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Submissive phone sex

Submissive phone sex

Submissive phone sex; have you ever been so fucking horny you can’t wait to go home. How do you handle that? Well, I can’t always get home soon enough so I take care of myself wherever I am. That means wherever in my car if there’s traffic, at work if I can’t get off early or if I’m in a restaurant I go to the bathroom get myself off. Let me tell you about a time I went to this fancy restaurant for a date. The guy was not that cute but hey it’s a free meal. I had been horny all fucking day and I thought ok maybe this guy can put his face in my cunt and get me off. But it was such a lil bitch about it. I tell him to get under the table and do it, I have no underwear on. He says, “No, I don’t want to get arrested.” So, I remembered I had my lipstick vibrator and I quickly slide it in my pussy and start pleasing myself. If that were you, would you get me off?? Tell me how.


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Bondage whore


I love being a cum thirsty creampie slut! The best day of my life was when my uncle came into my room one night to show me how to suck a cock. He came in and sat down on the bed next to me and pulled out his fat daddy cock. Even as a young one I was fascinated and couldn’t wait to feel it in my mouth. I leaned into his lap and started sucking that cock like a Popsicle! My uncle was so impressed with how I swirled my tongue around the head and took that cock all the way to the back of my tight little throat. He turned me from a sweet innocent little girl into a total fuck slut by cumming in my mouth! From that moment on I’ve been obsessed with getting my pussy pounded and creampied by older men as many times as I can! I need to be the center of attention when there are any daddies around, I have to let them know that I’m the perfect sugar baby to drain their balls. If I’m spoiled properly I can fuck all night long and make him beg for more of my tight shaved pussy! I can’t get enough cum in my twat because I love being used like a whore.

Damn baby roast me like the Christmas Bondage whore ham I am

Bondage whoreIt’s a hot and steamy Bondage whore Christmas here baby! You know I am the gift that keeps giving! I’m here for your pleasure, and I need to be destroyed! Gagged me and string me up from the rafters like the dirty little pig I am! Degrade me baby! I love being punished by you master! You always push me to my limits!

It is dark and I cannot tell where you are coming from. I am disoriented from the hours of torture and edging I’ve endured. I feel the sting of a flog stink my left breast and I moan. I am a pain whore. Some would even say a masochist! I love the thin line of pleasure and pain that you have me straddle with my legs spread wide with the spreader. You ram a thick massive dildo deep in my ass without warning. You rip through my tight round ass that is already cherry red and gapping.

“Mery Christmas, you fuck slut! This year I’m going to permanently remodel this pretty pink pussy and that shitter of yours!” You laugh as you continue to force fuck my ass. I feel you press your hard dick deep inside my stretched-out cunt and I was overly full of those massive shafts fighting through my swollen whore holes simultaneously.

There is really nothing like being used as a true fuck doll! I throw my head back as I cum hard! You had been edging me for hours, so the release was like ecstasy. But the back hand that I received instantly brought me back to reality. ” Who the fuck said you could cum bitch?! That’s it I’m calling in reinforcements! I hope you are uncomfortable because this just started whore!” Damn baby, roast me like the Christmas Bondage whore ham I am!

Bondage S&M slut get punished right by you master!

Bondage S&M


I am a naughty Bondage S&M slut! You know I am bratty, and love to push your buttons master. I know the rules and choose to ignore them so make the punishment fit the crime master!  I am a pain whore through and through. So, I will do anything to get a rise out of you! I know you hate blue, so I show up dressed to the nine, fit with a matching ball gage that I know I am going to need. I am so excited to see just how rough you are going to be!

You instantly back hand me and I fall to me knees! “You little worthless whore! Why do you over have to disobey me?!”  I know you know I do it so you will take me to my limits. You bring out the rope that bites into my skin with a pain that is so intoxicatingly excruciating! You make quick work of stringing me up by my tits, arms, and cunt. I am dripping in anticipation of the horrors you decide is a fair punishment for my blatant disrespect.

