It was my very first relationship, and I didn’t know what we were doing. But he knew what he wanted, and he was sure to let me know. And me, well, I wanted to make him happy. I was his Good Girl, and every time he called me that, my pussy would get so incredibly wet. And while I didn’t dare call him so out loud, privately, I thought of him as my Master, and I lived to make him happy.

Since then, I’ve realized I’m just another submissive whore, willing to do whatever necessary to make my Master happy, and BDSM phone sex is the best way to get my fix. I want you to tie me up, make me grovel, call me the dirty little fucking slut that I am. Bend me over a table and paddle my backside until I’m red, or spread me on a post and whip my front until I’m bloody, blood dripping over my soft, luscious tits. Slap me, shame me, give me all that spanking phone sex I crave and you need.

Reward me by letting me suck your delicious hard cock until you’re ready to burst. Let me suck you while my whole body is tied up, the ropes wrapped around my tits and going through my pussy and ass, rubbing all the while, preparing me for you. Then fuck my ready, waiting, wet, undeserving cunt and deny me the release of cumming until you’ve taken all of your pleasure with me. And when I cum, I will be as loud or as quiet as you command.

Submissive phone sex is the only way I can find release anymore since Master left. Are you a good Master? If I’m your little submissive slut, will you call me your Good Girl?

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