Choker 3000

submissive whore

Domme daddy has a new gadget to try on his submissive whore. I get ready to his liking. I wear exactly what he likes, nothing but some studs and maybe some nipple piercings. Domme daddy knows I’m one to say no because I will get his wrath if I do. This new Gadget is one that he’s been wanting to try on me for a while. My heart races at the thought of becoming unable to breathe many times, I think Daddy takes it too far, but he doesn’t care. He loves the thrill of possibly offing me. When you have a dominant master, you have to understand that the game is dangerous, but you can’t deny the pleasure that your Master desires. Once you do, you’re no longer a submissive and might as well do a relationship with your dominant master. Today is the day I got to feel the choker 3,000, as he calls it; he raps this leather choker on me and starts to pulsate it with this machine. All the while, he calls me names and rubs my cunt.

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