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Tied Up and Ready to Cum

Bondage whore

My Master has me on the edge right now. I feel like I’m about to cum.

I have my hands tied behind my back and a ball gag in my mouth. Master pulled down my tank top to reveal my big tits. Now, he is using the pinwheel to rub all over my body, especially my sensitive tits and nipples. At first, the toy tickles my body. Then, as he starts to apply more pressure, the sensations turn me on. I love it when he circles my nipples with the pinwheel, making my clit hard under my panties. I start to grind my pussy on the ground when he gets the idea to slip off my panties and use the pinwheel on my pussy. Everything he does turns me on, from the way he slides the pinwheel on my hard clit to how he glides it down my cunt. He moves up towards my thighs, applying more pressure so that it hurts my skin,  leaving a mark. The pleasure and the pain is too much for me to handle. I’m going to cum! 


Submissive Whore Reeducation With Spanking

Spanking chat


I moan, I cry out, I beg for mercy but my Master is relentless when he is punishing me. My Master says that I have become a bit too wild. I stay out all night, unable to be reached, and shirk my duties to him. He has had enough of my foolishness and decides he needs to give me a spanking to teach me a lesson. As the cool metal hits my ass, I feel a stinging that I have never felt before. My Master has never used a metal spatula to spank me before. It is more painful than his hand but less painful than a whip, so he can go for longer and harder than he normally would. According to my Master, I deserve every second of it. I fight hard against my programming, but I fall back under his influence. I beg for his forgiveness and promise to be his submissive whore. When he sees that I am sufficiently trained, he orders me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I am happy to do it and would suck it for hours if he wanted me to. He is my Master after all. 

Pimped Out to Be a Submissive Maid Whore

Erotic submissive stories


My Master loves to pimp me out to other men. It is his way of giving back to the community. I was asked to go to a house where I was to be a maid. I came there with my French maid outfit, the man’s jaw dropping. He tells me that I am such a well-trained slut and that most women would not understand what it meant to be his maid. I got to work scrubbing and wiping, bending over to reveal my lack of panties. All I wanted to do is finish my work so that I can go back to my Master. As I was cleaning the sink, I could feel him coming up behind me. He lifted my skirt up and started playing with my clit. I couldn’t stop him, he owned me for the hour. He fucked my ass, grabbing my tits as he hammered his cock into me. I had to be a good girl for him and did not resist him. He is my Master now!

I Want to Be Your Perfect Phone Sex

Cum slut phone sex


I love being your little cum slut. Use me how you want. Fuck me over the sink, on the couch, in the stocks, you name it. I need your cock all the time, it’s a bit of an addiction. I especially need that cum inside my pussy, covering my face and splattered all over my body. I am such a big whore that you don’t even have to ask to use my mouth to face fuck me until you cum deep in my throat. Your perfect cock pumping in and out of my throat, shooting a big load inside of my mouth is what I love most. My body is ready for you to use to your pleasure. I will spread my legs open for you so you can fuck my ass or fuck my pussy, your choice. I am just a cum dumpster for you to empty your balls into. Please, Master, give me every drop. I need it so bad. 

Pissed on and Fucked by Master and his Friends

Pissing phone sex


Use me as your little piss guzzling whore. I am a worthless little piss slut who needs to take the piss of you and all of your friends. I am a human toilet and my only person is to get pissed on and pissed in. My hands and feet were tied up with rope. One of your friends told me to beg for his piss. I begged and begged for it on my hands and knees until he pissed in my face to give me my reward. Another friend stuck his cock in my mouth so that I could give him a blowjob and he can see if he pisses in me or cums in me first. He pisses in my mouth, telling me to keep the piss in my mouth until he says so. It was so hard to keep the piss in my mouth while I was getting fucked doggy style by my Master and the rest of his friends. Finally, everyone pisses all over my body. My hair and my skin are completely soaked in piss. I am the ultimate piss slave for my Master. 

