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Punish Me!

spanking phone sexI’ve been playing with my pussy for a while now trying to get your attention. I knew you wanted me and right now I needed you so fucking bad. I watched as you walked up to my desk and looked down at my hand in my panties. You grabbed my neck and squeezed making me smile which only made you harder. You don’t smile as you lift me up and bend me over. You lift up my little skirt and I feel your hands feel over my round tight little ass. I feel a smack and gasp loudly. You spanked me until my ass was too sore to sit. You lifted my little ass in the air and I felt that long hard cock push up against my pussy. You shoved right into me fucking me as hard as you could to punish me. You filled my pussy up until it dropped down my legs.

Sneaking In

teen phone sexYou snuck into my room again tonight and I knew exactly what you wanted. I was laying in bed and I knew better than to put any clothes on and I could already feel my pussy getting wet. You came in behind me and I could feel just how hard you were as you pressed your big fucking cock against my ass. He reached your arm around and started playing little clit making me feel so fucking good. I moaned as you pushed a finger right in my soaking wet kind and started pumping it in and out making me even more wet than I already was. I could feel you start to position your cock in between my round ass cheeks. You started to push your cock into my asshole and then shoved all the way in. You were so deep in my ass hole and I screamed as you started fucking me harder and harder with each fucking thrust while you played with my pussy. You were going as fast as you fucking could and I was cumming all over your fucking hands. I could feel that you were about to cum so I reached around and started massaging your balls making you feel my tiny little asshole all the way up with your big cum load.

Your Little Whore

submissive sexYou love that I am your little submissive whore, willing to do whatever you want. You had me on m knees blindfolded while you got your cock out. I had my tongue out begging for just a taste of that hard thick fucking cock. You slowly put it in m mouth all the way before pulling right back out, you love teasing me and making me want more. It makes my tight little fucking pussy soaking fucking wet every time you tease me like this and you know it. You let me suck on your cock long enough to get it all nice and wet for my tight fucking pussy before pulling me up. You laid me down on the bed, pulling my legs up over your shoulders so you can go as deep as you fucking want. I moaned loudly when you pushed into me, hard and deep over and over again. You started fucking me faster, making me scream your name while you fucked my little pussy like the fucking whore I am. I came all over your cock while you emptied your balls into my fucking cunt, filling me up.


bdsm chatYou had me tied up and gagged for hours in your basement making me wait for what’s to come. I was crying trying to scream for anyone to help me but no one came. I heard your footsteps come down the steps and started crying harder. You came up to me and shoved me up against the wall hard and rough grabbing my dirty panties and ripping them off. You flipped me over and gripped my ass hard probably bruising me. You shoved your cock into me pushing in and out hard and fast while gripping my hair saying that I will never be let go. You were going to keep me here, breeding me every fucking day until you got as many little ones as you fucking wanted. You flipped me around and grabbed me by my throat, choking me until my face turned even more red. You let go and I knew you were close to coming, I started to fight back making you grab my throat again and go even harder. You choked me until I eventually gave in passed out. I woke up to my cum filled cunt and you were gone.

Fill My Mouth Master

cum slut phone sexI love being a submissive fucking little cum slut for men like you to use and abuse. My cunt is so fucking wet for you right now while you have me tied up with my arms behind my back sucking your hard thick cock. I love looking at your face while begging for you to let me taste your hot thick cum and swallow every single fucking drop. You love the way I roll my tongue around your tip every time go up and when I take you out of my mouth and jerk you off to suck on your shaved fucking balls. I love sucking on your balls each one at a time and then fitting them both in my fucking whore mouth. You can’t help ut give me exactly what I want when I lick from your balls to the tip of your cock and take every single inch you have inside of my fucking mouth. You fill my mouth with your tasty fucking cum just the way I like and I let it drip down my throat making sure to savor every last drop.

