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Come pee with me

pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex really gets me going if you know what I mean. I was introduced to pissing on someone by an ex-boyfriend and once we started it was hard for me to stop. There is something very basic about pissing on or in someone. I have found in my time that most men enjoy the feeling of putting their dick in a hot girls’ mouth and pissing down their throat. However in my case turnabout is fair play. I enjoy having a man beneath me in the bathtub with their mouths open ready for me to piss and for them to clean me up with their tongues. The men that are the quietest actually turn out to be the nastiest. Many of a geeky man has grabbed my head while pissing and some will cum right after. There is something both exciting and degrading about someone using you as their personal toilet. As long as there are men who are happy to use my mouth as a urinal I will continue to be on my knees enjoying it.    

Submissive whore

Submissive whore

Submissive whore is what my master calls me. He came over last night and I could tell that he was in a dark mood. He reminded me that I am his submissive little whore and that he could do whatever he wanted to my body. He tied me down tight to the table and then brought out his knives. He started slowly tracing the ropes with the smallest one and then brought out the big boy. Normally the big knife doesn’t make an appearance but tonight was a no holds barred kind of night. He cut off the bra and panties that I was wearing and slowly traced my nipples and clit with the sharp end of the knife. I was scared and crying but that just turned him on more. He removed the gag that I had in and shoved his cock in my mouth and down my throat. As I was choking and crying more he started rubbing my clit with his fingers. As I got close to orgasm he told me that I could cum but he was going to leave a mark on my pretty body while I did. As I came he sliced just above my left nipple. He was really turned on by then and finished down my throat a few strokes later. Now I will always have a reminder of who I belong to.

My bad

submissive whoreGot myself into some trouble today. I hired a handyman online to work on somethings around the house and he was due to arrive before I left for work this morning. He arrived on time in an unmarked van but I was running late and didn’t think too much about it. As I was showing him around the house he was busy checking me out. When I went to leave I asked him if he had any questions and he said that he would be fine. I went to leave and he grabbed me from behind and pressed something to my nose. When I came to a while later I was tied up and tied down and there were a lot more men in my house. The gag that they had put in my mouth was being removed and as I opened my mouth to scream a hard cock was shoved in. I was then untied and brought over to my coffee table where I was retied down and the men took their turns raping my mouth, ass and pussy. By then end I had taken so many loads of cum that I thought I was floating in water. I was sore, bruised and dripping. The men started to leave and something was pressed to my nose again. This time when I woke up no one else was there but a note that said “until next time bitch.” Honestly I can’t wait!!

Gang Rape Fantasy

rape phone sex fantasies

I was taken today against my own will. It seems that my idiot husband has been going around doing drugs again and hasn’t paid his supplier. On my way to work I was hit from behind and dragged into an abandoned building where there some very big and scary guys waiting. They told me what the idiot had managed to do and what they were going to take from me to fix the problem. At first I thought that they were looking for money that I didn’t have or to cause injury but it seems that all they wanted was sex and a lot of it. Jokes on them- I LOVE sex!!! They spent the next 8 hrs fucking me in every hole that I had. By the end I am sure that I swallowed over 50 loads of cum and had many more of that in and on my body. When they finally let me go home I was exhausted and sticky. My idiot husband met me at the door and wanted to know where I had been. I told him to go do more drugs and to leave me alone- I was anticipating the next time that he let his bill get out of control!!!!

Do You Like Submissive Sex?

submissive sex

Do you like submissive sex? It is all I have ever had. Not once in my life have I been able to be in charge. Not saying I would want to. I do not think I would know what to do. Oscar is this guy I met at a fetish club before Covid-19 changed my life. He has been my master for a few months now. He is pushing me to take charge more. Not with him. He would never permit that. What he wants is for me to dominate his teen daughter. I feel like that is his job only, but he likes the idea of his sub spanking his daughter. He forced me to do it last night. I just tried to think about what all you phone masters do to me. I channeled you last night. After dinner, I grabbed his blonde twat of a girl and threw her over my knees. I pulled her panties down and gave her the hardest spanking ever. Bare bottom spankings leave a mark on such a young ass. She was kicking and screaming. She begged for daddy’s help, but he was just stroking his cock watching. Turns out I like dominating young girls. But do not worry. I have not forgotten my place.

