Branding my property

bondage S&M

Tonight was all about bondage S&M. Master tied me to a chair, taped over my mouth and then told me that tonight I was going to be branded. He had been working with a guy who designed them and finally found one he liked. He started heating it in the fireplace and would remove it on occasion to check that it was heating evenly as it should. Just before he pulled the brand out to use he came over and quickly cut my skirt and panties off. He then took the brand from the fire and brought it over for me to see. I was pleading with my eyes and trying to shake my head no but he just laughed and said that all cattle got branded and that I was nothing but property to him. He then took the brand and pressed it into my left ass cheek.  I screamed, tried to move and had tears streaming down my face but he held it in place until it cooled a bit. I have never been in so much pain and was retching from that and the smell of burnt flesh. My master then patted me on the head and said that I did well. He brought over some ointment and applied it to the singed skin before he cut me loose. He leaned down, ripped the tape off of my mouth and told me that he would see me next week. He had left the ointment there for me and I used some more before bed. I cried most of the night and was unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in. It took a long couple of days but it has finally scabbed over and doesn’t hurt as much. All I can say is thank you Master for the forever mark!



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