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Erotic Bondage Stories Of Submissive Slut Jacquline’s Dom Side

Erotic bondage storiessubmissive slutI love beig  submissive whore but I also love hearing about sub turning into a dom at times too.

 So I turned the tables one night on my boyfriend. Without waiting for an answer (because let’s face it – who needs consent when you have handcuff keys?), I leaned down and took his cockhead between lips gently sucking at first before increasing pressure steadily until he was throbbing against the back of my mouth. I wiped the pre-cum out of the corners of my mouth and came up on that cock.  Tying his hands behind his back.

Next, I inserted a ball gag inside his mouth shoving it until he almost puked.  That instantly made my cunt sloshy wet.  I bound his feet tightly with nearby rope. Taking a belt and whip and whipping his ass so hard it left red marks pierced into his bubble butt of an ass. He quivered and shaked uncontrollably as I rather violently kept the whippings going.  Ordering him to call me mistress.

The power trip was getting to my head a bit. I had fishnets on, with a leather corset tied tightly making my tits perfectly perky poking out of my black corset.  Black panties with a garter attached to those fishenets.  I take the butt plus and start thrusting it in his ass making him yelp in pain. However that was nothing because right atter I shoved one of my big black dildos up there and I am pretty sure the next town over heard how much his ass got stretched out in the next town over.

I made him lick my feet, become my sex slave for the night. But secretly I did miss being a submissive whore. That is where I am best, but some nights, I can switch it up for the greater good.


Sexy Bondage Slut Jacqueline Loves Being Dominant

sexy bondageSexy Bondage is what you love you tell me as I squirm in anticipation, wishing for more as you continue to torment me. The ball gag muffles my pleas for mercy and makes it impossible to beg for release, only adding to my arousal. My nipples are already hard from your touch earlier and the clamps bite into them, causing a sting that mixes with the pleasure coursing through my body.

As you tie me up tighter with ropes and chains, I feel both helpless and incredibly turned on by your dominance. Every time you strike my sensitive flesh with the flogger, I arch my back in response, unable to control myself despite knowing how vulnerable I am in this position. My pussy is soaking wet now and throbbing with need as I wait for what comes next.

Please don’t stop…I think but dare not say aloud due to the gag between us; instead letting out another soft moan that echoes around our intimate space filled only by our breaths heavy from desire,

I feel your fingers teasing at the entrance of my cunt, spreading my wetness around before slipping inside me slowly. You fill me up with one finger then two, stretching me as you prepare for what’s to come next. The sensation is overwhelmingly hot and I can’t help but buck against your hand despite being restrained by ropes and chains.

You remove your fingers only to replace them with something larger – a vibrator perhaps? It feels enormous inside me as it begins to thrust in time with each stroke from the flogger across my sensitive skin . My hips jerk involuntarily trying desperately reach for more friction against whatever object might be causing this incredible pleasure deep within myself .

The combination of pain , pleasure , submission ,and anticipation are too much; soon enough an orgasm builds within me uncontrollably until finally crashing over like waves upon shoreside rocks leaving behind nothing but pure blissful exhaustion mixed with satisfaction.

Submissive Whore Jacqueline and All Her Bondage Fun

Submissive whoreI’m a slutty little submisssive whore who loves the feeling of being bound, gagged, and completely at the mercy of my Master. The anticipation of not knowing what’s coming next is enough to make my pussy wet with excitement. When he finally enters the room, I can feel his presence wash over me like a tidal wave. He grabs me roughly by the hair and drags me to where he wants me – on all fours with my ass sticking out invitingly.

He ties my wrists securely behind my back so that I am completely helpless as he begins to tease me with different implements of pleasure and pain. First comes the ball gag in my mouth; it muffles my cries but doesn’t stop them from escaping as he runs his rough hands over every inch of exposed skin on my body. Then come the nipple clamps – cold metal pinching at sensitive nerves sending shockwaves through every fiber of being until they are pulled tight enough that they hurt but not too much for him to enjoy seeing how red they make me turn under his touch.

As if that weren’t enough torment already, there’s also a flogger waiting for its chance at work its magic on this submissive slut’s flesh – each strike stings yet leaves an intoxicating burn that only serves as fuel for our twisted passion play unfolding before us both . With each swat against bare skin comes another moan from deep within; echoing off walls like desperate pleas for more punishment rather than release from it.

Finally, after what feels like hours (but could only have been minutes), he positions himself behind me and begins to thrust into my tight little hole without warning or mercy. It hurts so good! The pain from the previous torments mixes with this newfound pleasure as he takes me roughly from behind – claiming ownership over every inch of my body with each powerful stroke inside me.

Bend Over For Some Spanking Phone Sex With Bondage Whore Jacqueline

spanking phone sexI love me some spanking phone sex. I bend over, presenting my round ass cheeks to him, anticipation builds within me. The cool air brushes against my heated skin as he approaches with a menacing grin. His large hand comes down hard on one cheek, causing it to sting and throb with pleasure-pain. I let out a muffled moan through the gag as another spank echoes across the room.

