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naughty little worthless fuck!

bondage whore

Today, I woke up to the feel of my Master’s cock splitting my asshole wide open. No matter how many
times he takes his submissive slut’s little asshole, it still hurts like hell when ten inches of thick manhood
ram into me!
Today was a training day, and that meant he hogtied me and then used a riding crop to spank my pussy
until I was crying from the pain. Of course, my master never shows mercy. He let me cry and then
rammed a very thick butt plug into my already hurting little ass!
He shoved a big vibrator into my BDSM whore cunt and kept it going so I wriggled and moaned like the
little slut I am! There I was hogtied and he lifted my head up by my hair and made me say, “I’m your
good little whore, Sir!”
I had to say it perfectly, without moaning or anything! It was impossible because my ass was stretched
like nobody’s business and that vibrator made me cum over and over. Master didn’t care. I had to learn
to say the words one way or another and every time I messed up I got spanked, whipped or flogged!
It took all day before I could finally say it just once without moaning or screwing up the words.
Master rewarded me with his thick cock in the only available hole, my submissive slut mouth. After he
gave me the gift of his cummies and let me lick his lovely cock clean, he untied me. He wouldn’t let me
take the toys out, though, and made me crawl all the way to the chair with them. You wouldn’t believe
the ass cheek destroying spanking I got for letting the vibrator fall out of my pussy.

little piggy

submissive whore

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that it goes a little easier on me when I don’t fight back.
That doesn’t mean it’s easy!
I was just done with cheerleader practice, and I felt pretty good but when I got home, my foster daddy
took one look at me in my little outfit and decided it was time to make some money. He had four friends
over and told them for twenty bucks each, they could do whatever they wanted to me.
Well, these guys knew exactly what to do with a little teen slave.
They didn’t even take my clothes off. They just ripped away my panties and tore away my bra! Before I
knew it, I was bent over the arm of the couch with a massive nine or ten-inch cock barreling into my tiny
asshole. You can imagine how much I cried while the other three enjoyed watching the teen rape right
in front of them!
They got sick of my wailing, though, and while that thick cock kept abusing my ass, one of them got in
front of me and shut me up with his eight-inch cock. I choked and gagged and tears ran down my cheeks
but these guys didn’t know anything about mercy.
I almost drowned when the guy in my throat forced me to take all his cum, and then the guy behind me
yanked me around to swallow his cum, too. The other two guys came in and fucked my ass and pussy at
the same time while I screamed from the pain!
I didn’t scream for long, though, because the two guys who already came filled my mouth with piss. I
had to swallow that, too. When the men were done, I’d swallowed four loads of cum and a half-gallon of
piss. I lay there on the floor crying but not for long because my foster daddy offered them seconds for
just ten dollars more.

Worthless pile of meat!

submissive whore


I love catching little worthless meat whores for my master he likes them as young as he can get! I used to babysit for my whole street and I would just take the kids to my master to be fucked to be fair the whores fucking wanted it they were begging to be used and abused by his massive 10-inch cock I loved when they begged him to stop because the worthless fucks couldn’t handle his huge cock but he kept going just pounding their tight little teen cunts harder and harder until they screamed from the pain! if I was a good slave for my master I wouldn’t get hurt but once my master gets angry he is ruthless! especially to my asshole, he leaves it gapping from all the things he shoves in it and I’m left covered in my own blood and tears and a very sore ass, but I did good today so he is going to let me eat all of his cummies out of these worthless pieces of shits when he is finished tonight.

Good slut for master!

submissive whore

I love when my boyfriend shoves his thick cock down my throat! Especially when he comes home angry and sees I’m not dressed up as he ordered. “little cunt master is going to have to punish you!” he grabbed my neck and forced me to my knees. ” now open!” he demanded but I refused. so he pulled me by my hair into the basement my pussy got soaking wet seeing all of his toys! he chained me to the wall by my neck, wrists, and ankles before grabbing a whip. five cracks of the whip later I was begging for him to forgive me but at least he was paying attention to me now. he unchained my neck and as I fell to the floor he started to relentlessly fuck my face. I couldn’t help but gag and choke! he took out his cock unchained my ankles and flipped me over forcing himself in my ass! “you will obey me from now on you fucking bitch or next time.. I’ll kill you”

