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Facial abuse

Bondage whore

There’s really nothing that daddy loves more than using my mouth like a pussy and fucking it without any resistance. In order to train me to be a good little cock sucker, he had to really train me hard to get me to be a be the perfect little cock sucking daughter that he’s always wanted. He had to fuck my face over and over, as many times a day that he could. Then he started letting my brothers fuck my mouth whenever they wanted to too. Every single day I was getting my mouth forcefully fucked by daddy and all three of my brothers every single day, multiple times a day. I was sucking so much cock that I learned how to suck it without gagging like a good little whore. And I swallowed so much of their cum that I even started to like the way it tastes!

Cunt Punishment

Submissive slut

I was a bad Submissive slut and I let another man fuck my pussy and cum inside of me without Daddy’s permission. I was just so turned on and wet that I couldn’t resist letting him fuck me. Daddy couldn’t let this go unpunished though and tied me up and hooked clamps to my pussy lips. He pulled my pussy lips apart and stretched them wide open with the clamps so that my clit and hole were totally exposed. My little clit was so sensitive and hard, even though I knew I was being punished, my pussy automatically starts getting wet when I’m around him. This made it even more painful when he started to whip my cunt lips and clit with a leather flogger. I screamed and wiggled around while he slapped my pussy over and over, harder and harder each time.


Hardcore bondage

Even when I’ve been a good whore, Daddy still likes to punish me. He tied me to a post last night and wanted to use his new flogger on me and break it in. I was completely naked while he worked me over with the small leather device. He wasn’t gentle with me either. He left slapped it hard against my bare pussy lips until I was soaking wet from the pain and pleasure. When he was done with me, my whole body was covered in red marks and my cunt juice was running down my legs. Without untying my hands from the post, he grabbed my hips and hoisted me up and started to fuck my soaking wet pussy. My cunt was so sensitive and swollen, it wasn’t long before I was cumming all over his huge cock and soaking him with my juices. No one ever makes me cum as hard as my Daddy does.

Total Submission

Submissive Whore

My dedication to being the perfect Submissive Whore for my Dom has taken over my life. He has cameras all over the house and watches my every move. I know have to ask his permission before I am allowed to do anything or make any decisions. I called to ask to go potty and he wouldn’t answer. I had to sit their and cross my knees and wait. I couldn’t help myself though and made a mess of my panties and pissed all over myself. He was so mad at the mess I had made that he forced me to sleep in this pet crate while he stayed in the bed and brought home another girl with him. I had to watch him fuck her from the inside of my cage. He did let me out, but only to suck his cock clean and make me taste her pussy juices on him. Then I had to lick the cum from her cunt and get it nice and clean before he fucked her again, then I was back in my cage where I spent the rest of the night.


Bondage phone sex

Before leaving for work, Daddy cuffed my hands behind my back and made me kneel on the floor. He told me this was a test to see how well I obey his orders. He commanded me to stay kneeling on the floor for him all day while he was gone, with my asshole and pussy on display for him to use when he got back. He left a painful flogger next to me and a cane in front of me to show me what I would get if I didn’t obey him. My knees and back were killing me after the first couple of hours, but that pain was nothing compared to what Daddy would give me if I moved. I was a good subby daughter and didn’t move an inch. He rewarded me when I got him by fingering my clit and fucking my tight ass until he filled my asshole with a thick creampie that dripped down my legs onto the floor. He made me lick up the cum I dripped out and then finally uncuffed my hands and let me stand.

Slave Breeding

Bondage whore

My master has decided he’s going to start breeding my young pussy. He wants a totally submissive bitch who will birth babies for him one after the other. All of our daughters will be submissives too and they will submit to their daddy and their brothers like good little whores should. He’s already started cumming in me every day and tracking my periods so he can breed me on the days when I’m most fertile. He wants a whole family of submissive slut daughters and dominant sons. He’ll train our daughters to be cock sucking whores just like their mother once they’re of age, and he’ll teach our sons how to be good masters and let them practice tying up and fucking their sisters and their mom. I know my master well enough to know he has huge plans for me and our future family of dominant sons and subby slut daughters.

A special treat for daddy

Submissive Slut

Mom decided daddy deserved a special treat when he got home from work. She handcuffed my legs and wrists together and had me lying totally nude with my pussy and ass wet and ready for him as soon as he got home. When he opened to door and found me bound on the bed like a good little Submissive slut daughter, he got so hard! He was tired from work, but not too tired to give me the good hard fucking I had cumming. He left me totally handcuffed and unable to move while he took his time fucking each of my holes. He started with my mouth, before moving to my pussy. He ended the whole hot session by cumming hard and blowing a huge load inside of my tight asshole. I was left tied up, used and full of my dom’s cum, just like a good subby whore deserves.

Naughty whores need to be spanked

Submissive Whore

Part of being a good Submissive Whore is getting punished by your master. My daddy’s favorite way to punish his whore daughter and make sure that I’m a good submissive is to spank my ass nice and hard. There’s floggers and paddles, but his preferred method is using his bare hand so he can leave a visible mark on my ass. He bent me over and tied my wrists to my ankles so that I couldn’t stand up even if I wanted to. He rubbed my bare ass cheeks with his hands at first, caressing them gently. Then he gave me a nice hard slap on the ass. I jumped and yelped, but didn’t fuss or struggle. He smacked it again even harder this time. He spanked my bare bottom until I was left with a raw red handprint on each ass cheek. Only once my ass was blood red did he stop spanking me and start fucking me instead. While I was still bent over with my ankles tied, he slipped his cock into my pussy and gave me a quick fuck before creaming me and pulling out, leaving me tied up and my pussy dripping with cum.


Submissive WhoreMy dad and brothers blindfolded me and handcuffed my hands behind my back before leading me into a crowded party. I could hear drunk men laughing and talking around me and felt the sting of a sharp smack on my bottom. They told me they were taking me to a special party today and that I was going to be a nice appetizer for all the guests to enjoy. The led me by my leash into a room and had me drop onto my and knees. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear women moaning and the sounds of sex around me. I guess I was in a room with other Submissive Whores who were also brought to the party to serve men. After a few minutes of waiting with my hands behind me and my back straight, I had my first visitor. He pressed his cock to my mouth and I began to suck it. While I sucked his cock and licked his balls, I felt another man come behind me and lift my body into position so he could fuck my pussy. I felt him enter me and start thrusting in and out of me while slapping my ass. The man I was going down on came down my throat and left, but was soon replaced by another man. I sucked off the next one while the one fucking my pussy thrust into me and squirted a load of cum into me.

Throughout the rest of the night, strange men would stick their cocks into my pussy, mouth, or ass without uttering so much as a single word to me. I was used like a sex slave by numerous men and I never even saw a thing. I was like a toy to them, and they played with me like a little doll. Once the night was over, all my holes were full of cum. My stomach was so full of it, I felt sick.

Hogtied blonde

Submissive whore

You have me all tied up with duct tape over my mouth. I’m completely at your mercy, Master. You could spend hours whipping my tight young ass, or put clamps on my perky little tits and torture them all night, with the sound of my muffled screams ringing in your ears. Whatever you desire, I am yours. I can’t even fight back with all these ropes binding my arms and legs, not that I would. I am a submissive whore and my only object in life is to please my Master and serve him. There’s nothing you can’t do to me. Maybe you’ll punish me, or maybe you’ll just fuck all of my holes and reward me with a big load of cum for being such a good little slave. Take the duct tape off my mouth when you cum, and I’ll thank you for whatever you’ve done to me, no matter how much it hurt.

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