Just Like the First Time

Its the first time I have seen your face since you kidnapped me that night. My original clothes are back on me, even though I know you have already played out rape phone sex fantasies with me several times when I was blindfolded. Is it because you made me cum that you trust me enough to see you now? I let you see that dark part of me that liked being taken against my will? Or do you have darker more evil plans for me so it just doesn’t matter if I see you or not?

bondage phone sex caitlin
The thought sends chills through me as you grab my tit hard. This is exactly how it went the first time you took my body, except I was blindfolded. I was in the same position, same clothes, and I could even taste and feel that I had lipstick and makeup on. You had dressed me back up to take me all over again. But this time you wanted me to be able to see it. I watched in silence as your hands groped every part of my body. My nipples got pinched and you ran your fingers between my legs and up inside me.

I couldn’t help but be turned on. All the fear from that first night, feeling totally blind, came rushing back and my heart was pounding. I knew everything you were going to do before you did it. I knew what your cock would look like before I even saw it. I had felt it before. In my mouth and in my cunt and ass. Then there it was, ready to fuck my holes again. You recreated our first time, and while still terrified, at least this time I could see…

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