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Bare bottom spankings make me wet and horny

I was sent off to Prague for the Summer. My daddy wanted to make money off of me and prostitution is legal there. I was lent to a Master and forced to work in a Thai Massage parlor that offered erotic massages. I experienced my first Thai massage also. I had two small Thai gals crawling on me and beating me. It was so good. They were told to go brutal on me and beat me more than the general kind of massage pounding.

Bare bottom spankings

I was bruised and covered in oil when my first male client was sent to me. He loved that I was a white girl with blonde hair and tiny tits. He made me worship and suck his toes and taint for the whole 90 minutes. It was dirty and only the beginning. Have you ever experienced an erotic massage from a Thai Massage parlor? I want to hear all about it!

The pimp my dad is has made me the best little slut for BDSM chat and I am good with all kinds of topics. You see the fact that I have been raised to please my mom, dad, and two brothers is a perfect start to being the best little subby slut. I just love to please everyone and you can use me and spank me as much as you like!

BDSM chat

Spanking Chat Is Punitively Savage

I was raised in a household that practiced corporal punishment by the man of the house. My dad trained me well especially with spankings. I enjoy spanking chat sessions where I am punished for being the dumb little slut I am. It’s no wonder I tend to sneak out and get into trouble so much. I have come to enjoy it so much. As the only girl in my family, besides my mom, it was a never ending world of punishments. I get off on them.

My mom and dad both smoked in the house. They sometimes even got a little drunk and I would wake up and wonder downstairs when they were entertaining friends. I always did this in just my panties. It was frowned upon, but I hate wearing clothes to bed or at home. You see, I always set myself up for these punishments. It’s become a game with me.

One day I snuck into my mothers purse and snuck a cigarette. I went outside and started puffing and coughing on it. I was young. My big brother caught me and made me bend over so he could spank me. I was getting wet and realized I was a dirty little slut just then. He took that cigarette and put it out on my red bum. I screamed and he got hard. He shut me up with his hard cock in my mouth and that was just the start of my submissiveness and trouble making in my family.

Spanking chat

Breeding a Submissive Whore

I’m a Submissive Whore and I am meant to be bred. That is what one of my daddy Master’s has decided of me. I am a little nervous and excited. I mean yeah it’s hot to think of being impregnated and bred. I have no real say in the matter when I am being owned by a Master. This Master is really kinky in wanting me to have a little one. The exciting thing is to train the offspring to be just like me. I want this too.

I sometimes think about what it would be like to get a breeders bump in my belly. I wonder what it feels like to have sex when I get my belly really big. It’s a hot thought. But I need to be bred and I have not taken and of the sperm yet to make a successful breeding. I think the Master’s might be too old to feed this fertile submissive sex slut right. I need a bull cock that can pump me full of real swimmers that will meet up with my womb makers.

So I am going to try my hand at prostituting my womb space to make a baby for this older daddy Master. He doesn’t care if it’s his or not he just cares to have a bred sub slut that he can use and train the breeding reward to be a good submissive too.

Submissive Whore

Bare Bottom Spankings For Naughty Slut

I’m a naughty little slut and daddy loves to give me Bare bottom spankings. It’s true that I deserve them for being the cock tease I tend to be. Haven’t you just wanted to use a dumb little slut for whatever your personal need of the moment is? Well, I am here for that.

Some of my recent uses have been as a toilet and cum receptacle. Geeze, it’s humiliating as hell but I get turned on by getting pissed on. I was caged, naked and collared. The room was full of men as I was in the center of this room. These guys used me as their little bukkake whore as they stroked off on me. Some would just piss on me and in my face even. I got cum showers and golden showers alike.

It was the breaking in a new slave party by my new Master. He was proud of how well i handled so much cum and piss. I was so good he felt I was too much a slut and needed to spank me. He spanked me hard and finished in my mouth. I was sent home with a mouth full of cum I wasn’t allowed to swallow until I opened my mouth and showed my daddy. It was a test, and I failed because my greedy need to swallow overcame me. Now I need a new Master!

