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Submissive Whore gets sprayed by lots of cum

When you are a Submissive Whore, you are trained to take anything my master has for you. This week my master planned a bukkake party. “A whore should always be covered and full of jizz” he likes to say. I am just very happy to please my master and get out of my cage. I’m always there unless my master is ready to use me. I will make sure to do as he instructs. “Get into position” he says as I start to kneel down to wait for his next instruction.

Submissive Whore

Then a few friends walk in the room with him. “Greet my guests as you have been trained” he asks me to do. Therefore, I started to crawl around and start kissing feet. After I kissed all their feet, my master said “it is milking time”. So, I crawled back a bit and let them step up with a cock out. Right away I suck his cock in my mouth just like I do my master. He grabbed my head and face fucked me hard. I could Varela breathe but I didn’t want to let my master down. After some more cock sucking, my master shouted out “Swallow every drop bitch”.

Then came up behind me and gave me Bare bottom spankings. After they saw me swallow some jizz and get spanked, they surrounded me with cock in hand. Another guy started fucking my throat and my master started fucking my pussy. While they stroked their cocks, I was getting my holes fucked. I just took it like my master trained me. By the time they were done, I was dripping with jizz all over my face and body, even from my holes.

Bare bottom spanking leaves me red like roses for Valentines

For Valentine’s Day my master left my red and blue with Bare bottom spankings. After he pulled me out of my cage and tied me up in position, he pulled out his biggest paddle. “Your ass will be red like roses and blue like violets, that is my gift to you” he said as he positioned himself to beat my bare ass. “Every time my paddle hits your ass, I want you to thank me” he demanded of me. After the first time the paddle hit my ass it sent shivers all through my body.

Bare bottom spankings

But just like my master commanded of me I said, “thank you master, may I have more”. Therefore, he gave me more paddles and didn’t stop until my ass was red. Then he pulled his cock out and as my body trembled from the beating he said, “bitch show me you are hungry for this dick”. Right away I took his cock in my mouth. I made sure to choke in it like he likes. Once again, his paddle hit my ass. It was either too hard or my ass was already too welted that I almost bit down but if I did that it would be horrible.

So, I took it and kept sucking my masters dick like the Slave training I have gotten. Finally, his balls tightened up and he started spraying his thick hot cum in my mouth. Like I have been taught I swallowed every drop. “Thank you master” I said to him as he untied me and showed me my ass in the mirror. “Now you are red and blue like roses and violets” is what he said, and I got for Valentine’s Day.  

Submissive sex for my master when I get out my cage

My master loves Submissive sex. First, he loves to pull me out of my cage and have me kiss his feet. “Thank you master for letting me out of my cage” I say as I worship him. “That’s right hoe worship me” he says as he undresses and sits while spreading his legs. I have had a lot of training from my master. Therefore, I opened my mouth and sucked his cock deep into my mouth. “Eat my cock slut” my master says.

Submissive sex

Then I take his cock as far as I can before I stop breathing. My master pulls his cock out my mouth and lifts his balls up over my head. “Lick my ass bitch” he said as he pushed my mouth on his asshole. I know what that means. My mouth will be milking hard. With nasty Prostate milking from his slut pet. The way I made my tongue dip into his ass made his toes curl. That made me very proud as a slave. My place is to be his tool to use. I could feel him stroking his cock faster and faster.

Part of my training has been to milk him in any way he wants. After some licking my master starts to slap my face.  “Lick me harder slut” he says. Therefore, I start flicking my tongue hard. Finally, his balls started to pulse. Then his cock started spraying my face bukkake style. All I could see was strings on semen spraying my face. “Now crawl back to your cage, cum slave” he demands of me. With cum dripping from my face I crawled back to my cage happy knowing that I pleased my master and that I submitted to him.

Bare bottom spankings are part of what I get

When you are a worthless whore, you are happy to get Bare bottom spankings for your master. It means he thinks you are worthy of his time and energy. Therefore, I feel very lucky when he has had a long day and decides to take his frustrations out on me. “Get out that cage now and assume the position” my master demands of me. As I crawl out my cage, I think about I think a out the pleasure I will be providing for my master. Once I bend over on my master’s lap, he starts paddling my ass hard.

