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Bondage whore loves being restrained and having ass pumped

Bondage whoreUse me as your Bondage whore… You can spit, choke, and slap me! Take my ass and own it, cum deep inside of me. I deserve cruel domination, to be cruelly used while bound and gagged. I am a Busty amateur teen with a Dark fetish for asphyxiation play. Spit roast me while dick whipping my face with your hard cock and watch me behave… Tease and deny me your dick, make me beg for your load.

I love it when you make me feel so desperate, Master!

I promise to always be on my best behavior and serve you, prove to you that I am worthy of being your Cock worshiping slave slut. I will greet you upon entry, on my knees with my gag ring in place. Jerk your massive dick in and out of my slutty face an extreme throat fucking is what a filthy whore like me deserves. I am your submissive fuck toy, whatever you say goes.

I know even as an obedient slut Master will assert his dominance while we are at play. Tie me to the ceiling humiliate flog and whip me until I am in tears. I will get on my tippy toes and toot my ass up in the air so when you are through Slave training you can pound in and out of my asshole and remind me that, that is all I am good for.

Light Bondage slut becomes a victim of Asphyxiation play

Light BondageI use to be a Light bondage slut until I met this guy named Rick… He met me on Tinder, and I had no idea what I was in for. After me sending him so many nudes of me stretching my cunt and videos of me getting fucked by my fuck machine, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on me. He thought of me as a Trashy trailer park whore that needed to be used as a Cum dumpster. The fact I barely knew him and shared so many hot pictures of me with him made him poorly judge my character.

Before we met he made me believe he loved me, but I should have known after all, how could he love a whore like me whose profile picture alone was of me covering my fuckhole with my finger. We met at some underground bar that seemed pretty fucking shabby, after a few drinks I wound up bound; which was only the start of his version of Slave training. In due time I was introduced to Asphyxiation play! He barebacked me for hours while choking and pulling my hair.

I was bent over a wooden stool and paddled until my ass was black and blue. I was forced to act out a Snuff roleplay that led to him slitting my wrists and using a tweezer to stretch my pussy lips. My Dark fetish from there had only gotten darker… The pain mixed with pleasure was a feeling I had never felt before. I loved it, I wanted more.

His dungeon became my new home, he enjoyed having drunk men come into the dungeon during after-hours and he would Jack off for me while watching them use me as a Gangbang whore. He would abuse me afterward, he would pin me down and spoon-feed me the loads of cum that was left by drunken men inside of my pussy. Now I am such a slut for Hardcore bondage!

Submissive Whore gets caught masturbating without permission

Submissive Whore Daddy came by and shot a huge load inside of the best friend of his Submissive Whore… Sir, was so upset when he got home and walked into me and my best friend mutually masturbating while watching clips of Daddy milking my tits. Master has a strict rule that I am not allowed to touch my Young bald pussy if he is not present. I tried explaining that we had gotten so turned on reminiscing about Sir, and became extremely impatient waiting for him to get home… Our pussies were helplessly pulsing to the sound of Daddy’s stern voice as he laid me out on the milking table and tugged at my breasts. No explanation could satisfy Master, a rule breaker is a rule breaker and deserves nothing more than Bare bottom spankings or as Master would call it an ass whooping.

I had to bend over Daddy’s knee and take his leather belt to my ass several times… He spat into the palm of his hand and lathered my cunt up so that my Best friend could plow through my Wet bald pussy. A massive dildo shoved balls deep inside me for hours, slamming in and out of me without any mercy was only part of the torture I had to endure. That wasn’t it, Master made me do the same to my best friend… Our pussies were swollen and beet red by the time Sir allowed us to take a break.

Afterward, he had us rub our bald slits together while he sat back and jerked his dick. When he became extremely stimulated he made us lay on top of one another so that our pussies were overlapping and jammed back and forth between the two of our pussies. Master was being very indecisive as to who would be deserving of his load. We pleaded and begged pick me, pick me until Daddy released his load inside of my best friend. He told me I wasn’t deserving of his cum and instead made me feel his load drool out of her cunt and run down my slit.

This Submissive slut is on Master’s naughty list.

Bare bottom spankings are what Master gives when I misbehave

Bare bottom spankings Master Timothy has been the best master anyone of us dirty little submissive whores could ever ask for.

There is never a need for Bare bottom spankings since we are always on our best behavior! Sir, was happy to hear that mothers belly is growing and a sweet little crotch goblin will soon be joining our family. He stopped by just to ensure we were on our best behavior, he wanted to make sure his fuck sluts had our but plugs in place and we were right where he left us. Whenever we have to use the bathroom he has us send videos of our gappers stretching as we squeeze our shit holes to release the steel plugs. Mother’s tits are already starting to fill with breast milk and Dad has agreed to have Mom become a Bondage whore of Master Tim as well.

