Do You Have What I need?

extreme fetish phone sex

I’m currently on the prowl for a more extreme Master. Seems as though my last one got a little soft on me. No pun intended. Ideally, I need one who isn’t afraid to treat me like the worthless, pathetic cum dumpster that I am. The meaner the better. If you know how to keep me in my place, then I would be ever so loyal as your pet whore.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have known my place as a woman, and it pleases me greatly to serve the right Master.  One who disregards my desires completely. One who isn’t worried about offending me because let’s face it, I deserve every bit of it.

Tell me how you’d mistreat your little slut. Would you cock slap me randomly? Bind me up to things and give me rope burn and bruises when I’ve misbehaved?

The goal is to keep me where I belong. A humbled, useless cunt hole for you to enjoy and dispose of at your leisure.

You will control literally every aspect of my life. I want zero independence. Every outfit will be decided by you. How often I work out and what I eat is all up to you. Hell, even when and if I’m allowed to use the restroom is completely in your hands.

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