Helping Master

i was in my cage, naked, with only a collar awaiting Masters return. my cage is always kept in Masters bedroom. i could hear His van pull into the garage and turn off. i got very excited i was craving doing some cock worshiping. It had been all day since Master even let me look at that cock. And my worthless whore body was just aching for Masters cock. i heard the car doors open and then i could hear muffle screams. i knew that Master brought home a fuck toy to play with. Ah i love when Master does this makes my cunt raging wet. Hearing the struggle as Master forces her into the house. i could not help myself i started grinding my cunt on the bottom of the cage. Making a mess. The bedroom door flies open. The fuck toy thrown onto the bed. Crying, gagged with one of Masters dirty socks. He cuts her clothes off with a knife. i could see the terror in her eyes. Her body shivering. Master came over and unlocking my cage i crawled out and jumped onto the bed. Master was ready to play his cock already massive. I stripped Master out of His clothes. He hog tied her tightly with some rope. One of His favorite hardcore bondage positions to do to a worthless bitch. He took his knife marking her tits. The blood dripping down her flesh. Master leaving the knife on the bed where she could see it. The fear and pain expression all blended into on her face. Taking his cock jamming inside her ass. Master told me to get the chloroform. Which i did promptly. Helping Master apply to her face . suffocating her. When she wakes up she will be bruised, cut open, naked, with only a collar, in a cage. Just like me!Submissive phone sex

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