Bare bottom spankings

Time after time the paddle beats my bare ass. It sends a shock through my body every time, but I don’t cry or flinch. It is what a pathetic slut like me is lucky to get. I could feel my ass cheeks swelling up. Part of my Slave training is to take anything my master has even when my body is in pain. After my body starts shaking, my master stands up. While pulling his cock meat out he looks down on me and says, “I hope you are hungry hoe?”. I know that meals I will be sucking his cock until he feeds me his load of nut.

My mouth wasn’t working fast enough so my master grabbed me by the hair and started rough fucking my mouth hole. “That’s better bitch suck that cock like you are starving” he moans put. There for I try my hardest to milk my master with my mouth. “Ready for your feeding” my master says as his balls tighten up. Then his cock starts pumping lots of semen in my mouth and down my throat. I made sure to eat it all and not waste any of it. “Now crawl back into your cage bitch” my master said as he popped his cock out my mouth. 

Submissive Whore must show off her skills in a gangbang

Part of my training is to get used like a cum dumpster Submissive Whore. That is exactly what I am. Therefore, my master planned on a gangbang for me to show off my skills I have learned. “First you will milk my cock right in front of them” he said. “I want you to entice them to abuse you just like I do” is what he demanded of me. As I choked on his cock, he gripped my neck. “Bitch I want to feel how deep my cock is in your throat”. I even had tears coming down my face when his balls tightened up.

Submissive Whore

“Swallow my big load bitch and don’t waste not one drop” my master demanded of me, as he started pumping semen in my belly. After I swallowed his load, my master popped his cock out my mouth. “Now you all can fuck get and use her as you please”. “As you can you see, she can take anything you bring her way, it is what she was trained for” my master said very proudly. After that he bent me over and gave me Bare bottom spankings.

“Make sure you make me proud bitch” is all he said as he spread my ass cheeks so I could get a cock in my ass and pussy. Then when he tied my hands behind my back, I got a cock in my mouth. While I was getting fucked the ropes burned my skin, buy I took it. I wanted to make my master proud, so I didn’t say a peep and I took all their choking and hard pounding. After the last guy filled me up, my master made an announcement. “Part of her training will be to have a weekly gangbang and you are all invited to come”. 

Cock worshiping is all a subby bitch thinks about

Cock worshiping for a subby slave is all she ever thinks about sometimes. I know I do. Especially when I am tied up and naked just waiting for my master to come home. Part of my training is to wait where my master wants me to wait. Last night it was me being tied up and gagged. After dinner he spanked my bare soo hard I almost pissed myself. But I would never dare mess up my master’s rug.

After he made sure to make me submit by fucking my throat hard until he fed me his load of semen, he tied me up like a hog. “You ate my cock meat well tonight”. “That is why I will reward you by letting you sleep outside your cage,” he said. Therefore, I got in position, and he started with my hands. If I moved the rope would pull hard and burn me. “Thank you master for making me worthy of your training” is all I can say. After he tied my tits hard, he also tied my feet.

Cock worshiping

My whole body was in bondage. “Ok my worthless slut, you are all ready for bed” he laughed and humiliated me. But I just felt worthy of him using his skill to tie up a subby bitch like me up. Before he left he unzipped his pants one more time. Some excitement fled my body, and I started getting moist in between my legs.

“you filthy slut, did you think i was going to fuck you” my master asked. “No, you are going to get a shower before bed” he laughed as he started to release his smelly yellow golden shower all over my face and body. After he was done, he went straight to bed. I sat there in full body bondage waiting for his pissy liquids to dry. Like the perfect Bondage whore. 

Gangbang phone sex is where I got what I need

Now that I don’t have a master, I was looking for some fun on Gangbang phone sex. I got what I was looking for. Not only did I find one dominant man, I found a group of them. Therefore, I planned a fun gangbang party for the new year’s. First, I want them to take turns and spank my ass. The harder they spank me the wetter my cunty gets. “Dominate me and give my ass spankings, put me in my place” I beg.

Gangbang phone sex

One of the masters slapped my face calling a filthy bitch I was before shoving his cock in my mouth. Part of my training has been to take anything in my mouth master has for me. “More please” I beg as his cock pumps out my mouth. Then another one of my new masters started rubbing his cock on my ass. “A good filthy bitch knows how to take her masters cock in any hole” he laughs. After that with a hard push he shoves his cock deep in my ass.

