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Erotic Bondage Stories

Erotic bondage stories always make my panties soaked with cum. Master has turned me into his completely obedient and submissive cumslut sex slave and I can’t ever get enough of his cock. Before him, I was nothing. Throughout the day, Master keeps me tied up and bound in our special playroom. He doesn’t allow me to play with my juicy pussy at all and I am dying to cum by the time he comes home. Master starts our session by only untying my hands from the bedpost while keeping my feet bound together. He begins moaning while I start worshiping his perfect cock. I take the mouth in and out of my mouth, popping it carefully and massaging the balls. I can tell he fucking loves it when he starts going harder and hitting the back of my throat. He pulls my hair and spanks my ass until it’s throbbing and red when I begin to gag. I live to please Master and don’t stop until he is completely satisfied. Erotic Bondage Stories

2 Girl Submissive Phone Sex

2 Girl Phone Sex

Master loves 2 girl phone sex. He’s trained me so well and it’s so fun bringing another slut into the mix. We found this girl, Ellie, who was down to be a submissive cocksucking whore just like me. Master deserves the best sexual pleasure and we’re happy to satisfy him. He just bought us the biggest double-sided dildo and we couldn’t wait to give him a show. We were all set up in our playroom while Master stood next to the gigantic California King bed and stroked his fat cock while watching us take turns licking each other’s pussies. Ellie was squirming and begging to be fucked while Master was leaking pre-cum. We slipped the dildo inside of our pussies and started grinding. I knew Master was pleased when we both orgasmed at the same time. I was eager for Master to fill my mouth and begged like a good girl for it. Ellie and I took turns servicing our Master’s cock until completion.

Pissing Phone Sex

Pissing Phone Sex

Pissing phone sex is what a dirty little slut like me fucking lives for. I’ve been trained how to properly please my Master. His sexual satisfaction is all I’m good for. My Master uses me in any way that he deems fit. During our last training session, Master tied me up so tightly. He wrapped my wrists tightly with his special red rope and spread my legs wide open. Master forced a ball gag into my mouth as I began squirming on the bed.  I was ready to be used like a fucking whore. I felt Master inch the head of his rock-hard cock into my small, wet pussy. I bit down on the ball gag and Master wrapped his hands around the base of my throat. I came immediately as he pumped in and out of my tight pussy. Master used me as his cumdumpster and then pulled his cock out. His warm piss sprayed all over my body. I am my Master’s toy.

Spanking Chat

Santa came early this year for his little hoe, hoe, hoe. Master loves to dress me up in little outfits for him and show off my tight ass body. I love being Master’s cocksucking fucking whore. Sometimes he’ll lock me up in our special fuck room and order me not to touch myself until he arrives. I spent all day dressed up like a little elf trying to avoid toying with my wet little slit. I was so cock hungry by the time I heard him arrive home. I couldn’t help but finger my tight pussy just a little bit… I had waited as long as I could but I was just so fucking horny! My fingers were deep inside my pussy when Master came in. He was dressed as Santa Claus with a bag of presents (vibrators) in tow. I knew I was in trouble right away. Master bent me over his lap and started beating my ass. I felt the sting of his hand as he brought it down on me relentlessly. I’m a good girl for Master and I live to follow his commands. Spanking Chat

Cum Eating Phone Sex


Cum Eating Phone SexCum eating phone sex is all that I think about. Master has made me into his perfect, cum eating sex slave for him and I fucking love it. My only real purpose is satisfying Master and doing as he wishes. He’s taught me so much during our time together and has given me so many intense orgasms. Master has shown me what a good, little bondage slut is good for. The only thing I’m fucking good at is worshiping Master’s thick, meaty cock and gargling his salty cum. During our last training session, Master made sure I was nice and tightly bound to our fucking chair. He has a thing for feet and so I put on my best pair of silk stockings to show them off. Master tied rope around my ankles and massaged the arches before bending me over and spanking the fuck out of my ass. I deserved those bare bottoms spankings. I’ll take anything Master has to give me.

