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Dad Uses BDSM to Dominate Daughter

Soft bondage

I like hardcore fucking in soft, fluffy handcuffs. I don’t care what is done to me as long as I have those handcuffs on me. The first person who fucked me like this was my father. He was a kinky motherfucker who loved to make me his bitch. Since I was a teen, he got me hooked on BDSM and worshiping him as my Master. He fucked me into submission every night, putting me in these fluffy, pink handcuffs that he got from the sex store. He whipped me, choked me and even tried to waterboard me with his piss. It got to the point that he could control me at any time. I didn’t even try to tell my Mom about what we were doing (not that she would be able to believe her daughter could be such a nasty whore). When he wanted me, he could get me with the snap of his finger, putting me in those pink handcuffs that I always loved.

Toilet Whore Deserves to be Spanked

Spanking chat

I swear to be a good little piss and shit gobbling whore. Use me as a toilet and you can slide your shit right down my throat. I don’t care how long you need me to keep my mouth open; I love being your toilet slave. You can use me as your personal cum rag as well as your toilet paper. You can tie me up in tight ropes or tight cuffs so that my only purpose in life is to be a toilet for you whenever you ask. If I let one drop of shit or piss escape my lips, you can spank me as punishment. My tight, juicy ass is ready for your spankings. You can slap my cheeks until they’re completely red. I deserve it. I deserve to be punished for wasting your golden stream. I don’t care if you need to spank me for hours. I am your worthless little toilet and you can punish me as you see fit.

You Find a Bondage Slave in the Basement…

Light bondageHelp me!

I can’t believe you’ve found me! I’ve been down here for hours. My Master upstairs has kidnapped me and wants to use me as his BDSM slave. I have been trapped down here ever since. Can you help me get out? Oh, you’ll only help me if you get to use me? I can’t believe you want to violate me before you let me free, but I have no choice. Use me as you wish. Force me on my knees and shove your cock down my throat, make me tell you how much I love to suck it. Turn me around and pound my pussy hard while slapping my ass. Treat me like a dirty slut. Force me to hold in my cum as you tease me with a vibrator, and then titty fuck me until you cum in my face. Now, are you satisfied?

What? You won’t let me go? You want to be able to use me again?

Students Destroy Teacher’s Holes and Use Her as a Cum Rag

Extreme bondageOne memory that will never leave my mind is when I was kidnapped and used as a sex slave for a bunch of teens. I was their instructor, and I had given each of them a failing grade in my class. They warned me that there would be consequences for giving them those grades. I didn’t think anything of it as I thought they wouldn’t have dared hurt me. One day, when I was pumping gas in my car, someone came up behind me and blindfolded me. Another scooped up my legs and they took me to their car. They had nowhere to take me, so they drove out to a field and forced me to strip naked. Those students tied me up tight with rope and then they publicly took turns fantasy raping me. This was punishment, they said, for giving them terrible grades. It was their right to take revenge on me. By the time they were done, my body was covered in cum, all of my holes were sore and red from the abuse, and I was left on the side of the road for anyone else to come and use me.

My Pussy Belongs to Master

S&M porn


Punish me Master. Spank me, whip me and have your way with me. I am a cock sucking whore who doesn’t even deserve to be treated with any softness or kindness. Abuse me like you would a doll. I have been a bad girl and bad girls like me need to be punished. Put me on the rack and stretch me out to the maximum point. Everything about this experience needs to be painful. You look to see if you need to use the paddle or your own hand, and then get the metal spatula. The stinging feeling on my skin as the spatula continuously beats down on me, making my skin red all over, does not go away. My torture continues even after the toys are put away. Now I am primed to be trained. Slide your cock in my pussy and pound me into submission. Make me yours. My pussy belongs to you and it is time for me to understand that.

I Need You to Punish My Bare Ass, Daddy!

Bare bottom spankingsI need you to spank my ass until it’s red. You own my ass, Daddy. I need to be punished because I’ve been a very bad girl. I looked on your computer and saw all of your dirty porn history. I couldn’t resist watching some of them, getting off to those kinky videos and dripping cum on your office chair. You smelled my cum on your chair and knew that I had to be responsible. Now, I’m ready to take my punishment. Spank my bare ass, please! Make me your good girl again. Only your discipline can guide me to be a better slut for you. My pussy belongs to you. My ass belongs to you. I shouldn’t touch myself or watch porn without your permission, Daddy. I shouldn’t leave cum soaking on the office chair that you could have licked up off of me. I know I can take the punishment. You can go for hours and I’ll remain on your lap until I pass out.

Wild Girl Becomes Submissive Bondage Slut

Bondage submission

My Master has kept me in these locking straps for hours. He wants to break me and make me his obedient slut. The waiting and the tight restraints only make me hornier and more anxious to top him the second I get out of these straps. When he comes out, he looks at me, knowing I am still the wild girl I was. He comes and grab my breasts. He tweaks my nipples and licks them all over. I love having his tongue all over my sensitive nipples. He turns around, gets his riding crop and starts slapping my tits. I try to get out of my bondage so I can escape my lashings, but I am unable to move. I beg for him to stop because he’s going to make me cream my panties. He traces the crop around my nipples and slaps one of them. Then, he slaps the other, hard. I cannot take this anymore and cum hard into my panties. I am no longer a wild girl, I am his obedient bondage slut.

Pissed On and Degraded on Public Train

Golden showers phone sex


I was sitting on the train when a man came up to me. He had a trench coat on, which was suspicious to me but not enough to strike up a conversation. He asked me sexy personal questions such as “Had I ever had a golden shower?” and “Do I love being degraded?”. Of course, I told him that I have had a golden shower and that being degraded is my purpose in life. I am a submissive whore whose place is to be used. He then got up and opened his coat to reveal he wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear. He grabbed his cock and started spraying me with his piss right in front of everyone in the train. I tried to pretend that I had more self-respect than I actually had, but it was obvious to everyone that I loved being covered in his piss. I got to my stop and got off the train, my pussy so wet from being publicly degraded by that stranger.

Maid Slave Gangbanged and Bred By Master and His Friends

Gangbang phone sexIt’s no wonder a whore like me is always in situations like this. One minute, you make me serve drinks in a French maid’s outfit to each of your friends. They’re pinching my ass since you refuse to let me wear panties. The pinching becomes rubbing my pussy. The next minute, each of you are trying to see how far you can stick your cocks down my throat. You tell them that I’m your toy, but that they can borrow me for the night. One of them got a hold of me and lifted my skirt while another came and rubbed my clit. I begged for you to make them stop, but you said that it was my fault for enticing them. You all decide to see who can breed me first, creaming inside of me and pounding my delicate pussy until I can’t even feel my legs anymore. If I am not pregnant in the next month, you give them permission to come ravage me again.

Punishing Your Bondage Slut When She Flashes Someone

Bondage phone sex

I can’t believe you put me in these tiny little clothes and make me walk around in public with them. It is so embarrassing to be exposing myself like this. These clothes barely cover my tits or my ass. To make matters worse, I’m not wearing any lingerie. One wrong move and I’ll be flashing everyone in sight. You make me walk around in tall high heels and my extra small clothing. As you walk, you bend over and drop something on the ground, ordering me to bend down and get it. I know that you did that on purpose, waiting to see how I would bend down. It’s no use fighting against it as I bend down to pick up your object. As I am bent down, my pussy and my ass are completely exposed to the public. You make me stay there in that position while you spank me, punishing me for being a dirty exhibitionist slut. So, you’ll make me wear these tight, uncomfortable clothes that barely cover my body and punish me when I flash people? That is so unfair! Every day will end with a red ass!