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Slave Training A Submissive Toilet Slut

I have been undergoing Slave Training with a Master that I’ve played with on and off. He wants me to be his faithful little toilet slave and foot worshiper. I am an very obedient little whore for my Master, and hope to please him well enough. I want his dedication to me being his sole slave. I want to be his one and only. I love to lick the soles of his feet and scrape my teeth on them and lick them as a personal foot exfoliator with my mouth. I want to suck his sweaty toes after his runs and his work outs. It’s my passion to serve him as best as I can.

Slave Training

I am a submissive slut and I deserve to be humiliated and have my face sat on. I am his toilet. I am his toilet bowl cleaner. Ass licking and eating Master’s shit out of his bum hole is my sole purpose if that is what pleases Master. I know I can be the Best little submissive for him. I wonder if you feel I could be of use for you too? I promise, if you were my Master, I would serve you in any way you felt suiting.

Bondage Phone Sex Submissive Celeste

I’m the subby Bondage Phone Sex Whore you desire, if you want a good obedient filthy slut. I love to be made to do what turns you on. Consequently, this sometimes means I am not a complete pet for you and am used in a filthy way that you need. I had this Master that required me to eat a lot of greasy Mexican food. He wanted my ass exploding with filth and He wanted to pump me until I shat on his fuck stick. I was enjoying the switch and being fed some of my favorite Mexican food like cheesy bean enchiladas oozing with goodness. I ate like a Mexican Queen at the Tanqueria. They had more than tacos and I did like the tacos also. I ate and drank a few margaritas. I was so full and intoxicated. He took me to his place and hogtied me. He had fun with me. He spanked my bare bottom and fucked the shit out of my ass. But in a few hours it was devastating the need I had to shit. I was cramping and he was ready to pound my holes until the warm gooey moist crap flowed on his cock. He pumped me full of cum and then set me on my way. This was the strangest Master to date. I did enjoy the feast though!

Bondage Phone Sex

Submissive Whore Cum Dumpster Celeste

Early on in my life I was subjected to becoming a submissive whore by my big brother, first. He may have been the first to make me do nasty stuff for him, but it didn’t take long for my mom and dad to find out. I was teased by my brothers though before my parents found out. You know how you boys got in your teens. And you surely enjoyed tormenting a little brat sister too. I was always being nosey. Like when my big brother was in the bathroom, I stood by the door listening. So one day he decided to make me lick his butthole after he took a poo. I was standing by the door asking what he was doing. I wanted to smell the shit that came out of him. I loved the smell of his farts and how it got in the bathroom after he went. I was obsessed by my big brother’s butt smells. I know, this is ridiculous. I can’t help it. I was made to lick his ass and he got hard. So I was forced to suck his cock and swallow all of his cum.

Submissive Whore

Eventually my brothers were teasing me so much and my parents caught them one time. I was on my knees in the middle of the three while my oldest brother directed them all to show me their buttholes. I was told to lick them and my mommy was watching. She laughed at how pathetic I was and told my father. The two of them started to make me lick their asses also. It soon became a thing where my mouth was for pleasure. One time though, my pussy and asshole started to get attention too. I became a cum dump for them.

Kneeling Before Master For Slave Training

Kneeling before my New Master for my slave training sessions is expected of me. I am very lucky to have my Master owning me now and will be very responsive and submissive to his needs. I crave to serve all my Masters well. Sometimes, though… I act up and get into trouble. This happens when I am not really owned and tend to be left to myself. I just can’t get on well when I am not in service as a Slave. I get into drugs, drinking and hook-ups with worthless guys that slap me around and beat me. They aren’t good Masters, they are just abusive losers. This cheapens me to my Master and he just gives up on me.

I am the type of slave that needs constant supervision or to be kept like a pet, in a cage. I was kept in a barred up room with a bathroom and managed to get into trouble sexting with guys. I was sharing myself with unworthy guys my age and with no careers. Nothing pisses my Master’s and my daddy off more. I need to be caged or shackled. I am a cock worshiping cum slut and I wish I had a new Master before I get into more trouble this weekend.

Cock worshiping

Santa’s Naughty Submissive Whore

I’m Santa’s naughty little Submissive Whore and I am so proud of being that naughty elf on Santa’s shelf. He lets all the other elves use me as their stress reliever and Rudolf and all the other helpers get their chance too! I love to service Santa’s big fat throbbing cock. It’s like the popes nose, nice and big. I wish that fat cock would penetrate my Naughty Elf pussy of mine. As long as I do a good job licking all the candy canes of the helpers then I will get Santa’s jolly red cock inside me and get that jolly old man screaming Hoe Hoe Hoe as he unloads in my slutty hole hole holes. All three of my holes are the hoe holes for Santa and all the Elves and furry helpers at the North Pole and I do love all that pole to be a tramp on. Make me your pole sucker too and I promise if your a Jolly good Santa I will let you deliver your sleigh load right inside my breeding hole. The world needs more Jolly elves and I hope Santa makes me a notch in his belt.

