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Female Bondage Is Secretly Every Girls Biggest Desire!

Female BondageFemale bondage is both beautiful and sexually appealing. The feeling of the rope held tightly against my skin by a series of knots makes my submissive pussy feel so good. There are no limits to the flexible positions I can be placed in. My body is well-stretched and can handle a lot of pain after practicing for so many years. Master loves tying me up so that he can easily access all of my holes for serving his raging hard cock. 

It doesn’t take very long through the intimate process of him tying knots till my pussy is ready to receive every inch of his cock. However, listening to me whimper with every slap or spank I am given turns him on. So before I am honored with the penetration of his perfect cock I will take everything he has to give me. Sometimes I am tied in a way in which my position can be easily changed as well. 

Allowing my Master to use and abuse me for hours before I am lucky enough to receive his cock and cum. However. I am well aware I deserve every last swat and I a very lucky for getting them. It is only with my Master’s permission may I cum, the pain brings me such pleasures that it is actually difficult to hold my climax in. I know better than to disobey him, I’m such a lucky submissive whore.

Erotic bdsm stories can take a turn at any moment…

Erotic bdsm storiesErotic BDSM stories have always turned me on. Reading and hearing them, yes. Although when I tell m own stories it really turns me on. Something about reliving the intense experience always brings me hot orgasmic pleasures. I am a no-limits bondgage slave as well. That means I have some really wild stories to tell. Some of my favorites are times when I have been installed as an interactive artistic display at bondage events. I feel such great honor in my submissive cunt whenever Master uses me in this way. 

I get such pride when I bring joy to young Doms ready to take on their own slave. Feeling the sting of leather and wood as it claps against my tender skin makes my pussy drip wet with satisfaction. I am a good little whore and I know how to take an intense beating. Master always does such a good job of degrading me as well. Anytime I get too prideful he spits in my face and reminds me that I am nothing but a dumb slut. I really am nothing more than a dirty slut, here to just be punished as fucked as needed.

Bondage Phone Sex: The Rougher The Better, Tie Me Up Daddy.

Bondage Phone SexI love it whenever someone decides they want to explore bondage phone sex with me. Being able to be a good little submissive bitch makes for such an explosive naughty time. I would love to feel the rough pull of a high-quality silk rope sliding against my wrists as the knot is made tight. I want to feel the rough wood used as an arm bar to hoist me into the air. To feel the wind on my naked body as I give myself to you. I want you to torment my body for your pleasure, to let your masochistic desires go. Remember there are no limits when it comes to the things my bound body will do for you and your sexual desires. I am a taboo-free bondage whore to be used for your ultimate dirty desires. My holes are nothing more than the holes of a sex doll, meant to take any loads you can stuff inside of it. I can’t wait to be bursting from every orifice with your hot creamy cum load. Whip my soft skin and feel the welts against the warmth of your tongue. All tied up and ready to take it rough in any of my willing holes I will be your submissive bondage bitch. 

Scat Phone Sex: I’ll give anything a try!

Scat Phone SexI love being a good toilet slut for any Master who wants to take control of me. There is no limit when it comes to the scat phone sex adventures that we could go on. I fantasize about being taken in the middle of my walk home from work. I will be tied up and beaten in the back of the van, unaware of where we are going only to go out into the middle of the woods. Not only will I be my capture punching bag for the night but his camping toilet too. I would love to take every last whip and slap of paddle against my soft unscathed skin for my capture. Only when he relives himself in my mouth I will suck and swallow the human waste I have been blessed to receive from him. I am a good little toilet girl here to recycle Master’s poo however he wants me to, and the honor will always be mine. 

Bondage Chat: Just a few clicks away from your dreams.

Bondage ChatWhen there are things to talk about bondage chat is at the top of the list for me. I absolutely love the world of BDSM and truly believe in the power of letting go and being tied up. Likewise, I can see the value of holding the power of submissive individuals. It is a power exchange, that allows both individuals to get deep into their sensual zones and climax like they never have before. The sensations I receive whenever I know that I can give every last bit of myself to Master and know he will push my boundaries to the very edge. The way that the rope ties around my body, my wrist behind my back, my breast tied big and tight, it is like I am presenting as the perfect present for Master, and that is just right. 

Of course, he is free to use and abuse my tied-up body in any way he would like. I love the feeling of my soft white skin opening up from leather floggers being whipped across my back. My pussy drips with its wet juices whenever Master uses paddles to smack across my bare ass. I can feel welts rise on my skin with every thwap that I deserve from Master. Not to mention I love being his toilet. I will take whatever comes from Master’s body with pride. Should I be a good little bondage whore Master will reward me with his milky white. When Master fucks my swollen tied-up body my pussy reaches climax so intensely. Being able to put my orgasm in the hands of a strong alpha male makes them feel so rich.




