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Erotic submissive stories of Jessica

erotic submissive stories

I love rubbing my cummy whore cunnie and telling my callers all of my wild and erotic submissive stories. Nothing gets me more excited and ready to fuck than recounting all of the times my son has pimped out my sloppy, cum dump pussy. I could go on for hours, finger fucking my wet hole and telling you all the ways he dominates his naughty whore mommy. I love when he shares my used up holes with his friends. He throws huge parties and invites everyone he knows to come watch his mother get fucked like a nasty, party slut. He makes sure that no one leaves the party without dumping a load in his hot,slutty fuck whore mom. He’s off at college right now and won’t be home for a few months. Mommy still needs her pussy owned and used while he’s gone.


Sexy bondage slut Jessica

sexy bondage

I was folding laundry and listening to music when I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to see two large men rushing towards me with duct tape and some rope. The men held me down and wrapped the tape tightly around my face. They covered my mouth and tied my hands behind my back. They told me not to fight or try to get away because they had paid for me in full. One of the guys pulled out his phone and showed me the text conversation between him and my son. My son had agreed to sell his sexy bondage whore mommy’s holes to these men. I belong to my son as his submissive, owned slut, so I knew that I had no choice but to let these men do whatever they wanted with me. The guys ripped my clothes off and forced me down to my knees. One of them shoved his cock down my throat and held my face down so that I couldn’t move. He held my hair and fucked my throat as hard as he could. I was gagging and choking while the other started force fucking my asshole. Just then, my son walked in with four more guys and told me that he had more on the way over. They fucked my throat and my cummy holes for hours, only stopping to piss in my face and tell me what a worthless cum whore I am. I still have cum dripping from my slutty cunnie and asshole. I secretly love being used as a gangbang fuck hole, but I can’t let my son know that.


Pissing phone sex whore Jessica

pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex always makes my hot whore cunnie so wet! I get so turned on and start thinking back to my wild days in college. They say all bitches turn into sluts in college but I went in as a cum thirsty, party whore. I went to every party there was and got my slutty holes slammed and creamed by every cock on campus. I can’t remember a single class but I sure remember getting passed around at the parties! I was the star of the show when none of the other sluts would get as nasty as I would with the guys. I was the only slut there that would get on her knees and beg to be pissed on. I would let those guys use my mouth like a dirty fuck hole and then piss all over my cum covered face after a sloppy, hot blowjob. Every one of my holes was constantly dripping with cum. I’m a little older now but still just as much of a cum crazy whore as I ever was. Let’s have some kinky fun strolling down memory lane together. I’ll show you why they called me “the campus cum dump”.


Submissive slut mommy Jessica

submissive slut

My name is Jessica, the kinky, submissive slut who’s holes are owned by her own son. I know my place very well and I listen to and obey him like a good sub slut. Tonight is party night, so my son has the guys over. Just like every Friday night, I’m dressed up in the outfit he has chosen for me. I’m in my place, on my knees at his side. I’m his obedient, little pet who sits at his feet until I’m needed. Every few minutes, he calls a few guys over so that he can watch them use me. My outfit has been torn to shreds and I’m covered in piss, spit and cum. My abused pussy is worn out and my asshole is so puffy and swollen but he insists that I keep going all night. His friends are slowly leaving, but he wants to keep playing. Call me so that I can rub my cummy, mommy slut pussy for you in front of him.


Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sex

Now that my son has graduated, he and his friends are over at the house hanging out almost every day. They spend a lot of time out by the pool, with their wet swim trunk clinging to them, outlining those young, hard dicks. You have no idea how hard it is for a naughty, cum slut phone sex whore like me to control myself around all of those sexy, young men. My son has caught me on more than one occasion, watching them through my window and rubbing my whore cunt. We’ve turned it into a little game. He’ll try to catch me rubbing my slutty cum hole so that he can out me to all of his friends as a dirty, perverted slut. As a punishment for embarrassing him and being such a disgusting whore, he’ll hogtie me, strip me down and whip me. He’ll abuse, beat and degrade me before turning me over to his friends to use as a gangbang fuck toy. I get my mouth, pussy and asshole force fucked while he watches and jerks his cock. I can’t wait to have a buffet of sexy, young men all to myself tomorrow!


Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

Let me tell you how I went from being a housekeeper at a luxurious, 5 star hotel, to a pathetic, submissive whore who can’t even piss without her master’s permission. I had been cleaning rooms for a few years and working my way through school while I raised my young son. One day, I was at lunch and ran into a guest who was staying on the floor I was assigned to. He said that he had noticed me a few times around the hotel and wanted to offer me a new job. The way he explained everything had me thinking that I would be his maid and personal assistant. I was in a bad spot and desperately needed the money. I never imagined that I would end up being kept as his slave and submissive fuck toy. I was very resistant at first and had to be punished and trained. I spent the first few weeks, getting whipped and pissed on, or being forced to gag on his cock when I would disobey him. I soon began to love being his property and learned my place as his sub slut. I had worked so hard for so many years and now, everything I could ever need or want is taken care of by my master.


Cock worshiping slut Jessica


I had the time of my life last night, getting filled with hot cum. My son surprised me by inviting a bunch of his friends over to fuck me. He knows that his whore mommy is nothing but a cock worshiping slut and he loves to watch me get used. The evening started off kind of slow as we waited for his friends to get there but before I knew it, I was sprawled across my kitchen island, legs spread wide open with a hard cock in each hole. My son jerked his dick while he watched his friend’s destroy my sloppy, wet fuck holes. I hung my head off of the edge of the counter top so that they could fuck my mouth. As they each finished fucking me, they pullled out and shot their cream all over my face and tits. This mommy was a sticky mess but I can’t wait to do it again!

Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

I’m Jessica and I’m the perfect submissive whore. My worn out, cum dump pussy is all yours for the taking. I’m happiest when I’m serving you and your guests and pleasing every cock in the room. I love having a fat, hard dick shoved balls deep into every one of my holes. I might gag and choke on your cock and I might even cry and whimper while my holes are being gaped by your friends. One thing you’ll learn about an experienced sub slut, like me is you’ll never hear a safe word or begging to stop from these cum slurping lips! Any good submissive should know how to handle any punishment or abuse that her owner gives. If you’re ready to own a sub slut who knows her place, I’ll be here waiting for you.


Bondage whore Jessica

bondage whore

I’m Jessica, the bondage whore, slave who is owned by her own son. You might have heard about me. I’m the center of attention when I go places with him. He loves to brag to any and everyone about all the ways he uses my cunt and asshole, and that he owns his mommy. Sometimes, his friends will tell him that they don’t believe what he says about me. This is why he invites a big crowd back to our place, so that he can show off his mommy slut slave. Watching my juicy pussy get slammed and stretched by man after man, really gets his young cock hard!  I can’t even count how many times I’ve been tied up, stripped down and force fucked by a group of his friends. He has tons of photos and videos of his friends and even some strangers, using me as a gangbang fuck hole. His favorite photo is of his cum whore mommy’s cunt spread open. You can see big globs of cum dribbling out and running down my inner thigh. He has that photo framed on the mantle. He shows it off to everyone that comes over and challenges them to try to get me that packed full of cum again. Tonight, he is bringing over more guys than I have ever taken in a single day. I can’t let him know but my mommy cunt is soaking wet, thinking about all of the young hard cocks that I will be taking. I still have a few hours before they will be here but mommy needs to cum! Don’t you want to make this slutty, mommy slave cum?


Submissive slut needs a new owner

submissive slut

I have always known that pleasing my master and serving as his nasty, submissive slut is my only purpose. I love being forced to my knees with his fat, hard cock rammed down my throat, pumping me full. Having been a submissive for so long, I already know my place very well and always follow my master’s orders. I know that I belong sitting patiently at his feet and waiting for his command. I love serving as his gangbang, fuck doll at parties and letting all of his friends fill each of my cum holes with their hard cocks. I will stay on my knees getting fucked for as long as it takes them to dump their cum loads into my slutty holes. I need a strong master who will push me to the edge of my limits and then reward me for being such an obedient whore for him. I don’t currently have a master, but all I want is to be an owned and controlled slut and to serve as the perfect slutty slave.


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