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Pussy Whipping

Submissive WhoreI know what I am and I know who owns me!

But sometimes, I make mistakes, and for that, I must be punished!

In the past, I have had spankings.

They would sting…turn my tender young skin, the brightest shades of crimson!

But his hard strong hands, bring the flush of blood to the surface started to create yearnings….desires….an erotic aching in my tight moist cunt!

He knew I was enjoying the pain!

So yesterday, when I brought home canned cranberry sauce instead of making home made, my torture was severe!

My master had grabbed me by my hair, yanking it hard as he pulled me to the “punishing room”.

He threw me on the bondage platform, working quickly to shackle my arms!

The restraints were tight and I knew if I tried to fight, the pain would be worse!

He began thrashing my soft smooth cunt!

The leather straps stung as they split the smooth soft flesh of my young wet pussy!

I tried not to like it….I tried to control my excitement!

I tried not to let him see the juices that began to ooze out of my hungry fuck hole!

But it was no use!

I could not control the surging tidal wave of sweet cum that was exploding out of my erotically tortured pussy!

Oh, the pain he gives me brings such intense pleasure!


Submissive Whore

Submissive whoreI was a stubborn little whore when we met.

I needed a lot of training!

I needed a lot of pussy pounding, A lot of punishment.

But he was worth it. I will never submit to another!

To be dominated by his powerful cock is the only way for me to feel pleasure. 

I could finger fuck myself for hours at a time and never cum with out the sting of his hands against my skin!

I could never worship another the way I worship him.

There is nothing I would not do, no humiliation I would not withstand.

To sleep with my face buried in his cock would be a dream come true and if I told you that I love feeling it pressed against my face, covered in cum, that would not even describe how much I worship it!

My body belongs to him, for him to do with as he pleases!

My cunt is his property to fuck and violate in every possible way! 

He knows that I can not control my orgasms when I feel his thick hard cock slamming my fuck hole!

I live for him and for our anniversary, I got a very special tattoo!

What do ya think?Submissive slut


My Dark Stranger Returns

Submissive whoreI had a long hard day at my new job as a sexy Mrs. Santa, (what can I say, I am a giver).

All I wanted to do is slip out of this naughty dress and step into the shower and wash all the men’s grubby paw marks off me.

I let the hot water run all over my naked body and as I was soaping my self up, I let my fingers explore my body, sliding down my perky tis, over firm flat stomach, and down to my tight wet pussy.

I at least deserved a happy ending!

Then I saw him! But this time, he was completely naked!

He ripped open the curtain and I saw him holding his cock in his hand!

It was intimidatingly enormous and red hot!

In his powerful commanding voice, he ordered me to continue to finger my swollen pussy!

I was shaking and my knees felt weak as he grabbed me and forced me down on my knees!

His thick cock was right in my face and he ordered me to  open my mouth.

I remember how he felt as he fucked my face and did as he asked willingly!

Then he unleashed a never ending flood of piss all over my face and tongue!

I choked and tried to move my face but he held my head in position as he drained his bladder in my face and down my throat!

Just as I thought I would drown, he shoved that thick hard cock down my throat, forcing me to swallow his salty piss!

Before he dragged me to my bedroom, he told me there was no point in continuing my shower because I will always be nothing but a filthy whore!

Erotic Domination

Submissive phone sexI have been waiting for the return of my dark stranger.

The way he dominated me on Halloween was unforgettable.

The way he owned my body, commanded orgasm after orgasm from me, was the most intensely erotic experience of my life.

But its been weeks since then.

I did not even know his name, but that cock…I will never forget that beautiful perfect cock!

But then last night, as I was climbing into bed, I saw my dark stranger in the corner!

I could not see him, just his shadow but his presence was so powerful.

My clit started to twitch and my pussy instantly became moist and I knew he had come back for more!

He stood at the end of my bed, and without speaking, tore my clothes off my body and pushed my legs apart.

I laid there naked and shivering but my cunt was warm and creamy!

I ached for him!

I pleaded with him to control me and own me like he had done before, but he refused and ordered me to finger fuck myself while he watched!

His power over me was sending uncontrollable spasms throughout my body like electric convulsing shock waves!

My back began to arch as my body started to cum and he pushed my hips back down to the bed refusing my release!

