It’s Raining Pee

golden showers phone sex

I love it when you surprise me with golden showers. They are so humiliating, and they remind me of my role as your personal toilet. I’ll never forget the time you took me to your favorite underground adult club for extreme fetishists. There was a stage used especially for turning sluts like me into urinals and toilets. The amount of men and women there was astronomical! And they were just lining up to take a turn to drench your little slut with stinky piss! First my face, then my tits, then mu pussy and everything else after that. I was drenched within minutes on that stage. The look on your face was priceless. You were so pleased. You eventually motioned for me to open my mouth so they could fill it up with even more pee. I was glistening and chugging piss as you watched with so much delight. You even made me sleep in my slut kennel without even letting me shower that night. The club owner even said that I broke their personal record for how many people took a piss on one person on stage. You were so proud of me and I live for that feeling.

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