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This Bondage whore really made you mad master!

This Bondage whoreThis Bondage whore really made you mad master! You are punishing me. I’ve been so naughty master. I know you control this pussy! I am not to cum unless you say, but you were punishing me the right way. You held that dildo on my clit while I was rammed with a larger one in my ass. I couldn’t control it and it happened so fast. I squirted so hard it hit the wall. As soon as I felt the release, I knew you were going to have a ball.

You instantly started forcing me to cum. The pleasure wave washed over me one by one. I was shaking, and cumming, and moaning, and pleading. Master, you know this pussy so well you could trigger a squirt just by breathing.

I try to be obedient and to not make you mad, but this was the longest edging session that I’ve ever had. Three hours non-stop of you pushing me to the edge. It felt so good, and I did try to beg. I had no control and I think that’s what you like. You know that I fought the nirvana with all my might.

I failed a I came, now I’m cummimg again and again. I’m get weak and hoping with each wave it would be the end. After seven times, straight in a row, my muscles are weak and my name…? well I don’t even know. I am tired and drained of energy and juices. Master I’m sorry I’m so weak please forgive me for my shortfall. I know punishment is just starting and next up I’m going to be your real live sex doll!

Bondage whore will comply to your desires master!

Bondage whoreI am Bondage whore that will comply to you master because I am a Cock worshiping slut! I am a dirty little pain whore here to please you master! Anything you want you know this cum dumpster will obey. You don’t have to ask me twice, unless I’m feeling extra frisky that day. Use me to satisfy all your deluded fantasies. This is what I’m made for and exactly what I need

Punish me and treat me like a worthless little slut. Force fuck my wet cunt and rip open my filthy ass. Do it simultaneously master you need not even ask! I’m yours to use and abuse and that’s all I’m good for. To fuck and beat until I cannot breathe and I’m a crumples mess on the floor. Make me beg and worship your cock. I’m lucky to be used by you but you know this whore cunt jerks you just right!

Tie me down and whip me until I turn cherry red. Then get the flog and punish me you know how to do that best! I am dirty little pain whore who loves it hard and fast! I want you to watch as this machine fucks my ass. Let it rip me open while you stand by and watch. Make me scream with pleasure and pain while getting rip open by this mechanical cock. You know how to torture my whore holes in the best way you can! You know how to set me straight master like only you can!

Now that im warmed up all gapping and wet. I want you to invite in the parade of men to have their way with me. all in a circle jacking their cocks. its Bukkake phone sex the best you’ve ever seen. I put on a show and take care of all their needs. One in my moth force fucking my face. One in my ass watch while he makes me gape. Two in my whore cut it’s a tight fit yes, it’s true but most of all I’m ready master to open up and please you!

Use me master I’m yours!

Rape phone sex fantasiesLet’s get real wild master! Stretch this tight ass wide out and use me like the cum whore I am! I’m nothing but a filthy cock sleeve! My body is yours! Use me to satisfy your needs! Fuck me harder! Don’t stop, even if I beg and plead! I’m a bit of a pain whore. By bit, I mean show me no mercy. Rip me open show me I’m worthless! I want you to leave me bloody and broken!

I’m nothing more than a fucking slut. Take that dirty cock straight from my ass to my cunt. My holes are yours! Cum and go as you please. Master I’ll be a good slut and I do whatever you want or need! Ram my slut box with that rock-hard cock! Pound me like a jack hammer!  Give me all that you got!

You know how to use me and make your pussy cum. I squirt so hard I can’t hold back if only I wasn’t so weak and could enjoy this fun! My wet cunt is squeezing you tight, it feels like there is suction. My whore hole is begging for you to cum inside. I’m a breed whore baby and that’s what I was made for! Ill make you a cum slut. One of your very own. You know the fuck doll will be so tight and holes will feel like home. She’ll be yours to use just like me! Use that brat for what she was made for make her a good little fuck sleeve!

Keep fucking using my body as I go limp! I don’t have to be conscious for you to get breed my whore cunt baby! Fuck this cum dumpster, and drop off a load! Leave me dipping and gapping. Fucking rape me master! I was made to be used. I am no more than a pussy, tits and a tight round ass. Fuck me hard daddy force me to take your seed. After all this is what I was made for to be fuck, to suck and to breed. So, cum deep I’m my tight swollen cunt. who knows maybe soon I won’t be the only one taking the brunt of your rage!

God, it feels so good to be bad!

