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Bondage and Submission Cum Slut for Daddy

Daddy decided to hogtie me and make me his filthy cum slut. He was extremely rough with me. But, of course, I deserved this. I was a bad girl and snuck out of the house again last night to try seeing a boy from school. But that went terribly wrong too. That is why I am being tied up and fed daddy’s cum in all of my holes.

The boys from school had their way with me. I have been exposed by daddy one afternoon as a dirty slut and the boys from school now think they get to humiliate me too. I was stripped and my hands tied behind my back and the boy I had a crush on started it all. I was so humiliated and wet at the same time. He and three of our classmates pissed on my face, in my mouth and on my bare titties. They laughed and jerked off on me then. I was so devastated then daddy showed up!

Daddy was super amused and told the boys they did good. Daddy paid them! He was aware of my texting and contacted them to plan that. Now I am hogtied and a ball gag in my mouth after daddy jizzed a fat gooey load in my mouth.

Bondage and Submission

Slave Training Toilet Whore

I’m a naughty subby slut and I need punishment, daddy. Slave training me as a toilet whore is exactly my place. I am your submissive that will be here for your use. You can treat me like you would any little slave slut. I am your slave slut. My mouth is for your use. I will suck your cock, drain your balls and drink your pee. My tongue can be your toilet paper, your bidet, or even your personal ass licker. I will use it to your desires. I am often forced to lick buttholes and have been since I was young. My sole being is to be your slave. Fuck my holes and sell them to the biggest cock owners that you wih to see destroy me. This is my pleasure, sir.

Slave training

Submissive Slut Celeste Serves Master

Serving my Master / Daddy is my greatest pleasures. Sometimes, well often times I will act out and deliberately get caught. I love the attention. Being caught as a naughty submissive is the best thing ever. Daddy is always seeking out new ways to torture me. Sometimes, though these “lessons” are especially why I love acting out. I get extra attention and naughtier still. This time I was getting pissed on.

I find piss as a really naughty aphrodisiac and welcome those and cum showers equally. They are both meant for filthy bad girls like me and I will always be a bad submissive if it will bring about so much attention and pleasure for me. The plausibility of daddy inviting all the boys from my class over to serve me what I deserve, is a great and accepted punishment. My every bad actions are in search of that special something from a pervert like daddy.

Submissive slut

Bound and Gagged Bondage Whore

Bound and gagged was how I was left after daddy’s friend was done with me. He left me as a gift for my daddy. I was spanked and fucked hard. Hard enough to have a red ass. My holes, pussy and ass were left gaped. I now have really big holes oozing with cum for daddy to find me. My daddy owed a guy a lot of money, and I wasn’t a good enough slut for him to feel completely satisfied with the payment arrangements. So daddy will have to do better and become a little bitch for the big black daddy that ruined his baby girl. He is waiting for my daddy to find me and then will tie daddy up and fuck him raw next. I tried to be a good enough cum slut but I just wasn’t crying enough.

Bondage whore

Submissive slut has been Naughty for Dad

Submissive slut Celeste has been a naughty girl for her daddy. Daddy caught me sneaking out for a date. I was not expecting to get caught because I knew daddy would be busy with better sex with his prostitute over. Except they saw me. I was out at a restaurant near the hotel and they saw me. Now daddy is really pissed off as I ruined his date, well I think I made it better. I know daddy fucked her hard because he was so pissed off at me. I can never help myself from masturbating my cunt thinking about daddy fucking the whore. I hope to be a good whore for perverts to use when daddy is done with owning my holes.

Submissive slut

Submissive Whore A Little Tied Up Today

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore Celeste gets into more trouble still. Sent down to the basement to clean the the erasers for her teacher after failing to be a responsible student led to even more trouble. It seems that the Janitor has obtained special rights to the female students that are sent down to the basement with eraser cleaning duty. It was inevitably obvious that this pervert junky janitor would weasel his way into XXX bondage and getting his part of the young females attending the boarding school.

It was a rainy day and I was tardy to class, again. I snuck outside to smoke and this is something that has been forbidden by my daddy and by the principle. I had no permission to smoke. I was shameful and disgracing to my daddy. The janitor actually caught glimpse of me and reported it to my teacher. Once I arrived in the classroom, it was five minutes after bell.

