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I’m a submissive sex slut. I was raised as such with 3 brothers that also used me. I am dominated and controlled by my father. He owns me until or unless I have a suitable Master. I’m a stupid pathetic female and I know I have no say in what happens to me. I get rebellious and it always leads to me being humiliated and exposed for the pathetic life form I am. I’m a useless whore and I know it. Yes, my daddy knows what I do for a living and sometimes makes me post these humiliating things about myself. He believes that I will one day find the right Master that is severe enough to put up with me and train me right. Daddy has given up on me in some ways because when I get rebellious I do the dumbest things. I have to expose the fact that I still wet my panties sometimes because I can’t seem to control my bladder after daddy makes me drink a ton of water.

Submissive sex

Pissing Phone Sex Urinal

I’m my new Master’s submissive toilet slave and he loves pissing phone sex with his new Urinal. I will take his piss and lick his penis dry and suck him clean of all his urin. When it is needed I will lick his asshole and put my fingers in that tight shitter of his and work out the compacted shit inside. I will use my fingers and tongue to clean his ass. I was his bad student before I became his dirty little urinal. I would piss my panties in class and be made to remove my panties and suck the piss from them. He found out I was misbehaving in the bathroom when I was asked for a hall pass to be excused to use the bathroom to potty. Instead I was caught in the locker room and sniffing jock straps while touching myself. My fingers smelled of my dirty pussy and so I was humiliated and all the Football team pissed on me. I since am not allowed to be dismissed from class to potty and have been made to spread my legs and pee my panties if I needed to go so bad. I am a filthy little slut. You can use me too.

Pissing phone sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex Subby Whore Celeste

I’m a naughty little cum slut phone sex submissive that made her teacher angry. I am always supposed to spread my legs in his class and show him my cunt. I am directed to do this by my daddy and these teachers. I have to piss myself and make sure I fuck myself in the bathroom before the class. I am supposed to humiliate myself by sitting with these whore legs spread and let everyone smell the strong aroma of my whore cunt. I was caught playing with myself in the library looking at anatomy books. The principle and my daddy along with the teacher that caught me came to this punishment for me. I really didn’t want to do this since I liked a boy in my class and it was so humiliating. So to put me in my place daddy invited the boy and his friends over to the house and made me suck off the furry pet dicks and lick their bum holes. I also had to lick and suck off the boys all 5 of these class mates of mine. I was humiliated and was forced to piss my panties in front of them too before I took that red rocket in my cunt.

cum slut phone sex

Cock Worshiping Slave Celeste

It’s all about the cock right now as I am made to be a cock worshiping slave for my Master. He found me looking at porn and rubbing my cunt and decided if I was enjoying so many big cocks on my screen I should be made to submit to all the cocks he brings around for me. I am not allowed to complain or cry about the pain taking so many big cocks will cause me. I deserve it for acting like a dirty little slut that can’t stop watching porn and diddling my cunt. He fucked me hard and raw when he caught me. I was forced to take him in my pussy, ass and then clean my ass off of his dick and take it some more. I was also shared with my dad and his 3 friends. The five guys really worked on destroying me and I took them all on. I am a stupid cunt that needs better discipline and that’s why I have to let anyone that wants to use me have a chance at using me. I am your worthless cunt Master.

Cock Worshiping

I Need Master’s Bare Bottom Spankings

I’m a naughty girl that has completely gone out of line and need Master to put me in my place again. I bet you would administer Bare bottom spankings to me before you give my holes a good pounding. I know I deserve everything you do to me Master. You know whats best for my naughty girl cunt and assholes. I know I will be gagging on cock for you because I need to show Master that I am owned by You and only you. I was playing with my pussy again without permission. I really couldn’t help it Master. I was looking at porn videos with a friend. Yes it was a male friend that isn’t my Master. He wanted me to do things to my pussy while he talked about his hard dick. My friend wanted to fuck me, and I wanted him too. I’m sorry Master. I let him come over and snuck him into my bedroom without daddy knowing. He put his penis inside me without permission from my daddy or my Master. I just really am a bad little slut.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Submissive Sex Humiliation Whore Exposed

Submissive sex fuck bag is what sums me up as a person. The fact that I actually get off on being completely outed and humiliated for how much of a filthy whore I am, is irrelevant. It’s more subconscious really. I was trained to be what and who I am now. These little things, like sniffing tissue that a guy jerked off in, out of a wastebasket. Or maybe sniffing some crusted crotch juice panties you find in a hamper. That stinky musky odor. To have these things arouse you. It’s a filthy way my brain processes shit and makes me wet. A curious little girl sniffing mommy’s panties after she was fucked. I get caught and am forced to eat mommy’s brown shit hole after not cleaning her asshole well enough and after having been fucked anally. To get forced into this because I licking the butt stain in daddy’s undies that I had to also lick his asshole clean. His ass had a thick layer of brown all inside that my tongue immediately sunk in as I spread his asshole. These things are what I know.

