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Submissive Whore Abducted By Strangers

I am a submissive whore and everyone that knows my dad knows this of me. Daddy’s friends are his best clients when it comes to using me. They pay him well and bring other Master’s to own me. I was abducted from leaving the mall the other night. They had been waiting for me at my car. I approached and they emerged from the dark shadows and grabbed me. I was quickly subdued with a needle in the neck as a leather gloved hand covered my mouth. They tied my wrists behind my back. And used my silk scarf to gag me. I was shoved in the back seat of my car and they drove me to the woods. The woods were in a secluded spot up a mountainous area. I guess it was about an hour. I was unconscious in the car ride and hauled into the house. I awoke on a bed, but dressed. They were standing around me, 3 guys total. Smiling and ready with their cocks out. I was forcefully face fucked for about 45 mins as they pissed and came in my mouth a couple of times. They slapped me around and undressed me. I was having fingers shoved in my holes as they ripped my pantyhose to get at my cunt and at my ass. I was treated like a dirty little bukkake phone sex whore.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Sex Slave Panty Job

As a Submissive sex slave I am accustomed to all kinds of things being done to me. I honestly don’t mind and enjoy many of these things perverts do to get off on a dumb subby whore. I get wet for many of the calls I take. I’m a real slut. So when I had a spanking session turn into something else it was exciting. It started with me in plane little girl cotton panties and standing in front of “daddy”. Like a naughty girl awaiting her punishment by her burly big handed and stern daddy. I am that naughty girl that actually got excited by being forced to stand before my daddy with just panties on. I stood there and awaited his direction. He made me piss my panties this time. After I stood there peeing in my little girl panties he said he was going to punish me for peeing my panties. Only bad girls pee pee in their panties and I was a bad girl. Bad pee pee girls get spankings over their daddy’s knee. I got excited standing with my pee drenched panties in front of daddy. He also had some friends over and they were watching. I was directed over daddy’s knee in a different way today. Daddy had his cock out and that made me horny. I was over daddy’s knee and he grabbed the back of my panties and yanked them up like a wedgy with one big hand while his other administered the spanking on my bums. I was wet and daddy knew this. He pulled me up a bit and shoved his bare cock in my pissy panties and pumped his spunk inside of their moist pissy cotton and against my moist red ass. I was his little pissing phone sex slut, and I can’t help but love it.

Submissive sex

Spanking Phone Sex Slut Celeste

Spanking phone sex is my favorite kind of play. It’s what ultimately gets my pussy wet. I need a Master with big hands that are strong and powerful to administer spankings. I love paddles and belts too. But it’s the exquisite feeling of an open hand of flesh and sometimes a soft leather glove, slapping my bare bottom. I will always get a dripping wet pussy from these spankings. It’s the biggest turn on for this subby. I love being a filthy little sub slut and love all kinds of sexual tortures. It’s how I was raised and I will take humiliation like a load of cum on my whore face, with pure pleasure. I can’t help but need to feel the sting of an open handed spanking that this Submissive Slut deserves.

Spanking Phone Sex

The Only Toilet You Need

The only toilet you need is a self cleaning submissive slut toilet. I’m willing to be Master’s everything and if that means I will be laying under a toilet chair faced up with clamps holding my mouth open, its ok. I’m a pleasing whore for my Masters and some say I’m easy on the eyes even I guess I’m cute. Guys love shitting, pissing and cumming on my whore face. I have one Master that makes me wear a pig snout and oink for him as he deficates on my face. I have had to roll around in mud like a pig and got washed with a golden shower of like 5 guys stranding around me. They pissed so much on me that I couldn’t get rid of the smell from my nostrils. I promise to be a good little whore for your filthy needs Master. Sincerely your toilet slave Celeste.

pissing phone sex

Cock Worshiping Of Masters Big Dick

I was purchased up like a little fuck slave by a new Master. He made a deal with my dad to own me for a Month. He only wanted me for a Month because he gets bored easily. Well at least that’s what he told my daddy. New Master had a really big dick, and especially for a white man. It was thick, and had a fat mushroom cap. I was told to get on my knees and start worshiping his cock like the little cum whore I am. Master also told me I best do a good job. He shoved cocaine up my nose and had me all hyper and wild for that cock. I was going at it like a junkie going at the crack rock. I licked and sucked and drooled all over it while using my eyes to beg big dicked Master to reward me. He rewarded me with fat loads in my eyes, nose and all over my whore face. When he started getting bored he called in a few friends to fuck me. They all banged me at all hours. I was left with so much cum and blood all over my whore body just after 36 hrs of his ownership. Master was done with me.

