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Bondage Chat Vixen

bondage chat

If you’re looking for the perfect submissive slut for bondage chat, then I can assure you that you’re in the right place, Sir. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy pleasuring strong, handsome men just like you. I will do anything it takes to please you, so please don’t ever worry about asking me to do something for you. A man like you shouldn’t ever worry about things like that. I was put on this earth to make you happy, and that’s what I will always do. So, since you’re still reading this, I’m just going to assume that bondage is your thing.

How far do you like to go with your bondage? Do you want to just tie me up, gag me, and have your way with me? Or do you like to be a little more sinister with things? Maybe you want to cause me pain. I love being made to hurt for your pleasure, Sir. My Master Tomas has always made it known that I am to take whatever an alpha male dishes out to me. I can never say no. Are you looking for a bondage slut like that? I will be here waiting to make you happy, Sir.

Obedient Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sex

 I told myself that I wasn’t going to fuck him anymore. When he showed up with presents for me, I thought he had come to apologize. He went on a shopping spree to get gifts alright, for him to use on me. I opened box after box with nipple clamps, butt plugs, electronics toys and everything you would expect to see at a sex shop. It was like he bought at least one of everything. He slapped me across this face and told his submissive phone sex bitch to strip for him. I should have kicked him out. I did not.
     I stripped until he grew tired of my slow pace, and he ripped the rest of my lingerie off and shoved me face first into my pillow. He buckled a collar around my neck and bound my arms behind my back with the rope. He called me a helpless fucking whore and lightly lubed my ass. I thanked him, but he said it was for his comfort not mine. He yanked the collar and choked me when he sunk his cock deep in my ass. I screamed and he hand gagged me and fucked harder. 

Erotic Bondage Story Time

erotic bondage stories

Quite often I get calls from guys who want to hear erotic bondage stories from me. I guess they know that since I have Master Tomas leading the way, there’s been a lot of bondage activities going in the bedroom. But if I’m honest, the bedroom isn’t really the place where Master likes to discipline me the most. He would much rather do it in public or at least in front of his friends because that increases the level of how humiliated I am. He doesn’t care if I’m embarrassed as long as he is getting exactly what he wants. 

Would you like to hear about the ways Master puts me in bondage? I would love to tell you, but I have to ask that you call me to hear about it all. Master really prefers that because if I have to talk to you, it’s going to embarrass me even more. He gets off the hardest when he knows I’ve been properly humiliated for all the perverse acts I’ve committed for my Master. And if I tell you all the ones he’s done to me, I would definitely be embarrassed. 

Make It Hurt, Make Me Scream

bare bottom spankings

So many men call me and tell me that they want to bend me over their knee for a bare bottom spanking. I have to admit that at first, I didn’t like being spanked. I wasn’t used to the idea that it didn’t matter how I felt about it, so I would scream, and cry and it would just make Master Tomas incredibly mad. I tried to do better, but it wasn’t a change that happened overnight. Eventually, Master told me that I was the good little pet, and I was taking the spankings very well.

Once I started behaving, I thought that he’d give me less spankings, but that is not what happened at all. He told me that since I was able to take them so well, he could start spanking me with more force. I wasn’t happy to hear that, but of course, I didn’t tell Master what I was thinking. I knew that would only result in more pain for me, and even though I like it, I didn’t want to push my luck. Do you have spanking fantasies like my Master does? Perhaps I need the touch of another Dom to train me better for my Master.

Bondage Whore Bo

bondage whore

Sometimes Master Tomas likes to put me in extreme bondage and let his friends do whatever they want to me. The first time it happened, he put me in bondage and then when his friends started doing things to me, I complained that I didn’t want to be used by them. I only wanted to be used by Master. He was not amused with me being mouthy about the situation, so the next time, he made sure he had a ball gag for me. He told me that men didn’t want to hear my complaining. All they wanted was to fuck my holes.

So, from then on, I’ve been silenced every time Master’s friends come over for a BDSM session. Unless, of course, one of them wants to throat fuck me. Then the ball gag gets taken out until he’s done with my mouth. Sometimes they want to spank me and use me as a bukkake slut. Sometimes they use nipple clamps and give my nipples little electrical charges. What would you do to me if Master Tomas gave me to you for the night? 