Submissive sex

Masters’ Slave Training Was Humiliating

Today Master called me and needed me to clean his feet as part of my Slave training. It was humiliating to kneel in front of him and take off his sweaty gym socks. He was just returning from a run and it was a moist morning. His feet were particularly sweaty and stinky. They smelled like cheese. I was to lick up and down the soles and take his heel into my whore mouth. I then had to slide my tongue between each and every toe and lick the lint out. I was to please Master and clean his feet with my mouth, but that wasn’t all. I had to make him enjoy it erotically sucking on each toe. When he felt I did well I was to stay kneeled before him as he squatted in front of my face. I had to part his ass cheeks and lick up and down his sweaty crack. I was to put my tongue in his butthole and lick. I needed to get it deep inside his anus and lick all around his shithole like a good toilet slut. If I did real good I would get a present.

Submissive Sex Isn’t So Innocent

In my years of submission to my father, brother’s and their friends I will admit that I am not all innocence. I get a real thrill out of submissive sex with strangers. It gets me wet to be bound and gagged and eye level with a big throbbing erect cock. I am enthralled with it. I want to worship and submit to it, is it so wrong?

I want his dominance over me and I play the dumb cunt role well. It’s how I was raised. As the only girl, besides my mother in a household with three dominant males, it’s something I was taught. It was my pleasure to open my mouth and take my daddy’s erect penis in it and if he had to piss I am there to drink it. I really was used in extreme taboo ways by my family and I love them for it.

submissive sex

My mother either had no say in things or didn’t give a fuck. She was passive on it all at some points and was quite domineering over me as bad as the guys were, at other times. I learned my place early and have no qualms about my place in life. It’s my choice. I wish to play coy and dumb. It’s my ultimate fantasy to be in a binding of Master/ slave ownership where I serve a rich Master and his friends while being kept and spoiled.

Cock Worshiping Cum Whore For Master

I was forced to admit that I am a cum whore. I have a gaped hole and I can thank Master. My obedience training for the day was cock worshiping. I was treated like a little Bitch and forced to worship furry sheaths with red rockets lurking inside. I needed to suck that k9 cock and tell Master how much I love it. I was a bad girl last weekend and I needed to be trained with some obedience lessons. Trained like a naughty pet. I am my Master’s pet. I needed to please his house pets like a good whore. I was made to be Master’s pet and had to wear a collar and be led around by a leash. He brought me into the kennel as he likes to call it and made me sleep on a large pet bed. I had to drink from a pet water feeder and beg for the cum from his friends cocks. I was to be a good girl for my Master’s friends and their house pets. Some were human, some had four legs. I was to worship their cocks like a good slut and drain their balls. It was humiliating when I saw one of the guys was someone I had a crush on from school. I can’t believe he saw me in my bareness wearing only a collar. I had to worship his cock and couldn’t help gazing at him as his dick was fucking my whore face. He came on my face and called me a good girl as he laughed at me. I’m such a pathetic little bitch and I was even made to go woof woof for him. I know my Master knew I was embarrassed and that made him angrier. I wasn’t allowed to want anyone else other than Master. When Master fucked me that night he fucked me hard.

cock worshiping

I’m A Very Bad Girl, Daddy

This not going out has been a real bummer for me. I was playing on my Fetlife profile and got into chatting another Dom Daddy. I was swayed into doing things for this Dom Daddy. I did things on camera for him as though he was my real Dom/ Daddy. I’m sorry daddy. I showed him my naughty bits. I did more than show him though. I put toys inside my vagina and penetrated my holes. I know I am not suppose to do these things without permission. But I was so bored daddy. It wasn’t long when he was demanding I come to him and Submit for real. I was mesmerized by the images of his cock and the handsomeness with a stern controlling tone he used with me. I went to him daddy. He was not even who he portrayed in his pictures. He was a huge fat gross old man daddy and he was forceful. He grabbed my wrists and yanked me in the house. I know I wasn’t supposed to go to strangers, especially without daddy’s approval. I went in there and he had a tiny freakish cock in comparison to his massive fat body. I wanted to vomit when he forced himself on me. I am too dumb and weak to be left alone for long like this daddy. I was forced to do things and humiliated in a bad way. He shoved me out his door in the evening with my clothes soiled and ripped up. I reeked of his sick smell and of alcoholic cum and piss. Please daddy, don’t abandon me for being a nasty dumb little whore. I belong back in my cage and tortured for my misbehaving and letting gross losers use me. I should be shamed for the filthy little slut I became in this lockdown.

Submissive slut

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