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Bondage submission

My master loves to humiliate me. He ties me up and takes pictures of me. He even records us as he makes me degrade myself. He love to do to it. He makes me post them online to show the world what a dirty cum whore I am. He makes me kiss and suck his toes. He makes me oink like a pig. He puts me in a collar and forces me to prance around like a bitch in heat. I will do anything to make my master happy.

Hardcore bondage

I will degrade myself, call myself names like stupid fat whore. He loves to video me as he uses me as his toilet. I am his submissive whore and I am proud to be it. I just want to make my master happy and If that means I have to do horrible things to myself I will. I post my pictures on tumblr and to make him happy. He loves the horrible comments you post. Help him humiliate me tonight!

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