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Submissive BDSM Slut Part 2

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His cock plunged deep into my dripping wet cunt! I love when he is fucking me so hard that even his balls seem to get wet inside me!Submissive Whore

He was pounding my smooth pussy harder and harder and I knew I was going to cum!

I couldn’t help it! His cock was so strong and forceful and it felt so good to be owned by him!

I knew I was not allowed to cum until he did! And I knew I was in trouble if I did so I squeezed his thick hard cock with all my pussy power….pulling his cock with my clenched cunt until he flooded my swollen pussy with cum!

I pulled his dripping meat out and I fell to the floor!

As he walked away, he said that I had been a good little whore and gave me permission to fuck myself until I came! I slid my fist inside my sloppy wet cunt and pushed another in my tight ass!

I laid on the floor twisted like a pretzel in a puddle of cum, my body convulsing and shaking with ever squirt that erupted from my sweet pussy!

Submissive Scat Whore

My car broke down the other day and so I walked to the nearest house to ask if I could uses their phone but nothing could have prepared my for the ass fucking I was about to get!

A man answered the door holding a bottle of Jack and smoking a cigarette. Something told me to run but I didn’t listen!Submissive Phone Sex

He told me the phone was in his room and lead me to the back  of the house where all you could smell was cum and piss!

When we got to his room, he forced me down on a bed covered in filthy cum stained sheets!

I tried to struggle but it was no use! With in seconds, he had my skirt torn and his crusty hard cock was destroying my tight puckered ass!

Lit ashes were falling on my soft tender cheeks from his cigarette and as he buried my face in the rancid sheets!

He was violating me deep and hard when his wife walked in completely unfazed!

Her grabbed her by the hair and forced her down on top of my and slammed his meat in her shit stained ass pumping his load until his balls were drained!

As she fell to the floor and crawled to the door, he yanked my hair back and ordered me to clean it!

I whimpered as I saw the streaks of crap along his hard cock, but my whimpering stopped as he began choking me with his dirty cock!

He skulled fucked my swollen mouth until I vomited on streams of shit and piss!

Then he tossed a burner phone next to my bruised shaking body as he left me lying in a puddle of my own cum!



Spank Me, Slap Me, Cover Me in Bruises

I love being your submissive whore and serving you!

You know there is absolutely nothing I wont do for you!Submissive Whore

Last weekend, when you had that Superbowl party….I loved being your cum eating halftime show!

When you ordered me to suck everyone of your friends chubby hairy cocks, I watched the smile grow on your face as I gagged and choked on thick meat after thick meat!

You encouraged all those men to fuck my face like it was a hole meant only for dumping cum! You even pulled my hair to hold my throat open for each hot chunky load!

I was so proud as I watched your cock grow hard as they held my ankles and wrists and each one of them took turns filling my tight wet pussy with one, or even two pounding hard cocks at a time!

But when everyone left, you called me a worthless whore, full of cum from every man there!

I begged for your forgiveness and pleaded with you to fuck me like you did before!

I needed to feel the touch of your hand, even if it was only to be whipped and tortured, punished and humiliated!

Without you, I am a cheap trashy slut! Please! Please do your worst!

Spank me, slap me, cover me in bruises! Please just touch me and use my body as your cum dumpster fuck whore!

Furry Gangbang Bitch

Submissive WhoreThis group of guys had picked me up on the side of the road …well kidnapped me is more like it.

They forced my face down on their cocks and face fucked me until we got where they were taking me.

I have been here for a few weeks but I don’t know what for. They have kept me in a kennel and come in each night.

They take turns fucking me, filling my round juicy ass with cum or choking me with their meaty cocks as they slam their cum down my throat!

But they never touch my young tight cunt except before they leave, they smear it with blood!

They have been smearing my pussy with blood every night this week and then the howling starts!

It scares me because it is coming from some where close but at least they can’t get me in this cage!

Then the day came when I thought they would let me go!

They through me out into this giant pen, naked and covered in blood. they all gathered around and watched as one of the men released a pack of mans best friend into the pen!

