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Golden Showers Phone Sex Makes My Pussy Wet

I love golden showers phone sex! I am a submissive and letting my master piss on me is one of the greatest acts of submission. I love knowing that his pissing on me is showing him what a good and obedient slave I am.  I love the warm feeling of pee all over my face or anywhere really. I was fucking my master about a week ago and it was hot as fuck sex. He was into giving golden showers and I was into taking them. I was on my knees in front of him sucking his huge cock and worshipping it. When he rewarded my efforts with his cum I swallowed every single drop. I licked his pee hole while I was sucking his dick and got a taste of his golden juice. After the last drop of cum was drained out of his dick the golden shower began.

golden showers phone sex




It was all over my face, in my mouth, and dripping down my chin to my tits. It tasted so fucking good and felt so nice and warm. I wanted his cock bad after that. He began pounding my pussy so hard. I came so hard! After he filled me with his cum he gave me another golden shower all over my pussy and stomach.  I went to bed in my cage one happy submissive whore! 

Bare Bottom Spankings – Submissive Whore Gets Red Ass

Bare bottom spankings were how I paid for my naughtiness. This is a story about when I was a little one with a flat little chest and a hairless pussy. I somehow in my mind decided it was a great idea to draw on the wall. I knew what was going to happen. Did I maybe do it on purpose cause I liked it a little? Who knows. As soon as my mom saw it she sent me to my room to prepare for my stepfather to get home. That meant having to take all my clothes off and be waiting for him in the corner with my little ass exposed ready to be punished soundly. My little pussy was tingly. The routine was always the same. My stepfather walked into the room and took off his pants. I could see his hard cock through his underwear as soon as he saw my little naked body. He sat on the bed and positioned me over his knee. He positioned me in a way where my little pussy was on top of his cock. I could feel how hard it was through his underwear. As soon as the smacks began to rain down on my tiny defenseless ass I would start to wiggle and squirm on his cock. I could feel it pulsing underneath me. He spanked me until my ass was a nice shade of red. Now it was time for my little chubby cunt to pay for my misdeeds. He would make me lay on the bed and open up my little legs as far as I could. He had a great view of every fold of my little tender pussy and rosebud. My stepfather would set a timer on his phone for five minutes and say the same thing each time  “if you close your legs I will start it over”.  Having to hold my legs open and accept the blows was a great way for me to practice being submissive.

bare bottom spankings





I thank my stepfather, because of him I am the great submissive slave I am today. Then he would take a little strap and spank the hell out of my little pussy. Now that I am older I realized why as soon as I started to get hair it was a rule I had to be clean-shaven at all times, he did not want the hair cushioning the blows and he wanted to see my red pussy as he whipped it. I tried hard not to move and make my little cunt accept the punishment, but most times it was impossible. I normally ended up with a little red ass and a little red cunt to match after the timer was started over again and again. Next came, the part of the punishment that I think my stepfather liked best, I was forced to bend over the bed and take his huge cock in my little rosebud. He would fuck my ass very hard! When he finally came into my tiny little red ass, he would tell me he was going to make me feel all better after one more punishment. He would take his cock and ravage my little hairless pussy. He would cum so much in it and my pussy was so tiny that by the end cum was just flowing out of my pussy. Next, he would carry me into the bathroom and bathe me. He was extra rough washing my sore little ass and cunt. He would slip a finger in my little pussy as he washed. He wrapped me in a fluffy towel and put me on my bed. He would say “Princess I am sorry I had to do that but now Daddy is going to make your little pussy feel better”. He would take his tongue and lick my little sweet pussy till I fell asleep.


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Please My Master

I am a submissive slut. I am a well-trained slave who lives to please my master. My master gets a hard-on from watching me get fucked and raped by big black dicks. I don’t have the choice to say no. I have to take as many big black cocks as my master wants.  This is how you will find me on a typical night.

rape sex fantasies

This was just one of the 27 big black dicks I took that night while I begged them to stop. My master loves it when I beg and scream. My pussy and ass were thoroughly used up that night.  That is exactly how my master wants it and likes it. When they were done, I had so much cum inside me, it was leaking out. I also had cum all over my tits and all over my face. At one point I had to take more than one big black dick at once. I had one in my mouth and another deep in my pussy.

