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Sucking Furry Friends

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Master loved me sucking his furry fiend’s cock that he decided I could be rewarded with making the neighbors mutt cum too. Master said he had been watching me while I was away and noticed how much I had been sucking off his mutt’s big rocket. Master and his friend were really hard at the thought of watching me with all these little furry cocks. I could see their own cocks twitching in their pants. Master said that after watching me suck off the mutts that I would probably have to suck them off too. Which I love doing. I am such a good little cum slut. I love pleasing my master and being rewarded with all the cocks and all the cum I can get. I just want to be so cum filled. I love all kinds of cocks. Any cocks as long as they are full of cum then I am the girl for you. I will always please you and make you cum. You can watch me and see just how much of a good girl I can be.

Know My Worth


slave trainingI am his slave and he is my master. I must learn to obey. My place is beneath him; I am always to be on the floor. I am lower than the dog. He is far more superior than me. My panties must be kept on at all times. I am to be under the table when he has friends over and I will be pleasing them too. I will suck their cocks and make them cum. If one goes to the bathroom, I am to follow and clean his cock off with my mouth. If he wants me on the floor in the bathroom giving him a nasty sloppy head then I am to do it, as master says. If Master furry friend wants to hump me then I am to let him. I am to never let that furry mutt stick his rocket inside of me. But if he doesn’t stop trying to fuck my bald pussy, then I must suck him off. I will have to suck that beast still he cums in my mouth and can’t cum anymore. I shall know my worth. 



Roles Reversed

My pussy won’t stop getting wet with thinking about what I did to you. I loved how I was able to strip you naked and tie you to the bed. I wanted you so badly but you needed to see, you needed to feel just like I do. I wanted you to feel the sensations you make me feel. I made you watch me strip down naked. I rubbed my pussy a little bit so you could see just how wet I was from seeing laying there all helpless like that. I crawled on your face and started riding it. I was smothering you with my pussy and there was nothing you could do about it. I rode your tongue letting it fuck me, making me cum all over your face and mouth. You could see my juices running down your face. It was making me so wet. You tried to fight it and pretend like you don’t like it but I can see your cock getting hard. I know you love when I make you eat this pussy of mine. Be a good boy and make me cum again and maybe next time I will let you fuck me.

bondage whore

Rubbing my pussy, waiting on you.

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Sometimes I have no one to play with and no one to use me. It feels so lonely. Who will play with my pussy? No one but me, that’s who. Sometimes I need to cum and there is no one to make me cum. So I have to do what any good little whore does. I have to lay back and touch my wet pink little pussy. I have to think about all the men and women who have used me over the years. I have to think of all the bad things they have done to my body to please themselves. I have been used so many times and I secretly loved it each time. I just can’t help but lay back and rub my swollen clit thinking of my pussy being fucked. I can’t help but spread my legs wide to finger fuck my cunt to make me cum. I come over and over again, waiting for the next cock to use me and my pussy.


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I was a really bad girl. I was told to stay put and not to go anywhere, but I am hard headed and I don’t listen a lot of the time. So, when he punished me, I knew I really deserved it this time. But I don’t regret it. I had a lot of fun. I even let someone else fuck me. When master found that out, he was really pissed off. I don’t think I have seen him that made before. He told me to never let someone else touch me unless it was with his permission. He had just been gone so long, that I felt so lonely. He strapped me into the swing and kept spanking my bare ass. It hurt so bad but I had to count each one and thank him for them. I was being spanked for not listening. My ass was hurting so bad, it was stinging. I don’t know what he was using to hit me with. I think I may have passed out from the pain but was woken up but his slamming his cock in and out of my tight bald pussy. He was fucking me so hard and rough. Not a single gentle bone in his body tonight. He fucked me all night long, until he wasn’t able to cum anymore. He pulled his cum covered cock out my pussy and walked away. Left me hanging there with his cum dripping out of my pussy.

