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Submissive whore Mommy Jessica

submissive whore

I’m cleaning up the mess and myself after my son just left. I am covered in cum and completely disheveled from what just happened to me. I should have expected it. I am a submissive whore for my son and I know that  every Friday evening, he comes over to use me. He usually doesn’t bring over so many strangers to fuck me. Tonight he brought over several very big, rough men who slapped and pushed me down as they forced their cocks into my holes. I couldn’t resist them or my son would have punished me for being disobedient. He doesn’t like me cause any problems for him or his friends. I do as I’m told to make him happy. My entire life is centered around pleasing my son. I am his submissive cum slut and I will do anything for him. He demanded that I get on my knees so that he could force his hard cock down my throat as the men took turns force fucking my holes. My son told them to cum in his worthless whore mother’s cunt over and over again. The more rough these men got with me, the harder his cock grew! Once I was so full that cum was leaking out of my holes, my son made me ride his cock. He wanted all of that sticky, creamy jizz to drizzle out, all over him as Mommy rode his hard cock! Once he shot his load into my cum soaked cunt, he was finished with me. He told me to get dressed and make something for him and his friends to eat. He knows that Mommy will always be here for him to use as a cum dumpster slut and serve him in any way that he wants.

Erotic submissive stories

erotic submissive storiesI have so many steamy erotic submissive stories for my callers. My pussy gets so wet telling them about my wild and kinky lifestyle. I’m a very obedient and well trained mommy slut. I have years of experience as a submissive mommy slut. I have been serving my son since he was very young. His father taught him how to be a dominant stud and own my wet mommy cunt! Even now that he is grown and has his own family, he sneaks over to my house all the time to have fun with mommy. He will walk right into my house and command me to get on my knees and suck his cock. He makes me beg for his cum. Making him mom look him in the eyes as she swallows his cum, turns him on more than anything! He’s always looking for men with massive dicks to fuck me. He wants to watch mommy’s soaked pussy cream all over that big dick. After he lets these men fuck me, he punishes Mommy for being such a cum slut. I love being his submissive cum slut Mommy.


Submissive slut Jessica

submissive slut

Today there was a knock at my door. I was home alone and not expecting anyone so I threw on my robe and went to see who it was. I assumed it was going to be the mailman or a random salesman. When I opened the door, I felt a hand cover my mouth as I was pushed backward, into the house. I had no idea who this man was but he overpowered me and forced me to my knees. I was all alone with this strange man and had no choice but do whatever he wanted. He pulled his hard cock out and started to rub it across my lips. Being the submissive slut that I am, I looked up at him and asked for permission to suck his cock. This made his dick even harder. He forced it into my mouth and down my throat, making me gag on it. He held my face down so that I couldn’t breathe. He fucked my face as hard and fast as he could until that fat dick unloaded cum right down my throat. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my face back to look at him. The man spit into my face and told me that he was going to destroy all of my holes. I should probably have been terrified at the thought of being assaulted and held against my will by a stranger, but I could feel my pussy throbbing and craving his dick! I had a very hot afternoon!

Submissive whore Jessica

submissive whore

Every night, I take orders from my callers. I have plenty of hot and erotic calls and they always have my slutty cunt soaked afterwards. I still have yet to find anyone to own me the way that my son did. He loved his submissive whore mommy. He was my owner and I would do anything for him. Now that he moved away, I need someone strong enough to control me the way he did. He would just walk into the room and I would get wet instantly, waiting for his command. I loved being owned by him and spent every day serving him. He would fuck me and rip my holes open and then force his fist up into my worn out cunt. He loved to make my asshole bleed by ripping me open with his hands and shoving anything he could find inside of me. I was there for his amusement. Sometimes, he just wanted to see how much I could handle. I loved being in his complete control. I have fun being submissive to my callers but I need the one who can rule me like my master could.

Sexy bondage whore wants cock

sexy bondageMaster hasn’t been over to visit me in a few weeks. I knew he was coming over today and that I should have everything ready for him to treat me like his whore.. When I don’t have everything ready, just the way he likes it, he punishes me. I’ve always been his soft bondage whore but he takes it so far by tying me up and whipping my pussy and asshole with a riding crop. He loves to crack it makes, as it slaps against my wet, gushing cunt. After the first few smacks, my juicy cunt starts to burn and sting. He keeps whipping me over and over until it rips into the skin and makes my cunt and asshole bright red and raw. Then, he pulls out his giant, cock and forces it into my raw cunnie. I get fucked by him like this any time I disobey him. From the outside looking in, you would think we have a normal mother and son relationship. No one ever expects that he owns all of my fuck hole and used them whenver he wants.