Cock Worshiipping Sub Whore

I am a complete sub. I am very well trained to please my master. I am always respectful and call my master sir. I like to worship my master’s cock. I will kiss it and lick it.  After Master has used every one of my holes to his pleasure and satisfaction I will happily clean his cock for him with my tongue. I feel that the cum that master shoots on me. I love it on my tits, deep inside my pussy or ass, and if I am a good girl he rewards me with his juices all over my face it is even better in my mouth.  My master loves to tie me up  fuck my ass as hard as he can.  After he has used my mouth and ass to his satisfaction he gives me the biggest reward of all his cock in my pussy.

cock worshiping

I am A Good Slave

I am a complete submissive. I feel my only purpose in life is to serve my master in any way that he chooses. I like to kneel before my master and suck his beautiful cock. I realize that for my master to train me he has to punish me. I willingly submit to my punishment no matter how painful. I have been punished by pussy weights, nipple clamps, and severe spankings. I just got a very hard spanking!  First on my bare bottom then on my pussy.


submissive whore




My master requires I keep my pussy bare so it is a more sensitive area to receive my punishment. After I am thoroughly spanked I must bend over and receive my master’s cock in my ass. He fucks me hard and fast. I feel it is my privilege to take his cock in my ass as deep as it will go. After my ass gets fucked I have to clean up my master’s cock and thank him for punishing me by giving him a slow and complete blow job.

Bare bottom spankings makes my subby pussy dripping wet

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings makes my subby pussy dripping wet. I love to be spanked like the whore that I am. Master always takes out my favorite paddle and hits my bare ass over and over again, leaving my wet pussy dripping in juices all over the floor and his lap! Whenever I’m a bad girl he takes a punishment paddle with little spikes on it and hits my ass as hard as he can with it. I’m such a subby little whore for all of my master’s that call me, i want to be just a hole for my master’s cock! Hit up my BDSM chat and make me your slave, daddy, I’m a needy and submissive good whore! Hehe!

I love being master’s Submissive slut cum dump

Submissive slut

I love being master’s Submissive slut cum dump. My master tied me up really tight today against the wall in handcuffs and chains, he tied my legs a part so he can easily slip his dick into my tight and wet pussy, he was rubbed my wet pussy and getting my juices all over it. He spanked my thighs and my pussy before his huge cock was shoved sooo deep inside of my tight fuckhole! He pounded my pussy while i squirted all over the chair and his cock, he was so rough with me it was hurting but it felt so fucking good! I love Submissive phone sex so much and being a worthless bondage slut for my master’s!

Tie me up and make me your whore with Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission

Tie me up and make me your whore with Bondage and submission. I love being a submissive bitch for my master’s cock. Every master that calls me makes me makes me so wet for them all! Today one of my master’s chained me up and stuffed me with his hard and big cock, he had multiple men use their dicks on me in every one of my holes and made sure that I was used and abused by every single cock in the room. He was turning me into a gang bang cock whore! I loved every bit of it and the bondage ropes I was forced to be tied in while they bent me over, whipped me, spanked me, slapped me, and fucked me. I love being a Submissive Whore!

Make this Submissive Whore your slave

Make this Submissive Whore your slave. I love being a stupid slave for my masters, every master of mine that calls make me so fucking horny and wet, I love it when they take full control of me and show me what worthless slut that I am. I’m a submissive little slut that needs to be pounded and made into your personal whore. I’m always on my knees for you, master, I love being your personal slave that you fuck and tie up every day. I need to be your worthless slut, your little whore that needs your big master dick inside of all of her fuckholes. I’m a stupid Bondage whore who loves to be your slave, please, make me your worthless whore.

I love being master’s Submissive slut

Submissive slut

I love being master’s Submissive slut. It’s been so long without my master! I needed to see him so badly and so did my dripping wet pussy and fuckholes. He brought my over to our room and made me fuck myself with a big red vibrator, he tied me up, and while I fucked my pussy with this big vibrator, he got a paddle and smacked my clit with it! I couldn’t stop screaming for him while he spanked my pussy and I fucked it. It felt sooo good! I couldn’t get enough of it, especially when he tied me up like a pig and had Submissive sex with me. I was being fucked in all three holes of mine and came so deep inside of me! I love it when my master breeds my submissive pussy!