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Sexy Bondage GirL Jacqueline Gets BDSM Fucked

sexy bondageWhen he first started with me it was a couple or really hard slaps on the ass. I noticed my pussy squirted a little as it got nice and tingly. I liked it. Then next he took his big strong hands and as he thrust his cock hard into my wet cunt, he slapped me across the face as hard as he pushed his cock deeper into my holes.  My pussy walls tightened up around his 9 inch monster.  The hits became more frequent and way more aggresive. He taught me something about pain.  I would never feel it when he was inside me doing it. It gave me the most intense feelings in my pussy while numbing me everywhere else.  I focused my entire being on how that big hard cock was making my pussy quiver.

It wasn’t long after that where I became addicted to cock.  I wanted it all day every day.  But anytime we didn’t have ropes and chains tied to me, I was bored.  Maybe my first real bondage lover outside family had set the bar too high.  What do you think? Could you meet my expectations?

Erotic BDSM Stories At Bedtime

erotic bdsm storiesI don’t ever wonder why I love hearing erotic bdsm stories, I know why my cunt starts dripping when my fellow BDSM gang tell me about their latest adventures.  My mommy use to show me pictures of her  bondage fun and tell me all kinds of stories to put me to sleep.  I was one of those weird nuts growing up that loved horror movies, murder mysteries and apparently bondage.

It started when I was walking home from school one day and this handsome man pulled over as I was walking and gave me a pouch full of photos.  He said they were for mama. I forgot about them until bed that night.  Then I proceeded to open up the huge pouch and in there changed my world.  My mama was tied up, bound, gagged, chained, whipped, stretched out on every part of her body.  Huge men seemed to be controlling her body and pussy.  I was fascinated.  Especially seeing the note how it was the best time of handsome dudes life making my mommy feel good the past few months.

It wouldn’t have thought it felt good so I being the curious little one that I was, I asked mommy about it the next night.  She proceeded to get super embarassed and called her lover to bitch him out.  I cried making her upset but then she felt bad so she came in and told me to ask her anything. I just told her I wanted to hear stories.  And thus began months long stories of my mommy saying how wet her pussy got when she as choked, tied up, chained up, tortured, gagged, huge plugs jammed up her holes.

Something about the way mommy’s tell stories that is sensual and erotic.  I loved hearing how mommy’s cunt got destroyed by big hard cocks and how she was a helpless little slut for the big strong men.  I loved the climax of the stories when the cock finally got in her pussy, I always cheered when she got to that part.  Knowing her orgasm was coming shortly after. I’ll tell more of mama’s stories one day, they sure were sizzling hot.

Cheap Phone Sex But Quality Experience

cheap phone sex“Cheap Phone Sex equated a quality experience” was how one of my recent reviews started. This review left me with my pussy wet so thought it was worth sharing.  Here is how the reivew went from a caller.

I got off the phone with Jacqueline, covered in my own cum sitting here holding my cock in a hotel room feeling like I just had the best sex with the sexiest girl alive.  My cock was aching to cum when I got done with this business dinner tonight. I am out of town from the wife and fam needing a little blue ball relief from the recent turn downs from wifey being so tired.

Jacqueline was the perfect answer.  She was a good little bondage whore for daddy tonight. Even when I forced her down to her knees and smacked her around calling her a bad little slut.  She was obedient as hell calling me “Yes sir daddy” in her sweet little innocent voice.  She sounds young but defitenily very obedient to whatever command I asked her to do. She was focused on making my already hard cock stay rock hard the entire call.

The sound of her slurping on my big fat cock, paying attention to details like licking my heavy balls and holding them in her mouth.  Watching her spit on my cock to get it nice and wet, I felt like I was there watching my aching cock push into that small little mouth of hers.  Choking the back of her throat with my head until she gagged from it getting so deep.  Instant turn on hearing her about to throw up from taking so much of this cock in her tiny little mouth.

Don’t even get me started when I finally stuck my hard dick into that nice shaved pussy.  I truly felt the same euphoric feeling I feel when I’m fucking someone and it first enters a pussy.  I knew with our connection she would be creaming all over my cock and she knew she would too.  I don’t know how I ended up blowing my load all over myself and this bed because it was all so damn hot.  And cheaper than any other major site.  Win win for Jacqueline!

Bondage Whore Friday-Sunday

Bondage Whore

Bondage whore use to be my nickname in our friend group.  I loved a good Friday night that involved some whips, chains, and ropes.  There is nothing like a man taking my hands and tying them roughly behind my back. As he pulls me closer quickly by the ropes and gently whispers in my ear, “Who is your master?”

