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Erotic BDSM stories from Bondage whore Rosalie

 Erotic BDSM stories

Erotic BDSM stories from a bondage whore a real submissive. This is a story about the first time I experienced the pleasure of being tied up and bound. My Dom came over while I was home alone my husband was gone on a business trip and wasn’t due back for a few days. So I got into my Best submissive outfit and my sluttiest heels making sure I was dressed to Masters orders. I Wasn’t sure what the night would bring but I must say myself im a proud submissive.

Master knows how far im willing to go he even helped me choose a safe word. Although I am a submissive my Dom taught me this is about the both of us not just him. He will only take it as far as im willing to go. When he came in he wheeled a trunk right behind him with every tool he needed to turn me out. As soon as I saw him my pussy started gushing. He immediately tore open my nighty  and began to tie me up. the tighter the ropes got the more turned on i became. He put nipple clamps on me and began whipping my tits.

Ive been hooked ever since! Can I be your slave daddy? I want you to use and abuse me the sky is the limit.

Erotic bondage stories with Submissive slut Rosalie

A good submissive slut always has the best Erotic bondage stories. It takes trust between both partners to successfully have a bondage relationship. I need to find a man to give me what I need. So that I can give him every part of me giving him unlimited access to his darkest fantasies.

Tie me up in any position even suspend me in mind air, we just have to go over the what our safe word would be. So you can tie my wrist and ankles to the bed. any way you decide to tie me up I will submit to you. I will drop to my knees in front of you as I hold out my wrist for you to bind me and put my collar on daddy.

Once im all tied up until i cant move or do anything, Glide your hands on my body and tare my clothes so you can have access to my sweet little pussy. Roll your fingers around my clit and slide them insde of me until I let out a yelp and cream all over your fingers.

Submissive Whore Rosalie in need of Female bondage


When you’re a Submissive whore, You’re trained to do any and everything my Master demands. This week My Master planned some Female Bondage. “A slut should always be prepared to be tied up any given session”As my master always says. I am Always a ready and willing rope bunny for master. Once I hear “Assume the position” I am bent over legs spread ready to be strapped to the bed with my titties tied and bound. 

Sometimes he would invite a few of his friends. As im restrained on the bed gagged like a holiday hog drooling. They would grab a paddle or whip each varying in size and would take turns Spanking me until I came all over the place. After spanking my pussy until i squirted all over! Each of them would change my position as they shoved their massive cocks in my Tight little fuckbox. While my master fucked my face until he exploded down my throat and it came out of my nose. He would slap my face and tell me im a good girl for daddy. 

I was a good girl for daddy! anything he wants i give him. if he wants me to entertain his friends Ill sever them the same as i do him just to make Master Happy. 

Erotic submissive stories With Rosalie

Erotic submissive stories

Good Afternoon Sexy men! Im looking for some erotic submissive stories to make me cum over and over again. Ive always been a little Submissive Whore. I need to be controlled By the right dominant man And to submitting to his will. I will do any and everything I’m told Nothing is too taboo for me to say no too.

Something about being tied up and bound makes my tight little fuckbox throb. Being vulnerable and waiting for my Daddy to give his next demand. I love being surprised by spontaneous request, Blindfold me and take me to your sex dungeon. Put a collar and leash on me and parade me around in the street.

We can have so many wild and exciting adventures  Once you make me yours! I want you to get as dark and twisty as you can get not one fantasy is off limits I want to know your most crazy and seductive stories you got.  I want to get nasty with you. You can even use toys with me. Im yours to play with daddy!


Pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sexOh how i love Pissing phone sex and boy is it worth it every time! I wish I could explain the immense pleasure I get when My man Relieves his hot yellow nectar all over me! I want it! NO! I NEED IT! I will do every and anything I can to get it!  It all started when i was younger taking a shower with my little brother he had to pee but refused to leave the shower and began to piss all over me.Golden Showers Phone Sex

Just like that i stubbled upon Golden shower porn and baby let me tell you my pussy started running like a faucet! I found what I was looking for and now i was looking for the man to give me exactly what i crave so deeply! I soon found my Rope Daddy and he loved tying me up and pissing all over me. I was his Dirty little Rope Slut and i loved every second of it! 

Im accepting all applications for my golden shower lovers and rope slut tamers! call me for your Golden shower phone sex needs! Im dying for your hot piss all over me!


