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Submissive Whore is worthless slave

Being a worthless Submissive Whore is easy for me to be. It was what my daddy raised me to be when he would use as his slave and cum bucket. I know I must clean any mess and milk every drop of cum from my master. He came home drunk last night and threw up on me u just washed off and got ready for more abuse. He pulled his cock out and forced it down my throat, making me choke and puke on it.  I had to clean up my mess too and I did. Finally his cock was hard and throbbing and I bent over and spread my legs for him. He didn’t want my worthless pussy, so he forced his cock into my ass. Since he was intoxicated he fuck me like a jack rabbit and punted my into the ground making my asshole stretch. When I felt his cock Start pumping semen I knew I had use my Slave training properly.He stood up over me and pissed all over my face, he had to release his bladder before  I put him in bed as the cum dripped out my asshole.

Submissive Whore

Slave training is what I was raised on

Slave training is what I was made for. My neck has always been leashed since I can remember. Daddy was the first one to leash me up. He has groomed me since I was young. Anytime I sat on his lap he would hold my hands behind my back and grope me. One night he showed me what little girls do for daddy. He tied my hands and feet with his belt. When I cried he spanked my bare bottom and told me to stop. It didn’t matter. I knew mom could hear me but my father is very dominant. He forced my mouth open and choked me with his big daddy meat. He told me to suck it like a lollipop and I would do anything daddy wanted. That was the beginning of our Submissive sex sessions. I grew up being submissive and being used in any way my master daddy wanted. That is why he leashed me. Daddy claimed me as his property and he was the first one I belonged to. Whenever daddy was around i had to crawl around with my leash on and now i do it for my master.

Slave training

Bare bottom spankings is what i got fresh out the cage

You opened my cage and grabbed me by the hair telling me to open my mouth as you unzipped your pants. You let out a warm stream of piss all over my face. I tried to swallow all I could because I know it pleases you. You dragged me to the couch and I knew it was going to be a night of Bare bottom spankings and you using me. I love how you take your frustrations out on me. It makes me your special tool. I know how hard your day has been based on the paddle you use, the thicker one means it was a hard day. That one leaves the most pain and marks to my body. While he paddles my ass, he shoves my head down on his cock more causing me to cough and choke. You feel the welts all over my ass and spread my lips to inspect my pussy hole. The fact that my juices were dripping after your spankings and golden shower, made you very happy. I love to make you happy, you stood up and bent over the couch spreading your ass. I knew it meant it was Prostate milking time. You grabbed my head and rammed my tongue up your ass. You didn’t stop pounding my tongue in your ass until you were ready to spray. You sprayed my face bukkake style, leaving my face dripping with cum.

Bare bottom spankings

Bondage and submission is what this Submissive whore

 My master was away for business and I was craving some Bondage and submission. My body is used to my master tying me up and spanking me every night, some nights harder than the other. I was horny and wanted to be used so much so I found a guy on the phone line to be my substitute master and come over. When he walked in he slapped me because I didn’t greet him on my knees. The sting sent a tingle down to my pussy and I got on my knees and begged him for more. He slapped me again and pulled his cock out to give me a golden shower. He wanted me to smell like him in every way. Once he released all his piss on me he had me suck on his limp pissy dick until it was hard and swollen. That is all he needed, he tied me up to the bed and took his belt off. He spanked my body and ass with his belt as he slid his hard meat into my cunt. If i wasn’t such a big Submissive whore i wouldn’t have enjoyed getting my ass hit with the belt so hard over and over. But I am, so my pussy dripped with every moment the belt hit me. He was  excited from whipping me with the belt. When he put his belt around my neck and pulled it tight I squirted all his cock. Knowing I enjoyed him using me and feeling how much he made me cum made him fill me up with all his thick semen.

Bondage and submission

Red and welted Submissive Whore ass for valentines day

When you are a Submissive Whore anything my master gives me is a gift and my pleasure to receive. My master came in with a new set of chains and cuffs and I got into position. As the weight of the chains held me down my master started slapping my face. He said he was going to have me rose red before I would get any roses from him. I took every slap with a smile. He worked his way down my body and with every sting, I knew my master was showing me the only love a master can show his property slut. He shoved his fingers in my cunt and got all the wetness I was releasing on his hand and then slapped me with it. I could smell my pussy off his hand. He grabbed my face and shoved his cock in my mouth, choking me and almost making me pass out from the lack of air. He bent me over and I knew it was time for the rest of my gift. The paddle hit my ass so hard I almost fell to the ground. That is when he shoved his raw cock in my ass and used my asshole to milk his cock. With every stroke of his dick he gave me Bare bottom spankings with his paddles. By the time my master filled me up, my body was shaking from the pain. He was very pleased and I was very thankful for my valentine’s day gift of a welted rose red ass.