Tied Up and Used By My Coworkers

XXX bondage


I am being tied up and fucked by my coworkers and I can’t escape! It started when I was asked to stay late after work by my coworkers in order to finish a project. I did not want to, but have a hard time saying no. Once they got me alone, they held me down, tied me to a chair and now I am at their mercy. They won’t let me go unless I go along with everything that they say. They tell me to spread my legs so they can play with my clit and I must let them. They manage to lift my top up even with the restraints and now two of them are sucking on each of my tits. When they bring their cock to me to suck, I have to lick every inch of it and they will face fuck me until they come on my face. I even licked my coworker’s cunt and she rubbed her pussy on my face until she came. They are using me like a little fuck toy and I don’t know how long they will keep me here. Will anyone save me?

Master Slaps Me Until I’m Red and Sore

Erotic BDSM stories


It’s my Master’s favorite time again: the time where he ties me up and gets to have his way with me. My Master told me that he would like to have some low-intensity (for him) fun and slap my body with a metal spatula. If I made noise while the spatula was slapping me, he slapped me harder. When I tried out get out of my restraints, he would slap me faster. I needed to be a good little slave and take the beating. My Master did not stop hitting me with that metal spatula until my breasts, my pussy and my ass was bright red. He rubbed my pussy with his hand and I flinched at his touch. He slapped it again and I did not move a muscle. That is how my Master likes his slaves, perfectly obedient and ready to please him in any way they can. In this case, it is to let him touch me all over my body and not move a muscle until he starts fingering me. I can’t help it and I moan and wiggle. Now my Master is slapping me with the spatula while he’s fingering me. When he’s done, I come all over his finger and my body is completely red. 

Master’s Superior Cock Makes Me Cum in Seconds

Bondage submission


My Master was determined to fuck me better than any man had ever fucked me before. He tied my hands behind my head and used a leg spreader to keep my legs open. He wanted me to experience every moment of his fucking and did not want to provide me any rest. He bounced and sucked on my tits making my nipples extra hard. Then he licked my hard nipples. I moaned for him and could barely take his tongue exploring my body. He licked all the way from my tits, down my stomach and to my pussy. He licked my clit and finger fucked my wet pussy. I couldn’t close my legs so I had no choice but to experience this ecstasy. He then shoved his big cock inside of me and after a few pumps of his magic cock inside of my throbbing pussy I squirted all over his cock. I admit it: Master can fuck me and please me better than any man than I have ever been with. That is why I will always be his whore. 

Worshiping Your Sexy Cock

Cock worshiping


I love worshiping your cock. I love the way it looks, big and veiny as it towers over me while I am on my knees. I want to touch it so bad. You tease me and make me beg for it. Once I have begged sufficiently enough, I get some lube on my hands and trace my hands and fingers all over your beautiful cock. Stroking and admiring your cock and balls is just one of the ways that I worship your wonderful dick. I lick the tip of your cock before excitedly shoving your entire cock in my mouth. I can’t take it anymore. I love having your cock near me and I need it deep in my throat. I moan while I am sucking on your dick, focusing only on your pleasure. My purpose is to make your cock feel good like the cock slave that I am. Give me your cock and I will worship it for the rest of my life.

Master Cuffs My Pussy

Hardcore bondage


My Master likes to have fun with me sometimes and experiment with me to see what I will do in a given situation. This time, he wanted to see if I would either experience pain for a bit of pleasure or go without pleasure to avoid it. He handcuffed by labia and connected the chains to my wrists cuffs. So, if I moved an inch I would pull at my labia. To start off his experiment, he kissed all over my pussy and licked my cunt up and down. He sucked on my clit while sticking his fingers in my cunt. I moaned and begged for more, but I never wavered. He decided then that he needed to dominate me with his cock to get me to break. He stuck his big cock in my wet pussy and fucked me hard. I couldn’t control myself any longer. It hurt extremely to pull my labia with my wrist cuffs, but after a while the pain turned me on as well. When my Master came in me and asked my experience, I told him that I enjoyed having my labia pulled when he fucked me. He says that this is a perfect conclusion to his experiment and that we are going to have more fun with the labia cuffs later. I wonder what he will do next.