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Masters Loaned His Whore

Submissive sex

I was born to a bondage whore. I was forced and made to love it at a young age by my daddy. The master I have now is the best at using and abusing my body for his pleasure. He loves loaning me out to men. The last one I had to see had a big black monster cock. When it was hard the veins popped out. The sounds he made as he spanked my bare bottom with a paddle made me dripping wet. When he fucked my mouth, he made sure to go in slow so I could feel every inch and savor every flavor of him. He is the boss and when the boss says to lick his ass, I made sure to do it right. I wanted my master to know I was being a good cum slave. As soon as he was ready, he bent me over and pushed his thick black cock in me. I could feel it hit the back of my walls. I didn’t think I would be able to take all of him but he forced it in pump after pump. I enjoyed the way he used my body but especially when he filled my cunt up with his nut, it was so much it oozed out of me all the way down my leg. Master rewarded me for doing a good job. 

Punished By Daddy

Slave training I was being a mischievous child not listening in class or playing nice during recess. I knew daddy was going to be upset with me, I just had no idea how we would be punishing me. When he got home, he went in my room and right away smacked me on my face and laid me on his lap. He pulled my dress up and pulled my panties down, he spanked me hard over and over until my ass was sore and red. As I cried, he spread my legs and told me he wasn’t done with me that I was going to learn to be a good girl. He stuck his finger in my ass and started pumping it in and out of me. As I squirmed, he spanked me hard again. I learned not to move and just let him punish me. He grabbed me by my hair and put me on my knees. As he pulled his cock out, he slapped me and made it clear I better open my mouth and let him use it. He pumped his cock in and out my mouth chocking me as it went deep. He picked me up and spit on his hand rubbing it on my little cunt hole. With one hard push he shoved me down on his throbbing cock. I couldn’t scream or cry he was covering my mouth. As he ripped me open, he told me I would be a good girl and listen from now on. I knew that I had to do as he said, before I knew it his cock was pumping juices in me. Now I love when daddy or any other man punishes me and uses me.  

Went To Work With Master

Erotic BDSM storiesI’m a pain slut I love being used and abused by my master; he takes me along with him to work and makes me sit under his desk ass naked no one can see me when I’m down there. Whenever he feels like it, he pulls his cock out and I know I must suck it hard and deep and not make a sound. He will cum over and over down my throat and during his break he will pull me out and bend me over his desk. He spanks me hard and fast until my ass is read and when he is ready, he sticks his fat cock deep in my ass. I know I must take all his cock and not make a noise as he fucks me deep and hard, I love when master takes me to work uses my ass and mouth whenever he wants. Specially how hard he pounds me and how he still has lots of hot gooey cum to fill it up with.  

Raped Fantasy And Shot

Extreme fetish phone sexI woke up to a gun in my face and someone tying me up. My panties and bra were ripped off, and I was told that I need to be quiet and do as I was told or I would be shot. Right away a cock was pulled out and I knew I had to suck it, I sucked it deep and hard hopping if I did it right that he would cum and leave. He pushed me down on my back, as he spread my legs open, he pointed the gun to my face and started shoving his cock in my pussy. I tried to fight back and Bang! He shot me on my shoulder the pain was unbearable so I just let him do what he wanted. He pumped his fat cock in me hard and fast, he bite my nipple as I felt him cumming in me. I couldn’t believe he was leaving his seed in me, I cried hoping he would leave but he just turned me around shoved his fingers inside my cunt and scooped out some of his cum. He rubbed it on my ass and I felt his hard cock being pushed into my ass. He started pumping my ass hard I just laid there and took it, as I heard a big pop, I felt the hair leaving me and the room going dark I heard him moan again and I knew he came hard.

Spank Me Please

Bare bottom spankings are one of my favorite, I love how it feels when your hand hits my bare ass. The sting it leaves behind sends a shock all the way to my pussy. It only makes me want more and more, I love when you use other things to spank me like paddles or floggers but I love when you get inventive and use other things you find around. It reminds me of the time you used a metal spatula on me, every time it hit my bare ass it left the outline and marks. The pain the metal gave had me dripping wet you used it to make my pussy cum so hard and turned you on so much you fucked me doggy style. Ramming your fat cock in me while spanking me, you love seeing my ass red even sometimes bleed. You love cumming all over my ass after it is sore from the spankings and rubbing you cum into my skin. Spanking phone sex