Cum Guzzling Whore

bondage whoreYou had me on my knees in front of your with your 10” hard thick cock right In front of my face. My hands and feet were tied up and I was trying to catch your cock in my mouth but you were teasing me too much. You grabbed my hair and pulled hard telling me to tell you how much I need your hard fucking cock. I begged to taste your cock, just a little taste is all I fucking need. I am suck a cock loving whore that needs as much cock as I can possibly fucking get. You smiled and told me that I was a good girl and finally let me suck on the tip of your cock before making me take you in deep. You shoved your cock deep in my mouth intill it reached the back of my fucking throat. I gagged and choked on it and you pulled out, letting me breath again but not long because I started sucking on your balls. I took my time sucking each one before going back up and finishing what I started. I bobbed my head up and down fast and good. I felt your cock twitch in my mouth and I sped up aching for that sweet, sweet cum. I went all the way fucking down and your squirted your cum down my throat while I drank it all fucking up.

Fuck Doll

cum slut phone sexI love being a fucking whore for any and all men that will treat me like the little fuck doll that I am. You found me on the corner of the street in just my panties and a bra and asked if I needed a ride. I told you yes but only if it’s to your house and got in. You looked at me and pulled out your cock and said that I need to be a good little whore and do what I’m made to do. I smiled and got down and started sucking his cock like it was my favorite flavor of lollipop, which it is. He grabbed my head and started bobbing it up and down as hard as he fucking could making me choke and gag on his fucking cock. We pulled up to his house and he dragged me inside like the useless piece of trash I am. We got inside and he threw me down onto my knees making me suck his cock while he slapped me in the face like I fucking deserve for being a useless whore. He filled my mouth up with cum and let me drink every last drop.

Punishment from Master

bare bottom spankingsI was a bad girl for you today master, one of your guards offered me their thick cocks and I just couldn’t say no. You caught us in the act just as he was giving me his salty sweet cum and you grabbed me by the hair right off of his cock. I couldn’t say anything because of how terrified I was so I just stayed quiet while you laid me face down on the bed strapping both my feet and arms together. You positioned me with my ass in the air and told me not to move. I dare not disobey you again master so I stayed in that same position until you were ready. My pussy was already wet from thinking about all of the ways you were going to punish me but I really wasn’t ready to the smack of a whip stinging my right ass cheek. I fell a little and you told me that was going to be 10 more but you switched to different whips every 10 spanks. If I faltered or screamed at all you added more on so I tried to be a good girl until I couldn’t take anymore. You ended by spreading your sweet cum all over my ass cheeks marking me as yours once again.

Hot Salty Breakfast

bondage and submissionI was still hanging from the fucking bar that you had me from yesterday when you filled my whore cunt up to the fucking brim. I was crying when I heard you coming down the stairs and started to scream “help! Please help me!” You told me to shut my whore mouth before you make me shut up and I just started crying more. You told me you have breakfast for me and I was so hungry I would eat anything. You got me down and told me to crawl to you like the fucking worthless fucking whore I am. I got close to you and realized what my breakfast was going to be. I started crying when you pulled out your hard fucking cock and told me to drink your breakfast sperm. I shook my head and you got angry, slapping me in the face telling me this will be my only food for the rest of my pathetic fucking life. I couldn’t help myself because I was so fucking hungry and I took your cock in my whore mouth. Sucking like my fucking life depended on it like a hungry little slut. I drank up all of your hot tasty cum filling my mouth up and drinking every last fucking drop.

Please Let me Go

submissive sexYou kidnapped me from a bar last night, you must’ve slipped a drug in my drink because all I remember is drinking a feeling like I needed to get some air. I looked around and I have no fucking clue where I am. I tried to scream for help but there was something in my mouth, I started to cry because there was nothing that I could do. You stepped out of the shadows laughing at me and told me that I was going to be here forever. You told me that you’ve been watching me and that my body is fucking yours. You pulled me up and started ripping all of my fucking clothes off one by one as I cry and beg for you to let me go. You finally got them all off and you tell me your fucking cock is getting so fucking hard listening to be cry and scream. You pull out your cock and know what is gong to happen. You were going to assault my fucking body. You stuck your long fingers in my tight fucking cunt stretching me out before you sucked on them telling me how fucking good my pussy taste. You gave me no warnings and just shoved your huge fucking cock into my tight fucking cunt. It hurts so fucking bad and eventually you cum deep inside of me filling my pussy up. You tell me that I am going to be here forever and that I am going to be your breeding whore.