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Cock Worshiping And Secret Furry Friend Play By Submissive Whore Casey

Cock worshiping is what I do every day with my master.

Cock worshiping I know I am his Submissive Whore you must be shown what she is. He bends me over his lap and gives me bare bottom spankings until my ass is red and swollen. Making my knees weak is what he loves; it gets his cock hard. When I rub his cock all over my face it starts leaking pre-cum. It makes my face glossy, and I know I look like a good whore. I just open my mouth and let my master use it. I let him use all my holes and last night his cock was throbbing. I knew it meant he was going to fuck one of my holes until he filled it up and make me a cum slut. He tied my legs apart and slammed his cock in my cunt. He fucks my pussy hole like if he was jacking off hard and fast because all I am a cum dumpster for him. I am his property and that is how he shows me. My holes are for his pleasure not for me to be pleased. Once he fills my cunt hole up, he leaves. What he doesn’t know is that I found a way to always get off. Our furry friend loves the taste of master’s semen just like I do. So, when my master puts me in my cage, I wiggle my ass on it and right away our furry friend comes to my cunt, smells it and licks my pussy until i cum. When I have my orgasm, it pushes all of my master’s semen into our furry friend’s mouth.

Bondage Whore Gets Gangbang And Bukakke Party

Bondage whore

A good bondage whore loves the way the rope feels rubbing up against your body. Being a submissive Whore makes your pussy wet when you get punished. Master saw that I was enjoying myself too much. He planned a bukakke party for me with all his friends. He brought me in with nothing on but my collar and leash. I had to open my mouth wide and let them fuck my mouth hard. Through my teary eyes I could see my master was smiling. Seeing him happy excited my cunt. He noticed and told me to bend over and stick my ass in the air like a dog bitch. I did as master asked and one by one they fucked my asshole. What got me through the pain of my asshole getting fucked hard was knowing master was happy. When master’s friends were ready to cum, they didn’t fill my ass up they sprayed my face and body with their big gooey loads. When they were done, I was dripping in cum and the master just put me back in my cage. 

Bare Bottom Spankings And Bondage With Master

Last night it was time for some bondage and bare bottom spankings. Master had gotten a new rope and was eager to break it in. He tied my body up starting with my feet and working his way up.

Bare bottom spankings

My hands were tied behind my back, and I could feel the rope starting to rub against my skin. I tried to stay very still for my master like a good bondage whore for my master.  He then bent me over his knee and gave me bare bottom spankings until I had tears streaming down my face. Master loves seeing me squirm and in pain. It gets his cock hard knowing he has all control over me and that I love it. When his cock is hard and stiff, he uses my face and face fucks me hard. It doesn’t matter if I have tears running down my face or I can’t breathe. I am his property and bondage and submission are some of the ways he puts me in my place.

Prostate Milking Done Right By A Good Submissive Whore

Prostate milking is part of my daily tasks assigned by my master. When he comes home, I must greet him on my knees naked. If he has had a long day, I know to be ready for his favorite paddle.

Prostate milking

He will give me bare bottom spankings until my ass is red and swollen. By then his cock is hard and throbbing. I know exactly how my master likes me to swallow his cock. I suck on the head of his dick trying to get all the pre-cum in my mouth before taking it deep down my throat. I make sure to suck on his balls and that only excites him even more, adding marks all over my back. He then bent over; I knew that meant he wanted me to milk his prostate with my tongue. I frenched kissed his asshole while stroking his cock. By the way he was moaning. I knew I was doing a good job and it made my pussy start dripping down my legs. I used my other hand to play with my clit. I didn’t stop licking his asshole until he started cumming all over my hand. As I licked his cum off my hand, I fingered my cunt begging master to let me cum. He told me to cum like a good slut and my pussy squirted all over my fingers.

Showed A Submissive Whore What She Will Always Be

Master’s new partner was tall, dark and handsome. Master was starting to notice how I would blush whenever he was around. That is why he was welting my ass every time he gave me bare bottom spankings. One night they were drinking, and my master laughed and told his partner how I would cream myself whenever he was around. He slapped my face and told me how I was just a dumb slut thinking his partner would ever care about a whore like me. He then ordered me to undress.

Cum eating phone sex

I did as my master demanded because I know to never talk back or disobey him. He looked at his partner and told him to show me what he does to whores. Then he got close to me, grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock deep in my throat until I had tears flowing down my face and could barely breathe. He then bent over and shoved my face in his ass using my mouth to milk his prostate. He laughed as he stuck my tongue deeper in his asshole. When he was about to cum, he shoved his cock back down my throat filling it up with his cum. After he dumped his load down my throat. He pulled his dick out and pissed all over me. Master only laughed the whole time telling me I will always be treated like a dumb whore, that is what I am, and I agreed taking the golden shower like a good submissive whore. 

