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Bondage whore love Bare bottom spankings from Master every night

I love being a Bondage whore for my master.

Bondage whore


The rope he uses really burns me and leaves marks but i don’t care i call them my love marks. When he tied me up my cunt started dripping and when he notices he laughs at what a dirty slut i am. My master pulls his cock out and slaps me with it. I am just happy to be able to feel his cock, that I open my mouth right away. He shoves his cock so far down my throat that it makes me choke. I can feel his cock starting to leak his pre-cum and that is when he bends me over his knee. His cock pokes up at my belly as my master gives me Bare bottom spankings with his hand until my ass is red and swollen and my pussy is dripping. Cock worshiping is what I will do for my master and his spankings only motivate me even more. He will rub his cock all over my face making it drip with his pre-cum. As my master face fucks me the rope just burns me and even makes me bleed in some areas. But I won’t stop sucking his cock and making sure I will milk him for every drop of cum that he has in his big balls. When he finally fills my mouth up, I make sure to swallow every drop like a good slut.

Gift From Master Turned To a Fun Punishment With Bare Bottom Spankings

Bare bottom spankings

My master rewarded me for the gangbang I did for him and his friends and got me a new toy. He tied me up to my favorite spanking table. Like our normal routine he gave me Bare bottom spankings until my ass was red and swollen and I had tears streaming down my face. That is when he pulled out a big metal dildo. He told me he was going to use Mr. Tinmans cock to fuck my pussy hole open. He rammed that metal dildo inside me while pulling on the rope tied around my neck. It felt like I had a metal bat inside my cunt. My master laughed out loud as he heard me gasping for air while he was ripping my pussy hole open. He was trying to force me to cum before I passed out. I really wanted to, but I passed out. He woke me up by showing my new friend Mr. Tinmans cock in my asshole. Now he was going to punish me for not cumming when he wanted me to. He ripped my asshole open until I could smell the scent of blood. Then he pulled it out, shoved it in my cunt and pushed cock in my ass using my blood as lube. He fucked my holes until I squirted on my new toy he got me. Once I came, I felt his cock pumping semen inside my bloody asshole. I have had enough Slave training to know I was going to spend the rest of the night cleaning his cock and balls before he puts me back in my cage. I am a good Submissive Whore for master. 

Bondage And Submission Is Part OF My Slave Training

Bondage and submission

My Master gave me a good Bondage and submission treat. He had bought a new rope and paddle. I knew then he was going to have me on my knees, crying like a whimpering bitch. I decided to say thank you and before I could finish speaking my master had backhandedly slapped my face. My cheek turned hot, and he very calmly told me to only speak when spoken to. I nodded and smiled. It is easy to submit to my master since he has broken me and giving me all the Slave training i have needed. He tied my hands up and then the rest of my body so tight the rope was burning me if I moved any. The paddle he had gotten was wood and thick, so I was getting myself ready to not be able to walk right. While in bondage my master paddled me and every time, he paddles me I had to thank him and ask him for more. He didn’t stop until I had tears streaming down my face and I could barely breathe. Then he pulled his cock out slapped me with it and faced fucked me until I swallowed every drop of his thick baby nectar. I am so happy to be his submissive Bondage whore.

Erotic Bondage Stories For Horny Submissive Whore

Erotic bondage stories get my Submissive Whore pussy wet. Because I am used to my master putting me in bondage and using me. Tonight, he didn’t hesitate to give me my Bare bottom spankings until my ass was red and welted. But it didn’t end there his friends walked in and I knew I was in for it.

Erotic bondage stories

They all had their cocks in their hands. They forced their cocks in my mouth deep down my throat until I choked. I could barely breathe, and I had tears running down my face and all my master was doing was smiling and giving me more bare bottom spankings. The ropes from my light bondage were burning my skin with every stroke they gave my mouth. Finally, bukkake style they all started busting their loads all over me. I felt embarrassed for a moment as I laid there covered in thick jizz, but then I saw my master’s face and he had a smile that told me he was pleased. Like a good Submissive Whore, I thanked my master and his friends for their bukkake style nut shower.

Bondage And Submission For Bondage Whore

Bondage and submission are what this bondage whore wanted. I was going to do some Cock worshiping and anything my master wanted as long as he took me out of my cage. I missed him tying me up and making me submit to him. I just wanted him to rub his cock on my face and even slap me with it. It makes my cunt wet and dripping when I know he will use me. He ties my legs open and will shock my cunt until I piss all over myself, then he fucks my throat until i can’t breathe. It makes his cock leak watching me submit to him and suffocate on his dick. I take it in the hopes that my master will fuck me with his hard dick. Most of the time he drowns me with his cum and then pisses on me before putting me back in my cage. Tonight, was different. He got behind me and rubbed his cock in my cunt. He told me he knew I was going to be in heat like his dog bitch and he was going to use me before I bled all over my cage.

Bondage and submission

He stuck his hard cock in my cunt and my knees went limp. I started squirting all over my master’s cock and he just laughed calling me a Submissive Whore who needs cock to live as he filled me up with his semen.

