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Slave training with my new Master

slave training

I waited by the door, on my knees all day long. Just like Master told me to. This morning, after he force fucked my throat and gapped my holes, he told me to sit by the door and wait for him to get home from work. I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told. I knew that he would punish me again. Last time I didn’t do as I was told, he invited a bunch of strange guys over to run a train on me and destroy my holes. As soon as he got home from work, he pulled his cock out. I knew what to do. He takes his slave training very seriously. If I don’t do exactly as I am supposed to, I will be punished again and again. I wrapped my lips around his fat cock as he forced me down on it, making me take it all in my throat. He force fucked my throat and then pulled out to shoot his load all over my face. Master loves to cover my face and tits in his cum and then tell me what a nasty cum slut I am, as I lick it all up. I will do anything my master tells me to because I am the ultimate submissive cum slut.

Submissive whore gets force fucked

submissive whoreI heard the door slam and footsteps into the kitchen where I was. I turned around and there was my son, breathing heavily and looking angry. He was pissed because I wasn’t home when he wanted to fuck me. I was at the grocery store when he woke up with a hard cock and came looking for mommy. When I came home, he grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up against the wall. He told me I was a worthless bitch and my only purpose was to be his submissive whore. He forced me onto my knees where he gagged me with a kitchen towel and tied my hands behind my back. He told me to stay still or he would go get 3 homeless guys to fuck me when he was finished with me. He lifted my skirt and started to rub my pussy through my panties. The whole time he was stroking his cock and telling me how he was going to force fuck Mommy’s pussy. He pulled my panties to the side and forced his young hard cock in me. He was slapping me across the face and telling me that I better always be there to fuck him when he wants his balls drained. It really was my fault, I know my place and I should have been there. I’m just a submissive mommy who’s there to fuck when ever he wants.


Submissive slut

submissive slut

Bondage whore

bondage whore

“Shut up slut!” he yelled at me as he slapped me hard across the face again. He kept slapping me every time I made the slightest noise and even when I wasn’t making a noise. If I even looked up at him, I knew he was going to punish me. I kept staring forward, trying to do everything exactly as he wanted me to. Being my son’s submissive bondage whore meant doing anything he wanted me to do. Tonight, he wanted to fuck me in the ass and make me slurp his cock clean before he rammed it into my pussy. When I asked him if he liked the way I sucked his cock is when he slapped me. He loves to be in control and I didn’t have permission to talk. I licked and sucked the juices from my pussy and ass off of his cock. When he saw that I had sucked his cock clean, he bent me over and started to fuck me as hard as he could. I knew that he was going to cum soon and I knew what that meant. That meant that he was going to make me scoop out all of the cum with my fingers and lick my sticky, cummy hands clean for him. He loves watching Mommy eat his cum. I did as I was told and he was happy that Mommy knows her place.

Cock worshiping cum slut

cock worshiping

My son has turned me into a complete and total cock worshiping cum slut. He has been getting tired of fucking me and using me as his own personal cum dumpster. I know he will never get tired of watching me get fucked by other cocks. Last night, he brought home 4 of his friends to fuck me. As soon as they all walked into my room, he commanded me to get on my knees and beg them for their cocks. I did as I was told, like a good sub whore and got on my knees to pull those big cocks out. I started sucking each one while both of my hands stayed busy stroking the others. All of these sexy young studs were ready to bend me over and fuck me silly. I let them bend me over the bed and fuck me in all of my holes at the same time. I had a cock in my whore pussy and asshole at the same time. I had one fucking my throat as hard as he could while I stroked the other and my son watched. He loves for his Mommy to be a good subby slut and  take every cock that comes my way. He got down close to my face and had me tell him that I love being a cum slut sub whore for him and how much I wanted him to glaze my face with his sweet cream. I begged him for his cum and looked up at him as he was shooting every drop onto my whore face. I stuck my tongue out to catch all of the cum that was dripping down my face as his friends were filling all of my holes with their cum. I love being the perfect submissive bitch for him and fucking all of those fat cocks that he brings homes to me.

Spanking phone sex

spanking phone sex

I had a wild and kinky session today with one of my favorite callers. He knows what a wild little thing I can be and he knows what I like. I love to be spanked and treated like a whore! Spanking phone sex is so fucking hot! The sound of the whip slapping my skin makes my pussy instantly wet. The sensation is like no other! He loves to hear me spank myself with various whips, paddles and even belts. Hearing a loud crack, feeling the burning and watching my skin turn from bright pink to dark red are the things that keep my pussy soaked. The only thing I love more than these calls, is getting fucked after a kinky and intense spanking. I would love to be tied down and spanked and then fucked. Taking a huge hard cock in my already soaked pussy as my ass and legs tingle from being spanked would be the perfect ending to my day. Maybe stop stroking and pull your cock out to spank me some more. That will get my pussy even more wet for you to keep fucking me!

