There is nothing weak about a woman who chooses to be submissive. During my working hours outside of here, I have a very demanding job. I am under a lot of pressure and stress to meet deadlines, take care of the employees under me, give presentations, sit on various Boards for corporations and charities … you get the picture. Most people who come across me in my professional work environment refer to me as a “Bitch”. To be honest, that is exactly what I am in that situation. If those under me do a shitty job, it reflects badly upon myself.

However, when I am not at work I enjoy being submissive. I absolutely adore when a strong Dominant Man takes over. It does not matter to me if they are more sensual or hardcore in their domination practices. I do as told, I am used as I should be, and I am there for Their pleasure as well as mine. I worship the very ground they walk on, I take care of their every need. I realize that all Masters/Doms are different and require different things. Not a one size fits all if you will.

With that in mind, contact me. Tell me how I can serve you as you deserve. Allow me to be yours for as long as you need me. Show this Professional Dominant Woman who I am during work hours, that she can be a trashy, dirty, fuck slut for your pleasure.

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