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master’s slave

submissive whore


My chores as my master’s slave are to keep my pussy bald, clean the house, cook all of his meals, and always keep my holes clean and open for him to take at any time he wants! Master came home from work in a bad mood today but I know just what he needed! I went over to my little sister’s house and borrowed her brat for a few hours it was about time this little bitch get used up anyway. I told her she can never speak of what was going to happen and that no one would believe her anyway since she was a little slut I then dragged her into the bathroom by her hair to shave her barely hairy cunt and get it all nice and smooth! Once she was bath I tied her up and put a ball gag in her mouth so no one would hear her screams! New meat always cheers up master!

A good girl for daddy!

submissive slut

My boyfriend loves to be called daddy it gets him so fucking hard! He left for work after teasing my little clit and almost made me squirt all over his fingers but he told me no! So I sent him naughty pics of my soaking wet pussy begging for his big thick daddy cock to fuck me and use me up! He left early from work and as soon as he walked through the door his cock was already out and throbbing! Daddy tossed me on the bed restraining me telling me I’ve been a very naughty subby and I’m going to be punished for it! my tight little kitty got so fucking wet when he started to rub the head of his cock against my pussy but then he pulled back and shoved his cock all the way in my tight little ass! It hurt so fucking bad but I loved getting fucked and used by him! Daddy spent the whole night using my tight holes as cum dumpsters and he never let me cum!

little piggy slave!

bondage whore


This little piggy went hunting for a new submissive play toy for master! I got this bitch off of the street when she was walking home from school just like how master taught me I did so good maybe he will let me eat tonight! I drugged her up and bathed her and made sure her tight little kitty was shaved just how he likes I even shoved my tongue into her cunt and lapped up her juices making sure she was soaking wet like a good little submissive whore. When master dave arrived home to fresh meat I watched as his cock got hard I immediately got down on my knees pulled out his huge thick cock and forced it in my little whore mouth just gagging and choking on it as I played with my pussy. The new toy was still out cold but my master does not wait for what is his. he chained her to the basement wall and started to ram her dripping wet cunt until she woke up cumming all over my master’s cock! I spent the whole night eating his cum out of her tight little fuck holes!

tied up submission

submissive whore


Master dave tied me up to be a good little submissive slut! He made sure the rope was pulled tight to make my huge tits perky. Mmm oh my fucking God it felt so Good, he spent hours teasing my poor little clit with toys and whips making me almost cum, and then walking out of the room to have a phone sex call and coming back after he would get off to tease me again. It hurt so fucking bad to not have my release. I begged and pleaded to cum but the master told me no. I couldn’t help but cum after so much teasing. It felt so fucking good to squirt all over the toy he was using. He took his whip and start to whip my little clit no matter how loud I screamed he didn’t stop until I was bleeding and bruised. He then chained me to the wall and left me there for days without food or water as punishment.

pink slut!

bondage whore

My master is always fucking other slaves well I will show him! My name is Cydney I am 20 and horny as fuck! my master is not giving my little kitty the attention she craves and deserves so I am looking for a new cock to please! my little pussy is so wet doing this I hope my master doesn’t see or else he would punish me so bad!  I love being tied up and chained. anything you want to do to my body it is yours to command! I am so ready to serve a new master I hope he is rough with me I love pain! It makes me cum so fucking hard! mmm fuck I can’t sit down I was writing this hours ago when my master walked behind me and yanked my hair back dragging me to the playroom he chained me against the wall and got his whip out and started to whip my tits and my poor little pussy! telling me I was his forever and no one else! he left me there for hours just punishing me as cum ran down my leg. I finally was let go when he went to fuck his next slave all of my holes were used for him to cum in. I can barely walk!

bondage and submission!

submissive whore


I couldn’t help but sneak out I needed to get away from my abusive foster daddy! As soon as I rounded the corner though there were five big black cocks waiting for me! he must have heard me trying to get my window open and called his friends to come stop me. they picked me up and threw me onto the floor of my living room and started to tear my clothes from my body as I beg and pleaded for them to stop they just got more violent with me and started to undress themselves unleashing their massive cocks! I started to cry as the first one forced his cock into my tight little pussy but he didn’t stop he just laughed at me and slapped my face a few times. once I tasted blood I stopped trying to fight them off, It was clear that I was going to be their fuck doll for tonight. The others wasted no time and jumped in on the action first to beat me as they punched and kicked me and then to fill all of my holes as my foster dad just sat from the corner watching and laughing. I knew later tonight I was going to be in real trouble once he got his hands on me, but at least for now, I am still alive.