I was their bitch!

They planned this to see which one would get to fuck me!

The mutts growled and snarled as they attacked me, and each other, all of them trying to fuck my bloody cunt!

When all the furry fuckers were finished nutting in my sore torn pussy, they all left me laying on the ground naked like a cum filled bitch expecting half a dozen brats in a couple months!

Eternal Whore

Submissive WhoreMost men will never know what it is like to have a submissive whore….to be able to fuck a girl like a whore because she desires nothing more than to submit to him!

They don’t know how to control a woman or how to own her so that she gets pleasure out of being used by you!

There is nothing I love more than worshipping my man’s cock!

It gets me so wet knowing that he is using me as a little fuck doll when he slams his cock deep into my tight ass!

When he is holding my head down on his meat and face fucking me until I choke, I know I am the luckiest little slut in town just to be the one who gets to gag on his dick!

Last night, when he tied me up, and told me he wanted to watch as all his friends used me as their cum dumpster whore, I gladly spread my legs (and cheeks) for each one of their hard punishing cocks!

My ass had been fucked and filled with cum and my torn cunt had been stretched by several thick hard docks at a time!

My hair, face, and tits were drenched in cum of all flavors and as I laid there naked, fuck torn and covered in spunk…I knew I would be his eternal whore!

Bitch in Heat

Submissive Whore Every slut loves to have her tight pussy stretched with a hard pounding cock but my little cunny has been empty for a while and was aching for a long sweaty fuck session!

So I went down to the local dive bar in my shortest little white trash outfit and waited for a horny drunk to give me his best line!

We were fucking fast and furious in the back seat of his car when I felt a hand grab the back of my hair and yank me off his yummy meat!

I looked up and saw the look on my daddy’s face while I laid there like a quivering mutt on the ground!

His giant boot was in my ass the entire time my naked body was scrambling to get in his truck!

And he wasted no time dealing out my punishment!

He told me that he was going to treat me like the mongrel whore that I am and pulled his belt off!

His strong hands were holding my head down deep on his oversized cock as the lashes from his leather belt stung my tender ass!

Then he was holding my head with both hands as he skulled fucked me, closing my throat with the girth of his cock!

Just when I thought I was going to pass out, he yanked that hard punishing fuck stick out of my mouth and began filling the dog bowl with his piss!

He ordered me to lap it up like the bitch in heat I am!

And when I refused, he shoved my face in the steel bowl and while forcing his meat deep into my cunt!

When he was done draining his sack in my torn wet cum hole, he just stood and turned to go, leaving my bruised naked body on the floor.

I knew he would not let me out until I finished what he left in the bowl.

If I was going to behave like a stray whore hound, he was going to treat me like one!


Lessons Learned II

Submissive WhoreAs I laid there with my pussy so swollen and sore, all I could think was ….I want his cock so bad!

He had just left me to be brutally fucked for hours!

But my bruised cunt ached for him!

But he was not going to give me that thick cock that he had taunted my mouth with just hours before!

Not with out a little torture first!

I felt the leather tip of the whip glide across my round tender ass.

I was shaking  just thinking of the lashing I was about to receive!

And with one sharp snap, the first welt began to rise from my ass!

Then another! And another!

Until I could feel the blood trickle down in between my thigh!

I sobbed lightly as he pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and asked me what I was.

He loved to hear me say it….I am a dirty whore!

Only then, only after I tell him that I am his filthy dirty whore…

only then will he slide that hard cock in my raw cunt!

And all it takes is one push of his raw meat inside me, skin on skin….. pushing hard and deep….and I remember what I live for!


Lessons to be Learned

Submissive WhoreThe word has gotten out that I am a submissive whore.

The entire town knows that my young wet cunt is open for fucking anytime, anywhere.

All a man has to do is tell me to get on my knees and swallow his  throbbing meat or bend over and take his massive cock, balls deep in my tight shaved pussy and I do it willingly!

