I’m the most obedient submissive whore you’ll ever meet. Being used and abused is the only reason I exist. No matter what I never say ‘no’ and I certainly never forget my place either. Maybe I am just perverted or even a little crazy, but I just can’t control myself. I have all these dark, twisted desires and fantasies if I didn’t explore them I would loose my mind. Is what I want really so awful anyway? All I want is to serve as a loyal slave. That can’t be so bad. Doesn’t every guy dream of having a girl like that? I want to be the good little play thing that men like you dream about. I want to be perfect for you in every way. I want you to tie me up and do whatever naughty things you want to me. If I ever misbehave or disappoint you I don’t want you to be afraid to punish me too. A girl like me can take a lot of pain and we both know I deserve it for being such a filthy girl. I can act as innocent as I want, but guys like you always see right through me. You know that I’m a BDSM phone sex slut and you know all my other dirty little secrets too. That’s okay. When you look at me I don’t want you to see a normal or respectable woman, I want you to see a nasty little girl. A girl that you only want to use, humiliate, and degrade for your own satisfaction. If seeing me completely broken is what it takes to bring you pleasure, then that’s exactly what I want. I’ll crawl around on my hands and knees and worship you like a king. I don’t care about myself or my body, I promise I’ll do whatever it takes.

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