Good subby fuckslut

Bondage chatI am so fucking delicious and I am dying to bring out the closeted dom daddy in you! Please show me how sensual and selfishly devious you are when you have your way with me. Strip me down butt ass naked and lay me on my belly. Tie my wrists and ankles together with some thick rope, I wanna feel my skin welting and burning from such invasive pressure. You own me. Play with my body and make me quiver. Use that leather whip and trace it down my spine as I moan with both pleasure and pain. Naughty play time with my dom daddy is my fucking favorite. I’ve been a very bad girl and I need to be taught a lesson for being so filthy. A subby daddy’s girl does whatever the fuck she is told, and I am a very good listener! I know that it’s been way too long since you’ve experienced a cum slut of my caliber, so please don’t have any mercy on me while you have me wrapped around your finger. Put those rough and devious ideas to work and turn me inside out while we have dirty bondage chat.

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