Erotic Submissive Stories

Erotic Submissive Stories

Master’s favorite word is permission. He is so patient with his eager, cock-hungry, submissive slut. Master loves to show me the proper way to take a spanking. I strive to be so good for him when he orders me not to play with my pussy until he gets home… But sometimes I get so horny waiting for Master that I can’t help but give in to my cravings. As soon as he caught me, he ordered me to my knees. I was a bad girl for not getting Master’s permission to toy with my young, wet pussy. Of course he should be mad. My pussy belongs to him. Master shoved his throbbing cock into my whore mouth and skull fucked me with force. I felt him begin to pinch my tiny little nipples as I gagged on his cock. He flipped me over and I received spanking after spanking on my bare ass. I began to cry as Master became rougher and rougher… I knew I should have listened to his orders.

Cum Eating Phone Sex


Cum Eating Phone Sex I’ve been such a good girl all day… Waiting patiently to please my Master and be the cum eating phone sex slut that I am for him. Just the thought of his big, thick monster cock makes me so eager and my panties become instantly soaked. I’ve been lying in my bed toying with my tiny, pink pussy thinking about all of the ways that I can satisfy him. It is my sole purpose to please him. As soon as I heard my bedroom door begin to open I knew it was time to perform for him. I had my best pair of black, silk stockings on and my tits were popping out of my tank top. Master slapped me hard across the face and forced me to my knees. His dick filled my mouth and I felt his erection become rock hard. Master fucked my face harder and harder, treating me like his personal, submissive sex slave. The way that I deserve. I moaned when I felt his cock twitch and spray hot cum deep into my throat. I gargled the cum and showed Master what his toy does for him.

Torture Phone Sex

Torture Phone Sex

Torture me, Master? I long for the feeling of his belt beating across my tiny ass. I’ll hold it up nice and high for him so he can beat it properly. I know he loves when my flesh turns a bright red shade from his beatings. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to please my Master. We have the most fun when he ties me up and spreads my legs wide open for his disposal. I give myself completely to him and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s trained me on how to take his spankings. Whenever I’ve been a naughty girl (I try not to disobey Master), he punishes me. He’ll lock me away in our dungeon play room while my pussy cries for his cock. One… two… three spanks. Master bends me over his laps and orders me to submit to him. I feel him slip his fingers into my waiting pussy and I bite down on the table. I am ready for whatever Master has planned next.

Master’s Whore

Female Bondage

Female bondage makes my tiny, pink pussy drip with cum juice. I was trained to be a cock-sucking submissive whore and I love to follow my Master’s commands. My body is entirely his to desecrate and do with as he pleases. I’ve learned the way to form my mouth around his perfect cock and he rewards (or punishes me) as he deems fit. Master has set up a private room for our naughty play. As soon as he has me pinned down at the perfect angle, Master begins fucking my mouth hole. I slobber all over it and beg for him to give me more. I’m his filthy slave and I fucking love it. I can’t ever get enough! During our last training session, he pulled out a bright red tube of lipstick and wrote ‘Master’s Whore” across my titties. It was degrading and humiliating. I felt him fill my eager mouth with his shaft and pump my mouth full of his hot, salty cum. I gargled it all in the back of my throat like the obedient little girl I am. I always aim to please Master.

Cock Worshiping Cumslut

Cock Worshiping

My name is Leah and I’m a cock worshipping little slut for my Master. He’s really patient with me and has shown me the proper way to be bound, gagged, and tied. When I’m a disobedient girl who doesn’t listen to him – he punishes me the way I deserve. Smacks across my tiny ass, a hand wrapped around my throat, my tiny pussy smacked. I’m his good little sex slave and I let my Master do whatever he pleases with my petite body. After all, it is only here for his satisfaction. Several sessions of training have taught me the correct way to worship my Master’s cock. I worship it like a good whore and he rewards me with intense orgasms. Master makes me worship his thick cock on my knees. He teaches me the right way to lick his shaft and make him hard. Once he’s satisfied, Master ties me to our dungeon table and once I’m secure he teases my tiny clit with a vibrating wand. I’m eager to continue my training sessions with Master.

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