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Submissive slut pressured to fuck Big black cocks by Master

Submissive slutI am an owned Submissive slut who is peer pressured daily by my Master into having sex with other men. He loves seeing my Young bald pussy stretched by Big black dicks… His addiction to Cuckolding porn is what brought us to this point. I am left with no other choice but to be forcefully fed multiple big black cocks…

Master doesn’t care to fuck my Shaved wet pussy he prefers to see it get used. His cock and control is what I yearn for and I am nearly never able to get it. He always makes empty promises, promising that if I do as I am told he will fuck and breed me. In reality, I am left to be nothing more than a low-down Cock worshiping slut that fulfills his fantasies.

I am just a whore in physical form to Master, rather than one in a porn video! 

To him, I am to be used as a Cum dumpster and to spoon-feed myself the loads fresh out of my cunt after a Hardcore ass fucking involving not one but no less than three cocks. Tonight I am to put on my thigh-high leather mules Mirco mini skirt and ripped cropped top that reveals my hard nipples.

My panties are to be crotchless and I am going to go out tonight and find men to bring back to our place so that he can record and masturbate while I get fucked. I have accepted my position as nothing more than his Submissive whore that serves him by getting fucked by other men. 

Submissive Whore who knows to obey and abide by your rules

Submissive Whore I am the College cutie you get to use as your personal Cum dumpster. A well-known Sexy teenage Submissive Whore that lives to submit to dominant men! I used to be a nerd that was until my virginity was forcefully taken and I just became a used whore. Now, I live my day-to-day being punished by absolute strangers, which I enjoy. My first time serving as a Bondage slut, I was forced into a glory hole and watched by my so-called lover at the time.

In all reality I was nothing but worn-out fuck meat, that he used to render his Dark fetish for watching women get destroyed. I was roughly fucked and then forced to my knees to have all of my holes plugged. A Creampie slut is what he made of me!

Make me your Submissive sex pot…

Bare bottom spankings, fisting, and rough penetration are what my daily succumbs to. It makes me scream and cream! Even after hours of continuous pounding I can’t help but want for more. I am bound for a balls-deep fuck, that leaves me dreading my entire existence. My nymphomania is what led me here! Facefuck me hard, give me a facial and a nice thick-throat pie…

For you Sir, I am willing to do any and everything… I am a filthy slave slut in constant need of a penis that’ll leave me oozing from my Young bald pussy after being fucked incredibly hard. No mercy shall ever be given, I am to obey and abide by your rules during Slave training.

Transform me into your Creampie, rough fuck loving, rimming slut.

Bare bottom spankings for a horny depraved amateur anal slut

Bare bottom spankings I am a submissive anal slut in need of having my anus stretched. Hard remorseless, Bare bottom spankings and my ass slammed is what I am asking for, Sir. I am willing to do any and everything for you to grant me my wishes… I am so horny and depraved, I promise to be an obedient slut and do as I am told.

Whip my Bald shaved pussy and welt me up. A spanking is what I deserve before given any penetration… I love BDSM, spankings, and anal… but I know I am only worthy of an orgasm if you say so. Please sir I am begging you to use me as your sex doll. Fuck me rough and make me soak the bed…

I am a no-limits Submissive slut with no morals ready to be used as your Cum dumpster.

Punish me by slamming your cock with no mercy in and out of my wet bald pussy while pinching my clitoris. Drag your cock down low and alternate back and forth between my two worthless cum dump holes. All I am good for is sucking and fucking while getting my ass whooped.

I am not worthy of being anything more than a whore used as a cum rag. Slam in and out, show me no remorse, you can use me as if I were a fleshlight. Slap me across my face and forcefully shove your cock down my throat and finish me off with a hardcore sloppy Deepthroat face fuck.

I am lucky you chose to honor me as your Submissive Whore for the night.

Bondage whore into piss drinking, throat fucking and rimming

Bondage whoreI like getting slapped and rough fucked like a dirty Teen whore… I am an Extreme Bondage whore into piss drinking, being throat fucked, and rimming assholes. I am a petite Hot teen slut that deserves to be used like a toy! I learned that at a pretty young age, Dad used to force me into submission and force his cock down my throat. He never had any limits…

My mother was and still is nothing more than a breeder…

She is to birth, train, and groom us to be perfect cock sockets for daddy.

We always shared a room with our parents and at any given moment regardless of the hour if Daddy was horny we were to awaken and please him. Not even my brother was safe, his tight ass was given a Prostate milking by our dad before he even grew pubes. Eventually, Dad and he began tag teaming us girls.

