If Daddy Issues had a face, mine would fit in perfectly. I am the definition of it completely. I come from a pretty good family other than the fact my parents were never home. I went to the best private schools and indulged in so many hobbies. Whatever I wanted, I would get. My father had his hands full with his career and would try to buy me off so that he wouldn’t have to bother with my siblings or me. Any other girl would have loved to be a total spoiled princess, but I craved the attention I desired. My love for the bad boys would show that. I looked for validation in all the wrong places.

It didn’t take long till I was hooked on being used for my body. The more of a gentleman you are to me, the less chance you have with me. I began dating guys from the other side of the tracks to use me for my looks and my daddy’s money. Soon enough, I was partying and getting fucked up, and I even got branded with tattoos. My parents were beyond angry. I didn’t care, and I was an embarrassment, and I was well aware of it. I enjoy being a punching bag for whoever I dated. My body wanted the pain and needed to be validated.

Pain and pleasure went hand in hand. If I weren’t in tears, I most likely wouldn’t even orgasm. It got to the point where if there wasn’t pain, there was no satisfaction. I’m a total Submissive Whore for life. Please Tie me up and use me to your likings. Show me you’re in charge make me realize you come before me. Pass me out to all your friends and let them all fuck me and choke me up. Don’t be gentle. You know you want to beat me to a bloody pulp. You’re a king, and I’m a slave, and I should be on my knees submitting to you. Suffocate me till I’m blue in the face. Do as you please with me. My life revolves around you.