I’m bend over this table arms chained to the legs so I cannot stand up and you are ramming me hard and fast from behind. I try to squeal as I take every inch of your rock-hard cock, but you are choking me and me screams sound like muffled moans. God, I love when you punish me master!

I know that I should always me on my knees ready to suck your rock-hard cock as soon as you walk in, but today I was feeling daring. I wanted you to punish me and force fuck me for the blatant disrespect and punishing me you are! My ass is slamming back on you as you force yourself in fucking me like a jack hammer. You are drilling away at this tight pink pussy, and I love the speed and force. “Oh god, I’m going to cum!” I manage to choke out as I squirt all over that massive cock.

Extreme bondage“Yeah, slut take this alpha dick! You know you are only good for fucking and sucking! Not shut the fuck up and take all of this dick” You roar, and you pound me harder demanding more.  I am nothing but a dirty little pain whore! Use me baby! This pretty pink push is yours to demolish! Pond me out and show me that I’m yours! Your cum dumpster! Your fuck toy! master I know I’m not worth but thank you for stretching me out and allowing your pussy to cum!

You walk around the table and pull me forward so my head is hanging over the edge. You force that dirty cock deep down my throat and I gag as you force fuck my face hard. “You like to clean daddy’s dick don’t you you little slut? You like the taste of your cunt dripping down this massive cock don’t you whore?! You hiss as tears run down my face! God, it feels so good to be bad!

I’m so sorry Master!

Submissive slutI try to cry out as you whip me master, but my screams are muffled! The ball gag is necessary for tonight’s punishment because I fucked up bad! I didn’t mean to miss your call master! I know I am to be at your beckon call and to never leave you waiting! When you burst through the door and grabbed me by my hair, throwing me to the ground, I knew I was in for a world of hurt. The kicks to the ribs were nothing compared to the punishment I my tight pink pussy or my gapping little ass has endured these last few hours. You have fucked me with every and anything you could find and did not care that you were ripping me apart. I know I deserve it master and I am a pain whore, but my ass and pussy are practically swollen shut at this point, and I see no end in sight! I whimper as you tie my legs and hands down and ready the fuck machine. I know this is going to take me over the edge. I’ve felt like I was going to pass out for some time now, but I know that won’t stop you from your relentless pursuit in correcting my bad behavior. You have to make sure I learned my lesson.  And I have sir I promise! “Now I’m going to watch as you get fucked as fast as you should have answered my calls! Was it worth it bitch?! I bet you will never keep me waiting with a hard cock again, will you you Submissive slut?” I’m so sorry Master!

Fuck I love how you take every hole!

Submissive slutI love the way you feel deep inside my wet cunt! I have been craving you and my pussy won’t let me lie. I try to play hard to get but as soon as you get in between my thighs you pound me harder than I thought I could take. I am a pain whore but you surprised me with that hard thrust. I whimper before I submit to you. You know I’m your whore and you can use all my holes for your pleasure. I kneel looking up at you hoping your will face fuck me before your grip my hair and force me on all fours. I can not see the plans you have brewing for me but I know that you will hurt me. Yes baby, hurt me! Punish this wet tight cunt just right! I am a cum dumpster and I want you to dump all the cum in me! Fuck me hard and make me regret ever making you upset, or happy, because either way I was getting this punishment! I cry out as you pound me, your cock ramming my cervix, and I know you love the way that feels! I enjoy the combination of the pain and pleasure and you wouldn’t care either way. You love to use me like the fuck whore I am! I was made to be used so use me baby! Force your cock deeper! My walls collapse around you as I cum hard on your cock causing you to moan as you feel me reach the finish line. Your rock hard cock makes its way out of my dripping wet cunt and into my tight round ass. Fuck I love how you take every hole!

Just use those tears as lubrication

Bondage whore

Force fucking me hard while I try to struggle against the ties, you grin as I struggle and try to escape. You like to watch the pain the I get a sick pleasure from. You have such a depraved mind and I love when you take it out on me and all my gapping whore holes! I am a pain whore who loved to be demolished by every and anything! You want to fuck me with a dildo on a drill the rams he so hard I’m squirting within seconds? I’m in! I’ll be the best machine whore ever! You want to tie me up and beat me until I’m bruised and bloodied? Please sir can I have some more?! I’m a good little Bondage whore! You want to let everyone you know use me and cum all over me and all in me?! I love boococky! You want to fuck me repeatedly for hours ripping me open and beating me every so often just to break up the monotony? Great, just promise you won’t take it easy on me! I’m a good like cum whore and will take the pain and punishment with a smile! I may cry, just use those tears as lubrication as you shove your cock deep down my throat to muffle my cries! I am nothing but a slut, so treat me that way baby! I’m yours to play with as you see fit! But please baby make sure it doesn’t fit! Stretch me out and make me a gapping whore for you! All my holes are yours all you have to do is choose which to use!