Bukkake Slave


bukkake phone sex

Have you ever wanted to go to a gang bang where all the guys busted their nuts all over the girl? If not, then you should try bukkake phone sex, then! I love being the slut who gets glazed with load after load of cum. Submissive whores like me don’t have a choice in the matter, though, so it’s good that I enjoy it. But I can’t let Master Tomas know how much I love it, or he will stop having all those guys come over and blow their loads all over me.

That would be such a huge tragedy because nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than serving all of those men by having them paint me with their cum. Sometimes, after a bukkake gang bang, Master will take me out to the store without letting me wash my face off. He tells me that if men know what a whore I am, then maybe they will want to add another load to my face. If you saw me out, covered in cum, would you stop me and cum all over me? I would be grateful, Sir.


Obedient Submissive Slut

submissive slut

Last week, Master Tomas told me that he had a surprise for me. When he says that, I always know he’s talking about something that’s going to be extremely humiliating for me. Well, this time he decided to take me to a casino and offer to take men in the bathroom for blow jobs to relieve the tension from gambling. I was instructed to just walk up to whatever man Master told me to and make the offer to them. Of course, I didn’t really want to do it. But I know by now that I am not allowed to say no to Master. 

So, we walked around and played some slots while Master looked for the perfect guys for me to please. When he found one, I was to walk up to him and ask him if he was getting stressed out from the tension of gambling. If he said yes, that’s when I’d offer him the cock sucking experience of a lifetime. Master would always buy the guy a drink after I sucked them off in the bathroom. Do you want to hear about that or some of my other experiences as a submissive slut, Sir?

Spanking Obsessed Slut

spanking phone sex

I have tons of stories that would be perfect for a spanking phone sex session. That’s my Master’s favorite way to punish me physically. His favorite way to incorporate that into my punishment is to do it in front of a group of his friends. He likes to make me stand in front of them, naked, and tell them the ways I’ve disappointed Master with the ways I’ve fucked up. I am always so embarrassed to do that because all the guys start laughing at me and telling me what a dumb slut I am. They’re right. That’s what I am.

Master loves putting me over his lap and giving me an open-handed over-the-knee spanking. He’s never gentle with me, either. He likes to leave bruises of his handprints on my ass. And he lets his friends spank me, too. They are permitted to put me over their knees and spank me for as long as they want to. Would you like to spank a misbehaving slut like me? I will do my very best to obey you, Sir. If I mess up (and I probably will), you can always spank my naughty ass.

Cum Slut Slave

cum slut phone sex

Hello sir. If you’ve come looking for cum slut phone sex, you’re in the right place. My Master make sure that I get at least one load of cum per day. Well, not always sometimes he withhold it because he knows how much I love it. If I do something out of line, then I don’t deserve loads of cum in my mouth or any of my other holes. But I try to be a really good girl, because I don’t like that punishment at all. Some of the punishments I receive actually turn me on, but I can’t ever tell Master that.

Of course I love eating cum, but I love it when you give it to me anywhere. My Master sometimes fills up my cunt with his cum and makes me put in a tampon so it’ll stay there all day while I’m doing chores around the house. Do you dream of finding a girl who loves cum just as much as I do? It’ll happen one day, but in the meantime I’m here to swallow every drop of cum you have. Especially if you scoop it up out of my cunt and feed it to me. 

Prostate Milking Pet

prostate milking When Master Tomas first took me under his wing and showed me what it was really like to be a submissive slut, there was one thing he insisted on. Well, besides expecting complete submission, that is. He told me that if I didn’t know anything about prostate milking, I’d better learn. Apparently, the orgasms from that are incredible and that’s what he likes almost every time unless he’s in a hurry and just wants a quickie from me. So, I made it my mission to learn exactly how to do it because I just wanted to please him all of the time.

Do you also like having your prostrate milked? Master says that it just feels so good. And I love the way the cum seems to just explode from his cock when I’m milking him. It turns me on so much, but of course, I don’t do anything about that because I don’t want to upset Master. He doesn’t let me touch myself in front of him unless he tells me that I can. If you’re looking for a submissive little whore, I would like to offer myself up to you. I’ll be ready and waiting for you, Sir.