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Beta babes

sexy phone chat

A little sexy phone chat goes a long way with my master. He enjoys it when I take the initiative and prioritize him. Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to keep him happy. Whenever I do, I’m able to move up on the roster.

Oh no, what I want to become is his name, Beta Babe, basically like his slave girlfriend, the main one, who gets to sleep in his bed and gets less harsh treatment but also gets to run the coop.

It would be so hot if I could manipulate women for him and torture girls. I know how much it gets him nice and erect want. Two females are battling out for his attention. I am pretty jealous, and I want all the attention. Even if it’s terrible attention, I want it all on me. My main focus is becoming the head slave slut in charge, ruining other girls for my master.

You bet I will get them all bruised up and bloody like he likes women to be.

Submissive sex please

submissive sex

“Submissive sex, please” are the magic words my master wants to hear from me. He has trained me well and gotten me to the point where I don’t value myself. All I want is to be hog-tied and used up like a pig.

Since he came into my life, my submissive streak has grown exponentially. Theres a part of me that wants me to stop, but there’s an even more significant part that wants to go deeper into pleasing him.

When pain strikes me, of course, it hurts, but I know its a mental game, and I have to let him use me up like a little bitch to keep him happy.

When the master is happy, it’s a better experience for me, and it satisfies me to keep him content.

bondage xxx and marking his territory

xxx bondage

My Master’s kind of diabolical he really enjoys me showing him that I put him first above everyone and everything. Whenever I go and do something without his consent he gets very angry and shows me his wrath.

I have to go ahead and pick out a xxx bondage  tool for him to use on me. There’s no protesting from me if I complain it will become much more worse for me. After he gets whatever I choose usually I tried to get something that’s not going to be permanent and pain. My go-to usually is a flogger or a ruler something that he can just break off after a couple hits or something that will become kind of boring after a while.

After several minutes of beating me he then wants to go ahead and pound my cunt  and mark territory as he should.

bdsm chat to find a new master

bdsm chat

I’m So Into BDSM chat. I like to look up different sites where guys and girls come together and share their fantasies. My master’s has completely taken my sense of normalcy. All I was made for was to please men. That’s what he told me, and that’s what I believe. Women should never try to upset them or do stuff that gets them in a position where they look like a bit of a beta.

After plenty of beatings and constraints and being tied up and shut down in the torture, I learned my lesson. Now my master seems to have a new little thing. She seems to be the one that’s taken all the focus off of me, and now he’s preoccupied. I won’t deny that I felt lost, but I knew I could check out some BDSM sites and find the right person to turn me into their little torture slut.


Submissive whore Trapped and abused

submissive whore

I woke up from a daze. I guess I had a little too much to drink. As soon as I woke up, I looked around, and it took me some seconds to realize that I wasn’t in my room. Then I felt constrained, and I looked, and it was my worst nightmare. I couldn’t believe that I was tied up and couldn’t move. The fear got to me. I couldn’t believe that I was in this position. After a minute and all came rushing to my head, and I remember being a submissive whore  for this guy at the bar. He was so smooth and seemed like a great flirt, and we would have a blast. One thing led to another, and I was going to his apartment with him. Of course, he got belligerent drunk and became so aggressive.

I figured he planned to target a college girl and rip her nipples off till she bled. I had severe slashes all over my body! I could hear footsteps as I battled my way out of containment.

Choker 3000

submissive whore

Domme daddy has a new gadget to try on his submissive whore. I get ready to his liking. I wear exactly what he likes, nothing but some studs and maybe some nipple piercings. Domme daddy knows I’m one to say no because I will get his wrath if I do. This new Gadget is one that he’s been wanting to try on me for a while. My heart races at the thought of becoming unable to breathe many times, I think Daddy takes it too far, but he doesn’t care. He loves the thrill of possibly offing me. When you have a dominant master, you have to understand that the game is dangerous, but you can’t deny the pleasure that your Master desires. Once you do, you’re no longer a submissive and might as well do a relationship with your dominant master. Today is the day I got to feel the choker 3,000, as he calls it; he raps this leather choker on me and starts to pulsate it with this machine. All the while, he calls me names and rubs my cunt.

his slave pet Dome.

bondage whore

I first got into some submissive stuff when I was in college a few years back my freshman year. I work for this bookstore and the owner never was around he had a huge gambling problem so I first saw a lot of stuff in the business for him. The truth is that he wasn’t paying me enough and I wanted to take a little extra. So when Icouldld I would snatch a couple Benjamins from the register. Eventually, I got caught the one I got caught my boss promise that I would rot in jail.  Of course I was so nervous and I begged him to please have mercy on me. Little did I know I would become his bondage whore.  Mr Richardson asked me to go ahead and go to his place and he would consider  forgetting about the situation. I knew my only hope to be free from a record was to go along with whatever he needed. So I thought that I would probably have to do extra work or possibly have to take over his other chores and housework. When I went over to him he asked me to go over to a certain place with him. Mr Richardson led me to a room under ground. I never really had any experience in a basement growing up in Bradenton Florida I  only saw basements in movies and TV shows. I was a little excited to see his basement I don’t know why but sure I was. When I went to follow him he shut the door behind me and told me that this was his slave pet Dome. I had a gut feeling I was in for some shit.  Right then and there I noticed all the tools and I could see he was going to have some Wicked fun with me. first things first he told me  undressed because you’re going to be here for some time. I quickly undressed I don’t know I felt like I had to I was there with him alone and I knew that I couldn’t even call out for help he lived all alone.  He began to tell me that I had to be a slave pet and I’d have to drink water from a bowl like an animal he also wanted to ruin my asshole. Mr Richardson gave me the option to run or to give in so I gave in because I wanted to know jail time. My holes would be ruined  for months on end.

Begging for pain

submissive whore

I am such a submissive whore; I am the definition of a subby pet.   One of my proudest examples of being submissive is that my holes are so gaped. I am so proud of my little holes stretching out so big because I get so much cock. All I do is get pounded, stretched out, and made to eat so much jizz. Ever since I’ve gotten into a more submissive role, I only wanted structure and pain. My enslaver keeps me so high and makes me do so much drugs to be an obedient cum whore. Watch me beg master for some more pain. It’s like I was born to be his property.  The only way to be a good subby slut is by submitting and enjoying the pain. I am the number one fan of my master and I never say no to his orders

You’re submissive whore

submissive whore

I am getting acclimated to being a submissive whore. Whenever he comes over and puts his hands around my neck, I know he won’t stop until I’m almost unresponsive. So I’ve learned to play the game and figured that  I might as well enjoy it since I am living through it, and it will be my reality till I’m not here anymore. Every time I get the urge to run away and Escape, I know that he will find me and make things even worse. So instead, I let the pleasure sink and let the pain become a minor factor. When you learn to worship and become the subby slut you ought to be, everything becomes much more precise and make sense. Go ahead and stretch my holes. You own them, after all.

BDSM chat becomes reality

bdsm chat

I thought the BDSM chat we would partake in was pure fiction and a figment of his imagination.  I never thought he won to do all those brutal things to me. I should have known the way his face would light up.  Every time I gave him the green light that we could have some fun, I never thought that he wanted to do the things we would talk about in a fantasy mode. One day my very obsessed and snuff-fun boyfriend got drunk as a motherfucker.  He couldn’t gather his thoughts or think through what he was doing. I began to talk it up as he would be a blackout drunk type and would do stuff without realizing it. Well, it wasn’t the last time after that. It began to happen more frequently. Everything we talked about, he would do when he was inebriated. Tie me up, smacking and choking me while he used my holes. Still, I never left. Instead, I became his subby puppet.