Submissive phone sex Mommy Jessica

submissive phone sex

My master tells everyone how he owns and humiliates his submissive phone sex slut Mommy. He has owned me since he was very young. The first time he held me down over the breakfast table and dominated me, he told me that I was his and I was to serve him. I have always done anything he wants me to. He lets all of his friends and even random strangers fuck me. Sometimes, he will take me to his dealer’s house and trade my worn out, cum soaked pussy to get high. Once, he let everyone that was there have a turn with me. They were so high that they couldn’t cum so I got fucked for hours and hours on end. I was gaped open and my asshole was prolapsed. By the time we left that night, I could barely walk and had cum running down my legs. I love serving my son and making him happy.  I will do whatever it takes to please him because that’s what a good submissive Mommy does.

Bondage whore Mommy Jessica

bondage whoreMy son came to visit last weekend. He has owned me for so many years. Even now that he’s grown and moved out, he still owns Mommy. I can’t find anyone that uses me and dominates me the way he does. He turns Mommy into his bondage whore and then tortures my holes. He loves to humiliate me and bring his friends in to use me as a fuck doll. He bends me over and holds me down and lets them fuck my asshole. He will tell them to call me a slut and spit on me. He has them drag me by my hair and force fuck my mouth. He will let them use anything they can find to force into my holes. He loves to watch Mommy get used and destroyed while he strokes his hard cock. After his friends have used me up and filled me with cum, he makes me scoop the cum out on my fingers and lick it off as he fucks my cum soaked asshole. No one can fuck my holes like Master can.



Sexy bondage slut Jessica

sexy bondage

My new master loves to tell me I’m his sexy bondage slut. He loves to dress me up like a whore and sell my cum holes. I am very obedient and listen to everything my Master tells me to do. Sometimes he likes to chain me up and use as a breeding slut. I let as many men fuck me as Master wants. Every time a new cock cums in me, Master makes me sit on his face so he can lick all of the leftover cum out of me. He loves to use me as a cum bucket to bring him a sticky treat. He lets his friends buy my holes to torture and do with as they please. I live to please my Master, even if it means getting my pussy and asshole mutilated for his clients. I would never disappoint my Master by not being the ultimate cum slut for his friends. Last night, I let them burn my clit with lit cigarettes and fist my stretched out asshole while Master recorded the whole thing. I love being a cum slave and taking loads for him. I hope to take many more for him tonight!



Slave training with my new Master

slave training

I waited by the door, on my knees all day long. Just like Master told me to. This morning, after he force fucked my throat and gapped my holes, he told me to sit by the door and wait for him to get home from work. I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told. I knew that he would punish me again. Last time I didn’t do as I was told, he invited a bunch of strange guys over to run a train on me and destroy my holes. As soon as he got home from work, he pulled his cock out. I knew what to do. He takes his slave training very seriously. If I don’t do exactly as I am supposed to, I will be punished again and again. I wrapped my lips around his fat cock as he forced me down on it, making me take it all in my throat. He force fucked my throat and then pulled out to shoot his load all over my face. Master loves to cover my face and tits in his cum and then tell me what a nasty cum slut I am, as I lick it all up. I will do anything my master tells me to because I am the ultimate submissive cum slut.

Submissive whore gets force fucked

submissive whoreI heard the door slam and footsteps into the kitchen where I was. I turned around and there was my son, breathing heavily and looking angry. He was pissed because I wasn’t home when he wanted to fuck me. I was at the grocery store when he woke up with a hard cock and came looking for mommy. When I came home, he grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the wall. He told me I was a worthless bitch and my only purpose was to be his submissive whore. He forced me onto my knees where he gagged me with a kitchen towel and tied my hands behind my back. He told me to stay still or he would go get 3 homeless guys to fuck me when he was finished with me. He lifted my skirt and started to rub my pussy through my panties. The whole time he was stroking his cock and telling me how he was going to force fuck Mommy’s pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and forced his young hard cock in me. He was slapping me across the face and telling me that I better always be there to fuck him when he wants his balls drained. It really was my fault, I know my place and I should have been there. I’m just a submissive mommy who’s there to fuck when ever he wants.


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