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Submissive slut and friends


submissive slut


My newest boyfriend is so dominant and begs me to bring the most willing sluts. He doesn’t have to beg so much because he usually ends up bashing my face if I don’t do my due diligence as his subby slut girlfriend. I love to be his submissive slut and do whatever he needs me to satisfy his cravings. I love making him hard and fucking whores in front of him.

He likes when I rough up my friends and drug them and use them for his entertainment. I can’t blame him. He loves to use me. I don’t care who it is. If my dominant boyfriend wants me to fulfill his rape fantasy, I will do so. Whatever it takes. Luckily I get my friends high without them knowing, and they are down for anything we want. From then on, we have a full-on blast and make sure my boyfriend cums hard always. I do love satisfying his needs.

Piss Princess

pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex is something I know a lot about. I have become quite the pissy slut in the past. There was a guy who I dated who was obsessed with drenching me in his urine.

He thought it was the ultimate humiliation and believed a slut like me should be a pissy slut. I, of course, adored him, and I sure did worship the ground he walked on, so I never complained.

I let him use me up and did it with a smile. He would fuck me and hit me and pour alcohol all over me. The more he was mean to me, the more I wanted him. It might have been

sick as fuck to feel that way, but I was more than willing to be his piss bucket. He’s the man, and I am the worthless whore. All I am is a hole for a man to use.

I wanted him to show me how much he wanted to fuck me up, so I would guzzle him warm pee whenever he told me to do so.

Daddy Issues

submissive slut

So if you have read up my bio, you can see what type of girl I am. I’m a submissive slut through and through, and honestly, I am not ashamed of it one bit. Yes, I know all about how the world is about the feminist now and the cancel culture. All of that shit, whatever, I say. If I am happy being a subby slut that knows my place as a woman, that shouldn’t bother anyone else. If it gets my pussy wet to be beaten and abused, then that’s my prerogative. 

I don’t judge other girls for wanting respect and wanting to have doormats for men. I am the opposite.

I have daddy issues and crave the attention of dominant men. Whenever I see a man that wants to put me in my place, my panties instantly get drenched. I like to feel my wet pussy get so excited. Whenever a man uses me in any way, I am one content slut. It all stems from my daddy issues, of course.