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submissive whore

As I washed the dried cum and blood from in between my legs all I could think about was how pleased master was with me. He had tied me up and whipped me until I was welted all over with a wet cunt. He made spread my legs and I felting his fingers slide in my dripping pussy. He didn’t stop until he had four fingers in my cunt and that is when I felt him push his thumb in there. He made a fist in my cunt and started pounding it in and out of me. He was going hard punching my insides as he told me how I am his Submissive whore and will be treated as a punching bag. I closed my eyes as I felt punch after punch into my wet cunt. Even after is felt blood dripping down my thighs he didn’t stop showing me he was in charge. It made him very happy and when he was ready to cum, he pulled his fist out of my cunt and sprayed his creamy nut in me. He then left until he was ready to do it again. 

I Know I’m Just A Cum dump

Cun slut phone sex

He loves that I am his Submissive whore. Being his cum dump is all I want. I am made for a master. Now that he is gone, I need a new master. I want you to use me in every way and fill me up making me you sexy cum bucket. I know I don’t deserve anything so whatever you give me I will take. If you had a long day, take it out on me. You can use anything, a paddle or just you hand and give all the bare bottom spankings you want. You can slap my face after as you shove your cock down my throat making me gag on it. I’ll take even when I can’t breathe. You can hate my pussy and asshole. I’ll just beg for more. If I’m lucky you will pound me hard over and over until you fill me yup with your hot gooey nut. It is all I want, for you to make me yours and show me who I belong to.  

Christmas Gifts Play Time

Erotic BDSM stories

I finally got to use my Christmas gifts from master. He knows I’m the perfect submissive whore and that I would and do anything to please him and his cock. He tied me down on a spanking bench and I just watched as he pulled out a paddle and long thick vibrator. He shoved the vibrator in my ass and turned it on full blast. Moaning into the ball gag is all I could do. I could feel my cunt dripping as my asshole was being stimulated. Then I felt the paddle hard on my ass, making me jump and then again seeing the joy in his face and his bulging cock excited me. He pulled his cock out and I sucked his dick deep just like master likes it. Once I felt his cock leaking, he went behind me and stuck his thick cock in my pussy. After he was pounding me for a while, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I squirted all over him and his dick. Squeezing him made his dick explode and he pumped his gooey nut in me. Master gabbed me a few more paddles and left me to relax before he gave me more.  

Submissive Whore Knows She Is Just A Cum Dumpster

I was tied up and gaged as he paddled me with his big wooden paddle, I could feel the welts forming on my skin. He loves hearing my muffled whimpers as he hits me over and over it makes his cock hard knowing I am his property, and he can do as he wants with me.

Cum slut phone sex

He rips my panties off and gives me one good paddle on my ass and pussy, making my skin burn. That makes his cock twitch, he shoves his cock deep in my cunt. He pounds me hard and fast making my cunt sorer after the paddle he gave me, he loves watching my body twitch. As he continues to fuck my cunt, he sticks his fingers in my ass making sure to use my holes hard. I’m just his cum dumpster and that is all I will ever be. Something for him to use and fuck until he dumps his cum all over me or all in me. He pounds me hard and finally he erupts deep inside my cunt filling me up with his gooey nit showing me all I am made for. He enjoys using his Submissive Whore cum dumpster.  

Submissive Whore Knows How To Take It

You can use all your tools on me, I am your Submissive Whore. I had had enough slave training that I know I must take anything you bring my way. When you pull out the rope, I get into position for you hog tie me.

Slave training

You pull out the metal horse cock dildo and shove it in my wet cunt. You love seeing me squirm as you shove it in and out. It gets your cock throbbing knowing I have to take anything you want because I am your worthless whore. That is when you shove your cock in my ass while pounding me with that metal horse cock. I just take your pounding it feels so good knowing you chose me for your cum dump fuck toy. The rope burning my skin as you pond away at me reminds me of who is in charge, you are! I can’t help but cum from knowing you own me, and you will pound every hole and fill them up. You then feel my pussy squeeze and cream your cock that just drives over the edge and makes you blast your nut in my ass. You then just leave me there until you are ready to use me again.  

