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Waited For My Punishment

Bondage whore

I was waiting for master to use and abuse me he had tied me up and left for work so I was bound until he got home, but I was horny so i wiggled my hand out to be able to finger my cunt until I came. When you got home you saw I had been naughty and I knew you were going to punish me. Thinking about my previous punishments it got me even hornier. You got your favorite paddle and you paddled me a few times on my ass. I started begging you to please fuck me and make me cum again. As you chuckled you shoved your cock in my wet dripping cunt. You took your belt and wrapped it around my neck ass you pounded me hard you tightened it up. You pulled your cock out of gooey wet cunt and shoved it deep in my ass. As you stretched my asshole with your big cock you tightened the belt around my neck more. I could fill my body going limp as I felt you fill my ass up with your hot gooey load.  

He Broke In And Fucked Me

Female bondage

I was in deep sleep when I woke up to a man holding me down and covering my mouth. I tried to fight back but he had already tied my feet and wrists. He slapped me as he told me not to try anything. I looked around and saw my window was broken and that he had a knife, that is when I knew I had to do as he asked. He called me bitch and told me to open my mouth wide he then shoved his cock deep in my mouth making me gag and nearly throw up. He pinched and pulled my nipples as he face fucked me hard until I had tears running down my face. He then pulled out his cock and pushed me on my stomach, as he rammed his cock deep in my ass, he moaned how lucky he was for breaking into a whore’s house at the perfect moment. He kept pounding me until he filled my ass up. He punched me in the face and I blacked out just to wake up naked on the floor.  

Enjoying Being A Submissive Whore

Cock worshiping

Being a submissive whore is something I enjoy the most. Seeing the look in my master’s face when he ties me up or paddles me on my bare bottom is such a turn on makes me my cunt wet and dripping. I love the way the rope feels when it rubs and burns my skin. When you paddle me and make my ass red, I know you can see my wetness coming from my pussy. When you finger me. it drives me wild and I wiggle. Which makes the rope tighter and burn me more. I just want to have you stick your cock deep in my cunt. Use my holes master, just the way you use my body and make it hurt so good. It will feel so good when I finally get to feel your cock in one of my holes. If I’m lucky you will pick my asshole. When you fuck my asshole, the beast comes out of you. You make the best sounds and get so deep right before you fill it up with your hot gooey nut.  

Fucked By A Machine

BDSM chat

My master gave me a great treat, he brought a sex machine for me to get fucked by. I was tied up and a bit elevated from the ground, and the machines bit fat cock was pointed straight up into my pussy. Before turning on the machine he flogged me. Seeing my skin with mars and red turned him on and would have him trembling. Right as my pussy started dripping from the flogging, he started the machine up. And with one plug the big fat dildo was being pushed up into me. He pushed another button and then it started vibrating. As it pumped me it is vibrated, it felt so good all I wanted to do I squirt all over but master told me I must hold it. He pushed the button again and this time the dildo was thrusting up in me faster and faster. I couldn’t take it so I begged master to please let me cum now. He screamed for me to cum hard and squirt my juices as he pushed another button and the machine was going at full speed. That night I squirted the hardest I had ever.  

Trained The Right Way

This slut has been trained right!

Golden shower phone sex

Master makes me clean on my hands and knees naked. While I clean, he likes to paddle me or whip me whenever he feels like it. He might pull his cock out and make me suck it just because I’m obeying just as he likes. He will piss on the floor and make me clean it up while he fingers my pussy and makes me tell him how much I enjoy cleaning his piss. If I have didn’t clean to his liking, he will piss all over me and comes in while I shower and finger fucks my ass. I have thought about not being a submissive but I love how master disciplines me and keeps me in my place specially when he rewards me with his big fat cock. I love when he sticks it in me. Whichever hole he picks I will love it just feels good when he pounds away at me and fills me with his cum.  

Good Submissive Whore

Knowing how to be a good submissive whore came easy to me. It turns me on when you call me your filthy whore or dirty slut turn me on and gets me wet. Slapping me around and taking your frustrations out on me is what my body needs sometimes. My holes are yours so doing whatever you ask for only excites me more. My master ever loans me out to anyone who pays the top dollar. He even watches to make sure I’m being the perfect submissive slut he trained. Since I know he is watching I’ll make sure I suck your cock deep down my throat and make sure I swallow every drop of cum you want me to. Master loves it when you abuse my holes.

