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I am a submissive whore! That’s what all the men call me when they degrade me like the useless bitch I am… I went to the bar this weekend and got super fucking wasted… I knew I shouldn’t have gone out by myself but I just couldn’t resist the temptation of finding me a midnight fuck! I got so fucking intoxicated that I wound up thrown in a dumpster after being used like a dirty whore.

A gang of biker dudes told me I don’t belong on this side of town.. I was swaying, slurring and nearly unconscious. He ripped me by my hair and threw me on the back of his Harley. They drove down some dark alley and gang raped me. I was being tormented and tortured by a group of men I didn’t even know. While they were raping me I was moaning and begging them to fuck me harder.

That triggered those gang members even more; they wanted to hurt me worse since it seemed I was enjoying it. I was scolded and burned! I have so many bruises, scratches and bubbles all over my body. As they rammed my pussy I remember one of them saying my pussy didn’t have any walls. They didn’t even bother filling me up with cum. They said my pussy was worthless and I was better off dead.

They beat me nearly to death for wasting their time.. When they were through with the torture they threw me into a dumpster and left me there to rot. Thank god the trashman heard my screams or else I would be out in the middle of nowhere on some waste field. I managed to make it back home aching and sore as hell.

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Bondage whore

I was a bad girl so my master had to teach me a lesson! My brother invited his friend over and had him degrade and humiliate me while he recorded. This hot submissive slut was wearing an all net lingerie with a fishnet mask! My brother loves making money off of my slutty body! He’s actually the main reason I am such a submissive whore. He has been training me to submit since I was a little. He’s always had a spending problem and to clear his debt he would use my young body to get fisted, anal fucked and forced into submission! When his friend had his cock down my throat, giving me a extreme throat fucking… nearly causing me to vomit, he pissed all in my mouth. All I could feel was warm piss running down my esophagus… While I was being degraded and treated like a toilet whore.. My brother was chanting how daddy must be really proud of me. He knows how bad that gets to me because me and daddy are so close! If I ever moan and show in any way that I could be possibly enjoying it my brother will scold me! He grabbed me by my hair and ripped me off of his best friend. He started kicking me in my face and saying things like “You like that bitch?” “You fucking dirty whore!” “No man will ever love you…” he held my head off the edge of the bed and had his friend ram a baseball bat in and out of my pussy as my brother dug his cock into the back of my throat. He hawked lugies all over my face and told me I wasn’t going to amount to shit! It was all my fault I shouldn’t have moaned I know my master prefers me quivering and screaming when I am getting fucked. I didn’t mean to moan, it’s just that I am getting so used to the abuse that I am actually starting to enjoy it! I couldn’t imagine what my master would do to me if he ever found out… he would probably murder me.

Submissive sex chat with a Bondage whore

Bondage whore

He would burn my nipples and have me go out in the street and sell my body for perverted men like him. They would rape the shit out of me and piss all over my worthless body! I don’t mind being treated like that because I am a natural born submissive whore. What I enjoy the most is being hurt while getting fucked. It gets me really worked up and sopping wet! I love when my masters dump a hot load of cum deep inside every last one of my fuck holes! I love crying while getting fucked anal with no lubrication.

Do I mean every word that comes out my mouth begging them to stop? Yes! I actually wouldn’t want to be hurt all the time… but, in a fucked up way I do enjoy their dominance. Just last night I had three dicks in my pussy and two up my ass. I am really in pain…. They could careless they  plan on forcing me to go another round tonight!

This time with me being tied up in a star pattern. God, I don’t know what they are going to do to me… I am very horny and tuned on…  I really do like surprises! I am already sore as fuck… It’s always Mind over Matter with me. My submissive emotions out do the physical pain I will endure… I am a submissive whore.

Extreme bondage Gangbang phone sex

Bondage whore

I love sex and submission! They turned me into a gangbang sex slave for 24 hours. Those fuckers seduced me into a bareback gangbang while in zip-ties and blindfolds! My boyfriend loves having me strapped down to the bed with a harness and surprising me after work. This time he sent me a text and told me to strip down naked put blindfolds on, tie my own feet and cuff my hands, He advised me to wait for him lying down on the mattress! He had me waiting for hours when he told me he was only 15 minutes away… I heard a herd of men charging up the stairs and that’s when I knew I was in trouble.. I was so scared I didn’t even know if that was my boyfriend or who it was… Fully naked and vulnerable.. I was grabbed by my ankles and ripped off the bed onto the floor! My boyfriend tucked his hand under my chin and said “bitch you better be ready.” I was yanked by my hair and force fed a bunch of huge cocks… They fucked me so hard until my jaw locked.. I was crying and pleading but not one of them cared to show any remorse. I was forcefully fucked for hours.. The worst of the worst was when I couldn’t take it anymore and I was all dried out from all the torture I endured… They continued to fuck me!! I for sure was the definition of a cum dumpster whore! I can barely walk, my pussy and knees are aching.. Yet I still want more! 

Erotic bondage stories With Cydney

Bondage whore

I was pleading for mercy.. My pussy was so sore! I have been working as a nanny for a side job.. Just trying to set my whore ways aside and have a real life.. That didn’t work out too well… I swear I am like a torture magnet!! I have been in slut training bootcamp and I even have a teenage slut telling me what to do! It looks like daddy and his daughter have quite the connection. I am being forced into submission..

