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Choke the submissive slut

submissive slut

Want to know how you can tell if a girl will make a good submissive slut? Simple, grab that bitch by the neck and show her you’re the boss. There is no argument in this scenario. If you genuinely have a sub bitch on your hands, you will see totally why you have the best cum slut. There will be no argument in the situation.

A real cum slut knows her way and will understand her place. Instead of giving you shit, she will make sure you fuck her up and take out all your frustrations on her. the dead giveaway is when you choke her and check those panties. You can bet they will be soaking wet, and they will make you want to conquer her whole life.

Subby Girl Gang

2 girl phone sex

My master has a ton of friends that think the very same way as he does. Naturally, they all attract submissive girls as girlfriends. When we all hang out together, they like to pin us against each other and make us each fight. We don’t really try to, but it’s a must we have to make each of them happy. They love to see us bloody and bruised and crying our eyes out. We don’t plan on anything but serving our masters. We will get down and dirty and play nasty. They love to see us fuck each other with strap ons and get each other high and drunk and watch as we lose complete control and thank them each because we are slut rags for them. We have to keep our masters satisfied.

























Extreme fetish phone sex has me doing some crazy shit

Extreme fetish phone sex

Extreme fetish phone sex has me being such a subby slut. My master loves when I expose myself snd he makes me do a ton of inappropriate things like flash everyone in the park and on campus. Public display of sex turns him on, so it is not shocking when he tells me to go ahead and rub my pussy in front of innocent bystanders. I think that the embarrassment is the aspect that hooks him. my master loves when I get worried and blush.

I can’t help but make him happy by telling him, yes, and I will do it and do whatever he says. I don’t think I can ever tell him no. I know it will have consequences, so I never do it, and I am happy listening to him.

submisive slut brings a dirty friend over

submissive slut

I love to be a submissive slut for men, but I like to dominate them and make them please me when it comes to women. I know a hot sexy little whore when I set my eyes on her. When I see a girl that sparks my dirty mind, I know we will have a blast. I love to choke them out and use my gnarley strap-on cocks on them. My cocks are great because they are thick and make any girl cream all over.

Also, it turns me on when I get you to squirt and make you lick up all your own juices with a nice smile. Another favorite is slapping you with my faux-cock and making you apologize to me for being a stupid slut.

Make it hurt me


bondage chat

When you take control of me, it makes my cunt drip wet. In front of all your friends, you have full permission to smack me around and make me your bondage cum whore.

When I am on my knees like a whore you can pull your cock out and spray me with either cum or piss. I will never deny you the ability to take control of me. Whenever you fuck me over, it makes me yours a little more.

It is all about what makes you get aroused. Your cock getting hard and thickening is the view I need. I love when your friends come over for some bondage chat, and you begin to use me as the example rag dolL.


You can fuck me and make me your little whore whenever you want, and your friends also have free range to do it.

raw pain

light bondage

I was first introduced into the bondage world; it was light bondage, then brutal bondage. My poor tits barely have any feeling or sensation. My master would strike me for the smallest issues. It was beyond exciting to get him worked up and ready to bust. All I had to do was suck his cock till he shivered, and then he would flip out and start torturing me and beating me. I can’t for the life of me explain why it got me so wet, but it did, and it made me leak and soak up my tiny panties. Whatever I want, I won’t get, so if I really were craving my pussy to get fucked, my ass would be the one that would get to get fucked. it was no doubt that I kept getting most of the pain, virtually none of the pleasure, but if I’m honest, it will make my pussy squirt to see my master satisfied above all else

They drugged me

I didn’t know what kind of night I had last night till I woke up with my body all bruised. I went to the bar and hung out with a few guys from the other side of the tracks. My ex really did a number on me because all I crave is thuggish men. I love trailer park guys and have a big soft spot for gang bangers.

After realizing life is much better as a submissive brat, I ended up picking up some extracurricular activities. I’m beyond into making men feel like kings while they treat me like trash. The guys at the bar were calling me a cute whore and kept telling me they wanted to all fuck me. I wasn’t ready for the group, so I acted all coy and had my eyes set on only one. They all had other things in mind because they were all going to have their way with me, whether I liked it or not. They totally drugged me because they were talking about it, and they were going to give me a bare bottom spanking.f

Don’t be nice to me daddy

Spanking chat

I love to show you how you can use me. I love to be spanked and fucked like a little whore. Spanking chat is my favorite. It’s beyond hot to be able to be used as a little cum whore. You know you will always be my master as long as you put me in your place. Don’t have any mercy for me. It is nice to know that I will always be your little fuck slut.

When you show me you have authority over me, it makes my pussy wet. Spank me and paddle me till I’m all red and crying like a whore.

You know that you will make me your little pain slut doll. I’m so ready to get my ass fucked and my pussy by you, daddy.

A Loyal Submissive Slut

submissive slut

I love to please and my boyfriend I would do anything for him.  I’m a submissive slut. You can bet Whatever his wish was, and I was ready to fulfill it as best as I could. If he wanted me to dress up in a certain way, I would do so, and it was his world. I made myself aware of that and would do whatever he would want from me. My parents didn’t like that I was coming home late and drinking and doing drugs and fucking god knows who. My parents sent me away to live with my aunt. Miles apart didn’t stop me from being my boyfriend’s fuck slut. I’d often have to keep him entertained thru face time. I’d give my boyfriend and his friends. They would make me fist myself and pinch my nipples for them

skull fuck me


bondage whore


You know I deserve a good skull fuck for your pleasure, of course. I know you love to shove your thick cock deep inside my mouth and watch as I struggle with it and laugh at the pain you inflict on me. Why does it make my pussy so wet when you make me your bondage whore? I will never understand, but it’s like I was made for this lifestyle, and I am always gravitating towards men that treat me like their personal whores and punching bags. It feels so good to please you and make you cum all the while you spit on me, choke me out and slap me around with all your painful toys. Watch me crawl and beg and cry and plead for mercy. It gets you even more amplified.

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