Cum slut phone sex

I love pleasing master and when you shove your cock in me, I make sure to take it even if it hurts. Like when you shove it hard and deep in my ass, the pain that shoots through my body gives me the energy to fuck you cock hard. As I fuck your throbbing cock with my ass, I look at master to see how pleased he is. Since he looks so happy it makes me cum hard and fast. That is when I go harder and the moment, I feel you filling my ass up I know I did a good job for my master.  

Masters Loaned His Whore

Submissive sex

I was born to a bondage whore. I was forced and made to love it at a young age by my daddy. The master I have now is the best at using and abusing my body for his pleasure. He loves loaning me out to men. The last one I had to see had a big black monster cock. When it was hard the veins popped out. The sounds he made as he spanked my bare bottom with a paddle made me dripping wet. When he fucked my mouth, he made sure to go in slow so I could feel every inch and savor every flavor of him. He is the boss and when the boss says to lick his ass, I made sure to do it right. I wanted my master to know I was being a good cum slave. As soon as he was ready, he bent me over and pushed his thick black cock in me. I could feel it hit the back of my walls. I didn’t think I would be able to take all of him but he forced it in pump after pump. I enjoyed the way he used my body but especially when he filled my cunt up with his nut, it was so much it oozed out of me all the way down my leg. Master rewarded me for doing a good job. 

Punished By Daddy

Slave training I was being a mischievous child not listening in class or playing nice during recess. I knew daddy was going to be upset with me, I just had no idea how we would be punishing me. When he got home, he went in my room and right away smacked me on my face and laid me on his lap. He pulled my dress up and pulled my panties down, he spanked me hard over and over until my ass was sore and red. As I cried, he spread my legs and told me he wasn’t done with me that I was going to learn to be a good girl. He stuck his finger in my ass and started pumping it in and out of me. As I squirmed, he spanked me hard again. I learned not to move and just let him punish me. He grabbed me by my hair and put me on my knees. As he pulled his cock out, he slapped me and made it clear I better open my mouth and let him use it. He pumped his cock in and out my mouth chocking me as it went deep. He picked me up and spit on his hand rubbing it on my little cunt hole. With one hard push he shoved me down on his throbbing cock. I couldn’t scream or cry he was covering my mouth. As he ripped me open, he told me I would be a good girl and listen from now on. I knew that I had to do as he said, before I knew it his cock was pumping juices in me. Now I love when daddy or any other man punishes me and uses me.  

Went To Work With Master

Erotic BDSM storiesI’m a pain slut I love being used and abused by my master; he takes me along with him to work and makes me sit under his desk ass naked no one can see me when I’m down there. Whenever he feels like it, he pulls his cock out and I know I must suck it hard and deep and not make a sound. He will cum over and over down my throat and during his break he will pull me out and bend me over his desk. He spanks me hard and fast until my ass is read and when he is ready, he sticks his fat cock deep in my ass. I know I must take all his cock and not make a noise as he fucks me deep and hard, I love when master takes me to work uses my ass and mouth whenever he wants. Specially how hard he pounds me and how he still has lots of hot gooey cum to fill it up with.  

Raped Fantasy And Shot

Extreme fetish phone sexI woke up to a gun in my face and someone tying me up. My panties and bra were ripped off, and I was told that I need to be quiet and do as I was told or I would be shot. Right away a cock was pulled out and I knew I had to suck it, I sucked it deep and hard hopping if I did it right that he would cum and leave. He pushed me down on my back, as he spread my legs open, he pointed the gun to my face and started shoving his cock in my pussy. I tried to fight back and Bang! He shot me on my shoulder the pain was unbearable so I just let him do what he wanted. He pumped his fat cock in me hard and fast, he bite my nipple as I felt him cumming in me. I couldn’t believe he was leaving his seed in me, I cried hoping he would leave but he just turned me around shoved his fingers inside my cunt and scooped out some of his cum. He rubbed it on my ass and I felt his hard cock being pushed into my ass. He started pumping my ass hard I just laid there and took it, as I heard a big pop, I felt the hair leaving me and the room going dark I heard him moan again and I knew he came hard.

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