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Cock worshiping is what I am pleased to do for master

“You know, a pathetic Cock worshiping slut like you deserves to be drenched in her master’s piss”  my master sternly points out. After some conniving laughter my master pulls his dick out his pants. Without a word he starts to spray me with warm golden yellow nectar. After it sprays me all over my face, my master grabs me by the hair. “Open your mouth hoe, drink up” my master demands as he continues pissing.

Gulp after gulp, I drink my master’s yellow stream. Once I was all drenched, I knew what was next. Just like I have been trained, I get on my knees. He came out with rope and a paddle. He tied me up, his paddle speaks for him. After it hits my bare ass, my body shakes from the pain. It is my master’s way of telling me to be ready to submit and please his cock in any way. Finally, I see my master’s cock is hard and stiff.

“Master, please let me taste your superior tool,” I beg and plead. My master has pity on me and rubs his cock on my face. Like a nasty whore my mouth opens up. “You are a hungry whore tonight” my master moans as he rams his cock down my throat. Right away I worship his cock with my mouth. Feeling worthy of his dick i suck it like my life depends on it. I was so lost in sucking my master’s cock meat that I didn’t notice him swing his paddle. But when it hit my bare ass, the pain brought me back to reality.

Cock worshiping

I’m here to be used for my master’s needs. Therefore, I sucked his dick even deeper in my throat making sure to squeeze my throat muscles around his cock. Master continues to give me Bare bottom spankings as I swallow his cock. The pain has my body shaking but i dont stop. After more paddling my master moans out “ be ready to be fed a big load”. Then his balls tighten up and i feel a rush of thick sperm pumping down to my belly. “Hold it right there” you say as you grab me by the hair and hold me in place to swallow every drop.

Submissive Whore gets used for entertainment

When you are a Submissive Whore, you are used to being the entertainment for the night. “Tonight, you will be the cum bucket for the night” my master says while smiling.  “Get into position to greet our guests” my master commands of me. Therefore, I knew my naked ass on the ground and wait for his guests. After they all get here my master diced to make a speech “this worthless whore is for us to use for the night feel free to fuck any hole you want” he said proudly. That is when his first guest walked up to.

Submissive Whore

After he grabbed me by the hair he said, “Open up whore”. Then he pulled his cock meat out and shoved it in my mouth. Therefore, I sucked his dick fast following my masters’ instructions. Before he was going to cum, he just started spraying my face. “I like to see my used whores filthy” he said sternly. Soon after that he started passing all over my face. That’s it you better stay filthy. Everyone claps at the sight of me dripping in cum and piss. My master looked very pleased and proud. “I want to see all her holes dripping like that” another of the guests said.

“She is for you all to use as you please” my master repeated himself again.  Then like a pack of hungry wolves, the pounced me. One was getting rope for my ankles while others were putting me in position. The savagery show made me feel like I was just a piece of meat. Therefore, I should feel lucky they wanted to first on me like wild animals. Finally, when I was in position tied up and spread, my master whispered in my ear “ready to be fucked like a blow-up doll?” Before I could say anything, my mouth and asshole were getting stuffed with big dick. I was the entertainment for the night just like a kept subby slut is supposed to be.

Torture phone sex is where I found my new master

When I don’t have a master, I go on Torture phone sex. There I know I will find a bull to punish me and put me in my place. “Are you ready to submit to me, worthless slut” Dom says. “Yes sir” I respond while I get on my knees and bow down. I start by kissing his feet. Then he grabs me by the hair and says, “open your mouth whore”. After he starts pissing in my mouth and my face. Once I am drenched, he slaps me with his big cock. “You’ll do as I demand and take anything I have for you” he says while I swallow a big gulp of his warm yellow fluids.

Torture phone sex

“Once I make you shake you will get rewarded” he says as he takes his whip. Then his whip started lashing my body hard. He didn’t care where it landed as long as it sent pain through my body. “You better not fake it, or I’ll punish you even harder” he said. I didn’t want to let him down. Therefore, I took it even when it hurt. But when my master choked me and whipped my cunt, my body gave up. I started shaking like a beaten pet bitch. “There you go slut let your body submit to me” you say to me. Therefore, I let my body shake and fall to the ground.

