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Tied up And Used

My pussy was so sore and tired from being used up like the slut I am, that I begged my master to please fuck my ass that my pussy couldn’t take it anymore. He laughed and kept pounding me harder and harder, I couldn’t take it so I laid quietly embracing every hard pound. Since I was being a good girl taking it, he told he would reward me and fuck my ass. As soon as he said that he shoved his hard cock fast and deep in my ass the pain was tolerable so I started getting wet from the pounding he smacked my ass hard a few times and pulled on my nipples. Being tied up stopped me from being able to do anything but take his hard pounding. Stroke after stroke I could feel him opening my ass up, he then stuck 4 fingers deep in my cunt and as he pounded my ass, he fingered my pussy the pain was too much for me to handle but then thankfully he moaned and filled my ass up as I felt the cum drip out my as I was relieved it was over. 


Submissive slut


Home Invasion

Bondage whore I opened the door and all I saw was a rag on my face, the next thing I know I woke naked hog tied and blind folded on the floor. I heard a voice tell me how he will be using me in any way he wants until his balls are nice and empty. Every time I moved the rope got tighter on my pussy and around my thighs. Before I could try to flip over a big fat cock was shoved in my mouth. He took a hand full of hair and used it to move my head just like he wanted, he played with his balls while shoving his dick deeper and then I felt it the pulse of the cum rushing up his dick and into my mouth he held me there until every dropped was going down my throat. I thought it was all over until I felt his fingers push right into my pussy, as scared as I was it felt so good him digging deep inside me, I felt my pussy getting wet. I was wanting him to fuck me by now the rope rubbing on my skin the taste of his cum in my mouth I started feeling like a bitch in heat. I begged him to fuck me to please make me cum, I heard a laugh and with one plunge he was balls deep inside me. Pump after pump I felt the rope burn me in different spots it felt so good, I let out a moan and came all over his dick, my pussy pumped on his and he started pumping in me holding my hips in place. He untied my feet I waited for a few minutes hoping he was going to finish untying me, but it was dead silent. I managed to remove the blind fold. I looked around but there was no one around. 

Scat phone sex

Scat phone sexScat phone sex Dorthy is who I am today. I am whatever I am told to be, and this is what my Master told me that I am to do today. I am scared, this man is huge and he has lots of devices that look very hardcore and extreme. He has me at his house, but apparently, we are going to a different room. There is something downstairs and soon I see it. There is nothing but a room made for sex and torture. This room is made with cages included, there are women in these cages and they are bound in all different ways. Some of them are blindfolded, some of them can’t speak at all. They are all very very very skinny. I start to panic, what is this place and what does he want from me? Soon I know, he puts me on a table and straps me down spread eagle. He gets himself over me and begins to shit all over my face. He has huge loads of shit that just keeps coming and coming out. He starts to rub it all over my face and my body, talking about what a fucking piece of literal shit I am. I am trying not to breathe or taste it but he makes sure I do by rubbing his cock in it and then putting it all the way down my throat over and over as he laughs and creams in the shitty mess he’s made on me. That was only the start though.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore I love being a Submissive Whore. I am turned on by being controlled, owned and degraded. I couldn’t ask for a better master he knows just how to treat me and I could never ask for more. Tonight is going to be a night that he will focus on hurting me and degrading and extreme torture for my tits as well. I love these kind of nights, he starves me all day and keeps me locked up with porn playing. He includes porn of me being fucked as well and I am chain in position, unable to move at all. I am 100% helpless and knowing that alone makes my pussy starts to get wetter and wetter. He leaves toys inside of me, really big ones and fucks my mouth when he wants. He uses whips on my tits and makes my nipples raw as I scream and scream which only eggs him on more. He is giving me a brutal fucking in both my holes and makes me gag as he shoves his fingers down my throat. He wraps his hands around my throat right before he cums choking me till I lose consciousness.

Whore Dorthy loves Bondage phone sex

Bondage phone sexMy Master has had me tied up all day long. He forces me to watch all types of porn all day, keeping me guessing what techniques he will be using on me that evening. It is no surprise to me that he is taking Bondage phone sex to a whole other level. He is constantly switching things up, making me wonder what my next torture or fucking will be like. He uses a different kind of bondage every day to keep his sex slave used to being taken advantage of in every way imaginable. The girls in the videos are always crying for help, but just like me, they are totally helpless. Unable to control their fate, just like me. I whine for my master to cum all day, getting turned on by some of the videos I see of some sluts tied up and being degraded. He knows I love it like that, nice fucking that makes me feel like the worthless fuck hole I am.

