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Bukkake Phone Sex Party

bukkake phone sex

Have you and a bunch of your friends ever stood around a woman and each one of you jerked off right onto her face? Whether you have or you haven’t, I hope you’ll get on the phone and call me for bukkake phone sex. Master had a bunch of friends over last weekend, and it was one of his famous bukkake parties. Sometimes when he has people over, they can fuck me whenever and however they want to. But there are other times when Master wants me all to himself for the weekend, but he lets other people jerk off on me.

I’m always secretly delighted to be cum covered whore, but I can’t ever let Master know how much excitement being a whore brings to me. He has no idea that during a bukkake day, I’ve actually had an orgasm without even having my pussy touched because it excites me that much. I have many stories to tell about those little get togethers, so if you want to know about them, or if you just have a fantasy about it, grab your phone and call me. I can’t wait to tell you how Master and his friends like to turn me into a cum covered whore.

Submissive Sex Slut

submissive sex

As you know, my greatest joy in life is being a submissive sex slave. I know for a fact that if I didn’t have my Master to guide me in every aspect of my life, I would just be the shell of a woman. I was lost in my life and then when I met Master, he really helped me see the ways that I could be most useful to the world. He said that men would love having a submissive whore like me who would do everything they wanted without ever even thinking about questioning things. I was immediately in.

He told me that if men were kept happy sexually, that the world would slowly start to become a better place. Men would be less angry, there would be less violence, and things would just be peaceful. I am honored to be the kind of subbie slut who can help keep the world happy. Do you have a fantasy that you need someone like me for? Just give me a call and I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Master can always tell when I’m lying, so he’ll know if I didn’t do a good job for my calls. Anything you wish is your desire.

Slave Training Needed

slave training

Even though I’ve been owned by my Master for quite some time, the slave training is always ongoing. Sometimes Master likes to change up his ways of controlling me and to be honest, it’s always exciting to me when he does that. He’s been trying to decide what he wants me to dress up as for his annual Halloween party. Usually, I don’t get to dress up and instead have to walk around naked offering everyone snacks and drinks. He hasn’t told me about his ideas for my costume yet, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be something really degrading.

Do you have any ideas about what I should be? It could probably be anything and still turn all the guests on since women always dress like sluts on Halloween. Maybe I could be every man’s fantasy – a naughty nurse. Just think of all the medical exams I could give. I bet I would end up squeezing a lot of balls while sucking dick. You know, just to make sure there isn’t a hernia. I hope that you’re as turned on as I am right now because I’m hoping you’ll call me and let me make you cum!

Cum Slut Phone Sex Slave

cum slut phone sex

I love it when Master makes me log on to take cum slut phone sex calls from you guys. He tells me that I need to do something to make money while he is at work and that this is all I’d ever be good at. He says I’m not smart enough to be a nurse or teacher or even a cashier at a store. I know that he’s right. All I will ever be good for is sucking cock and getting fucked by big, strong, alpha males just like him. I mean, it’s not like I have a choice in the matter.

If you could pick one super degrading thing to make me do, what would it be? I want you to think of something so nasty that you wouldn’t ever even ask your wife or girlfriend to do it for you. If she did, you’d probably lose respect for her and that’s why you just need to have a submissive whore like me take care of it for you. Remember, I can’t tell you no because if I do, my Master will somehow know it and he’ll punish me for it. You have free reign of me and my body, so I’m begging you to please take advantage of it.

Submissive Whore at Your Service

submissive whore

I am so thankful to my Master for everything he did to turn me into a submissive whore. My true life calling was unclear to me until Master told me what it was. He told me that I was too stupid to realize it and that I needed his help to reach my full potential. Nothing in the world has ever been more true than that statement. When he first met me, I was just a shell of the submissive person that I am now. It took a lot of training because, as Master says, I was a bit of a handful, but now I’m fully trained.

If I’m being honest with you, there are times that even though I’m fully trained, I still get disciplined. I love it so much that sometimes I misbehave on purpose just so Master will treat me like the lowly whore that we all know I am. I don’t know if he’s caught onto the fact that I’m faking my bad behavior sometimes, but it’s okay if he does. He would be so mad at me and I bet the punishment would be swift and severe. If you were my Master, what would you do to me in that situation?