Bukkake phone sex

Bukkake phone sexSince I’ve started at this Catholic school to teach these youngsters about the wonderful world of sex. These students have taught me more than I thought I knew. Between the shock collar and buzzer sounds that they have made me wear along my neck for control. I’m a slave to their every whim what ever is asked of me I do. Yesterday during lunch I was under my own desk as they each took turns fucking my face filling me up with cum. When they were done with me they left me there drained of all energy still tied up with cum dripping down my face. I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I can’t help it! I’m a dirty submissive whore that loves to be taken advantage of. Any time I go into brat mode I’m severely punished! They’ll tie me to a desk and paddle me until my ass is bright red and the floor is covered in my cum and theirs. Do you wanna teach me a lesson in how to behave? I’ve been a real bad girl daddy! Come and take this little slut.

Bondage whore phone sex

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreIt all started with such high hopes and excitement. A new position at a Catholic School, eager to share my knowledge and teach young minds about life and the mysteries of sex. But oh, did I ever underestimate these little devils! Turns out, they’re not exactly the choir boys I thought they were.Now, I’m trapped in this twisted game, forced to obey and satisfy their every whim. It’s as if I’m back in the classroom, but this time, the punishment is far worse than detention. Every day brings a new form of torment, and the buzzer that’s implanted along my neck dictates my every move. I have lost count of the days I’ve spent in this hellhole, but it’s been 45 so far.

Extreme fetish phone sexOne day, I was summoned to my knees as the buzzer sounded, my chains rattling in the background. A mysterious figure walked in, and I was ordered to tie them up and gag them. All I could do was obey. If I didn’t, who knows what they’d do to me?But that’s the thing, I have no one to turn to, no one to help me escape. The nuns at the school are fully involved in this twisted game, and it seems like there’s no way out. These little bastards have taken control of my body and soul, using me for their twisted pleasure. The scars on my back and ring around my pussy are a constant reminder of my fate.I find myself wondering, is there a way out of this dark and twisted world? Will I ever break free from these monsters and reclaim my life? Only time will tell, but for now, I’m trapped in this nightmare, waiting for the next horror to unfold.

Dumb Bitch Piss Dumpster Begs for Golden Shower

Pissing phone sexI deserve to be covered in your piss from head to toe. You own my body so you can cover me in as much shit, piss, cum and spit as you like. I am not shy about my love for being degraded. It is completely true that I am a nasty, filthy whore whose only purpose is to be abused by you. I promise not to tell anyone about how you used me if you let me swallow that piss at least once. All parts of my body are to be used for your pleasure, so if you want me to give you an amazing blowjob, drooling and gagging on your perfect cock and then piss in my mouth instead of cumming inside of it, I will swallow every drop. It may be that I’m a dumb bitch cum dumpster who doesn’t deserve to be treated with any respect. The only way to find out is to use me as your pissing fuck doll.

Dirty Slut Tortured, Punished and Gang Banged

BDSM phone sexYour slave has been a little whore right under your nose. I went out the night before and brought 5 men over to gangbang me until morning. Once you wake up, you know what has occurred the night before, but try to give me the chance to confess. I lie to you, and say that no one has been in your house or inside my pussy. That’s when you knew that your little slut needed more discipline than you thought. Later in the day, when I thought I had gotten away with everything, you grab my hand and pull me outside, tying my hands behind my back and around a tree. You get that horrible vibrator and tease my tits, not allowing me to cum until I confess. I could barely stand the torture ten minutes before I told you everything. Little did I know that you brought the men back to the home, telling them that they can fantasy rape until I pass out. That will teach me to never want outside cock again!

Disobedient Sub Degraded With Scat

Scat phone sex

Do you want me to be your toilet whore? I love playing in my piss and shit, swallowing it when ordered. I will do whatever is ordered by my Master. At this point, I am already a seasoned toilet whore. Master will invite me to the bathroom, and tell me that he needs to use me. Then, he pulls down his pants, I open my mouth and he pisses straight into my mouth. Once he is done feeding me his piss, he turns around, squats and tells me to catch his scat in my mouth. I watch each turd slowly leave his asshole, making sure to get on my knees right under him to swallow that turd. Now, my Master doesn’t want to make me eat it. He has moved past the point of rewarding me with his shit. He is now looking for different way to humiliate and degrade me. Today, he is going to shit and piss all over my naked body. I will be completely covered, and then be forced to walk around like that to remind me who is boss.