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Tie me up and make me your whore with Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission

Tie me up and make me your whore with Bondage and submission. I love being a submissive bitch for my master’s cock. Every master that calls me makes me makes me so wet for them all! Today one of my master’s chained me up and stuffed me with his hard and big cock, he had multiple men use their dicks on me in every one of my holes and made sure that I was used and abused by every single cock in the room. He was turning me into a gang bang cock whore! I loved every bit of it and the bondage ropes I was forced to be tied in while they bent me over, whipped me, spanked me, slapped me, and fucked me. I love being a Submissive Whore!

Make this Submissive Whore your slave

Make this Submissive Whore your slave. I love being a stupid slave for my masters, every master of mine that calls make me so fucking horny and wet, I love it when they take full control of me and show me what worthless slut that I am. I’m a submissive little slut that needs to be pounded and made into your personal whore. I’m always on my knees for you, master, I love being your personal slave that you fuck and tie up every day. I need to be your worthless slut, your little whore that needs your big master dick inside of all of her fuckholes. I’m a stupid Bondage whore who loves to be your slave, please, make me your worthless whore.

I love being master’s Submissive slut

Submissive slut

I love being master’s Submissive slut. It’s been so long without my master! I needed to see him so badly and so did my dripping wet pussy and fuckholes. He brought my over to our room and made me fuck myself with a big red vibrator, he tied me up, and while I fucked my pussy with this big vibrator, he got a paddle and smacked my clit with it! I couldn’t stop screaming for him while he spanked my pussy and I fucked it. It felt sooo good! I couldn’t get enough of it, especially when he tied me up like a pig and had Submissive sex with me. I was being fucked in all three holes of mine and came so deep inside of me! I love it when my master breeds my submissive pussy!

Buried in Ass and Balls

I love being let out of my kennel, even if it is to service your friends as you watch them rip my tight ass open with their fat cocks!

So when they had left after the poker game and my ass was red and overflowing with warm cum, I was all to happy to curl up at your feet, wearing nothing but my collar!Submissive Whore

When you went into the other room and asked me to follow, I crawled behind you, practically leaping like an excited puppy as I imagined the reward I would receive for being a good little whore!

Would I get to suck that yummy hard cock, swallowing all your delicious cock spit?

Would I get to lay in the big soft bed while you fuck my sweet pussy until I cum?

I was getting that twitchy feeling in my pussy just thinking about how good that would feel!

You ordered me to assume the kneeling position and I immediately sat bare-assed on my heels with my hands behind my back, my nipples growing hard with anticipation!

I watched as you emptied your own ass into the toilet and then looked up as you pulled your cheeks apart, ordering me to clean that tight round puckered ass!

I was only to happy to lick that sweet hole until it shined!

Then as you turned around and I saw the golden shower that was about to blast from the head of that perfectly hard cock, I eagerly opened wide to gulp every last drop!

You see, a good submissive whore knows that serving her Masters every desire is not a demeaning chore, but an honor and a privilege.

Besides, there is nothing better than having my face buried in Masters ass and balls!

Submissive Whore Showdown

Submissive WhoreMy wet pussy and tight ass are there for my master to use whenever he feels like dumping his hot steamy load!

And I love it when he feels like it!

I know he owns me but that does not mean I don’t love it!

And if some slut thinks she is going to come and take my place as his obedient whore, she better be ready for a fight!

There is nothing I wouldn’t do to see that smile on his face when he is watching my ass get torn apart by some throbbing hard cock that he rented me out to!

There is nothing I would rather do that drink his cum as he chokes me with his massive meat!

And if he wants to shower my cum covered tits with piss, I wont even turn my face away!

I need to feel his large strong hands on my body, whether he is spanking me, slapping me, or holding my hips while he pounds my tight cunt, it all feels good, especially the pain!

So if some whore thinks she can move me aside, I will reach inside that skank’s cunt and rip it out from the inside!

I will zip tie her tits so tight that she will wish they fell off and I will fuck her ass hard with a glowing fire poker!

Because if she is going to be with my master…she better learn to love the pain!

The Gatekeeper Of My Cunt

Submissive WhoreI am a worthless whore with a cunt that’s meant for fucking!

It stays dripping wet just waiting for my Master’s thick hard cock to destroy it!

But I have to earn that pounding! Fucks aren’t free!

And sometimes, that means I have to take the pounding of a dozen cocks before he will allow me to even suck and stroke his throbbing meat.

