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I’m A Slut For Master

Cum slut phone Sex My master is the one who can get me dripping wet and pulsing, I do as he orders because pleasing him is what I am meant to do. I love getting on my knees and sucking his big hard cock for hours. Sucking on his balls and filling them up is my job and what I look forward to doing. It gets my pussy dripping wet knowing his cock leaks for me and the things I do. He knows how to handle a whore like me, uses my mouth for as long as he wants knowing I want to suck, lick and kiss every spot of him from his hard cock to his balls and ass. As soon as he is throbbing and balls are tight and full, he will bend me over and pound my wanting dripping cunt. If I get lucky, he will finger my pussy as he sticks his cock in my ass. I love when he fucks my ass, he is beastly when he does. Pounds my ass hard and deep while moaning hard. When does that it drives me while ill cum so hard. I am his slut and he is my master.

Sunday Golden Showers

Golden shower phone sexEvery Sunday my master gives me a goldenshower, he drinks liquids all day. I love as he ties me up, the feeling of the rope burning my skin gets my pussy wet he teases my pussy. He paddles my ass until it is nice and red. With every lash my pussy creams up, he loves abusing my ass so he will use all kinds of big dildos or even anything he found around he wants. When it is opened wide, he will pound his dick me hard and fast while playing and fingering my cunt. I enjoy that so much I move back shoving my ass on his cock more and slamming his fingers in me. As soon as I cum and my body shakes, I feel him cumming and shaking he even sometimes bites me body cutting my skin and making me bleed. It only excites me more and gets me ready for the big golden finish, he pulls his cock out and starts pissing all over my face and body! I love our Sunday goldenshower fun.

Truck Stop Whore

Rape phone sex fantasiesI was a runaway teenager and it taught me men will take whatever they want whenever they want it. I was new to being a teenager sluty and dumb I was hitchhiking at a truck stop, when I was picked up by a driver. We had a drink and I passed out. I woke up naked with my hands and feet tied up, I started screaming and “pow” I was slapped in my face he told me if I was a good whore, he might spare my life. He pulled a big fat throbbing cock out of his pants and told me to suck it good and to make sure he doesn’t feel any teeth. I sucked his cock just asked he asked taking as deep as I could, he stuck fingers hard and deep in my little pussy. I made sure not to cry and act like I was liking everything he was doing, he bent me over and spread my legs wide open. He started licking and sucking on my lips and my asshole, as I was starting to enjoy it, he covered my mouth and stuck his big fat dick in my asshole. As the pain shot up my body, he pumped my ass hard and fast. He was enjoying it so much he was moaning and calling me a good little whore, he didn’t stop even when it hurt until I felt his cock start pulsing and being filled up with hot cum. He untied me and told me I had earned my life, that is when I knew I was made to serve and be used for a man’s needs and pleasures.  

Submissive Cock Sucker

Bondage chat caseyIt’s not hard for me to worship your cock, because I was trained to be the best cum dumpster. I’m used to you using my body for your pleasure, if you like to tie me up whip me until I’m red and welted then I enjoy it even more. My pussy will be dripping wet from taking all you have for me; I will beg for your cock to be in any of my holes needing to taste or feel your cum. Once you shove your dick in my mouth, I will suck it how you want. Reminds me of my teacher when I was younger, he loved when I sucked his dick slow and deep in my throat. He would have me on my knees any chance he got and sometimes would cum all over my face or lips and watch me lick it up. If I sucked his balls right, I could feel them swell up and I knew he would be ready to fill my mouth up. His cum tasted sweet and drove me more into wanting to try all the flavors out there. 

Trained Whore

I am the perfect trained submissive whore and I know my place is to be used by my master as he pleases, my holes have been beaten and fucked in every way and I love it! I am obedient and my holes need to be punished and to feel some pain. If I swallow his load and miss a drop, I get punished by him spanking me and whipping me until my ass is red sometimes until it breaks my skin and I bleed but it gets me wet and juicy. When I take his punishments right, he lets me play with my pussy until I cum hard! He loves pounding my ass hard and fast until I beg for mercy and for him to just fill me up. Master knows how to use me and make me his no matter what he does to me, he likes seeing me filled with his hot cum. Sometimes he cums all over my face and makes me sleep with it still on.  