It is not because I am easy. It is because I know my place as a woman is to serve a man and that means all his wishes are my command!

And if I fail…I get the treatment I received last night!

I was lucky enough to be giving head to a hot guy with a scrumptious 9 inch cock! It was so delicious that I got carried away licking and sucking his bulging meat and devouring every inch!

Before I knew it, he had dumped a huge load of hot and creamy dick spit in my mouth!

Of course I loved it but that cock was soooo perfect, I wanted to feel it deep inside my tight cunt!

I should have known better because at that point he tied my wrists and ankles to a spreader bar, gagged my big mouth and strapped me to a fucking machine that drilled my cunt long and deep!!

I was getting pounded so hard, my head was popping like a pez dispenser!

He explained that it was not his job to serve me and I needed to learn my place!

It was hours before he came back and my once tight pussy was swollen, sore and burning red!

But nothing could have prepared me for what he did next!

(to be continued)


I Once Was Lost…But Now I’m Found

Submissive Phone Sex I have not always been a submissive whore…needing to be owned by a dominant man….living only to please hi…aching to fulfill all of his desires!

No, there was a time when I was the sweetest young girl you would ever see…singing in the church choir, volunteering at the nursing home…baking pies for the luncheon after Sunday worship.

Yes, I once was lost…But now I’m found!

Because now I know my purpose in life is to be the property of my master…to serve him and deny him nothing!

When he spoke, my pussy would twitch and my panties would get moist!

When he touched me, I would get hot and my heart would race!

And when he slide that strong throbbing cock in my sweet virgin pussy for the first time, I knew I would belong to him forever!

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him, even when he asks me to fuck his friends, I am happy to do it just to make him proud!

And when he calls me a filthy slut after I am dripping with their cum, I know it is because he is proud of me!

When he has parties and orders me to suck every cock there, I do it with a smile!

I don’t even mind when he comes home and rips my ass wide open with his massive cock and then forc es me to sleep on the floor at his feet while my bloody ass drips with cock spit! I know he needs his sleep.

And when I walk down the street and all the church ladies whisper and point and call me a filthy cum slut…I just smile, because that is all I ever want to be…is his dirty cum dumpster whore!


Fucked On The Big Screen

Submissive Phone SexEvery fuck hole was stretched wide open for another public gangbang and I loved every painful penetrating thrust!

I was waiting in line at the grocery story and there was this tall man in front of me.

Something about him gave me shivers through out my entire body! But I could smell the sent of dried cunt just emanating from his clothes!

He went through the line without speaking but when it was my turn to check out, the cashier had handed him a note from the tall stranger.

What was this, grade school?

Just touching the note sent shock waves to my clit and I knew I should run as fast as I could.

It said to meet him across the street. The only thing across the street was a Best Buy store. Weird?

Ignoring my survival instincts and following my quivering clits curiosity, I walked across the street and my mouth dropped wide open at what I saw!

Everyone turned and looked at me as they recognized the girl that was  getting fucked over and over on all the televisions!

Every screen was filled with close ups of cocks pounding my gapping cunt, spanking my bare ass and drowning me in piss!

An entire years worth of forced submission was being displayed through out the store making the massive cocks seem even larger and harder on those big screens!

Submissive WhoreAnd there in the middle was the man from the grocery store!

He turned to me and grabbing my hair and snapping my head back with a strong yank!

He grumbled at me, telling me, now the entire town knows what a worthless whore I am!

He motioned to the manager who instantly tied my hands behind my back and bent me over a a big box!

I felt my skirt being flipped as the manger roughly tore my panties off, bruising my thighs!

My ass and pussy were exposed and ready to be pounded by the gangbang line that had formed behind me!

The single tall man in front watched the pain on my face as my tight fuck hoes were brutally forced to take the punishment of massive hard cocks over and over!

Every time I would cry in pain, He would silence my screams with his massive fuck stick being shoved down my throat!

As he buried my face in his groin, I recognized the smell of my own pussy, dried and crusted on his cock!

My dark stranger has returned!

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