opened the door to me on my knees. I had the candles lit behind me. I was wearing one pair of my pantyhose while holding the other two pairs in each hand. Sir looked surprised and turned on when he saw me. I looked deep into his eyes and said “Forgive me sir for doing this without your permission, please let me worship you and show you my appreciation. ” sir gave me a small grin and said, “Now that’s a good little submissive whore.” from that point on sir made sure he was in charge. He used all three pairs of my pantyhose on my submissive body, restraining me in ways I have never been restrained before. At the very end sir had one pair of my pantyhose tied around my wrist, the other pair he tied around my ankles and the last pair was tied around my neck. The pair tied around my neck was made to be used as a leash. Sir grabbed on tight, pounding his dominating dick deep into my throat. Each time he would stop for a minute I would beg for more. When I knew he was about to shoot his man creme everywhere, I begged him to cum on my face and in my mouth. He grabbed the pantyhose and pulled it back making my head staring at the ceiling. That’s when his dominating dick erupted like a volcano, and his sweet lava erupted on my face. I begged sir to let me clean every last drop up with my tongue. My sir let me clean every last bit of his cream. Things got so hot with the pantyhose. Sir didn’t even think about using the candles. I love being a submissive fuck whore to my Sir, with all his submissive training’s things will only get better.

Pleasure And Pain

Submissive phone sex

I was woken up by Sir tying a blindfold around my eyes, he told me he is going to walk me downstairs into the dining room. I already knew it was time for me to learn something new. Sir had the blindfold wrapped around my eyes tight, I could feel the cloth cutting into my skin. He escorted me down the stairs, holding me tightly around my arm. Once we got into the dining room, Sir sat me down on a chair, took my wrists and put them behind my back. I felt a rope going around both of my wrists, tying them tight to the chair. The blindfold was left around my eyes. When sir spoke he was using a different accent. Almost like a British spy. He told me I am now his prisoner and if I do not tell him what he wants to know, I will be punished. Sir makes me sleep in my panties and that is what I was wearing while being restrained to a chair, blindfolded. I had to go along with any question sir asked me and if I did not get it right, I was punished. I felt a long feather run across my chest, making its way slowly down to my submissive, warm cunt. I was really turned on, I rarely feel any soft touches from my masters. Then Sir asked me who was in his house. I was quiet for a moment, trying to think of the correct answer.

Bondage phone sex

I was not quick enough, the next thing I knew hot wax was being poured on my chest. I moaned out in pain. Sir then consoled me, giving me whispers in my ear, telling me to calm down as if I was a child. I felt a cold compress on my chest, cooling down the burns from the hot wax that was stuck to my skin. I was then asked a series of unanswerable questions. Once we plaid the game a little while longer, I knew what Sir was doing. My Sir was showing me the art of being submissive to pleasure and pain. It is one thing to keep getting pain inflicted on the body. Eventually, the body will grow numb to it. When Sir would give me a little pleasure then switch to a lot of pain, the pain was more and more intense each time. He kept me blindfolded the whole time as a form of Sensory play to heighten my senses to touch. By the end of our game, my nipples were raw, red and throbbing from the clamps he would take on and off and my skin was burnt in different places. I still have two red hand marks on my face from being slapped hard by my sir’s big strong hands.

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