Jacqueline submits

Cock Worshiping Jacqueline

You found me- the whore of your dreams- The cunt that lets you tie her up like a hog and fuck her as you please. I want you to use all the whips and chains you came with-choke me up until I can’t breathe. Make me mad by smacking me in the face and cry while you stuff your cock down my throat and I can’t breathe. I need to feel those balls roll all over my chin as you feel my tongue curl over that hard thick cock. Make me drool all down those juicy balls then throw my on the bed and tare my ass until you shove my face into the pillows to hear my moans muffle away. Pound me as deep as you desire-Cum all inside this tight tan ass and smack it until I bruise- I’m here to please you babe! I can never say no and I don’t want to- all I crave it to be filled in every hole and stretched out by you with all your deepest desires.

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