Submissive Whore

submissive whore

I should have never been born. My daddy didn’t want any bitch daughters. My mother couldn’t go through with having me removed from her womb and made a deal with daddy. She told daddy he could use me for his demented desires and that I would eventually be old enough for his dick to fit in my holes. That made my daddy excited and he couldn’t wait for the day he could fuck and abuse me. Until I was old enough he would ejaculate on me and fuck my little mouth. I was fed daddy’s cum from the start. It was fed to me as I was fed mommy milk. I was accustomed to the taste early and never paid a mind to it’s taste in mouth when I woke up or in my panties. Ever since daddy first took my cherry I have been his little cum slut and slave. I’m a mommy now too because of his fucking me so much I became a prostitute druggy and know no other way than to fuck my way through life. I was lucky to be born and have to be thankful for this life and that means I should breed and bring more lives into this world. Cum breed a druggy whore.

Cum Slut Phone Sex with Rosalie

cum slut phone sexI have always loved cum slut. It has always been like crack to me. The first time I had it, I needed more of it. I had a client, who loved it when I called him Daddy.  He loved our playtime a little rough when we play together and that’s perfectly fine with me!  In fact, sometimes the more extreme our role plays are, the harder we both cum! Let me tell you about the most recent cum eating experience. We had this extreme fantasy that had us both breathing heavy by the end. He made me his sexual masochist. By the time we were done, I had rope burns on my wrists and bite marks and bruises. When we got done, he grabbed my face and just sort of growled to me “swallow all my cum you filthy cum slut”. I mouth “yes daddy” and swallow it one big gulp. He just knows how to make me his submissive cum slut. 



submissive whore phone sex

bondage whoreWe all love a kinky fantasy phone sex session. After all, isn’t that why we are here? Call me and let both of our imagination take us off to anywhere we want to go. Like the time I was a nurse scantly dresses in my white nurse uniform and red fishnet stocking when you came in for your prostate check-up. Or when you being a horny soldier walked into and came into the dealership to purchase that Camaro, but we fucked in the car on the test drive. That is just a couple but there are so many fantasies we can think of to play. Of course, as always the dirtier, the better. Call me names because I love that and give me all the spanking, all the submissive things you can think of. If you’re really into ass worshiping, I can be the one for sure. Many of you guys cum in just to get something Many of you guys cum in just to get something to tide you over before you have to go home to your wife. Start thinking of where you want to go in your head and call me for fantasy phone sex.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex
Hey guys! It’s your soon to be favorite submissive, Rosalie! With this pandemic going on, I hope all you perves have been staying safe, healthy! Since you and I can not go out and have fun as we did before with our lives, let’s make perverted spanking phone sex our stress release, if you know what I mean. I know we can think of some pretty steamy, sinful ways to make that happen over the phone.

I’ve always enjoyed perverted teen phone sex fun. You do not even have to be my dad, you can be any older man you want and make me be submissive. Want to be the teacher that wants to teach me a lesson for always wearing those super short skirts to class with my tight crop tops? Punish me for being a slut and put me over your knees and spank me! I know you want too and you know I need it! Make me hike up my skirt so it’s my bare bottom, even better! Now my little bum is cherry red from all the smacks you’ve given me!

Bondage Whore



bondage whore

I am a bondage whore. I love being tied up. I get off on being vulnerable and not knowing what you might do next. I met Bob in a fetish chat site once quarantine hit. All my BDSM clubs were closed temporarily and I needed to be a subby bitch. I needed tied up and fucked. After a few weeks of sharing our BDSM experiences, Bob and I met at a no tell motel halfway between where we both live. He brought plenty of equipment for a hot night of bondage and fucking. He was surprised I was hot. He thought there was a possibility he would be cat fished. He was handsome too. I am not always attracted to my masters, but he made me wish I was not a submissive bitch. He tied me up on the motel bed. He jacked off on my face before he fisted my cunt. He was brutal on my whore pussy too. He left his rings on as he twisted his big hand up my cunt. He told me it had been awhile since he had a slave, so he was making up for lost time. My pussy was sore as fuck, but I like some pain. He was only getting started. He fisted my ass next. I could barely drive home after our rendezvous. I guess that is what I get for being a stupid horny slave.

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