I feel his grip on the rope and his strength overpowers me and I am weak. I can’t help but melt when a big strong man has control of me.  He then proceeds to throw my naked body on the bed, grabs my legs together, and forcefully ties them  together.  The tightness of the ropes burns  but he quickly starts feeling in between my legs. Consequently,  I forger about the pain of the tight tight ropes.

Taking away some of my senses and making me helpless as he puts the big fat ball gag in my small mouth.  Spit dripping down the sides of my mouth.  He blindfolds me tightly so I’m left to only focus on his touch.  I am at his mercy and he has complete control of my body at that point.  I am his sexy bondage slut that night and he is my master.  He starts taking the leather whip and with great power whips my nice round ass.  I can feel the indentions he is making as it burns deeply.

After I count to twenty, muffling through the ball gag, “1 Master, 2 Master” until we reach 20.  He adds a few extra because my mouth was so full of spit he couldn’t hear me say “master” towards the end of the count.  My ass is on fire burning deeply. He will quickly make me forget the pain when he proceeds down in between my legs and uses that long sexy rough tongue to lick every inch of my cunt.  The balance of pleasure and pain is unreal and euphoric. Alas, the way he makes me feel in these moments, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, I wouldn’t do to make that cock happy.

Stay tuned for part two of a typical night in bondage for your girl.  We were just getting started.  Of course if you want a part 2 of our own, you know the drill, hit up your girl and let’s create our own ending.


Teen Phone Sex And Some Ageplay Fun

Teen phone sexI’ve definitely been a bad girl since teen phone sex days.  I love my ageplay calls for that reason because I still remember being a little girl, tied up by my brothers for fun. I loved being the youngest girl for awhile as I got so much attention.  My brothers and sisters would undress me like a doll, put sexy little clothes on me, then take me strapped in the stroller around the neighborhood.  They would go around saying they needed someone to babysit me and most of the time, a neighborhood kids dad would volunteer.

I remember one time where the neighborhood kids dad took little ol me tied in the stroller and got me out.  He then put me on the phone with all of his friends and said I sounded so young and that he wanted to show his friends how young I really was. They streamed me on the internet doing some really naughty things. They never knew my name, called me submissive slut girl.  This nice neighbor man showed me all kinds of ways to be tied up.

His cock got rock hard every time he tied a knot.  Reminded me of my dad and brothers.  He introudced me to the ball gag and let me practice sucking his cock and his friends on the internet judged me.   I got candy when I got a certain score, I remember beaming with pride and going home in my stroller begging my brothers to let me show them some of my new tricks.  At some point the neighbors started paying to watch me instead of siblings paying to watch me.

My brothers made a ton of money with this gig and I learned a lot of new tricks from all the nice neighbor men in the area.  I think almost all of them babysat me alone at one point.  Mama never knew of this arrangement but I wanted my big brothers to make some money so we worked as a team to make it happen. I think that’s why I like submissive phone sex to this day.

Torture Phone Sex

torture phone sexPut your hands around my throat and torture me during torture phone sex.  The sight of my face gasping for air, spraying spit out onto your hands and face. You get up and start whispering in my ear “you will do everything I ask if you don’t want your very severe punishment to start.”

Im tied up, hands. bound  legs bound, ball gag stuffed in my mouth. I can barely breath or talk.  Blindfolded from the outside world.  At the mercy of this strange man who I hope I can trust. I am. at his mercy.  He starts taking scolding hot wax and dropping it all over my body. The burning sensation is unreal.  I am feeling uneasy. He pulls my hair tight and slaps me across the face. Something about this seems like it’s not the bondage I am use to.

He then chokes me as I feel his hard cock grazing my clit.  He’s beating me senseless and not balancing the pleasure with pain. At least not for me as I feel his cock rock hard with every blow.  I’m crying, I scream the safe word but nothing stops the madness from this mans agenda. He will fuck me tonight and torture me until he’s satisfied. Only question for me, is when will that be?

I love being a submissive whore but this mans anger and violence is taking over. Are we in our roles or is he serious?  He’s taking it to new levels, laughing when he makes me bleed, smirking at my cries, and blissfully ignorant of my pathetic screams in my ball gag to stop and of our safe word.

Tell me your violent phone sex fantasies

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies, Why Do I love them so?

rape phone sex fantasiesWhy do rape phone sex fantasies make my pussy cream with cum? The thought of a big strong man overpowering me, tying me up, hitting me, getting rough and violent even, makes me want him even more.  Being a helpless little slut where I have no control and just have to take getting pounded in the pussy. At the mercy of that big fat cock and whatever it wants, my pussy, my mouth and my ass are here to make it happen.

The more I fight back, the harder his cock becomes.  If I scream, he gags me with a ball gag.  Maybe even blindfolding me so I can’t see his face while he takes that hard cock and slaps it in my helpless little face.  I wiggle and squirm, nothing even remotely helps me break free from the grip of this man. He’s fully taking advantage of my holes.  There is no consent, there is only complying with this man who wants his big juicy dick satisfied by my slut holes.

