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A mouthy Submissive slut deserves to be bound

Submissive slut He ruthlessly pounded my cunt like I was a silicone sex doll! Daddy has trained me to be the perfect Submissive slut he desires.. I am to greet daddy at the door bent over with my ass tooted up, so he can check off the list! Daddy writes my daily duties on my derriere, numbered!

Every number indicates how many spankings I will be getting if my chore was not completed! I hate to upset daddy.. If I ever do, he humiliates me by making me pick and shine the leather belt he will be using to whip my ass.. I know better than to get mouthy with daddy.. He is my superior, I am well aware I am inferior to man.

Daddy loves when I am bent over in front of the mirror with my tits hanging, while he is giving me Bare bottom spankings.. He holds his cock in his other hand and strokes while watching my ass welt and turn beet red from the intense whips as I helplessly plead with daddy; making him aware I have learned my lesson and I will never make the same mistake again.

Daddy knows exactly how to get to me, he knows after my spankings if he leaves me to sleep alone without his warm arms wrapped around me I will suffer.. So, that’s what he does! He is very stern with me, that’s not because he is an asshole.. It’s because he wants to teach me how to be the best I can be.

He wants me to be aware of my position! I thank daddy for the abuse I am to endure if ever, I disrespect him.. I know that it was well deserved! It teaches me manners.. I listen intently to daddy without interruption, I am his peace.. I live to satisfy every and all of daddies hottest desires. It is on me to do as daddy pleases, this determines whether I will be receiving soft or Extreme bondage! 

Daddy’s first bred Bondage whore

Submissive slut I am always so eager to please and swallow every droplet of cum that your deviant cock can blow.. I didn’t just one day wake up and decide I was going to be a Submissive slut, its sort of something that I grew to naturally accept.. I’ve watched my dad throughout the years humiliate mom in public places and her surrender time after time!

As I grew older daddy started to groom me into the perfect cum guzzling slut I could be.. The first time daddy snatched my hairless slit of its innocence, mom was bound and gagged, forced to listen to my screams and couldn’t do a thing! She’s always been so helpless and aware that men are superior to women..

Whenever I would misbehave daddy would strangle me with his belt until I was deprived of oxygen and nearly knocked unconscious.. He would then snap me back into reality by pumping my pussy with loads of cum.. When my younger brother came into the picture things got more gruesome.

Daddy was teaching him to be the man he had always wanted to be.. My brother was taught to treat the women of the house as they deserved.. If me and mom were not on our best behavior we deserved what he had in store for us.. He would cover for dad whenever dad was at work! It seemed my brother would take advantage of his power, me and mom were constantly being used as human toilets..

He would piss down our throats and force us to swallow his warm lemonade.. If we dared gag or vomit, our putrid throw-up would be dinner! Don’t feel bad for a worthless whore like me and know that I do not deserve any sort of remorse.. Pain is pleasure and I love every moment of it.. When I log online I prepare the tools needed for any sort of torture, I am to endure for your satisfaction… Bondage and submission is my fate, abuse was written for me!

A Submissive slut belongs on Pornhub

Phone sex specials You humiliate me in public places if I misbehave and even record me receiving my well deserved spankings.. I love it so much when you do as you please with my body, sir! Tie me up and spank me, I dissevere it..

Time after time you never fail to give me incredible shaking orgasms.. My knees buckle and my eyes widen as you dig deep into my cunt with your fist.. Legs spread at the foot of the bed and you beat my asshole carelessly with your meaty dick, while punching back the walls in my pussy.

You always remind me I am inferior while shoving your ass cream covered cock down my throat..  Watching tears run down my face due to me gagging and choking on your superior dick, you continue pounding relentlessly..

You are well aware that my whimpers are only signs of communication.. You are much greater than I am and I aim to fulfill all of your Rape phone sex fantasies…

You listen in to me whip my ass with a leather belt that I had to humiliatingly choose to your liking.. Advising me to assume a position and give myself bare bottom spankings.

