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Submissive whore loves pain

submissive whore

A submissive whore loves to be a girl who needs to be choked while getting pounded. The bruises are reminders of all the fun I have had and all the fun I need to keep having. A nice big cock is all I need while I feel you use me and make me your little bitch. When you watch me, please, know I will want to do this forever. My holes will belong only to you, and I will always obey your rules. There’s nothing I like more than being your pain slut. If you want to use me with all your friends, you are more than welcome to do so because I want you to brand me so bad.

Use My best friend and I

bdsm chat

Bdsm chat is hot, but have you ever had two subby hot sluts willing to do anything you wish? My best friend Libby and I will make your cock rock hard. We both enjoy being called names and need some good spankings. I’m all for dressing up, and so is she. We have the hottest outfits around that will make your cock perk up. Never worry about being too rough with us because Libby and I learned long ago that fucking a subby whore is the best.

No one wants a slut that will go toe to toe with a man. Women aren’t equal, and Libby and I know that, so don’t worry; we won’t give you a hard time nor protest for you to let us be unless you want it that way.

Extreme bondage is how i climax

jkextreme bondage

Since I am a subby slut I have found that Extreme bondage is how I climax best. Laying in bed thinking about a strong master using me, tying me up, and fucking me raw is how I like to end my night. A juicy big cock overruled my body, taking complete control and using its power over mine, getting its nut in and making sure I had no say whatsoever. It’s such a great feeling to be a slut like me, keep it going, and not try to fight it. Once before, I tried my hardest to get away from the subby life, but the truth is I’ll never cum if I’m not being taken control of, and I sure as heck want to cum hard.

daddys always right

My master picks all my clothes out for me. Whatever he says goes, and I never try to correct or challenge him in any way. Master knows I am his property and must abide by all his rules. Many times he loves to put me in slutty outfits. It does turn him on to see other men check me out.

However,, there’s a switch when it comes to him sometimes,, he enjoys making me cover up and telling me I’m only his and I must do whatever he says. Of course, I am not going to argue with him,, but sometimes I say something a little bratty that gets him to whip me and choke me while he pounds me roughly. I’m so into submissive sex, and there’s no going back now.

bdsm chat with his mom

bdsm chat

I had my boyfriend’s mom discipline me in front of him. I felt so little after the BDSM chat we agreed on I couldn’t understand how it could turn him on so much.

I knew they were close, but I didn’t think they were so close that they had sexual experiences together. Margie was always uptight around me, and she was jealous of me. Margie had always been the main girl in her son’s life.

Now I came along and allowed him to dominate me; she was overwhelming him all the while. It’s quite the cycle. Regardless I could see that my master, my boyfriend of a year, was enjoying his mom using me and calling me names. I could see how excited he was at her whipping me and taking control of me.


i will always be a submissive slut

submissive slut

I escaped my master, thinking I would find comfort in a doormat. I planned to leave and stop being his submissive slut he took advantage of and made his slave.

I wanted out but couldn’t see that I was forever a submissive bitch. It took me a couple of monotonous, dull days to come crawling back, begging for forgiveness. The truth is being a switch is a lie and being able to transform from one way to another is also total bs.

The pain and the humiliation I began to crave and need. Once I came back with my tail between my legs, my master made sure I knew I had hell to pay.

Of course, he fucked me up, but he also made me cum a dozen times. Leaving him for a subby man was never going to work out and was proof of my coming back.

Sexy phone chat and humiliation

sexy phone chat

I know I usually pick the wrong guys, but I felt my new beau would prove to be different. Well, it’s my fault he isn’t. I keep attracting guys I like and want. There’s something about a guy who is trouble maker always wanting to beat women and use them for sexual favors, ad tends to cheat.

Yes, I’m submissive, but I don’t want to tolerate cheating. I will snoop till I find evidence of adultery, and then I will be the one that goes bezerk. There’s a distance, and I can’t get over it. When I found that my boyfriend had a sexy phone chat with another woman, I lost it and demanded answers. Instead, I got my ass fucked hard and the biggest beating ever.

Boyfriend moves in

submissive whore

As any young woman moving in with their first live-in boyfriend should be a fun experience. My boyfriend had no place to live. His roommates evicted him. Still,, I believed his side of the story. Supposedly, my man was fucking around with his roommate’ss girlfriend,d who I knew was total bullshit. I received a dm from his ex-roommate telling me to pick his ass up. He doesn’t have a car,, so of course,, I did. For months,ing the idea of moving in together. My daddy bought me a fantastic condo years ago that I was ready to renovate and call home. The concept of doing couple of things had my mind going to great places. As doubt did fill my mind,, once I picked up my boyfriend,, I asked him If it was true. As a proper submissive whore I allowed him to manipulate me and make me believe other wise. My parents were pissed off and told me he was only using me as a free meal ticket and that a white girl like me has no business messing around with a thug. Well boy oh boy I found a whole new meaning of what that meant when i got my ass handed to me and he took his time using me and doing whatever the fuck he wanted.

All I wanted to know was which pattern of decal would look best in the foyer instead i got a beatdown and was told to stop being a clingy ass bitch. 

submissive sex slave

submissive sex

My drug dealer is livid with me and my friend Mallory. We both owe him so much money he wants us both dead. The only way we can get in his good graces is if we get to get a girl from campus and bring her over for his pleasure. Both of us know this is the only way we will be able to get away with it and pay off our debts. We knew the assignment and understood that we would have to film the whole thing from beginning to end. We had the right girl in mind. Amber jane is a campus sweetheart. She’s the dean’s daughter and snooty bitch to all girls like Mallory and me. So we had a plan set in stone we would be torturing her and bring her over to get used. Better her than us! Its her turn to be the submissive sex slave!

bare bottom spankings please


bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings, please! I know I left without your permission. You have no clue all that I’ve done. I’m going to tell you what has gotten me so excited and taken me to a place I’ve never been before. My friend wanted us to have a girl’s night out, and I felt so stuck in the house I had to go out and about and enjoy myself. Little did I know I would learn to love the attention from other men, and a couple of lines in, and I was already flirting with randoms.

My master caught wind of the situation since he must have had a friend there. It real easy for him to be informed because everyone knew he owned me. Before I could leave with my new friend, my master pulled up and marked his territory. There I was all night submitting to him, begging him not to hit me and use me like a dumb slut.