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Slave training for Submissive Whore and a mouth full of golden nectar

Slave training is part of my daily routine with my master. I know I must do anything he commands me to do and take anything he has to give me.

Slave training

Even if it leaves my body sore, bruised up and welted. It is what he likes and needs. I knew he had a long day because he didn’t say much and just commanded me to get in position. That is when I am naked on all fours like a dog bitch just waiting for him to give me anything he wants. He started by giving me some Bare bottom spankings with his paddle. He didn’t stop until I had tears coming down my face, but I never made a sound even when my ass hurt and welled up. It made him happy, and his cock was poking at my face. I always get excited when I know I please my master, through the pain my cunt was dripping and excited. I just wanted him to fuck me, any hole. He poked his hard meat at my mouth and like a good Submissive Whore i just opened my mouth and let my master face fuck me. He fucked my throat hard just like he likes, didn’t care if I couldn’t breathe. I could then feel him cumming in my mouth and I made sure to swallow every drop of his hot gooey cum. When I finished, he smiled and then I felt a rush of warm salty piss filling up my mouth. Gulp after gulp i swallowed his golden nectar, making my master proud. He led me to my cage and told me to get rest, his friends were coming over and I was going to need it.

Bondage and submission is for Slave training and Prostate milking

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission is part of my Slave training. I know my master loves making sure the rope he tied me up with is really tight against my skin so that if I move, I get rope burn. He told me to be a good submissive Whore and lay back. That is when he climbed on top of me and started riding my face. He spread her ass and I knew I was going to be doing some Prostate milking. I stuck my tongue out and started licking my master’s asshole. I could feel the rope starting to grind against my skin. The more I licked him the harder he rode my face, the more the rope started burning me. I could tell that my master was jacking off as he was getting prostate milking from my tongue. It had my cunt wet and dripping, wishing my master would just fuck me. But he kept riding my face and I licked him hard until I felt his balls tighten up and I knew he was going to bust a big nut. He turned around and started choking me as he sprayed my face with his cum. He called a good cum slut and left me there tied up in bondage to use me again when he is ready for more Prostate milking. 


Submissive Whore Does Prostate Milking For Master And His Friends

Prostate milking

A Submissive Whore knows her place and knows she must do anything my master asks for even Prostate milking or taking a golden shower. But I didn’t expect to have to do prostate milking for my master and all his friends. After he put me in bondage and shoved my face in his ass, I made sure to lick him hard over and over giving him the best Prostate milking. When he was about to cum, he sprayed my face. I wasn’t able to see too much because I had strings of cum on my face, but I could hear men walking in. Then my hair was grabbed and pushed in between someone else’s ass cheeks. I had to lick my way through their ass making them cum with Prostate milking until my tongue was numb. One after the other got my tongue in their asshole and came on my face. All i could do was be a Submissive whore and lay there as the ropes rubbed up against me and my tongue got stuffed in an asshole. By the time they were done getting Prostate milking, my face was covered and dripping in jizz. My master left and told me to wait for him to come back and give me my punishment/reward for being a big Bondage whore. 

Bondage Phone Sex Is Where You Get Female Bondage And Prostate Milking

My master gets off from female bondage and prostate milking. He makes me his bondage whore whenever he feels like it and forces my face in between his ass cheeks. I’m a submissive whore so it doesn’t take much forcing, I know I am made to be used. I was tied up licking my master’s asshole when I felt another set of hands. My master had invited someone to come use me too. As I licked my master’s asshole, I felt a dick being pushed against my rose bud. My tight asshole was about to be pounded and I couldn’t move because of my bondage.

Female bondage

I kept doing my job of prostate milking for my master as I felt a big dick being shoved in my asshole. They both didn’t stop using my holes hard. My mouth was getting numb when finally, my master turned around and sprayed my face with his thick gooey nut. I kept getting my ass pounded and the harder he went the more the rope of my bondage rubbed on my skin and tightened up harder on my neck. Right when I was about to pass out, I felt his cock pumping semen inside my asshole. 

Extreme Bondage And Bare Bottom Spankings

After some Extreme bondage and Bare bottom spankings I thought my master would want to use the holes of his bondage whore but instead he pissed all over me and left me there. My cunt was wet because just like any Submissive Whore I get excited when my master abuses me and puts me in my place. At least when we do some cock worshiping, I get to taste his dick or have it rubbed all over my face. I just hung there thinking about my master and his cock, my cunt was still dripping down my thighs. I was hanging there when I felt a wet nose rubbing up against me. I was in extreme bondage so i couldn’t move, it allowed my master’s furry friend to start licking my juices up with his tongue.

Extreme bondage

He started at my inner thighs and worked his way up. I just froze like when my master uses me. Our furry friend used to be able to stick his tongue in my cunt hole and lick me until I couldn’t take it anymore and I started cumming. Just like my master when our furry friend was done, he left. it is part of Slave training.