I listen of course, because that’s what I am here for, to remind you of your power above all even through a phone. I am well aware a woman has no right to disobey a man.. if I ever mouth off or question you, I deserve nothing less than Hardcore bondage. You own me!

Sexy bondage whore gets what she deserves

Slave training

I am not allowed to say no during rough roleplay! I have to follow my bosses instructions in order to keep from getting terminated! I totally can’t afford that right now… and he knows it! Verbal face fucking is one of the many things I have to endure while getting slapped, choked and rough fucked! I’ve been his personal cock sucker since my first initial job interview. There’s never been a safe word either, he gets to do whatever he wants to his slave slut. I fucked up and showed up late for my shift today, I got tied up and fucked like a silicone sex doll..

He is so merciless when I upset him.. I was forced to spread my cheeks for him and have my asshole stretched for hours. He will literally fuck me until  my asshole chaffs from the inside out! His cruel words that he instills in my mind during slave training doesn’t help with my self esteem. As you all probably already know I haven’t had much luck with men… Even my daddy used my fuck-holes to his advantage.. I’ve already grown to accept my fate in life as a Bondage whore, I am not a victim!

Submissive slut

Gangbang Bondage whore for BBC

Submissive whoreI’ve always been a cumwhore since grade school..  I got gangbanged by 5 black guys my first time ever fucking. I was dating one of them and wound up fucking all of them. It was my first time ever smoking weed, I was tripping out and I guess they seen it as a perfect opportunity to stretch my virgin hole.

I wouldn’t say I was forced because I went back for more and more. The first time they gangbanged me I woke up bound and gagged.. I guess they were nervous about gangbanging a little white girl.. They had no idea what I was going to do or say and none of them wanted to jeopardize getting locked up.. I woke up over one of their knees receiving bare bottom spankings..

They threatened me and told me if I said a word they would do what needed to be done to a big mouth skeezer, by any means necessary… I became their gangbang submissive slut!  I got off on the thrill of having them assault and “force” me into submission.. I went along wit it every time.. I always acted very timid and would do anything to favor their needs.

Submissive slut

I started watching S&M porn, which gave me more ideas.. I would stop by Spencer’s on weekends and pick up a bunch of bondage toys.. I would go down to their hangout spot and bring torture tools for them to use on me, to keep me tamed. They totally enjoyed treating me like a skank whore and stretching my pink hole.. Eventually we graduated and parted ways..


XXX bondage corrupts the mind of men

Submissive whoreMy diamond butt plug got sucked up inside of my gaping ass.. I needed a colonoscopy to find it.. How did it get there? Well, I met up with some guy off a dating app.. What? I was horny! Don’t be so judgmental.. Anyway, He had a big long 13 inch cock that he stretched my asshole with.. I thought it would be a bright idea to have my ass prepped with my diamond butt plug before he got there.. Only to be dragged by my hair and name called for being a provocative cum slut all over the web. He said women like me, disgust him!

He told me I am nothing but  a degenerate whore, who lives to corrupt the minds of men. He didn’t meet up with me at a motel 6 to please me in anyway. Instead he left me there to suffer like a worn out Submissive whore… He handcuffed me to the bedpost and ripped his massive cock through my asshole with absolutely no lube. He shoved my anal plug 13 inches deep into my ass.. No matter how hard I tried digging my hand forearm deep in there, I could not get a grip of my slimy coated shimmering silver plug.

I was left there for 24 hours in agony trying to get my left hand out of a steel cuff.. I was finally freed when room service found me completely naked. Just my luck, it was a man who did turn out to be a gentlemen.. Even though he giggled as he snipped my cuffling with bolt cutters. I had to explain to the emergency room that I was doing a bit of Submissive slut roleplay and got my plug stuck. On the bright side its out.. But, my asshole is soo fucking sore.. I am not supposed to get my asshole stretched for 6 weeks.. Knowing me, I cant resist! Who’s going to force me into Bondage and submission and be my sorry ass excuse for ripping out my stitches? 

