I Wanted It

Rape phone sex fantasies

“Shhh,” he said. “You’re all right, just be a good girl and this will all be over soon.”I have to admit I was incredibly turned on. Of course I was, I was having my fantasy come true. He held me down and gagged me on his dick for a few more thrusts before I started raising my head to suck it more.“Oh my god you want to suck it, you’re so fucking hot you little whore. Keep sucking my big dick, slut.” He grunted the words through gritted teeth. He fucked my mouth with such enthusiasm that it popped out and I gasped the only word that came to mind…“Please.” “Please more or please stop?” He moved so that he was stretched out on top of me, his cock pushed into my belly “Please Don’t.” I tried to make my eyes looks wide and innocent and pleading. He kissed me hard, sucking my tongue into his mouth and stabbing my mouth with his. He tasted of toothpaste and coffee. Maybe I was the only woman he’d ever kissed besides his wife. Maybe his wife wouldn’t blow him or even have boring vanilla sex with him…I brought my mind abruptly back to the present…“You wanted this, whore; you leave your door unlocked and sleep in only panties? You’re begging for it.” He reached between us and pulled my panties down enough for him to rub his cock between my labia, which were quite slick already from my arousal.He groaned and closed his eyes “So fucking wet already, you’re a bad girl who likes being fucked by strangers, aren’t you?” I shook my head. “Aren’t you, whore?” I shook my head again. He reached behind my head and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling my head back. He bit along my throat and kept asking me if I was a bad girl who liked being fucked by strangers. I said nothing, I couldn’t move my head because of his grip on my hair. “Admit it, whore.” I said nothing. Until he got to my breasts. He sucked my nipple into his mouth and bit it hard, rolling his tongue over the sensitive tip. I moaned with pleasure, wanting him to spend hours, days just torturing my nipples like that. He did the same to my other nipple and then stopped and looked at me.“Say it. Say it or I’ll stop.”“I’m a bad girl who likes being fucked by strangers.” I finally said, in a small, little girl voice. That must have really turned him on because he went back to licking sucking and biting my nipples and thrust his hard, bare member deep into me…

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