They call me Dorthy, and it is true that we are not in Kansas anymore. That fact makes me very happy. They say home is where the heart is. Sad to say, my heart was never at home, in fact I hated home. I did not know why I hated it so much till I moved out and found out just how much of a submissive whore I am. From the first moment I walked into this lifestyle, I knew I was always born to be a cock sucking and worshiping submissive slut. My life has so much more meaning now that it is no longer in my control. I know where my place is, and I need them to put me there. On my knees, begging, day after day, night after night. I love just how much pain and humiliation I endure. I endure it all to bring happiness to those who control me. That is my lot in life – to endure the pain for the happiness of others.
I want to invite you into my little world of pain and degradation. Night after night I want to relive it with you, my Masters, my Dommes. I want you to give me your pain during our bdsm phone sex call. Let us enjoy spanking phone sex where you would instruct me to spank and hurt myself while my cunt becomes so hot and wet. I want to be your obedient submissive phone sex whore, your sissy slut, your cock sucking pain slut. Night after night, I want you to have control over me, Dorthy the bound and begging slave. Let us explore each others limits, and push each other into a very intense and emotional world of my pain and your pleasure. I have no limits, no boundaries.. just your dirty imagination and heavy hand. Please?

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