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Daddy really stepped up his spanking phone sex game.

Spanking phone sex

Daddy really stepped up his spanking phone sex game on our last call. I was laying there in bed rubbing myself when all of a sudden the phone rang! He said he wanted to do a session and that he’d be nice this time, and come to find out he had anything but being nice in mind! You see, I was laying there minding my own business when he told me to go grab my hairbrush! Now, I have a huge rectangle hair brush that really really hurts when I get spanked with it! So, I tried to play it off like I had it and use my hand instead! He was so so so mad, he yelled at me and told me I was “A bad little whore” and then made me prove I had my hairbrush by rubbing the bristles against my fingers and making noise with it. You should have seen how red my ass was after the session! It was terrible, and it hurt for days to sit on it, it still stings just thinking about it.

If you send me an email and request to see the photo I may just send you one of my pretty red ass!

I’ll be the best submissive slut you’ve ever seen just tell me what to do, baby.

Submissive SlutI’ll wait on my knees for you like a good submissive slut, Sir. Living to please you in every way possible, my body a temple for you to use to please yourself. I worship you and would let you do anything you wanted to me. I need you, Sir. Please fuck me and use me like your own personal dirty little whore.

Do you think you have what it takes to really work me over and make me submit to you? Causing me to get the sub-drop state of obsession? That’s what I want, I want to be so obsessed with my Dominant that he’s all I can think about every moment of every day. My pussy just dripping, with the thoughts of pleasing him and making him want me so much.

Let me show you I’ll do anything you want, come play with me… Please, Sir.

Torture Phone Sex Is The Quickest Way To Get Me Soaked!


Torture Phone Sex

Torture phone sex is something I’ve always had quite a soft spot for. I love the idea of being used like a worthless little whore while I get used and abused by a hot older man and his friends. I love the marks and bruises being abused leaves behind, looking at them throughout the day literally makes my pussy drip every time I see them on my milky white skin. The red welts of love left behind after being whipped, or the deep purple bruises after I’ve been bit, a little too hard. That’s what I crave, what I spend tons of time just daydreaming about.

Would you like to come to show me what you’ve got, see if you have what it takes to really make my pussy wet and achy for you? It takes a true Dominant to really get me going. Someone who just has that Dominant air about them, the one that makes me crave them like a needy little whore.

Tonight I had an amazing phone call with a guy who actually kinda took me by surprise. At first, I didn’t think he had it in him, but them it got really dark and amazing as the call went on. He talked about pinching my nipples until they bled with vice grips, and using a car battery to shock my pussy. Now that’s fucking hot.

After that call my pussy was so wet I just had to go rub one out again, moaning like a slut while I replayed the whole conversation in my head. That’s the kinda Dominant I need, one that really leaves a lasting impression.

There’s no better thing, than Bare Bottom Spanking to punish a slut!

Bare Bottom SpankingBare bottom spankings are amazing, there’s something about the connection with a Dominant’s bare hand to my ass that just makes my whole body come alive. I like the close bond it creates giving someone power over you, submitting to them fully, and giving yourself to another human being.

I have a Dominant I serve here in my daily life, it’s something that I have enjoyed for quite some time. He has this specific set of rules I’m supposed to be following. When he gets home from work, I’m supposed to be totally naked kneeling by the door as I wait for him, my hair in a high tight ponytail. He sets a specific pair of shoes out for me every single day that I have to wear, no matter how uncomfortable.

However, my favorite rule is probably the most painful. Whenever I do something that doesn’t please my Sir, I have to stripSubmissive slut

totally naked. He then bends me over his lap, where he proceeds to spank me as I whimper like a submissive slut for him. After each spanking, I have to thank him and ask for another until he’s had his fill. Sometimes he leaves my ass just a light hint of red, while others he makes sure that the welts are turning into deep purple bruises.

There’s something really special about walking around with my ass aching him. The fabric of my clothing rubs against my round ass, as I’m in public with anyone to hear the faint whimpers that escape my lips. Sometimes, I think he purposefully leaves the welts to I have something to remember our time together with. There have been many times when I’m going through my day and he actually messages me to see how my butt is feeling, asking if it’s making his sweet little cunny wet. It’s amusing that he knows just how much I adore pleasing him. I can’t wait for the next chance I get to let him spend some time pleasing himself at my expense.


BDSM Chat: Can I be your new favorite little slut to play with?

BDSM ChatHave you ever sat down and spent any time in BDSM Chat? How about the one on the website? Maybe you should come and hang out with me for a little bit, and we can see if our interests align. I love hearing about all of the things people have done, even if it’s not whispered in my ear. There’s something quite special about sharing erotic experiences with each other.