They put me in a fishnet mask and Face fucked me… I had a teen slut running a 12 in strap on in and out of my throat… Gasping and pleading for air.. That teen slut didn’t give two fucks.. She had me vomiting all over her strap on.. She held my nose and forced me to swallow my vomit back up! Daddy came in with a pair of pliers and twisted my clitoris. It was a fucking nightmare! My pussy is still scabbed up from how hard he tugged!

He forced me to suck on his teen daughters pussy while he fucked me with a baseball bat! He said I was a worthless whore and the last thing he wanted was my terribly loose pussy wrapped around his cock. He told me I wasn’t able to please a man.. He was getting off on the torture! After they got through torturing the fuck out of me…They fucked right Infront of my face! Fucking weirdos, They really got off to watching me sob!

Erotic submissive stories w/ Cydney

Bondage whore

I love submitting to all of your commands. I enjoy being degraded and dominated! I want you to attach a set of nipple clamps to my tits, place your foot on my stomach and pull as hard as you can! I have been having this fucked up thought about nearly having my nips ripped off! It turns me on so much to have a dominant man show me he’s in charge! I love seeing the look in his eyes as he beats me senseless and practically rapes me.

I want to be fucked so bad that I am put on bed rest because I can barely walk! I don’t know what it is about me and abuse but it really stimulates my pussy and mind… who wants to tie me up and have their way with me? I promise to obey you and do exactly as you please. nothing is off limits with me… I am a no limits phone sex whore who loves to please. I promise to even torture myself through the phone. I will do whatever you tell me to do! I want to be pleading and begging you for mercy but you have to promise not to show any…

I promise to obey your every command master! You are in charge.

Golden showers phone sex

Bondage whore

I became a Submissive whore when I was in my teens. I was a babysitter! One evening while his wife was working overnight at the hospital he asked me if I could stay a little later for some extra cash. Suddenly he became hostile and demanded me down to my knees! He told me this was going to be the first day of my slut training. That I would soon become his submissive teen whore! I was scared, I was a virgin… I had no idea what was going to happen to me. He bent me over his knee and whipped my ass with a slut engraved paddle. He ripped my panties off and tied them around my mouth.. I remember I was crying hysterically! He used his belt to mend my hands together behind my back. He spat in the palm of his hand and massaged my pussy. My ass was stinging! He told me from this day forward to address him as My Master and if I were to ever tell he would kill me. It was gruesome! A few days later he recorded an interview of me talking about being a virgin and wanting to give it to someone special. That’s when suddenly a white cotton bag went over my head and I was being gang raped by a group of men. I was covered in cum and piss! Till this day I have no idea who those men were. When the bag was removed from my head he was tied to a chair, beaten! I have no idea if it were a coverup or if he had raped me with his friends!

Extreme bondage

Bondage whore

Daddy sent me a text requesting I be kneeled down on raw rice with blind folds and a set of handcuffs right beside me when he gets home. He told me he would be home in 5 mins but he left me there for hours! I knew if I weren’t in position when he got home the torture would be much worse. So, I stayed in place! As soon as daddy walked through the door he kicked my right in my stomach and told me I should have been sitting up straighter. Daddy doesn’t play any games… He grabbed the handcuffs and locked my hands in place behind my back. He kicked my head forward; my head bounced off the floor so hard it left a knot on my head. He whipped his cock out and with no lubricant he forced his cock into my ass. I screamed and that is exactly what made things worse. He lifted me up and shoved his cock down my throat; fucking my throat so hard until I vomited! Daddy dragged me across the floor like a mop to clean up my mess. He didn’t let me shower until all of my vomit was dried!

Bondage and submission

He tied me to the bed with my head hanging off the far end! Blood rushed through my head as he rammed his cock in and out of my throat. He gripped on to my tits and squeezed them so tight I thought I was going to have breast cancer. I howled and choked on his cock and that’s when he grabbed a set of Torture balls with sharp nails and began whipping me all over my body. I couldn’t say a word with his cock clogging my throat. All I could do was whimper and accept what was happening to me. I was beet red, eyes watering he didn’t give two fucks. He dug his hand into my pussy and palmed it gripping the inside of my wall right beneath my clitoris. He used my pussy as leverage to ram his cock in and out of my throat. I was all scratched and bruised up! I knew when He was through I would have no choice but to portray I was happy with what he had put me through. I wouldn’t want to upset my Master, ever!

Hardcore bondage whore

Bondage whore

Master, I promise to be on my best behavior! I have even invested in some tools you can remotely control while you torture me. I want to put my nipple clamps to use. Attach them to my nipples and tug them while you degrade and humiliate me. I know I am a useless bitch who has no value. All I am good for is being a low down whore… The last guy told me to ram a medal bat in and out of my pussy and I have been sore ever since. He was upset because I coughed while deepthroating a 12 in dildo. No matter how much I pleaded and begged for forgiveness he showed no remorse. I was basically screaming bloody Mary as he forced me to dig deeper and deeper into my vagina. I sure learned my lesson. I won’t be making that mistake again!

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