My grandma taught me when I was a little girl that women were supposed to submit to their men in everything. She told me a man was the head of the household and a woman was to obey him. I’m pretty sure being a submissive whore was not what my sweet granny was talking about, but she did say in everything. My name is Phyllis. I am a submissive woman from the south, sweet as a cold glass of Iced Tea. I am not weak by any means. This is a lifestyle I chose to be a part of. I give my free will over to a man as a choice. I was raised to believe a man is to be dominant and I take that to the extreme. Sexually, I will submit to your every desire. I will serve you and be the best little sub you have ever met. My pussy gushes at the thought of having a strong dominant man make me into his plaything. Take my mouth, my tits, my pussy, my ass and use them for your pleasure. I am heavily into bondage. I love feeling rope tied so tight, it bites into my skin. Do not allow me to move freely. Please tie me tight and use me as you will. Please punish me if I do not obey your every desire, for my purpose in life is to serve you, my Master.

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