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My Brother and His Friends

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My brother took me out last night and I woke up this morning with my hole so sore and could barely walk. I don’t remember much of what happened but I know they used the hell out of me. My brother said they got me really really drunk and made me do whatever they pleased. I am a good little whore so I always do what I am told. Brother said he didn’t even have to tie me up, that when I was drunk, I listened even more better than when I wasn’t. He said I let them all take turns eating my pussy while sucking their dicks. He said I even made a few of them cum before they even started fucking me. I really love sucking a fat cock. I think I might still have some dried cum on my face and tits. Two of his friends have a big cock so I am pretty sure they fucked both my holes. My ass is so loose and feels like cum Is still in there too. My brother did let me know that he was the one who finished me off in my pussy. He said he came so hard from watching them fuck his sister that he needed some of the action too.

Give me double penetration

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I feel like I need double dicks inside of me to get out some of this pent-up aggression that I am feeling. I want to be tied; used and abused. I need you to put multiple cocks inside of me. Fill me up and stretch me up. There is no better experience than being fucked senseless. I want it to hurt when I walk and maybe even make me bleed. I want to feel your cock in my ass long after you have cum and gone. Please, please make me your little whore that you and all your friends use as you wish. I can never say no, whatever it is I will do. Fuck me, beat me, and make me remember what my worth really is. Make me remember what my job is and teach me the right way to please you. Fill me up and cum all over me and in every hole. I just need to be used. If I am not being used what is my worth? What am I really good for? Other than being fucked and bred. No dick is too big for me. Make me take them all. 

Good Girl Sookie

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I had such a long morning. It was really fun. I don’t know how to explain why it was so much fun besides the fact of being tied up and being used and abused. I just honestly love pleasing. I like taking all those cocks of different sizes and colors. I like them in all my hole, filling me and stretching me. I love to be made to scream! Fuck me so hard I cry, if that’s what gets your cock off. Do with me as you please, I am here none other than to please you and be used by you. I know my worth. And today….. Today I got what I wanted just like every single time. Except instead of having all my holes filled with cum, I got loads and loads of cum all over my face and body. I truly did love every single minute of it. I moaned and came so much that even after they were done with me, I swore my body was still shaking. My legs and arms were weak, my pussy was swollen and my jaw hurt a little. But feeling all the warm cum all over my face and body just seemed to make it all better. I love being used. I am such a good girl!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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It’s daddy’s birthday today. You know what he wanted for his birthday? To use and abuse his little submissive whore of course. But not just him, oh no, that would be too simple and no fun. He wanted me to be the life of the party or as he likes to call it, the party favor. This was a guy’s only party. You could bring you cousin, brother, uncle, son, grandpa, daddy or any male you knew. Just I was to be the only female. Everyone would get a turn with me. They would drink and touch on my naked body. Daddy had me tied and spread across the table. Easy access for anyone to use and abuse me. Laying there naked and vulnerable. My nipples hard from the cold air hitting them after being licked and sucked on. My young tight pussy was wet from being lick and made to cum. I was sucking so many cocks. I was being fucked over and over again. Everyone watching, jacking their dicks or fucking my mouth. I had dicks in every hole I had and both my hands full. I had cum dripping out my mouth, ass and pussy. I had loads and loads of cum all over my body and face. Once every single one of them were done. Then it was daddy’s turn. He wanted to fuck me and dump his load all in his cum slut after everyone had used me. Daddy told me I made his birthday so special for him.

Bondage Whore Sookie For Sale

bondage whore


Bondage whore Sookie was the name that read underneath my picture on the black market. Tied up and to the bed, where I wait for my Master for the evening. Daddy was looking to have some fun with trading me in for the night. If the other day’s session did not teach me but one thing, it would have been that the unexpected scares me. Normally when I don’t know who the person is or what is coming, it always ends up being a world of pain. I’m beat, spit on, fucked and used. My pussy is most definitely always swollen and sore at the end of the night. I know daddy is probably wanting to try some new fresh meat and feels that this is the only way to satisfy him. He will only sell me for the night if he is watching as well. Daddy just loves watching me being used and abused. He loves seeing me left lying on the ground with cum leaking out all my holes, my wrists and ankles red and irritated from being bound so long. Daddy just loves using me and watching me being used. I just hope at the end of the night I have pleased all the dicks daddy has brought my way.