Slave Training For Bondage Whore During Card Games

Slave training

My master wanted a night with the boys give me some slave training while they played some card games. I had to be naked as usual, my master likes to show off his Submissive Whore. Every time they took shots, I got Bare bottom spankings. Master even used me as his ashtray to his cigars. When my master was winning, he got me under the table and had me suck on his cock and balls getting every drop of semen out of his balls like a good Cum slut. After a few more shots my master started losing and after a while he had lost all his chips. I knew if my master lost, he would be taking it out on me. It came down to the last hand and my master told me to be a good Submissive Whore and slut property and do as he asks. He told his friends he was putting me as his bet. They all asked what he meant, he explained to them how I am his property and that he was betting a night with me. I would be the winner’s property to use me as he pleases for a night. They started smiling and went for the bet. My master was sure he was winning. But he didn’t he lost. I spent the rest of the night as someone else’s bondage whore, getting fucked and filled up. 

Slave Training After Caught On Bondage Phone Sex By Master

Slave training for me is what I look forward to. I am stuck in my cage while my master is at work, he only lets me out for Slave training or punishments.

Slave training

Sometimes I would break some rules so he would let me out. My master left and I decided to get on Bondage phone sex so I can hear erotic bondage stories while I watch S&M porn. My master had given me Bare bottom spankings and had gotten Prostate milking from me but not once touched my cunt. I was fingers deep in my cunt while hearing Erotic bondage stories when master walked in. As soon as he saw me, I knew I would be punished, and it excited me. He grabbed me by the neck and asked me what I was doing out of the cage. He tied my hands behind my back and slapped my face a few times until I fell to the ground. That is when he climbed on top of me, spread my ass and shoved his cock in me. While he fucked my asshole, he gave me bare bottom spankings telling he is the only one who is allowed to touch my cunt. He fucked me hard until my body shook and I came so hard. That is when he filled my asshole up and made me crawl back into my cage. I went to sleep satisfied and sore. 

Submissive Whore Gets Bare Bottom Spankings And Slave Training During Gangbang

It is easy for me to be a Submissive Whore for my master. When he plans gangbang parties i know that is his way of showing his Slave training to his friends. He makes me undress in front of everyone. I had to make sure I took his Bare bottom spankings with a smile even when my ass was sore and red. He tied me up to his spanking bench and my legs were spread open for all his friends to see my cunt hole. One by one they got close to me and pulled their big dicks out. I opened my mouth just like my legs were open and they didn’t hesitate to go deep in them.

Submissive Whore

I could feel them poking me from every direction as they gangbanged me. Master watched as his friends used me. He gets the most pleasure knowing I am his property, and he can use me however he wants. By the time they were done using me my holes were sore and I was dripping with semen. Master came to me and whipped me a few more times before he jacked off on my face bukkake style. When he was done, he took me back to my cage until he needed to use me again.

Erotic bondage stories Are what a Bondage whore loves.

Erotic bondage stories turn my cunt on while I use because it is the only time I get to masturbate. My master normally has me tied up to the wall. He keeps me Bare bottom spankings until my ass is red and welted.

Erotic bondage stories

He sometimes gives me a Golden shower before he jacks off on my face and body. If I took his abuse just like he likes, he may let me lose before he goes. If I have enough strength left in me, I will get on Bondage phone sex and I will use the Erotic bondage stories I hear while I have our furry friend lick my wounds and then lick my wet cunt. I need to get off and my furry bitch is the only one around I could use before master comes home. I spread my legs for my furry bitch and as soon as she smells my juices she starts lapping away at my pussy hole. I love when my furry bitch slides her tongue inside me and wiggles it inside me. It feels like a rough slimy sex toy fucking me and I cum so hard. I then get back to the spot master has left me and wait for him to need his Bondage whore again.

Erotic Submissive Stories With Bare Bottom Spankings

Erotic submissive stories turn me on all the time because I am a Submissive whore. It gets my cunt wet knowing you will tie me up and use me. The first time I learned I was a Submissive whore; my cunt was bald. I was always a daddy’s girl and did whatever daddy asked of me, if I didn’t daddy would give me bare bottom spankings until my but was red or I would have peed myself.

Erotic submissive stories

When daddy asked for me to take my clothes off, I did. Then daddy taught me how to use my mouth on his daddy meat. I would suck his cock into my mouth as far as I could, and I didn’t stop until daddy gave me his man milk. When he busted in my mouth, I had to swallow every drop even if I was tied upside down. Daddy enjoyed using rope on his little slut so I couldn’t move or go anywhere. He knew tying me up would make me submit. Seeing me squirm got daddy hard every time and every time I used my mouth like he taught me to milk his dick into my mouth, I knew what would happen if I didn’t.