I tried sneaking into my seat and was immediately called out by the teacher. He humiliated me in front of the class by making me walk up to the front and bend over his desk. He pulled up my school girl skirt and pulled down my panties. I was spanked open handed on my bottom in front of everyone of my peers in the class. He then thrust five dusty erasers at me and directed me to the basement to clean them.

XXX bondage

I wandered downstairs taking my sweet time. Mr. Kerrigan was waiting. He was the creepy janitor always suspected of spying on the girls locker room when we undressed. I know he jerked off watching us. He was standing there with a shit eating grin on his face. I was petrified when he tied me up and opened my blouse. He started probing up my skirt with his hands after groping my tits. I was his cum slut phone sex whore now. The whole time one hand was on his cock stroking. He came on my tits while laughing at me. It was so humiliating.

Daddy’s Slut has a Big Dirty Hole

As a filthy little subby slut for daddy it’s been found out that I have a big dirty hole. My bummy wasn’t cleaned well and daddy pumped inside it. To his great disliking daddy pulled his dick out all covered in Celest’s dirty poo. It was evident that I was too nasty a little slut and I needed to be punished. 

Daddy pumped and pumped in my messy shitty hole and his cock did feel good as it was getting covered in my warm thick brown scat. Daddy liked the feel and pumped himself into cumming in my dirty asshole. Once he finished in me he pulled out and had my shit mess all over his fuck stick. 

I guess he had a fudge stick and this obedient bad slut was forced to clean it all up. Any vomiting I did I also had to clean up. I am the filthy little slut with a big dirty hole after all.

Scat phone sex

Submissive Sex For Your Pleasures

Submissive sex

My Master, it is you I seek to please. I am your submissive sex slave for you to use. Do with me as you wish, Master.

The other day I was so busy not minding my Master’s rules and ended up in a bind. Well, I more or less ended up bound. Gagged and hogtied in a hotel rooms bathroom. The guy I met up with for a play date was in fact, well…. embarrassingly enough… my current Master! He caught me in the act of flirting with strangers and meeting them behind his back… red handed. I was lured in, blindfolded and taught a lesson before he exposed who he was.

How did he do this exactly? Well really it isn’t hard to fool me after I have been smoking and drinking and being a horny slut. I was treated as I am used to. Master had a pawn lure me in and then once I was bound he came in and my fun and games were over.

It’s true, I am now caged and I need to be a dirty slut but he has me locked up right now.

Red Rocket for a Submissive Slut

I’m Celeste and I am a dirty Submissive slut. My full time job is being the perfectly naughty slutty submissive for my daddy. I get naughty and act out. Daddy has to punish me. Last punishment was in the backyard with our neighbors furry friend. First I had to put a show on for the boy I was being naughty with and trying to flirt with when daddy caught me. Daddy made me lift my school girl skirt up and pee my panties.

I was so humiliated. This boy saw me in my most subby slut ways and then daddy had him pull his cock out and fuck my butt hole. I was devastated. I whimpered and it made daddy take me out to the neighbors kennel. I had to crawl around smelling of pee. You know what that does to the furry boys. Yep, they humped me. I was so embarrassed as I came on the beasty cock.

Submissive slut

Panty Pissing Phone Sex

I’m just a petty pissing phone sex  little fucking whore. My subby slut holes belong to daddy. And when I’m a bad girl daddy makes me piss my panties in front of everybody. The most humiliating thing is when I have to piss my panties in school. I am forced to play at my butt hole ???? and my sloppy little pussy.

I was once forced to suck all the boys cocks in my class. That wasn’t the worst of it. My teacher made me suck his big hairy cock to in front of everybody. Then the most humiliating part was having all the girl classmates pissing on me. Squatting over my face and pissing in my mouth. And I had to lick their cunts clean.
this is what happens when I go to school dressed inappropriately. Especially when it comes to English class. The teacher is a friend of daddy‘s, and I am always supposed to remove my panties before his class and spread my legs. When I didn’t that’s when I had to piss my panties in front of the whole class. It was embarrassing.


Pissing phone sex