The sting spreads throughout my body, igniting every nerve ending in its path. My cunt clenches tightly around nothingness, aching for release that only his cock can provide. Each spank sends shockwaves of desire coursing through me; they’re not enough to bring about climax but they’re close enough to drive me wild with need.

As he continues this tormentous love game by alternating between slaps and caresses along my backside, I can feel myself getting wetter by the second under his touch alone . My ass cheeks jiggle enticingly with each strike , inviting further punishment or reward depending on how you look at it . By now ,my whole being is focused on feeling his strong hand connect once more against soft flesh – begging for more even though deep down we both know where this leads us eventually…to our mutual satisfaction hidden beneath layers of pain and pleasure intertwined into one exquisite experience .

After what feels like an eternity of teasing and torment, he finally stops spanking me. But instead of releasing me from this torturous bliss, he runs his fingers through my wetness on the outside of my thighs, teasingly close to where I ache for him most. With each gentle caress against swollen lips , moans escape louder than before signaling just how desperate I am for him inside me.

BDSM Phone Sex with a new Dominant Boy Toy

bdsm phone sexAs we engage in passionate BDSM phone sex, your dominant side takes over and you begin to strangle me, choking me with excitement. My body arches against yours in response to the rough treatment as my pussy clenches around your cock which is rock hard inside of me. You pinch my nipples hard enough to make me gasp for air but not so much that it hurts.

The more I struggle under your hold, the more turned on you become until finally releasing just enough pressure for me to catch a breath before slamming back into me again. Our hips grind together furiously while our moans fill the room creating an atmosphere charged with lust and power play between us both.

This goes on until one of us reaches climax – either from being brought close to unconsciousness or from pure ecstasy – leaving behind a mess of sweat-drenched sheets and satisfied cries echoing through the darkness. As our bodies move together in this twisted dance of pleasure and pain, I find myself growing wetter around your cock with each passing moment. The feeling of being both terrified and exhilarated by your actions is intoxicating, driving me closer to orgasm despite the danger we’re putting ourselves in. My nails dig into your back as I try to claw my way free from your grasp but all it does is fuel the fire burning between us even more intensely.

You finally release me completely just as I feel like blacking out from lack of air only to slam back into me again harder than before taking my breath away once more. This time when you pinch my nipples they ache pleasantly under your rough touch sending shivers down my spine while simultaneously making me want even more of what you’re giving me – punishment or not!

Submissive Slut Jacqueline Back To Basics Aims To Please

submissive slutAs a submissive slut, I live to please my partner in every way possible. My body is theirs for the taking – any hole they want, any time they want it. I’m always ready and willing to be used for their pleasure. I love being told what to do and how to act; it turns me on knowing that someone else has control over my actions.

When we fuck, I’ll take whatever position they desiredoggy style, missionary, even standing up against a wall if that’s what gets them off. And when we use those bondage tools like ball gags or nipple clamps? Oh man…the more restricted and helpless I feel, the hotter it gets! So yeah – basically your submissive slut here will do anything you say as long as there’s plenty of dirty talk involved too 😉

Getting fucked and dominated is like an out-of-body experience for me. I love the feeling of being taken completely by surprise, with my partner grabbing me roughly and throwing me onto the bed before tearing off my clothes. They pinch my nipples hard while their rough hands explore every inch of my body, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

Then they push inside – either with fingers or a cock – filling up every hole until I’m begging for more. As they pound away at me from behind (or above or below), all I can think about is how much I belong to them now; how there’s no going back once we cross this line together. The pain mixed with pleasure makes each thrust feel even better than the last as we both get closer to our climaxes…and then finally release into one another’s sticky messes! It truly feels like heaven on earth when someone takes complete control over your body like that…

Extreme Bondage Play With Submissive Sluts

Extreme bondage
Now that we’ve gotten those basics out of the way, let’s talk about some more extreme forms of bondage I have planned for us. Imagine being tied spread-eagle on a St Andrew’s cross with your ass and pussy exposed to the air, begging for someone to take them both at once. Or maybe suspended from the ceiling by your wrists and ankles while I tease every inch of your body with feathers or hot wax before finally giving into temptation and taking what is rightfully mine – all three holes filled simultaneously!

You want to get into some more extreme bondage?  How about if we try something truly depraved like locking you into chastity device so that not only can nobody else touch this little cock but neither can you? It will remain locked away until further notice unless given permission otherwise – which won’t be often since it serves no purpose other than making me laugh when I remember how pathetic it used to be before training began. And just think: every time I decide to use one of my many dildos on myself (or even better yet, invite one over), there will always be a reminder sitting right next door waiting patiently under lock and key.

get really heated up!

Now that we’ve gotten those basics out of the way, let’s talk about some more extreme forms of bondage I have planned for us. Imagine being tied spread-eagle on a St Andrew’s cross with your ass and pussy exposed to the air, begging for someone to take them both at once. Or maybe suspended from the ceiling by your wrists and ankles while I tease every inch of your body with feathers or hot wax before finally giving into temptation and taking what is rightfully mine – all three holes filled simultaneously!

