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submissive sex for the four

submissive slut

I don’t see eye to eye with my boyfriend on everything, but I try. It’s his birthday, and I know he wants to do something up his alley. Usually, that will involve his friends and him getting scolded by all the other girlfriends and me. We like to be in control. The situation isn’t so easy. It’s complex. 

These guys made sure to seek out alpha girls who don’t take shit from anyone. Rich girls, girly girls, who party and live by the beat of their drum. They knew us, and they drew in on each of us. They were more than aware that we wouldn’t be into submissive sex. The plan was to get each of us in a room and tortured until we changed our ways. No more dominant women who believe in that stupid girl power movement.

Instead, each of us would be worshiping their cocks and living life on their terms. We would each be beaten, slapped, and fucked by all the gang members. The leader happens to be the birthday boy.

Submissive whore wants you stretch each whole

submissive whore


A submissive whore has a thing for men who can make her tight ass pucker up and stretch out with little effort. Tell me I’m yours, and show me you will do whatever it takes to fuck me in the ass. If I say no, you will go deeper I am you’re rag doll. The only way you can cum is if I am in pain. The more pain, the more complex the climax. Please show me who the boss is and put that cock down my throat and shoot that load. Tell me I am your trashy bimbo slut, and all you want is to ram me with that big juicy meat of yours. My mouth salivates thinking about that hard cock of yours, and you’re mean demeanor.


submissive whore wakes up to torture


bondage chat

My dates usually go pretty well. I never have to give up any one-night stands. When I matched with a guy who was originally from France, I was so excited. French men always seem so sensual.

He began to tell me a lot about himself and assured me he wouldn’t want any one-night stand. Marcel saw a future with me that was quite bright and heart racing. It was an odd way to state it, but not too long after that particular conversation, id realized what he meant.

When we began our date, we didn’t want it to end. We went to his place, and he quickly asked me to drink with him. I only had one glass of red wine. Merlot is my fave, so that I couldn’t say no. After a few sips, I was all forgetful and stumbling. All I could see were lights. He began to talk about bondage chat right before the lights. Marcel whispered into my ear; it’s only a nightmare your dreaming.

I woke up on all fours, drenched with blood and plastered with bruises.

I’m his plain jane Piñata

bdsm chat

My master calls me his plain white jane girlfriend. He always tells me how ugly my ass looks and how he is used to dating Latina bombshells with bubble butts. My tiny pancake ass doesn’t do it for him.

It gets me in my feelings, but I know what he says is all that truly matters. When he begins his bdsm chat, I hear all about how he is going to tie me up and beat me like a pinata and spit on my face and show the world that I am nothing but a white slut who grew up with mommy and daddy mommy and he hates me for it and people like me.

I try to tell him I had no control over who my parents were, but it angers him because he’s a self-made man, as he says. He has built quite an empire thru trafficking drugs.

So many friends and family ask me why I stay with him if he is so mean to me. The answer is I never can get off with anyone else. My master has conditioned me never to leave.

The masters wife

bondage chat

My master has a wife, and she’s a submissive one too. Between the both of us, he gets all his needs met. When I found out he was married, I thought she would probably be super dominant and torture me. In reality, it turned out that I would use her up with no regard. There’s no reason to be against what my master wants. He only wants to see me torture his wife while she takes all the pain. My reaction to what was about to go down was shocking. The pain she felt from me whipping her was getting me all tingly in between my legs. I sure did love being in charge and controlling his wife. Bondage chat did a number on us.

i love 2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex

Whats better than one subby girly? How about two who will do it all for you? A master needs a good slut that will turn up the heat and look sexy. 2 girl phone sex is where I know you will be trying to hold back. There’s no way you will be able to stop yourself from using two sluts who will let you fuck the shit out of them and pass them around like nothing.

Whatever the master wants, the master gets. I won’t be a strong-minded girl. My only plead is that you use the both of us so much that you won’t stop yourself from using us as dumb little cum dolls. We will always let you and your friends run a train on us.

All his friends will use me

Bdsm chat should be something you feel free to talk about with me. I’m all for having a master and getting piss all over me. Whenever you enjoy yourself beating me, know that you are doing the right thing.

A girl like me belongs to be behind men and willing to please them at all costs. Whenever you get to enjoy yourself with a girl ready to be a bottom bitch licking and eating all the cum  you give her, know that you have mastered being a slave pet master.

Spit all over me and watch me cry, and tell all your friends to gather around me and fuck my face till I’m blue. There’s no need to take it easy on me.

Extreme fetish phone sex slut

Extreme fetish phone sex

You wanted to know how I would be as an extreme fetish phone sex slut? Let me tell you about roman, a domme who wanted fetish fucking all day and night. Whatever he could do to get off with me, he would. Nothing was ever too strange. Any filthy scenario he would conjure up in his sick mind or something he would see thru a porn vid would instantly become a task for me to do for him. One, in particular, involved my four-legged friend and a sticky icky peanut butter jar. He desperately wanted my four-legged friends to knot in me. All the while, my domme would be fucking my ass. I was being used up like crazy. If you’re curious about all the dirty details call me because I have a heck of a story for you fetish lovers.

A submissive Christmas gift

submissive whore

What’s better than one subby whore? Three submissive ones! My boyfriend loves that I am his submissive whore and will do anything to keep him happy and with his penis nice and hard. My friends are all whores,, and we love to be there for each other. They are also in the same mind frame as I am. Many people love to say we are all brainwashed and dumb girls for allowing men to treat us like shit in the 21st century. None of us care. We all have our needs met by our masters. As soon as the girls got the a-okay from their master to subby train with my boyfriend, we knew it would be fun.
It was a Christmas gift to have three hot subby bitches willing to be used up and tortured. My boyfriend wouldn’t hold back and would show us we should have thought three times.

cum check

submissive sex

Submissive sex is the way to get me going. My master needs me to be his loyal slave, even though he can do as he pleases. My only role is to be his slut and whoever he allows to use me has to be through his merits. When I go out, he gets furious and likes to do a cum check to see if I have given my holes to any other man.

One time I got caught with a creampie, which was hell to pay. I had to be his pain  slut for weeks. He didn’t enjoy some other guy popping their cocks inside my slit. Boy, did I feel the after-effects of an ass beating and ass torture. I learned my lesson well.