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cum slut phone sexI have always loved cum slut. It has always been like crack to me. The first time I had it, I needed more of it. I had a client, who loved it when I called him Daddy.  He loved our playtime a little rough when we play together and that’s perfectly fine with me!  In fact, sometimes the more extreme our role plays are, the harder we both cum! Let me tell you about the most recent cum eating experience. We had this extreme fantasy that had us both breathing heavy by the end. He made me his sexual masochist. By the time we were done, I had rope burns on my wrists and bite marks and bruises. When we got done, he grabbed my face and just sort of growled to me “swallow all my cum you filthy cum slut”. I mouth “yes daddy” and swallow it one big gulp. He just knows how to make me his submissive cum slut. 



submissive whore phone sex

bondage whoreWe all love a kinky fantasy phone sex session. After all, isn’t that why we are here? Call me and let both of our imagination take us off to anywhere we want to go. Like the time I was a nurse scantly dresses in my white nurse uniform and red fishnet stocking when you came in for your prostate check-up. Or when you being a horny soldier walked into and came into the dealership to purchase that Camaro, but we fucked in the car on the test drive. That is just a couple but there are so many fantasies we can think of to play. Of course, as always the dirtier, the better. Call me names because I love that and give me all the spanking, all the submissive things you can think of. If you’re really into ass worshiping, I can be the one for sure. Many of you guys cum in just to get something Many of you guys cum in just to get something to tide you over before you have to go home to your wife. Start thinking of where you want to go in your head and call me for fantasy phone sex.

Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex
Hey guys! It’s your soon to be favorite submissive, Rosalie! With this pandemic going on, I hope all you perves have been staying safe, healthy! Since you and I can not go out and have fun as we did before with our lives, let’s make perverted spanking phone sex our stress release, if you know what I mean. I know we can think of some pretty steamy, sinful ways to make that happen over the phone.

I’ve always enjoyed perverted teen phone sex fun. You do not even have to be my dad, you can be any older man you want and make me be submissive. Want to be the teacher that wants to teach me a lesson for always wearing those super short skirts to class with my tight crop tops? Punish me for being a slut and put me over your knees and spank me! I know you want too and you know I need it! Make me hike up my skirt so it’s my bare bottom, even better! Now my little bum is cherry red from all the smacks you’ve given me!

Bondage Whore



bondage whore

I am a bondage whore. I love being tied up. I get off on being vulnerable and not knowing what you might do next. I met Bob in a fetish chat site once quarantine hit. All my BDSM clubs were closed temporarily and I needed to be a subby bitch. I needed tied up and fucked. After a few weeks of sharing our BDSM experiences, Bob and I met at a no tell motel halfway between where we both live. He brought plenty of equipment for a hot night of bondage and fucking. He was surprised I was hot. He thought there was a possibility he would be cat fished. He was handsome too. I am not always attracted to my masters, but he made me wish I was not a submissive bitch. He tied me up on the motel bed. He jacked off on my face before he fisted my cunt. He was brutal on my whore pussy too. He left his rings on as he twisted his big hand up my cunt. He told me it had been awhile since he had a slave, so he was making up for lost time. My pussy was sore as fuck, but I like some pain. He was only getting started. He fisted my ass next. I could barely drive home after our rendezvous. I guess that is what I get for being a stupid horny slave.

Submissive Sex with Daddy

submissve sex

Submissive sex is something I have always given to my daddy. I hated my mommy and her drug problem. Mommy slept around with a lot of dirty men to pay off daddy’s gambling debts. I had always liked being around my dad. I liked sitting on his lap and giving him puppy dog eyes to get drinks of his beer. He treated me like his princess. I am daddy’s princess. When I came to budding little breasts daddy could not keep his hands off of me. He set up boundaries and rules for me. My pops did not want me to be a 2 bit whore like mama and made me his subby princess. I kept daddy happy and in turn I got anything I wanted. In my teens I was considered to old for daddy and he decided to let other Masters purchase me for their use. All of my Masters are ones that my dad chose for me and they pay him to own me. I am a slave that is owned. It’s my will to please my Masters’ and my Daddies. Are you going to be my Master or my Daddy? The difference is that daddy treats me like a princess and spoils me but also gets a little rough with me when I fall out of line. Master’s own me and make use of me like the sex slave that they purchased me as. Which will it be?