Bukkake Party For Submissive Whore Casey

When was the last time you got drenched in thick creamy nut? I was blessed by my master when he had set up a bukkake party for me. He was trying to reward me for how good I milked his prostate. I licked his ass so good I had his toes curling. I stuck my tongue in his asshole and wiggled it while I stroked his hard meat. His body shook from his big load, and he fell asleep. Now his friends and business partner came over ready with balls full of semen. I knew to right away be naked on my hands and knees like a puppy whore. Master gave me a few bare bottom spankings to show them how much I could take. My red round ass being spanked and spread open got their dicks going. Master directed me to start sucking cock and as always do as he directs.

Prostate milking

I started sucking any dick near me, I could feel cock rubbing all over my body and face. Even got my pussy and asshole fucked but they didn’t fill me up they all just blasted their nuts all over me one by one until they were done. Then master put my collar back on and chained me up to his chair for the rest of the night.

Submissive Whore Left Alone With Furry Friend

Master you left me in my cage after you and your friends took turns giving me lashings with your new whip and giving me a drowning golden shower. I was happy to please you master so much it made my cunt wet and i was so horny. I know i belong to you and i cannot fuck anyone unless.  But you left your furry friend home with me. I just pushed my bare ass and pussy onto the cage and called him over. His nose was cold and wet, it tickled as he sniffed my cunt and asshole. It sent a shock up my body and I started rubbing my clit. My cunt started getting even wetter and that is when I felt mans best friend’s rough wide  tongue lap me from my pussy hole to my asshole. I just rubbed my pussy against the cage more, that is when our furry friend stuck his tongue in between the bars and licked my cunt like he was hungry. Maybe you forgot to feed him before you left just like you did with me, it was a good thing now i could use his mouth to make me cum.

Bare bottom spankings

I wiggled my ass against his tongue every time he licked me and finally he pushed his wide rough tongue in my cunt hole and wiggled back and forth while I rubbed on my clit over and over until I finally came so hard. Thank goodness mans best friend was there to get me off.

Master And Neighbors Jizz And Piss Shower

Master loves to make me squirm and make my ass red and swollen. His business partner and him went hard on my bare ass with their wooden paddles. My ass and pussy were swollen and red. I could feel the welts forming on my ass cheeks as they started pulling their cocks out. They took turns fucking my mouth. They didn’t stop there, master called the neighbors over to join and they face fucked me in a circle. One by one they started blasting their loads all over me. They bukkaked me and had me dripping with thick gooey jizz. I thought the torture was going to finally be over but master started pissing on me.

Bukkake phone sex

They watched as my master gave me a golden shower trying to wash their cum off me. Master made sure I would really squirm and ask them to join him in washing me. The piss started flowing from their cocks and splashing me all over, I squirmed as it got in my mouth and eyes even dripped down my body. When they were done master told me to exercise my slave training and clean up all the mess.

Caged Up Pissy Whore

I woke up in my cage naked smelling of master’s piss and my asshole and pussy hole were sore. Master had his friends over and like every week they got drunk. Master always puts on a show when he is drunk. He gets me naked for his friends to see and puts me over his knee spreading my legs exposing my cunt and asshole for all of them. Then he spanks me as i suck his cock, before I know it he is filling my mouth up with his nut. He then pushed on my knees and told me to be the whore he had made me. I sucked his friend’s dick thinking that would be enough but they were drunk and wanted to fuck my holes. They gangbanged me like I was a whore they paid for, they must have to master. He sells and does whatever he wants to me. I am his property and he can use me as he pleases.


Golden shower phone sex

When they were finished they gave a wet pissy golden shower. I did my job as his Submissive Whore so waking sore and pissy was an accomplishment. 

Gangbang Punishment For Submissive Whore Casey

I strayed from my master and found a new fuck buddy. He had a big black cock and pounded me hard until I couldn’t walk right. The next day my master came to visit me, I did as I usually do and greeted him naked on my hands and knees. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it like a good whore. He told me to bend over and with a bit of hesitation, he stuck his cock in me and I yelped out in pain. I was sore from the pounding I got the night before, as he fucked me, he got close to my ear and told me how he knew I had been getting fucked. My heart jumped and I knew I would be punished. He choked as he shoved his cock in and out of me.

Gangbang phone sex

He then turned me around and slapped my face saying he was about to show me what a whore gets. Three black men walked in with hard cocks in their hands. They took turns pounding my asshole and pussy as my master made me suck his cock. They fucked my cunt so hard I bled and that is when master filled my mouth up with his load. He reminded me of who I belong to and what would happen if I gave his property away. I will be a good Submissive Whore from now on. 

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