BDSM slave!

submissive whore


Today, Master didn’t give me his cock at all.
Instead, he tied me to a chair with my ankles right at my shoulders, completely helpless. He had a motor
two rods and at the end of those rods were giant, thick dildos. He shoved one in my ass and one in my
pussy and turned the machine on full blast. I couldn’t believe how intense it was and my little BDSM
whore cunt was so happy! For about five minutes.
Then, I realized Master was going to keep the machine on for a very long time.
I don’t know if it was one for an hour or for twelve hours. All I know is when Master finally turned it off,
he had to carry me to my bed. My ass gaped like crazy and my overworked cunt felt loose and broken.
Master didn’t care. He just fucked my little whore mouth and left me on the bed with a mouthful of
cum That’s how a real man uses a submissive slut like me.

your slutty pig

submissive whore


This morning, when the doorbell rang, I opened it just like I’m supposed to, without any clothes on at all.
I had FREE FUCK HOLES written over my tits just like I’m supposed to and my hair was in a ponytail so
anyone could fuck my face really easily.
I didn’t complain at all when the deliveryman at the door fucked my throat and made me choke and cry
so my mascara ran down my face and I remembered to thank him for pumping his cum in my nasty
whore mouth with his big nine-inch cock.
When he went to his van to get his co-worker, I didn’t say anything when he fucked my throat either! I
didn’t complain when they rammed their big, thick dicks into my worthless whore cunt and I didn’t
complain, even though I cried when they rammed their dicks into my slut asshole either!

I made sure to clean up really well to prepare for anyone else that wanted to knock on the door.

naughty little worthless fuck!

bondage whore

Today, I woke up to the feel of my Master’s cock splitting my asshole wide open. No matter how many
times he takes his submissive slut’s little asshole, it still hurts like hell when ten inches of thick manhood
ram into me!
Today was a training day, and that meant he hogtied me and then used a riding crop to spank my pussy
until I was crying from the pain. Of course, my master never shows mercy. He let me cry and then
rammed a very thick butt plug into my already hurting little ass!
He shoved a big vibrator into my BDSM whore cunt and kept it going so I wriggled and moaned like the
little slut I am! There I was hogtied and he lifted my head up by my hair and made me say, “I’m your
good little whore, Sir!”
I had to say it perfectly, without moaning or anything! It was impossible because my ass was stretched
like nobody’s business and that vibrator made me cum over and over. Master didn’t care. I had to learn
to say the words one way or another and every time I messed up I got spanked, whipped or flogged!
It took all day before I could finally say it just once without moaning or screwing up the words.
Master rewarded me with his thick cock in the only available hole, my submissive slut mouth. After he
gave me the gift of his cummies and let me lick his lovely cock clean, he untied me. He wouldn’t let me
take the toys out, though, and made me crawl all the way to the chair with them. You wouldn’t believe
the ass cheek destroying spanking I got for letting the vibrator fall out of my pussy.

little piggy

submissive whore

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that it goes a little easier on me when I don’t fight back.
That doesn’t mean it’s easy!
I was just done with cheerleader practice, and I felt pretty good but when I got home, my foster daddy
took one look at me in my little outfit and decided it was time to make some money. He had four friends
over and told them for twenty bucks each, they could do whatever they wanted to me.
Well, these guys knew exactly what to do with a little teen slave.
They didn’t even take my clothes off. They just ripped away my panties and tore away my bra! Before I
knew it, I was bent over the arm of the couch with a massive nine or ten-inch cock barreling into my tiny
asshole. You can imagine how much I cried while the other three enjoyed watching the teen rape right
in front of them!
They got sick of my wailing, though, and while that thick cock kept abusing my ass, one of them got in
front of me and shut me up with his eight-inch cock. I choked and gagged and tears ran down my cheeks
but these guys didn’t know anything about mercy.
I almost drowned when the guy in my throat forced me to take all his cum, and then the guy behind me
yanked me around to swallow his cum, too. The other two guys came in and fucked my ass and pussy at
the same time while I screamed from the pain!
I didn’t scream for long, though, because the two guys who already came filled my mouth with piss. I
had to swallow that, too. When the men were done, I’d swallowed four loads of cum and a half-gallon of
piss. I lay there on the floor crying but not for long because my foster daddy offered them seconds for
just ten dollars more.

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