Beta babes

sexy phone chat

A little sexy phone chat goes a long way with my master. He enjoys it when I take the initiative and prioritize him. Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to keep him happy. Whenever I do, I’m able to move up on the roster.

Oh no, what I want to become is his name, Beta Babe, basically like his slave girlfriend, the main one, who gets to sleep in his bed and gets less harsh treatment but also gets to run the coop.

It would be so hot if I could manipulate women for him and torture girls. I know how much it gets him nice and erect want. Two females are battling out for his attention. I am pretty jealous, and I want all the attention. Even if it’s terrible attention, I want it all on me. My main focus is becoming the head slave slut in charge, ruining other girls for my master.

You bet I will get them all bruised up and bloody like he likes women to be.

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