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The submissive phone sex subbie you’ve been looking for.

Submissive phone sex

Submissive phone sex has been a decent part of my life since I turned a legal age. I love the thought of being owned and operated like a dirty little whore for anyone to use and abuse as they see fit. There’s nothing more in this whole world that I love more than submitting to someone powerful and much stronger than myself.

Let’s take a walk on the wild side and see just how naughty we can get with eachother. I’d love to turn into a drooling whimpering little bitch for someone as strong as you. I need this, and you do as well. Stop playing with your cock by yourself, and let me show you how naughty we can get. How much fun we can have with both of our minds combined. We both need this. More than anything. Submission is a gift and I plan to give mine to you.

Anything goes with naughty submissive sex.

Submissive sexI love submissive sex and everything about it. When my Master walks into a room and my heart immediately jumps and my thighs moisten. It makes my whole body shiver with need and he knows it. He knows how to get to me with just a few words, just like some of you do.

However, he’s going away and I am going to be in need of a new Owner. So to speak.

Someone who I can kneel for that will make me do whatever they wish when they wish it. I love everything there is to do with being submissive and getting treated like I am beneath a Dominant.

I’d love to show you what I have to offer if you’d just give me the chance to amaze you.

Daddy always said I was born to be a submissive slut.

Submissive slutI guess even when I was fairly young my Daddy could always tell I was born to be a submissive slut. He always walked around reminding me that I was beneath him and that I was just put on this earth to serve men. It was quite a shocking feeling to know that he thought that of me, I thought I was his princess. Little did I know I was actually in for quite the treat.

He loved to do naughty stuff with me and show me off to his friends. The things he’d make me do, like serve drinks at his games. It got to the point where he’d even have me sucking them off, and taking them to my bedroom.

It was quite a learning experience, and it’s carried over into my adult life. Every time I look at a man I try to judge if they are Dominant or not and what they can or will do to me.

I’d literally let them do anything. I’d let you do anything.

Every Girl Really Desires To Be A True Submissive Slut.

Submissive slut

There’s no better feeling than to sit on your knees waiting for your Master like a good little submissive slut. Just waiting there your heart racing to be used and abused like the dirty little slut you long so much to be. It’s literally what I live for. To honor and serve someone I can look up to and respect enough to actually give myself to.

It’s quite the feeling being under someones toe, knowing you’d allow them to do just about anything they desire to you no matter what it is. It’s that level of trust that I really crave. It’s something that fills most of my thoughts during the day.

Do you think you have what it takes to get a hot slut lime to wrapped around your finger?

There’s no better thing in the world than being called a submissive whore!

Submissive whore

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved the thought and idea of being a submissive slut. Being owned and Domianted by a strong man with a massive big hard cock has always been something I’ve searched for since I was just a young girl. There’s something about giving up total control to a stronger Dominant person, that just makes my heart skip a beat.

I still remember the first time I was Dominated by an older man. It was the most amazing experiance. To be standing there in his bedroom before him, told to strip and be taken. He had his way with me that night in ways I have only dreamed of happening again. The sheer strength and mental capacity that man possessed was amazing.

The ability to just grab me and toss me around like a rag doll, making me do everything he desired and more. I will never forget it, ever since I have searched for something comparable. Maybe you can help me!

Bent over his knee in public! Given bare bottom spankings!

bare bottom spankings


Bent over a knee is the best way to get a bare bottom spanking! Don’t you agree? If not we should really discuss what you think is best! I really prefer the intimate contact of bare hand to bare ass, the loving gesture of rubbing and swatting. It’s comforting in a way and super erotic.

Have you ever given a grown woman a bare bottom spanking? Bent over your knee, whimpering and moaning, wiggling and carrying on as she looks up at you with those innocent needy eyes. Giving you all the signals that she wants to be taken rough and hard but lovingly at the same time.

I love to act up just so I can get that extra touch and attention from my Dominants. I guess you could call me more of a brat with a more traditional side. Let me show you new experiances, let me whimper in your ear as you tell me how you’re going to dominate me.

There’s nothing I crave more than bondage and submission.

