Hello Sir. My name is Leah and I am ready to hand complete control over to you. I long to know what it’s like to have a strong man control me. My round little ass is just aching to feel your hand smacking down across it, reddening it and making it sting until my pussy tingles. You own every inch of my body and it’s yours to do with as you please. I’ll keep my head down and do as I’m told, only speaking when spoken to and follow every order that you give to me. I’m ready to take so much more than just a simple spanking from you, you can paddle me, flog me or whip me if that’s what really turns you on. I’ll be your personal little pain slut that you can kidnap and torture. Are you craving a human punching bag to take all the frustrations of your day out on? Look no further Master, you can pummel me, kick me, and crack my ribs. Place your big strong hands around my neck and squeeze until it’s hard for me to draw air through my lungs. Watch my eyes start to bulge as I gasp for air, growing weaker and weaker by the moment. When I pass out from lack of oxygen and go limp in your arms keep squeezing. If it’s your wish to take my life Master than you may do so. I will commit the ultimate act of submission by leaving my life in your hands.

Your ever eager to please and serve, Subby Leah

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