Submissive Whore

Submissive Whore“I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” I whimper under the heat of his hand beating me over and over again. I have made my master very angry. I have never seen him like this before and I don’t even know what I said or did to set him off. I just know it is my fault, and I am the one who has to pay for it. I cry as he beats my face black and blue. He attaches a metal collar around my neck and on each end is a metal cuff to attach each wrist. He sets me up like that and starts to fuck my mouth. Holding my nose to prevent me from breathing as he spits on my face and tells me how worthless I am. He sits on my face and has me clean his asshole, lick all over his sticky balls and suck every last inch of his rock hard dick. “You’re going to really fucking get it, bitch, I am far from done with you!” He screams at me and blows his load, ready to move to another torturous path.

BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex My Master and I have lived together for a few years now. We’ve been dating for a couple of years longer than that too, and over the course of that time, I’ve gotten to know my Dom really well. I’ve always been submissive and my Dom loves it. He also loves it when I call him Daddy, so I do that a lot too. He feeds my submissive side, nurtures it and strips me of my dignity. That’s brought out a different side of me that loves to tease him just to get some pain out of it. I love to drive him crazy and I know one of the things that really drives him mad and it always makes him have to fuck me. He loves my cum, and I love to fulfill his fetishes so I leave my dirty panties around the house for Daddy Dom to find. Whenever he gets home from work I try to make sure I’m in the shower or that I’ve found a reason to run-up to the store. He knows that’s his cue to look around the house because he’ll find a pair of my cum filled panties waiting for him. Well, that is, of course, permitting I am not locked up or caged up or something of the sort he doesn’t always let me out freely. Sometimes I’ll masturbate two and even three times a day to get my panties wet and cum filled as he likes. I think of how hard he’ll fuck me and how he’ll reward me when I get back to the house. That’s why I’ll always make sure to leave my cum filled panties around for him to find his perfect whore for life.

Submissive Whore

Submissive WhoreHave you ever seen that movie, Karla? Where this girl has a boyfriend and he turns her into his Submissive Whore, into a punching bag and abuses her in every way. He controls her, he owns her. Well, the point is the same thing happened to me. He was so nice at first, but eventually, he started asking me to scream while he fucked me, then he wanted to choke me, then he wanted to tie me up and soon after that he asked me to fulfill his rough forced fantasies. I did everything he asked and enjoyed it, to be honest. One day he asked me if I could steal something from work to drug my little sister up so he could fuck her. He knew she was a virgin. I agreed of course but I guess the dosage was too high so she never woke up. Nothing ever was suspected tho, but I think about how he fucked her so cruelly as she lay there lifelessly. That is what he wanted, that is what turned him on! And I was always ready to be his right hand, his accomplice, his fuck doll, his punching bag . his own personal Submissive slut.

Bukkake phone sex

Bukkake phone sex“Cum slut, cum dumpster, nasty fucking cum whore, come here it’s time to get that facial you’ve been asking to have. Oh, you meant a spa facial? That’s a shame, Dorthy, because you’re about to have the most hardcore Bukkake phone sex of your life!” He proceeded to slap me across my face a drag me into his special little whore room. The kind of room he can make any mess he wants, the kind of place that no matter how loudly I scream no one will hear me. He’s had this room set up with cameras all around filming, and I knew I was the star of his twisted fantasy. He started with of course fucking my mouth before he blew his first load all over my face. He wanted to stay there so he tied me up to where I couldn’t move my head at all and continued to drill me and degrade me. He was relentless with covering my face in his thick warm cum. He was there to drain them and my face was already a warm sticky mess. He told me to smile at the camera as he put another huge load on my face, only to warn me then that we were just getting started. He invited friends over to have a go at me, the ultimate bukkake loving cum whore.

BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sexThere’s nothing quite like BDSM phone sex. I can’t even imagine having my life any other way than being the obedient submissive fuck hole that I am at heart. I know my purpose in life, I know that I’m only good for my holes. I know that I am never in control and what I want will absolutely never ever matter. I love to be tied up, dominated and fucked senseless. I love bondage, submission, and a sadistic Dom to take me as he wishes. Slap me around, fuck all my holes until they are gaping and make me the cum dumpster of your dreams. If you want a bitch that will scream and beg for mercy, I can be that girl. If you want a silent whore that just takes what is given then I’m your girl. I need a Master to control me, fuck me till I pass out, tie me up so I can’t move, and abuse these holes like never before. Do you think you’re the Dom for me?

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