Paying off daddy’s debt

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Today mommy and daddy decided they needed to use me. That is nothing new, but this time, it was different. I knew the minute that man walked in the door that daddy had some shady business going on. The man wanted his payment and of course daddy didn’t have it. I could see the way the man was staring at me that I was in trouble. Daddy told him if he liked what he saw that he could use me for the day and they could call it even on daddy’s payment. My stomach dropped, because while I am normally a good little submissive whore, this man scared me. I didn’t want to go. He pulled me to my room and I put up a fight. That only lead to him tying me to the bed and stuffing my mouth with his cock. His cock was way bigger than daddy’s cock. I choked and gagged on his cock and it seemed to make him harder. The more I gagged and spit up, the harder he got and the deeper he went. He didn’t even get my pussy read before he was slamming that big dick inside of me. I screamed and he went harder. He just kept saying he couldn’t get enough of my young hot tight pussy. It felt like hours went by. My pussy was sore and swollen. I had loads of cum all over my body and inside of me. I’m not sure how long went by before he was done. The pain must have knocked me out, because I woke up to daddy telling me how much of a good girl I was.

Submissive whore for you

Submissive Whore

Submissive whore is what you love to call me. Please allow me to serve you, master. Let me be the good little whore you love. I yearn to please you. I need only your command. I want to do as you wish. Please force your big fat cock deep in my tight pussy. Make me gag on your big cock. I love when you use me to take your anger out on. Tie me up and have your way with me. I know when you’ve had a rough day my pussy will be punished. Please slap my ass and make me thank you. I deserve everything you give me and more.  Fill all my holes, stretch me open and make me cry. Use me as your sweet little cum bucket. I need that release that only you as my master, can give me. I just love being your little innocent submissive whore.  

His Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

rape phone sex fantasies

He said he had rape phone sex fantasies. I thought he meant fantasy. I role play all the time. I thought I would be role playing a damsel in distress for him. He was hot and wealthy. I was hoping we would keep on dating. We went out to dinner. Maybe for some it was not polite dinner conversation, but hearing his violent fantasies made my cunt wet. I like rough sex. I have never minded being called names or having my hair pulled. I like a good spanking too. I was ready to indulge his fantasies when we got back to his place, but I was not given a chance. The moment we got back to his place, he punched me in the face. He pinned me against the wall like I was a bug. He yanked my panties off so hard they left a burn mark on my skin. I fought him. I told him this was too much and I wanted to go, but he just jammed his fist up my cunt while hurling insults at me. This was no fantasy. This was no role play. This was him doing whatever the fuck he wanted. The more I fought, the more he hurt me. Eventually, I just gave up fighting. He nutted, tossed a $20 at me and told me to take an Uber home. I wanted a relationship. He just wanted to abuse me.

How I Came to Love Submissive Phone Sex

Submissive Phone Sex

I like submissive phone sex. I never thought of myself as a bitch or a slave, but an early experience turned me into the subby whore I am today. I like a man to be in control. I want to be a bitch. I need to be a bitch Maybe your bitch. I had a friend with a dad who turned me on as a teen girl. I was spying one time when I was spending the night. I found a room. It was like a 50 Shades of Gray room. It had all sorts of kinky things. Some things I did not even know what they did, but they looked painful, lol. My cunt was wet. He caught me snooping in the middle of the night and asked me if I had rough sex fantasies. I swallowed hard and nodded yes. He pushed me into the room and tied me up. My nipples were erect. I was sure he could smell my cunt. He put nipple clamps on my boobs and one of those industrial vibrators up my cunt. I was convulsing because I was cumming so hard. I was a virgin until that night. He shoved his cock in my mouth and skull fucked me. I swallowed every drop. He told me he owned me, and he did. For years, my best friend’s dad would do kinky things with me under her nose. Now, any man can do kinky things to me.

Being a Submissive Whore is Hard Work

submissve whore

Being a submissive whore is hard work. There is never a dull moment either. Currently, I am in between masters. With Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, it has been hard to meet men. BDSM clubs are closed. No one seems to want to meet in person either. Men are turning down free pussy on Tinder. I am not the kind of girl who does well on her own. I need to be owned. I am not good with making decisions. I finally found a guy willing to meet me. I should have known it was too good to be true. I wanted some rough sex, maybe a hardcore ass fucking. He wanted to use me as a toilet. He said he was not putting his cock inside a dirty whore so desperate for dick she would fuck a man she just met online. He tied me up in my own house and used me as his human toilet. He pissed on my face. He pissed in my mouth. He even pissed on my pussy and ass. That was not enough degradation for me he told me, so he shit on the floor and rubbed my face in it like a puppy who had an accident. He left me bound and covered in shit and piss. It was not what I wanted at all, but a submissive slut rarely gets what she wants.

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