Hello Sir, If I may have your permission to speak I will explain how I am a good submissive whore only out to please you. I want to serve your every needs Sir, from spanking phone sex to stuff a little tougher and rougher. I am a bratty submissive slut who likes to break rules to get every bit of sadomasochistic punishment you want to dish at me. I want to be your ultimate BDSM phone sex pet, use me in any way that pleases you, Sir. I am a good little piggy with no limits, which means I will do whatever you want me to. A trained submissive phone sex whore I will please every single desire you have in the world of BDSM, Sir. I love to be tied up and taken away to be tortured with everything you can think to throw at me! You name it I will do it, that is my gift to you. Won’t you make me your bratty play pet Sir, please? Collar me and make me your own.

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