cock worshiping

At Your Service For Submissive Sex

Submissive sex slave is my place. I hooked up with a blind date, well not so much a date as a new Master decided to make me hook for him. I was a sex slave at the service of this guy that wanted a dirty little whore to do everything. I was paid to be that whore and I had to undress provocatively for him and then undress him. I knelt down between his legs like a dirty little whore and sucked his dick. I worshiped that cock with my mouth like my life depended on it. Well my livelihood did because my new Master would certainly do a number to me if I didn’t please my date like a dirty little slut should. I sucked his cock like a sloppy deep throating whore until he shot. I felt his cum slide down my throat as he grabbed me by the throat and told me I was a good whore and shoved me to the bed and took my pussy roughly fucking and choking me for what seemed like an eternity.

Submissive Sex

Bondage and Submission Slut Celeste

If a bondage and submission slut is something you enjoy then I could be your playmate. I’m a good submissive and I love being bound, tied and gagged. It’s my pleasure Master to enjoy your authority over me. I want you to rip my panties off by bald shaved cunt and shove them in my mouth. It’s a turn on for you to tie me up and slap me around as you feel appropriate. I am your personal dumb cunt and cannot help how much I get turned on to be under your control. Use me like the filthy little sex slave I love to be. Fuck my holes like you were forcing me to take your cock while I’m being bound and gagged. It’s my wish to let you fulfill your needs of dominance over a dumb cum slut like me.

Bondage and Submission

Submissive Sex Pissing Slut

I’m a submissive sex slut. I was raised as such with 3 brothers that also used me. I am dominated and controlled by my father. He owns me until or unless I have a suitable Master. I’m a stupid pathetic female and I know I have no say in what happens to me. I get rebellious and it always leads to me being humiliated and exposed for the pathetic life form I am. I’m a useless whore and I know it. Yes, my daddy knows what I do for a living and sometimes makes me post these humiliating things about myself. He believes that I will one day find the right Master that is severe enough to put up with me and train me right. Daddy has given up on me in some ways because when I get rebellious I do the dumbest things. I have to expose the fact that I still wet my panties sometimes because I can’t seem to control my bladder after daddy makes me drink a ton of water.

Submissive sex

Pissing Phone Sex Urinal

I’m my new Master’s submissive toilet slave and he loves pissing phone sex with his new Urinal. I will take his piss and lick his penis dry and suck him clean of all his urin. When it is needed I will lick his asshole and put my fingers in that tight shitter of his and work out the compacted shit inside. I will use my fingers and tongue to clean his ass. I was his bad student before I became his dirty little urinal. I would piss my panties in class and be made to remove my panties and suck the piss from them. He found out I was misbehaving in the bathroom when I was asked for a hall pass to be excused to use the bathroom to potty. Instead I was caught in the locker room and sniffing jock straps while touching myself. My fingers smelled of my dirty pussy and so I was humiliated and all the Football team pissed on me. I since am not allowed to be dismissed from class to potty and have been made to spread my legs and pee my panties if I needed to go so bad. I am a filthy little slut. You can use me too.

Pissing phone sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex Subby Whore Celeste

I’m a naughty little cum slut phone sex submissive that made her teacher angry. I am always supposed to spread my legs in his class and show him my cunt. I am directed to do this by my daddy and these teachers. I have to piss myself and make sure I fuck myself in the bathroom before the class. I am supposed to humiliate myself by sitting with these whore legs spread and let everyone smell the strong aroma of my whore cunt. I was caught playing with myself in the library looking at anatomy books. The principle and my daddy along with the teacher that caught me came to this punishment for me. I really didn’t want to do this since I liked a boy in my class and it was so humiliating. So to put me in my place daddy invited the boy and his friends over to the house and made me suck off the furry pet dicks and lick their bum holes. I also had to lick and suck off the boys all 5 of these class mates of mine. I was humiliated and was forced to piss my panties in front of them too before I took that red rocket in my cunt.

cum slut phone sex

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