Sold For A Gang Bang

My master sold me for a gang bang party. When he told me about it, he was balls deep in my mouth I couldn’t speak I just nodded in agreeance. It made him so happy he started playing and fingering my pussy it felt so good I came all over his fingers. When he got to the party, he had me undress and stand in the center of the party. He whipped me with a leather flogger while showing off my body, the excitement of knowing I was about to be used by whoever wants a piece of me had my pussy dripping wet. As the first batch of cock started walking towards me, I could see my master was hard stroking his cock already. I wanted to make him proud so I opened my mouth I went straight to sucking any dick around me I used my hands to play with balls and before I knew it there was a fat cock being plunged in my pussy. I didn’t stop sucking until I felt cum filling my mouth and then my pussy, lucky me it felt so good I reached orgasm right away. I took cock after cock in all my holes until I just laid there and they just came and used my dead like body. My master was very pleased with me. 

Gangbang phone sex

Cock And Anal For Lunch!!

Cock and anal is on the menu for lunch with a side of rope play just like I like it. My master is the best he ties me up nice and tight so when I move the rope will burn me or even rip my skin. He told me I better be hungry he had some cock meat ready for me. Like the good whore slut, I am I opened my mouth and got ready for him to ram his fat hard cock in it. As soon as he was deep in my throat, he started slapping my face and spanking my ass until red, he like seeing me in pain makes his dick drip even more. Before he fucks me, he likes to paddle me with his wooden ruler until my ass and pussy are sore. When I can’t take anymore, he lifts my ass up and plunges his throbbing cock deep in my ass no lube or anything he likes hearing me scream out in pain, but he knows like a good whore it makes my pussy cream up. If he is nice to me while he pounds my ass right before he cums he will finger my pussy until I orgasm too! 

Cock worshipping

Surprise From Master

Bondage chat

My master surprised me with clamps I was nervous but very excited to try it. He first started by clamping my big nipples he did it so tight they were red very quickly. Then he clamped my clit something I have never had the pain shot all throw me and started making me drip as soon as he noticed he clamp my pussy lips too! With my arms and hands tied I couldn’t move without feeling the burn of a rope, which only cause me to want to please my master more. So, I opened my mouth up like a good whore and let him shove his hard cock in me. Master brought a new special toy for me to try, a horse dick dildo. While I sucked his fat cock, he shoved that big horse dick in my dripping cunt, he pounded my mouth while pounding my pussy and when I felt his balls unloading all his jizz in my mouth I couldn’t help but cum too my pussy loves when I get to taste his cum. 

Tied up And Used

My pussy was so sore and tired from being used up like the slut I am, that I begged my master to please fuck my ass that my pussy couldn’t take it anymore. He laughed and kept pounding me harder and harder, I couldn’t take it so I laid quietly embracing every hard pound. Since I was being a good girl taking it, he told he would reward me and fuck my ass. As soon as he said that he shoved his hard cock fast and deep in my ass the pain was tolerable so I started getting wet from the pounding he smacked my ass hard a few times and pulled on my nipples. Being tied up stopped me from being able to do anything but take his hard pounding. Stroke after stroke I could feel him opening my ass up, he then stuck 4 fingers deep in my cunt and as he pounded my ass, he fingered my pussy the pain was too much for me to handle but then thankfully he moaned and filled my ass up as I felt the cum drip out my as I was relieved it was over. 


Submissive slut


Home Invasion

Bondage whore I opened the door and all I saw was a rag on my face, the next thing I know I woke naked hog tied and blind folded on the floor. I heard a voice tell me how he will be using me in any way he wants until his balls are nice and empty. Every time I moved the rope got tighter on my pussy and around my thighs. Before I could try to flip over a big fat cock was shoved in my mouth. He took a hand full of hair and used it to move my head just like he wanted, he played with his balls while shoving his dick deeper and then I felt it the pulse of the cum rushing up his dick and into my mouth he held me there until every dropped was going down my throat. I thought it was all over until I felt his fingers push right into my pussy, as scared as I was it felt so good him digging deep inside me, I felt my pussy getting wet. I was wanting him to fuck me by now the rope rubbing on my skin the taste of his cum in my mouth I started feeling like a bitch in heat. I begged him to fuck me to please make me cum, I heard a laugh and with one plunge he was balls deep inside me. Pump after pump I felt the rope burn me in different spots it felt so good, I let out a moan and came all over his dick, my pussy pumped on his and he started pumping in me holding my hips in place. He untied my feet I waited for a few minutes hoping he was going to finish untying me, but it was dead silent. I managed to remove the blind fold. I looked around but there was no one around. 

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