Then, a single thrust with the force of a thousand horses sent his massive hard cock to the depths of my pussy and I lost all control!

Feeling his cock expanding the walls of my tight wet pussy sent a rush of cum splattering his cock and balls!

I couldn’t stop!

I could tell he was not happy when he continued to angrily punish my fuck whole with an intense pounding that could only be compared to a battering ram!

I laid there, exhausted in ecstasy and when I opened my eyes, he had vanished and the only evidence he had left was the slow, hot drip of his thick creamy cum out of my gaping twitching cunt!

A Real Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreI love my daddy more than anything in the world and my pussy gets dripping wet every time I think of him.

There is nothing that I would not do for him and when I do things for him, it makes me want to finger fuck myself, just knowing how pleased he is going to be.

I used to think I was a nice submissive little slut, making sure dinner was on the table, all his favorites, making sure he always came good and hard when I fucked him, regardless of whether or not I was satisfied.

But I was not even close.

But after several bare bottom spankings, I began to see my true purpose as a submissive whore.

My daddy has trained me so well. I now know that, yes, I serve him because I love him and want him to be happy but I need his approval because without it, I am a worthless whore!

In the evening I wait on my knees by the door, wearing nothing!

I serve him dinner, completely nude and wait for his command as I stand by his side and watch him eat with out speaking.

Bare bottom spankingsAnd when he is finished, before I wash the dishes, I spend an hour licking and sucking his cock, worshipping it with my mouth before he feeds me my dinner!

If he wishes to fuck me, I have trained my pussy to instantly get wet on command, and if I am vacuuming and the mood strikes him, I eagerly bend over the couch and let him stretch my tight cunt before I resume my chores with his cum dripping down my naked thigh.

I know I am worthless without him so his happiness consumes me.

These female equality bitches don’t know what it really means to love a man or else they would find happiness in worshipping him (and his cock) the way I do.

Red Riding Whore

Submissive whoreMy body froze when I saw the stranger in the black cape and mask on my front porch.

His eyes pierced through me, sending shivers through my entire body! I could not see his mouth but I could tell there was not a smile on his face! I couldn’t speak and was glad to see him walk away with his young one after getting her candy.

I was done for the night and decided to turn off the porch light and get out of my little red riding hood costume.

As I locked the door and turned, I saw him in my living room. This time no mask and definitely no smile!

Erotic submissive storiesI began to shake as he came at me and grabbed me by the throat, forcing me to my knees!

He pulled his cape open to reveal his throbbing hard cock and I began to piss myself!

I was to scared to move as he tied my hands and feet behind my back

I could feel how hard his cock was as he bent me over the back of the couch and slide his thick meet from my pussy to my ass!

Then with one hard fuck, he slammed that cock so deep in my cunt, forcing the air out of my lungs!

He had his belt wrapped around my neck and with each punishing thrust of his meat, the grip of his belt got tighter and tighter!

I was so scared and it hurt so bad but my pussy was wet and cumming!

I realized that I was just a little cum whore that loved getting her pussy destroyed by strangers hard fuck sticks!

When he forced his dripping meat inside my mouth, making me clean my cunt of it, I knew I wanted him to own me!




That Spawn is Mine!

Submissive WhoreMy master has found a new way to torture me!

He knows how much I want to please him and some how, my need for his approval has turned into the deepest need for him that I have ever experienced!

He has started shackling me to the bed, making me watch as he fucks other sluts!

I can’t help but cry, mascara running down my face as my cunt drips for him, my master. Watching him get serviced by another while I ache for him is the cruelest torture!

I see her head fall back in ecstasy as he explode deep in her wet cunt!

Then he leads me to her and says that if I want it that bad, I will have to eat it out of her as he grabs me by the hair and forces my face in her snatch!

I can smell his cum in her raunchy fuck hole and all I can think about is sperm swimming around, searching for her whorish eggs to latch on to!

That whore filled with my masters seed is more than I can stand!

My mind races at the thought of his potential spawn growing inside that whores spoiled cunt!

Suddenly, uncontrollably, I reach deep inside the whore! I am elbow deep clawing out her insides, pulling her cunt inside out and shoving it deep inside in my own womb!

That spawn is mine!



Caitlin’s Cum Walk Competition

Submissive phone sexI finally had the chance to redeem myself with my new owner!

