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Submissive Gangbang Phone Sex

gangbang phone sex

The other night, I had an experience that would make for a great gangbang phone sex call that really turned me on. They all do, but this one in particular really made my submissive cunt wet more than it has been in a while. One night while my Master had his friends over, I was the prize for some kind of bet they made. But instead of the winner taking me and having me all to himself, he decided that it would be more fun for him and a bunch of his friends to fuck me gangbang style.

But it wasn’t just any gangbang. He invited a bunch of his black friends over because he wanted to watch me get fucked by a bunch of big black cocks. I was a little bit intimidated when I saw the size of some of them, but I knew I had to let them do whatever they wanted or else my master would punish me very severely. Saying no is something I am just not allowed to do. I can’t wait to tell you more about all of the nasty things they made me do. A masochistic submissive vixen like me loves to relive such things over and over again. 

Bukkake Phone Sex Addict

bukkake phone sex

The first time I was a bukakke slut, it was by accident. I was at a holiday party thrown by my Master. He put me in a back bedroom naked so that if anyone got horny they could just come back and do whatever they wanted to me. Well, after one guy came on my face and tits, everyone just kept blowing their loads all over me. By the time the night was over, I was covered in cum from head to toe. I hated to wash it off, so while I was in the shower, I started thinking about how I’d get my next cum bath. 

I’m so glad that I get bukakke phone sex calls and you guys want to tell me how you’d cover me in cum. If the thought of my face and body being covered in cum while you fuck my mouth or cunt, call me. I’m on this earth so serve men, so I’m willing to submit and let you have your way with me – as if I have any say in the matter. Cover me in your hot and gooey jizz right now and make me your whore. I’ll be waiting for you.

Prostate Milking Phone Slave

prostate milking

Phone sluts can be rude and lazy sometimes. I have a Master that I serve as his anal slut, and I couldn’t be happier to meet his needs. He said that he sometimes calls submissive women like me for some phone tug and fantasy about anal sex with a bubbly busty slave, and they get an attitude as soon as you mention you want strap-on. He said he’d had some of his best kinky phone fun with femdom phone operators but that his fantasy was for a sub to fuck his ass and milk his prostate. It just so happens that I am an attentive phone slave.

Would you like having a naughty bitch kneeling between your thighs and rubbing the bulb of a prostate wand against your sweet spot? I’d do that while I licked all over your balls for you. Don’t be surprised if you hear me whining. I’d just be dreaming of licking my way inside of you, aching to please you. Can you handle a prostate milking from your horny, filthy, and devoted phone slave? I’m sure that you can. Any man that can command fuck dolls around for his desires knows what’s coming for him.

Erotic Bondage Stories Told by a Submissive

erotic bondage stories

As you already know, I’m very submissive, so I’d love it if you’d call me and tell me erotic bondage stories about things you’ve done to women like me. My Master likes me to talk to guys on the phone and get fresh ideas for things he can do to me. Of course, Master is very smart and experienced, but you never know when you’ll hear something new. I would also love to tell you the things that have been done to me. I’ve been submissive my entire life, so there are a lot of fun things to talk about.

Like one time, my Master tied me up to the bed and left me there for the entire weekend. He tickled me with feathers and used toys on me to edge me and get me close to having an orgasm so many times I lost count. He humiliated me verbally and even brought a little bit of pain to the weekend-long session. It really was one of the best experiences of my life and I love sharing it with others. Are you in the mood to hear about it? I’ll even tell you whether or not he let me cum at the end of the weekend.

Slut In Need Of Slave Training

slave training

I wasn’t always a good submissive whore. My Master, Tomas, had to give me a lot of slave training when he first took me on as his slave.  As he likes to say, I had quite a strong will and a stubborn streak. It’s still there, deep down, but Master made sure that I obey him or else I would get substantial punishment. It was easy for him to punish me at first – all it took was a little bit of physical pain and I was ready to obey every order that he gave me. But now, as time has gone on, I’ve become a bit of a pain slut and he has to get creative.

What would you do to a pain slut who needed to be punished? Master Tomas has had to think outside the box. The thing that will really get me to behave more quickly than anything is the threat of denying me an orgasm. He knows I need his cock inside me and he knows I need to cum. So, if I get out of line, that’s what he does. But of course, it’s not just denial. He teases me a LOT and then tells me no. What punishment would you give to a disobedient whore? How would you train me?

