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Your Cock worshiping Submissive

Submissive phone sex I love Bondage and submission, something about being dominated really gets me off! I love being used up like a worthless Submissive slut and left to feast off of the leftover loads that are leaking out of my raunchy run through pussy. The pain endured while servicing a superior man who gets off on me whimpering and pleading is everything a Submissive whore like me craves.

Lately, my master has been clamping exposed wires to my nipples.. Every time he asks me for something and I do not get it done to his standards I get shocked.. I misbehaved last night so I had my pussy nearly beaten to a pulp using the stock of a shotgun while being threatened to have my worthless cunt shot. I have been locked in the basement all day. Luckily he didn’t find my phone that I had stuffed in my ass. At Least one good thing came out of him..

I am sure he has a parade of bitches up there while I am left down here eating the dump of cum he left in my pussy last night. I know I am supposed to follow rules but obviously if I do not rebel their won’t be any abuse, the kind I crave.. I am looking forward to a man calling me up and chastising me for being such a dirty whore. Hopefully I get caught mid session so you can hear the way he brutally destroys me.

Submissive Whore

Your personal Hardcore bondage whore

Submissive phone sex

I want to be fully owned.. I have been searching for a man who knows exactly how to treat a Submissive Whore like me.. I know I don’t have much say.. Or you are probably not interested in what I enjoy! I am willing to be your doormat as soon as you walk through the door after a long day of work..

I need a man who is going to be fearless and show me absolutely no remorse.. I don’t deserve any.. My sole purpose in life is to serve you.. I want to be forcefully fed your dick and made to gag and nearly vomit all over your cock.. If I vomit I want to be forced to eat it back-up and that be the only thing I have for dinner.. 

Please, I am begging you.. Let me be your Cock worshiping Bondage whore.. I promise to be the best fucking puppet you can come across.. If I ever disobey you I deserve to be abused.. Have my disgusting pussy mutilated and left to rot in the closet for days on end..

You can fuck whoever you want I know a man requires multiple women for pleasure. I want you to bring women home and fuck them right in front of my face while you taunt me about how much better she is at pleasing you than I am.. Make me feel worthless Master, I am all yours! 

Bondage submission Scumbag Whore

Submissive phone sex

Tie me up and break me down! I want to be your personal Submissive Whore the one that follows all your orders.. I promise to obey your commands and do exactly as you please.. It is my honor to please your cock and ease your dirty mind.. I have a set of 4 lb nipple clamps that I have been so eager to use.. But, there is no fun in doing it all on my own!

I prefer to be owned and degraded by a boisterous man.. I even got myself a thorn dildo.. I want to rip my dirty cum dumpster hole apart.. I am a useless scumbag Submissive slut who deserves nothing but torture.. Yes, I am well aware of my status in life and I know better than to portray any other image.. I was created for a special purpose and that is to be treated like nothing more than the dirt on the bottom of your boot..

You are above me, I am a disgrace to humanity! I deserve Bare bottom spankings with a whip.. That’ll welt my worthless ass and make me scream for mercy.. No matter my cry outs I do not deserve any remorse.. I am to do as I am told.. Worthless Cock worshiping slut is all I am good for.. Teach me a lesson babe.. I deserve it! 

Submissive Whore

I have many Erotic submissive stories

Submissive Whore

My boyfriend found out I was a cheating slut! He destroyed my cunt.. He threatened to murder me if I ever did it again.. I have been wanting to get out of this relationship since it started.. Yes, I love being a Submissive Whore but, there is a limit, This fucker doesn’t have any! He literally medical-strapped me to an electric chair this morning and attached exposed wires to my nipples.

I nearly died from the torture I endured.. This is all because he saw pictures of me deepthroating cock in my phone.. I just recently found out he has a hidden app on my phone called a “keylogger”. He’s been using it to stalk my every move. He fucked me until my body collapsed and even after I was nearly limp lying on the ground..

He mounted my face and nearly suffocated me with his cock. I couldn’t fucking breathe! It was totally a turn on but I wish it were someone else.. I just have this burning hate for him.. For all the things he has done to me.. I am so horny and he’s stepped out to go out with his boys..

I am seeking a hardcore man who will give me Extreme bondage and show me no remorse whatsoever.. Force me to do whatever it is you desire.. I will always be a cheating Submissive slut.. He’s going to have to kill me to get me to stop.. Until then I am available babe.. Call me.

Erotic submissive stories

Submissive phone sex

Purr, I dressed up as a Cock worshiping, kitty for Halloween! I could not wait to have my makeup running from slobbering on cocks all night! I planned on getting fucking white girl wasted…  that’s exactly what I was, super trashed! I didn’t care where we were going to fuck, I planned on draining cocks all night.. I dress like a Submissive Whore year round so yesterday wasn’t going to make much of a difference..

I already had the cocaine and molly on standby.. I couldn’t wait to get through trick-or-treating so it could be me time.. I dropped the littles off at their grandparents and went out tooting this ass around all night, I was in search for a man who could tame me. I wanted to be so fucked up that I could barely feel my face.. If there is one thing I love, it’s smearing cocaine all over my pussy right before I get gangbanged..

It just gives this tingly sensation, it totally numbs me in all the right places.. I wanted there to be dicks rubbing together in every last one of my fuckable holes.. I couldn’t wait to run the head of a bottle of champagne in and out of my pussy.. The cum just leaking into the champagne right before I threw the bottle back and chugged every drop of alcohol mixed with cum. I was so fucking horny!