Together they would bind us in fetal positions using zip ties and place gag rings in our mouths… They would alternate between my sister Kate and me, by pounding our throats and asses. Originally it was by force but eventually, my sister and I grew to enjoy it. I was always very submissive even when I didn’t want Daddy to fuck me.

It became something we craved… To this day we both enjoy being gagged and taken advantage of… BDSM, anal, and spankings make me squirt the hardest. I enjoy being humiliated and fucked senseless… I’ve grown from a cute girl into a Submissive Cum dumpster, deserving of Bare bottom spankings.

Submissive Whore to use as fuck toy, tie up, and rough fuck

Submissive WhoreHandcuff me and enslave me! I am nothing more than a worthless Submissive Whore made to be your fuck pig. My body is yours for as long as you’ll allow me to serve you, Sir. Use me as your fuck toy, tie me up, and rough fuck every last one of my holes. A Teen whore like me doesn’t deserve any sympathy. I have a fetish for ruthless maniacs that have no remorse. I deserve all that you have planned for me!

No mercy, rough fuck me, I am meant to be used as your Cum dumpster.

Ravage me before ripping me a brand new asshole… Ass fucked, doggy-style with no lubrication needed… My gaping asshole will already be prepped and ready to drench your cock upon arrival. Bondage and submission is what a whore like me enjoys! I’ve been probing my asshole all while having 4lb weights attached to my labia minora. I am ready to be your sloppy throat slave, I have my gag ring in place. Insert your cock and rough fuck my face.

I promise not to let any of your superior cum load go to waste…

Coat my tonsils in a thick layer of your cock cream or creampie my cunt.. It is up to you, whatever hole it is you decide to use you can abuse and dismantle. whatever you decide on, I promise I won’t spare an inch… I will ensure to swallow up every inch of your throbbing hard cock and relieve you inside of one if not all of my fuckholes. I am the obedient Bondage whore you’ve been searching to find.

Submissive slut thankful for being used as a Cum dumpster

Submissive slutMy pussy got destroyed by his big cock!

I am a Submissive slut and I know better than to ever disobey my Master… But there are times when Master just doesn’t care how well I’ve behaved. Depending on his mood I am to be punished. I never know what to expect… This morning he tied my hands to my feet and taunted me as I squirmed in a fetal position. A gag ring was placed in my mouth so that he could slam his cock in and out of my throat. He ravaged me before bending me over and ass fucking me with no lubricant…

As he gave me an extreme throat fucking he reminded me over and over to gag as much as possible because the amount of saliva I produce was the only thing going to be used to lubricate my asshole. When he bent me over he gave me Bare bottom spankings using his cock as a whip… Then he slammed his dick into my asshole without any remorse. Relentlessly he jerked in and out while tugging me by my ponytail. He tilted my head back and began hawking loogies into my mouth.

There are times when Master doesn’t care for me to be pleasured… He wants me to suffer and know that only his pleasure is what matters. As his slut I always make sure to fully relieve him regardless of the agony! After causing my asshole to prolapse he shoved his dick into my cunt and pounded in and out for hours. When he was through using my fuckholes, I had to clean his dick of my bodily fluids and rub his balls until he blasted all over my face and then thank him for allowing me to be his Cock worshiping slut.

My pussy lips are puffy and bruised!

Bondage and submission is one of my many filthy addictions

Bondage and submission My pussy is sloppy wet and my clitoris is enormous! I have been teasing my clitoris all day long with my vibrating wand… My clit is ready to explode! I have a Dark fetish for Bondage and submission and have been watching Dominant submissive porn vids and hoping to be used as fuck meat by a dominant man who isn’t afraid to assert his dominance on a worthless fuck whore like myself. I deserve to be punished for being such a dirty  fuckhole and having such filthy fantasies. I deserve painful orgasms!

I have a very high sex drive and deserve punishment for my naughtiness… Make me your personal whore! I like to believe that in every woman’s mind, dirty nasty thoughts of being used as a cum dumpster slut lingers somewhere deep down. I know I am not alone… Something about sex and power brings me to orgasm multiple times, unlike any sex I’ve ever had. Empowerment is what gives a Submissive Whore like myself great pleasure…

A dominant man has the power to make me do whatever it is he deems necessary for me to do. I know that acting as a whore and doing as I am told will earn me great benefits! I am not afraid of becoming accustomed to servicing you in every and any way possible. I already am accustomed to being nothing more than just a Cum guzzling slut for your pleasure. Whatever comes with giving you exactly as you demand excites me.

