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Cum Eating Phone Sex Subby Whore

cum eating phone sex

OMG I love being down my knees during cum eating phone sex calls. Knowing that after I get my face fucked by a big fat cock, I get to eat a load of cum – my God that turns me on so much. I have been told by so many men that I’m not good for anything other than being a cum eating slut and they’re right. It’s the only thing in my life that I’m good at, so I’m happy to have a lot of guys who just want to pound my pretty little face and make me eat their loads.
Sometimes this one guy I fuck – well, he brings over a bunch of his friends and we have what he called “face fucking parties”. I have to suck the cocks of everyone there. And if I don’t swallow every single drop, I get spanked and fucked in the ass over and over again. They are so rough with me, so I try to not miss a drop. Oh, and they don’t cum in my asshole… they make sure to pull those cocks out and shove them down my throat to give me another chance to eat their cum. Do you want to hear more about what a cum slut I am?

Let Me Be Your Submissive Whore

submissive whore

Oh my God, hi Sir. Are you looking for a little submissive whore who will follow every instruction you give her? I have been dreaming of being down on my knees in front of you. I know you love to smack pretty girls like me in the face with that giant cock. I’ve seen you do it with other girls. I long for that and after you smack my face, I’d love it if you shoved your entire cock down my throat to gag me with it. And Sir, I would love it if you would shoot your load of cum in my mouth so I can swallow it – if you think I deserve it, that is.
I will be your darling little slave anytime you want me to. After all, slaves don’t have a choice. They just have to do whatever their Master tells them to do. I know that most of the time, our duties will be sexual in nature, but maybe sometimes they won’t be. Maybe you’ll give me the privilege of doing errands for you. Maybe you’ll want me to clean your house. Or maybe I’ll even get to cook for you sometime. I’ll do anything you want, Sir. I’m begging you to please call me so I can make you happy.

Bondage and Submission at the Beach

bondage and submission

The beaches are closed, but people are still adamant on going and my Master thought it would be the perfect place to parade me around as his pet whore and perhaps even humiliate and degrade me, with an audience to witness. He did just that and I was so happy to please him. First he dressed me in my collar and leash, along with something extremely slutty. He had me crawling beside him as he walked me and of course people couldn’t help but to stare. He could tell which ones were truly enjoying the show and would call them over to come pet me. Well, it started with pets, but it wasn’t long until he had both men and women giving me spanks. He even demanded I slip my panties off and go hand them to the lifeguard at the tower near by. Which I did of course. He eventually found another bondage and submission whore like me to bring back to our place that afternoon and things got really wild there.It’s amazing how many independent type women actually crave this lifestyle sexually. It’s always fun to find a man who can take us on that adventure.

Cock Worshiping Bo

cock worshiping

In my years as a dedicated submissive, I have yet to come a cock quite like yours. Your amazing dick gives cock worshiping an entirely new meaning. I’d like to make a religion out of serving your beautiful cock. It is perfection and every little slut ought to see and experience what it’s like to have their whore mouths wrapped around it. It’s so thick and delicious and whenever I think about it, I lose sight of all my senses and become this cock crazed whore, obsessed with pleasing you and making you cum. I can’t wait for you to cum over later so that I can greet you on my knees, dressed in something extremely slutty. I have to make sure your cock is nice and hard as soon as you walk in the door. A cock like that deserves tending to immediately after a long, hard day at the office. I’m already salivating as I think about licking this tongue up and down those popping veins, while I get to massage those full cum filled balls. Hurry home to your cock worshiping harlot, sexy.

Submissive Whore In Quarantine

submissive whore

Don’t you think mandatory quarantine would be a lot more exciting if you were stuck inside with a dedicated submissive whore like myself? I would be ever so eager to tend to all of your wants and needs. With nothing on, besides a smile on my face. Unless of course there was something, in particular, you wanted me to wear, then naturally I would do so. I would be your live-in cock sucker and maid. Do you think you would get sick of lockdown if you had a cum dumpster at your beck and call? You could even take your frustrations out on my ass. I love paddles and spankings and I wouldn’t think twice before bending over that knee to feel that stinging sensation from your big, strong hands smacking it nice and firm! All the fun we could have together is limitless and I’d just want to make sure you were completely happy and satisfied 24-7. I must keep your balls drained and your environment happy. Call your favorite little slut today.