I had been waiting for Halloween. This little Submissive slut got exactly what I wanted! 

Submissive Whore

Your Bondage and submission Fuckpig

Submissive Whore

A Submissive slut can only dream, I thought I finally met the man of my dreams.. That was until he brought me over his place to have me used up by four of his friends like a total cum dumpster whore. He treated me like a worthless pig and had me oinking instead of moaning while I was being fucked.

They pounded my asshole and made me eat shit off their cocks! I was in tears and he showed me absolutely no remorse. He even threw it in my face that I was a cam model and did Submissive phone sex for a living and asked me if I actually thought a man would even take a dumb whore like me serious!

He called me a disgusting bottom feeder and had me licking sweaty assholes all night long! I fucking hate him.. but , I refuse to cut ties! I hated the humiliation.. The fact he recorded every moment of me being used up and has been using it against me to have his way with me.. I no longer work to pay bills or live a luxurious lifestyle..

I instead work to sleep in his garage on an air mattress and give him every dollar I’ve earned.. He is in charge of my worthless fuck-hole! It is in his favor to have me draining cocks all day even if I want a break.. He said “ho’s don’t take breaks”.. Who’s next in line?

I am a Submissive slut for my master

Submissive Whore

My master caught me masturbating like a low down dirty whore! I am not allowed to touch on my pussy unless I am advised to do so.. He walked in on me burying a 10 inch dildo deep inside my pussy while having a vibrating bullet buried inside of my ass… I had snuck around behind his back and ordered some toys for me to enjoy whenever he wouldn’t be home!

Well, that didn’t work out too well.. I had just got them in the mail and I knew it wouldn’t have been long before he got home.. But the look of that thick dildo made me so weak! I had to just fuck myself at-least once.. I knew I would be stuck in my head all day if I didn’t.. Right when I was about to reach climax…He barged in the room and caught me.. He was so pissed off!

He forced every inch of that dildo down my throat while he choked the shit out of me.. I literally lost consciousness and that still didn’t stop him! I was gasping for air with snots coming out of my nose and tears running down my cheeks.. That fucker showed me no remorse..

It honestly turned me on. He didn’t realize I still had a vibrator in my ass.. I secretly orgasmed so hard.. But he couldn’t tell he thought my eyes rolling to the back of my head was me on my way to see the grim reaper! 

Forced Bondage and submission

Submissive Whore

I was forced into submission by my best friend’s boyfriend. I warned her about him.. I told her he was a lunatic and instead of keeping that between us she told him. He popped up at my backdoor and forced his way in.. he put 2lb nipple clamps on my nipples and nearly strangled me to death all while warning me to stay the fuck out of his business.

I am scared for my life! He told me if I ever speak to my bestie again he will murder me.. He has been stopping by every morning around 5AM when he is supposed to be on his way to work… He’s been beating me and forcing me to fuck him. He has even confessed to forcefully fucking his little which is the real reason why he isn’t allowed to see her.

My best friend has no idea she is dating a dirty perv who preys on littles and has been on the run for 5 years.. I am afraid to tell her. When he comes over he shows absolutely no remorse… He chokes me until I am blue and foaming out of my mouth while he fucks my pussy so hard that it bleeds.

I wish I could tell her what’s going on but I am far too much of a pushover to do such a thing! I am his bitch now… 

Submissive Whore Phone sex specials

Submissive Whore

My master loves to make me cry and mistreat me.. He always tells me how much of a low down dirty bitch I am.. In this lifetime I have no idea what I did to deserve the treatment I’ve gotten but obviously it’s repetitive because It’s something I deserve. I’ve been taught by my master to accept this treatment and I have finally come to realize this is the only thing life will ever offer me.

This started as a teen slut. I guess I was a low down hormonal teen with daddy issues and found myself in a situation with a man who would cheat and abuse me.. Ever since him it’s turned me on for men to mistreat me and tear me down. The last guy was probably the worst he would have me sit outside of houses while he was inside fucking other women.

At the time I had no idea but my submissive ways got the best of me! I sat there for hours.. I even would be humiliated by other women.. Once there was a girl in the background saying his “side chick was here” and instead of seeing it for what it was I sat there and waited to allow him to come out and manipulate my mind into believing it never happened.

I deserve to be beaten.. I need sense beaten into me.. Now my new boyfriend does similar things to me.. This is my destiny!

Submissive Whore forced into submission

Submissive Whore

I am his fuck toy and I don’t mind it one bit.. My neighbor loves stopping by every morning when his wife goes to work… It all started with a home invasion… he scares the living daylights out of me..

One morning, while I was in the shower I heard a bunch of banging.. I tried to get out as quickly as possible. That was when I walked into someone in all black with a gun in my face demanding I get down on my knees. I was scared but in the same sense turned on..

Being absolutely naked in front of a man with a ski-mask on was kind of hot. I got down on my knees and that’s when he unzipped his pants and whipped his cock out. He demanded I deepthroat his dick.. After I got through sucking his cock he bent me over and pounded my wet pussy while ramming the barrel of his nine millimeter in and out of my ass…

He fucked me while threatening to kill me.. The adrenaline rush with the fear that ran through my body made me orgasm the hardest I had ever came. Now, every morning he stops by and forces me into submission. I don’t have a choice but to fuck him bareback and take his load.