Treat me like a whore, I am not a lover… You call the shots… It doesn’t matter if I like it or hate it, I service you.

You pay me for Submissive phone sex, I don’t have any say I am to earn every dollar by doing exactly as I am told…

Bondage whore loves being restrained and having ass pumped

Bondage whoreUse me as your Bondage whore… You can spit, choke, and slap me! Take my ass and own it, cum deep inside of me. I deserve cruel domination, to be cruelly used while bound and gagged. I am a Busty amateur teen with a Dark fetish for asphyxiation play. Spit roast me while dick whipping my face with your hard cock and watch me behave… Tease and deny me your dick, make me beg for your load.

I love it when you make me feel so desperate, Master!

I promise to always be on my best behavior and serve you, prove to you that I am worthy of being your Cock worshiping slave slut. I will greet you upon entry, on my knees with my gag ring in place. Jerk your massive dick in and out of my slutty face an extreme throat fucking is what a filthy whore like me deserves. I am your submissive fuck toy, whatever you say goes.

I know even as an obedient slut Master will assert his dominance while we are at play. Tie me to the ceiling humiliate flog and whip me until I am in tears. I will get on my tippy toes and toot my ass up in the air so when you are through Slave training you can pound in and out of my asshole and remind me that, that is all I am good for.

Light Bondage slut becomes a victim of Asphyxiation play

Light BondageI use to be a Light bondage slut until I met this guy named Rick… He met me on Tinder, and I had no idea what I was in for. After me sending him so many nudes of me stretching my cunt and videos of me getting fucked by my fuck machine, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on me. He thought of me as a Trashy trailer park whore that needed to be used as a Cum dumpster. The fact I barely knew him and shared so many hot pictures of me with him made him poorly judge my character.

Before we met he made me believe he loved me, but I should have known after all, how could he love a whore like me whose profile picture alone was of me covering my fuckhole with my finger. We met at some underground bar that seemed pretty fucking shabby, after a few drinks I wound up bound; which was only the start of his version of Slave training. In due time I was introduced to Asphyxiation play! He barebacked me for hours while choking and pulling my hair.

I was bent over a wooden stool and paddled until my ass was black and blue. I was forced to act out a Snuff roleplay that led to him slitting my wrists and using a tweezer to stretch my pussy lips. My Dark fetish from there had only gotten darker… The pain mixed with pleasure was a feeling I had never felt before. I loved it, I wanted more.

His dungeon became my new home, he enjoyed having drunk men come into the dungeon during after-hours and he would Jack off for me while watching them use me as a Gangbang whore. He would abuse me afterward, he would pin me down and spoon-feed me the loads of cum that was left by drunken men inside of my pussy. Now I am such a slut for Hardcore bondage!

Submissive Whore gets caught masturbating without permission

Submissive Whore Daddy came by and shot a huge load inside of the best friend of his Submissive Whore… Sir, was so upset when he got home and walked into me and my best friend mutually masturbating while watching clips of Daddy milking my tits. Master has a strict rule that I am not allowed to touch my Young bald pussy if he is not present. I tried explaining that we had gotten so turned on reminiscing about Sir, and became extremely impatient waiting for him to get home… Our pussies were helplessly pulsing to the sound of Daddy’s stern voice as he laid me out on the milking table and tugged at my breasts. No explanation could satisfy Master, a rule breaker is a rule breaker and deserves nothing more than Bare bottom spankings or as Master would call it an ass whooping.

I had to bend over Daddy’s knee and take his leather belt to my ass several times… He spat into the palm of his hand and lathered my cunt up so that my Best friend could plow through my Wet bald pussy. A massive dildo shoved balls deep inside me for hours, slamming in and out of me without any mercy was only part of the torture I had to endure. That wasn’t it, Master made me do the same to my best friend… Our pussies were swollen and beet red by the time Sir allowed us to take a break.

Afterward, he had us rub our bald slits together while he sat back and jerked his dick. When he became extremely stimulated he made us lay on top of one another so that our pussies were overlapping and jammed back and forth between the two of our pussies. Master was being very indecisive as to who would be deserving of his load. We pleaded and begged pick me, pick me until Daddy released his load inside of my best friend. He told me I wasn’t deserving of his cum and instead made me feel his load drool out of her cunt and run down my slit.

This Submissive slut is on Master’s naughty list.