My Master knows that men take one look at me and want to force their thick hard cocks deep inside my smooth wet cunt, violate my tight puckered ass, cover my body in dripping hot cum!

But he keeps me locked up like a caged slut, like a bitch waiting to be bred by the strongest cock, aching to be torn open and left in a pool of cum!

Don’t get me wrong, he loves passing me around to every Tom, Dick, and Harry in our gangbang fuck fest! He loves watching them rip my ass with each powerful thrust and using my gaping holes to pump and dump….. but only with his permission.

He is the gatekeeper of my cunt and nothing gets in or out of my fuckable holes without his permission!



Piss and Bruises

Submissive Phone SexThere is nothing better than being an owned slut!

I know I am the property of my Master and I have the branding under my tit to prove it!

But I would not have it any other way!

The burning from being fucked raw, the black and blue tits stretched like udders on a cow, the bruises on my wrists and ankles from being shackled to a breeding bench and having my juicy heart shaped ass ripped open….I love it all and smile at the painful reminders!

I don’t get his cock as much as I would like and I know I am an unworthy sow of a whore but the ass poundings he doles out from total strangers with monster cocks tide me over and make me appreciate his nine and a half inches even more!

It is a great day when I can sleep in a puddle of piss on the floor of my cage with my fuck holes dripping with lukewarm cum….regardless off who put it there, he gave the order and so it shall be!

A lot of sluts would never choose this life but then they have never been slapped in the face while being skull fucked by the dripping cock of the man they worship….it’s the little things like that that make me love him more everyday!

Cock Denial Is The Worst Punishment

I am a worthless whore!

I have disappointed my master and the punishment will be intense.Submissive Whore

I know that I am to be kneeling naked by the door when he arrives home….waiting anxiously to be his dirty cum guzzling slut!

But I was still being tossed around like a fuck doll, having my ass and cunt filled and stretched with another mans cum!

I know I will be punished, tied up and tortured, gagged with his meaty cock, forced to swallow load after load of his thick heat spunk!

That is punishment I welcome any day!!!

But that is not what he had in mind!

The torture he gave me was worse than any I could ever imagine!

He denied me his cock!

Refusing to let me suck his magnificent meat, he stood and watched as he offered my dripping smooth pussy to be used…fucked freely in the streets by every man that passed by!

He made me crawl down the street, naked, as their stale loads oozed from my ass, showering me with his hot steamy piss when I was too filthy to be fucked!

I know I am nothing without him. I just hope someday I will be worthy of being his submissive slave once again!


Daddy is Back!

He called me from the plane and warned me to be ready!

He told me to be very hydrated and to drink a gallon of water per hour until he arrived!Submissive Whore

I thought he was going to use my tight pussy until I squirted over and over! But when he told me that I could not piss until he told me too, I knew he had other plans!

It was torture but the pain from my bladder almost rupturing just reminded me how much I missed him!

I couldn’t wait to start sucking on that nine and a half inch cock.

There is nothing better than his hands on the back of my head while he is skull fucking the life out of me!

I was looking forward to gagging in his hard meat all night long!

I was hoping to be used, nipples clamped, giant dildos forced into my unused cunt, and maybe even a hard bare ass thrashing!

Oh I love the sting of those strong hands on my juicy ass!

I can hear his foot steps now!

Oh I am so excited I could piss right here on the floor!



Remind Me What Kind Of Whore I Am

No one can make me wet like he does.

He has been gone for so long and left me with another to submit to while he is gone.

I will do as I am ordered because that is what my Master ordered me to do….But I wont like it!Submissive Whore

I loved waiting on my knees for my master, licking his yummy cock for hours while he relaxed and then taking his load in any fuck hole of his choice.

I loved the way he would grab my hair and slam his cock hard against the back of my throat. I always smiled through the tears as I choked on his throbbing hard cock.

But this other man does not know how to handle a whore like me.

He leaves me tied in a dog kennel, unfucked for days!

His loads that he dumps are small and barely enough to keep a slut alive!

He never passes me around like Master did, letting his friends ram their thick cocks deep into my used wet cunt and filling my stretched round ass!

I need a real man to fuck me hard and remind me what kind of whore I am!

I need strong hands to slap my ass and pin me down while he pounds my smooth pussy hard and deep!

I need to be covered in the cum of 100 men while Master watches and smiles!

I need my Master!