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I was shocked when our office was burglarized. A masked intruder came in and ripped my clothes right off of me. He tied me up. I was screaming for help and begging him to stop, but put duct tape over my mouth. Next, he ripped off my bra and. exposed my tits. He slapped them and pinched them. My screams were muffled because of the tape. I thought he’d want to steal from us, but it seems like he just wanted to take advantage of me. He pulled me by my hair around the office, ripped my pantyhose apart and force fucked me from behind, throwing me over my desk. By the time he was done with me, my tits were nearly purple and my pussy was gaping open. Why did you do this to me?Submissive whore


Submissive whore

I knew after being here for days and you kept bringing in more women, tied and bound, that you were a serial kidnapper. You’d come in and force fuck us. You’d use your fingers and your mouth, and your cock, whenever and however you wanted to. We were all terrified. You’d slap us around and tear into our cunts and assholes relentlessly until we were sore and throbbing. Then you’d force us to fuck each other’s holes. You’d make us eat each other out at gunpoint. We would cry and cry and plead for you to stop, but that just made you more aroused. When you weren’t using your victims, you had us dressed in nylons. We were covered in bruises from the ropes cutting into our skin. How long are you going to force us to be your submissive whores?


Submissive whore

I had a weird feeling like I was being watched all week long. Finally on Friday afternoon, as I was walking out of work into the parking garage, a white van pulled up and several men got out and threw me in the back. They tied me up and duct taped my mouth shut. I screamed as they ripped my blouse, exposing my big tits. They finger fucked me hard and fisted my tight little pussy until it was sore and ruined.I tried to fight back. I need to learn my place as a submissive little fucking slut! I think they’re going to torture and fuck me all weekend long! Sure enough, Monday morning, they pushed me out of the back of the van in front of the office building, beaten, battered, bruised. I was still in the same outfit, torn to shreds and blood splattered from being force fucked in all my tight holes! Now everyone will know what kind of submissive whore I am!

Purple Tits

Submissive whore

I loved our hot bondage phone sex call. Just like you instructed, I got my tits tied up real tight for you, master. Just like you like it. As much as it hurts, I’m pulling on my nipples as far as I can. I scream in pain but I know that just gets your cock harder. You love hearing me torture myself for your pleasure. I know the punishment will be fierce if I don’t do exactly as you say, so I make sure to obey at all times, no matter the pain. And the pain is so great. I feel the nerves burning. It hurts so fucking bad.  I just hope you’ll have mercy! My tits are turning purple and I don’t know how much more of this I can take! 


Submissive slut

I want to be your good girl, Daddy. Once you got my tits, arms, legs, ankles, and pantyhose covered pussy all tied up you had me wait hours for you. Part of my submission is being available whenever it is you decide to use me, Master. The anticipation certainly makes my pussy wet but I just crave your cock so much. To be a good little submissive whore I must wait here patiently, as you instructed. I wouldn’t dare risk the punishment if I moved. Your punishments range from spankings, whippings, rough sex, and my biggest fear – you not fucking or touching me at all! That’s the punishment I’m most effected by. I need your touch and approval and I need to hear I’m your good fucking whore. Mostly, I need to hear that I’m your good girl.



Submissive whore

Your hand around my throat was terrifying. You strung me up in orange ropes, put a ball gag on me, and hung me from the ceiling. Nipple clamps tore at my sensitive nipples as you tugged on them. You aggressively shoved your fat fingers in my cunt and rammed them in and out violently. You slapped my face, spit on me, pulled my hair. You shoved toys in my asshole, without any lubricant, and slapped my already burning tits. It was obvious you were having fun. You got your cock out and with the juices from my cunt on your fingers, started jerking off. One hand on your cock and the other around my throat. The grip getting tighter and tighter the closer you came to an orgasm. Fuck. I’m going to pass out.


Bondage and submissionWhen I woke up, I was face down, tied up and still wearing my pantyhose. I don’t know what made you kidnap me today in my work parking garage. I felt some sense of relief that my pantyhose were still on because only then did I feel safe from being force fucked. That was, until I hear you come in and you wouldn’t take your hands off of me. Then I heard a loud rip and my pantyhose were completely ruined at the top. The legs stayed on secure, but the whole pussy and ass portion was wide open and exposed. I suddenly felt very very scared. You ran your hands up and down slowly at first, building up my anticipation. Then without warning, when I was least expecting it you buried your hard throbbing cock in my asshole. You pounded and force fucked my tight little whole while I tried to scream, nearly suffocating myself with the duct tape. When you finally were done using me, you pulled out and came all over my pantyhose. The next morning, you dressed me, and put me back out in front of my work. My pantyhose nearly glued to my legs from your cum. You told me to work all day like that, or you’d come back for more…

Flogging Casey

BDSM chatI was bound and gagged and so vulnerable when you began to hit my cunt with the flogger. First little slaps, they actually felt good. This isn’t too bad. Then you went harder. Stings got stronger. Then harder. Harder. Harder. I was screaming, the best I could, in pain. I could feel the heat coming off my ass and cunt. Blood coming to the surface. Fuck that hurt so bad. When the straps would hit my pussy lips it felt like someone was slicing me open. You like seeing me in pain. Bound and nothing I can do. Completely submissive to you, master. I like being your slave, but damn. I’m not going to be able to sit down for weeks.


Bondage whoreYou promised to start training my ass with a butt plug, and I can’t wait! I had never heard about most BDSM things until after my marriage ended. It was such a vanilla boring relationship, especially in bed. I had to wear the pants in the relationship and I was miserable. So when I met you, Daddy, and you took control, I had never felt so liberated. You tied me up tight, bruised my tits real good teasing and slapping them. Flogged me, slapping the leather thin strips on my cunt. You spanked me harder than I have ever been spanked before. It’s so kinky and fun and new every time we play together, Daddy. You’re going to teach me so many things, Daddy. I can’t wait to learn so many more kinky things from you daddy and be your cock worshiping submissive whore!

Losing Consciousness

BDSM phone sexYou tightened the rope around my tits and then you slapped my face hard, which is a hard limit of mine. I yelped out, as much as I could, behind a ball gag. My face immediately felt hot and tears started going down my cheeks, which only seemed to make you more aggressive. You began slapping my tits and i saw blood start coming to the surface of the skin. Bruised already. You pushed my face down on to the bed, exposing my ass and pussy to you. My arms tied behind my back too tight. I didn’t even get a breath before my nose and mouth were covered by the mattress. I felt your hand push my face further and further, burying it deeper and making it impossible for me to breathe. You lost all control this time. Are you going to go too far? Is this the end? I’ve never seen you like this. You thrust your cock in my asshole without so much as spitting on it. I tried to scream, but couldn’t, and knew if I did, it would just make things worse for me. I started to feel my pulse in my head and began to drift out of consciousness.

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