Submissive Pissing phone sex Slut

Submissive whore Good girls get their pussy filled with piss, at least that’s what daddy told me! He had my hands tied behind my back down on my knees with my hair wrapped around the palm of his hand; giving me an extreme throat fucking..

He was whipping me with a leather belt while I was gagging and choking on his big dick! He wrapped his legs around my neck and buried his cock inside my throat until my eyes were nearly popping out of my head..

I was so close to passing out! I was then pushed down to the floor and ice water was dumped all over my body, sending me into shock! I woke up to his legs being spread at the foot of the bed and him demanding I give him a rim job! I licked him from his head to his toes.

Daddy wrapped his belt around my neck, bent me over and strangled me while he was digging his cock balls deep inside of my pussy. He called me a dirty Submissive whore and made me spread my pussy lips apart.. Stroked his cock and pissed inside of my stretched beaten hole.

I enjoyed every moment of intense pleasure given to me by my superior man. I love being treated like a Bondage whore and degraded for your personal pleasures!

Cock worshipping office slut

Submissive whore

A Submissive whore like me never catches a break. I went to my sons school to report a teacher for mistreating him only to find myself in the principals office being restrained by his teacher and the fucker in charge. I raised my voice and it was on from there! He grabbed a tennis ball shoved it in my mouth, tied my hands behind my back with the asshole teachers tie and recommended I see a fucking therapist.. According to him I needed anger management and had no reason to be screaming at the top of my lungs. 

I was bent over his executive desk receiving Bare bottom spankings with a yard stick. My son had to witness every moment of the gruesome torture I endured.. They also insisted next time I come by the school to try wearing proper attire. My dress was supposedly too tight and far too short! I didn’t think about wearing panties underneath because I don’t really like when people can see the lining of my panties. 

They even had my son insult me and shove his tiny fist inside of my asshole preparing it for their massive cocks. They took turns slandering me and filled my holes with loads of cum. then they had my boy suck their nut out of me! I guess we were both taught a lesson.. I as a mother shouldn’t have just come to my son’s defense…. I should have instead investigated the issue further. We both got exactly what we deserved for showing our asses. They should have just written stupid Bondage whore on my forehead with a permanent marker!

Daddies Hardcore bondage Tween

Submissive phone sex

My first rough sex scene involved my daddy.. He was super heavy on drugs!  Daddy hated when I would make a lot of noise so he would always pinch my cheeks and drop something into my mouth to shut me up.. Daddy was short on supply this specific day, so he decided to gag me using my cotton panties and tie me up using an extension cord…

I was completely naked sitting in the corner of the room watching him jack off while watching S&M porn. He noticed me staring at him and it pissed him off, he got up and dragged me by my hair across the floor.. Then bent me over his knee and gave me Bare bottom spankings.. I began crying so loud.. he shoved his cock down my throat to shut me up! from that day forward daddy started Slave training, he taught me how to be the perfect little pleasing Submissive cum whore. 

Prostate milking Subby whore

He forces me to give him a rim job until my jaw locks. My neighbor has a thing for prostate milking.. The last thing you ever wanna call him iSubmissive whores gay! His wife has no idea about his anal fetish.. I only found out because him and I were fucking the same man.. Ever since he’s been doing everything in his power to instill fear in my heart. He doesn’t want the word to get out and honestly after spending an entire week tied up in his basement because of knowing. Believe me, I wouldn’t say a word!

He feels better when there is a female involved in his shenanigans. Which is where I come in, I am forced to get his gaping asshole nice and moist.. Sometimes, he just smothers me with his round ass.. Sits right on my face and makes me suck his asshole while gasping for air. I prepare not only his ass for the pounding but a big fat long black cock.

Once I have them both fully prepped, they have me sit there and watch them be Cock worshiping faggots while my hands are tied behind my back.. (Don’t tell him I said that!) I am not allowed to masturbate or get off in anyway while they fuck. My pussy gets so wet and gooey watching them do the nasty.. Something about Light bondage and gay men fucking really makes my pussy stream.