Oh yes daddy, rape my ass next!

Submissive WhoreWhen they said I want to make love in this club I don’t think they knew you were going to force fuck my tight, wet, cunt like this! Damn daddy your cock is rock-hard, and I knew when I took you into my mouth, and you grew to maximum capacity, that you would wreck my pussy. The more I sucked and jerked you the bigger you grew, until I was face to face with the monster that haunts my dreams, and reality! You flip me over, so I am on my back, legs spread so wide I’m practically doing a split, and you ram me deep and hard. I cry out in pain, but the pleasure is just as intense. I start to cum, but you pull out “No, no, no baby! Today is not for you! I am the only one who can let you cum, and I did not give permission!” You hiss as you slide your cock forcefully into to my ass. I cry out but my cries are muffled by your hand around my throat! Yes daddy! Chock me! Treat me like the dirty whore I am! I love when you punish me and force me to take and feel all of you! It’s like you know my holes! Like I am yours and my body is your playground! My pussy squeezes hard on you as I cum hard, your massive cock sliding in and out as I do. I know you feel me squeeze because your cock jumps for me. “Yes daddy! Fuck me till I cream all over your cock!” I try to say but can’t make out as you squeeze my throat harder. “Oh yes daddy, rape my ass next!” I think as my vision starts to fade.

I am a fucking machine whore!

Bondage whore I will always submit to you master, I’m your dirty little cum dumpster! Use me to satisfy any dirty desire you have. I love when you hurt me! You know I’m your dirty little pain whore! And force me I love when you make me lay there and get fucked hard and fast by the fuck machine starting it slow but steadily increasing the speed until its fucking me hard and at and unbelievable rate of speed “Fuck yes! I love it! I’m a fucking machine slut! I am a fucking machine whore!” I scream as u squirt for the machine! You look on while I cum over and over again each wave of pleasure followed by a stream of squirt! “Oh my god! Yes! I scream as I throw my head back and cum so hard that my body shakes violently, but not as violently as I know you’re going to fuck me! I try to move away because I don’t but you have tied me up so I could not escape. Right when I think I can take it a second longer you turn it off. “Oh baby I’m not done with you!” You say as you bring out the drill with the big red dildo attached. This is the one that rips me every time and the speed of the drill makes it unbearable. It hurts so good. I scream in pain and pleasure as your turn on the drill and it rams me hard and deep. I struggle against the ties, feeling as if I am about to pass out from not only the pain but the sear exhaustion. You have been thoroughly punishing me all night long! “Please daddy, please it hurts! I want take any more I cry out as tears stream down my face, and squirt out my destroyed gapping cunt. “Oh no baby, this is just the warm up” you his with a smile.

Now clean yourself up slut! You are disgusting!

Bondage whore“Fuck me like your life depends on it, because, it kind of does!” You hiss as you force my hips down on your cock harder than I thought possible! We have been fucking, well you’ve been fucking me I should say, for hours now! You have punished my ass literally and figuratively to the point of no return! I love when you punish me! I like extreme, but master, well, this one is one for the books! I don’t know how I survived being in that little collar cage that you contrived and constructed. You sure are creative, and this might be you best work yet. I could not move at all, so there was no running from the fuck machine that you let destroy my holes none stop for forty-five minutes. I came so hard, so many times, that I didn’t think I could do it again without having a heart attack. There is a puddle to prove it! But of course, you proved me wrong because I’ve cum dozens of times since then, and they are stopping! “Cum on you little whore! Don’t act like you don’t like it!” Your gruff voice says as you rip my head back by my hair. “You’re nothing but a pain whore! This is all you are good at! To fuck and get fucked, and don’t tell me you can even do that!” you scold with a laugh. “Fuck this dick and make me cum now before I have to punish you longer! We don’t want that do we?!” I start rotating my hips and grinding hard. Then I pop my ass fast up and down on your long shaft ensuring you feel my ass smacking your balls. My tight, wet pussy stroking your cock just right! “Oh yeah you cum dumpster just like that! You love being my dirty bondage whore, don’t you?!” You say through gritted teeth as I feel you explode deep inside me. “Now clean yourself up slut! You are disgusting!”

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