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Tortured Orgasms By Master

Erotic BDSM stories

My skin was burning getting ripped from the rope but I kept wiggling as he used the vibrator on my wet cunt as he fingers my ass. Master was in a giving mood and he was going to force me into orgasm over and over. He stuck a big dick in my ass and was pounding me as he fingered my cunt. My body went limp a few times as I squirted uncontrollable. I beg Master to please stop but it only excited him more and more. He pulled the dildo out my ass, I thought it was over the orgasms had my body weak but Master had a different plan he stuck his cock in my ass ripping me open and shoving my face down to the bed I couldn’t breathe. He pounded away at my asshole holding the rope tied to my hands burning my skin using me for his pleasure. I couldn’t breathe and I felt my body giving up as I felt him filling me up saying I was a good fuck slave. I woke up untied naked with my asshole dripping with his cum. 

What A Submissive Whore Gets

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I didn’t know why I woke up in so much pain and bruised all over. I had gone out with my best guy friend and a few of his college buddies, we went to bar and I only had 2 drinks so I didn’t understand why I didn’t remember anything so I figured someone had put something in my drink and I was drugged. I tried to remember what happened I had flashes of a cock being shoved into my holes. Then I had a flash of a paddle being used all over my body hard as my holes are being pounded over and over. I couldn’t believe what happened I never thought my best guy friend wanted to fuck me and fuck me so rough. Even as much pain my body was in, I started getting horny from the flash backs I was getting.  I stuck my fingers into my sore nut filled cunt and played with my clit to the memories of the rough fucking I got, even as sore as I was, I liked it I can’t help that I am a submissive whore who likes it rough.  

Submissive Whore Gets Punished

I don’t like to displease master but I love when I get in trouble and he knows it. I am a Submissive sex slave so I live for my Master and his needs, fantasies and desires. I can’t help being a whore and that is how I got in trouble. Master hired a young school kid to clean our pool. I was just sun bathing naked when he came in. I was horny so right away I pushed myself on him

Erotic submissive stories

. Pulled out his cock and sucked it like if it were master. He couldn’t believe what was going on so I got to turn the tables on him and use him like I get used all the time. I pushed him down and straddled him. I rode him like a bitch in heat that is when my master walked in, he didn’t stop us told me to keep going. Young man came deep in me and I squirted all over his cock and balls. He right away left and master right away tied me up and whipped me with his whip. It only made me wetter. For my punishment he stuck his big fat cock deep in my ass pounding me hard and fast while calling me a cock whore. After he filled me up, he made me lick his dirty cock clean. That was a great punishment and that is why sometimes I break the rules.  

Begging For Master’s Cock

Erotic BDSM stories

I know how much you love to punish me and use my body. It gets me excited when I see the look you get from tying my body up. I know you enjoy seeing the rope rub and burn my skin. My pussy drips and I can’t help but beg for master to fuck me. I want the feeling of your throbbing cock to pound me and use my pussy hard. I’ll get on my hands and knees and beg until you take pity on me, and stick your cock in my mouth. If you have freed my hands, I will ask for permission to finger fuck my cunt while I suck your cock. I know you love how I suck your cock so I hope you will end up bending me over and just shoving it deep in one of my holes. I love when you fuck my ass and pussy all I want is your nut filling me up. If you pick my asshole, I will finger my pussy because it will drive me crazy and make me squirt all over. I will make sure I clean up my mess as usual master.  

I Never Let Master Down

Erotic bondage stories

Master tied me up and told me we would have a photoshoot. He took many pics of me tied up. He wasn’t done with me, two men walked in and they had floggers at hand. They flogged me hard and I could tell they loved it because their cocks were hard poking out at me. Master ordered me to please them in any way and to not let him down. I would never want to let master down so I opened my mouth wide. I took one throbbing cock in my mouth and soon after one in my pussy. I could tell master was pleased. He took the flogger and flogged me more as I got fucked. He wanted to use me and have me feel the sting on my body. It felt so good I didn’t even notice when the dick started filling my mouth up. I made sure to swallow every drop. I wasn’t done I bounced my ass back on the other big cock, I was determined to get every drop out of his cock to make master proud of me. That is what I did and when I was done, I swallowed master’s entire load.  