Submissive whore

Submissive Whore Ass Fuck

Submissive Whore

Master loves his little submissive whore. I adore my Master and how he loves to give me a filthy ass fucking. I get dressed in little girl panties and an innocent sweet tank t-shirt and await my orders. I am always on my knees for Master. Don’t all Master’s like their whores on their knees? I am a good subby slut that loves a good ass fucking. It’s the best time for me to have that daddy dick slide under my little girl panties as I play the good daughter for daddy. Good girls take their daddy’s dicks. I am a good girl and sometimes require the bondage and submission sessions with daddy to keep me in line. All girls should submit to their daddies, brothers, uncles, grandpas and cousins. It’s only proper to get the discipline at the cocks of the men in their family. I am a good girl and always willing to do whatever daddy requires of me. Most of my Master’s require that I call them daddy. That is very appropriate for me since I am a submissive incest whore. I only hope I get the chance to be your slave. I promise to be a good ass licker, cock sucker and anal sex whore.

Submissive Slut Serving Cock

Submissive Slut

They like to keep me in a cage and piss on me. They make me worship their dicks and be a good submissive slut for them. It’s my place as a female to be a good whore for men. This party I was used for was full of business men and they all got off on the idea of using this trashy little whore as a urinal. I had ten guys standing around my cage pissing on me. It was a game for them. A couple thought it would be more fun to give me shots of piss and bourbon. Those go terrible together in taste but I was vomiting on myself after all the shots and no food. I was forcefully face fucked and throwing up on the cocks and forced to clean it all up. One guy was ever so kind and gave me some water. He poured an ice bucket over the cage on me. I was sucking down the ice and getting cummed on. What use would I be for you?

Spanking Phone Sex Exhibitionistic Slut

Spanking phone sex

I go out and I get wasted when I am not supervised or owned. Daddy and my brothers love administering spanking phone sex on my red bottom. They easily find reasons for my discipline. I make it easy for them because I love the attention so much. I thrive on attention. I get wasted and become such and exhibitionistic little slut for cock and cum. I was kneeling in the middle of 5 guys last night as they jerked off on me. They didn’t even allow me to suck their cocks. I was laughing like an drunk idiot with my mouth open trying to get my lips on one of those tempting yummy cocks. It seems they were all friends with my brother. They were containing the dumb drunk little whore while my three brothers and daddy showed up. I thought I was being sly and sneaking out while they were all up in discussions about the Presidential win. I hate politics and was getting bored. I went out seeking attention and guys were buying me drinks and shots. I was wasted and being a drunk, horny and cock worshiping phone sex slut that was seeking attention. When the three of them showed up my ass was going to be put on display. They all took turns spanking me red and then let everyone at the bar administer spankings to me. As a show of appreciation to the Bar owner for calling them they allowed him to fuck my swollen red ass. I was a cum whore that was getting what she wanted. I got cum showers from the 5 guys, my daddy, and my three brothers. All of their ball junk on my whore face while the bar owner left his nut in my little whore ass. I was led from the Bar with my face covered in cum and my ass exposed and dripping from the anal fucking.

Bondage Whore For Use

Bondage whore

A bondage whore you can use? Yes, that is of course me. I’m Celeste and I am your obedient little sex slave. I will do anything for you Master. I was once forced down on my knees by three big men. I was shoved down lower and hogtied by a fourth man. The four of them then decided to piss on me and subdue me with some kind of strong liquor. I was intoxicated, and loving their piss all over me. They slapped me and I just enjoyed it even more. They started ramming cocks down my throat and yes I slobbered like a good bitch. I had my ass and pussy taken after they scolded me with Bare bottom spankings. All four of these guys had big strong hands. They really turned me red. My ankles were chained after the untied me from the hogtie. I had my arms up and my wrists bound from the ceiling. I was hanging there exposed naked with a bright red ass. I was only beginning the training as a the sub slut he intended to make me. At one of Master’s parties I was given a very sheer but elegant dress. Everything was exposed. You could see my pussy, my pierced nipples. And best of all to their pleasure, my bright red spanked ass.

Submissive Whore Abducted By Strangers

I am a submissive whore and everyone that knows my dad knows this of me. Daddy’s friends are his best clients when it comes to using me. They pay him well and bring other Master’s to own me. I was abducted from leaving the mall the other night. They had been waiting for me at my car. I approached and they emerged from the dark shadows and grabbed me. I was quickly subdued with a needle in the neck as a leather gloved hand covered my mouth. They tied my wrists behind my back. And used my silk scarf to gag me. I was shoved in the back seat of my car and they drove me to the woods. The woods were in a secluded spot up a mountainous area. I guess it was about an hour. I was unconscious in the car ride and hauled into the house. I awoke on a bed, but dressed. They were standing around me, 3 guys total. Smiling and ready with their cocks out. I was forcefully face fucked for about 45 mins as they pissed and came in my mouth a couple of times. They slapped me around and undressed me. I was having fingers shoved in my holes as they ripped my pantyhose to get at my cunt and at my ass. I was treated like a dirty little bukkake phone sex whore.

Submissive Whore

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