My favorite experiences always involve me being tied up, there’s just something so fucking sexy about having the nylon rope draped across your body and twisted into various knots. Do you have a fetish for tying girls up? Seeing the slight purple hue of some marvelous breasts as she begs to be tied a little tighter.

That’s my problem, I like things a little on the extreme side. Although you wouldn’t know by looking at me. Maybe you should come, get to know me, and see if I can be your newest little subby slut.

Teen Phone Sex Is Super Fun When You Get Kinky!

Teen Phone SexThe only thing I like more than being someones whimpering little subbie, is Teen phone sex. There’s something about the taboo world of young hot sweaty sex that just gets my engine going. I love the idea of submitting to someone significantly older than me, just the thought of how incredibly naughty we can be together, has me getting all hot and bothered already. Just the thought of your huge cock, filling all of my slutty holes while I whimper for you like a slut. Have you been thinking of doing naughty things to me? Maybe tying me up or making me do stuff to make you happy? A gang bang with all of your friends while you treat me like the dirty little slut you’ve craved for me to be in BDSM phone sex. 24/7 all I can think about is being used like a little needy whore for all the big strong men in the world. Do you think you have what it takes to turn me into your whimpering little slut? Let’s find out, come play with me Sir!

Hardcore Bondage Tied Up And Left Helpless.

Hardcore BondageHardcore Bondage isn’t for the faint of heart. Could you imagine how you would feel if you were walking through the park and all of a sudden saw a hot little blonde tied to a tree? Just picture me there, in a tattered schoolgirl outfit… Absolutely nothing on underneath. What would you do?

Take a moment, close your eyes and let the scene play out before you. Me… totally helpless, unable to move or protest. I know you noticed the pretty red gag in my mouth, didn’t you? What would you do to me, just fuck me? Maybe pinch my nipples a little too hard… or something a little darker? I love all of the possibilities that present themself when I’m unable to move.

The anxious feelings I get, knowing you could touch or do anything to me at any moment. It’s one of the best feelings in the whole world. To be totally helpless, where anyone could do whatever they please at any moment. 

My favorite experience was being in this same position and a whole bunch of guys with really big dicks decided to basically run a train on me. I’m not lying at all when I say it was the greatest thing ever. Definitely an experience I’d love to relive!

Submissive Spit Roast Whore

bdsm phone sex

My dom likes to share me from time to time. It satisfies his need to pimp out my holes because they belong to him. He and his colleague love to share my holes together. They both like to whip my perky ass, tits, and creamy cunt with their Italian leather belts. They do not stop until my skin is red and welted and I am begging for mercy. Of course, they never let me off that easy. Once my eyes fill with hot wet tears, their dark, sadistic desires become more intense. They both love to take turns force fucking my cunt with as much harshness as possible. They love to spit roast my hot rosebud and mouth while they whip and paddle me.  Then, when I am near the point of total exhaustion, they both shove their meaty cocks into my ass! I love getting filled to the brim with their cum. Being their submissive fuck doll is the best!

Submissive Whore For You

submissive phone sex

A trained submissive whore such as myself knows my place. My tight holes have been beaten and torture fucked in every way possible and I couldn’t love it more! My holes literally crave pain at this point. Master likes to keep me well maintained and obedient. Sometimes he will keep me tied up stuffed inside a kennel all week if I touch myself without permission. I was practically begging for cunt punishment. Master laid me out and stuffed his fingers then his huge fist deep inside my cunt until he pounded and fisted my hole. It felt so good to have him fist fuck me! Master then smashed his cock deep into my used holes and fucked me like the submissive slut I am. He pumped me nice and fucking deep while I begged for mercy—of course there is no mercy when it comes to master though. He filled my throbbing sore holes with so much creamy hot cum.

Breanne: Submissive Secretary!

submissive phone sex

Staying late after work isn’t always the most ideal situation, but when your boss is a stud like mine, it’s not so bad! I didn’t mind cozying up together on his office couch to work on quarterlies. I had no idea that the company CEO had such a fetish for bondage and BDSM. I could tell by the way he looked at me that he wanted to dominate me and make me his submissive little bitch. I could see the way that his cock was already throbbing in his pants. He wanted to punish me so bad! Without hesitance, he threw me up on his desk, strip me naked and had me hogtied and gagged with my ass in the air. Much like his everyday life at the office, he wasted no time! He had his rock hard cock out and ready to take my slutty secretary holes. His cock rammed my cunt so hard; it was throbbing. His bare ass spankings left my cunt gushing all over his desk too!