Got A Stuffing For Thanksgiving

Cock worshiping

Master gave me a nice stuffing for Thanksgiving. I walked in with nothing but a coat on just as he ordered. He was there with two his best friends’, he signaled for me to come to him. I took my coat off and kneeled in front of him. He pulled his cock out and I sucked it deep down my throat like he likes. I was doing it just how he likes I didn’t notice his friend’s cock were coming towards my holes. I felt a hard dick shoved deep in me and start pounding me. Master told me to sit on his dick so I did and then his friend resumed fucking me but he had shoved his cock in my ass. His friend who had only been watching rubbed his cock on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and let him drip his precum on it. He then grabbed my head and pounded my mouth as my others holes were getting fucked. I was getting stuffed and filled with cum. When they were done filling me up master told me to get cleaned up and get my leash on that we were going for a walk. 

Being A Submissive Whore Is All I Want To Be

Cock worshiping

I was born to be a cock worshiping and cock sucking slut. I know I am supposed to take everything you have even the pain you need to give me. I know where my place is and if I forget you should put me on my place and remind me. In your life you are a strong dominant man and I know if you need to degrade me that I will take it. Just like the last time when you came over and just slapped my face and told me to get on my knees like a good slut. It turned my cunt on knowing you were going to fuck my face hard. I wanted you to use me and when you choked me as you face fucked me it got me wet and dripping. I closed my eyes and let you fuck my throat until I couldn’t even breath but I didn’t stop you and when I felt I was about to pass out, that is when you filled my throat up with all your cum. I fell and you just left letting me know I am just you worthless cum bucket.  

Settling Masters Debt

The Submissive Whore in me knows I must do what master asks for even if it means I’m getting gangbanged. Master liked playing poker but now he had some debt accumulated due to his poker hobby. He told he would be lending me off to the man he owes money to and that it would wipe hi debt clean.

Bukkake phone sex

I was picked up by a car and driven to a very nice big house I was given instructions to walk in and go straight to the back room. I did as I was instructed and when I saw what I was going to be dealing with it gave me chills down my body. I took my clothes of and like vultures they pounced me. One by one stick their throbbing cocks inside my holes ripping them and gapping them open. If I tried to scream, they stuck a cock down my throat. There was nothing I could do I had to pay for master’s debt or I knew it would be a worst punishment if I disappointed master. So I took every load, they even sprayed me bukkake style, i was drenched in cum. 

Master Uses Submissive Whore To Close Deals


Cum slut phone sex

My master benefited from having me as his Submissive Whore. He was a big-time business man and whenever he needed to close a deal, he brought me along. All the men always stared at me like I was a piece of meat and master knew he could use my holes to get him what he wanted. He set up a meeting with all the top guys. Master told me to be the good slut he trained and do take whatever came my way. I was blindfolded and tied up, since I was naked you could see that my nipples were hard and pussy was already leaking. The next thing I know I felt cocks rubbing me all over in my face shoulders tits everywhere as I was being pushed onto my knees. I knew these business men had rape fantasies by the way they shoved their cocks in my holes just ripping them as their cocks poked deep inside me. They slapped me with their cocks as they shoved them so far down my throat I gaged and chocked that made them cum and they made sure to make me swallow every drop. They did the same thing with my asshole and cunt they wanted to rip them open and pound their hard cocks deep in me, they didn’t stop until both my holes dripped with all their nut. Master closed his deals and got a bonus by using me. 

Shocked And Made To Swallow

Slave training

I didn’t know what he had in store for me until he pulled out a big metal dildo. I was naked and he tied my hands behind my back. He brought some alligator wooden clamps and started clamping them on me. He put one on each nipple, some on my ass one on each side on my cunt lips. He told me to open my slut mouth and I didn’t as master asked. He shoved his cock in my mouth deep as he turned on the metal dildo, he put it against my nipples and that is when I felt the shock. I didn’t know before that it was an electronic shock dildo. He did the same thing running down my body and as he got closer to my cunt, he kept fucking my mouth hard, it only got me wetter and wetter. He then stuck that electric shock dildo deep inside my cunt and turned it all the way up. The shock ran up my body through my wet cunt. He loved watching me squirm as he fucked my mouth with his thick hard cock and my cunt with the dildo so much, he came all in my mouth and I couldn’t help but squirt from all the electric shock the dildo gave me.  

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