But wait…there’s more! How about if we try something truly depraved like turning you into my personal human ashtray? Yes, that’s right – after using my strap-on dildo to fuck every hole until they are both sore and satisfied (and yours still pathetic), I will instruct one of my friends to fill me up again while ordering you kneel down next to us holding a tray full of cigars between your teeth so that when we finish our passionate love making session together there will be no better way than having fresh ash fall onto those pretty cheeks as proof positive who was truly dominant here tonight.

Submissive Whore Jacquelie Submits to Her Master On All Fours

Submissive whoreI love being such a submissive whore, it gives me the best sexAs I waited for my husband to return home, my heart raced with anticipation. The moment he walked through the door, I knew exactly what was on his mind – our secret passion for BDSM. He locked the door behind him and began to undress slowly, revealing his rock-hard cock that stood at full attention. It twitched as he approached me, a look of dominance in his eyes.

“Tonight,” he whispered huskily into my ear, “I want you to be my slutty little fucktoy.” His rough hands gripped my hips and pulled me closer towards him. My pussy was already wet with excitement at the thought of submitting completely to his desires.

He pushed me down onto all fours on the kitchen countertop and spread my legs wide open before him. With one swift movement, he plunged two fingers deep inside of me while teasingly rubbing against my clit with another finger from below. I moaned loudly as pleasure coursed through every nerve ending in my body; it felt so dirty yet so good being taken like this over a kitchen countertop while dinner burns away unattended in the oven!

As if reading my thoughts (or perhaps just taking control), he reached around and pinched both nipples hard enough to make me cry out again – but not too hard because we both enjoyed this pain mixed with pleasure thing going on here! Then came something unexpected: He grabbed a handful of ass cheek and squeezed hard enough for it hurt…but also made me crave more punishment from him.

I whimpered in delight as he spanked my ass, leaving red handprints that stung but also turned me on even more. He pulled out his fingers from my pussy and replaced them with something else – a long, thick dildo covered in lubricant. With one swift thrust, it filled me up completely; I gasped at the unexpected intrusion but soon found myself moaning again as he began to fuck me hard from behind while still teasing my clit relentlessly with his other hand.

Jacqueline Loves Pushing Limits with Extreme Bondage Sex

Extreme bondageI’ve been in some pretty extreme bondage sex situations, but one that stands out the most was when my ex-partner decided to take our kinky play to a whole new level. He had this elaborate setup in his dungeon with suspension hooks on the ceiling and restraints everywhere. He started by tying my wrists behind my back and attaching them to a chain above me, making sure they were just high enough so I couldn’t reach them even if I tried.

Then he moved onto my ankles, binding them together tightly before connecting them to another chain hanging from the ceiling. As if that wasn’t enough, he also fastened a thick leather strap around my waist and secured it underneath me, lifting up my ass and leaving me completely exposed.

He took his time exploring every inch of my body while whispering dirty words into my ear about how helpless I looked spread eagle for him like this. His hands roamed over every sensitive spot as he teased me mercilessly with ice cubes along the inside of thighs or flicked against nipples clamped tightly by clover clips until they ached unbearably.

When he finally stood between those parted sluts of mine all wet from anticipation…he grinned devilishly before pushing himself deep inside without any warning at all!

The pain mixed with pleasure as he pounded away at that tight cunty hole while simultaneously choking on his own cock which threatened to burst through its seams any moment now due its throbbing girth within mine own mouth As he fucked me harder and faster, I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm but knew better than to ask for release.

He was in control after all. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through the room as he pounded into me relentlessly while spanking my ass cheeks redder by the second.

Sexy Bondage Whore Loves All Hard Cock In All Her Holes

sexy bondageWhen the ask, I always say sexy bondage requires a willing whore like myself and dominant masters willing to put us in the place we deserve. Oh thetrembles under your touch as you run your  hands over every inch of my skin, teasing and taunting with gentle caresses that promise so much more than they deliver at this point. You tell me “You’re mine now – completely at my mercy – and it feels incredible!”

I lean in close enough for our breaths to mingle together before whispering dirty words into your ear about all the naughty things we’re going to do tonight. The way you shiver underneath me only confirms how turned on you are by these taboo desires we share alike. With a wicked grin spread across my face, I stand up straight again and admire my work: A beautifully bound man ready for whatever comes next!

The anticipation builds between us like an electric current coursing through veins until finally…I can wait no longer! Grabbing a flogger from behind me, I swing it gently against your chest first – testing both limits and reactions while also leaving behind delicious red marks on that smooth skin which will serve as reminders long after this night has ended just who truly owned whom tonight…and maybe even tomorrow too if luck is on our side!

As pleasure mixes with pain seamlessly within these intimate moments shared between us two bondage whores (or should I say three?), there’s no telling where this journey might lead or how far down the rabbit hole we’ll go exploring each other’s deepest darkest fantasies together…