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submissive slut Jessica obeys her master

submissive slut


Gags aren’t the only balls I love to drool on. This submissive slut always has a stiff, hard dick shoved down her whore throat. You’re going to love the sounds of me gagging and choking on your hard cock and swallowing all of your cum. I do have to tell you, I’ve been a naughty slut and I deserve to be punished. Pull out your thick, wooden paddle or long leather whip and teach this dirty whore a lesson! I’ve had my eye on these super sized anal beads for a while now. I think you’re the perfect one to pop them in my shit hole and have some fun. Being my master’s cum filled, fuck toy is what I live for. When you’re not using me for your pleasure, I will sit obediently on my knees and wait for your command, like a good slave. I prefer to be bound and gagged but if you’d like you can just bend me over to fuck me and use me. Just like me, the decision is all yours, Master.

Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sex

I met my online date at the hotel room he told me to be at, right on time. He was a handsome, shy guy that wasn’t expecting this cum slut phone sex whore to actually show up and play with him in real life. He told me that he wanted to be tied up and tortured a little bit. Maybe some light whipping, teasing and paddling. I had just started to tie his wrists together when I heard someone step out from the bathroom. All of the sudden I was being forced to my knees and held down. The shy guy had brought along a friend. He sat on the bed, and stroked his hard cock as he watched his friend tied me to a chair, gagged and abused me. He moaned as his friend slapped me across the face and rammed his cock in my mouth. He grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock right down my throat. After watching me get my face brutally fucked by this guy for a few minutes, my shy date shot a sad little spurt of cum. When they were finished using me as a cum dumpster gutter slut, they left and left me tied up for housekeeping to find the next morning.


Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sex

Today was my birthday and it was a very happy one! There was a knock at the door this afternoon, out of nowhere. When I opened it, there stood the hottest and most ripped guy I have ever seen. He told me that my friends had hired him to come and surprise me for my special day. I let him in the house where he stripped down and started to flex those sexy muscles for me. I ran my hands over his rippled muscles, rubbing all over that amazing body. He reached into his gym bag and pulled out a can of whipped cream. He sprayed all over his sexy chiseled abs. I licked it off of his chest and stomach, kissing and slurping my way to his g-string. He pulled that g-string down and his giant, hard dick flopped out, right into my face. He shoved it into my mouth and made me gag on it. It was so huge that I could barely get my lips around it! I sucked and stroked that massive cock until he shot a fat load into my mouth. So much cum shot out that it spewed out of my mouth around his cock and got all over my face! I licked it all up while I watched him flex and pose for me! Such a wild, hot birthday surprise!


Bondage whore Jessica

bondage whoreI’ve been my son’s personal bondage whore for a very long time now. I wanted him to always feel loved and wanted when he was younger. The attention I showed him very quickly turned into an intense owner/slave relationship. Even now that he lives in another city and doesn’t visit as often, I find myself getting so wet and hot when I think about the way he used to treat me. He would come into my room at any hour of the night and wake me up by shoving his cock into my mouth. He told me that my only purpose in life was to serve him and please his cock. He used me as his cum dump, fuck toy as then would degrade me and treat me like a whore. I never had to tell him how wet my pussy got when he would slap me around and force me to suck his cock. He would reach down and grab my soaked cunt, and laugh at me for being so turned on and then spit in my face before he forced me to take his hard dick in my asshole with no lube or anything. He stretched my shit hole and ripped me open and I still wanted more. I still think about him all the time and look forward to his visits. I still crave his cock and cum and need to be treated like his whore again!


Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sexMaster caught me on the phone again tonight. He said that I was his cum slut phone sex whore and I wasn’t supposed to be talking to anyone else. He hates that I sneak and take calls to please my subby slut pussy when he’s not here. I can’t control the constant urge to be a submissive cum slut. He was pissed off and said that I had to be put in my place. He forced me into a small wire kennel and clicked a padlock around the door. I was stuck on my hands and knees and had just enough room to move my head. He called a few of his other sluts over and had them torture me while he watched and stroked his cock. They poured hot wax all over me, and laughed at me in the kennell. They pissed and spit all over me and even shoved a broom handle in my asshole. Daddy’s cock was rock hard watching and hearing me cry and beg them to stop. He fucked each one of them on my bed and then made me suck his cock clean once he was finished. Before they left, he made me apologize to each of them for being such a dirty, worthless whore. I think they felt bad for me but little did they know, serving Master like this and being punished makes my pussy drip! I love being his subby slut and being used for his pleasure. I’m on the phone again now. I hope he catches me.