He told me he was taking me to a very special party and that I needed to be perfect!

He had to prove to everyone that he had the best submissive whore in town!

He had the servants bath me. It was the first time my cunt had been cleaned since I got there. The slippery soap felt so soothing as it lathered up my used cunt!

I was dressed in the fanciest lingerie and fitted with a collar and lead that attached to the cuffs that pulled my hands behind my back.

Finally something that made me feel like he was proud to own me!

We arrived at the party and there were several man standing in circles around whores that were kneeling and crying, each man stroking his hard dick and forcing it in her unwilling mouth!

He yanked my chain and pulled me closer, angrily whispering that I was to be the best Bukkake whore here, or else!

I took my place in my own circle with 6 or 7 cocks at eye level.

I looked up at each with a smile as they fucked my face and played with my tits.

My owner was so impressed with my eager compliance and soon men were leaving their circle to come to mine!

Then several of them splattered that dick spit all over my face and tits! I was completely drenched and it just kept coming!

I held my tongue out, begging for their cream like I was catching snowflakes!

As the men finished draining their balls, my owner came over and removed my cuffs and held out his hand to help me up!

I smiled at him through my cum blinded eyes and turned, holding my head high as I proudly walked through the room!

As cock cream dripped from my face to my tits and I saw the beaming face of my owner

I knew…


Would always be

The Cum Walk


No Evidence

Submissive WhoreThings were not going well at my new home.

I had been fitted with a spreader between my ankles and my hands were still bound!

There were two giant black man placed as guards in my room.

They would take turns using me as their cum dumpster! One would violate my cunt or my ass while the other kept watch!

I am almost grateful that I had not eaten in days or there cocks would have been covered in shit after fucking my tight ass. But still, I could not help but vomit when they gaged me with their giant fuck rods!

They made sure not to fill my torn ass or dry cunt with there cock spit, leaving no evidence for my new owner that they had been using his newly acquired fuck doll for their own pleasure.

Their massive sweaty bodies smothered me as they lay on top of me forcing their hard cocks inside me over and over again.

My crying only made them laugh as they pissed all over me, washing away any jizz that they had splattered on my face and tits!

Occasionally, the servants would come in and act disgusted that I had peed my self! I couldn’t tell them that it wasn’t me! I couldn’t tell them that the evil guards, were forcing me into being a cum eating whore and then fucking my face until I vomited there chunky cum back up!

I don’t think I am going to make it!

I did not realize how good I had it before! What I wouldn’t give to feel the slap of daddy’s hand across my face once again!

Slave Auction

Submissive whore phone sexMy owner had not been home for a few days and I was very worried!

I can not live with out him and my bad kitty had not been punished in a while.

I had to go out looking for him! The only clothing I had was slutty lingerie that he had bought me for parties and things but I had to wear something!

I put on my bra and panties and some thigh highs just to stay warm and headed out to find my daddy.

I had only got a little way down the road when this car pulled up and a man got out to help me find my owner. But when I turned, the mean man hit me on the head a knocked me out!

I was dressed in a very fancy lace and satin teddy with high heels and silk stockings and men were pawing at me!

There were several other girls, some of which had woke up, and they were also tied and gagged and dressed in very fancy lingerie!

We were being auctioned off to the highest bidder and I was up next!

The man paid a lot of money for me and then took my leash and took me home.

Still in my gag and restraints, he had put me in a very fancy room with a giant 4 poster bed and drapes all around the room!

I felt like a princess! Then he pulled the drapes back to reveal walls of restraints and and other things that I had never seen before!

As slowly undressed me, taking his time to explore every inch of my body, he told me that my life will be very easy if I learn to please him and do as I am told!

I had been trained well and I thought of daddy and started to cry.

That is when he slapped my face and whipped out his cock and shoved it down my throat!

He had his hands clenched in my hair as he was fucking my face!

His meat was banging hard against the back of my throat and was making me vomit in my own mouth!

He pushed his thick meat in as far as it would go as he held my head hard against him, forcing me to swallow everything that filled my mouth!

After he came, he threw me back on the bed, calling me a filthy whore, saying something about learning to be his slave or suffer the consequences!

With my hands and feet  still tied. I curled my naked body up on the bed and cried myself to sleep….where are you daddy?

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