Submissive Whore

Slave training is perfect to train a slut for Prostate milking

Slave training is part of my daily life with my master. Last night he was really rough and strict. I knew it was time for me to milk his cock. It started with me doing my chores, every time I bent over my ass got spanked. By the time I was done with all my chores my ass was red and welted. But my master had a smile on his face which made my cunt drip. Seeing my master pleased always makes my cunt happy. My master dropped all his clothes and sat in his favorite chair. I crawled over to my master with my mouth wide open ready to take his cock in. I love the way my master uses my mouth. Tonight he was thinking of some Prostate milking, he spread his legs and lifted his balls. I stuck my tongue out and started lapping on his asshole. I could feel my master was jacking his cock off over my head. He grabbed me by the hair and pushed my tongue deeper into his ass. I felt him tighten up and that is when my master started spraying my face with all his thick jizz. 

Slave training

Bondage whore gets golden shower

Bondage whore got tied up and pissed on last night. My master wanted to rinse the dry cum off my face and tits, so he gave me a warm golden shower. It had been a few days that my master and his friends were using me. They were fucking my mouth until they came all in my mouth.  When they had big loads and I couldn’t swallow all of it. Their thick cum loads would drip on my tits. If they felt like it my master and his friends would cum on my face. After they fucked my holes i was so full of cum it dripped out down my legs. They beat my ass cheeks with their paddles and whips until I was tired and then jacked off all over me bukkake style before putting me in my cage. That is why the next day after I sucked another load out of my master’s cock, he decided to tie up his Submissive whore and wash the cum of my face and body with his piss. I am so lucky to have a master that takes care of me so well and allows me to be his and his friends cum bucket whenever he feels like using me.

Bondage whore

Prostate milking got me Submissive Whore fucked and face sprayed with nut

I woke up to my master pissing all over me. Waking up to his golden shower told me I should be ready. My master was going to use my mouth all night. This Submissive Whore drips at the thought of my master using my mouth. I just love the way my master tastes. I worship him in any way he commands. When he was done he pulled me out my cage and told me to dry up. He sat on my face and I knew it was time for me to lick his asshole. I stuck my tongue deep in his ass but I guess it wasn’t deep enough. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face deeper in his ass. I could feel he was jacking his cock off as I licked his ass and I just wanted to please master and make him happy. I am just a fuck hole for him and i know it so i was very happy when he told me to bend over. I thought he was just going to use my tongue to get some Prostate milking. It felt so good when he stuck his cock deep in my cunt.

Submissive Whore

I just begged my master to please fill me up. He spanked my ass hard and told me that I need to stay in my place and never ask anything of him. He kept spanking my ass over and over showing me who is boss and how I need to stay in my place. I was just happy to have my master fuck me. When he was about to cum I thought he was going to fill me up but as a punishment he didn’t and just sprayed my face with all his nut.

Slave training and Prostate milking for period whore

Slave training is what I get every night from my master. It doesn’t matter if I am tired or on my period, I am here to serve my master no matter what.

Slave training

I was on my period and had made a mess all over. My master gave my ass spankings until my ass was red and swollen before making me clean my mess up. The mess must be cleaned up with my tongue. Master watches over me as i lick all the mess up, whipping me with his favorite whip whenever he feels like it. My master was very pleased at how well I cleaned my cage and he wanted to reward me. He laid on the couch naked and spread his legs for me and I knew it was time for me to use my mouth on my master. I opened my mouth wide for his cock to fuck my mouth. My master grabbed my head and made me suck his hard cock all the way down my throat until I choked and couldn’t breathe. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, but he wanted some Prostate milking. He grabbed my head and pushed it down to his asshole. I knew to lick him good and fast and to shove my tongue as deep as I could in his asshole. I wiggled my tongue on my master’s ass until he came all over my face. He made me wear an adult diaper so i wouldn’t bleed all over my cage again, he likes me to keep it clean.

Cock worshiping from Submissive Whore before bed

Year after year Cock worshiping is what I do for my master at night before he goes to bed. He lets me out of my cage, and I make sure to show him how much I love being out.

Cock worshiping

I rub his cock all over my face until it is hard. I then make sure to suck his hard dick just like my master wants. I French kiss the tip of his cock before I take it deep down my throat. Then I make sure to use my tongue on my master’s asshole. He loves a good rim job. He feels my tongue on his ass and it excites him so much. he grabbed my head and rubbed it hard onto his asshole making my tongue go deeper in his ass using it to massage his prostate. He will smack his hard cock on my forehead as I give him a rim job, because he wants me to know he is the boss. I know and I make sure to show it to my master by following the rules and commands he gives just like a Submissive Whore should always do. He kept rubbing my face into his ass. I could barely breathe but I didn’t stop because I was making sure I milked my master. He stopped and pulled me up by my hair. He bent me over his lap and his cock was poking at my face as he started spanking my ass. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock as he spanked me hard over and over. He then spread my ass cheeks and pushed his fingers in my ass. Right when he was about to cum in my mouth, he shoved his fingers so deep in my ass it pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and filled it up. He petted me telling me I did a good job before he put me back in my cage.