I sit here alone, waiting for your next command. I need to be owned by you, and made to do your bidding any time and anywhere. Without you, I am a worthless submissive whore left without knowing what to do with myself. I am here to be used and abused by you – that is all I am good for. I learned that a long time ago, and I will never question you. What good is my tight pink cunt if you are not inflicting pain on it? I want to be your slave, your perfect little slutty puppet, that does anything you tell me to do. Control me, hurt me, and give me something to cry about. I will worship your cock and please you in every way I know how.

I need the pain to feel alive. I want to feel your cruel hands on my tiny body doing things from my darkest dreams. Disobedience is not a word I understand. You are my everything and my body is just a fucktoy for you to play with. Degrade me. Mutilate me. Mindfuck me. There is nothing here worth a shit to anyone. No one will even miss me, and no one will hear me scream. Give me bruises I can touch for days while I dream of you. I want to be your submissive slut, and I will beg you to hurt me. Pretty please, Sir?

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