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Submissive Spit Roast Whore

bdsm phone sex

My dom likes to share me from time to time. It satisfies his need to pimp out my holes because they belong to him. He and his colleague love to share my holes together. They both like to whip my perky ass, tits, and creamy cunt with their Italian leather belts. They do not stop until my skin is red and welted and I am begging for mercy. Of course, they never let me off that easy. Once my eyes fill with hot wet tears, their dark, sadistic desires become more intense. They both love to take turns force fucking my cunt with as much harshness as possible. They love to spit roast my hot rosebud and mouth while they whip and paddle me.  Then, when I am near the point of total exhaustion, they both shove their meaty cocks into my ass! I love getting filled to the brim with their cum. Being their submissive fuck doll is the best!

Submissive Whore For You

submissive phone sex

A trained submissive whore such as myself knows my place. My tight holes have been beaten and torture fucked in every way possible and I couldn’t love it more! My holes literally crave pain at this point. Master likes to keep me well maintained and obedient. Sometimes he will keep me tied up stuffed inside a kennel all week if I touch myself without permission. I was practically begging for cunt punishment. Master laid me out and stuffed his fingers then his huge fist deep inside my cunt until he pounded and fisted my hole. It felt so good to have him fist fuck me! Master then smashed his cock deep into my used holes and fucked me like the submissive slut I am. He pumped me nice and fucking deep while I begged for mercy—of course there is no mercy when it comes to master though. He filled my throbbing sore holes with so much creamy hot cum.

Breanne: Submissive Secretary!

submissive phone sex

Staying late after work isn’t always the most ideal situation, but when your boss is a stud like mine, it’s not so bad! I didn’t mind cozying up together on his office couch to work on quarterlies. I had no idea that the company CEO had such a fetish for bondage and BDSM. I could tell by the way he looked at me that he wanted to dominate me and make me his submissive little bitch. I could see the way that his cock was already throbbing in his pants. He wanted to punish me so bad! Without hesitance, he threw me up on his desk, strip me naked and had me hogtied and gagged with my ass in the air. Much like his everyday life at the office, he wasted no time! He had his rock hard cock out and ready to take my slutty secretary holes. His cock rammed my cunt so hard; it was throbbing. His bare ass spankings left my cunt gushing all over his desk too!

Master’s Pregnant Bitch

Golden showers phone

Master loved making me his breeding whore and now that I am swollen with his spawn, he loves my engorged tits, belly and ass even more. The best part is that Master loves how wet my pregnant cunt is for him. He loves whipping my sloppy wet pussy and covering my engorged body full of his hot piss. Master and I love hot golden shower piss play now that I am full of his seed. Master enjoys slapping my swollen, milk filled tits until they are bright red and covered in hand prints. Master loves seeing me beg for his hot piss to rain down all over my whore mouth. He loves when it drips all over my huge belly and milky tits. He loves it even more when I piss for him and then forces me to drink my hot piss to nourish his seed. Master loves my hot swollen body and loves to abuse my tender nipples until they leak all over me.

I Want Spankings

Bare bottom spankings

Daddy Master loves dirty BDSM ageplay! I love being his submissive little fuck whore with pigtails. Daddy Master loves dressing me up in little school girl uniforms with lace stockings and mary janes, he has me bend over and expose my tight little girl tushy for him to punish with his paddle. I love getting bare bottom spankings from Daddy Master’s special paddle. He knows when I have been naughty and playing with my toys without his permission. Naughty little whores like me deserve to get punished by both Daddy Master’s paddle and his thick cock. After he’s done spanking me until my ass cheeks turn pink, he shoves his rock-hard cock deep inside my sweet rosebud without any lube! It hurts my little rosebud to get stretched out by Daddy Master but it is what I deserve for not obeying! Daddy Master loves pumping my ass full of cum while I cry and apologize for being a naughty whore.