Cum eating phone sex

Cock Worshiper

Erotic submissive storiesMaster K has made me the best submissive slut. All he has to do is tell me to kiss it and I’m on my knees mouth open, taking his hard cock meat in my mouth, licking the head and playing with his ball; waiting to taste his precum which I love. If I do it right, he rewards me by filling my mouth with all his load. I love how sometimes he just bends me over whenever and where ever we are and sticks hi hard dick deep in my pussy, he fucks me hard and deep making me feel like I can’t take it while choking, spanking me and calling me his dirty little whore. When does this he can feel my pussy drip and then he will bite me hard on my shoulder sending me to full orgasm. My favorite is when he fucks my ass, he pushes his dick deep in me making me take it all. As he fucks my ass hard holding me down making me take whatever he gives me I play with my clit and when I feel him pumping his cum deep in my ass, I finger my pussy until I cum. Master K makes me worship his dick just like I like it. 

Kidnapped And Fucked

I was used and made into a filthy whore, I blinked and the next thing I was being pulled into a van with something over my mouth. My fear got worse when I felt the car pull over and door open, by now I was blindfolded so I couldn’t see anything. I felt hands pulling and ripping up my clothes, didn’t stop until I was naked. With my push I felt 2 fingers digging into my pussy. I tried to scream but as soon as I opened my mouth a big fat dick got shoved in there, pumping me hard and making me gag. I heard him moan and telling me to be good and suck it and he might not kill me, so I did as I was told and I started sucking as my life depended on it. I sucked on his balls and licked all his pre-cum, took it deep in my throat with the thought that if he came in my mouth, he would not fuck my pussy. I sucked it slow and hard tightened my throat around it and when he moaned and I felt burst after burst of cum flowing down my throat I was relieve, but to my surprise he was still hard. Before I could run away or anything he stuffed my pussy with his fat cock while sticking a finger in my ass. He pumped me and pumped me until I felt the rush of his cum filling me up. He left and the car started moving, just like that I was shoved out the car and I ran as soon as I hit the ground.  

Submissive slut

Good Slut

Tie me up and let me show you how much of a good whore I am. After you tie me up, I’ll be at your dispose, use my mouth make me gag, make me drink up all your cum like a cum guzzling slut. I love when you paddle me and whip me until my pussy is dripping and skin is red. I’ll be a good girl and not resist so you can reward me by playing with my pussy and fingering my ass. I won’t resist when you choke me and make me lick your ass, it gets me excited to have you use my tongue for your pleasure I am your slut to do as you please. I want to suck your balls until I feel them tighten up and get ready to burst, but I know you won’t stop until you get to pound me raw. When you are ready you will lick my ass and with one hard pump you will shove your hard throbbing dick deep in my ass. I will fuck you back and take it as much as I can because I know you love that; I won’t stop until I hear your moans get louder and feel your hands wrap around my neck, with a few more hard pumps you fill me up with your hard dripping cum and it will drive me over the edge I won’t help it but squirt all over the place.  

Submissive slut


I was shocked when our office was burglarized. A masked intruder came in and ripped my clothes right off of me. He tied me up. I was screaming for help and begging him to stop, but put duct tape over my mouth. Next, he ripped off my bra and. exposed my tits. He slapped them and pinched them. My screams were muffled because of the tape. I thought he’d want to steal from us, but it seems like he just wanted to take advantage of me. He pulled me by my hair around the office, ripped my pantyhose apart and force fucked me from behind, throwing me over my desk. By the time he was done with me, my tits were nearly purple and my pussy was gaping open. Why did you do this to me?Submissive whore


Submissive whore

I knew after being here for days and you kept bringing in more women, tied and bound, that you were a serial kidnapper. You’d come in and force fuck us. You’d use your fingers and your mouth, and your cock, whenever and however you wanted to. We were all terrified. You’d slap us around and tear into our cunts and assholes relentlessly until we were sore and throbbing. Then you’d force us to fuck each other’s holes. You’d make us eat each other out at gunpoint. We would cry and cry and plead for you to stop, but that just made you more aroused. When you weren’t using your victims, you had us dressed in nylons. We were covered in bruises from the ropes cutting into our skin. How long are you going to force us to be your submissive whores?

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