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bondage whore

Master is coming over to check my cunt. He wants to make sure no one else is fucking his bondage whore. I’m unsure if he’s going by how stretched out I am because I’m pretty sneaky. I know to cheat with guys with smaller cocks than him.

I’ve been a rebel lately and have had plenty of 7 inches fuck me. Ever since master daddy has taken on a few new subs, it’s gotten me in my feelings. My cunt craves him, but since he wants to be an owner of many women, it leaves me acting out.

I better be careful not to get caught because if I do, I know I will have to pay in the most brutal ways.

Bondage and submission summer

bondage and submission

 Bondage and submission summer was one for the books. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in after being repeatedly gang-banged and fucked on display for everyone to see. My asshole was bleeding out over the amount of raw dog cocks coming at my ass. I  could not catch a break for the life of me.

I’m not one to break down and cry easily, but the feeling of being violated and, on top of it all, getting bruised up had me pleading for mercy. The wicked laughs from each of those men echoed in my head.

I couldn’t believe I would later find myself imagining all that torture while I would play with my cunt. Now all I need to be able to reach climax is the thought of being tied up and violated.

I want so badly to feel worthless again.

submissive sex for the both of us

submissive sex

My friend Cameron couldn’t afford her rent. The pandemic has left many individuals without a good source of income. I knew she needed help, and I wanted to give her some. My master wanted to help only if she would pay him back in submissive sex. When I told Cam all about the proposition at first, she was so weary and didn’t want to take part in any submissive deed. She’s a proud Latina with a loud mouth. She wanted no part of it, but I gave her insight into how pleasurable it could be. When I told her my climaxes were so intense that I ended up passing out, she was intrigued, and that alone drove her to say yes to master using both of us all weekend long. Hog tieing us and fucking both of us till e passed out.

prostate milking side biz

prostate milking

My friend Rosie and I ended up doing a side business that proved to be lucrative. We would cater to men who love to beat the shit out of us with paddles and like to be dominant with us. We both have high pain tolerances and can make any man enjoy the pleasures of prostate milking. If you haven’t had your prostate milked yet, you are missing out big time. 

 Our job is to make you take out all your frustrations and end up relaxing and winding down by letting us both gives you tender massages and worshiping kisses.  We both will then tease you and make that prostate feel so good. I’m great at stuffing my tongue and fingers, and Rosie loves to use her toys. When we finish getting you milked, we clean up the mess.

submissive slut wants to obey

submissive slut

I want to get on my knees for you and let you spank my bottom like the submissive slut I am. When I feel a man take complete control of me, that’s when I know I am doing my due diligence as a woman.

Women are meant to be used and fucked over. I don’t care what anyone says; it is true. Women are weaker, and we should all stop this bullshit on equal rights. Fuck that noise. We need men to put us in our place and use us as they want. I will not let anyone try to sway me to the other side. I can proudly say fuck feminism and let the men rule us. 

I will not let this 21st-century idiocracy make me more than an enslaved person.

A cult for him

Extreme fetish phone sex Isla

I want attention and will do whatever a master expects of me. My cunt is made for him to use. When he told me to go out in the nude again, I did it, but this time he asked me to bring a friend. We would be training her together then she would be my competition. It is an endless cycle with him and his idea of pitting me against other women.

The ultimate fantasy he has Is getting a ton of girls pregnant and using them as cult members. As I see it, he is focusing on that and training me to do whatever he wants.

When competition arises, I go full force on creating a clear view that I am the best slut for him and will do the vilest things ever.

My cunt gets wet whenever he tells me about his love of Extreme fetish phone sex.

I am his property

light bondage

I have to say light bondage was one of my favorite times with one of my exes. It became too easy for me, so I had to let him go and be with someone who could beat the living daylights.

I crave abuse, and it’s what gets my cunt all wet. When a guy uses me and throws me to the side and makes me watch him get intimate with other girls, it does something to me.

Yes, I am jealous and furious, but I know not to cause a scene and to enjoy myself by realizing how lucky I am to serve a man.

I have bruises all over and marks, and I am branded head to toe most subtly. Once I am fully nude, you will see I am his property.

Submissive sex with his new slave pet

submissive sex

Dominant men love to make you feel like crap, especially in front of a crowd. Submissive sex is not for everyone, and it can put you in a downward spiral if you aren’t meant to be a sub slut. My master brought over another girl. I won’t deny there was a ton of rage built up in me knowing he had another sub slave at his fingertips. I knew I had to stay quiet and look pretty. I wouldn’t dare to mention how incredibly green with envy I was. Her style was so hot, and she was gorgeous. I knew he enjoyed her because he couldn’t get his hands off her. My inferiority complex was crystal clear. The next task at hand would be one proven to make me look like a fool.

submissive whore isla


I had to be her submissive whore. Master loved to see cruel female domination. Lots of paddling and pegging would be going on, and he would see who could be the winner. The one that ends up getting him off the best will get a weekend off from dungeon duty. The loser would get a hogtie surprise. It was game on, and after a nice ass beating from the master himself, we both grew tired but knew we had to outshine one another. I had my eye on the prize. All I wanted was a weekend getaway and alone time with my master. Eliana wasn’t going to back down in her roughness. She was one mean bitch to me. At first, she began tugging on my nipples, and I began to pin her down to give her an anal pound. I was winning at the pegging game. It got bloody at first. Master demanded we become used to each other and had us kiss and make up. We both ended up spending the weekend out of the domination dungeon and pleased the master whenever he wanted. 

Daddy threw me out

slave training

My slutty tattoo got me in so much trouble. I keep getting them, and daddy has sworn me off. I love the ink hitting my body and making me feel like a trashy whore. Even though I was raised in one of the wealthiest zip codes and given a life most can always dream of, I turned out to have daddy issues cause I never got the attention I so desperately craved.

Daddy can throw me out all he wants, but he knows I will go whatever I want. Right now, I want to get high and become my boyfriend’s slave training cum slut.

I enjoy him telling me what to do and ensuring I get all his jizz whenever he needs release.

Obsessed with me

submissive sex

I created a site on one of those famous platforms where you can garner fans, and they can subscribe to what you post, and sometimes you may also hear about some nudes and explicit content. At first, I wasn’t going to go down the road of showing my body off, and I gathered quite the audience with only peep shows. One of my adoring fans became super aggressive when I began to post nudes. He was infuriated and said that I ended up disrespecting him as my number one fan. I had to delete my account or post that I am his and delete all the nude photos. At first, I didn’t want to listen to his pleads, but I realized how much money he contributed to me, so I began bargaining with him, let me be, and I wouldn’t post anymore. If I deleted the album, id lose out on so much money.

I didn’t hear from him for days. I thought I could finally be free and breathe. At this point, I didn’t even want his money. It was utterly storming out on a Sunday night, and I was getting ready for bed when I heard someone in my apartment. It was my subscriber. I began to scream to my roommate for help, but I came to the clear answer that she was still not home from work.

My obsessed fan began to corner me and told me I would learn my lesson and give him the submissive sex he deserved. I was trapped and would be his submissive cunt for the night.

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