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Bondage whore gets used by big bro

I am the Bondage whore master needs. I was raised being tied up and used since a young age. My brother used to use my jump rope to tie my hands behind my back. Then he would pinch and twist my little nipples. “It hurts please no more,” I whimpered but my brother didn’t care. ” Shut up, baby’s mom is at work, and we are here alone” he responds, and he slips my panties off.

After that he started rubbing my cunty. If I tried to move the rope would burn my wrists. That is when I learned to stay in my place and let him use me like he wanted. After a bit my brother pulled his big peepee out and slammed it in my mouth. He didn’t care when I could barely breathe. All he cared about was using my mouth to make his cock meat bust.

Bondage whore

“Swallow my load sis” is all he said as he started pumping his semen inside my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could into my tummy. “Can you untie me now bro?” “No, not until you agree to be my Submissive Whore”. Since I was tied up with a tummy full of cum, I knew I wasn’t going to get out unless I agreed. “Okay, I will be your subby sis”. Finally, he smiled and untied me, “go clean up before mom gets home”. He ordered me to do, and I did it, I belong to him now. 

Slave training for my master is what he showed his friends

Part of my Slave training consists of having to clean all of my master’s mess. Last night his friends and him were partying so much they started using me as their urinal. My master started calling me their golden shower whore. First my master would spread my legs and show my slut pussy to his friends. While he slapped me all over and even my cunt, he wanted them to see how wet it gets me.

Slave training

He can feel that I am embarrassed, but he doesn’t care. His friends laugh every time he abuses me because my cunt starts twitching. “You filthy bitch get on your knees”, I always do what my master commands of me. Once on my knees my master took his pants off and bent over in front of me and spread your ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking,”lick my ass you worthless whore”. My tongue was wiggling on his ass hard as he laughed with his friends.

Master always likes to show me what my place in the world is. “Come on bitch show my friends how good you can make me cum. Finally, I had the energy to encourage me to lick his asshole harder that is all my master needed. As he stood up and sprayed my face with his thick load of semen, he moaned out “good job whore, now you have my friend’s ass to lick”. They all cheered, and I knew by morning time my tongue would be numb. 

Bare bottom spankings from my master make me feel worthy

-I’m a worthless whore and sometimes Bare bottom spankings aren’t enough for my master. Sometimes he needs to beat me until i piss myself like a worthless dogbitch. He used his thick wooden paddle on my bare ass until it was red and swollen but that wasn’t enough. You clamped my nipples and pussy lips really hard. Next was your whip, you love whipping my nipples and making me beg for more. “Please master give me more, I love being worthy of your torture”.

That is what you need to hear to whip me over and over until my whole body is marked up. “Thank you master for giving me such a good beating”. Is how I plied as my body trembled. When my master notches my body trembling, I can tell he is very pleased by the tent in his pants. That gives me hope that I can be useful to my master. “Master, could I please show you how worthy I am to be your pet?” I whisper and then just open my mouth.

Bare bottom spankings

When my master pulls his cock out my pussy gets excited. Even when he slaps my mouth with his rod, I thank him. After a few more slaps master finally rewards me by hate fucking my mouth. It is his way of showing me I have some use. With tears running down my face I try my best not to pass out when his dick meat is balls deep in my throat. Then I feel my master squeeze my neck as his cock starts pumping semen into my belly. As he pulls his cock out and I start to pass out I whisper, “thank you master”. 

Rape phone sex fantasies made into a whore

I have been used for Rape phone sex fantasies that I learned to be submissive. It has been easier that way. Finally, I met a master who was using me in the ways I needed to. The beatings I got were always earned. My master even rewards me with fun tasks, like milking him through his prostate. Master, could I please lick your ass? The grin that you had showing told me you would reward me tonight. Like usual I got in position for you to tie me up. Please master, could I make a request?

