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Submissive Sex Isn’t So Innocent

In my years of submission to my father, brother’s and their friends I will admit that I am not all innocence. I get a real thrill out of submissive sex with strangers. It gets me wet to be bound and gagged and eye level with a big throbbing erect cock. I am enthralled with it. I want to worship and submit to it, is it so wrong?

I want his dominance over me and I play the dumb cunt role well. It’s how I was raised. As the only girl, besides my mother in a household with three dominant males, it’s something I was taught. It was my pleasure to open my mouth and take my daddy’s erect penis in it and if he had to piss I am there to drink it. I really was used in extreme taboo ways by my family and I love them for it.

submissive sex

My mother either had no say in things or didn’t give a fuck. She was passive on it all at some points and was quite domineering over me as bad as the guys were, at other times. I learned my place early and have no qualms about my place in life. It’s my choice. I wish to play coy and dumb. It’s my ultimate fantasy to be in a binding of Master/ slave ownership where I serve a rich Master and his friends while being kept and spoiled.

Cock Worshiping Cum Whore For Master

I was forced to admit that I am a cum whore. I have a gaped hole and I can thank Master. My obedience training for the day was cock worshiping. I was treated like a little Bitch and forced to worship furry sheaths with red rockets lurking inside. I needed to suck that k9 cock and tell Master how much I love it. I was a bad girl last weekend and I needed to be trained with some obedience lessons. Trained like a naughty pet. I am my Master’s pet. I needed to please his house pets like a good whore. I was made to be Master’s pet and had to wear a collar and be led around by a leash. He brought me into the kennel as he likes to call it and made me sleep on a large pet bed. I had to drink from a pet water feeder and beg for the cum from his friends cocks. I was to be a good girl for my Master’s friends and their house pets. Some were human, some had four legs. I was to worship their cocks like a good slut and drain their balls. It was humiliating when I saw one of the guys was someone I had a crush on from school. I can’t believe he saw me in my bareness wearing only a collar. I had to worship his cock and couldn’t help gazing at him as his dick was fucking my whore face. He came on my face and called me a good girl as he laughed at me. I’m such a pathetic little bitch and I was even made to go woof woof for him. I know my Master knew I was embarrassed and that made him angrier. I wasn’t allowed to want anyone else other than Master. When Master fucked me that night he fucked me hard.

cock worshiping

I’m A Very Bad Girl, Daddy

This not going out has been a real bummer for me. I was playing on my Fetlife profile and got into chatting another Dom Daddy. I was swayed into doing things for this Dom Daddy. I did things on camera for him as though he was my real Dom/ Daddy. I’m sorry daddy. I showed him my naughty bits. I did more than show him though. I put toys inside my vagina and penetrated my holes. I know I am not suppose to do these things without permission. But I was so bored daddy. It wasn’t long when he was demanding I come to him and Submit for real. I was mesmerized by the images of his cock and the handsomeness with a stern controlling tone he used with me. I went to him daddy. He was not even who he portrayed in his pictures. He was a huge fat gross old man daddy and he was forceful. He grabbed my wrists and yanked me in the house. I know I wasn’t supposed to go to strangers, especially without daddy’s approval. I went in there and he had a tiny freakish cock in comparison to his massive fat body. I wanted to vomit when he forced himself on me. I am too dumb and weak to be left alone for long like this daddy. I was forced to do things and humiliated in a bad way. He shoved me out his door in the evening with my clothes soiled and ripped up. I reeked of his sick smell and of alcoholic cum and piss. Please daddy, don’t abandon me for being a nasty dumb little whore. I belong back in my cage and tortured for my misbehaving and letting gross losers use me. I should be shamed for the filthy little slut I became in this lockdown.

Submissive slut

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She Loved Submitting To Cock Also

It’s not every day I get a call from a crossdresser, sissy or just transitioning t-girls. I’m usually just getting men that want to be my Master. That’s what I have been used to, after all I am a sub slut. I am a humiliation princess always ready to take what you have for me. I deserve this because I am just a dumb useless cunt. I am ok with that. I admit my pussy gets wet even from anticipating what you are going to have for me. I love to serve master, worship that cock and suck those balls. I have great joy to act out and hear the erotic submissive stories you bring me. I love the roleplay’s and the complete submission I have for you. But I have had a couple special callers that just wanted to share how much they love to serve and submit to cock also. They dress for the cock. They are more girlier than I will ever dream to be. I have to admit that yeah, I could feel threatened by something as hot as these gals. They put so much into being beautiful. I am just almost a bit tomboyish. It’s so much fun though to hear their excitement. I think it would be great to share a big hard cock with one of these sissies I get to share experiences with. I want to know how much you sissies love cock. I want to worship cock with you sissies and share the first time stories you have for me. It’s exciting to talk to other submissives, almost as exciting as being commanded and dominated by my masters.