Cum Eating Phone Sex With Bo

cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex truly hits that spot for me. I love to eat cum and the more the better for an addict like me. Last week my Master wanted to see just how much cum I could take. He said that I was being a little too cocky and he wanted to test my ability to swallow down as many loads as possible. He threw a work party since they announced everyone has to work from home until further notice and thought that would be the perfect time to put my mouth to the test. He has about 70 employees and 75% of them are men. The party was a good time to say the least. There was a nice food spread, which of course I wasn’t allowed to touch because the only calories I was permitted to ingest that day were that of booze and cum. Let’s just say that I didn’t leave that office hungry. He always goes above and beyond when it comes to pushing my limits and that he did. Many of those horny colleagues hadn’t cum in awhile and some of them just kept producing more and more! My mouth is still sore as I sit here writing out this short recollection of that amazing night. By the time I got home I had to rush to the bathroom just to vomit up a LOT of cum. My Master told me that every time I threw up, that was 5 more loads of cum I’d have to take the next time.

Bo the Torture Phone Sex Queen

torture phone sex

The exciting thing about torture phone sex calls is that we get to explore extreme fetishes and scenarios that we’d never get a chance to do in real life. My subservient nature and kinky imagination truly take over on these types of phone calls, and I delve into a full character. I am fully equipped with personal torture devices and I love to feel the sting and the pain while you tell me exactly how you want me to use them. Just last weekend I had a Master of mine over and he did a real number on my body, but again, it hurts in an amazing way for a masochist like myself. He had me tied up for a few hours at the very least, while he poked, prodded and humiliated me both verbally as well as physically. I love the look he gets in his eye when I am completely at his mercy and there’s nothing I can do to escape his power and control. I learned a long time ago that embracing it is the only way and once I did that, I was hooked on this lifestyle as a compliant little whore. I wonder what you have in store for me, tonight.

Slave Training Junkie

slave training

Hello Master. I know that I will never be permitted to call you anything other than that. I might be in desperate need of slave training, but I guess I’m not completely stupid. Are you proud of me for knowing that, Master? I know you probably aren’t, because who could be proud of a stupid slut like me? But it doesn’t keep me from hoping for your approval every second of every day. I can’t wait for you to train me so that I can maybe come close to pleasing you and satisfying you in every sense of the word, Master.
In what ways do you want me to please you, Master? Maybe you will train me to make sure the house is so clean you could eat off of the floor. I hope so because that’s where you told me I will be eating. You told me that if I want to be allowed to use the toilet, I have to clean it with my tongue. And of course, once I am done with all of that, I have to serve you in whatever way you are in the mood to be pleased. I will be waiting for you on my knees for our slave training session, Master.

Xxx Bondage with Bo

xxx bondage

Master told me that he had sinful plans for me. I waited in anticipation all day and then finally it was time for him to pick me up. He told me to be prepared for a long week of use. I went out in my red dress and black and red spiked heels and he chained my wrists to the bars in the backseat. He pushed his hand up my dress to check for my butt plug that he told me to wear upon his arrival.
Master put his dirty fuck slut through a long week. He did exactly as he said that he would. Bondage with him was different this time. It was some XXX bondage in which he showed me off to his colleagues and friends over the webcam that he set up. He let them suggest things to do to me while I was bound. I was fucked, brutally, in every hole. My nipples were raw and swollen from bites and blades. He stretched my ass until it was nearly unrecognizable and it had a steady drip of blood and come seeping out of it. His jaw ached and my cunt burned. Call me to hear more.

Cock Worshiping Whore

cock worshiping

How long have you been looking for a loyal, dedicated cock worshiping slut? Look no further, Sir. I don’t need much to fulfill my life as a sub, but tending to your perfect cock is a necessity. I’ve been this way ever since I was a young girl. I have a fascination with good looking cocks attached to men who especially know how to use them. There’s something about exploring it’s thick shaft with my slutty tongue. Guiding it in and around those popping veins whilst massaging those heavy balls full of that creamy delightful surprise. I belong on my knees for you and that’s exactly where I’ll stay whenever you demand for it. Imagine walking in from a very long day at work and here I am to greet you with an eager fuck hole in my pretty face. Skull fuck me if that’s what you’re in the mood for or I can take my sweet time and sensually wrap my plump lips around that gorgeous dick of yours. I love that feeling in my mouth when I know you’re about to explode. The shaft begins to swell and the balls begin to pulse and before I know it, it’s like a fire-hose of delicious semen shooting down my throat.

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