Wham the sound of your hand hitting my face reminded me of my place and I quickly apologized. My eyes followed you as you grabbed your whip. When your whip hits my skin, the pain my body feels reminds me of what a worthless whore I am. Then I open my mouth to signal my master that I am ready for my reward. First my throat will get punished for speaking out of term. Please master, give me more, don’t stop until you think I am worthy to give you Prostate milking. Finally, after lots of whippings to my skin you spread your ass and sat on my face.

Rape phone sex fantasies

I stuck my tongue out and started licking your asshole like my life depended on it. Many times, it did, but now with you as my master I can look forward to getting your approval. “Come on worthless whore”, “make me cum”. Hearing you say that gave me the kick in the ass I needed to lick you even harder and deeper. When you moan out, I know I am doing a good job, I don’t even care if the rope is burning my skin as you ride my face. “Here it comes whore”. You moan out as you start spraying my face with semen. Thank you master, for making me worthy of your ass and cum load.

Bare bottom spankings are for punishments

When I get out of line, I always get Bare bottom spankings. Part of my training is to not speak unless I am spoken to. My worthless body needed water while tied up and I made the mistake of asking for it. The sting I felt on my face when my master slapped me reminded me of what my place should be. My master did think so, “I told you to shut the fuck up until you are spoken to slave”. “Now your body will know what happens to disobedient whores”.

bare bottom spankings

The paddle hits my bare ass so hard it makes my body jump. I didn’t say a peep, even when my master hit me over and over again. Then my master ordered me to beg for his forgiveness and I did. Please master forgive me for being a weak stupid slut and asking for water. If I can do anything to show you that I am worthless and deserve forgiveness I will do it. My master’s paddle kept hitting my ass and I thought I was going to pass out. What a good master, he decided to spare my ass for a bit and started abusing my throat.

His hard cock fucking my throat deep made me feel lucky to be able to be worthy of my master’s cock, even if I was choking. After I was about to pass out from his cock in my throat, my master bent over and spread his ass cheeks. “Prostate milking time bitch, eat my ass until I nut”. “Show me you are worth something and make me happy”. That gave me the energy to flick and pump my tongue deep in my master’s ass. His balls tightened up and then his thick gooey semen was spraying my face. I felt like I earned my forgiveness.

Submissive Whore gets new owner

I ‘m a Submissive Whore in the market for a new owner. There will always be a way for me to know if you are perfect. Being put in my place is easy but can you take care of me like your personal kept pet. You are taking me in like a stray dog bitch. Make sure you have a cage set up for me. Once you see me the look in your eyes makes me bow down right away. Your alpha energy will overpower me.

Submissive Whore

Pick what I eat, and I don’t eat until you tell me to. Later we get to your place, you touch my shoulder firmly and make me undress. With a kiss on the forehead, he made me get on my knees. Watching my new owner walk around me giving me instructions had me dazed. I was shocked back into reality when your hand smacked me across the face. “Bitch, wake up and pay attention”! All I felt was the heat coming off my face and my cheek swelling up.

Never again will I make sure I daze off like that master. I beg for you to forgive me; I’ll do anything for you to let me show you I am worthy to be your property.  With a smile on your face you pulled your rope out. “You will be a good Bondage whore and do as I say.  You will earn a place in that cage”. The rope starts rubbing against my skin as you tie them behind my back. Just open your mouth, stick your tongue out and lick my asshole until I blow my load

Like a good obedient bitch, I will do as you command. I was wiggling my tongue as hard as I could, but I must not have gone deep enough because you grabbed my head and slammed your ass on my mouth more. I was taught that to please you i better tongue fuck your ass really well. Before you were going to cum you turned around sprayed my face calling me good slave hoe and telling me i earned my place.

Bukkake phone sex with nasty Bondage whore for master

My master has me get on Bukkake phone sex every Friday to find dominant men to come over and have me dripping with thick semen loads. He likes to make sure I know I am a worthless whore. The ropes come out and I get into position like I was trained, every whore knows to be in line. When he ties me up for some bukkake fun, he makes sure the ropes are on tight and I can’t move my arms.

