Dick Choking Love

cock worshiping

I love to choke on cock. The further you shove it down my thoat, the better. This submissive whore only gets off on being face fucked until I puke. The tears streaming down my face show how devoted I am to you, Master. I’m your dirty little slave and I’ll do anything you tell me to. Every hole in my body is there for the taking – the harder the better. Use me as your fuck toy and toss me out like trash after. Nothing makes me wetter than being your submissive milf slave. No matter what you do to me, I’ll always come crawling back for more. Please make me gag on your thick shaft, Master. I want you to grab me by the hair and force me to swallow your entire dick. My tears taste so good! Slam my face back and forth on your cock until I vomit all over it. Then come on my worthless slut face and make me lick up all the mess. I’ll do anything for you.

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