Anal slave training

Bondage whore

My Master has started a new phase of my slave training. He has me wearing a buttplug 24/7 now. I’m only allowed to take it out when using the bathroom or when he’s fucking my ass. He’s also gradually moving the size of the buttplug up week by week. He wants me to be able to take any sized cock or fist in my ass whenever he wants. I take his cock easily now, but it still needs to be lubed up and slowly entered. He wants to be able to just shove his hard cock into me whenever he wants to without any prep work involved. He has me wearing a huge 4″ diameter plug daily now and it hurts and feels so good at the same time! When I walk while wearing the huge ass stretcher, it makes my pussy start to get wet. I can barely sit down with this plug in my ass, so I end up standing almost constantly. Master loves knowing I’m struggling to walk without pain and arousal all from the huge toy hidden inside of my stretched back hole. When he takes it out to fuck me, it feels so good feeling the smooth toy plop out and leave my ass gaping wide. I’m not left open for long though before he jams his huge hard cock into stretched asshole and fucks me hard and fills me with cum. He doesn’t even have to use lube to get the big plug back up inside my hole, all the slickness from his cum makes it slide right back in. He plans to insert an even bigger plug into me soon and I’m turned on but afraid at the same time. I can barely take the one I have inside of me now, I don’t know if I could bear anything bigger than that!

Time out

Bondage whore

I haven’t been pleasing Master enough lately. Even though I do all that he asks me, he still has to punish me sometimes. He brought home another Submisive whore and fucked her in front of me while I was sitting in the corner with my hands cuffed behind my back and stripped completely nude. I was told to sit with my head in the corner and listen to the sounds of her getting roughly fucked by my master. I was humiliated, but also completely horny at the same time. If that wasn’t humiliating enough, then he made me suck his cock clean after he had fucked her and filled her with cum. They slept in the bed together all night while I had to sleep on the cold bare floor completely nude. The next day I had to bring them breakfast in bed and cater to their every whim while they spent the day in bed fucking.

Cydney gets spanked

Teen phone sex

When I was a teen, my parents sent me to a really strict Catholic school. I was a little bit of a trouble maker and I was always getting sent to detention. My science teacher had finally had it with me one day and told me to stay behind after class when I was caught cheating during a test. Instead of sending me to detention, he made me bend over the desk and get a spanking. He wanted to teach me a lesson I wouldn’t forget. He lifted my skirt and started spanking my bare ass with the flat side of his ruler. I had never been spanked before and i couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting from the bare bottom spankings my teacher was giving me! He saw how wet my pussy was getting and started fingering my pussy and telling me what a naughty little whore I was. He kept two fingers pumping into my pussy while spanking me with the other hand. I came harder than I had ever came before. I ended up cumming once more after he stuck his hard cock into me and fucked me while I was still slumped over his desk and my ass was still fiery red from the spanking.

Tie me up and spank me

BDSM phone sex

Master gagged me and tied my hands behind my back and told me I needed a spanking. It had been a while since I was spanked and the thought of him paddling my ass had my pussy getting wet already. He bent me over a rack and got his studded wooden paddle and started giving me a few licks. He would whack me on the ass nice and hard and then rub the area to soothe the burning skin. He started slow at first and then started to spank me until I was feeling raw and red and biting on my ball-gag in pain. My cunt was so wet my thighs were getting soaked. He saw how turned on I was and that please him. My reward for taking my spanking like a good Bondage whore was getting my pussy rubbed and fingered until I was squirting all over myself!

Pimped out

Submissive slut

Master loves using me like a real whore and pimping me out to strangers. He pockets all the money and lets strange men who he finds online use me like a piece of meat and do anything they want to me. He found another dom online who wanted to play with me for a small fee. I was delivered to his house totally nude under a trench coat and forced to spend the rest of the day as his whore. He made me take off my coat and suck his dick as soon as he let me inside. Then I had to crawl to the den where he handcuffed my hands behind my back and bounced me on his hard cock. I was completely at his mercy. Once he had his fun with me, he pushed me outside naked and barefoot and threw my coat and shoes on the ground after me. I had to stand there in the rain and wait for a taxi to pick me up and take me back home to master.

Bad whores sleep on the floor

Bondage phone sexMy master is very picky about how I behave. The smallest mistake and I get severely punished. When I’ve been a naughty girl he makes me sleep on the floor in a pet cage on an old blanket. It’s to remind me that he is my master and that I am nothing more than a pet or a play thing. If I was a good whore for him, I would have the privilege of getting to sleep in a human bed, but I was bad and came too soon when he was fucking me. Now I have to sleep in this cage like a mutt, and eat my food out of a bowl on the floor. I’m only allowed on the bed to suck his cock, but then I have to go right back into my cage. I don’t even get to have him fuck my pussy or ass when he’s angry at me because fucking his beautiful cock is a privilege, not a right. I’m on my best behavior now, hoping he will see what a good sub I can be and let me out of my cage and finally fuck my pussy and ass again.

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