“Take every inch of his cock in your ass” a few of them cheer. “You better take my cock in your cunt at the same time” one of them said loudly as he points his cock to my cunt. They all fucked me hard until cum was dripping out of my holes. Then the next set of dicks were being forced into every hole. All night I got Slave training, and I was fucked by dominant dicks.

Bondage and submission I will get with my master

Part of being a subby bitch is being used to Bondage and submission. My master likes to take out his favorite rope and tease me with it. “Bitch I want you to submit to me” he says as he ties it around my neck. After he pulls on it and starts to choke me. I start seeing stars and he laughs. “Submit and say you are my bitch to use” he demands of me. “I am your property master; I submit to you in any way” I say just like he asked.

Bondage and submission

Then he pulls by my neck on to his lap. With the same rope he had around my neck, he spanked my bare ass. After a few spankings my ass started getting red and welted. “Come on bitch, beg for more” he keeps asking of me. “More master, please” I beg as he smacks my ass over and over. “Open up your worthless mouth slut” he laughs as he pulls his dick out. Therefore, I open my mouth wide. It doesn’t take him long to start abusing my mouth.

Being a worthless bitch and getting used by my master makes my life worthwhile. As he fucked my mouth, he pulled the rope tied around my neck. It made me lightheaded and as I started passing out. Finally, his balls tightened up and as I passed out he said “eat my load bitch, don’t waste any of my nectar. Therefore, it woke me up and I swallowed every last drop of his semen. “Thank you master,” I said as he pulled his cock out. “Get back in your cage my Submissive Whore” is what he laughed and said as he put me in my cage.

Erotic submissive stories are fun to make with a subby bitch

Some Erotic submissive stories tell about how bitches are given away for Christmas. My master has given me such training that I know I belong to him and I’m at his mercy. My job is to be anything he wants me to be. Even sometimes a Christmas gift for his buddies. First, he started by tying me up. The ropes rubbed my skin if I moved so I made sure not to.

Second, he got me into a box. After a while I heard voices coming from outside the box. After some shuffling and ripping noises, the box was opened. “You gave me your whore as a gift” my master’s friend says to him with laughter. “I have trained her well and she will do as you want for the weekend” my master responds with a smirk. Then I am pulled by my leash into his car and taken to his friend’s dungeon.

Erotic submissive stories

There he bent me over his knees by pulling on my rope and started to spank me. “Tell me you want to drain my balls” he demands me to say. “Please sir let me drain your balls, I want to” I beg him. Therefore, he pulled his cock out and shoved it down my throat. First it was so far down I almost threw up. But I wanted to be a good gift, so I tried my hardest not to.

“Good job whore, you have been trained well” he says, encouraging me to keep going. Of course, I didn’t want to let my master down, so I didn’t stop until I felt him tighten up. Finally, his balls started pumping thick creamy semen into my mouth. He hung me up by the rope I was tied up in. “Stay there until I am ready to use you again” he said with a smirk. “YES SIR!” I replied obediently.  

Bondage whore needs to please master

Bondage whore just wants to please her master. That is why I don’t complain when he ties me up hard and tight. After all the rope rubbing against my skin causes burns, I just keep quiet or thank my master for taking the time to tie me up. “You are my property and I get to use you as I please” he says with a smile. “Yes, master I am yours to use however you want” I respond as you start using your whip all over my body.

First thing you like to do when you get home from work is to whip your subby slut. I am what you use to get your frustrations out. “Open your mouth slut I need to be drained” you demand of me. Therefore, like a good whore I opened my mouth wide, and my master shoved his hard master cock meat down my throat. Since I was tied up, I couldn’t move, but that is what my master wants. Because I won’t be able to move in anyway and just be there like a fuck toy to use as he pleases.

“I had a long day so put your Slave training to good use and milk my cock slut” my master says proudly. That’s because he has trained me very well and I submit just like he needs. Any task he asks of me I do, and it doesn’t matter how humiliating it is. I do anything for my master. Since he said that, I started sucking his cock even harder and much deeper down my throat.

Bondage whore

I pictured him fucking my pussy hole. That made me suck his cock like I was using my cunt to milk his hard cock. Finally, my masters’ balls tightened up, “Eat all my cum bitch don’t waste any of my special nectar”. Therefore, I swallowed his load like I was starving, making sure to not waste any of his thick gooey nut.