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He sold me to the highest bidder

submissive whoreMy Master took pictures of me and posted them online and told me he was starting an auction where I would be the only thing for sale. He was going to sell me to anyone that paid him no matter how cruel they would treat me. He said that he didn’t even care if they killed me! I was so hurt by that, I thought I was his love not just his property but he showed me that I was nothing at all to him. The auction winner showed up later that night to pick me up and he was the biggest man I had ever seen. He was so tall and muscular and I was terrified that he would kill me with his big powerful hands but he was surprisingly gentle with me… at first. He took me back to his place and told me that he was going to use me as he saw fit. He beat me and fucked all my holes raw, by the time he was done I was sore all over and black and blue from head to toe. I hope the next time with him will be easier.

I am a worthless submissive whore

submissive whoreI am just a worthless submissive whore that needs to be told what to do because I can’t do anything right, or at least that is what my Master has been telling me lately. He says that I am always fucking things up around here and that my very presence is annoying him. I made the mistake letting that hurt my feelings, I told him that I tried my best and that he was only annoyed by me because we have been stuck in the house together alone for weeks. He didn’t like that, he said I was just sassing back and slapped me in the mouth. He said that I need to learn how to just obey and keep my mouth shut as he pulled me across his lap and ripped my panties off me. He spanked my bottom like I was a disobedient brat. I was so humiliated that he could treat me like that but so turned on at the same time. He knew that of course, he knows me better than anyone. When he was done spanking my tender ass he fucked me until I was begging for more like a shameless little slut.

He left me in the corner

submissive whoreMy Master was using me yesterday, he had me all tied up with my ass in the air and he was fucking me doggie style. When he was finished using my fuck holes he just tossed me in the corner like some old broken toy and left me there for hours. I was completely helpless, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stretch my muscles out, I was in so much pain but there was nothing I could do about it. I just had to lay there waiting for my Master to come back and free me and that took so long! I was so afraid he had forgotten about me, I was sobbing and completely broken. That is when he finally came back, after I was a broken crying mess. He untied me and carried me to bed, wiping my tears away as he held me tenderly. He was so kind to me, like he was rewarding me for submitting to his will so well. He even fucked me tenderly until I came harder than I ever had before. He always knows what I need better than I do.

Lock down for a submissive whore

submissive whoreLock down for a submissive whore is a very hard thing endure but I know my place and I will continue to be whatever my Master wants me to be. So far this week he has used me so hard. I have been his punching bag and his fuck toy. I have been humiliated online too, he made me get on cam and do whatever degrading things his friends wanted me to do. I have been pissed on and jizzed on and once he even shit on me! I am pushing my limits and as much as I complain about it part of me enjoys the complete surrender to my Master’s needs and wants. I can only hope that I continue to please him, I shudder to think what would happen to me if he ever got really bored with me. I might end up buried in the backyard like his other pets! All I can do is obey and hope for the best.

Totally locked down

submissive whoreMy Master is taking this whole lock down thing very seriously. I am literally locked down only allowed up to use the bathroom, tied to a post all day and all night too. He is bored under quarantine so he is taking it all out on me. What can I do about it? Nothing, I just have to suffer! He has been beating me, force fucking me, abusing me in every way possible. I am bruised from head to toe, my pussy is so sore and I don’t even want to talk about my poor little asshole. But I persevere because there is nothing else I can do. I am his slave, he owns me and can use my poor broken body however he wishes. I only hope that this quarantine doesn’t last too much longer, my poor body won’t be able to take much more of this, I hope that Master doesn’t just end up killing me!

I was so used

subminssive whoreI was expecting to be used by my Master of course but when he threw me to the wolves so to speak I was pretty upset. What could I do? I had to obey no matter what but here I was tied to a chair surrounded by horny men and scared to death! I didn’t know what they were going to do to me all I knew is that I was completely helpless and unable to do anything to help myself. They came towards me and I was shaking but I didn’t have long to wonder what was gonna happen cus all the sudden they were all on me! I had cocks stuffed in every fuck hole and more men grabbing my hands making me jerk them off. They were so rough with me, they were slapping me and beating me and fucking me all at the same time. I was hurt and crying but still struggling to please them no matter what. They threw me on the floor when they were done with me and my Master took me back home and cleaned me up. I hope I pleased him!

He sold me out

submissive whoreMy Master sold me out to his friend all so that he could party a little longer one night. It’s not like he didn’t have money to pay for it, he just wanted a cheaper alternative and he knew that I would do whatever he told me to do. So I went with that man ever tho he was big and scary and told me that he was going to hurt me. I had no way to say no, no safe words no cushion. It was just me and him and a world of pain that I didn’t even know existed. He used me so hard, all my holes were fucked so hard that they tore open. My body was beaten bloody and bruised and I honestly wasn’t sure if I would survive the night. It was so hard but I made my Master happy and that was all that really mattered.

That is what a submissive whore is for

submissive whoreI was used and abused yesterday but what else could I really expect? That is what a submissive whore like me is for after all so I really shouldn’t be surprised but it just hurt so bad! My Master dragged me out of bed by my hair and threw me to the floor, he didn’t say a word he just pulled out his cock and shoved it down my throat. I was choking and gagging and crying but I let him do whatever he wanted like a good girl. Then he pulled his cock out of my throat and just beat the shit out of me. He was so quiet it was terrifying to have him just say nothing at all like that I had no idea why he was so mad but he clearly was out to hurt me very very bad. In between beatings he would force fuck my tender asshole until it was raw and bleeding and he just kept all this up for hours. By the time he was done I was curled up in a ball just sobbing in pain and he left me there on the floor all night covered in blood and cum.

He punished me

submissive whoreI was mouthy to my Master and he punished me for it. I knew better than to question him but I really hated the man he brought over to use me, he is fat and smelly and gross and I didn’t want his nasty body all over mine. Well I ended up with worse after telling my Master that I wouldn’t fuck him, he brought over several more men just as fat and smelly and gross and made me fuck them all! I had to do whatever they told me to do no matter how degrading and disgusting it was. And then when they were finally done with me I had to lay there covered in their sweat and stink and cum all night long, I wasn’t allowed to shower it off until the next day! Once I was clean my Master beat me until I could hardly breathe and told me that I had better never disobey him like that again and I am here to tell you I for sure never will! Once was more than enough!

He humiliated me

submissive whoreI thought we were going out somewhere nice as a treat but honestly I should have known better. My Master never spoils me like that for nothing, he wanted me to learn a lesson in humiliation and boy did I ever learn it well. We were at a five star restaurant eating up on the rooftop, the view was amazing the food was fantastic it was just so wonderful at first. Then my Master ordered me to take off my panties right there at the table. I tried to be discreet about it but I know people were staring at me, I could feel their eyes boring into my skin. I handed him my panties and he put them right on the table in plain view! Everyone could see them and I just know my face was red as a tomato with embarrassment but he was only getting started. He made me go over to the spiral staircase and pull my skirt up and show everyone my pussy and my ass, then he told me to lay there and masturbate until I came no matter what. Well I couldn’t very well say no now could I? I did what he asked and even tho people were staring and other people were telling me to stop and even threatening to call the police I kept on going until I squirted and then I was finally allowed to leave. I have never been so humiliated in all my life!

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