Glory hole training

Submissive phone sex

My master took me on a trip. He said it was to reward me for being a good slave. I was so excited! I packed in a flash and was ready for my master. Waiting for his approval of my outfit but master just grabbed my bags and laughed at me. “Silly girl, we are on vacation.” He helped me up off the ground and into the car. He got me favorite drink for the ride! Pink Lemonade! There is a cooler full of pink lemonade! All for me! I kept pounding them down. They were so good! He said they were special for me and only me. All of the sudden about 4 hours into our drive I had to pee. I was about to explode and was begging my master to pull over. He started laughing “You better not piss yourself. If you do I will punish you.” I couldn’t hold it. “I put a diuretic in all of your precious pink lemonade.” I knew this was too good to be true. He wanted me to piss myself. He wanted to punish me. He kept passing each exit, each bathroom, I was dying. I finally begged and begged as I slowly lost control of my bladder. Releasing the warm piss all over myself in his car. He finally pulled over and dragged me out of the car.

Cum eating phone sex

Calling me a stupid piss whore. He made me go into this nasty looking truck stop in the back wood of West Virginia. I had to beg the cashier to hire me as a toilet. He laughed as he watched my master chain me to the toilet in the stall with holes all around. My master put a sign around my neck that said “Use me as your cum dumpster and you toilet.” Next thing I know a stinky black cock with cum oozing out of the tip slid through one of the holes. I had to suck his stink rotten smelling cock while he pissed down my throat. This is just the first day of our week long trip.. Today is Glory hole and toilet training.. I wonder what tomorrow has in store. 

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