I’m his property

bdsm chat

I was on my knees, begging for mercy. All I wanted was for him to stop the pain. Who knew some bdsm chat would get me here?  A few months back, I began this online relationship with a guy in a BDSM chat room.  Well, I should have known better because one thing led to another, and I let him in my life in so many ways he took total control. It was like he brainwashed me. It began with him promising me it would be tame and sensual BDSM, but in reality, he wanted some brutal shit.  He ensured I would never leave my sight once he got me where he wanted. I was his property from this day forward.  If I ever dared to leave he would kill my family. He promised that I would never be a free girl. Countless nights in pain with tears running down my face and bruises welting even harder. I knew this was my destiny; I belonged in his world only.


    • Master on July 7, 2023 at 3:23 pm
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    You are owned by me for life.

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