Erotic Submissive Stories

Submissive Sex Slut For Master Daddy

My daddy is always good to me, when he wants to be. I’m just a little on the frisky side in life right now and am always acting out. Daddy gets so upset with me. I’m his princess and my brothers and him have really trained me well. It’s just, well, I crave to get their attention. I need them to feel desire for me. I want to be their fuck doll because I have really grew to enjoy how they treat me. Sometimes my brother will bring his wife over and let her really have her way with me. She has to submit to him all the time, and really enjoys using me. I was forced to eat her ass out after she took a big cock that left her a gooey load of cum. It was juicy and brown and I was forced to slurp the juicy shit cream from her ass. She sat her ass on my face and pushed it all into my mouth and told me to get my whore tongue up there and eat that hole clean. She had a gaping hole and my daddy and brother both fucked me while I cleaned her ass. I’m a dirty little cunt and ass eater and if there is cum involved it should go in one of my filthy whore holes. Please use me like they do and I promise I will be a good dirty slut for you.

Submissive sex

I really hope I find a new master in you, and my new Daddy owner. You can own me and even enjoy a phone sex special to get acquainted with your new little subby sugar daughter. I do whatever my daddy tells me to and my brothers as well. If you have sons that you want to teach to treat a sub slut right then I am the perfect mostly obedient one for you.

Phone Sex Specials

Daddy Was Stressed, So Where His Friends

It’s true, when daddy gets stressed, he needs his cum slut phone sex princess to abuse to his cock’s delight. He was really wound up and wanted to have his friends join so they could all really take their aggression out with the whole mess the world is in. To make it worse, daddy found out his little humiliation whore has dropped out of college. Well, it was more than that, I flunked out and was no good being a tease to pass. I didn’t like school. I liked being used and humiliated. Since all this is going on daddy has been around more, so have my brothers and my mom. It was really hard to hide what I have been doing. Daddy found out that I am talking on the phone for money and wasn’t happy with me. In fact he decided little Celeste needed a lesson. Daddy and a few friends came down to the basement where I was sneaking in the calls and decided to give me what I needed. They stripped me, tortured me by spanking my bottom, slapping my titties and spitting at me for being a cheap whore. Then they all slammed their cocks in my slut holes and stretched them while gagging me. I was a cum dumpster gangbang phone sex slut and daddy really gave it to me good. He let my brothers and my mom come down when they were done and humiliate me some more by making me their toilet.

Cum slut phone sex

Family’s Essential Whore

My daddy and brothers love making me their submissive sex humiliation whore. It started many years ago and now I am essential to their needs. The term essential is tossed around so much of late that they just started to call me their essential whore. I guess it fits me. I am, after all, their property and am residing in my dads house now, as are my three brothers again. We decided to move back to the family home during these hard times and I am essential in keeping them sane and their anger under control. I’m the essential whore for my family. My mother laughs about it and is pleased to make me her pussy licking whore also. Mom loves to take a strap-on to me and spank me when she needs to. She gets to have my brothers and my fathers cocks to please her. The thing is, though, she really prefers making me eat her pussy and be her urinal in the way that my brothers and dad make me their urinals and cock suckers. I am a very essential member of my family, and even as the worthless xxx bondage whore, I am a good sex slave for them. I do my best to please them all.

Submissive sex

Oh, What Would You Do?

Submissive Whore

I’m a curious submissive whore, and right now I am curious about Masters intentions. I sit here awaiting my Master with the cuffs and ball gag he has gifted me. I’m super curious what kind of kinky game my Master has for me. Since I am stuck alone and will be subjected to his orders via the phone it’s always intriguing what my Masters bring my way. I was emailed a giftcard and instructions on what to order, and as I always do I followed Masters orders to the tee. So now I shall see Today just what is in store for me. I have the bowl of ice cubes in the freezer as well. The most intriguing part is not knowing how this will play out if I am wearing a ball gag. But I always do what Master Jay wants me to do. I also have the leather paddle, nipple clamps and bengay.

Slave training

Humiliate Me With Your Cum

It’s been a few days since I have had a good humiliation with lots of bukkake from my brothers and their friends. This quarantine shit is killing me and my brothers nor my dad have been around. I can’t get my Master’s to visit due to this insanity and a couple of them are RN’s and Doctors. So I have been stuck with an occasional visit from a neighbor that loves to make me his bitch. He has jerked off to the options he has with that premium porn sub. so this subby doesn’t get as much torture. But he needs to have me to interact with and we made a deal that he would jerk off and collect his cum for me. He came over, put my collar on and made me beg like a bitch for a treat before he sprayed my whore face with his build up load from his balls and made me suck what he saved for me from a bottle like a fucking baby.

Bukkake phone sex

Worthless Cunt

Submissive whore

  I’m Celeste, a Submissive whore, and I am here for men to use and abuse me like the worthless cunt I am. My father had a party the other night and I was the center of attention for guys to do what they wanted to me. He had me in a chair with my hands tied behind my back. I was gagged in the beginning of the night and my tits were bound at the base for the ultimate pleasure of pain for me and for the easy access to get slapped around. My shaved cunt and bare ass were on complete exposure for the guys and daddy showed everyone what a worthless cunt I am with a big sign on my front. He grabbed my cunt and slapped the fuck out of it for everyone to enjoy. I was getting my pussy slapped and it was swollen and red. My tits were red and sore as was my ass by the time they were done with me. I was rewarded for being a good slut with tips from the guys and a nice big credit line on a giftcard. I was also so wet and excited by the time it was all over that I was allowed a good fucking by my big brother. Check out the phone sex specials and take me for your own.

Phone sex specials

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