Cum Lover Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sex

This long weekend was especially long for me. There were so many things going on that would make a great story for a submissive phone sex call. Master threw a weekend long end of summer party and guess who was the one who had to entertain all the men? He told me that I would be like an entertainment center. I had to stand in the corner of the yard and if any of the guys wanted me to do anything for them, they would just come over to me and I would do it. I was secretly very excited by it, but I couldn’t let it show. Master doesn’t like that.

I was, of course, naked the entire time because Master doesn’t want anyone to have to wait for me to undress when they want me to suck or fuck them. There was a lot of that going on over the weekend, but one guy just wanted to put me over his lap and give me a bare bottom spanking every time he got horny. My stomach ended up covered in his cum a few times. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Do you want to know how I was degraded? 

Submissive Slut At Your Service

It’s football season again and that’s such an exciting time for a submissive slut like me. Master likes to bring his friends over on Saturday for college football and then on Sunday for the NFL. They drink, eat, and of course, they fuck me. Sometimes I am blessed enough to get to suck dick while a guy sits on the couch and watches the game with everyone. But it never just stops at that. While I’m sucking the dick of whoever I happen to be blowing at the time, I always end up with a cock in my cunt. Sometimes one right after another.

Usually, by the end of the weekend, every hole I have hurts. And it usually takes a couple of days for the cum to stop dripping out of my pussy and my asshole. Do you wish you could be part of a weekend like this? Call me, Sir, and I will tell you about what I would love for you to do to me. Of course, I don’t have any say in the matter, so what you do will ultimately be up to you. I’ll be waiting for instructions on what to do. I live to serve you now. 

Slave Training Phone Sex

slave training

Some of you out there might be in the process of receiving slave training from your Mistress, and I think I can help with that. I know how to behave, and I can help you out with that. She will think that you’re just the best sub ever and you might even get a reward for how well you’re doing. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I wish I’d had someone to teach me the ways of being a submissive slut. I think I would have gotten punished way less if I’d had that. Your ass will thank me because you’ll be getting less spankings.

Can you even imagine how red and welted your ass will be if you keep messing up? Maybe you scrub the kitchen wrong. Maybe you said no when your Mistress told you to suck a cock because you aren’t used to doing it yet. I think you should practice on the side when you’re not being forced. You’ll really grow to love sucking dick that way. I can even teach you a little bit of fashion sense and to do your makeup if that’s what your Mistress requires from you. Just grab the phone and call me and I’ll be your new best friend!

Slutty Submissive Whore

submissive whore

It was quite a long weekend for this submissive whore. You might have noticed that I wasn’t on for a few days and there’s a good reason for that. Master sold me for two days to a friend of his who wanted someone to use and abuse in any way he saw fit. Master didn’t even ask him what he planned on doing with me before he sent me over to his house. Can you believe that? I was shocked at first, but then I realized that it wasn’t really that much of a shock since I’m nothing but a piece of meat to him.

I could tell you here what Master’s friend did to me, but he doesn’t want that. He told me that I am to tell you that if you want to hear about the depravity that happened with his friend, you will have to call me and ask me about it. I think he’s making it happen that way so that I can feel humiliated and ashamed all over again. I wish he thought better of me, but he doesn’t and never will. And I know you won’t either. I’ll be waiting to tell you the entire sordid story.

Bare Bottom Spankings, Please?

bare bottom spankings

When I’m a naughty subbie, my Master always makes sure that bare bottom spankings are part of my punishment. I think he secretly likes it when I misbehave so he has a reason to spank my bare ass. Not that he needs a reason – he’s my Master and he’s always in charge and can do anything he wants. I actually do like it when he spanks me as a form of punishment because he always has a firmer hand and that’s something that really makes my pussy wet enough that you could slide the biggest dick ever inside me and it would fit. But my Master knows this and he refuses to fuck me after he spanks me. And he always makes me turn on the camera to my room so I can’t masturbate. I always want to so badly, but there are cameras everywhere in my bedroom – even in the bathroom! If you were my Master, would you treat me the same way, or would you let me have some relief after my spanking? If you’re at all like him, you probably wouldn’t. And honestly, it’s probably the right thing to do. Bad girls like me don’t deserve pleasure, only pain.

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