Then you grab me by the hair and shove your cock deep inside my throat as you moan out. “Bitch, swallow my dick, I don’t care if it takes your last breath” you moan out. I am my master’s tool to use. So, I suck his cock deeper in my throat. I could feel the hair leaving me. My eyes were staring to see starts but I keep sucking. Finally, my masters cock starts spraying sperm down my throat into my belly. “That’s it whore, eat my royal honey” you moan. Before I pass out, I make sure to not waste any of your thick load. My body couldn’t take it anymore, I slump over and pass out.

Submissive Whore submits to her son stepping into master role daddy left

I have been a Submissive Whore since I was young so of course It didn’t change when I became a milf. Since my master left me for a new young subby bitch, my son stepped up to be the man of the house. He has grown up to be a very strong dominant young man. “Mom you are looking old and worthless, how about you jazz it up for me” he says to me. Therefore, I do as he asks. The next day he sees me and says,” that’s better, you look less of a worthless pig”.

Submissive Whore

Then he pulled his cock out, “make yourself useful” he demanded. So now that he is the man of the house, I have submitted to him. Yes, it was something I hesitated about. but after he used my pussy and showed me, he was stepping into the role his daddy had, I had no choice. That is why I started to suck his cock just like I did his daddies. It wasn’t good enough that is why he slapped me.

“You worthless pig just choke on my cock” he demanded. Then I just started sucking his cock like I didn’t care about breathing.  “Keep going mom” he moaned out. So, I didn’t stop even after he started to pull my hair. It is my duty to serve my master even if it is my son. Finally, his balls tightened up and he started spraying my face with his thick strong sperm. “Thank you, son” was my response. “You mean master” is what he said while he walked away.

Prostate milking is what we do every Friday

At the end of the week my master had trained me to give him a Prostate milking. First, I must greet him by kissing his feet. Therefore, as soon as I crawl out of my cage I start kissing his feet. “Thank you master for letting me out of my cage” I say over and over as I kiss him. “Since it is Friday, you know what that means” he says with a smirk. The next part of my training is that I must bend over his lap and get my ass spanked.

Prostate milking

I love it because I can feel his cock poking up at me. The way it feels when his hand hits my bare ass sends shivers to my cunty. “Thank you master may I have more” I say as he spanks. I can feel my ass get red and swollen.  It was time for me lick his ass. My master stood up and dropped his pants. “Get to work slut” he demands of me. Therefore, I start slobbering on his hard cock meat. “Make it sloppy bitch” my master moans out while smacking the back of my neck.

After that you lift your balls up. “Eat my bitch, milk my master cock”. That’s when I dive into his asshole with my tongue. Just like he trained me I stroke his cock and lick his ass. I can tell he loves it by the way he puts his feet on me to be able to fuck my tongue harder. My tongue was starting to numb up, but I didn’t stop. I wanted to milk my master like he needs. Finally, he moans “Eat my load” and his cock starts pumping right on my face and mouth. “What a good milking you gave me my Submissive Whore” my master says pleased.

Bare bottom spankings to start the week off

“Time for your start of the week Bare bottom spankings” my master said as he led me out my bitch kennel. As I crawled out, my master pulled his cock out and started pissing all over me. “I love marking my property” he said as he drenched me. After he pissed on me, I waited on my knees like a good obedient whore while I got a golden shower. Once I was dry my master pulled be my leash and bent me over his knee. After some spanking my ass felt hot and sore.

Bare bottom spankings

“Bitch have you had enough?” He asked me. “Yes master, thank you” I replied. Then he spanked me again and again as he laughed. “That was a trick question” he joked. “You know I say when you had enough”. After a bit more he stood up and pulled some rope for binding.  Like a good taught whore, I got into position. Once I was tied up, he pulled his cock out and shoved it down my throat. “Milk me like you master likes bitch” my master demanded as he face fucked me with his cock.

My master laughed as I choked and gargled on your cock as you fucked me. Finally, your ball sack tightened up and your dick starts spraying me with semen. “Don’t waste any” he says since that is part of my Slave training. Therefore, I drank all of his thick gooey nut. When he was done, he walked me like a pathetic pup back into my kennel. “Now that is a way a bitch like you starts the wee” you say as you walk away satisfied and drained”. 

Bondage whore is made to take your frustrations out on

Don’t you just love when your master uses you as a cum dumpster Bondage whore. First my master likes to tie me up. “You will not make a sound” he demands of me as he starts to spank my bare ass. “I had a long week and now I need to release some tension” he says. I feel so lucky when my master decides to use me. It tells me I am worthy of his abuse. He could easily use any whore he wants but he chooses me.