“Forgivvv….”, before I could finish my statement you shove that ball gage right in my whore face. ” You are going to need this! We don’t want the neighbors to be alarmed. After all my little piggy, your strung up to be butchered! And after the way you tested me, you’ll be lucky to get away with only minor cuts and bruises.  Damn, I fucked up the last time he said something like this he punished me for hours before he called over his friends. They all took turns beating and rapping my limp body. And when they were done, I was so destroyed I could sit for a week! God that was amazing I’m getting wet as we speak!

Bondage whore loves pain inflicted on me.

Bondage whore  I am a crazy Bondage whore who loves pain inflicted on me. I always submit to you master and all your needs. our training session last night was extreme! It wasn’t safe, barely legal, but very much consensual! I can’t explain the euphoria I feel when someone is punishing me! The pain of being whipped and beaten to a pulp is a rush that is indescribable. I know it’s not sane but it’s the only way I can cum!

I know it doesn’t sound sexy to some but the thought of being tied down and belted to hell makes my pussy tingle and start to drip. I want to be degraded and treated like the worth little slut I am. My hole to be ripped open and stretched to the max for your pleasure master! You know that is all I am good for!

Torment me and all my whore hole! I am yours and this body belongs to you! You make me feel safe and I trust you to take me to my happy place. Spread my legs wide and beat my swollen cunt. Make that cunt puffy and red. Then i want you to grab my hair and rip my head back while you whisper sharply in my ear, ” You are nothing but my dirty slut and you will bend to my will. I know you enjoy this you sick little slut, this cat and mouse game gives you a thrill! Well buckle up it’s going to be fun all the things I have planned for you! But do get scared it will only hurt a lot, but you are guaranteed to cum even if you don’t want it! after all you know that pussy is mine, and you are in no position to deny me!”

Bare bottom spankings and Bondage are a must for this whore

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings and Bondage are a must with submissive slut like me. I crave a dirty rough punishment session that will teach me a lesson. I am a worthless fuck toy and I love to be used. Punish me baby I want to be bruised. Smack my round juicy ass hard leaving a welt, don’t mind how I moan and my dripping pussy starts to melt.

I am nothing but a pain whore, the slut of your dreams. I know you have nasty sadistic thought while your force me to my knees. Force fuck my face as I struggle to breath. I know this is just the start. When you pulled out the ball gage and whip, I knew you were gunning for my heart.

Punish me daddy I am a naughty little whore. Ram two fingers in my ass and three into my cunt. force fuck me master and make this pussy squirt. It hurts so good, and I can’t hold back my body starts to shake. God damn I and so lucky to have you put me in my place.

You ram your fist down my throat and make me lick up my mess. The mixture of my ass and squirt was so fucking sweet. I am a tasty little slut now I know why you say I’m the best. Not only will I let you destroy me; nipple clamps twisting on my chest, but I am willing to worship me and do anything that you say. You know that I am your dirty, worthless, pain whore, sex slave!

Cock worshiping is something that this cum slut does best!

Cock worshiping

Cock worshiping is something that this cum slut does best! I love getting down on my knees and paying my respects to a massive, thick, veiny cock. I know my place baby and its right here in front of you bobbing my pretty little head up and down the full length of your shaft. I don’t fight when you ram your cock down my throat and hold my head there. I can’t breath and tears are running down my face, but I’m only here to service and pleasure you and this amazing cock, so I just let you use my throat. It is squeezing your cock and I know it feels good baby.

Just when I thought I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen you are nice enough to pull my head back by my hair hard. I gasp for the air that we both know I don’t deserve. I am nothing but a fuck toy and I know my worth. Use me and my whore holes how ever you please. I know better than to move and get off my knees. Before I know it you whip me around and start pounding my from behind. God baby this cock ripping through my fucking pussy feels so divine.

I know that I am lucky to be used by a king like you. Just say the word master ill do anything you tell me too. You are pound my hard and fast as fuck. I let out a moan when I feel your war creamy nut fill my wet whore cunt. breed me baby that is all I was made for. I am nothing but your own personal dirty breed whore. And right when your done you pick me up and lower me on that dick. “Now ride this this cock bitch now that this pussy is nice and slick!”