If I do, the rope burns and cuts me. Once everyone is there master makes a speech about his slave bitch and how I must end up used, dripping with semen for him to be pleased. I was ready to make sure I did my part for my master. His pleasures are all I care about so I opened my mouth and let them abuse it. Even when I choked and almost threw up all over myself, I took their dicks deep.

Bukkake phone sex

My master watched as I got throat fucked and whipped me, to make sure I knew he was watching me very closely. I was very tired, he noticed. He pulled me up by my neck and slapped my face hard making sure I knew to be spry. My mouth went into overdrive, I sucked their dicks faster and deeper. One by one they started cumming on my face. Strings of thick cum started dripping from my eyes and face.

It was hard to see my master, but he was smiling so I knew I was pleasing him. Finally, I felt master whip my back until it started getting numb as he pissed all over me. All of them cheered and after the piss washed some of the cum off my face, I could see my master had a great big grin. Hopefully he uses my holes later, as long as I play good Bondage whore my master will let me keep worshiping him. 

Bondage and submisson and anything my master needs

If you know your master you know the way to his good side is Bondage and submission. You must stay in your place especially when my master has company. I must stay in my cage face down and ass in the air. He wants my best assets visible and at his disposal for when he is ready to use me. There’re moments when I wiggle it in the air and I am hoping for my master or his friend will notice and want to fuck me. I am my master worthless whore, and he only fucks my holes after he has tortured them after a long day. He spanks my bare ass and will even hit my cunt with the paddle. Finally, I was noticed and my master pulled me out of the cage. As I crawled around my master spoke about obedience and showed off my holes to his friend while tying my hands behind my back. He commanded me to open my mouth and as soon as I opened my mouth my master shoved his cock deep down my throat. My master grabbed me by the throat and used it to jack his cock off as he called me a good obedient Submissive Whore. My master’s guest cheered him on and when he was ready to cum, he sprayed my face with his load. He winked at me, untied me and told me to lick what I could up and to get in my cage.

Bondage and submissionI was just happy to have one of my holes used and I fed myself off the semen I could while crawling to my cage.

Spanking chat for me is what master had in mind

My master made me get on Spanking chat to find other doms to come over and spank my ass for him to watch until he was ready to use me too. He likes to see me squirm and in pain. I found a handful of bbc dom bulls and my master was pleased. Before they got there my master tied me up and put me in the best bondage position to get my ass beat. One by one they came in and my master just showed them to me. I was bent over and spread open like a worthless whore. They took turns using my worthless slut mouth and my master enjoyed every tear that streamed down my face.

Spanking chat

My master showed them all the bbc doms his tools. They picked their favorite and one took the first lashing to my bare ass. They all cheered and took their turn. After the first ten i was shaking and my ass was already feeling sore and welted. My master came up to me and smiled, calling me a good whore after forcing his cock down my throat. As he fucked my throat, he used his whip on my bare body. I couldn’t take it anymore; I felt the blood starting to rush out of me. My master got behind me as everyone cheered. My master fucked my ass hard and giving me Bare bottom spankings while filling up my asshole with his thick nut. The night didn’t end until they all had filled my asshole.

Bare bottom spankings for a good Bondage whore

My master was tired of just giving Bare bottom spankings. My ass was sore and welted but it started getting my cunt wet during punishments. Master came up with a new better punishment.

Bare bottom spankings

He tied me up and made sure my legs were wide open ready for my cunt to be abused. He had a shock wand and he was going to use it all over my body. He had a smirk on his face, which told me that he was happy and very excited to hurt me. He started on my breasts and the first shock made me yelp out. When I did he slapped my stupid mouth and reminded me that I was made to take his abuse. I made sure when he shocked my tits again to not whimper and just beg for more. He loved hearing his worthless Bondage whore begging to get shocked more. He slid his wand in between my thighs and then my pussy lips. He pushed it deep inside me, with a big smile he pushed the button on the wand. My body shook as I felt the electricity flowing through my body from my pussy. It was painful and electrifying so much that I pissed myself. My master laughed and pissed all over me too. He left me tied up to dry off so he can use me more later.