Played In The Dark

Submissive slut

It was a long travel and there were not many people on the greyhound. As a matter of fact, I was the only woman on the bus full of all men going to different places. I was sitting in the back alone and I was horny. My pussy was wet already from not being touched and played with in 2 days. It was dark on the bus I figured I was safe from anyone noticing.  I was playing with my pussy when I felt someone close to me.  When I looked, he was sitting next to me and put his hand under my blanket he felt my fingers right on my wet pussy. As I tried to speak but he put his hands over my mouth and started fingering my pussy. It felt so good but I couldn’t even see who he was. He pulled his cock out and shoved my face right down on it. I sucked it and just let him finger me and fuck my mouth. He stuck his other fingers in my ass and was just going into all my holes. It felt so good I started cumming all over his fingers. He then took them out my pussy and I could hear him licking them as he started filling me up. After he just got up and left. The bus was so dark I just wondered who it could have been.  

Sex Slave Life Is Great

Being a sex slave is all I ever wanted to be. My master now knew from the moment he laid his eyes on me. He uses my slutty cunt for his pleasure and knows how to put me in my place. The way he ties me up is like no other he is always looking for new ways to tie me up or torture me in pleasure. One day he came over with wooden laundry clips. I had no idea what was in stored but I ended up loving it. He tied me up by the dining room table and shoved his cock in my mouth then he started using the pins on me.

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Clipping them one by one as I kept sucking his cock. Then he got to my pussy and he started clipping my pussy open using them to clip my pussy lips to the side so he could have perfect view of my pussy hole and insides. He took pictures and I could see he was leaking. Then he fucked me with all the pins on. The pain brought us both pleasure.  

A Whore For A Superior Man

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I see you are a man who understands man are more superior. I’m a filthy cum whore who is meant to serve you and be bred. Clean up after you and get fucked and used in any way you want. I know this because I have been used in every way even a toilet to get pissed on. Turns me on to be used by you. When you tie me up, I know I am in a for a treat. He likes tying me up and whipping me and he has this big dildo he shoves up my wet cunt. He will pound me with it while he whips my skin over and over until he breaks the skin and I feel blood dripping down. By then he will shove his cock deep in my mouth and fuck my throat hard until I feel his balls tighten up and start letting lose in my throat. I love when he uses me as his cum dumpster.  

Pain Slut Submissive Whore

It is not in my nature to be dominant; I am a total submissive whore. I could tell my date noticed by the way he picked what I drank and had on our date. When I went to the bathroom, he cornered me and grabbed me by my neck. As he chocked me, he told me he will use me tonight and I will love it. He isn’t wrong my pussy got excited and started getting wet.

Bare bottom spankings

When we were done with our date we caught and uber, as the master he is he picked our destination. When we got there, he blind folded me and lead me into a hotel room. As he took my blind fold off, I can see the handcuffs on the bed and the whips. It only got me more excited. After being tied up he whipped my body all over until I was red to show me who is boss and how much pain I could take. As a good submissive slut, I took all he had for me. So, he rewarded me by pushing his big fat throbbing cock in my ass. The pain it shot through my body sent me into and orgasm. All he did was keep pounding my tight asshole over and over until he filled it up. After he finished, he told me he would be fucking my asshole on command. The submissive whore in me agreed with eagerness.  

The Submissive Whore You Want

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I love calling you my master or sir. I am yours to use and treat however you want and need. I will take anything you want me to take my pain will give me pleasure knowing I am obeying. When you shove your cock in my mouth, I will suck it and lick it until you cum down my throat. If you desire to tie me up it will make my pussy cream and I’m yours for the taking. Pick the hole you want, that is what I like for you to just use me. I want you to pump me as you paddle or whip me until I beg for mercy. If you loan me out to other masters I will make sure I take every load, spank, paddle or whips just like I do for you. After they are done with me, I will lick up the mess like I do with you. I am the perfect Submissive Whore is all you will hear from them.  

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