The Dirtiest Little Bondage Whore On The Net!

Bondage WhoreBeing a bondage whore you must learn to be put into uncomfortable positions for as long as it is needed to straighten you out. Although, I have really come to enjoy each and every knot Master ties for me to position me just where he needs his submissive piggy for his needs. Master loves to hog-tie me before he tosses me onto his bed or hooks me up to a harness. I know when Master does this he is looking to use my dirty whore mouth with little objection. Another he prefers for this is the reverse prayer position. My arms clasped like a good little catholic girl behind my back, unable to stop Master from using my mouth as a fleshlight for his enjoyment. Although the western bondage ball tie is my absolute favorite when it comes to servicing Master’s needs.  Picture me tied into the fetal position, my hair bound to my own thighs preventing me from being able to move at all. Although my mouth will be ball gagged and unable to service Master that is not his favorite hole to force it in. My hot ass hole sticks out just enough for him to fuck over and over again with little relief from his stiff hard shaft. I am a good bondage whore, my holes belong to Master. I love being tied up and used like the submissive slut I am so lucky to be. 

Golden Showers Phone Sex: Bless Me With Your Golden Nectar

Golden Showers Phone SexSubmissive whores need to know their place when it comes to golden showers phone sex. Some may feel that it is degrading and look down upon the honor of accepting the golden nectar of superior Men. Although, that is not the case when it comes to a good submissive pet like me. I know exactly how special it is to be showered up by Master’s piss. My pussy gets wet just thinking about the ways I could serve Him when it comes to his port-a-potty needs. Master is so good to me he even ties me up with silk rope just to hold me in my place. In the frog tie position my legs are open, my pussy lined with silk rope on either side of my lips ready and waiting for him at any moment. My excitement made a wet spot on the carpet like I was his little pet having an accident when just excited to see him. However, my wet spot without permission to be turned on means I am a bad girl. Although, some spankings on the inside of my thighs, which I understand I deserved. He grabs me under the chin and with the other whips out his flaccid penis. I know the treatment in which I will be getting soon. My mouth opens and I keep my eyes wide as he prefers as he sprays my mouth full of his warm piss, a treat for a good submissive slut. Holding it in my mouth until he tells me to flush it down, I thank my Master for the nutrition he gives his worthless whore. 



Bare Bottom Spankings: Flagellation Makes Me Scream!

Bare Bottom SpankingsFlagellation is a craving that only the best submissive sluts have on their mind. The feeling of bare bottom spankings or being flogged by leather tendrils as punishment for things I have done wrong makes my pussy literally pulsate with joy, hovering right on the verge of blowing my own nut. Paddles deal just as much painful pleasure across the perfection of my milky white rump. The ones with the holes are the best for wind resistance. They allow Master to cut across me with fierce might as he slams across my bare bottom over and over. Sometimes silence is preferred when it comes to taking my punishing blows. Other times I am made to count them out so that Master understands that I know that each and every one is for being bad. However, no matter how hard and how strong the swings are I crave spankings across my bare ass.

Cock Worshiping Like A Dirty Little Slut!

Cock worshipingI am nothing. I am a dirty whore. I was put on this earth to do nothing more than cock worshiping the superior men who find me worthy of receiving their load. I am nothing compared to cock. My vagina is nothing more than a hole in which I feel the deep penetration of masculine authority as far as it can go. Cock is better than pussy, and women like me are lucky to ever receive cum loads from such a superior individual. I am made to be tied up and used by superior men who need to blow their load. My entire flawless body is nothing if I am not being penetrated by a superior cock. I am a cum slut who wants to serve the raging boner of strong men in any way that I can. My holes are nothing more than a penis pleasure system to be used and abused however strong men see fit. I am nothing more than holes of servitude, my pretty pussy ready to be engaged in whatever cock finds it good enough for stuffing. I am a human sex doll, created only for the pleasure of superior men. 

Cum Slut Phone Sex: The Best Form Of Submission!

Cum Slut Phone SexI am a cum slut phone sex whore who loves to submit to the power of true men in whatever way they require. I completely give every last inch of my flawless body to him to be a good submissive whore willing to take punishment and be bound up. I am a cum slut who wants to feel the penetration of a superior cock being stuffed inside of my worthless bald cunt. I am here to be used as the cum dumpster that receives your load into any of my eagerly waiting holes. My mouth will swallow your seed into my stomach, allowing me to taste every last drop of your superior man’s nut. My ass hole will receive any loads that penetrate deep inside of my anal cavity, happy to swallow it into my insides. My pretty cum slut pussy will gladly take any bareback loads given, painted deep across my fertile cervix. The more loads you give the more I know I am a good little cum whore. I will not object or cry no, I just want your big fat steamy load!