Bare Bottom Spankings

Bondage Whore Cock Choker

Bondage whore cock choker is part of my day. This Master just wanted me gagging on that cock like a good little slut. I am a subby slut and that is what I do, I service you in any way, Master. You want to have your own personal urinal that is me too. I will lick your dirty taint or ass hole and love it. Your cum will be my very joy to drain into my whore mouth.

Bondage Whore

This new Master that gave me a test run has been a really good Master for my toilet training. He has been patient and very good at administering the obedience training a sub slut like me requires. I can be a naughty girl and that just means my Master needs to be stricter. Can you be that Master for me?

Daddy Administered Bare Bottom Spankings

It was something of a boring day yesterday. I was getting myself into no good, and that calls for Bare bottom spankings and more from daddy. It was when I got to snooping in my daddy’s bedroom and looking at his porn collection that got me thinking. I got caught up in a magazine and was really trying to get myself off when he caught me. I sorta set myself up for this because I was super in need of some torture and fucking. Daddy grabbed me by my pony tail and yanked me to my knees. He had his cock in my mouth and I was gagging on it. Slapping me in the face with it he came hard. I was put over his lap and he started spanking my ass into a bright red. This is what I deserve and crave.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Sexy Bondage Cum Slut Submissive

He was seeking a Sexy bondage cum slut submissive. That spoke to me. The advertisement may have had my name branded to it. This was what I am meant to be and it just so happens that I need a new gig to serve as another’s submissive. The Master I was serving recently turned out to be a real dirt bag loser. This piece of shit tried to sell me to some Cartel fuckers to fix his debt.

This guy was no Master. He was a druggy loser pretending. These little dick losers pumped full of speed are the worst. They don’t understand the demanding role as a Master. It’s shameful that I let this one lure me. I had to turn the tables on him. The cartel beheaded that loser. I was a submissive cum slut for the cartel for a few hours and they were quite nice to this subslut white girl. I put out with my submissive sex and gave them a dipshit moron to take care of. Win/win for all parties involved. But, Now I need to find a new Master to satisfy my needs.

I will be the best little ass licker, cum slut you could ever desire. My skills at eating ass, being a human toilet and just a subslut whore for cock. I want to do whatever it takes to get the oozing cream from your cock. I really don’t care where you cum as lond as it’s on or in me.

Sexy bondage

Small Dicks Aren’t For a Submissive Slut

All because I am a Submissive slut it doesn’t mean that I like small dicks. In fact I find small dicked guys to be the worst at attempting to be dominant. These small dicked pussies are pushy and demanding in a very annoying kind of way. That is not sexy to submissives even. It’s ok if you just go take a big daddy cock and become a good submissive bitch yourself. That is your place.

Submissive slut

So with all that off my back. I just want to say that I am the naughty little submissive that can be of good service to a charming big daddy dominant. I love the daddy types. I will take the punishment you feel I am in need of. The best way to control me is with lots of spoiling and gifts. I am a material brat that will always be a good slut to the dollar signs.

Submissive Whore For Daddy

You know daddy made his submissive whore for a reason. It started with a debt. I just happened to be a convenient little blonde cutie. His friends that he was getting in debt with, gambling debt, inquired about alternatives. They saw it was getting where they couldn’t juice a rock. I became collateral. I was sent out as a form of prostitute that would entertain their filthy needs. It became known that I was a bit of a humiliation slut. They saw how I seemed to get into it. One friend even caught me sniffing his cum rags and rubbing my cunt. This made him really humiliate me. You know I got into licking his asshole like a good slut and he just got a little into using me. This one made it a regular thing and I was making daddy money.

Submissive whore

Bondage and Submission Slut

As a true slave and subby slut for my Master I was subjected to bondage and submission many times. I have been hogtied while I was in a cage and pissed on. This was a part of integrating me as a good subby for one of my Master’s in the past.

The Master’s my daddy sets me up with are often rich and elite men. They expect little whores like me to get humiliated as the center of their little parties. I was once used as a central urinal in a private club that had an even of over a hundred perverted and twisted members. These men and women where a little on the eccentric side and very much on the raunchier end of eccentric. I was covered in so much filth by the end and paid a pretty fat wad of 100’s.

As you can imagine I have had many interesting adventures as daddy’s little pay slut. What uses can you come up with for me?

Bondage and submission

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