Dad loves the idea of all of us being kept in the guest house and prancing around daily and cute bralette and panty sets from Soma. Mother’s hormones have been raging and Dad refuses to please her… Instead, he has been denying her sex and forcing Mom to watch him fuck other women. Just the other day Mom spread her pussy lips apart and you could see the clear stretchy mucus drooling from her cunt. Her pussy lips were quivering, mom desperately wants to get fucks. Master Tim agrees with Daddy though, Mother doesn’t deserve any cock and her mature cunt is best to be kept closed. The girls and I watch over Mom while Dad is out which is why Tim decided she might as well become one of our newest recruits.

I can’t wait to show Master Tim the cute jammies we picked up from Soma after Slave training.

Submissive Whore Cydney is an obedient slave slut for Master

Submissive Whore Master Timothy was so happy to see his favorite naughty Submissive Whore and my fellow recruits dressed up in his favorite colors and prints, especially with our sexy panty and bra sets being from Soma his favorite lingerie store. It made Masters cock rock hard to know that Daddy left my Mom home with crotchless panties that outlined her freshly waxed pussy and a bralette that bunched her oversized implants. Her tits were beet red you could tell mother’s breasts were hurting from how tightly Daddy wrapped her tits in latex. He stopped by to make sure the ladies and I were still wearing our butt plugs and weren’t going to need bare bottom spankings for misbehaving. I had to reassure Master that Sophia, Emily, and I would never disobey our Master.

We may be amateur sluts in training but we are so happy to be slave sluts owned by master Tim.

We are so grateful for him! We also had big news for Sir Tim, his request to have my mother impregnated had been fulfilled. Mother is now two weeks pregnant… Dad had brought home a group of men to fuck Mom after leaving her on all fours for nearly 12 hours being fucked by a silicone 10-inch cock attached to a fuck machine, on its highest setting. He wanted to make sure mom’s cunt was fully prepped to milk the cocks of the horny men that were going to use my mom as the Cock worshiping slut daddy has trained her to be. They cum-piled inside of her cunt, stirring their loads in her cum filled cunt with their long hard cocks. Master cannot wait until we add an addition to our family… I can’t help but wonder what Sir Tim, has planned. I am hoping for a girl.. but there is no saying!

Master said the girls and I are required to watch Mother get gangbanged whenever Daddy is in his cuckolding mood.

Submissive Whore Cydney serves and worships Master Timothy

Submissive WhoreMaster Tim enjoyed the slutty pictures that Emily, Sophia, and I took for him! He was happy to know that I behaved like a proper Submissive Whore and broke our newest recruits in since they are now obligated to keep steel plugs in their asses as well. Sir, said there would no longer be a timeframe as to how long we will have to keep our plugs in… Instead, we will have to wait until Sir deems it necessary to have them removed. We are not allowed to ask him when, or if we can yet! We will just have to sit for weeks training our assholes to remain wide open for Master. That is so that whenever he wants he can just remove them and fuck our shitters with ease mercilessly.

Over the weekend we took our weekly trip to Soma to get some more slutty bra and pantie sets to flatter master in. The lady who works the fitting room forced us into Bondage and submission. master was not happy to hear that she locked us in the fitting room naked and cranked the a/c so we would nearly freeze to death. After bounding us using the panties we were eager to purchase for Master to see us in. The girls and I kept each other warm by rimming one another’s asses and gnawing on our nipples. Our loud moans only attracted an audience. We were brought to our knees by the evil blonde-haired, blue-eyed innocent-looking employee and forcefully fed her huge strap on.

She did not stop until we were snotty-nosed with tears running down our faces. Today Sir had the three of us brought to ur knees to serve him! We of course were dressed to be the apple of his big eyes. Sir used us like the worthless Cock worshiping sluts that we are and handed us a list of more things we have to purchase. As of now, Emily is in a shock collar since Master instructed we all have one on, and the only sparing one we could find belonged to our old four-legged companion. Sir when you read this Emily, Sophia and I want to thank you in front of the world for your masculinity.

We are so grateful Sir for the time you give us and we promise to be on our best behavior Master.

Submissive slut Cydney has recruited her closest friends for Master

Submissive slutMaster stopped by and updated some rules for his newest Submissive slut! I now have to keep a steel plug-in for 6 weeks straight.. he has also recruited my closest friends Sophia and Emily to be his property. We have been sitting here in nothing but our Soma bras and panties per Daddy’s request. We are no longer allowed to wear clothing indoors… We are to flaunt our tight bodies and embrace Master’s wishes. Today Mom had to spend the entire evening on the fuck machine Daddy left her on before he left this morning so she wasn’t able to join us. That’s just too bad…

I enjoyed every moment I got to spend as a Cock worshiping slut with my Master Tim.

Sir did clarify that I serve as nothing more than a slave slut until he says otherwise. I must be available to serve my master and tend to his needs whenever he needs me. that even means on call, if Master reaches out to me I am to drop whatever I am doing and do as he wishes. With that being said I am not worthy of being a girlfriend or wife unless Master determines otherwise.

I promise to be a good pet for you Master.

