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Spanking chat with me


Spanking chat

Pound my perfect ass and show me I’m worthless and can’t handle men. You have to slap me around and do all the things that you want. I want a spanking chat because I want you to tell me how you will fuck me and ruin me. I want to be on my knees, begging you to let me cum. Deny me and tease me till I am crying for your permission to climax. I want you to play mind games with me and show me you’re in charge. My friends can all watch and see how submissive I am to you and your cock. Let your friends come over to use me for their likings as well. It is so perfect to feel you slap me around and make me bruise. I want a ton of marks on me because that’s what I deserve. You only get hard watching me get used. Like a slut, and I know you want to be your punching bag.


A Girl Fight

bondage whore

My domme daddy is big on boxing and loves to make me fight. If I lose, I will be getting my ass beat twice because he will have me fucked up by his own hands. Domme daddy likes me to beat other girls and wants to see me be the bondage whore for him but a vicious brat with girls. I like to turn him on and get into girl fights. Every time I get him riled up after a fight, he fucks me so well.
Sometimes my domme daddy likes to handpick the girls out and tells me to go at it and brings them over and has me bombard them and start fucking them up. Domme daddy gets an enormous hard-on by watching me antagonize and go wild on other females. I know he will fuck me crazy, and that alone makes me want to give my A-game. Let domme daddy use me and have the biggest orgasm ever.

Submissive slut trip



submissive slut


How did I become so submissive? Well, I had no choice, a really submissive life was introduced to me by my boyfriend at the time. I was supposed to take a summer trip to Europe. My parents paid a pretty penny to be able to give me all the finer things in life. They wanted me to grow up with all the things they didn’t know that they were able to give my siblings and me everything under the sun. They pride themselves in that.

I should have been having the time of my life, but in reality, I met the wrong crowd, and they made me skip out on that lavish trip and instead take the several thousands of dollars in spending money for my trip and use it on drugs and them.

I was beaten and used and told that I was now their personal fuck slut. All I had to do was obey like a submissive slut. My boyfriend at the time had his plan from the beginning. It was three weeks of abuse, and I had to send my parents postcards and trinkets to keep them thinking I was enjoying my trip when I was downtown getting ruined in reality.

Head over heels

bondage chat

I had the biggest crush on a guy who wasn’t so knowledgeable in the bondage world. He was smitten with me, and this was the first “nice guy” I liked in a while. So I thought, why not take a chance. Well, he soon got obsessed with my abuse addiction and all the bondage chat I do.

He switched overnight. It was quite the shock, but I honestly wasn’t going to let that stop me. I notice him get all tough and start to beat me. Maybe I was attracted to his deep-rooted evil side. I was in love with his change and went from liking to being head over heels. 

My new boyfriend began to be so cruel and vile he was much darker than any guy I had been with. He completely had no mercy and started to make me do the most perverse things ever imagined.

While I’d be so disgusted by his treatment if it were towards someone else, it made me cum so much since it inflicted me with pain.

Sexy Bondage is addicting


sexy bondage

My king is in love with sexy bondage. He loves when I dress up in sexy lingerie and seduce him and let him smack me up and use my body for his likings. I know that if I  think ahead, I can make him a little more passive if I seduce him. 

Usually, he will get so nasty with me and make me his punching bag. Not complaining about those beatdowns, but sometimes it’s nice to have some sensual kisses and a delicious orgasm without having my holes wrecked. 

I’m a girl, after all, and there’s a need for some romanticism after all. I would never want to admit that to anyone, but I do enjoy being used sensually. I love climaxing too.

So when I have master ready to fuck me, I make sure I get him in the best mood possible. A nice cock sucking session with plenty of cock kisses and worshiping. I know what the king loves.

Submissive Slut till the end

submissive slut

Please don’t try to wine and dine me. I don’t care to be treated like a princess. It actually turns me all the way off when you say nice things to me and tell me how lucky you are to be with me. If you want me to stay interested, you have to treat me like a submissive slut.

It’s quite easy. All you have to do is swear at me and slap me around. Show me off to your friends and let them all have a blast with me. It is better when there’s a team treating me like shit.

The meaner you are, the better of it is for me. I can’t wait to prove to you what a dirty whore I can really be. I want you to spit on my face and pull my hair. Do whatever you want to me. Take out all those frustrations at my expense and know that I will take it all with a smile on my face.

Cock worshiping the king with Company

submissive whore

My king loves when I am Cock worshiping with the company. He has a rule I must bring over a new friend at least once a week. I’m surely going to do whatever he wants to keep him happy. I don’t like to question daddy, so if he wants something, he’s going to get it at whatever cost. I like to lure my classmates since I have run thru my closest friends. I will bring over co-workers and even randoms I meet. I know I have to get the task done. If not, it is going to be hell to pay.

I don’t question daddy or his wants. Whatever daddy wants, he will get. Actually, he will be so angry I didn’t address him as king on this post, so I might get my ass handed to me. King loves to spread my legs and whip my clit with the sharpest nipple clamps ever. My body quivers and shakes as the pain settles and becomes part of my everyday routine.

Luckily when I bring a friend over, there’s a little less beating and more fucking for me. King loves when I fuck a slut up for him.

Extreme fetish phone sex games

Extreme fetish phone sex

When I’m away for college, my master loves to play extreme fetish phone sex games with me. He makes me do all sorts of humiliating things and watches as I agree to it, and rubs his cock off it.

This latest game session has to be the latest, most humiliating to date. My master made me walk in public with my top off, just flashing all kinds of people. I went to a horrible neighborhood, and he knew I would get used.

I stumbled across a group of guys who wanted to use me. My master tells me if someone wants to use me, then I must say yes. I can’t say no to what they want. Good subby whores never say no.


I felt like such a slut doing whatever those men wanted me to do, but I knew it was for the best. I don’t beg and plead; I say yes to what any man asks of me.

my domme daddy



Phone sex specials

My domme daddy loves when I show him all my holes. He loves to fuck and use me whenever the mood strikes. I love that he likes to get naughty with me, and together we have some phone bones with other girls and enjoy some phone sex specials together. We pop a molly and get drunk and end up turning into party animals.

I like to get slapped across my face and love when he’s hurting me. I can feel my asshole bleed whenever he puts his rod in me. Whenever he dominant me in front of other girls, I get extra wet. I’m his total little cum rag and won’t ever say no to him.

I want him to beat me and fuck me. Take out all your frustrations on me.

Master wanted a show

teen phone sex

My master wanted a show, and I was going to give him the best one yet. I know how teen phone sex and coke will get him in a bigger perverse mood. I made sure to give him what he wanted. After a little one on one rough sex, I invited two of my friends who were cute blondes down for anything as long as they are nicely inebriated and drugged up. 

I knew master wanted me to get fucked by them. He was in the mood for some lesbian fun. While he jerked his cock we ran a little daisy chain. I loved licking pussy and getting mine licked. We fucked and got rough with each other and made sure there was enough cum everywhere. I’m so happy to make master feel pleased and relaxed.

For any reason, if I come up short, it will be hell to pay. I am always trying to outdo myself and keep him satisfied.

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