Class Humiliation

Bondage submission

Master always finds new ways for our bondage submission game. He finds new ways to humiliate me constantly. Yesterday, Master came with me to campus and sat right behind me in my lecture hall, a 200 person class in an auditorium. After the professor began his lecture, Master commanded me to stand up right in the middle of lecture and take off all my clothes one by one. I stripped off my skirt and top and underwear. All around me, I could see students recording me. The boys in my class all got closer for a better look at me and the professor was clearly enjoying the show. Master handed me my vibrator, ball gag and ropes. I walked to the front of the auditorium in just high heels and I sat on the lecturer’s desk. Master had me spread my legs for the male students to tie me down and gag me. Then he handed the vibrator to my professor and he began fucking me with it. After I came all over the desk, I was instructed to get on my knees for professor, open his pants and suck his cock until he pumped me full of cum.

Rape Fantasies

rape phone sex fantasies

I have a very dirty fantasy that I have kept hidden as a deep dark secret for ages. Yesterday, during a rough BDSM sesh with Master, he wanted to know what my deepest desires were. He told me that a subby whore like me must never keep secrets from him. Master forced my secrets out of me using his whips and nipple clamps. He wanted to know what truly made my cunt wet other than being his puppet and pain slut. As he kept beating the truth out of me, I screamed about my dark rape fantasy and master was delighted. He wanted to arrange a big gang rape fantasy for me- brutal, painful and big enough for me to be properly used and abused. He described in great detail all the things that he would arrange to be done to me by as many men as possible as my cunt dripped wet. I could not wait to be used and savagely force fucked by Master’s cohorts.

Master’s Breeding Whore

Sexy bondage

Master has always enjoyed the idea of impregnating me and making me his breeding whore. Master has been diligently pumping me full of loads upon loads of creamy cum for the honor of breeding for him. He has had me chained up to the bed and has me wait on him, hand and foot. My body is now swollen and engorged. Even more now, my cunt craves the crack of his whip on my swollen nipples and milk filled tits. Now that my belly is growing round, Master keeps me nude all day to monitor my growth, it makes any punishment more enjoyable. Breeding submissive whores like me love the punishment 10x more now that I’m swollen with milk and the rush of hormones makes every lashing more painful and pleasurable. Master loves whipping and humiliating his breeding whore. Soon, I will be able to breed more and more and master is looking for more men to help pump me full of semen.

Hardcore Tit Torture

Hardcore Bondage

My master has many dominatrix accomplices that he loves to watch torture me and punish me whenever I step out of line as his slave whore. If I do not scrub master’s toilet to his liking, he makes his domme accomplice punish my tits. First she chained me up with my arms and legs spread out and took out master’s leather whip and made me count the number of hard whips she cracks against my puffy pink nipples. If I dared miscount or flinched, she would start all over again. She whipped me until my tits were swollen and red and then brought out Master’s hard wooden cane to abuse my tits until they were almost purple then she took out her clothespins to pin my tender swollen tits. My pinned tits ached as she whipped and caned my wet bald cunt fifty times- I counted. I was only rewarded with pleasure if I did not flinch or miscount, then she rubbed my swollen clit until I squirted on master’s dungeon floor.

Torture Fuck Me

Torture phone sex

Painful, torture sex is the only thing that gets my cunt to orgasm over and over again! I only get wet when I’m being verbally or physically abused. I love being called a stupid fucking whore while getting slapped, smacked and whipped. Being a pain whore and torture fuck slut is the most exciting. I love having my holes savagely fucked while Master’s foot is pinning my pathetic face down. Getting pummeled and treated like a dirty fuck slave is my only purpose. I love getting my ass fuck while Master beats me black and blue. My submissive whore cunt just drips wet whenever he strikes his fists against my face and head. Whenever Master ties me up and whips my entire naked body over and over again until my skin welts and splits, my pussy just gushes all over the dungeon floor! I especially love when Master brings in strange men to force fuck me and have fun violent anal rape fantasies with!

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