Bondage whore

After a few spankings on my bare ass, he pulls his whip out. “Every lashing you get you will thank me” he commands of me. After the first one I whimper out “Thank you master, may I have more”. We do this for fifteen minutes and finally he is feeling better. “The marks on your body look like the perfect work of art” he says while taking pictures of me.

Then he pulls out his cock “suck it bitch, you know the drill” he demands of me. Therefore, I do as he asks and suck his meat down my throat. I want to make sure to please you, so I do as you command. “Good job bitch” he moans out ad I feel his balls start to tighten up. Then you pull your cock out and start spraying my face with all your nut. “That’s it be a good bukkake slut” you moan out as strings on jizz hit my face. “Thank you master” is all I say as cum drips into my mouth and tits. 

Bondage whore should be lucky to have a master

Being my master’s Bondage whore is all I will ever be; it is what I was made for. “A worthless whore like you is lucky to be used by me” he says as he starts to tie me up for the night. “Yes, master I am so lucky” I responded as the rope started burning my skin. Then my master used the rope to pull me down on all fours like a dog bitch. After that he pulled his whip out and as soon as it hit my skin it sent shivers up my body.

Bondage whore

Especially when you whip my cunt. It is used to your abuse and beatings. One time you whipped my cunt so bad that it was red and swollen. “What a worthless whore you can even take a beating” you said that night. “I hope you can at least take my cock right, ” you demanded of me as you rubbed your cock on my asshole while I was tied up.

You love using the rope to keep me in the position you want. Once your cock was deep in my ass you started finger fucking my sore cunt. The whipping you gave my pussy had ripped my skin, but you still abused my holes at the same time. It is part of my Slave training. “Thank you master” is all I could say as he used me finally when his balls tightened up and filled my asshole, I knew I did a good job. That is all I look forward to every time you tie me up.

Bondage and submission with a gbang to end the year

What better way to end the year than with Bondage and submission. “Come out the cage and get hosed down” my master says as he pulls me out by my leash and collar. After I crawl out the cage, my master spanks my ass with his paddle. Outside he turns the hose down and starts spraying me. Then throws some sweet-smelling soap on me. “We have some company coming, you must look presentable.

Then when I was dry my master pulled some rope out and I got in position. Therefore, he started tying me up real tight, so tight if I moved the rope would start cutting me. “You know just to take whatever I have for you” he says as he pulls on the rope, and it starts to burn me. “Yes master” I responded. “Greet them with your mouth slut” he says as some guests start walking in. Right away they start pulling their cock out and standing around me.

Since I was tied up, I couldn’t move. All I could do was open my mouth and let them fuck my mouth hole. “Get ready slut you will be using all your holes” my master says to me as I get my throat fucked hard, until I almost pass out. “Fuck her cunt first, rip it open” he laughs and said. “By the time the clock hits midnight I want her holes dripping with thick loads of sperm,” he says, teasing me. Therefore a few of them started poking at my holes.

Bondage and submission

One shoved his cock deep in my cunt so hard it made me welp out. “Bitch I better only hear you thanking him” my master said as he slapped my face. “Thank you, sir,” I replied. Even after a big cock ripped my ass open. All my holes were getting rammed so hard the rope was being pulled back and forth on my skin. By the time the new year rolled by, all my holes were dripping with semen. What a great way to start the new year as a Submissive Whore.

Cock worshiping for my master on Christmas

All night of Cock worshiping for Christmas with my master. He pulled me out of my cage and tied my hands behind my back. “Thank you for letting me out, my cage master,” I said to him. “You can thank me with your mouth,” he replied. Then he laid back and lifted his balls. “Make yourself a useful subby pet and lick my ass”. Therefore, I stuck my tongue out and licked his ass. I do anything for my master. “Keep going deeper hoe” he says while I wiggle my tongue in his ass.

Cock worshiping

After a bit of licking, my master wrapped his legs around my neck. Since my hands were tied behind my back, I fell into his ass even more. My master bounced his ass onto my tongue harder and harder. So hard my lips were swelling up, but it didn’t matter. Prostate milking is what my master wanted as his gift. That is what I gave him. “That’s it slut, I am about to cum”.

Is what my master moaned out as he jacked his dick off. My tongue was wiggling as hard as I could. Finally, his balls tightened up and he let out a loud moan. My master’s cock started spraying all over my face. “Good job whore, you showed me you are worth something”. My master gave me the gift of his semen all over my face before putting me back in my cage.