Sexy Slave Sex

Submissive sex


I’m always ready to fuck around with the fucking King. I will treat you like you deserve to be treated, with me you’ll never have to think I’m not loyal. Let me be your submissive little come dumpster slut I will do such a good job master. I know how to treat a man I know how to give him my hot tasty wet pussy. You and me we are perfect together because I’m ready for every one of your perverted desires. I know that I can fulfill your fantasies. I’m sure I can make your cock go crazy. I know that my body turns you on I can tell that you’ve been looking at my nipples from across the room. You want to take your tongue deep inside of my pussy hole and make me squirt and scream. I know how to give you what you need. I know you want a really horny dominant good time. Let me be your lot lizard slut slave tonight you won’t be sorry you chose me. I can suck your cock all the way to the balls and even wrap my lips around your succulent balls at the same time that your cock is lodged into my throat. Let’s get nasty right now. Yes, I’m in a very naughty mood, and I’m ready to please, have a taste now. Your cock will thank you. Let me get in your head. I can make you so happy. Don’t you want to be satisfied? Don’t you want to be pleased? Think about it, you can have it your way entirely without any worries or concerns of silly taboos. Think about it now.


Bondage whore

I Can Be Bad

Submissive slut


Let me suck your cock; I can make you feel good; I can make you feel better than most women could ever make you feel. You are my fantastic Suitor I want to do things to you that are Beyond Wild. If you give me a chance, I’ll show you what kind of girl I am how nasty I am how much I want for you to stuff your cock deep down my throat. I want to make your cock cum like crazy I want to make you cum all over yourself. I want to ride your cock like a cowgirl I’ll be your private pornstar all you have to do is direct me. Tell me what your wildest fantasies are I don’t have any rules what so ever I have no taboos I’m ready for any and everything. You’re going to have a good time with me. I know it I’m sure of it and you should know it too. Call me babe, don’t you wanna feel good? Don’t you want your cock to scream cream juice everywhere? Pick up your phone right now and call me you know you want to you know that you need to and you should also know I’m waiting. I am your feel-good girl, I’mal ways guaranteed to make you feel good.

Fetish for You


 Bare bottom spankings

My pussy is wet for dick now, and I can’t wait to please a burley perverted guy. I know that you would have a soaking wet satisfying time. I’m such a passionate cum guzzling whore I can’t wait to be fucked in the back of a truck. I am your fantasy slut, and all you have to do is give me a chance. If you are horny, you should let me ride your hard cock. Don’t you desire to be deep inside me pounding my asshole? You can stick your big thick rock solid hard cum-filled cock inside in me? I know you want me and I won’t stop you. I will allow you to do whatever is on your filthy mind with no taboos to worry about. I know you will have so much dirty nasty fun. Call me any name you desire because I am your nasty freak and I plan to please all your nasty fucking fetishes. I love hard dicks going down my throat so much I can’t get enough. I’m not like your conventional sex monster I’m more I’ll swallow your fucking cock and your cum.

My Sugar Daddy

Submissive Whore

I’m with my sugar daddy now, and he is so fucking great. My man knows what to do to get me hot. All I’ve been thinking about is sucking his big luscious cock his balls are always full of cum, and it’s incredible. My body needs this man more than anything because he knows just how to do me right. I am a fucking cunt slut, and I love being nasty for my man. My sugar daddy keeps me wet he makes my pussy not ever forget that he is majoring in my life; he means more than everything to me. Would you like to have a good time I’ve got some girlfriends, and we can get really hot, but you’ve got to watch me fuck my sugar daddy first. Big Daddy doesn’t mind when I fuck someone but he has got to put his prints all over me first, and that is fine because he’s earned it. Imma wed slut I can fuck all night long Alpha 2 and three guys at the same time. Would you like to try me out if you’re the kind of guy that gets off on cuckolding then you’re sure to have the really fucking great time with me? My body’s calling a fat cock to raid my asshole and fuck it so good until its gaping wide open. I don’t hold back that’s not what I’m known for my girls could tell you I’m really a bad whore I am the fucking worst. Come into my love land and get you a hot piece of ass I’m not the only one who will fuck you my friends will too. You can play with my pretty pussy and have a really fucking great time I’m not joking there are no games here I’m for real. Are you horny enough to do the most I’m telling you-you can have a good time?

Slut Stuff

Bare bottom spankings

I am hungry for some fucking sex, and I need it right now I’m so horny my body is trembling. I want to suck your big throbbing cock all day, and all night long I want to make you spray your load all down my throat. You can fuck me in every position that you’ve ever wanted to I won’t stop you at all. Let’s do the nastiest sexy fucking things that we can imagine I really need to. I am so horny today my body wants big dick and balls. I want you to suck my pussy I want you to drive your tongue into my pussy hole so deep that you make me scream. I want to squirt in your face I need to, and you know that you need my hot cum. I don’t want any strings attached so fuck my boyfriend fuck my husband fuck anything that’s going to stop me from doing exactly what I want to. I don’t care about my relationships right now the only thing that I care about is getting off.

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