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He was so cruel

submissive whoreI fucked up bad, I fell asleep yesterday afternoon and ended up sleeping way past the time that my Master came home from work. I had no dinner ready, the house was a mess and I looked all crazy from sleeping. To say that he was not pleased was an understatement. He dragged me out of bed by my hair and threw me on the floor and began to kick the shit out of me. I was gasping for air and the pain was just huge, it swallowed me whole. He pulled me up and throat fucked me to the point that I was about to pass out and then bent me over the bed and ripped off my panties. He fucked my ass dry until it bled, I was crying so hard but I knew better than to scream or protest, I just laid there and took it. When he finally finished he told me to get up and make his dinner so I thanked him for all the correction and went to cook. I can tell you one thing for sure, I won’t be fucking up like that again!

It hurt so bad

submissive whoreMy Master wanted me to fuck these gigantic dildos today and when I got a good look at them it scared me. They were HUGE! These big red cocks as big as a horse dick! And he wanted me to shove as much of them up inside me as I could. I wasn’t allowed to lube them up either, I just had to pray that my natural lubrication would be enough. I was trying my hardest to get them inside my pussy but I guess I wasn’t doing a good enough job because Master came over and grabbed it and shoved it so deep. I screamed so loud, the pain was so unexpected and so big I thought I would pass out. I tried my best to just relax and let it happen, he violently fucked my pussy with that giant dildo until his arm got tired. By then I was gaped wide open and my pussy hurt so bad, Master didn’t want to fuck that stretched out hole so he flipped me over and dry fucked my ass until he came.

I was the teacher but she didn’t care

submissive whoreI was a substitute teacher last week and things were going well except for this one girl that wouldn’t listen to a thing I said. I sent her to the office, gave her detention, nothing worked! She was so mean and disrespectful no matter what I did and I was just lost. Well, during detention she refused to do her work so I tried to get firm with her and force her to do it but as a submissive whore I just can’t project that aura of authority like some people can and I think she could sense that. She snapped and shoved me back and the next thing I knew she had rope and was tying me up! I know I should have tried harder to maintain control over the situation but how could I do that when my pussy was dripping wet from her rough treatment? She humiliated me, ripping my shirt open and slapping my tits until they were red and so sore. My nipples were rock hard and my panties were soaked when the principal walked in and saw us. He didn’t say a word tho he just looked at me all half naked and tied up and his cock got rock hard. He bent me over the desk and fucked the shit out of me and forced me to lick my student’s pussy and in the end, he said that they would be using me whenever they wanted and that I had better give that bad girl an A in class too! I’ve never been so humiliated and turned on at the same time!

Birthday spankings

submissive whoreMy Master was so sweet this morning, he woke me up for my birthday by pulling me over his lap and spanking my bare ass until it was cherry red and my pussy was dripping wet. He knows how much I love a good spanking so he made sure to paddle me until I was squirming and then fingering me until I squirted. He ever spanked my wet pussy too it was so hot! Then he bent me over and fucked the shit out of my pussy until I was begging for more. He is the most considerate man I have ever served I know I don’t deserve special treatment on my birthday but it’s so special when he gives me what I want the most.I hope he will use me all day long, I can’t think of a better way to spend my day!

He used me

submissive whoreI was doing some shopping when a man walked up to me and grabbed my arm. He pulled me into a back room and forced me to my knees and shoved his rock hard cock down my throat. I was so scared, I had no idea who he was and he was being so rough with me! I was gagging and choking and trying to breathe but I couldn’t and he just kept pounding so hard that I thought he was going to actually kill me. Finally he pulled out his cock so I could take a breath, I thought that it was over but he was just getting started. He ripped off my panties and shoved that hard dick up my ass and I screamed, it hurt so bad but he didn’t stop until he came. Then he told me that if I told anyone what he did that he would come back and kill me.

They hurt me so bad

submissive whoreI was out running errands for my Master when this man pulled up next to me and motioned for me to pull over. He didn’t look like a cop and he wasn’t in any kind of police uniform so I just kept driving and acted like I couldn’t see him. Well that pissed him off, he didn’t like being ignored like that so he started to follow me. I was terrified, I didn’t know how I was going to get away. No matter how many times I turned he was right there on my ass and I thought that I would never lose him when finally I passed a truck and turned. I thought he didn’t see where I went so I rushed right home and pulled into the garage to unload all the groceries and things. I was putting things away when suddenly I felt an arm around my neck pulling me close. He said that next time he tells me to pull over that I better do it and since I was a bad girl he was gonna punish me. He bent me over and ripped off my panties and shoved his huge dick in my ass balls deep. It hurt like hell but I didn’t scream I just took my punishment like a good girl.

It hurt so bad

submissive whoreI was his plaything, just a toy really and no matter what he did I wasn’t allowed to say no. He roughly tied me up with my arms behind my back and forced me across his lap so he could spank my ass until it was very red and so painful. Then he made me sit on a huge dildo while he tied up my tits and pinched my nipples. It all hurt so bad, my tits were purple and so tender, my ass was on fire and my poor pussy was all stretched out from that huge cock in me. I was miserable but truned on all at the same time, what does that make me? Am I crazy that the pain turns me on? I was so close to cumming from it all and finally when he spanked my pussy real hard I came all over. Of course, he punished me more for cumming without permission but I couldn’t help it!

He just used me

submissive whoreI started a new job working as a secretary and my new boss is so mean! He’s always yelling at me and barking orders at me, he has no patience to teach me how to do my job properly but he expects me to know it all anyway. I was trying my best but it wasn’t good enough because he called me into his office and told me that if I didn’t improve he would fire me. I just broke down crying I was so upset and that just made him madder. He said if I was gonna be a loud ass stupid whore he would treat me like one. He grabbed me and bent me over the desk and just roughly shoved his cock up my ass. It hurt like hell and all I could do was cry more. He fucked me until he was done and said that my new job was being his whore and that he was gonna use me how he pleased.

Who gives a fuck about a submissive whore

submissive whore“Who gives a fuck about a submissive whore like you? I could replace you with another bitch like that!” I was hurt so deeply when my Master said that to me last night. I know that I was mouthy and I shouldn’t have been but to know that he doesn’t care about me at all cut deep. I thought I was his pet, his plaything that he cared about, now I know that I am just a worthless whore, nothing more that a hole to fuck when he is horny and a body to abuse as he sees fit. I am a pathetic needy little whore tho so I crawled to him begging for his attention but that just pissed him off. He slapped me hard across the face and knocked me to the floor and screamed at me that if I really needed his attention he would give me some attention by beating the crap out of me. He beat me unmercifully until he was rock hard and then he rage fucked me. It hurt so bad but turned me on at the same time, I couldn’t get enough! I know I’m just a worthless whore but at least I can get him off!

He used me

submissive whoreHe didn’t say a word when he came into my room, I couldn’t see who he was because it was too dark for that all I knew was that his touch seemed unfamiliar to me. He was rough as he hogtied me and since I was naked I was almost immediately cold. He dragged me down to the basement and left me there in the dark. I had no idea who would be coming down those stairs to hurt me all I could do was wait. I laid there crying and miserable, wishing I could stretch my limbs of turn so that my bare breasts weren’t pushing into the cold hard floor but I knew better than to move. Finally he came back down and turned the lights on blinding me so that I still couldn’t tell who it was. He lifted me up and shoved his cock down my throat and fucked it so brutally that I nearly passed out. He fucked all my holes and beat me black and blue and then left me there still hogtied on the floor until my Master finally found me there. He had to carry me back upstairs because my body was useless from being tied so long. I guess I will never know who did this to me.

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