Extreme bondage is not for the faint of heart

Extreme bondageExtreme bondage is not for the faint of heart. I am a true-blue pain whore who loves to be tortured and punished. You are my new master and you are so rough with me. I can’t lie, that’s what turns me on the most. You bind my tits so tight that they lose circulation. You then add nipple clamps that you yank and twist to cause extreme pain.

I would cry out with your devious torture, but you have a ball gag to stifle the sound. My legs and arms are stretched out wide, and I can’t even put up a fight if I wanted to. Good thing I don’t. I want you to take out all your frustrations with me. I am nothing but a fuck toy, used for your pleasure.

Take the whip and smack my cunt. Make me dipping wet. You already have the massive dillo ready to rip though my tight little whore holes. You know that’s all I was made for, to be a fuck toy for you to stretch and take to my limits.

I want to see how far I can go past my pain thresholds. There is a thin line between pain and pleasure and boy do I like to straddle it. punish me and show me who is the boss and try your best to tame the whore within. You know I like to test you that’s one of this sex slave’s biggest sins. So, punish me right all-night daddy make me your good obedient slut. I know you are not done with me master you always finish with torturing and stretching my ass.

Youre force fucking this Submissive slut ramming my wet cunt

Submissive slut  You are force fucking this Submissive slut, and ramming my tight, wet cunt hard and with a purpose! I know that I fucked up, but damn master, the look in your eyes shows me that you are going to really punish me. You’ve had a hard week and you need to take out your frustrations somehow. What better way than your worthless pain whore’s fuck holes that are yours?

 You grab a handful of my hair and force me to my knees. You force your rock-hard cock deep down my throat. I could feel you growing in my mouth, and I knew you were ready to destroy my cunt and punish me rough. I tried to curb your anger by sucking that dick right. Jerking and bobbing my head like it was my only saving grace. Using my sweet warm tongue to tease and clean up all the precum. I know that you are just getting started by force fucking my face, but maybe I can persuade you to be gentle today. I’m still sore for the punishments of yesterday.

I’m gaging and its sloppy as your cock hits my throat. Tears are streaming down my face as that monster cock jumps and grows. Right when I thought I was going to please you, and you were going to feed me that load, you rip me around by that handful of hair. You move me like a rag doll master, I know you don’t care. This is my punishment, and I will take it like the good sex slave I am. That’s when you spread my ass and take your cock and without notice your ram it in.

I cry out in pain and shock from the girth ripping through my ass. “Shut the fuck up whore! This is what you were made for! Besides who told you to talk back?” I know the rules and you are right I try to push my ass back and not put up a fight. But this cock is ripping me and making me gapping. God master yes, I’m yours for the taking. Punish me and show me who is the boss. Tie me down and punish me like a sinner on the cross!

Submissive Whore gets punished right into submission

Submissive WhoreThe best part about being as Submissive whore is the fact that you are my master. You always take me to the edge and push all me limits. I am a pain whore and I love to be punished and used for your pleasure. Tonight’s punishment is rather harsh the ball gag muffles my cries, but it’s not preventing the loud screams as you pull on the nipple claps and twist.

You like to remind me who is the boss and that I absolutely worthless compared to you! I should worship you master and ensure your happiness and be there if you are stressed. I was supposed to be waiting for you on my knees when you got home. Of course, I was running late and wasn’t even home. I knew that I was going to pay with my blood, sweat, and tears for this!

The calm way you ordered me to the playroom scared me almost as much as it made my pretty pink pussy tingle. I knew you were going to punish me right, but I couldn’t help but feel excited. I love to be your punching bag! To know that I satisfy a primal need is enough to make me cum. But I wouldn’t dare cum without permission! I want punished but I’m not crazy! The last time you forced me to cum over, and over, and over again. You had me cumming for two days with barely a rest I thought I was going to die!

I whimper as you tie my legs wide open. I knew the punishment was going to be unreal! You are relentless and you will make sure I learned my lesson. “I hope you didn’t want to cum because you are going to have to wait. Right on the edge like I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for my whore to be bowed at my feet!”