Submissive Slut’s Weekend

submissive slut

A few weeks ago, my Master told me that I was going to be his sexual hostage for an entire weekend. I’m used to being his submissive slut, but he rarely ever keeps me at his disposal for an entire 48 hours. I knew that he must be in a mood and that I was really going to get it. I walked into the bedroom that Master had turned into my slave room and saw that he’d had a medieval stockade installed. He’d been talking about it for a while, but I had no idea it was going to become a reality.

He put me in the stockade and blindfolded me. So there I was, on my knees and I couldn’t see anything. I don’t think I’d ever felt more vulnerable in my life. Of course, my mouth was still free and the first thing he made me do was suck his cock. He just walked up to me, told me to open my whore mouth, and fucked my face until he shot a load down my throat. He wasn’t gentle with me, either. There were tears rolling down my cheeks and I couldn’t even grab his cock and beg him to stop. Do you want to hear more about what happened that weekend? I’m ready to tell you, Sir!

Bukkake Phone Sex Cum Slut

bukkake phone sex

Have you ever indulged in bukkake phone sex? If you love it, then I have some stories to tell you. Sometimes my Master likes to invite a bunch of guys over and watch them cover me in cum. He tells me that I’m a whore and that the cum that glazes my face and body is a representation of what my cunt must look like on the inside – cum everywhere, oozing and salty. I know that being called a whore and covered in sticky jizz might make most women feel bad about themselves, but it makes me feel like a million bucks. I’d never tell Master that, though. He might stop letting it happen if he knew it makes me feel that way.

Having man after man walk up to me and spray his load all over me makes my pussy so wet. But not all of them do that. Some love to fuck my mouth, pussy, and cunt and then pull out and spray all over me. Would you love doing that to me? I will kneel before you and beg you to cover me with your glaze. Call me and I’ll tell you what a good girl I’ll be for you.

Submissive Whore Humiliation

submissive whore

The last time I got into trouble with my Master, he really went out of his way to humiliate me. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to go shopping and buy any shoes that he didn’t approve of, but when I passed by a store window, I saw a pair that I had to have. He caught me walking around my bedroom in them and he got really mad at me when he realized I’d disobeyed him. He put me over his knee and spanked me for my immediate punishment, but then he told me that there would be more.

He took me back to the shoe store where I’d purchased the shoes to return the shoes. But he made me crawl into the store on my hands and knees and I was on a leash. He made me tell the sales lady, from the floor, that I was a submissive whore who had made a huge mistake by disobeying my Master and that I had to return the shoes. Everyone was staring at me and I felt more humiliated than I ever had in my life. Master took me home and put me in my cage in the basement.

Degrading Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sex

My Master, Tomas, has promised me that there will be a lot of opportunity for submissive phone sex in the new year. I mistakenly thought that he was doing it for my pleasure, and I thanked him for it. But that’s when he shut down the notion that he was doing it for me. He told me he could care less about how happy it makes me to serve superior men. It was really all about the fact that these men deserve to use me and get whatever they want from me. I guess it could be said that Master likes to humiliate me.

He always brings men over that really want to abuse and degrade me. It’s never just regular fucking. They treat me like a fuck pig and I know that it’s what I deserve. They love spit-roasting me by fucking me from both ends at the same time. Sometimes even with a cock in my cunt and my asshole in addition to my mouth. They love tying me up, pissing all over me, or even giving me brown showers. What would you do to me if Master Tomas invited you over to use me? Sir, please call me and tell me.

Bondage Whore Looking To Be Tied

bondage whore

Being submissive for you is the very best thing in my pitiful life, Sir. It definitely gives meaning and purpose to my life. Making you happy definitely is a privilege. And I know that you letting a lowly whore such as myself take care of you is something I should be grateful for, and believe me, I am. I know that any day, you could stop letting me pleasure you and all of your friends and I’d be out on the street. So, that means that I am going to do everything I can to keep you happy.

But I did do something bad, Sir, and I need to confess it to you. Yesterday, when you teased me and didn’t let me cum, I went to my room afterward and masturbated. I know I am not allowed to unless you tell me that I can, and for that I am sorry. I know you’re probably going to put me in a cage now with my hands behind my back so I can’t touch myself. I know that’s what I deserve, Sir. Are you going to punish me with just the cage, or will there be more consequences? This bondage whore ready and waiting for them.

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