As soon as Sophia and Emily got here I had them strip down in the living room and took pictures so Master could see that we were following the rules. Sophia and I broke Emily in by giving her Bare bottom spankings pitting her in a very vulnerable position. I know Master is going to be so proud when he sees the hot shots we got of her gaping asshole after taking turns reeling her with our strap-ons. I first want to receive the Okay from Master Tim to post those pictures here since they are for his eyes only.

I can’t wait for our next training session; I am so thankful for Master Tim!

Submissive slut Cydney, is the property of Master Timothy

Submissive slutMaster Tim has been teaching me how to be the perfect Submissive slut to suit his needs. Every dollar earned during our sessions is to be spent purchasing new bras and panties from Soma! Sir, and I agree that the Soma collection of bras and panties fits my slender body perfectly… After our first session, I was instructed to keep a steel plug in my ass for 72 hours, I wasn’t aware that I was allowed to take it out if I ever needed to use the restroom which left me in agony. Today I sit here comfortably with a steel plug in place impatiently waiting for Sunday so that I can get some more sets for Master to see me in.

During our last session, Sir had my mother join us who sat on her knees next to me with a gag ball in her mouth. I was able to order her around per Master’s instructions. My mother behaved like the perfect Submissive whore that she is and did exactly as she was told. She was sent outside to piss on the lawn like a four-legged companion and then had to endure verbal abuse from me. She was reminded of how much of a filthy cum rag she is and that her only duty in life is to breed. Master had me relay a message to Father that Sir, wanted her to be impregnated. Father is proud to have mother forcefully fucked by his friends and cum-piled inside of until she becomes pregnant.

I shared Erotic submissive stories with Master Tim, such as the time I went out wearing a gag ring to the bar and wound up out back in the bed of a pickup truck being degraded and forcefully fucked by 3 strange men. After they took advantage of my body and plummeted through every last one of my fuckholes bareback they left me there clothesless to walk home… I could feel the globs of cum seeping down my inner thighs as I waddled home. Master was pleased with me being treated in such a way. Master has made a command for me to keep my pussy hairy. My pussy hair is getting so thick and long! I have a little over 24 hours remaining and I will be able to remove my steel plug, I can’t wait since that is when I speak with Master Tim again. 

Sir, has left me wondering… Am I worthy of being a wife or a girlfriend?

Submissive Whore watches Master pleasure her new sister-wife

Submissive Whore My pussy was aching for Daddy’s load… instead, I was forced to watch Daddy please the guest he had brought home.

Like a good Submissive whore I did as I was told. I fetched a glass of wine for his dear lady! Then set out for dinner for the two of them. She sat in my chair where I normally sat while I sat underneath the table and naturally lubricated Sir’s, cock with my throat! I was preparing Daddy for the beautiful miss who stood 5′ 7″ with long blonde hair that draped down her back and big royal blue eyes.

When she was through with dinner she told me to suck on her young bald pussy until she was near climax.

I was forced to look up into her big beedy blue eyes while dragging my tongue through her firm bald pussy lips. Daddy patted me on the head and told me I was a good whore before telling me to move aside. I sat back and watched as they had Submissive sex…  Daddy had finally given the order to latch onto his balls. I could taste her sweet pussy juices as they dripped down his big girthy cock all over his swelling sack.

The wetness of her cunt made my pussy dripping wet!

I was hoping Daddy would slide his dick out of her and have me bend over so he can put his honorable dick inside of me. But, instead, he had me bury his creamy cock into the back of my throat to lick him clean. She sat up on the table and whacked her pussy with Daddy’s leather belt while I did the honors of draining Daddy’s balls into my mouth. Sir, then sat back rubbing his flaccid cock while Rebeccas and I put on a show for Daddy. I snowballed his load all over her beet-red welted pussy lips and stuffed it into her cunt using my fingers. After watching us perform like the naughtiest sluts Daddy bent us over and gave us Bare bottom spankings then sent us to the shower so he could clean our sticky tits.

Bondage and submission is how Master keeps me under control

Bondage and submissionBondage and submission are how you keep me tame. I belong shackled and kept naked daily…. There is nothing that should ever be able to come between my bare ass and your firm hand. As a slave slut, I know I am to serve my master and do as I am told. Your pleasure is what I stand for! I am nothing without you honoring me Sir, you guide me because of you I can breathe life. I want to show you my appreciation.

My duty as your slave mistress is to stay in my lane and tend to your needs whenever I am told.

I am a Cock worshiping slut, willing to suck the juices of your wife’s sloppy wet pussy off of your cock… I don’t have much of a choice of course! Bound and gagged with a mouth ring on my knees is how I spend my days waiting for your return after a long day. Please sir let me be the one to show you that you are deserving of the ground you walk on to be worshiped. Use me, enslave me! You own me, master… I promise to always be on my best behavior.

I am so thankful for having such a superior man to set me in place. I appreciate all the time you take out of your busy schedule for Slave training.