Cum slut phone sex mommy gets used

cum slut phone sexI’ve spent the last week letting my stretched pussy and prolapsed asshole recover from my son’s wild New Years Eve party. As always, my son used his cum slut phone sex whore mommy as a fuck toy for all of his guests. I was tied up, gagged and positioned so that everyone had access to me. He let everyone there use my holes however they wanted. He even brought out a massive dildo and rammed it into my asshole. He held it and let everyone take turns fucking me with it. Fucking me and using my holes was the main event of the night. I stayed on my knees all night long like a good submissive. I was getting soaked in piss, spit and cum by all of his drunk friends. At the end of the night, he made me stand by the door, still soaked and thank every one of his guests for fucking me and using me like a urinal slut. Humiliating me and letting his friends use my holes gets his cock so hard. When he finally had me alone, he forced his hard cock down my throat while he made me bounce on that giant dildo. I was gagging and crying while that big fuck toy ripped my shit hole wide open. My son shot his hot cum all in my mouth and told me what a good mommy slut I was for him. I’ll be healing for a while but my pussy still gets so wet thinking of how hard his cock was, watching mommy get used.



Submissive slut

submissive slut

My son came to visit me today. He said he had a special gift for me. When he got to my house, he handed me a heavy bag that had a huge, fat dildo in it. I laughed when he told me that he wanted to watch me shove it up my tight submissive slut asshole for him. I thought he was joking at first but I could tell by the look on his face, that he was serious. He wanted to see his mommy’s asshole prolapsed and oozing cum and blood everywhere. I knew that  he wasn’t taking no for an answer. He put me on my knees with my hands tied behind my back. The ball gag in my mouth was so big that I could feel my lips cracking at the corners and I couldn’t even scream. I knew that if I tried to fight back, he would get more and more rough with me. I did as I was told and sat on that massive dildo. I lowered myself on it slowly and rubbed my cunnie just like he told me to. I choked back tears as he had me bounce up and down on it, ripping my asshole open and causing a small puddle of blood to pool on the floor under me. I leaned forward and let him fuck my asshole with it while I sucked his hard dick. He held me down, gagging on his cock and made me swallow his hot cum as he tore my asshole open, fucking me as hard as he could. Mommy always makes sure he has a good Christmas.

Submissive slut Jessica

submissive slut

If dominating, using and owning a hot, kinky submissive slut is your dream, then you’ve found the perfect whore! I will do anything my master tells me to. I live to serve and I never say no. My favorite way to serve and be used is by being a dirty, toilet slut for my master. I love being used as a urinal. Catching his golden stream of hot piss all over my face and tits gets me so fucking wet! I’ll even let him shit all over my worthless whore face and catch it in my mouth. There’s no other slut like me out there. I want to be used as your toilet, then laugh and humiliate me while I lick your asshole clean! Keep me on my knees and force me to throat your cock before you paint my face with your sticky cum. Once you’re finished using me, I’ll lie on my back and let you rest your feet on my face. I love worshiping and sucking your toes for you. Whores like me will do anything to please your cock. I’m an obedient slut and serving my master’s hard throbbing dick is my top priority.

Bondage whore Jessica gets used

bondage whore I put another ad online, looking for someone who wanted to own a submissive bondage whore. Several have answered but no one who can dominate me and use me like I need to be used. I crave someone who is not afraid to snatch me up by my hair and torture my clit to teach me a lesson on being disobedient. My son was trained from a young age to take control and use his mommy’s whore pussy whenever he wanted. I’ve gotten so used to having him dominate my dripping cum holes and own me. I miss being used as his cum dump. I have been looking for a new master since he left for college. If you have a strong desire to completely own a slut that will adore and worship you then I will be your personal fuck slave. There is nothing I won’t do for you and your hard, throbbing cock! Any time of the day or night, I will be right there on my hands and knees with my soaked cunt right in front of you, ready to serve your every need.


Cum eating phone sex slave Jessica

cum eating phone sex

I had the hottest call last night that I can’t get off of my mind. My used up, cum dumpster pussy gets wet every time I think about what he made me do for him. My panties are soaked just thinking about the way he had me moaning and going crazy for him. He made me his very own nasty, cum eating phone sex slut. He knew that I had just been fucked by my son’s young hard cock and still had his hot cum oozing out of my stretched, used pussy. When I answered the phone, I told him how I had just been used by my son, as his fuck toy. He made me scoop all of the warm, sticky jizz out and eat it out of my hand. I licked it off of the end of my fingers for him, while he stroked his cock. He had me lick the frothy cream from my panties as I fingered my cunnie and made my mommy whore pussy cum for him. I love when callers catch me right after I’ve been fucked and let me lick up the leftover cum for them!

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