Bondage and submissionIt’s so hard to find a Dominant that really likes bondage and submission and isn’t just pretending. I’ve been dying waiting for a real man to come along and show me how it’s done. To actually make me weak in the knees by just the mere thought of him. There’s nothing I’d love more than seeing a phone number pop up on caller id, and just knowing that I was about to have a sore bottom and a wet pussy. Being a needy submissive slut I always crave constant control, it gets so irritating and annoying when I have to make decisions for myself. I can’t even cum anymore without permission, so I find myself edging day in and day out with no real release until I get to be a begging little whore on the phone. Don’t get me started on how incompetent most of the Dominants are in my area, I can’t even find one I really like. I always think I’ve found one and then end up severely disappointed. Come save me, allow me to worship you how you deserve, and see what a good little slut I can truly be for you.

Rape phone sex fantasies haunt my dreams, let’s make them a reality…

Rape phone sex fantasiesRape phone sex fantasies are literally all I think about. I love the idea of walking home from the store or work and being abducted by someone. My fantasies are kind of extreme though. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be sold into sex slavery, or something of the sort.

I mean, could you imagine it, a hot young girl walking down the road? Ripe for the taking, no one around, except you and your next victim? The amount of adrenaline you feel going up to the moment of capture would totally have your cock harder than it has ever been in your whole life. Aching in your pants as you reached out, grabbing me my muffled screams fell into your gloved hand and I wiggle and squirm against your strong grip trying to get away.

Imagine the rush of excitement as you bind my hands, tossing me into the back seat. A ball gag tucked firmly in my mouth to muffle any cry or scream that may escape.  What would you do with me next? Do you know, do you want to plan it out together? Let’s play Sir, come show me how much danger I’m in.

There’s nothing I crave more than being your submissive whore.

Submissive whoreThere’s something about sitting on my knees like a submissive whore, just waiting for my Master’s attention. Sitting there hoping to hear his footsteps, my hair up in a tight high ponytail. Just how he likes it. It took me a few tries to get it perfect, but now instead of him walking in and spanking me, he tenderly rubs my face and praises me for being such a good slut.

Those words have changed my whole life. Being called a good slut, good whore, or any other term of adoration by my Dominant really gives me a feeling of being complete. I’ve yearned to be owned and operated by a strong independent Dominant for the longest time since I was in high school if you want to be precise. Seeing the football coach bossing all the hot young players around. And them just obediently listening made me want to go do exactly what he said as well. If he only knew the things I thought of him doing to me. The ways I really wanted him to touch me, take my virginity, and make me his new star athlete.

My whole submissive being just kinda spiraled from there, I’ve had an unusal addiction to older men. Maybe it’s because of all the Daddy issues everyone claims to have. Maybe it’s because I see older men as being more Dominant, put together. And just all around more grounded than most younger men in the world today.

Sometimes it really sucks seeing the younger generation and what incompetent fools they seem to act like. Then they want to bitch at all the good women are with older men. Anyways, I’m just ranting. Sitting here making myself horny thinking about being slammed up against a wall, and just taken and fucked until I can’t take it anymore. Do you think you could get me to tap-out? My absolute favorite thing is being fucked until I can’t take it anymore, that I just pass out with nothing left in me to give. That’s the ultimate feeling of sumbission.

It All Starts With An Amazing Teacher: BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM Phone SexBDSM phone sex is something that has turned me on for such a long time. I have been studying the intricate act of dominance and submission ever since I was young and first was tied up by a mature guy. He was one of my teachers. I had a bit of a wild streak then, and he felt as though I was a good kid, and just needed to be tamed properly. He invited me over to his house for some tutoring, after I failed a rather large test. I was skeptical but didn’t think much about it aside from having to do learning outside of school hours.

As I sat at his desk working on my paper he circled me with a crop in his hand. I made fun of him only to be wrapped across the knuckles and ordered to focus. I wanted to get up and leave, what a jerk. However, a deeper part of me wanted to stay. I was told if I said anything out of turn again I would be spanked. The thought of that drive me wild and I spoke up just to see what would happen. Sure enough, he leaned me over his lap, lifted my skirt, and took the crop across my backside. I whimpered like a hurt fur friend and he got me to my knees.

He told me I was no longer going to be the brat I was in school and I was going to act right if I wanted to get anywhere in life. I was to continue to come to his place where I would be put into formal BDSM training that would fill the missing void in my life. It actually did. I spent the rest of the study session reading from a book on the ground as I was his footstool. If I moved too much I was spanked. Once my lesson was completed that day I was rewarded with an orgasm. He pushed me onto the couch and tasted me between my legs in a way no one ever has. I came like a good girl continuing my lessons and straightening out my life entirely.