It shouldn’t feel so good for something so wrong to feel so indredibly amazing. I shouldn’t crave that head of his cock entering me for the first time as I try my best to fight it off. But I am just a submissive whore and he knows it.  He doesn’t care what I want, in fact if I fight him, he’s more likely to cum faster as the resistance drives him crazy causing his cock to throb over and over.

Why do I get so turned on by something so naughty and wrong?  Why do I dream about it at night?  Who wants to help play out my fantasy as a huge submissive slut with me. Have your way with my slut holes on our next call, purty please!!

Cock Worshiping on my Knees

cock worshipingMost of the guys I meet know my knees are always red from being down on them cock worshiping all day and all night. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to meet you and before we ever kiss, I get on my knees and start playing with the cock in front of       me.  I love looking up at a guy, sometimes as he looks down at my innocent little face and mouth, very confused as to what I am doing, and giving him the pouty look as I stare into his deep horny eyes.

I may rub my face against the outside of his pants to feel any part of his cock and tease him.  Using my cheek,  I rub up and down and tell him how much I love that cock.  I may whisper and breathe on the cock through the pants heavily saying how ready  I am to get that cock serviced by my mouth. I will put my hands behind my back and sometimes even use my teeth to take those pants to your knees.  Then licking the shaft up and down, all around like I had a nice tasty ice cream cone in front of me.  Yummy indeed.

I love looking you in the eyes while I continue my worshiping of that big long hard dick that is now soaked in my spit. “I want to fuck the shit out of you” as we make eye contact and I feel how hard you get while in my mouth.  Oh I love cock. I love your cock, your cum, your cock shooting cum in my mouth.  I love it all and i want it all.

Who will give it all to me?  Im ready to get on my knees for you!

Spanking Phone Sex- Hit me Baby One More Time

spanking phone sex

Spanking phone sex, what is it about the feeling of that slap on your ass as a cock is entering your pussy? Or in the middle of having amazing sex, screaming “spank me daddy!” and feeling the cock inside you get rock hard as that hand slaps your naked body?  Why does my pussy get creamy wet and tingly when a man gets aggressive with me? The rougher he gets, the more I want his cock to fuck me deeper and harder.  The more I have his cock inside me, the better I feel about him using his hands to do things that normally I would never want a man to do.

The sound of a slap on the phone, hot damnnn! I love being naked on a call where I am being a submissive whore and a caller tells me to give my ass a nice hard slap.  Of course, I am a good little whore and listen to my master making sure I spank myself nice and hard and loud so he can hear me.  Hitting myself as if it is the guy on the other line spanking me with his big tough hands as he bangs the crap out of my dripping wet pussy, oh boy.  It’s like an instant orgasm for me.

You won’t find me getting off any other time with a guy hitting me but when it comes to sex, I love a good spanking.  A small part of the bondage and submission life that I enjoy so much.  I hope you can come give me a good swipe on the ass soon, I will surely be waiting.

Bondage S&M Give Me Pleasure and Give Me Pain

bondage s&mBlood from the beatings, marks from the ropes so tightly tied around my wrists, makeup running down from sweat and the blindfold, drool all over my face from that huge rubber ball gag, sounds like a perfect Bondage S&M night to me. Here is part 1 of my story about how I got into this world of pleasure and pain.  It all started with an ex. After a night out one night, returning to his place.

At first, I found myself in a dimly lit room, surrounded by various BDSM equipment. I am a submissive girl and I am standing before this sexy man, naked and ready to be tied up and fucked. Super nervous of course, but the trust I put in this person made it go away fast.

Next, he grabbed the armbinder and fastened it around my arms, pulling them tightly behind my back. I am moaning through the gag as he secured it around my head. You can’t help but feel a rush of excitement when someone has complete control over you now. Then my master starts groping my beautiful round tits and touching my pussy until am literally dripping wet. I know what it’s time for, my spanking. That’s what bondage whores get, lots of spankings.

Next, he proceeds to grab my breasts.  Kneading them roughly with his big manly hands, eliciting muffled moans from behind the gag. As his fingers trail down to my soaked pussy, he finds my clit and begins to rub it in small circles. I start shift my weight, trying to grind against his hand, but he pulls back. Instead, he picks up a paddle and strikes me on my nice ass hard, leaving a deep red mark. I whimper, my body shaking with pleasure and pain. He continues spanking me alternating between your hand and the paddle. Each time you strike me, I moan louder and louder, my body writhing against the restraints.

This hotness will be continued. I decided I needed to go pleasure myself halfway through, sorry boys. The story will continue, of course!

What would you like to do next with me sir?  I hope I hear all about it soon!