Bondage Whore Gets Bare Bottom Spankings And A Bukkake Surprise

It is easy being a Bondage whore for my master. He will give me Bare bottom spankings until I can’t take it anymore. It makes his cock hard seeing me squirm and my ass welted. Then he fucks my face until i swallow very drop. But this time it was different. His business partner and a few friends walked in with their dicks at hand.

Bondage whore

They all took turns slapping me with their cock and forcing it down my throat, it didn’t matter if I couldn’t breathe. They just kept going until my master said it was time and they all got in a circle around me. With their cocks in hand, they kept jacking off in my face, my master just smiled as they started blasting their cum all over me, they showered me with their thick gooey nut. With my face full of nut, my m aster got behind me and started fucking my asshole in front of his friends. They all cheered as he abused my ass for their enjoyment. My master loves showing off his Submissive Wore and how I am just there for him to use, perfect for Bondage and submission. 

Submissive Whore Gives Master Some Prostate Milking

Prostate milking was what I had for dinner. My master loves Cock worshiping and Bondage and submission. Tonight, he tied my hands and the rest of the rope he tied around my neck making a noose he held on to it as he climbed my face. When he gets cock worshiping from me it gets my pussy wet but i couldn’t reach down without making the rope tighter on my neck. He rubbed his cock all over my face making it hard, quickly I sucked it into my mouth and the master moaned out with pleasure. It made my cunt even more juicy but i still couldn’t touch it, master likes to torture me. He scooted up, grinding his balls on my face, until his asshole was right on my face.

Prostate milking

I knew that meant he wanted some prostate milking and I love to please my master. It is my job as a submissive whore, so I stuck my tongue right on his asshole and licked hard and fast. I could feel he was jacking his cock off on my face as I wiggled my tongue on his prostate hard making sure I would get every drop out of his balls. He started pulling on the noose around my neck as he grinded his asshole on my mouth. I could barely breathe. I thought I was going to pass out and that is when my master’s body tensed up and he started splashing cum all on my head and face. He was so spent from the prostate milking he just left me tied up with a face full of cum when he went to bed.

Cock Worshiping Is What This Submissive Whore Is Good At

When my master has a bad day, I know it will be doing some Cock worshiping and he will be giving me Bare bottom spanking until my ass is welted. I get myself ready as a Submissive Whore who knows to take whatever her master has for her with a smile.

Cock worshiping

I got on all fours like a dog bitch slut. I wiggled my ass in the air letting my master know that I was ready. When the paddle hit my bare ass, it made my body shake and it let me know how bad of a day he had. The harder the hit is the level of a bad day he had. He kept going until I fell on my tummy. That is when he just mounted me and spread my legs. He forced his cock in my asshole and hate fucked my ass. I didn’t say a peep as he rough fucked my asshole open while choking me. I just wanted to be a good Submissive Whore for my master and take all the Bare bottom spankings he wanted to give me. Plus, every inch of his cock in my asshole. As he choked me, I could barely breathe and that is when I felt his cock pump his nut inside me. He got up and told me to go to my cage. I crawled over to it knowing I had made master’s day better by being a good Submissive Whore.

Cock Worshiping Submissive Whore Makes Master Happy

Cock worshiping is what I am best at. I know I am a Submissive whore, and my job is to serve my master. Every night he tied me up in his favorite bondage knots and I got ready for some Bare bottom spankings. Master never goes easy on me, and my ass was swollen and red by the time I could see his cock poking out his pants.

Cock worshiping

That is when I knew he would untie me and want me on my knees. As a Submissive Whore I love being on my knees and rubbing my master’s cock all over my face smelling his balls and asshole before i lick it. I suck on his cock slowly just like he likes it. I make sure to give his big balls attention and suck on them, making sure they get nice and full. I love making sure I swallow his whole hard meat. It is my way to show my master how much I worship him. Ill suck his cock until he busts in my mouth, and I make sure to swallow every drop. If i’m lucky my master will let me sleep at the foot of his bed.

BDSM phone sex For Bare Bottom Spankings While Master Is Away

BDSM phone sex is what i sneak and get on when master is gone. He uses me for Bondage and submission when he needs to bust his nut. It is my job as a Submissive Whore to get all the Bare bottom spankings I can for my master. I’ll do all the cock worshiping i can for my master before he cums wherever he wants. Then he puts me back in my cage.

BDSM phone sex

I barely get to cum, but I know it isn’t about me. When he is gone if I haven’t gotten our furry friend to get me off yet I will break out of my cage and get on BDSM phone sex so I can hear you stroking your cock and telling me how you would give me Bare bottom spankings just like my master and abuse me with your cock before pissing all over me showing me what I was made to be. It is all i want my holes to be fucked and used until I cum so hard, that is why I am a Submissive whore who wants slave training. Once I get what I wanted, all the Erotic submissive stories I need to cum. I get back in my cage before my master comes home.