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Submissive whore in pain

submissive whore

Christmas was about a month ago, and I’m still in so much fucking pain. Both of us are so sore from my master fucking me and my best friend. When my master asked me to dress up, I agreed I  had to get into the Xmas spirit for him. On Christmas, I had to bring my friend Bethany, and we had to please his cock so good that he would give us some mercy. It would be a Christmas miracle if he didn’t dismember our bodies. We both knew it could be worse for us. We were lucky enough to please him so much that all he did was beat the shit out of us. I had to endure every single painful task he asked of me. I had to fist Bethany till she was bleeding down my arm. Next, Bethany had to yank my hair and fuck me with a massive strap-on with any mercy. It was endless hours of fucking that left us all bruised up, and we still are in pain from last month’s past deputies.


Submissive whore for my p.e teacher

submissive whore

My PE teacher was the first woman who could take me to do anything she wanted. I was a little worried that I would get in trouble whenever I was not doing my task in class. One day she invited me over to her house and told me she needed to talk about my attendance. I was skipping class, and she knew that very well. It was very convenient that she was living in my neighborhood. I went over all alone without my parents because she said it would be a one-on-one situation. Never did I think my teacher would make me her submissive whore. I had to get on my hands and knees for her, and I had to let her with me. She began to use a paddle one and started to spank the living daylights out of me. I was so confused because I knocked on her door, and she told me to go upstairs to her room. My teacher wasn’t wasting any time. I’ve heard rumors that she loved the lady pond, but I wasn’t certain. All I got my answer I sure dad

Teen phone sex with a subby slut


teen phone sex

Oh, you’re hurting me. You’re fucking my brains out, and you don’t care that I’m bleeding out here. You are a monster. You take control of my body and my mind and tell me no one gives a fuck about me. You continue your narrative, and I love it so much that’s how fucked up I am. I know that you want me to be your slut forever, your slave, the one that has to bark when you say I have to the one that has to bend over backward for you. I’m going, to be honest. I don’t have a problem with that. I love to be your slut; I love to feel worthless and pain all through my body. It feels so lovely to be here, a little punching bag only for you and your friends and whoever you want. I’m the teen phone sex victim you need.

He is my god


Don’t let the smile on my face fool you. Also, I do not think the man behind me is friendly for a minute. He is a vicious master who has made my life a living hell, yet I am so devoted to him and all his requests. I became his personal submissive whore through church of all places. He’s my pastor, but he has some dark tendencies that undoubtedly make him the most sinister master. This particular picture is filled with lots of submissions. He makes me call him god and likes when I give my holes to him and anyone he chooses. He is all smiling in public and makes me expose myself, and loves to watch me be his sex slave. Everything I do is centered around my god. submissive whore

Women are worthless

submissive slut

I enjoy being a submissive slut; I want to be the girl that gets all the beatings and gets fucked hard. Women don’t even deserve to vote. Women are supposed to be submissive. I strongly urge you to realize if you are a woman and you’re not submissive, you will ultimately live life authentically. Do you want to be unauthentic time for you to become a slave? A woman like me and a woman like you all kinds of women, women, women, women this 21st-century bullshit make everyone think that women should have rights. No sweetheart, we are supposed to be submissive bitches on her knees praying and kneeling. Two are gods, the ones with Cocks. We are their toys. We give them every part of our bodies everything they want they got from us. I crave the world wakes up, and I want everyone to know that Monroe women are slaves


Teen phone sex for my owner

teen phone sex

I’m a teen phone sex lover. When I have my owner ready to use me, I go back and find my hot schoolgirl outfit and let him discipline me. One of the many advantages of having a man who likes to abuse me is that they don’t care about anything; all they want is to choke me out and make me their slave doll. When you get me right to my knees pleading for your attention, you will see why a girl like me can do anything you wish. My owner now makes me bring my sisters and friends, and he loves to watch us together.

It is a pleasure of his to watch me get abused by other women, and he loves when they call me names and degrade me.

xxxmas pain

submissive whore

My boyfriend loves when I have parties and invite all my friends over. Last Saturday for Christmas, I had another party and had my friend Cassidy play with me. We both were little whores putting on a show. My boyfriend was all for it and made me his submissive whore in front of Cassidy.

My cunt was craving her cunt. My boyfriend would jump in and start playing rough with us. I could feel his thick fingers find me holes and beat it with full force. You know im all for pain and lots of sex. when my boyfriend fucks me, he bruises me up head to toe.

I love when I pass out from all the pain. It honestly drives me crazy to be battered and abused.

out and about

Extreme fetish phone sex Isla

I want to be your extreme fetish phone sex princess. It gets my cunt all slippery wet when you treat me like trash. I’m ready to have you penetrate me with your huge cock. You can bet I will be begging you to bend me over and slide your meaty cock deep inside me while you call me every dirty name under the sun.

Last week you had me go out in public topless and made me find all kinds of guys to make me suck their cocks. You know I want you to be the one who takes control of me and fuck me with all kinds of brutal men. The meaner they are, the better it is for me. I’m ready to be a slave forever.

submissive slut games

submissive slut

I am addicted to sucking cock. I think I may be more of a cock sucking princess than I thought. I have indeed begun to have quite the addiction to dick sucking ever since I went off to college. The thought about fucking scared me at first. I was a goody-good virgin who went to church and school, and bible study. It is like as soon as a cock got in my mouth, it was the only thing that ever mattered. I began sucking guys’ cocks I shouldn’t have. Eventually, I started sucking my family’s dicks. Daddy was shocked when he saw what a good whore I was. He couldn’t complain because he was getting the cum out of his balls, and it felt amazing. Daddy couldn’t stay mad at all the stuff I learned.

Drench me with your piss

pissing phone sex

One of the dirtiest fantasies I have involves me being your urinal. Make me get on all fours and bark like a dog. I want to feel your warm golden shower cover me and drape me. Let it fall like a waterfall as you make eye contact with me and see how degraded I am but at the same time, see how happy I get when I let you cum and piss all over me. I love the combo effect and cant wait to show you how great it feels all over my body. My pussy will get so wet and wild for you, and I will let you shove your cock in me and let you piss inside me and my tight ass like a dirty slut. If you want some pissing phone sex, you are at the right place.

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