Bondage whore

bondage whore

There is one thing I love to do more than anything in the world. I love to be a bondage whore. My sexy young stud knows exactly how to keep his Mommy excited and wet for him. I gave up control to him a long time ago. He prefers to keep his Mommy tied up and gagged so he is able to do whatever he wants to me. Today, he had me tied up, in a crotchless body suit with a gag in my mouth. My hands and feet were tied so I couldn’t move. He came in after school and didn’t waste any time. He knew I was dripping wet from being tied up all day and waiting for his hard cock to fill me. He started by licking my pussy as I lay on my back with my pretty Mommy pussy exposed. He licked and sucked on my clit until I was moaning and bucking for him. Then he took his hard cock and slid it in my wet pussy and fucked his Mommy hard. He loves to tease my juicy Mommy pussy with his hard young cock. He kept taking his cock out and sliding it up and along my clit, making me even more wet as he played with me. Finally when he was ready to cum, he forced his cock in and thrusted hard over and over until he was ready to bust. He pulled his cock out and shot his hot sticky cum all over me. I love being owned by this young sexy stud.

Submissive slut

submissive slut

“Suck it like a good whore! Mommy loves being my submissive slut, doesn’t she?!” he growled into my ear as he tightened his grasp on my hair and pulled my head back to bring me face to face with him. I nodded and stared at my sexy young son, commanding me to suck his cock. He shoved my face down to his cock and forced it into my mouth. Using a handful of my hair he pushed me all the way down, ramming his hard cock in my throat until he spurted his hot cum all in my mouth. I have been completely submissive to him for a few years now. He loves knowing that he owns my juicy Mommy cunt and he can do whatever he wants with it. Sometimes he like to tie me up and force fuck my throat. Other times he watches as his friends run a train on me and fill me with their hot loads of cum as he strokes his cock from across the room. We have a special relationship that started a long time ago. I love being his personal whore. I do whatever he tells me to and he loves degrading me and making me his bitch. I will always be ready to take loads of cum from my sons firm young cock.

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sex

My son overheard me on the phone. I was in the middle of a cum slut phone sex call when he walked in. I was shocked and a little embarrassed but he didn’t seem to mind. I even noticed his cock growing hard in his pants. I knew there was not much I could do. I knew what was about to happen. Being a submissive for my son means that I have to be ready whenever he wants me to serve him. Once he heard me on the phone he wanted me to suck his cock. He grabbed me by the throat and forced me to my knees. He loves it when I look up at him as I suck his big hard cock. He fucked my throat so hard that I could barely breathe. I knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to ram his big fuck stick in Mommy’s wet whore pussy. He stood me up and spit on me before he smacked me hard across the face. He loves degrading me and treating me like the nasty cum slut that I am. He bent me over and fucked me hard in the ass. My asshole was on fire as he told me what a slut I am and continued to fuck my whore holes. He loves making me tell him how much I enjoy getting fucked by his hard cock. I took his cock until he was ready to cum. He pulled his throbbing cock out and forced it into my mouth, making me suck all of my juices off of him. He filled my mouth with his hot cream and held my face up by my chin. He pinched my nose forcing me to swallow all of his cum. He loves making me eat his cum and I secretly love being his submissive cum slut Mommy.

Sexy phone chat

sexy phone chat

I had such a wild and freaky Thanksgiving weekend. I spent it on a sexy phone chat with a very hot friend named James. We had lots of coke and a sexy little tranny hooker to abuse and treat like shit. I was so much fun watching porn as James put that tranny bitch on her knees and pissed down her throat! That was after we made her lick his ass and drive him crazy with her nasty whore mouth. Once he had glazed her disgusting face with his hot jizz, he pissed on her to wash it all away! The whole time he was abusing this piece of shit hooker, I was telling her was a nasty slut she was and encouraging James to piss all over her. Eventually, we invited a young stud over that I know. He had never tried coke before so we made him do a line off of James’ asshole and then lick up ever speck of blow left behind. That got him super charged to play with me and James all night long! We had so much fun and I can’t wait for the next time I can spend the weekend playing with my special friend.

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