In Need of a Rough Fuck

I am in need of a nice good hard fuck. I want to be used and abused. Fucked raw and cum deep inside of me. Let your friends fuck me, let your family fuck me, let your furry friends fuck me. Eat me and beat me. Force those big cocks deep inside of my tight little pussy and fat ass. You know you want to hit on me, smack my face and spit on me. Force your cocks deep down my throat until I am gagging on them or throwing up all over that dick. You can even shove that cock as far as it can go down my throat and shoot that hot load all down my throat. Nothing like using a sweet bald pussy to make all your friends cum. You can fuck me in front of everyone or take me in the back and do all those naughty things you can’t talk about. Whatever it is that you want, please use me. My holes need to be stretched and I think you are just the man for the job.


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Drugged and Used…

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Have you ever been so drugged up that you can’t really see much but you could feel everything? Well I have and it was scary at first but afterwards it wasn’t so bad. So, if you haven’t tried, then maybe you should. You will feel everything and nothing all at the same time. I was injected with numerous amounts of drugs. What kind? I have no idea. I was stripped naked and tied up in the swing. My naked body exposed for everyone to see. I suddenly felt hands all over my body. Women and men touching me and tasting me. I felt tongues licking up and down my body, around my nipples and to my toes, back up my thighs and to my juicy bald pussy. I couldn’t tell what was going on or who all I was surrounded by. I just felt my body on fire and tingling everywhere I was touched at. My pussy was getting so wet from all of this attention. I had dicks in my mouth, pussy and ass. I felt mouths on my tits and clit. I was cumming so much that I eventually blacked out. I don’t know how long they used me for. I just know that I am so sore today. I would love to do that again.

My Brother and His Friends

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My brother took me out last night and I woke up this morning with my hole so sore and could barely walk. I don’t remember much of what happened but I know they used the hell out of me. My brother said they got me really really drunk and made me do whatever they pleased. I am a good little whore so I always do what I am told. Brother said he didn’t even have to tie me up, that when I was drunk, I listened even more better than when I wasn’t. He said I let them all take turns eating my pussy while sucking their dicks. He said I even made a few of them cum before they even started fucking me. I really love sucking a fat cock. I think I might still have some dried cum on my face and tits. Two of his friends have a big cock so I am pretty sure they fucked both my holes. My ass is so loose and feels like cum Is still in there too. My brother did let me know that he was the one who finished me off in my pussy. He said he came so hard from watching them fuck his sister that he needed some of the action too.

Give me double penetration

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I feel like I need double dicks inside of me to get out some of this pent-up aggression that I am feeling. I want to be tied; used and abused. I need you to put multiple cocks inside of me. Fill me up and stretch me up. There is no better experience than being fucked senseless. I want it to hurt when I walk and maybe even make me bleed. I want to feel your cock in my ass long after you have cum and gone. Please, please make me your little whore that you and all your friends use as you wish. I can never say no, whatever it is I will do. Fuck me, beat me, and make me remember what my worth really is. Make me remember what my job is and teach me the right way to please you. Fill me up and cum all over me and in every hole. I just need to be used. If I am not being used what is my worth? What am I really good for? Other than being fucked and bred. No dick is too big for me. Make me take them all. 

Good Girl Sookie

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I had such a long morning. It was really fun. I don’t know how to explain why it was so much fun besides the fact of being tied up and being used and abused. I just honestly love pleasing. I like taking all those cocks of different sizes and colors. I like them in all my hole, filling me and stretching me. I love to be made to scream! Fuck me so hard I cry, if that’s what gets your cock off. Do with me as you please, I am here none other than to please you and be used by you. I know my worth. And today….. Today I got what I wanted just like every single time. Except instead of having all my holes filled with cum, I got loads and loads of cum all over my face and body. I truly did love every single minute of it. I moaned and came so much that even after they were done with me, I swore my body was still shaking. My legs and arms were weak, my pussy was swollen and my jaw hurt a little. But feeling all the warm cum all over my face and body just seemed to make it all better. I love being used. I am such a good girl!